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10-19-2001, 04:37 AM
Like an Underground River. I have to admit I have been staring at the blank space for way too long while I tried to think of a snappy title for a new thread. I always try to think of something that has resonance for the 5% Club, something that both describes who we are and inspires us further. Tonight I actually got up and opened several of DH's poetry books, hoping to find just the right phrase jumping off a page, but alas. You can make your own interpretation, but I am aiming for strength, constancy, the power of nature.

The last thread was started on July 31! What a period of change it spanned. I remember when we started a new thread about every week or so. I appreciate how much I carry with me internally as a matter of faith, but still I do treasure revisiting our group and staying in touch. Fitness and health are the cornerstone of balance and sanity, for me - more than ever something to cherish as time passes and times turn uncertain.

For me, I am still on a new-club high. And it has only gotten better. This club has Body Pump, which is a franchised hour-long class using fairly light weights and higher reps, covering the whole body in a balanced way. I find it really effective and am pleased with pretty immediate results! I was sore the first couple of times - the good kind of sore. Right now Body Pump and Spinning are the cornerstones of my workout life. I aim for 2 BP classes a week, at least 2 Spinning classes a week, and then on the odd days from that the trusty buffer, or another kind of class, or use of the weight room, or a combination. There is still so much at this club that I haven't tapped, and I am thrilled that boredom just won't be a problem - there is always something new and different ahead. (They even have tennis lessons, etc.)

The greatest thing is that DH did join the club with me and we are going to BP together twice a week! This is really amazing and quite a thrill - we have been together over 15 years and had never worked out together! I was still teaching aerobics when we first met and he never even came to one of my classes! As I said in the earlier thread, his first BP and spinning classes were quite a wake up call for him. He is not a person who gains weight, and I think that lulled him into a false sense of fitness. Having the muscle definition evolve really adds a fun dimension to working out - I hope to get him more and more into it. Stay posted - we will see if he is made of 5% material!

I am powering the water like I have never done in my life. I cut back on coffee majorly and I credit that with the change. I drink a lot more tea, augmented by this herbalife herbal concentrate stuff that a friend turned me on to. I try to make the tea green tea too. I still adore coffee but it seems now that I have some 1-3 times a week, quite a change for me! Where I notice all this making a difference is my complexion - it is a tremendous favor I am doing for my skin!

Raychel I was delighte to hear from you. I wondered if your perspective would change - Before you worked in a regular office setting and we were the fitness outlet. Now that you are knee-deep in fitness all day, where would we fit? But I can't imagine 5% without you! Because I am new to this club, I'd love to know more about yours. Does your club have a web site? I have to sigh about your DH. My suspicion is that, rather than a really profound insight into your relationship, he is experiencing the natural cycle of married life and has voiced it rather than riding it out. Because I think long-term relationships have dull, flat spots in them, and that is natural. Movies and television show us relationships that are as zesty as at their beginning - or if they are not we think the characters are short-changed from perfect love. Marriages are tested by crises (deaths, financial problems, moves, adding children, etc.) but I think the most proud strength of all comes from getting through the cycle of those little flat and dull spots, those days where you "see" just the "faults" and wonder this it? Aren't I a little bit better than what he or she has turned out to be? Etc... I hope that is what is happening at your house. We talk about cycles all the time here, and I think marriage really embodies this. Balance is knowing the flat spots will pass, and also being aware when things are flying high to bank some bliss for the downcycles that will inevitably come.

Steph you no doubt have insight on this as well. I hope your winter fitness schedule has evolved and continues to be a strength for you. Do you still use your treadmill? Now I want to encourage you to join the new club when it is built - I am enjoying mine so much at this time. It's like all the workout and sweating you need, but more pampering too. I feel like I got to a fancy spa every day instead of a stinky gym. I'd like to experience a massage one of these days, too. How is Cassie doing? Is she picking up more of your healthy habits? What else is new in your neighborhood?

JS I know you will attest that sometimes a flat spot in a relationship unfortunately turns out to be the flat line of no more pulse. I'm proud of you for your courage to take control and get your life right - sometimes you have to step back from pleasing the "audience" and just take the steps that are necessary. How is everything going? Is everything final? It is getting SO dark here all of a sudden!

Catherine I just know you will have a new challenge before you - always taking on something new to learn or train for. I still mentally picture you Rollerblading, probably that was what you were into when you first joined us! What is your approach to fall?

Nadine - For someone so new to our group, I am thinking of you more than you know. Let us know how it is going with you. How does your geography affect your approach to fitness (or does it?)

Naturally, I am worried that I have forgotten someone, but if so I will just have to make an amendment. I'm lucky tonight because I got a rare night off - it is Alaska Day! Alaska celebrates the anniversary of our statehood rather than Columbus Day, and I always welcome the extra day in October. Truthfully, most of my days barely allow me time to brush my teeth let alone meandering posts - they have become a luxury. But you know how luxuries are - good to indulge in when you can!

In closing - again this isn't a political forum and I for one get "enough" of the travails of our current time in regular life. Just want to say though I am thinking of all of you out there in your real lives my cyber friends, and also our past 5%-ers who have moved on but are never forgotten -

10-19-2001, 06:22 PM
Thanks Juno for the new thread and your insightful comments.

I had to chuckle because when DH first brought the issue up I asked him if he was comparing our relationship to what they show in the movies. He recognized that on some levels he had been! I've done that in the past too but have grown beyond that. I have felt at times that "flatness" in our marriage but as you said, usually it rides out. It would help us both tremendously if we spent more time together OUTSIDE of home and work. I told him if work and home is all we do, thats all we will have to talk about. Not spending "meaningful" or at least "different" time together has been a weakness in our marriage since the beginning. We are working on it.

YEAH you have BodyPump! We just kicked it off hear last month. We do have a web site but the old fitness director didn't keep it up and no one has sat down and trained me on how to update it (yet) so the info is old and outdated...but it is:

The whole idea behind this club is to BE a "club" and not a "gym". We have chiropractic, massage, personal training, a cafe, indoor and outdoor pool, a clubhouse, 3 floors of equipment (although we need newer and better things) etc.

I don't know that my perspective is that different. But it is great to be able to "reach" so many people. I still struggle within myself but this position has pulled me out of a lot of it. The women in particular touch me. I just finished a fitness assessement of a frustrated and heavy woman who I've trained a couple of times. She is getting results (clothes are looser etc) but she is still looking at the slim fast, hydroxycut, sudden binges and so on. We talked at length and I hope I reached her on some level. The stories I hear are all pretty much the same no matter what. They are all of our stories. We are all struggling to be part of that 5%.

I'll check in later....take care everyone.

10-21-2001, 03:23 PM
Thank you Juno for the fabulous opening of our new thread. I always enjoy the extra motivation they bring.

Well, today is a milestone for me. It is a year today that I moved out of the house. And with that being said, that means that tomorrow my lawyer is filing my papers. The divorce should be final by the end of the month. It's sometimes hard to believe that I'm finally at this point but what a great relief to have it so close to being over. I saw K for a couple minutes last week and as usual, he tried his mental game/tricks but this time I didn't let them affect me at all - triumph!

Everyone at my office has been sick on and off for the past month and I have done so well and not gotten anything. Well, this morning I woke up with a horrible sore throat and am just wiped. And here I tho't I was going to get away lucky this time. Puts a bit of a kibosh on my plans for today but I do still need to get groceries in between naps :)

Raychel, you've been on my mind a lot this past week. First because of that woman you mentioned who wants the results fast - I so relate! But mainly because of you & your DH. It's made me really watch the relationships on shows and realize again how fake they are. I hope things are coming together again for you.

Juno, your club sounds fabulous! The Body Pump sounds familiar, I'll have to check to see if my gym has it too. I've always been a bit intimidated to take classes but with your obvious excitement about it, I'll have to get my butt in there. Kudos on your DH joining too! It's been getting pretty dark here again too, sigh. I get to watch the sunrise through my office windows these days. Oh well, at least I still get to drive home when its sunny!

With keeping Juno in mind this week (yes, a very 5% mental week!) I made a huge pot of vegie soup. And I mean huge. I started cutting up vegies and throwing them into my big spaghetti pot. Part way through I knew I was in trouble so I had to go and dig out my g'ma's old stock pot so I had more room! It is so good and now even perfect sick food (lots and lots of garlic in it!)

Take care everyone!

10-21-2001, 06:39 PM
Hi everyone. Glad that there is a new posting ground and sorry that we usually leave it up to you for starting it Juno! But even if you just stare at the screen for a while blankly...the words always seem to come flowing evenutally. I'd just be blank for a long time:)

Okay as much as I like all these colors I do find it much harder to type this way!! You will all probably get plain old black text after this.

Back to normal typing for me. I'm glad to hear that everyone is doing well. I am sitting here singing to a CD while typing so hopefully my mind won't wander to far away. A lot has happened here in this little house but I think the next month should be much calmer. I have been going to the Dr. weekly trying to get rid of all this junk in my nose/throat area. I think after this 3rd dose of antiobiotics and after having had a CT scan....I am fixed. I guess I had something semi-abnormal but no serious scares and this last dose seems to have killed the germs all off. I don't have to go back for 3 mos. and that is great because I am sick of going to the Dr. I was feeling fine except for lumps that kept popping up. I am all better now so I'll stop complaining.

I took the lazy way out most of the time last month. I did a lot of outside walking with the dog but I never walk at the right intensity when I am outside. Yesterday and today I hopped back on my treadmill and enjoyed every minute. Tomorrow will be step-aerobics and I started my non-wimpy weight training again. I have been slacking off and feel much more inspired today. The household has been at a different pace with the FT addition of C but we are all getting used to it. I spend a lot of energy on her and am enjoying some time off as she has been at her mom's for the past 5 days.

JS - Congrats on the milestone and good job on not letting his mind games ruin your meeting. I'm not into the soup but I am going to be steaming many vegetables this week. I cut them all up and have them all waiting for me. I hope that sickness goes away quickly (hopefully all those veggie vitamins will do the trick!)

Raychel - If anybody can inspire a woman to realize the more practical lifestyle approach to changing your life - it is you. I am sure you will inspire many women to lead a healthier lifestyle in that club. We only have a few of the bigger fitness clubs around here but now I see one of those woman's chains is just popping up at every strip mall in this area.

Juno - I still like working out at home and don't know where I would find a good block of time to get out yet. Too many things here with the little ones and older ones plus my hours/his hours. I would like to just get out for a class or two once a week. I am going to go on an a.m. workout for a while here because it has been tough during naptime to get in a good workout. One of the girls isn't a solid sleeper yet and it drives me bonkers if she wakes up and I'm not done. When I'm reading Shape I'll be able to imagine you trying out the new classes offered until I find someplace around here. I am going to buy myself a new video or two. I've had mine for a few years and haven't bought anything but new CD's to listen to on the tread.

Relationships are definitely not the beautiful visions they are portrayed on in the movies. I think in reality they are better. I was trying to explain to my sister that the reason I am happy is because I just try and be happy with the day and not get all worked up about things I just can't change. DH told me the other day that it is so nice we are so able to compromise now than earlier in our relationship when we were both so gung-ho about our beliefs. I still have all my thoughts but I am more relaxed as I am older and realize that I have lots of time (hopefully) to get some of the other things out of life. We have boring times, really exciting times, a bunch of mundane moments but the fun is sharing and remembering most of it together. My DH is the romantic in this relationship so he probably works harder (I always say my role is holding the house together!). For my birthday he made a CD movie set to our wedding song of all our pictures for the past 10 years. Very nice and touching...but mind you when he had been making this over the past month I was walking by the office grumbling about how nice it was that he had time to "play" while I was always doing chores:)

Recycling and garbage await me. I want to get on before Halloween but if I don't - just little pieces at a time ladies - candy season is here - YUCK!! Oh who am I kidding I already opened a bag to steal a piece of caramel!


11-07-2001, 02:09 PM
We weren't even anywhere on the list! So, I had to move us up.

Things are very hectic for me. Work is at its peak and we recently sold/bought houses. Moving is no fun, but am excited to be in the new place.

Fitness has been good. My weight machine is torn apart, so I'mm anxious to get that back together. My yoga videos are packed away somewhere, and am anxious to begin that again. Still doing cardio, butneed to push it up a notch.

Eating has been really good. I think that I've lost some weight, but haven't been on the scale. Will do that. But clothes are feeling better, and that makes me feel better.

Looking forward to the holiday season and all that it offers. Looking forward to hearing from all of you as well, and hope that you're all 5%.

11-07-2001, 02:49 PM
Hey Catherine - I was just starting to itch for a post. As usual I have been very busy - my parents were up last week, which had two effects that are topical here - I was thwarted from my workout schedule, and didn't take much WWW time. But they are gone, it was a wonderful visit, and here I am. I worked out on Saturday (buffer) and Monday (spinning) but really haven't felt so good since they left - today I do feel a bit better and my date is with buffer and sauna after!

I didn't stay completely out of the candy, but definitely less than in the past.

That said, I think eating the garbage is affecting me more now than it used to. I wonder if "company food" is why I feel not-100%.

Best fitness wishes and energy--


11-07-2001, 10:31 PM
Hello all!

Catherine - thanks for 'bringing us back up for air' so to speak :) A new place is always exciting! Are you already in the new place or still in the packing/moving stage?

Juno - the sauna sounds fabulous. My club has a steam room and I try to get in there on a semi-regular basis just because it feels so relaxing.

Steph - I'm so glad to hear that everything has sorted itself out for you healthwise. It must be a relief to have the worst of that over.

Well I was hoping that by now I would be able to jump on here and yell that my divorce is final - but it's not yet. My lawyer filed the papers on the 22nd and she was expecting that everything would be signed and done by the end of the month. It's the 7th and still no news from the judge - sigh. But we're still on schedule to have everything done, including the 31 day wait for the final paperwork by Christmas. I can work with that altho the sooner the better.

I decided on my divorce present to myself the other day - and actually have already put everything in motion even tho I don't have the settlement $$ yet. With my club membership, I get a discounted price for 3 sessions with a personal trainer so I hooked up with that. And have enjoyed it so much that I have now put the $$ down for 12 more sessions - once a week for 12 weeks (or however our schedule ends up playing out). I am so pumped about this. I've been wanting to put something new together and since my trainer has also become a friend, we have a great time together - and I get the bonus of a strong program, great support and a new focus. My only complaint right now is that my calves are killing me! New machine syndrome. Yes Raychel, I think of you often when I'm working with my trainer :)

Today was day 17 of working in a row. I am totally wiped - and unfortunately getting a bit grumpy. I pulled a bit of a no-no today and went and got myself some chocolate. I figured it was better than biting someone's head off :) All I know right now is that I cannot wait until the weekend. I refuse to work this weekend - well at least Saturday - and plan to do very little and just relax.

I hope all is well with everyone. Take care!

11-21-2001, 05:38 AM
Hi everyone--

Cycles have been strong. Great exercise, then interruption by company. Then not one, but two viral interludes - not serious but enough to thwart some workouts and keep me laying rather low. I am emerging from that, actually today I felt pretty good and returned to Body Pump. Happily I didn't lose much and had a fantastic workout.

You know I do great in 5% style, always restarting and reinventing, accentuating exercise and staying off the scale. But, if I actually want to lose weight and be more slender, I find I really do have to write down what I eat and count calories, do the math, to make it work. I am feeling like I want to "lose" and get more into the slim mode, and I find myself a little disappointed in myself that I have to be so artificial to do it. On the other hand, the device feels like an "old friend" and I know it is effective so I also find myself anticipating those slender advantages again.

Of course...Thanksgiving! A holiday I really like, and especially poignant this year. My club has a couple of spinning classes and a body pump actually on Thursday! If I can get the turkey in I think I will go in and earn that pumpkin pie!!!

Justy that pers. trainer sounds great. My membership comes wiht 2 free hours with a trainer - so far I have not made an appt! I am hoping I can convince DH to use at least one of the hours. But...might be nice to do for myself after this week, if he doesn't look interested. I haven't been back to the steam bath but am hoping it works out tomorrow. Some of our schedule is out of whack. Hope the work load has abated.

Catherine tell us about the new house? Sounds fun, but so much work and stress, too. How is the exercise? Are you still feeling smaller? Like you I feel that it is better to go by clothes and the mirror than the numbers on the scale.

Steph I loved reading your philosophies about relationships a bit back. You always have such level-headed insight and sanity. Is the puppy still taking you out for walks? You know, some health clubs have child care that you actually wouldn't mind putting your kids in for an hour or so! My old club's childcare room wasn't very impressive but the ones at my new club are very nice, child-oriented, attended by parent volunteers who do it in exchange for club priveleges. That would turn the tables on your boys, as they are used the child care at their own house!

Raychel your club sounds like philosophically in line with mine. I feel they go the mile to be comprehensive. I missed quite a few workouts from just not feeling well, and really missed just being there. They have massage, etc., but I haven't looked into it yet - of course there is a charge for that plus a busy mom has to make time for the appt. Are you still loving your job? How is your relationship going - I know this is sometimes a tough time of year for getting along.

A blessed Thanksgiving to all of you - you too, Justy!!!



11-26-2001, 01:55 PM
Well that was a very nice Thanksgiving. We had friends over and were up talking and drinking red wine until late in the evening, while the kids played and the candles flickered. It certainly was a reflective day of thanks for us this year, and I was also grateful for the 4-day holiday. I feel like I have regrouped and am ready to be focused.

I sure do have a different mode for "weekends with family" than I do on days with DH at work and the kids in school and me structuring my work and my other activities along with workouts and what I choose to eat, etc. I am less likely to go work out on weekends.

I dusted off a JV book this weekend - one I forgot I had, and I remembered how effective her simple routines are. I think I will use her book in conjunction with the Body Pump, and then fill in with spinning and the buffer.

I have lots of shopping left to do. I just can't bring myself to do the shopping thing during Thanksgiving weekend - too many people, ugh.

How is everyone!


11-28-2001, 04:16 AM
Hi friends - just time for a quick note today. I was lurking around on some of the other 3FC boards and the web site was recommended so I checked it out. Since I am back into the journalling of calories and activities for a spell, it is fun to play with - check it out and see what you think?

The nutritional analysis is a real eye opener. For instance today I was great in calories but definitely took in more fat than I would like. It's a real motivator for me. Of course it isn't an exact science.

I'm feeling very focused and am excited to be in this mode.

Just happy to be plugging along - hope to hear from 5% types soon...


12-02-2001, 11:37 AM
Poor Juno - posting all to herself!! I am so lazy now about checking the board since the e-mails started that I never do it unless I get an e-mail. I haven't gotten an e-mail about a new reply since the beginning of November so I figured everyone had just been so busy or faded away. Maybe I shouldn't rely so much on technology :)

We actually had company in for Thanksgiving so it was very nice. We are always having to travel and this time I got my grandparents to come up and spend the time at our house. Too much food but a very good visit. We had beautiful weather for the 4 day weekend but by Monday the temp had dropped and we had a foot of snow. My boys have been loving the snow and even C got out the other day to help build a huge snowman on our front lawn. DH and I are still going for the evening walks with the dog but they are about 3 times per week as we have noticed that she is getting a bit arthritic in her front legs. Alas she is not a puppy but an almost 8 yr. old 110 pound shepherd so I think she is getting into her pre-grandma stage. We had an operation on her a month or so ago to remove some fatty tumors and had to take it easy on her for a bit. She loves the snow though and gets a better work out than all of us leaping around the yard!

Like Juno I have been attacked by two virul bugs at least over the past month. Neither were knock-down sick but they sapped my energy and I still have a cough that acts up now and then. Can't seem to get all the gunk out! Some of the daycare kids got strep and although it skipped me I almost preferred that because it was killable with antiobiotics! Instead it has been a month of fluids and early to bed. I've been working out but until I am whole (and maybe until after Christmas flurry has died down) everything will be lighter.

I started doing more intense yoga tapes twice a week vs. my 15 minutes stints three times a week. I am doing much harder moves and it really feels like a workout vs. the good stretching benefits I felt before. I'm still stretched out but the muscles are getting strengthened too.

I am still wishing for the miracle pill to drop these 15 pounds that I can not be diligent enough to get rid of. I hate to make it a new years goal but I really need to think about some kind of inspring change. I'm actually not unhappy with myself but still have the "dream" image of how I could look. I give C chats all the time about how the world is full of average people that have great lives vs. being perfect and beautiful. Maybe I should listen to myself when I start to criticize.

JS - I hope those divorce papers are delivered with a big red bow for Christmas! Seething with jealousy over the trainer sessions but then again I can get myself out and hire one if I weren't lazy.

Catherine - Since I am the Queen of moving (30+ times in my life) I can empathize with the pain of moving yet the thrill. Hope that weight machine got put together and you are enjoying it once again! The last two times I moved, DH and I did not rest until everything was unpacked and put away. We are mental. I have stayed in this house for 5 1/2 years and should be here at least another 3 1/2. Probably the most stable history in my life!!!

Raychel - I hope you are still loving the new job. I still think it is so great that you have changed your career into fitness!

Off to finish some tasks. Yesterday C and I were finishing up all the shopping for gifts that need to be mailed and now I need to box them all up!

I look forward to a wonderful December!

12-03-2001, 04:23 PM
Hey there Steph - and all!

I think the problem is you get informed by email once and then other replies can stack up - until you visit the site you are not on deck to get the email notification again. I hope that Raychel, Catherine and Justy - not to mention other MIA folks and our future 5% ers - will stroll on over.

I am using FitDay and - while it does involve doing the work as far as recording what you eat, your activity, etc., I am finding it to be a great thing to do at a great time of year. It really keeps me honest and is quieting that little voice I have that tends to "justify" or "falsify" the truth about what goes into my mouth. I want to lose 8 lbs but will smile to hit 5 lbs - doesn't sound like much but they are the hardest lbs to lose - and yes I am aware I have kvetched over those same lbs since we started here - sometimes in triumph - but never in total defeat! Hey, my clothes all fit - but they will hang better if I am a tad lighter.

BodyPump is so effective. I have added some Joyce moves to hit the hip "spare tire" area, as that is the one spot that doesn't get targeted as effectively. I feel that with the holiday goodies on the horizon this is just a good time to carry those great habits out - of course the calendar will prevent some workouts and will add some sugar temptations but I'm sure 5% of the population can manage this well - and you know how I feel about 5% of the population.

I hope the viral crud is vanquished Steph. I feel fantastic now - I credit ecchinacea (sp?) tea and using work help rather than worrying about $ so I got a little bit better sleep to overcome it! And I am taking my vites really faithfully.

Back to work for me. I am filling in on doing some psychiatry work - talk about perspective...


12-04-2001, 01:09 PM
Hi ladies! How is everyone doing?

We had a fine Thanksgiving - went to the in-laws as usual. A little different this year because my BIL has a new girlfriend. She is the EXACT opposite of his soon to be ex wife. Nice enough but very young to be taking on a divorcee and his 3 yr old daughter.

Things have been crazy at home. We refinanced and are in the middle of several projects (roof, carport, gutters, paint etc....auughhh!) But DH and I are doing well. I got him a pressure washer and a grinder for Christmas. He is going to be one happy camper. I usually ask for really practical gifts...this year I asked for jewelry. We looked at a couple of different things so he could get an idea of what I wanted.

Catherine - hope the move went well. Moving is so stressfull - make sure to make some "me" time in the middle of the mess.\

Steph and Juno - busy and inspiring as always. The food diary helps me enormously. For me its to be sure I'm eating enough. Not to say I don't still have my binge moments but overall I'm doing well. My cocktail for when I'm feeling an illness coming on is echinecia, zinc and vit c. Three times a day until symptoms are gone. With the new job I'm touching tons of people and equipment that are you can imagine how often I take my "cocktail".

JS - how goes it with the trainer? What kind of things are you doing?

Welp - I get to make fudge and choc zuch bread this weekend for Holiday goodies. I put up a display board at the Club about how to get through the holidays without totally blowing what we've worked hard all year for.

My NY resolution this year is to take some dance classes again. Jazz I think or modern. The ballet is nice but the others are FUN.

I still love my job!!!! :) Talk with you soon - Raychel

12-04-2001, 01:17 PM
Hello all!

What is it about this time of the year that everything just goes crazy? Oh well, Christmas holidays are almost here - yahoo!

I have to brag just a little bit. When I was working out with my trainer last week, she up'ed all my weights - again! It's so neat to have her look at me, ask if I realized that she put more weights on and have her impressed too with how much I've improved. Fabulous idea this personal trainer thing. Many thanks to Raychel for starting me think about it!!

Well I don't have my divorce papers yet :( but my lawyer says any day. Either way, before Christmas!!!!!

But the very fun news that I've been dying to tell you all - I've got myself a boyfriend!! We met at the gym and it just clicked. He's 3 years younger than I am and 9 inches taller (he's 6'7") I love feeling short :) But super nice guy and so good to me. Yup, very happy with him!!

Steph, ick on the being sick so much this month. But doesn't this then mean that you'll be super healthy over Christmas???

Juno, I've heard some really good things about BodyPump. I know my gym has a class about it but I just haven't gotten that far yet. I've started kickboxing instead tho! But the more you rave about it, the more I've tempted to check it out. Maybe in the new year??

Coffee is gone so I suppose that means coffee break is over and I have to get back to work. Hope all is well with everyone!

12-04-2001, 02:31 PM
on the fly--

Justy the Body Pump is actually pretty elementary - what I like is you show up and the motivation is there for an all-over workout with weights, and you can go as heavy as you need. So in the classes I go to there are gorgeous hardbodies working side by side with heavier folks or people new to fitness and they are all getting the right workout they need. You know me, I do well when the main concept is to Show Up.

Killer spinning class yesterday. The Monday one is the only one I can go to consistently - the rest I pick up as I can and so lately it has been once a week. Boy I'll bet spinning is a calorie burner compared to other things (say the buffer) - wow! Again - efficient.

Lots of work again, after a lull. One fellow transcriptionist has suffered her second miscarriage in a short time and is devastated. Another one is in Oregon getting kidney surgery for her <1 year old baby - oh yes mom is pregnant again as well! So, if I think I have a lot to cope with, I should think again...

So Raychel tell us what your poster says! I'm feeling pretty good - this is such as good time to do things a little more 'tighter' - and of course that means you can enjoy indulgences by picking special treats rather than unconsciously grazing over the sugar/fat family for a month and a half!

Just tell us more about the guy...

I have to run, sorry!


12-07-2001, 04:16 AM
I love being clicked in - and what a great time of year for it.

My club has 2 locations. I went to a different body pump class today and got a nice compliment from the teacher after class, which I enjoyed. I noticed this ab stabilization thing they do that used to KILL me suddenly was very...doable. I launched into it expecting to do my usual hold it for as long as I can and then fold, then start it again, and I found myself sustaining the pose and going wow!

Just to say this weekend will be fun but CRAZY. And food will be a recurring theme. DH's company dinner tomorrow night, and they do treat for a grand meal and keep the wine flowing. Two events on Saturday, both including cookie exchanges. A basket event on Sunday and a dinner that night with a holiday theme as well. I feel full just thinking about it all!

We have winter wonderland snow everywhere and it truly is magical.

I hope you all have great weekends. I plan to finish my work in the morning and turn this puppy off for the weekend (except for bits of work I will try to do).

Remember, half of the accomplishment is done when you just show up!


12-10-2001, 03:30 PM
I am just popping in for a quick hello. I have been getting all the out-of-state packages wrapped and sealed so that is a great relief off my little shoulders. I also had to do the 200 cards for DH's part time job in addition to my cards but they are all done too!! I am way ahead of the game except for poor C's gifts. She would be all done but she keeps going shopping with me!! I told her this weekend she can't go but for a brief trip she needs otherwise there will be nothing under the tree :)

Exercise is still going good but at the moment I do feel like I am playing around with it rather than striving for anything. I keep reading all this inspirational stuff but then I just convince myself that I am content. I wasn't doing bad with the morning workouts but I just never felt I had my rhythm then so I have moved back to evenings. I am much more pumped and need the release more then. I can't do anything during nap at the moment because I have a little one that is just kind of out of sync on her napping. I figure in a month or two we will have something figured out (right now she is just convinced I must be by her every minute she is at my house). Today she is sleeping for an hour so far but if I had gotten on my gym clothes then she would have woken up!

I still use my gym out in the garage but I razz DH to death because he just goes in spurts. Yoga has turned into strength training also as I've started much harder tapes and moves vs. stretching. I think cardio I am semi burned out on so I am just doing 5 20 minute stints a weeks. I'm sure I need more but I'm just not loving it. Probably need a good class like the rest of you!! I swear when I do go back out into the working world it will either be at the school (for my own little convenience to spy on my kids) or at a health club. I already told my DH (who thinks that I am just going back somewhere FT in 2 years) that I am working very casually until the kids are much older. I love grown-ups and there are a few more career options I want to try, but I just like being a mom more. My degree will just have to gather a few more years of dust :) Plus I have a distant friend who just lost her baby during her 7 month of pregnancy (she has 2 others) and I think that puts being a mom into perspective for me. Enjoy every moment (if that is possible) because it can be gone in a flash.

I am off to get some work done before the child who needs me awakes. I'll be on a few times more before the holiday!! Everybody be good, enjoy the food but be moderate (now if I can just remember to quote this to myself!)


12-12-2001, 03:41 PM
Hello beautiful women!

I have fabulous news I've been dying to share with you all. I spoke with my lawyer yesterday afternoon and my divorce is final!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything is finally done, finito, finished, over. Apparently I've actually been divorced since 28 Nov but the paperwork just made it back from the courthouse to my lawyer. What a huge relief to have that over. I'll get my final paperwork about the first week in January but that's just a piece of paper to wait for. It's just amazing tho the weight that just dropped off my shoulders when she told me that it's all done. 2002 is my year to start over.

Things are still going well with the new boy in my life. He's great - and not your typical guy. At least from the guys I've known. He's the one who brings up all the tough questions, refuses to play mind games and talks about everything and anything. We've started going to the gym at the same time for the most part which is a great motivator. We try to time it so we end up on the mats at the same time to do ab work. He pushes me harder than my trainer does too! He's an estimator at a body shop so has been super busy lately with all the snow and icy roads. But he has promised me that summertime he will slow down :) He's from BC and did volunteer firefighting there and is working at getting back into it here too - but at a paid firehall. With the courses and upgrading he needs, it should all come together for him by next fall give or take. He has been married and has 2 kids. Unfortunately they don't live really close which is hard on him but he works at staying in close contact with them. But I'll quit babbling about him now :)

Steph, were you able to get your shopping done for C? I'm impressed every year at the number of Christmas cards you get out for both you & your DH. I considered sending some out this year but once again, I don't think it's going to happen. Maybe if I start in July next year??

Juno, how did the weekend party/food functions go? Those are usually my mental signal that Christmas is finally here. Haven't been to any yet but I have decorated my apartment this year. It's amazing the places red bows can go :)

Raychel, how goes the house renovating? Does this mean you'll be having Christmas among the dust of re-construction? My trainer has me on an upper & lower 2 day cycle focusing on toning and strengthing. It's been working really well for me so far so she keeps throwing new things at me fairly regularly.

Catherine, how's the new house??

I should run and get back to work again. Have a great day everyone!

12-23-2001, 11:06 PM
Merry Christmas!!

I just wanted to drop everyone a quick note to wish you a fabulous Christmas season. May everything go smoothly, or if nothing else, remember to take time for yourselves and relax.

My thoughts are with you all. Best wishes for a great holiday!

12-25-2001, 03:41 PM
Merry Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

It's not that I have no life to be posting on Christmas but all my company was over the weekend so the past two days have been nice and quiet. I only have to work the next 3 days and then another 4 day weekend (which I am already looking forward too since I have all the schoolagers the next three days!).

Christmas was very nice around here except for all the assembling of toys. My fingers ache!!!

Justy - A nice big present getting that Divorce Final!! I know it is probably just a load off your shoulders to know it is done (and maybe a bit sad too.....) However your voice has just perked up over the past year so I think you have chosen a better path for yourself. On to a powerful 2002!!

My new fitness regime starts on Saturday. I have actually sat down and made myself a booklet to start the new year off right. This week I am being lazy and eating too much. Now all the cardboard boxes are in front of my treadmill (nice sounding excuse, right????) Plus I bought myself 3 books that I need to have read and mailed out to my mom by next weekend.

I am sitting here typing and singing since my boys bought me the Shrek CD and I love singing to this music.

I must now go and do some more fun stuff and enjoy my last 8 hours of holiday!! Merry Christmas (I was going to be good and start a new thread but am feeling uninspired). I will do one to start the new year if Juno doesn't beat me to it (or anyone for that matter). I always feel guilty making Juno do it but hey she has the words flowing out of her mouth and does a great job!!

Happy Happy Holiday....Peace on Earth !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12-26-2001, 10:56 AM
Good morning everyone! Once again, it has been way too longs since I have last posted. And as usual, you all have kept the flame lit.

This Fall was a whirlwind with having moved, it being my busiest time of the year work-wise, and the holidays squashed in between. Another couple of days and it will be the new year! I have been having a wonderful time though. I love my new house and have already stripped wallpaper and repainted two rooms – a bigger project than originally intended. There is a TON more work to do (years), but I won’t start another project until after the holidays are over and settled.

I received a ton of fitness-oriented gifts for Christmas. New yoga tapes, workout clothes, long underwear, shoes and socks. So I am ready and raring to go! With moving and working on the house I have managed to lose 6 pounds. That was a nice surprise. I will stick with the yoga, cardio and ST mix, although I see a new athletic facility is opening near our house.

JS – “Congrats” on your nice holiday present. I’m sure it was received with mixed emotions. Here’s to a new you!

Steph – I cherish my weeks that I take “off” fitness. They help to recharge me so much. And, no, boxes in front of the exercise equipment is NOT a good enough excuse.

Juno - I received a bunch of new gardening books for Christmas. It’s time to begin to think about that stuff again. I’m new to it this year, wish me luck. How is the JV going? You were doing so well with it last year.

And Raychel – who lives with fitness everyday. Are you still liking it? Are you seeing an increase in business with people wanting to start off the new year with a fresh look?

Here’s to all of you. And I echo Steph’s sentiment “Peace on Earth”.

12-27-2001, 05:32 AM
Hello friends - it's me! I made a new thread for our New Year postings! So come on over :)