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01-28-2007, 09:58 PM
I just wanted to say hello to everyone and introduce myself.
I am a 26 year old mother of 2 girls who are 5 and 6 years old. I'm happily married and a stay at home mom.
I've always been "chubby" since a child. My weight never bothered me much as I was just chubby and everyone thought it was cute.
But now, as I am getting older the weight has slowly snuck up on me and I am getting heavier and heavier. I was actually (may still be) in some sort of denial that I am FAT. Part of me tries to ignore the last 70-80 pounds I put on. I still think of myself as weighing 160 instead of 240. And then I see the photos of myself and it hits home.
I've never really attempted to diet or exercise seriously in my life. So, this will be a new one for me. The reason why I decided it has to be now or never is because of my recent doctor visits. I've developed high blood pressure due to the obesity. Also I have a load of other complaints I won't bore you with but, almost all due to being overweight.
So, mostly I have to lose weight for my health and of course because I want to. From my current weight to my goal weight it is exactly 100 pounds.
I'm taking it in little steps though. Like 10 pound steps probably.
I already know the main things I have to work on that will more than likely get me started on losing weight.
One is exercise. I am a major computer addicted person and will easily spend my whole day on the internet, inbetween taking care of the kids.
I have a social phobia (taking meds for it) that prevents me from getting out and walking as much as I would like to. So, I guess I will buy myself a treadmill and walk inside.
Another huge hang-up of mine is not eating junk food but, drinking gallons of sugary drinks like iced tea. I'm not exaggerating here..I think I consume easily 2 gallons of it a day. It is my weakness. I will have to force myself to switch to water or something. It will be really hard for me.
I also don't own a scale. I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing? I have access to one every 2 weeks but, I am wondering if I should buy one of my own?
I hope this site will give me some inspiration to get my butt up and start doing something. Because I really need to.
Thanks for letting me say Hi and introducing myself. I hope I will make a lot of nice friends here! :wave:

Chunky Teacher
01-28-2007, 10:35 PM

You sound like you already have a well thought out plan! Good for you! I am new here myself and find the posts very encouraging and helpful. You have definately come to the right place.

I would be happy to not have a scale btw, it takes willpower not to step on it all the time. :o


01-29-2007, 04:26 AM
Hi there

Welcome. You will meet loads of folks here going through the same thing and supporting each other.

Im not a pop drinker - sorry soda! But I would recommend against not switching straight from sugary drinks to water. If you have been drinking alot of sugar for awhile I imagine its going to send your body into some sort of withdrawal symptom.

At uni I drank loads of coffee and when I quit cold turkey the headaches and irritation I suddenly had were a byproduct of that. So I would taper it honey just in case. Maybe you could switch to sugarfresh squash? Still kinda sweet but none of the bad stuff.

WELL DONE on making the decision to lose weight. You can do it!!!!

Im simular to you in that Im a computer nut. Im working on exercising more. I have a step counter so am trying to walk more and I find dancing round my room like an idiot is fun. No one sees me and I just whack the cheesy disco on.

Deb x

01-29-2007, 07:37 AM
Hi Goldana!

WELCOME! You have come to the right place! People here are so awesome! If you haven't checked out the "Goals" and "Mini-Goals" section, please do! It is my inspiration to KEEP GOING!:carrot:

My suggestion: Write up all the stuff you wrote in your post that you have discovered are the tough things for you or print it out. Read it over and pick ONE TROUBLE ZONE to start working on. Don't try to change everything at once. You will be surprised how good you feel when you are getting in control of that one trouble zone. You can then move on to another one and another.

I haven't followed any set "diet" but have taken tips from lots of things I have read and from people who have been successful. Wanting to lose weight is the first step. There are many other steps, but that first one is HUGE!

Good Luck, and I hope you come back here often!



01-29-2007, 08:07 AM
Hi and welcome to 3FC and to the 100 lb club. This is a great place for advice, support and encouragement.

100 lbs to lose is very doable, many, many people here have done that and more. You chip away at it 1 little pound at a time, and that number surely will decrease.

I am looking forward to seeing you around and getting to know you. Good luck!!!

01-29-2007, 09:38 AM

Your plan to take this in little steps is a great plan. A lot of the 3FC members set 10 pound mini-goals to meet. There is a lot of really good advice on this thread. I recommend visiting the 100lb club daily for motivation and encouragement. Although we each have our own way of doing this, we are each changing our lives for the better.

As a fellow sugar addict, I can tell you that I did quit sugar cold turkey with the Southbeach diet program. I didnt have headaches, but I did feel pretty tired and weak for about the first week. Once I overcame that hurdle, my foggy thinking cleared up and my mood changes went away! You will be amazed at how much better you will feel without all of that sugar.

Regarding the scales...each person's relationship with the darn things is different. :) I have a hard time staying off of the scales. This can get me in a negative mood as they tend to fluctuate a lot due to water retention. Others like to weigh daily, and others don't own scales and weigh at the doctor's, etc. For me, weighing once a week works as I can track some progress.

I'm so glad you decided to join us and look forward to getting to know you.

01-29-2007, 09:44 AM
Welcome Im new too~ Good luck~ WE CAN DO THIS~

Ivanna B. Skinny
01-29-2007, 10:55 AM

01-29-2007, 09:21 PM
Welcome Goldana!

Good for you for making this change in your life! Your family will thank you for it. I feel you on the health problems. I haven't had any yet, but I know they're coming. My sister, who's also overweight, was just diagnosed with high blood pressure. There's no way I could continue and not develop some kind of health problem. Just hang in there. You WILL have bad days, but you'll also have many more GOOD ones!

01-29-2007, 10:15 PM
Hey! Welcome! :)

Another suggestion re the sugary drinks: why not try and put crystal light or true lemon/lime into your water.....it might go down easier, plus some of the crystal lights are reaaallly sweet (at least to me).

01-30-2007, 10:53 PM
Welcome! :)

02-10-2007, 10:15 AM
Thank you everyone for the warm welcomes! Sorry I didn't get a chance to reply sooner. Life kind of got in the way :)
Thanks also for the tips about sugary drinks. I'm still consuming mass quantities and I keep telling myself I have to give it up soon. I have an alternative that I like that is a bit healthier, soda water with some lemon or lime.
My main thing really is exercise. I have to save up enough money before I can buy a treadmill. Until then I have to think up something else. I already walk approximately 2 miles a day to pick up my children from school. But, I don't think I am walking fast enough to burn calories unfortunately.
I did burn off some, 2 1/2 whole pounds lost since I last wrote! Yipee! I look at it as a small victory. At least I lost something instead of gaining it.
I'm not going to buy a scale though. I think it is better if I only have access to one every 2 weeks or I know I will constantly be weighing myself otherwise and getting depressed if I don't see any results.
Maybe I should just get over my social phobia and get my butt out there and walking. We have a really nice walking path not too far from my house. My dog could use the exercise as well, she is a chubby little critter.
Who knows...maybe I will work up enough nerve to do it! Thanks again for the welcome. I hope to be able to contribute a bit more to other posts in this forum!
Take care,

02-10-2007, 10:28 AM

If you have not read the above post, you must read it. The most inspirational post I have read in over 20 years of trying to lose weight. This women should write a book. Good luck.

Mrs Quadcrew
02-10-2007, 05:25 PM
Welcome!! Stop in here everyday and it will help you tremendously!! There is so much support and encouragement on here - you'll love it!!

02-10-2007, 06:33 PM

Cute n Chunky
01-27-2010, 03:42 PM
Hi, my name is April and I am so thrilled to have found this website! It seems that my friends are all either small and can't relate, or as big as I am or bigger, and in denial, saying things like "I dunno why you worry so much about your weight! I'm HAPPY the WAY I AM!" I gotta call BS on that one. There is no way they're happy being the butt of everyone else's jokes - I know I'm not.

Okay, so here's what I'm doing, and you tell me where I need to improve, if you would be so kind...

I started out at 278 - too close to 300 and it scared the beegeezus outta me, so I gave up the 1000's of calories I consumed each day in sodas and started drinking nothing but water. This was the 2nd week of Dec. 09, and I'm still doing it. I actually prefer water - especially over the nasty diet drinks that are still full of sodium and carbonation. I started "dieting" and soon lost 20 lbs., but was STARVING, because I was being sooo careful of what and how much I ate - ie 2 pieces of toast for breakfast, and that's ALL til lunch!

Now, I've joined Weight Watchers and on 32 points a day I can have pretty much anything I want, plus snacks...BUT I'm not doing it the way my niece is and eating 4 slices of pizza for dinner - this has got to be something I can use to maintain as well as lose, and if I keep myself used to eating that way, it's all gonna come back, no? I'm teaching myself to eat better foods instead. I still allow myself cravings, but not every day. So yeah, I'm feeling less hungry, because in between meals I get snacks, so I'm always eating, but not OVER-EATING.

I also do Slim In 6 workout once a day for 30 -45 min., a mile a day on the treadmill, 30 - 45 min a day of floor work and 30 - 34 min every other day of arm reps with 10 lb weights.

I have a special day in 8 months that I want to be able to feel good about myself, and I want to go from a size 18 to a size 11/12, which is basically for me going from 253 to 150 something...a few years ago I went from a size 20 to a size 14 in 3 months with just water and a treadmill...

So tell me...am I doing this right?? :?: