Support Groups - Friday Weigh In For "low Carb Support Club!"

10-18-2001, 11:14 PM



10-19-2001, 10:23 AM
I hate weighing!!!
I hate eating!!!
I hate cooking!!!
I hate it that Greg is working 10 hours a day!!! I miss him!!!

Today I did weigh, though. I am in ONE-derland. I am finally back down to 199!!!

It is a Glorious day!!!
Life is good!!!
I'm a very happy woman!!!
I'm blessed to have friends like each and every one of you!!!

Love you all,


10-19-2001, 02:47 PM
I love life. I love my Daughter on the other side and my children of the fur, I live losing weight. I am not fond of TOM who dropped in with a vengence last night but I have still lost ....2 lbs so I am delighted!!!!!
I wasn't expecting any show of weight loss thanks to TOM but Inspite of him I am down 2 more lbs and who knows what next week will show!!!!
God it is good to hear from you Lee!!!!

Down 2 lbs.....weight 304 ( slightly under)
lost 34 lbs to date.

Love you All ,

10-19-2001, 05:50 PM
Okeeeeeeee Dokeeeeeeeee!

Down one more pound! That makes a total of 38 since I began Atkins on June 15. I can not wait until I hit the "40 off mark" so I can put up my 4 smilies!

A few positives to share about the "weight loss"

I am wearing a comfortable size 18 slacks! (Down from a 22.) I have even worn slacks to work...something I never did in the past because I felt too BIG! I have gotten a few compliments about the weight loss which is nice! When ou are 5'9" 38 is not a TON of weight to notice....but more people have commented, "Lookin' good!", so that is nice!

Another positive.....My youngest son (age 18) hugged me the other day and commented, "Mom, you have RIBS!" I nearly cried. Yes, I have been battling the buldge most of his maybe he does not remember my ribs! That was the BEST HUG he ever gave me!

I have sooooo much more energy! I do not feel as self concious being in this BODY now! The fat suit is coming off!

Thank you ALL for the part you have played in my success so far!

May God bless ALL the people who are struggling with ANY kind of heartship....including WEIGHT! It seems in these tough times that worrying about a brownie......or some peanuts.......or an extra helping of something is soooooo trivial. Making time for a walk, or a little dancing to the radio may seem unimportant....but is HAS to be important! We have to keep it IMPORTANT TO US if we intend on reaching our goals.

I am 43 years old. I have wasted too much time in a body I am NOT comfortable in!

Cuddos to gbo on the 2 pounds gone forever! 34 so far is AWESOME! I can not WAIT until you can click Mr. Scale under that 300 mark! Wooo hooooooo will there be a celebration! We may have to pull the bus over and party a bit!

BUG CUDDOS to paula for being in ONE-DER-LAND!!! I personally have not been there since Reagan was president I believe!!!! LOL The bus is rocking with a celebration for you babe! Keep up the good work!

I hope the rest of the riders check in today! I may have to send out some personal messages and track them all down if they don't check in!

Congrats to all on the losses! You are ALL an inspiration to me! :dizzy:

10-19-2001, 08:58 PM
Good Evening ALL

I report that I have stayed the same 241.5( I think that is the same) Wel that's what the scale said this am.

I just checked and I am up 1#. I was 240.5 last week. I can report however that I am fitting into a skirt that a few weeks ago was too tight to wear comfortably. So I will be anxious to see what the tape measure says in a week and a 1/2. Still striving for teh 230's.

Way to go Dana, Lee and Pam!!!!

I also want to report that I jogged on the treadmill 3 times this AM , I didn't break it, I didn't die and it felt really cool!!! It wasn't for very long each time and I really need a sports bra LOL but I was so excited!!! I couldn't even imagine doing it a year ago!! I have recieved many nice compliments too!!

10-19-2001, 09:39 PM
fralick.......... Congrats on the "loss of size" even if MR. SCALE was not kind to you! There are MANY ways to measure success!

I know what you mean about "jogging." When I do the walking trial at our park...and get to the area where no one can see you......I jog from this one certain tree to this other certain tree. The first time I did it I had this GOOFY smile on my face because I could not believe I did not pass out or DIE!!!! LOL! It was not very far......but I jogged just the same. We must celebrate and appreciate these little milestones! I salute you for jogging, my friend!

Hope more folks check in this week with their little successes!

See you on the Low Carb Club Support Thread here. Number 6 is just around the corner!