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01-30-2007, 12:49 PM
I start a new job on Monday and I am not sure what type of lunch box to get. When I pack my lunch I want to make sure that I take plenty of fruits and veggies, but I am not sure what else to pack. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
(My current job is in a restraunt and my shift has 2 other people on with me, I just stick my food, (usually chicken and broccoli) in the fridge.)

PS my husband told me to get a Barbie lunch box, LOL!

01-30-2007, 01:12 PM
I'd get a lunch box that is insulated so if they don't have a fridge, your food will stay cold. Get a blue ice thing to go inside. I'm sure Target or Walmart will have many to choose from.

apple or orange
6 Triscuits with 1 wedge Laughing Cow Cheese
Kashi roll
carrots and celery and sugar peas

sandwich on ww bread with sliced turkey, lettuce and tomato
salad with dressing in a separate container
soup (if there is a microwave for reheating)
leftovers from last night's dinner
ww tortilla wrap

Good luck on your new job!

01-30-2007, 01:20 PM
What type of job is it? I only ask because every job I've had, I've been able to keep food in a fridge and use a microwave in the break room.

If this isn't the case, though, then I LOVE my lunch bag from Walmart. It's a square insulated bag, and the top has an additional compartment that is expandable. Sometimes, I don't have time to make my lunch, so I just actually grab the whole bag of bread and put in the expandable section (which isn't insulated), then toss my sandwich meat and cheese (I just grab the whole package!) and jar of soy mayo into the insulated section with an ice pack. There's also a little zipper pouch on the front that's the perfect size for utensils.

When I was in the store, I think I found it near the fishing and camping type stuff, near the coolers, rather than with the kids' lunch boxes.

01-30-2007, 01:29 PM
I agree, definitely go for the insulated one. Even if you have a fridge at work, it's nice to be able to stop somewhere before or after work in the summer months and not worry about your food. My other suggestion is to make sure you get a larger sized one so that you can accomodate a bowl of salad and bottle of salad dressing. These things don't fit well in many of the smaller ones. DH has a craftsman one from Sears that is awesome....I'm thinking of snagging it!

01-30-2007, 01:37 PM
Thanks for the ideas, I don't know what type of breakroom they will have. I assume they will have a microwave, but I doubt they will have a fridge, but I don't know. I will be working in a manufacturing plant.

01-30-2007, 01:51 PM
Lately, my lunch gig has been curried vegetables served over quinoa or brown rice. Easy to reheat, delicious, and healthy!

I tend towards salads of romaine lettuce or mixed greens, a few chopped vegetables, some lean protein, and dressing.

I also make a lot of soups and stews, reheat them and serve with some fresh veggies and/or crackers and cheese or peanut butter.

01-30-2007, 02:23 PM
I LOVE my lunch bag from Walmart. It's a square insulated bag, and the top has an additional compartment that is expandable.

I have the same one that I take to the field with me.

Some ideas:

Hummus - I usually make my own, but 40 spice or garlic hummus are the best. Look at the labels. And for dipping I take a ww pita, carrot sticks and celery sticks.

If you don't mind being a bit stinky, then light tuna is also a good option. I usually take Kashi TLC crackers for it as well.

If you want to save time, I usually end up putting some fruits and vegetables in ziplock bags before hand so that when I over sleep it's easy to dump a bunch of good stuff in my lunchbox.

01-30-2007, 02:42 PM
Congrats on the new job!

I want phantastica and archy to make my lunches for me.

You got some good ideas here (and so did I!)