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10-19-2001, 11:29 AM
Good morning girls, no post yet today so I'll start a thread!! How are you all today? lI am good, tired but good. I saw CAts and Dogs yesterday it was brilliant! I was very pleased to have had a night when I didn't worry...but b/f seems to be very bored and upset about his job too. We are thinking of going to teach english overseas. How fun woudl that be??

Getting my haircut today, which is good - I need it.

KT if your insurance isnt' covering it, let it wait until you hav ethe $. Sucks, but oh well, better than starving a month, right?

My sister bought a brand new off the lot Stratus, and her hubby took it the next day on a camping trip and some girl backed right into it, totalled the bumper. Now THAT is a bummer.

Okay, I have to go, much to do. Have a super day adn weekend!

Belle (the hopeful that she will find a good job and /or make some changes in her present environment)

10-19-2001, 11:36 AM
Good morning everyone!
Today is the last day without bosses so I must get everything cleaned up. Which means, no fun until this afternoon! booh!!
I hope everyone is doing well!
Good morning, Belle!!!!!!

10-19-2001, 11:47 AM
Good morning Belle and Stacey and everyone else lurking!

Sorry I haven't been around in a while, but sometimes it is hard to get online at work. I will try to go back and catch up on everyone's lives and post again later!

I saw U2 this week for the second time this year and they were GREAT!!! I absolutely love going to concerts, and U2 is my very favorite so I am still very excited! and I am going to Vegas in 4 weeks to see them again so I still have that to look forward to.

Any exciting weekend plans? I am running a 5k tomorrow morning (Race for the Cure) and then volunteering at a Halloween party for children affected by AIDS in the evening. It should be a very rewarding day, to say the least!

Have a good day ladies!!

Horsey girl
10-19-2001, 12:49 PM
Hi guys - I'm here with a lot of work to do today. I just realized I've only got two weeks left here and then on to...who knows? So I better get this database up and running.
Belle - You're right, I'll wait to fix it, although like my last car, I'll probably just sell it as is eventually.
Stacey - darn internet police coming back.
Jen - you are having a very activist weekend - way to go!

Gotta get

10-19-2001, 07:48 PM
Wow where is everyone today?? I just got home from a very long day at work. I am really tired today. Why is it that I feel tired all day and then as soon as the evening hits I'm raring to go and then can never fall asleep? Its very weird. So I've been down in the dumps this week-frustrated about everything. I was feeling very sorry for myself as I wrote in my jouranl today. In my journal I ended up doing battle with my outlook and am Happy to say that Positive won. I've decided that instead of *****ing and whining to myself I'm going to do something about all the crap that's happening. If I can't fix it maybe I can change it. Time to be proactive. I just need to keep myself motivated so the negative thoughts don't come creeping back in. I am staying in tonight becasue I have to work tomorrow but I'm glad because I'm going to do a bunch of work on my life. Wish me luck.

Anyway I'm going to run. I've got a few things to pick up before supper and then I think I'm going to treat myself to a tasty sub for supper. I feel like I've had a breakthrough day. Interesting.

Belle, that would be really neat if you taught English as a second language. One of my cousins and his wife are doing that right now in Taiwan. They were there for three years, home for one and then back for another two. They are supposed to be home for good this spring we'll see. They absolutely love it. My band teacher from highschool was in Hungary doing it too. He was home this summer after being gone for 11 years. He just went back again. My favorite basketball coach and his family did it too for 2 years in Japan. They didn't want to come back. As soon as their girls finish highschool here they are going to go back too. Apparently its an experience like no other. Another idea if the two of you are looking for s complete change would be to go work somewhere fun where you can make a lot of cash. Some friends of ours went to the Grand Caymans for three years. He worked as a bartender and she worked as a waitress. The first year they were there they blew all their money just cuz they could. After that they saved as much as they could and when they got home they paid cash for a $350,000 house, a New York Fries franchise and they bought vehicles for themselves and their parents and siblings! They said that there is alot of money to be made there if you get a job where you can receive tips. Plus they said it was really fun.

Anyway now that I've written a novelette to Belle, I really should run. Hi to everyone. Hope you all have a really great weekend. Take care and talk to you soon :)