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01-26-2007, 11:42 AM
Well thats what I use, but any digital media player, CD player, favorite radio station....I'm in desperate need of updating my play lists for the gym and I'm looking for some recommendations on some good workout music.
Currently on my gym play list, properly named 'Sweat' is a mix really in no particular order
Alicia Keys, Ani Difranco, Billy Idol, Beoynce, Fergie/Black Eyed Peas, Carbon Leaf, Deftones, Floggin Molly, Gwen Stefani, Mary J, Missy Elliot, Natasha Beddingfield, Nelly Frutado, Outcast, Pat Benetar, Rancid
I mean really these are just a few so I'm sure you can seem my tastes are all over the place....some days I suppose I need punk or metal at the gym and some days I need hip hop, others bluegrass and folk are appropriate :D
Anyway in my quest to build more effective workout play lists I also want to add some new music too...except I really have no idea what I'm looking for so I thought I'd ask for input from all of you....what are you favorite workout songs? I mean really out of the 10,000 songs that live in my Ipod... I probably listen to 20 of them....its terrible.

01-26-2007, 11:56 AM
I have a lot of 80's pop music on my ipod. The beat is good and keeps me moving when walking or working out! I tend to unconsciously match my strides or repetitions to the beat, so the 80's music keeps me going at a good pace.

01-26-2007, 12:01 PM
Kelly, would you mind listing some of the songs? I keep thinking that 80s music would be good for walking/running, but I guess I'm getting old because I can't remember titles and artists anymore! I went to high school in the 80s, so I should remember!! I've been desperate for some new stuff on my workout playlist too.

01-26-2007, 12:02 PM
Some of my all-time favorites:

Beyonce - Get Me Bodied
Destiny's Child - Lose My Breath
Amerie - 1 Thing
Lumidee - Uh Oh
Justin Timberlake - Rock Your Body
Michael Jackson - Rock with you
Outkast - The Way You Move

Oh, and Fergie - Fergalicious... "I be up in the gym just workin' on my fitness..." Perfect!

01-26-2007, 12:14 PM
Any remixes are great for me. Justin Timberlakes "Sexy Back" is a GREAT one! I like to think it's my theme song "I'm bringin' sexy back....."

01-26-2007, 12:18 PM
Oh, and Fergie - Fergalicious... "I be up in the gym just workin' on my fitness..." Perfect!

:lol: So true, Tiffany!! You know, I've never liked Fergie, but I put that song on my iPod and it's got me through many a tough time on my runs!! It's a perfect workout song, and every time I hear that part I think -- hey, I AM up in the gym workin' on my fitness!! I don't think my body is quite "vicious" yet, as she says about hers! :lol: But I'll get there!

I saw Outkast on your list -- their song "Hey Ya" is a good one for me too. So peppy. I went back to old Janet Jackson stuff and put "If" on there. That's a good one. I like variety, so here are a few of the other ones that I like because they're somewhat fast and keep me going:

"Mr. Brightside" -- The Killers
"Since U Been Gone" -- Kelly Clarkson
"SOS" -- Rihanna
"Hong Kong Garden" -- Siouxsie and the Banshees
"Black Horse and the Cherry Tree" -- KT Tunstall

01-26-2007, 01:31 PM
Along with all the songs you guys like (which I agree with you all the way) I have a rather eclectic (spelling?) music taste. :)

Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (one of my all-time favourites)
Gnarls Barkley - Crazy (or any of the album "St. Elsewhere")
Weezer - Island in the Sun
A Flock of Seagulls - I Ran (So Far Away)
Frank Sinatra - The Lady is A Tramp
The Supremes - Stop in the Name of Love
Daft Punk - Da Funk (AWESOME for doing stuff like crunches or something with a lot of reps, but not much movement)
K-Os - Crabbuckit
Led Zeppelin - Rock and Roll
Ladytron - Some Velvet Morning
Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out
The Rolling Stones - Paint it Black
Black Eyed Peas - Hey Mama

Yup. That's a lotta really varied songs :p

01-26-2007, 01:46 PM
I don't have an IPod (YET, hopefully soon I will) but if I did, here are some 80's songs that would be on it:

One Night in Bangcock by Murray Head
Twilight Zone by Golden Earring
Instanbul not Constantinople by They Might be Giants
From Head to Toe by Lisa Lisa
I Want Candy by Bow Wow Wow
Pleasure Little Treasure by Depeche Mode
Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode
Strangelove by Depeche Mode
Shellshock by New Order
Hit that Perfect Beat by Bronsky Beat
Love Cats by The Cure
Locomotion by OMD
Never Say Never by Romeo Void
Somewhere in My Heart by Aztec Camera
Wake Me Up Before You Go Go by Wham (OK, I know it's cheesy, I don't care :p )
Shiny Shiny by Haysi Fantayzee
Bad Connection by Yaz
Situation by Yaz
Lean on Me by Club Nouveau
Don't Leave Me this Way by the Communards
Genius of Love by Tom Tom Club
Head Like a Hole by Nine Inch Nails (I think this is actually 90's, but close enough)

Also a few more recent songs that will be on my IPod (if I ever buy it):

Pavement Cracks by Annie Lennox
Voulez Vouz Couchez Avec Moi by Christina Aguilera
This Love by Maroon Five
Miami by Will Smith
Mambo #5 by Lou Bega (again, cheesy, don't care)
Lady by Lenny Kravitz
Self-Esteem by Offspring
Woke Up This Morning (Soprano's theme)
Get This Party Started by Pink
Hollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani
This is How a Heart Breaks by Rob Thomas
Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall

01-26-2007, 01:51 PM
Lisa, I'm not home right now but later this evening I'll post some of the 80's greats that are on my ipod!

01-26-2007, 02:23 PM
Blue to Blue Thank you im sooo bad with names of songs
thanks for helping bring me back to the 80's im printing your list right now :)

01-26-2007, 02:35 PM
Any remixes are great for me. Justin Timberlakes "Sexy Back" is a GREAT one! I like to think it's my theme song "I'm bringin' sexy back....."

This one is on my MP3 player and I've kinda adopted it as my theme song too!

I'm working now, but I'll come back later and post some of my favorites.

01-26-2007, 03:10 PM
As you will see from my current play list..I have eclectic taste in music

Lady Sovereign - Love me or hate me
Amerie - Take Control
Jay - Z - Show me what ya got
Lily Allen - Smile
Akon - Smack That
Rihanna - Break it off & Pon de Replay
Brooke Hogan - About Us
Musiq Soulchild - Sunny
Stevie Wonder - All I Do & As
Nelly Furtado - Man eater among others
Gwen Stefani - Holla back girl
Beyonce - Crazy in love
Black Eyed Peas - My Humps
JT - Sexy Back .. ( my theme song LOL)
AND it seems to be unanimous Fergie - Fergilicious LOL

01-26-2007, 05:14 PM
we currently have 4755 songs... you name it.. we probably have it. we also have 44 tv shows. we are ipod junkies.... my husband is on his 3rd one. we got the kid one for christmas. LOVE THE IPOD!!

01-27-2007, 02:59 PM
I love it I love it... I'm definately gonna do an 80s gym playlist...I'm working on redoing mine this weekend so I'll post if I come up with some good ones! Charbar I'm an ipod junkie too...between my 3 hour daily commute on public transportation and an average of 2 hours a night at the gym its pretty much strapped to me at all times!

01-27-2007, 07:01 PM
good thing they have a long battery life!! :)

01-28-2007, 02:56 AM
My current workout playlist, called "Shake It & Jiggle It", because that's basically what I'm doin when I'm up in the gym workin on MY fitness... here are some of my faves:

Dj Kool - Let Me Clear My Throat
Missy Elliott - Gossip Folks, Lose Control
September - Satellites (kinda techno-y)
2 Unlimited - Jump for Joy
Gnarls Barkley - Go Go Gadget Gospel, Transformer (I totally agree with sweet_talker, the whole album kicks.)
Andre 3000 - Hey Ya
Kelly Clarkson - Walk Away
Gwen Stefani - Bubble Pop Electric
Fat Joe - Make it Rain
Ciara - That's Right
Pussycat Dolls - Wait a Minute
Shawnna - R.P.M.
Diddy - Diddy Rock

My absolute favorite song to workout to is Kanye's Workout Plan. That's my jam and always gets me pumped!!

01-28-2007, 09:49 AM
alright some that haven't been mentioned here yet that I dug out of my collection:
Ain't no other man, Christina Augilerra
Hit me with your best shot, pat benetar
dancing with myself, billy idol
bring the pain, missy elliott
i will survive, gloria gaynor
mr. big stuff, gloria gaynor
virtual reality, rusted root
what I got, sublime