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01-27-2007, 03:50 AM
Hi... I thought I would start our weekend chick chat :)

For those of you that don't remember me.... my name is Marianna (username kinda speaks for itself :cool: ) and I am a university student and mamma to a 4 year old daughter... my partner and I have recently separated and I am in the mad scramble to find another house before my classes start in a few weeks.

I decided to jump back into SBD as I am feeling much better about my compulsive eating and to a large extent can still do my intuitive eating - just with some guidelines ;) These past few days on P1 have been relatively ok.. usually I get a massive headache and feel very blergh... but my energy levels and moods are much more even and I find myself getting through the day much better - so it is really off-setting any deprivation feelings.

I was reading the Friday thread and was having a laugh about the big freeze - we are in sweltering heat in Australia - or my part anyway at the moment and to be honest I could do with a bit of cold :)

So whether you are hot and bothered or cold and trying to get warm.. have a lovely weekend :wave:

01-27-2007, 08:41 AM
Good morning and it's wonderful to see Marianna back and starting the Weekend Chat! By the way, Marianna, it's -19C or -3F here and snowing. Wanna trade? The wood stove was still warm this morning and started up again with just a little loving care so the back room is very cozy for sitting, chatting and sipping.

I was pretty tired after the Bingo yesterday - 10-30 to 3:30 is a long time to be on your feet when you have a bum knee. By the time I did a wee shop and got home, it was time for supper and a DSVD before bed. I saw "The Banger Sisters" and thought it was really funny. The Girls and I were abed before ten and didn't wake up until seven this morning. How decadent!

Nothing on the plan today except the usual Saturday stuff - bulletins to the Church, get the paper and maybe run a load of crud to the dump. I may pop in to Bob's Diner for a bit of a gab with the lads. Bob's Diner is just a wee coffee shop that appeared in the convenience shop when the Long Horn closed for renovations in January. We'll see if it lasts when the LH reopens next month.

Haven't had breakfast yet. Believe it or not, I am having pea soup this morning. "Pease porridge hot" :lol: and not "ten days old."

Whatcha doin' today?

01-27-2007, 09:08 AM
Wow... that is cold... brrrrr... I have never experienced that kind of weather - living in the sub tropics and all :)

It is 11pm here and it is still 30 degrees inside my house... ahhh I should stop whinging - aside from 3 months of the year we have truly beautiful weather

01-27-2007, 09:42 AM
Wake up! Wake up! Good morning!

Marianna - Welcome back to the beach. :) Good to hear phase 1 is being kind to you.

Ruth - Enjoy your pea soup and be safe out running your errands. Definitely take some time to chat with the ladies if you can. Socialization helps you live longer!

Me - I got to sleep in until 6:30, and then spent 45 minutes or so reading to the little one. I'm so glad she's finally willing to sit down and listen to an entire book...or 6! Sis just got out of bed and they're eating breakfast now. I decided to have a bowl of Kashi because I didn't feel like cooking anything. Hope it doesn't trigger any cravings, but I'm looking for them, so it should be too bad. Somehow, I dropped 1.6 pounds in the last 24 hours. Even stepped on 3 times and moved the scale to make sure it was reading right. I'm not really complaining...just confused. My losses seem to have sped up since I started Phase 2. Isn't that opposite of the way it's supposed to work?

We're headed out to Target and the grocery store in a bit. No need for too many groceries, but I'm out of all sorts of paper products and I want to pick up Bambi before they take it off the shelves at the end of the month.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend. :)

01-27-2007, 10:16 AM
Jet That is awesome about the added weight loss! I often do the same thing and climb on the scale several times. You are going to record a great loss for Janaury! :hat: My 5 year old climbed in bed with us this morning for a quick snuggle..... then she was ready to go. Friday night is our special deal when she gets to sleep with me. DH moves her when he comes to bed, but she thinks it is the best thing in the world.

Ruth I have the usual Saturday stuff to do as well- a few errands and then home for the afternoon. We are going to a friend's later for a playdate- for both kids and moms! Her DH is out of town tonight and the other friend is a single mom, so the only men will be 6 and two years old. :) MOST of the time our kids (6 between the three of us) do well together, so we will see.

Marianna Great to see you back on the beach! Don't you feel so in control when you are doing all that you should be doing??

Me- Chilling on the couch with the laptop and a cup of coffee. I let the girls pull their little table into the living room to watch cartoons while they eat. The little things in life that they thing are such a big deal.

I need to plan meals for the week and hit Walmart to shop. Our week is shaping up to be busy, so I need to be smart about shopping. Cottage and her turkey dinner from last week inspired me to thaw out a turkey that we have had in the fridge. I invited my parents over for a "Thanksgiving" dinner tomorrow. DH is actually off this weekend, which is about a miracle!!! We are at each other yet again, so hopefully we can take this weekend to regroup a bit. Send some good vibes our way- we need them lately. :goodvibes:

01-27-2007, 11:29 AM
Mmm... morning.

I loathe weekends. Well, the ones I have to work anyway, which are most.

So how's everyone doing today besides cold?

Ruthie, -3???? I'd be a weezlesicle. Once it gets below 20 here and there's any kind of windchill, they tell people not to go outside unless they absolutely have to. It was almost 50 yesterday which was a nice surprise, but supposedly Monday morning when we wake up it'll be 8. Thankfully I have Monday off because I work tomorrow.

Marianna, welcome back! Sorry to hear about your recent split, but glad to know that you're doing something positive by coming back to the Beach instead of going hog-wild (which is always very tempting.) Good luck finding a new house!

Jetsetter, congrats on the additional loss! And have fun at Target. I love Target. And I also collect Disney DVD's... slowly but surely I'm getting all the ones I want. I was the kid who only had 3 Disney movies on VHS (Peter Pan, Aladdin, and Lion King) while everyone else had the entire collection. My children will have ALL of them, gosh darnit!

Kiko, sending happy thoughts and prayers your way. I totally understand. Hopefully a weekend together with no work-stress is what you guys need!

Well, I work all day today and I have a conference call at 1 as soon as I get there. I even had nightmares last night that I missed it. It's not like I'd be in huge trouble or anything, just get some nagging from the boss, but I had nightmares anyway. I'm gaining more and more responsibility at work and it's slightly stressful because I'm trying to whip my store and staff into shape so they're 100% right on, and taking the other steps to improve myself so I can learn and grow and move up quickly. It's frazzling, if that's a word.

So in preparation for today, I'm going to go curl up on the couch and see if I can get a small nap in before work. Sleep makes everything better. Hope you girlies have a great day!


01-27-2007, 12:14 PM
Hi Girls,

Marianna - Nice to meet you...I am fairly new here along with my sister Lubajo. It's been a huge help to both of us to belong to this thread of very understanding and thoughtful gals.

Ruth - DH and I also watched a movie last night...I joined 'Netflex' so we get a new movie about twice a week. The way it works one has a web page to list 'favorites' and as soon as one sends the old movie back they send the first one on your list to you...Well, I picked "Pride and Prejudice" but what we saw was 'Bride and Prejudice'!!! I was so shocked when we started watching the movie and it was set in East India with all these very pretty girls dancing. Oh time I will be sure of what I am reading on the titles.:o

Jet - Congrats on a 1.6lb loss! :cheer: I am thrilled when the scale even stays where it was the time before...good for you!

Kiko - Happy Thanksgiving!::thanks2: I'm sending good vibes your way!:hug:

Weezle - Hope your conference goes well...Bummer having to work on a weekend. I remember those days with little fondness. :( Have a good weekend in spite of it by doing something fun or nice for yourself.

Me - Still in pain so cannot wait until the 13th when I have the test to see what's going on in my body. I had a bad sorta day yesterday where-in I was a bit frustrated and ate my way through two tablespoons of PB, two Key Lime cookies and two pieces of chocolate! :eating2: Yes I even wrote my binge down so I could see how much I was eating off program. I refuse to weigh until my weigh date which is the 30th so if I did gain a pound I will not know it...shrewed huh.

Sis - I love you!:hug: Wish we could sit and have a cup of tea with each other using our nice tea cups. :cofdate: I miss you!

01-27-2007, 01:10 PM
:coffee2: Good Saturday morning all.

Marianna: Good to see you back. Sorry about your relationship breakup. Sounds like you are moving right ahead and good for you sticking to P1 at such a tough time. :hug:

Weezle: I work most all weekends too. For me it doesn't matter as much since we own the business:frypan: and my dh works too. I do miss some things with the grandkids though and that bothers me but they live in town so we get to spend quality time together and we get to talk a lot.

Kiko: Enjoy your "Thanksgiving" tomorrow. Sounds good. I am thinking about getting a turkey to cook this weekend. My dh will be home tomorrow. :hungry:

Ruth: That wood stove sounds so good. :sunny: Your day sounds a little more relaxing than yesterday too. Have a good one. How is your knee feeling?

Jetsetter: :congrat: My grandkids love it when I read to them (well, the little ones.) I am going to start reading for the Smart program at school next year. They always need volunteers. Hopefully by then we will have the restaurant sold and I will have more time for fun things. :chef:

Mamajok: Good job not weighing until weigh-in day. :goodscale by then Your binge sounds pretty minimal compared to the damage I can do on a binge. Here is a little :dust: to get you through.

As for me, not much, I am working on menus this morning then work tonight, then all day tomorrow. Not much time for anything else. Want to :club: my sil. We have guardianship of my mil and she has had bronchitis. The sister wanted her to visit so we let her (long story about sil and mil) and last night she called at 1:00 a.m. to have my dh take mom to the hospital. I am wondering why we had to wait until that hour to realize she was getting sicker and not better. Poor dh had to take her cuz I had taken my night meds and can't drive and he works all day today. :yawn: :yawn: :yawn: all day for him. I would not expect a normal lay person to see that she was getting worse earlier in the day but sil is an RN and lets us know that she knows more than most doctors all the time.

I am going to have some hot tea and get started on the menus. Have a good one everbody.

01-27-2007, 01:20 PM
Hi girls,
Just a quick dash in to see what you're all up to today. DD and her girls are coming out to spend the day, so of course I also invited DS and his family over, too. I just put a lasagna and vegetarian stuffed peppers in the oven for dinner. That will give Jake plenty of leftovers to eat for the next few days while I'm away, too. I'm going to take my laptop with me, but I don't know if I'll be able to pick up on someone's wireless line or not. Cindy has an antique computer system (just listen to me!) that is very fustrating to use. I'm going to have to convince her to update her system! So anyway, I don't know if I'll be able to get in here to post or not.

Marianna ~ That's great that you're doing so well on Phase 1. I hope you find a new place to live soon!

Ruth ~ Brrrrr! It's warming up to 40* here today, but it's not supposed to last. Can't say I'd want to join you for breakfast, I like pea soup, but not for breakfast. I had my good old oatmeal, yum!

Jet ~ Too bad you had to cancel your trip to your Grandma's today, but I hope your little one is feeling better. Congratulations on the 1.6 lbs.! I'm afraid to get on the scale right now, although I've been pretty good, just not exercising like I should. And this coming week staying with the girls at Cindy's is going to prove challenging!

Kiko ~ Today sounds like a fun day for you! I love hanging out with my friends just gabbing (and eating) all night. Relax and just enjoy! Enjoy your "Thanksgiving" dinner tomorrow, too!

Weezle ~ With your work ethnics, it sounds like you'll be at the top of the ladder before long! I can understand that the responsibilities are a little scary at first, but it sounds like your boss has complete faith in your capabilities. Bundle up and keep warm!

Mamajok ~ How are you feeling today, better I hope? That's funny about your movie, good thing you didn't have any little ones around when you started watching it! :o One has to be so aware these days, they take good old classic movie titles and change the name slightly to make filth. The same thing almost happened to my parents, good thing one of us "kids" happened to notice it before they watched it! :eek: But not before they got a good ribbing about wanting to spice up their sex life! ;)

Okay, the dryer just stopped so I'm off to fold a load of clothes and heat up some leftover chili for lunch. Have a wonderful day, all, and try to stay OP. :grouphug:

01-27-2007, 01:26 PM
Sorry I missed you, Bunna! I hope your MIL is doing better today, and that your DH has an easy day so he can get home and rest! Enjoy your day off tomorrow, sounds like you're needing it about now. Take care.

01-27-2007, 01:33 PM
I have been soooo lazy today! I just now got dressed!

01-27-2007, 02:36 PM
Ruth! I'm surprised at you!! :D Hey, everyone needs a lazy day every so often. Enjoy it to the fullest.

We had an uneventful trip out this morning. Girls were relatively good, but I forgot the 2 most important things on my list (well, other than toilet paper!)...Splenda and dish soap. Whoops. We'll either venture out again this afternoon after nap time, or wait until tomorrow.

My 3 year old and I are snuggled on the sofa eating lunch watching the X-Games. She's having a ball watching the snowboarders.

01-27-2007, 04:52 PM
We had a good Pinewood Derby today. Just as they were ready to start the pack finals, I got paged and I've ended up back here at home waiting for them to decide if they are going to recycle the application. Hopefully it won't last too much longer.

The weather is fairly warm here today and the sun is out but just a few minutes ago it was pouring rain.

little chick
01-27-2007, 07:24 PM
Eveing chicks, the weather is not as cold today but still cold enough. Just sitting here enjoying the quiet, both girls are gone for the night and dh is laying in bed watching the tube. Taught my dance classes this morning and then we went to bil and sil for awhile, came home and had a lady come and see me about taking her two little girls. She is quiet a chatter, anyhoo decided that I would take them, they are only part time, three days a week one in school the other 3. Then put a roast in the oven, ran to the grocery store and then had a muffin. Good lord my life is dull today. Oh well. I have to work tomorrow so I guess I should enjoy the quiet. I am going to dash and go snuggle up with honey and watch the tube. Have a great night chicks.

01-27-2007, 10:06 PM
Good Evening Chicks...

Just a quit note before bedtime. Boy I have been busy today: Worked out at the gym this morning then off to take my daughter to cheerleading. Afterwards a trip to lane bryant. I spent nearly two hours in the dressing room trying to fit the right fit. Got home around 6:30, too late to cook so dinner was a subway sub on whole wheat. After that I 'planned the sunday school lesson' for tomarrow. Now it's time to tuck the kids in bed. The best part of being busy is that I forget about pigging out all day.

Where did the day go?

01-28-2007, 07:54 AM
Good morning! It's another cold one but we are just fine with the wood stove blazing away so come and sit and chat a bit.

I goofed off a lot yesterday but enjoyed my quiet day. The only thing I really accomplished, aside from getting dressed, was to bake a rum cake for a friend. He's doing a birthday dinner for his mum and wanted one of my cakes. It snowed all day so going to visit Harry wasn't an option.

Today is a quiet day too and I'm glad of it after a hectic week. Hershey and I will do Church this morning and visit H. this afternoon. Eric is going to lug in wood for me and we will be able to cozy in for the evening. :)

What's happening in your life today?

01-28-2007, 08:33 AM
Good Morning,
I think it'll be a quiet day here, too. I have to pick up the girls at 10, then we'll probably just hang out at their place the rest of the day. My DIL might bring Amber over to play in the afternoon, but it all depends on the weather. I'll need to check what's in their freezer and fridge, too. We may have to make a grocery run.
We had a houseful yesterday, with all the kids and grandkids here. It sure does get loud, but I just love it when everyone is home. Everyone enjoyed the lasagna, and I didn't bother to tell them it was made with ww noodles, but they did know I used fake meat for Caitlyn's sake. For dessert we had FF angel food cake with fresh berries. That was my only cheat, so I feel good about that.
Well, I need to start packing a bag, so I'll try to get in here later. Hopefully I can pick up on someone's internet network out there in the "boonies."

01-28-2007, 09:56 AM
G'morning. I hope to be a little more productive today than I was yesterday. All I did (other than making it out of the house for an hour with the girls) was spend money on my newest project. Got some good ideas from my best friend, but I wasn't able to help him with his problems. I think I'll cook a beef roast so I can have some tasty meat for lunches next week.

The girls are happily absorbed in the Doodlebops for a few minutes. I should head upstairs and load the dishwasher.

01-28-2007, 10:16 AM
jetsetter Cooking ahead is a great idea. I usually get 'caught' when there is nothing prepared in the house to eat, then we go get something we should not have.

cottagebythesea It's fun to have a houseful but I'll bet your glad to enjoy the peace.

Ruthxxx If I were to bake a cake for someone it would have to be something that I did not like so that I wouldn't be tempted to lick the bowl ;)

Me My dd is wearing her new outfit to church today. After losing around 19 lbs. she looks so cute in it. Her sides are smoothing out. I'll post a before/after pic. later. I am not quite ready to post my pics yet. :^:

01-28-2007, 10:31 AM
Good Morning Chicks!

Well, I must admit I feel better knowing that I wasn't the only one that did practically nothing yesterday. I did make it out of the house last night to go do my volunteering...but that was it. So today, I have to do laundry, clean up the apartment, and grocery shop. I'm going to also try and cook a few meals for the week. And I have to volunteer again tonight. I'm glad there are two days to the weekend, or I would get nothing done!

Well, I love to spend all day online, but I need some breaky and I need to get to the store.

Have a lovely day, ladies :hug:

01-28-2007, 12:42 PM
Morning everyone! Yesterday I worked, so I didn't get a chance to get on here. Today I'm off & I'm already on my fourth load of laundry. DF is going to the movies with his sister, so I'll have the place to myself. Which is good. I have to write my review & give it to my boss by the 31. I want to turn mine in early (need those brownie points!) plus I have to help the gal that reports to me and that will take some time.
I also have a few save the dates to send out & I have to compile addresses for my sister and friends (I'm having a couple of bridal showers....1 in Chillicothe for friends/family, 1 in Toledo, and 1 in Michigan - that way, I'm the only one doing the crazy driving.
And girls, I believe I have to start exercising.....I'm stuck at a lost of 13.5 (it's also TOM) So I'm going to have to lug the gazelle out. I'm making chilli for dinner....what's everyone else making?
Take care!

Bionic Beach Babe
01-28-2007, 05:36 PM
I am just wondering how many check in to this site after me, or if I am too late in the day. Please let me know.

Today, we again had Sunday Breakfast Guest...Hubby love cooking his WW Waffles.. After that we all played a card game called Skibbo. Have any of you ever played it? Fun and easy game for all ages...We love playing partners. We play 2-3 games. First team to win 2 are the winners...
Off to read and relax..

01-28-2007, 06:42 PM
Love skibbo. Lots of fun!

01-28-2007, 10:21 PM
Evening all!

Well, I've really made up for my laziness yesterday! I did laundry, went to the grocery store, and cooked for the week.

Here's what I made today (there's also a picture, just because I love taking pictures!):

Taco Bake
Eggplant Lasagna
PB Mini Cheesecakes

I live if anyone wants to come over... haha :lol3:

Soon 3 showers!?! I'd have trouble making it through 1 :)

Jet Beef Roast? do you make it?

Ruth Your rum cake sounds sooo yummy

lubajo I love Skibbo. I also love Phase 10 and Uno. Have you ever played those?

I need to head out back to the store for more food storage containers...

Have a great evening!! :hug: