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01-29-2007, 08:01 AM
Wakey Wakey! ... Time to perk up a pot o cawfee :coffee: and get on with the day! :dance:

Well, I've missed alot of chickchat :gossip: this weekend! Much catch up on reading the threads...and I'll pop back in later!

01-29-2007, 08:03 AM
Good morning and happy Monday. It's nearly the end of Janaury so we are almost over the hump although this has really been an easy winter. I read my 2005 journal for January and it was -27F then. :yikes:

I am definitely a klutz! :( I hate to even post this but...............when I visited Harry at the nursing home yesterday, took off my glasses and put them on his bed while I got the case, he kicked them off onto the floor and I stepped on them! The frame is toast although the lenses seem OK.

Want to volunteer to call the optometrist for me when he opens at 6:45?


Aside from this latest crisis, today will be an uneventful day - I hope!

What's happening with you? Come and sit and sip a bit. :cofdate:

01-29-2007, 08:13 AM
Schatzi beat me by two minutes! :(

01-29-2007, 09:46 AM
Ruthie, Ruthie, Ruthie!!!! I know that I should be more sympathetic, but I have to admit that I am laughing!! :lol:

Schatzi I wasn't around too much over the weekend myself- good to "see" you!!

Me- Fairly relaxing weekend- the usual chores and church. It was nice to have DH home to help with everything, and our Thanksgiving feast was nice. :) My turkey didn't turn out quite as good as it did in November, but was still tasty.

I am down a pound for my WI this week, although am not changing my ticker until I weigh on Wed. for the end of the month. Not going to make my goal, but as long as it is an overall loss and not gain, that is okay.

Busy, busy week ahead......

01-29-2007, 10:10 AM
Good morning!
It's a COLD day here in southern bones can't TAKE IT!!!
it's 18 with a windchill of 11..BBbbbbrrrrrrrrr
After a VERY long Autumn...winter is here with a vengeance!
I wanted to get out and walk this morning..but Nooooooo...I'd freeze my hiney off!!
it's less than a week now that we leave to take our daughter to Orlando.
I really am excited for her. We tried out her web cam yesterday to make sure that everything worked right! We had to try a couple of different messengers before we found the right one..that worked right!
She's gonna do great...she's always been a HUGE Disney fan.
I just hope I survive the trip! We'll be eating out a LOT and that scares me!
Well...hope you all have a wonderful day!!!
I'm outa here!

01-29-2007, 10:19 AM
morning all....quick drive by...gotta get to work. and yes ruth....i'm laughing!!!

little chick
01-29-2007, 10:28 AM
Good monday morning chicks, the weather here to is cold, my bones were rattling on the way to the bus stop. I got up this morning at 6 and :ebike: for 20 minutes. Amazing I have still kept off the 6 pounds that I have lost but have not moved the scale since, I am sure it is from not eating right, but back on track today. I have the laundry going dishes done, made a lasagana and have french bread started, made jello for the kids for snack today and that is it. I do have to run to town at quiet time to pay a bill, dd is home from school due to exams, so she will help dh watch the wee ones.

Schatzi- Thanks for starting us up this morning, why is it you chicks never put the teapot on. ;) :coffee: Have a great day.

Phins- Good morning, I wish I was going to disney with ya. Have a great one.

Ruthie- so sorry to hear about your glasses, the optical place must love you. Hope you had a nice visit with Harry.

kiko- glad to hear you are down a pound congrats to you. :hug: and glad your turkey day was great.

Well I am off to surf the rest of the board and then finish up some laundry while the kids are playing. Hope ya all have a great day.

01-29-2007, 10:34 AM
Good Morning Chickies!

I don't know if you guys remember me.. but I am back. Unfortunately, I left the Beach and went home for the holidays...and all of those eating habits that brought me to this site the first time came back again.

I am restarting phase 1 this week and have already posted under that thread. (Thanks Ruth for starting it). I hope everyone is having a great start to their week, I know I am!

01-29-2007, 10:46 AM
Morning everyone,

I already put my big old post right underneath this one, so I don't have much time left before the boss comes up to collect the reports that I have to have done for today! One of the girls in my office just told me that I look "so much thinner" - and she's a skinny minnie with a penchant for hitting the gym 2 hours every night, so I feel very complimented!

Ruth - Sorry about your glasses! As someone who spends her life losing contact lenses, I feel your pain!

Kiko - Congrats on the additional loss! That's fantastic! It never hurts to reevaluate goals so long as you're still losing/maintaining.

Tina - My parents do the same thing with me - they went out and bought a webcam and made a big deal out of me getting one as well. Now it's been nearly a month and they've used it exactly once, with me moving back home at the end of April. But I guess it doesn't hurt to have one, just in case! And a big good luck to your daughter!

little chick - Good job maintaining, and good luck with staying right on track. It's always a great feeling to set yourself straight.

Shenanigans - Welcome back, and good luck jumping back on phase 1!

Hope everyone has great Mondays!

01-29-2007, 10:57 AM
Quick wave as I'm planning to be out the door in a half hour. I intend to make a bean salad first and even have the cans and can opener on the counter.

I did call the optometrist and am going in to get my dark glasses and maybe get the clear ones fixed or else a new frame, alas! $$$ I'm going to have to be very strong to resist the Chinese buffet today but I WILL DO IT!

See y'all later today.

01-29-2007, 11:36 AM
Hi Schnatzo!!!! Long time!!!! Nice to see you again!! :D

Aw Ruthie. :( Are you sure we're not somehow related? Davis blood = clumsiness and bad luck. It was funny... when we were at the airport in St. Louis, there was a gentleman with a ton of luggage stacked up waiting for the elevator. Finally he was like "oh forget it" and started moving forward and as soon as he did, the elevator opened. So he stopped quickly and went to get on the elevator and all his luggage toppled over, the top one hurling itself at me. I stopped and got it for him and my dad asked him, "Oh, are you a Davis too?" Hopefully your glasses don't cost too much to fix!

Kiko, congrats on more loss! I'm going to be in the positive for the month, I'm sure, but I guess that's what vacation does. Hopefully we both reach our goals in February! Glad you and DH had a good weekend together :)

Phins, it's a wind chill of 7 here. I know I'm in IL and not Alabama, but still. I'm sticking to my philosophy that cold is cold no matter how cold it is. I say we all go stand outside with our cans of hairspray and see how warm this global warming gets us.


Lil Chick, good for you for exercising at 6am. I can't get myself up early to do anything, let alone exercise!

Shenanigans, welcome back!

Jenny, congrats on the compliment! I remember the first time someone said something like that about me (after I gained all the weight and started losing some of it.) Doesn't it make you feel so good?

Well, today is my day off which is weird for me. I usually am off on Sunday but had to work yesterday so I get today off. I'm so happy for a day off! It's cold outside so I'm dreading going to deposit my paycheck but otherwise I don't have to leave at all! :carrot:

I REALLY need to start exercising again.... I just don't want to. I have my own exercise bike so it's not super tough... I just don't like doing it. Anybody else feel that way? It's not an inconvenience, I don't have to go anywhere, I have the time a couple of days a week.... I just don't wanna.

Think I'm going to curl up on the couch for awhile and then contemplate paying some bills. Always good to get that done I suppose. May re-figure our budget too. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!


01-29-2007, 01:53 PM
Afternoon, Chicks! I had a great post written this morning, but it was destroyed by a little girl who decided mommy's laptop needed to be closed.

Today is shaping up to be only slightly better than it started. I was up way too late last night because writing copy for this new project I've created for myself. Then I didn't fall asleep until almost 1am because my brain wouldn't settle down. I got up late this morning dragging my butt, and forgot my daily energy drink at amount of caffeine will clear this fog. Hopefully tonight will be better. I've gotten all the ideas that were keeping me up written down. As long as I quit earlier this evening, I should be okay.

Hope you're all having a magical Monday...

01-29-2007, 02:00 PM
Happy Monday! Excercised this morning first thing, had breakfast and the office has been pleasantly quiet (rare for a Monday). We have restarted our "lunch bunch" today - where one of the five of us involved cooks for all of us for one week. We adjusted it so that two people are responsible each week, not just one, the whole week became too much work in my opinion, plus we are going to make an effort to keep it SBD acceptable!
Today: salad fixings and whole wheat rolls
Tuesday: (me) broccoli cheese soup, white bean dip, whole wheat crackers, baked ham slices
Wednesday: I think panini (may be hard but, we'll see)
Thursday: (me) chili and cornbread
Friday: leftovers

Today is the first Monday is three weeks I have not had my friend staying over, as we helped her move in to her new house over the weekend - yeah! It is wonderful to have her living closer, but also nice to have my house back. Glass of wine and some quality time with I come!

Have a great afternoon!


01-29-2007, 02:32 PM
Good morning. :coffee2:

Sounds like everyone is settling into the week. Sorry about your glasses [B]Ruth[B]. Does sound like something I would do though too.

It is warm compared to many of you, still freezing at night but the days are getting up in the 40's now.

I am working a half day today but have to get MIL organized. The emergency doc says she needs to go into a nursing home to get her strength back and come home (if she can.) Have to talk to her doc and then off to the bank to open a new checking account. Tonight when I get done working I have to hit the grocery store.

My new doctor for FMS suggested not using artificial sweetners, sugar, or white flour. Most of those we avoid on SBD anyway but the sweetners. :(
Then I remember Stevia. :carrot: So I guess that will be my sugar of choice. Not having soy products has made SBD difficult in that I cannot have a lot of the quick grab products as they choc full of soy. But that is life and if it helps it will be worth it.

Off for the day and everyone have a good one. :grouphug:

01-29-2007, 03:21 PM
Hi all, I just got back from class and am going to sit down for the first time in about 10 days! Worked everyday last week, got home went to two night classes, did my clinical rotations in the ICU on Saturday and Sunday, got home at 9:00 each night then got up and went to class at 0745 this morning. I'm beat!

Friday I fell off my beach towel:( GRRR But feel better about being in control today, one of my classmates this morning offered peanut M&M's and I resisted:m: :m: :m: :m: :devil: :devil:

Ruth, sorry 'bout the spectacles!
Bunna, you sound too busy
Amascam, good menu, I might steal ideas!
jetsett, sounds like mommy's little girl is in charge!:smug:
weezle, the snooze thing sounds divine, I'll type quietly!
jennyplain, cool on the compliment! I'm excited for you!
shennanigans, hey, welcome back!
littlechick, hey 6 pounds is great!
phins, so sorry you have to go to Florida! NOT
Kiko, yum, leftover turkey! you are ambitious!
Schatzi, how are ya babe? Sound busy!

Well, I'm off to hit the books and maybe nap!

Bionic Beach Babe
01-29-2007, 03:40 PM
Schatz: I wish you well today

Ruth: Oh my! Here you go again...I am so sorry. No laughing here. New Frames cost money. Are you getting the flashy red ones again? I too am dying for Chinese Buffet...But we can make it! Only 2 more days and Jan. will be over....If I do give in and have it, it will be the first of Feb...and then right back on program...We shall see.

Kiko: Same with me today. Down another lb. but will wait until Wed. for final Jan. weight loss...Good luck to you.

PHinup: Too cold for me there. I envy you going to FL...Enjoy every second of that nice warm sun shine...Take in enough to pass around to all of us here...good for our old bones.

LilChick: Lasagana sounds great. Have you ever made it with cabbage leaves instead of the Lasagana noodles? Very good...Same way only, blanch the cabbage first..

Shena: Glad to read you. Welcome!

Jenny: Very nice compliment...let it soak in good..enjoy it very much!

Weezle: Excercise bikes usually end up making good clothes racks...Boring as heck. Ever try reading a good book or watching a 1/2 hour show on TV while doing it? sometimes that helps make the time go faster.

Je: Tonight you will sleep like a baby..nice and peaceful.
You're too tired not to do so.

Amasam: Nice to hear of a whole group doing SBD together as much as possible.
Enjoy the quietness of just you and your DH, alone again...nice!!!!!

Bonnababy: Any thing that will help you with your FMS is worth the effort: Pain is no good! Stevia is very good and natural.

As for me: DH and I took a friend to join our water class this A.m. There were 17 of us in the pool...DH only male...He is so cute and the women all watch out for him as he doesn't know how to swim...He is getting better though...

Home now..ate jello for strength. hahaha...going to go through 2006 receipts and clean out what I don't have to keep...almost time to do income taxes...Tonight I go to a meeting at the hospital for Chaplains...Have a wonderful day all of you...Best from Lu in CA.

01-29-2007, 04:59 PM
Twice today I've tried to post in the daily and we've had severity 2 tickets come in so I'm just going to say hi.

01-29-2007, 07:31 PM

I am posting from my brand new desk. My DH and DD set it up for me. It's sooooo big and my chair is sooooo little. I feel really little sitting here. Maybe since I am so little now I won't eat as much. :lol: HEE HEE