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01-25-2007, 07:03 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The fog rolled in this afternoon and it was really soupy around the lake coming home from school. Bob is out doing chores for his farmer friend who is in the hospital with a kidney stone. The stone has passed but they want to keep him overnight so Bob will do chores tomorrow morning and possibly tomorrow night also. Our neighbors are gone for a few days so have mail and newspaper chores to do there. School has been busy since implementing the extra reading/math work during study halls. The idea is to get them to do some homework at home. Yeah, right.

"Gma" -- I agree that WW "new" meetings mean a new meeting that didn't exist before. I'd shop around for a GREAT leader! I steered away from the online membership payments because I didn't want to get billed monthly if I decided to quit and then had the hassle of arguing about it over the internet. :( I buy the 10 meeting coupons which is cheaper that paying by the meeting. Here it is now $12.95 a meeting, I think. What all do you put in your chili? One of the teachers at school puts green peppers and onions in her's and it smelled so good when she was warming it up in the microwave. :T I do put a can of kidney beans in mine because my mom did :lol: and I like them. Bob isn't crazy about them, but he eats them anyway. He likes chunky tomatoes and I don't so I pick mine out. ;) I have bought the teeny tiny diced tomatoes and those are ok.

Susan -- My college roommate's birthday is October 9th also. I guess we could adopt Faye into our October birthday club since she is almost an October baby. :D

Maggie -- Congrats on the .6# loss! :cheer: Any loss is a GREAT loss! What all do you put in your chili? Cornbread sounds good. :T

I need to do some ironing before the next batch of clothes is washed and staring at me. :rolleyes: Have a fantastic Friday tomorrow! I am ready for the weekend! :woohoo:

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

01-25-2007, 08:18 PM
I just have to join in on this book conversation. I have always been a very avid reader. I remember as a young child my mother asked our dr. what she could do about me as all I wanted to do was read...would rather read than go out and play. He backed me to the hilt and said...let her read, she will never be lonely! I have been reading ever since. Since I got the computer which is about 5 years I have been tracking what I read....mostly because I hate to get a book that I have already read. I have a Books Read, Books on Hand and Books wanted llists. I have about 20 books on hand but most of these are older books that I was given while I was working by a friend who worked in a book warehouse. My list of books read is up to 1,340 and the books wanted list that I compile by going to book stores and listing interesting books that have just come out is at 1,193. I will never get all these books but at least when I have an opportunity to pick up a book I will know what I am looking for. I will read most anything, romance, mystery, intregue, almost anything. I do have authors that I look for including Nora Roberts, James Patterson and too many others to list.
As a young kid I, too, enjoyed Nancy Drew and The Bobbsie Twins. I have given GD (13) a set of the Nancy Drew books when she was 9...she loved them.

As for your Chili makings....we will pass...neither of us cares for it.

I may not be able to join your October birthday club but I will beat you all on age....April 17, 1933. That, somedays, is older than dirt.

We are expecting a very cold couple of days so I think we will be hibernating and eating the chicken soup I made today. I will try to add a variety of items to it so it is not the same every day.

Stay warm or in the case of you,


01-26-2007, 03:59 AM

It is late but I just had to check the board before shutting my computer down for the night. We had finished watching "Bite the Bullet" and here I am. We watch movies on this laptop ~ no TV and don't want one.

JEAN Fog ~ I remember fog living my childhood by the ocean. Wen't to sleep many nights to the tune of the fog-horn. BEEEE-OOOOO. What do I put in my Chili she asks ~ Carroll Shelbys chili fixins, chopped onions, diced tomatoes, green chilis, tomato sauce, tomato paste, beef, pinto beans and spices such as cajun, Italina herbs, garlic and a few drops of liquid smoke. Then when I eat mine I add dried chili flakes. I like mine mo hotta the betta but some folks can't take the heat in this house.

GLORIA Looks like we all love books. I used to go out and play though but would take my current book along. If we played hop scotch I would read till my turn. I would read in the swings. I would lay on the sidewalk and read out loud to my friends. They loved it so it incouraged me to always have a book with me. I would leave my book inside though when we went out after dark to play hide and seek. The whole block young and old participated in it and it was a hoot. Books are the window to the world. And birthdays are great ~ we keep having them which is a good indication that the more you have ~ the longer you live.

I am off now

01-26-2007, 06:50 AM
Good morning ladies! Well today is the day! I thank all of you for your information and advice. I will take your advice Jean and keep going to meetings until I find a leader I like. Nothing worse than someone that bores you to death.

My chili is simple, mainly because my husband had this real thing about "authentic" chili. First off, in his mind, NO BEANS. He says chili with beans is chili con carne, which he is correct on that. Secondly, he doesn't like tomatoes so no chunks of anything. Beginning to sound boring isn't it??? Well, I discovered I could make a great pot of chili for him with a large can of tomato soup, minced garlic, chopped onion, salt and mexican chili powder. That's it ladies, boring but it is tasty. I like Wendy's chili actually. I also like vegetarian chili if it is done correctly. When I worked for the law firm I used to go to this little kooky hole in the wall restaurant called Cornucopia and they made the best vegetarian chili. The restaurant is long out of business, but if you google the restaurant you can actually still get the recipe for the chili, of course it will feed a bazillion.

Gloria: I like the "in death" series Nora Roberts writes under the name JD Robb. They are unusual, but very interesting. I am a big murder mystery fan and like that genre of author, but just finished Barbara Taylor Bradford's new book and it was ok. Took me awhile to finish, mainly because I have knitting projects to get finished.

Susan: I do have a "gender specific" now don't I!!! :lol: I spent part of the day looking at little boy's clothes online and found such cute stuff. I found a site I think was called Gramma's Attic and soldl vintage baby clothes, like Polly Flinders! I hadn't heard that name in eons and they had such cute stuff, but nothing today's mother's would put their little boys in because they would be consider sissy clothes. My favorite thing to see a little boy in are what used to be called rompers or sunsuits and they call shortalls now. I found the cutest pair of red plaid ones with a little t-shirt underneath that had a picnic scene on the front. I LOVE seersucker on little boys too. My son had a little blue and white seersucker shortall and I guess that is what I see when I see them.

Maggie: Thanks for the WW info. I am sure I will figure it all out. Congrats on the loss.

Jean: Getting closer to the weekend gal! I know you have to be looking forward to that!

Well, I need to go, unload the dishwasher then Jack will be up and I can get showered and dressed. I am keeping the car today so I can do a bunch of errands.

Have a great Friday and a great weekend!


01-26-2007, 01:07 PM
Hello, ladies. It's only 27 degrees at noon today so I am freezing. Had to take Stan for his tests this morning. I really hated for him to have to go out when it was so cold. Now to wait for Monday for the results.

I missed my Curves workout last night - got stuck in traffic for 1-1/2 hours! Today I really feel stiffer than I've been. Anyway, going tomorrow and also to the after hours Yoga class.

I love chili. Do any of you make white chili? I never have been I'm thinking about trying it. I've had it out and it was really good.

I'm so glad the weekend is here...maybe I'll be about to get some quilting in!

01-26-2007, 01:36 PM

It is a tad bit on the chilly side this morning bt the sun is shining. I have done some of my upper arm exercises already this am. I have a page out of some old magazine that has pictures of this very thin gal doing 9 different exercises using one pound weights. Well her arms look great so guess it must work. Seriously though it will do some good. Slow and steady goes it.

FAYE I love those "period" outfits and it is much easier to buy for girls because of the sissy look for boys. I hope you do like your WW leader. It is important that you first off have it in your mind to make the program work and if the leader isn't up to your expectations you can over look some of her irritaing ways.

SUSAN I have made white chili and here is my favorite recipe that we first made outside in a dutch oven over coals. Since have made it inside also.

For those on WW ~ 1 1/2 Cups is 5 1/2 POINTS
Easy way: To get 3 cups of frozen chopped cooked chicken, buy a 20-ounce package. You'll have about 2 cups left over for another use.

1 teaspoon olive oil
1 cup chopped onion
2 teaspoons bottled minced garlic
2 (15.5-ounce) cans cannellini beans, undrained
3 cups frozen chopped cooked chicken
1 (14.5-ounce can fat-free, less sodium chicken broth
1 1/2 teaspoons salt-free Mexican seasoning
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 cup (4 ounces) shredded Montery Jack cheese with Jalapeno Peppers

Heat oil in a Dutch oven over medium-high heat. Add onion and garlic; saute 2 minutes.
Mash one can of beans in a small bowl with a fork. Add mashed beans, remaining can beans, and next 4 ingredients to pan; bring to a boil. Reduce heat, and simmer 15 minutes.
Add cheese; simmer 5 monutes, stirring constantly.

YIELD 6 servings (serving size: 1 1/2 cups)

Calories 284; Fat 8.3g; Fiber 6.1
EXCHANGES 1 1/2 starch, 3 lean meat

Type at ya'll later

01-26-2007, 03:10 PM
Thanks, Maggie - I have all that in the pantry and freezer so we'll be having it for supper tomorrow!

01-26-2007, 04:32 PM

I am a true fan of Krusteaz fat free mixes. I just baked 24 mini one point cranberry orange muffins. They make other kinds also and they are all good. Even their fat free corn bread mix. I also make it in my mini pans. I have my door open and a nice breeze in coming in. Feels like spring.

SUSAN You are quite welcome. Hope you like it as much as Will and I do.

01-26-2007, 06:33 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's nice to see everyone present and accounted for :cheer: . . . except Gail, that is. :( The sun is shining brightly and the snow is melting! :D It was a typical "catch up" Friday at school. I am always amazed at the number of kids who are "sick" on either Fridays or Mondays. No wonder they are always behind. No special plans for the weekend that I know of right now. I need to iron, grocery shop, laundry, and clean, but maybe not in that order! ;)

Gloria -- You are a serious reader for sure! Chicken soup sounds good! :T That might be my project for tomorrow. :)

Maggie -- Jason would love your chili! :D Whenever Amanda makes chili, she has to make two pots. One is for Jason and the other for the rest of us. :lol: Thanks for sharing the white chili recipe. I have never had white chili although I have seen it on a menu before.

"Gma" -- Be sure and let us know how the WW meeting went. :) I will be curious to see how much the meetings cost in your area.

Susan -- I hate waiting for test results! :spin: I've never had white chili . . . guess I don't associate chicken with chili. :chin:

I'm off to start on the laundry loads. Have a nice evening and a great weekend! :dance:

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

01-27-2007, 06:52 AM
Good morning everyone! Well, first day on WW. I had screwed yesterday up because I missed lunch completely so decided to wait until this morning so everything would come out correctly. I like the time I go as there are not tons of people there, but a nice group. The group leader is nice, though it is mostly a talk session. She kind of throws out the topic, talks about what you should be doing, etc and then others join in. You know me, never one for keeping my mouth shut so I joined in! I think I am going to like it just fine.

Right now I have a sinus headache. I took a couple Advil and it will probably go away the longer I am up. I had a runny nose all day yesterday and it wasn't from the cool weather so something was bothering me in the air yesterday and last night I had a bit of congestion type stuff so I assume there was just something.

Jean: I did the 6 week prepayment and it cost me $76. If I pay by the week I can get a military discount and pay $10 a week I think or it might be $12. I will probably stay with the prepayment plan and just do it on paydays month to month to make it easier. They didn't have the free registration so that was included in the $76! What a rip off that was that they weren't including our area in the free registration like most of the country. You could do a free meeting though.

Maggie: Thanks for the white chili recipe. I am trying to think what restaurant has white chili or used to. Jack would never ever eat it. I would prefer just eating navy beans as I love them! lol Our leader is a nice lady and I like her so I am probably going to stay put.

Susan: Hope you are able to get back to Curves. You are probably really close to goal I would imagine.

We received very sad news last night. We called Jack's favorite aunt and uncle (hid dad's sister) last night to tell them we will have a Jack the IV. His aunt has really missed her brother even though he has been dead over 30 years now. She was thrilled when we named Jay, Jack, and we wanted to share the news with them that there would be another Jack in just a few months. We tried their phone and got no answer, tried their son and left a message, then called the other aunt and she told Jack that Aunt Liz passed away two months ago. She said Uncle Buddy was living with his dd now and their son was living in the house. She gave Jack Betty Carol's phone # and he called and talked to her. We couldn't have gone to the funeral as Jack was still recovering from open heart surgery, but we could have sent flowers as a family. I guess she wrote our phone number down wrong and they couldn't get ahold of us and didn't have Jack's sister's number. My poor husband cried on the phone he was so upset he hadn't been able to be contacted. She and her husband were wonderful people and whenever we would go through Mineral Wells, Tx we would stay with them. The last time we saw them, we flew out there with Kelly and Thomas and I think he was around 3. She was in her late 80's so had a long life. It was such a shock though as we usually called them each Christmas and didn't this year because of Jack's stuff going on. We just forgot.

Well, we have filed our taxes so we will get our refund in a couple weeks and I can buy the airline tickets for our vacation. We are going to have a bunch of regular maintenance done on the car too, like brakes, shocks, etc, etc.

Jack has decided to go with me to Indiana for the baby shower so I am glad about that. I don't mind going alone, but it is a 10 hour hard drive, 12 if you stop and so it is nice not having to go alone since my dd can't go. My dd has offered to give her what is called a blessingsway shower, where important women in the mother's life get together to give blessings to the new baby. They do some kind of bead ceremony where each one provides a bead and a written blessing from her that is strung on a a necklace for the mother. They then wash the new mother to be's feet. They also a lot of times bring meals that are frozen to give the family easy meals for a few days after returning home. I think it is a nice idea actually. It sounds kind of hokey, but it was a generous and sweet thing for my dd to do and you know there have been a lot of hard feelings with regards to her and her brother and stuff so I applaud her for trying. She feels really really badly she can't go to the shower, but it is the same weekend as the aquisition of her company and she is having to work 3 weeks straight 7 days a week to go through this I guess.

Well, gals, I want to get some knitting done then get out and get a good walk in. I didn't get one yesterday.

Have a great Saturday everyone!!!


01-27-2007, 03:07 PM

This week has certainly flown by. I did start my exercise program :workout: yesterday and do plan on doing the arm exercises 3 times a week and the walking DVD on the other three days with Sunday off. So today is a walking day. It sure feels like it is going to rain here. I am going to bake some 2 point dinner rolls today. They bake :chef:up to be a nice size and I can make sandwiches out of them. Plus they are tasty too. ;)

FAYE Sounds like you will like your meeting place. It seems that if you do participate in the discussions you get more out of the meetings. You go girl! I am going to get the monthly passes at my next meeting. I did the internet one and somehow they didn't get the money out of the account in time to send me a card so I canceled them. I will just buy my way locally and forget trying the internet way. I think it was Jean that said there were problems with the internet way ~ well there are. :o That is so sad that they wern't able to notify you of your loved one's passing. Even if you aren't able to attend the funeral you like to know.

I am going to do my walk now.

01-27-2007, 05:37 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The wind is blowing like crazy and the wind chill is below 0. :( The sun has been in and out with a fine snow off and on all day. This is such strange weather we are having! I should get busy on my Saturday chores; I do have two loads of laundry going. I went to the coffee shop to buy coffee and oatmeal cookies to take to the hospital gift shop this morning. Jason's mil was working and we are beginning to plan for next year's Maui trip. I am excited already! :beach: I didn't get home until after noon and Bob thought it was time to eat lunch. :rolleyes: I've balanced the checkbooks and realized after trying to do one yesterday that we never received the December bank statement. I never missed it with the holiday frenzy. :shrug: Bob picked up a duplicate and :woohoo ; , it balanced! :cp:

"Gma" -- I found a free WW registration coupon in a magazine and also received one in the mail from WW. I wonder why your location doesn't honor that . . . the expiration date is 3/10 I believe. I'm glad you like your leader and the group attending. :yes: It is sad about Jack's aunt and I understand how upset he would be. Even though you couldn't have attended you would have been with them in your thoughts. I've never heard of a blessingway shower but it is a nice idea. We did a long distance shower for a mother-to-be. We brought the gifts to the shower and wrapped them there with a relative videotaping the event. We had such fun doing it.

Maggie -- You are giving your bread machine a workout for sure! :T Hope your walk was a good one today. :yes:

I'm off to fold towels and put the next load in. Have a nice "rest of the day" and a super Sunday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

01-27-2007, 09:25 PM

I did it! I actually got my exercise done two days in a row. I won't continue to bore you with it every time I do it though, but my plan will work for me if I stay FOCUSED. It is cooling off but no rain this day.

JEAN Burrrrr. Below zero is cold especially when the wind blows. Maui ~ wouldn't I love to be there now. I am sure you will have a fabulous time when you do go. Planning is fun isn't it. :congrat: on getting that check book to balance. That can be scary if you miss a month especially like December. I know you are elated. Gotta tell you those rolls turned out great. They are so much better than store bought and don't have all those preservatives in them. Just what I put in there and I can make them more healthy that way. Believe me having that bread machine to do the mixing sure saves my back. :D

Have a wonderful night Magnolias

01-28-2007, 06:51 AM
Good morning everyone! I did fine on day one! I even have Jack on board. As we use something and figure pts, we write the points on the box so we don't have to figure it everytime and I am making a list of stuff we use all the time like the cereals, the ff beef broth, my brand of yogurt etc.

Maggie: I have a 1 pt french bread recipe that makes great bread dough in the machine and we had that with beef stew last night. It was yum! Jack and I stuck to one piece apiece and sprayed it with the Can't Believe It's not Butter spray rather than using margarine or whatnot and it was very tasty. I make "egg" noodles using egg beaters instead of eggs etc so you can do all kinds of things if you are willing just to put in a bit of effort. May I have the recipe for the rolls? You can pm or email or post, whatever you wish.

Jean: :eek: Below zero! No thanks, I want you to enjoy it, you don't have to share. I don't know why they weren't doing the special registration, but that's ok, it is done with now and I am a member. I had some points left last night so I had a couple of the WW chocolate candies made by Whitman. I had the mint patties and they are just like eating junior mints, which I love. One pt apiece and sure satisfies the candy urge. I bought a bag of each type except the coconut stuff UGH! I am amazed Jack is willing to do this with me. I just hope he sticks it out. He isn't doing the meetings and such, just the program, but even doing that he will lose the extra weight. He wants to lose 35 lbs and he can be at his goal weight well before our vacation if he tries. Well, we have a Maui, a Las Vegas, do we have another vacation being planned? I know Maggie is talking about being on the road again.

Susan: How is Stan doing? I think about the two of you so often and what you are having to go through day to day.

Well, today is the you know what day...My dreaded trip to the commissary. Jack is coming with for some reason. I have told him repeatedly he doesn't have to, but I am not mentioning it anymore.

Jack and I went to the new open air mall in Collierville yesterday (he had me leave the rest of my housecleaning to get cleaned up and go and I had to come home to it.) He wanted to buy the baby an outfit from Granddad. Here is what he chose. It looks huge in the picture, but it is actually 3-6 month size and the shoes are itty bitty things. We saved about $50 on the whole thing. I can't believe parents have to spend $100 for one outfit for a kid to have nice clothes. This was at the OshKosh store. I would never have been able to afford to buy my kids clothes from these kinds of stores like Gap Baby, Gymboree, Childrens' Place and such. It is sad, really.

Well, I am going to clean out the cat box, wash my hands and put away the dishes from the dishwasher and knit until I can get my socks and shoes on and go out and walk.

YOU GO MAGGIE! I want to see a perfect week of walking for you!!!!

Have a great Sunday all!


01-28-2007, 03:34 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining brightly but it is cold and windy in my corner of the world. It was -8 degrees on our way to church this morning. After church we were going to go to a fundraiser breakfast for a local family. The dad was diagnosed with a brain tumor last spring, had surgery, and went through chemo and radiation treatments during the summer and fall months. I don't know the details but he died this week at age 57. Meanwhile his wife worked at the college and last fall she got a severe headache while at work. They life flighted her to a Sioux City hospital and she had a blood clot in/on her brain that made her paralyzed with stroke symptoms. She has since been moved back to our local hospital and is undergoing various therapies to learn how to walk and talk again. She's 54 and they have two daughters in their early 20s. When we got to the KC Hall the parking lot was full so decided to take a check in and skip eating. No matter how bleak one thinks their situation is, there is always someone worse off. We've had lunch and read the papers; now I need to get busy but would rather chat with you. :D

Maggie -- Congrats on your exercise . . . you are motivated for sure! :lifter: I enjoy your graphics so much; the cow is a cutie! :)

"Gma" -- Congrats on both you and Jack being OP! :cheer: The baby outfit is cute and you're right in that it looks huge, but he will grow into it. I think the stores you mentioned are meant for grandma shoppers rather than moms. :lol: I know when our kids were little the grandmas bought the expensive 'cute' outfits. Beth and Amanda each have relatives that they exchange clothing for the kids which is nice. Kids grow so fast and never wear out the nicer outfits.

Hope you all are enjoying your day!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

01-28-2007, 08:47 PM

I posted a long post and poof it was gone. Don't you just hate when that happens. I don't have the gumption to do it again.

JEAN That is sad about your friends. It brings the fact to mind that we aren't given a gurantee when we enter this world how long our stay will be. Guess we best do the best with what we have while here. Keep your cold weather back there, thank you. Been there done that and don't have a yearn to repeat it.

FAYE That is a rip off to charge so much for kids clothes. Plus they outgrow them so fast. I too mark items with the points when they come into the house so I KNOW when I use them and don't have to stop and figure them out when wanting to make something. Soups in cans get points on them too. Everything. That is so neat that Jack is in this with you. It sure helps doesn't it.

Here is the recipe for those rolls. I'll put it here because ~ who knows ~ someone else may want it also.

Makes 15 ~ 2 Points each (when using Egg Beaters® & Splenda®)
3 Points if you don’t lighten it.

1 cup water
2 tablespoons butter or margarine
1 egg (I use Egg Beaters®)
3 ¼ cups bread flour
¼ cup sugar (I use Splenda® for baking)
1 teaspoon salt
3 tsp bread machine or quick active dry yeast
Margarine or butter, melted, if desired

Measure carefully, placing all ingredients except melted margarine in bread machine pan in the order recommended by the manufacturer.

Select Dough/Manual cycle. Do not use delay cycles.

Remove dough from pan, using lightly floured hands. Cover and let rest 10 minutes on lightly floured surface.

Grease large cookie sheet. Divide dough into 15 equal pieces. Shape each piece into a ball. Place 2 inches apart on cookie sheet. Cover and let rise in warm place 30 – 40 minutes or until double. (Dough is ready if indentation remains when touched.)

Heat oven to 375°. Bake 12 to 15 minutes or until golden brown. Brush tops with melted margarine or butter. Serve warm, or cool on wire rack.

This recipe came from “Betty Crocker’s Best Bread Machine Cookbook”, page 176
Since I bake mostly in my convection oven this is what I do:
Heat oven to 350°.
Line sheet with nonstick aluminum foil (I ♥ this foil) so I don’t have to grease it.
Bake for 15 minutes.
After first 5 minutes place a piece of foil over top so tops won’t burn.

Everyone have a lovely evening.

01-29-2007, 06:55 AM
Good morning everyone! Well yesterday was frigid for us here with the wind blowing so hard. I see it is 21 degrees right now but the wind isn't blowing. Going to be a chilly walk this morning for sure. Maybe I should say "bracing." Sounds better for a walk than darn cold!

We went to the commissary and it was nice almost deserted. We got there as soon as they opened and whizzed right through. I forgot my points counter so we bought a couple things that may be high points. I told Jack we have to remember the thing next time. I wish I had one that I could put in my purse and leave there.

I am totally amazed that Jack is really into this now. I think it is because he doesn't have to change or deny himself just adjust his portion control. For instance, he doesn't HAVE to eat egg beaters instead of eggs if he wants to use the points, etc. He is doing really well with it, actually. I bought him some 7 grain waffles that I don't think he realized are multi grain so we will see how he likes those. I bought whole grain bread for me, but he eats white when he has a sandwich, which isn't really all that often.

I did my requisite 6 rows on the baby's blanket yesterday and worked on dd's sweater, but I think it is going to be too big. I think I should have used the smaller size so I am going to rip it out and start over. I have about 8 inches done so it isn't a catastrophe. The sweater is supposed to fit snug and this doesn't look like it would on her.

We are having braised sirloin tips over rice and salad for dinner tonight. What is on your menu for dinner???

Jean: That is so sad for that family for those kids to have to deal with. I hope the mom can recover quickly and get back on her feet, literally. I have always said, no matter how bad things get with you, there is always someone worse off so be happy where you are in life even if it is tough times. Weather the storm until things get better. Believe me, we did that for 30 years.

Maggie: Thanks for the recipe!! I believe it is almost exactly like the one I have for my bread machine. Good to know what the points are.

I talked to my sister yesterday and looks like she may be here in March. Her granddaughter plays in a Notre Dame soccer league, is in some soccer tournament and they are playing down here. She asked if she could stay here and I said of course, but I don't know how her dd and sil will feel about having to come and get her etc. We will take her to the soccer game, but have no interest in staying so I hope she doesn't think we are going to. She seems to think everyone should be as interested in her granddaughter's soccer as she is and it just isn't so. I wouldn't expect her to sit at T's soccer game if she didn't want to if he still played. These are high school girls, not little kids. Anyway, with any luck it will be the same weekend as the baby shower so we won't be home. She is the sister that was here last year in April and we took to the casino and she complained the whole time she was down here. Looking forward to that again! :lol:

You gals have a good start to your week and let's stay OP this week!


01-29-2007, 07:00 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The wind is blowing loose snow around and there were places where I couldn't see coming home. I'm glad I don't have to drive out in the country tonight. I'm also hoping for a late start tomorrow . . . in my dreams! :twirly:

Maggie -- I've been down the "poof and it was gone" road too many times to count! :lol: Thanks for sharing your recipe!

"Gma" -- I will keep my fingers crossed that you are gone when the soccer game happens! :D I don't think there is anything more boring than to sit through a kids' game where you don't know the players and could care less. I hope your knitting challenge is going ok . . . you have far more patience to tear out and redo than I would.

I should head for the kitchen as Bob will be home soon. His standard greeting is, "I don't smell anything cooking!" :rolleyes: Have a nice evening and a terrific Tuesday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

01-29-2007, 08:06 PM AFTERNOON MAGNOLIAS

I am so glad that the wind doesn't blow here often. When we lived in Livingston MT it blew every day except one out of the year. And that one day was when you were out of town. We went and did a tad bit of shopping today and couldn't find any mushroom pizzas in any of the stores. I sure hope that LQ hasn't quit making them. Did get a bag of the Banquet stew that is only 3 points for 2/3 cup serving and it is in the crock pot as I type. I am determined and this is going to end up being an OP day food wise and exercise wise. We stopped by the shipping place and shipped a saddle out to TN to a rancher friend that Will refurbished. OH, Ragg Mopp is gone ~ probably way out with the horses or cows. One way to get him back when he is too far away to hear us call or whistle is to fire the 22. He hears it and comes running. Yep here he is ready for a treat and to load up in the car to go with Will on an errand. We don't have a clue how he ever figrued to come running when a gun is fired. Will just tried it one day and it worked. Good thing we live way out in the country and can do that.

FAYE It is great to take a points calculator along when you shop. Such an asset to the program. One of the things I love about the WW program is that we can have our favorites ~ just count the points.

JEAN That blowing snow just polishes the road. That can get scarey when there is a white out and you can't see when you are driving somewhere. I was at a seminar once long ago when they were giving hints to working women to get dinner started before their husband came home. First thing when you get in chop some onions and put them in a skillet to fry. All men love that odor when they open the door. Then you can use them in whatever you will be making.

Well ladies it is time for me to dust off my weights.