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01-24-2007, 10:09 PM
Hello and :welcome2: to the Jaded Ladies site!

We are a group of ladies that come here for support and encouragement on our weight loss struggles, and we also find time for some chitchatting. So please, won't you join us? New members are always welcome. :yes:

01-24-2007, 10:27 PM
Hello ladies,

Tammy - we were posting at about the same time. Line dancing, huh? That sounds fun! I used to do that a long time ago. Your sentence "Gotta dance more than I eat" could be a very useful mantra for all of us!

Michelle - TY! :hug:

Cristina - well, I think you should go ahead and try the kabobs, because what happened with mine was probably a local problem. The meat was really tough, and the teriaki sauce from them had run into the rice, which made the rice all gloppy. Then, if that wasn't bad enough, the broccoli was mushy. Eww. But it probably wouldn't be that way for you at all. I hope you aren't coming down with anything. Btw, I'm sp proud of you for not getting into the candy for overseas. If it was me, I'd have a handfull of empty Hershey wrappers by now. :o

Vann - I want snow so badly! We got a dusting of it so far this year, and that's all. :( I can barely wait to go make snow angels with the DGDs. A big WooHoo for you being prepared to eat healthily on your trip. If you don't stop in tomorrow, we'll talk to you Friday.

Hello to Marti, Mary Kate, Sue, Kathy, Sassy, Jules, Jodi, Judith, and everyone else reading this. :wave:

Well, I'm a sorry excuse for a laundry lady, lol. I still have clothers in the washer and dryer, both. Maybe I'll get to it, and maybe I'll just have fun on the computer instead, lol.

Makenzie came over for supper because she likes fish, and her sisters don't. We had salmon. I tried to get her to eat the raw bones like I do, but she wouldn't do it, lol. She trusts me on most things, but not that, I guess. :D

Gonna go surf.... :hug:

01-24-2007, 10:47 PM
Hello, my name i joyce. My husband was from hartford city ind. He has been dead for 9 years now. I have been haveing a lot of trouble with a knee replacement, and a knee revision on my right knee. Just l8 months apart, so I couldn't do much exercising and put on a lot of pounds. I started on the SBD 8 days ago and have now lost 8 pounds. I would like to find someone to talk with. I have tried a few other sites, but no one answers back. I hope someone will this time. Thanks for listening.

01-25-2007, 12:01 AM
HELLO JOYCE I have been on here for a week or so and have found these ladies to be so supportive and welcoming. I am from North Central Indiana.

Tammy- sounds like we might have befriended the same person. Your story of your cyber friend made me think of someone whom I thought of as my best friend for like 4 yrs, but boy could she be harsh! We never met, but I think this last time we "broke off" was very mutual. I had made the decision that she just wasn't good for me, she could be downright mean sometimes. Anyhow....

Cristina- Did you get out your WATP 2 mile? I would like to see if I could find it in the store. I had bought mine on Ebay a couple yrs ago. Then Meijer got them in on dvd. I haven't looked to see if they still have them or not, but I did look at Walmart yesterday and they don't.

Jane- I have a friend who is doing WW and she told me she is not allowing herself to eat the extra 35 pts. That is why I wondered if they were included somehow in our calorie intake and actually GOOD for us to eat. I meant to ask at my last meeting, but I forgot until yesterday.

Well when I let the dog out earlier I noticed it was snowing. It looked pretty from what I could see. Supposed to get cold- yuck. Got my work done for the week and am planning on maybe staying in my pj's tomorrow. Kids don't have to go to school at 7am in the morning for jazz band because the teacher's wife had a baby today so I can make sure they get on the bus and go snuggle in bed with the dog in the morning- hehe. I love being able to do that, but don't get to do it as often as I used to.


01-25-2007, 03:36 AM
Short hello again....I am not going to try to do individuals until I can get back here for a longer time. I am having some "blah" issues and am in quite a "funk" again. I know it will pass as it always does.
I just wanted to say I am so proud of all you are doing great! Keep it up and I will hopefully join you at some point.

01-25-2007, 12:07 PM
Just a REALLY short one here....I keep getting kicked offline! But wanted to say hello and welcome to Joyce!! Glad to have you here!

I'll be back when the computer lets me stay longer!:D

Until then....have a great day!

01-25-2007, 12:46 PM
Good morning, ladies!

Joyce - a big :welcome: to the Jaded Ladies group! And a big YAY to you for your loss with SBD. My sister had knee replacement surgery, and I know how painful the recovery period can be. But the end result is worth it! Just jump right in here, and we'll help you through your weight loss efforts. :) PS - if you didn't already notice, I'm from southern Indiana.

Jodi - good for you, being able to sleep in a little bit. Feels good, doesn't it? It's cold here too - 27 degrees. But the sun is out, and that helps brighten things so much.

Sue - aww, I hope your funk passes soon. :hug:

Marti - why do you keep getting kicked off? Have you been a naughty girl and the system is trying to ban you? :rofl: Bet that's it, you bad girl, lol.

Hello to anyone else reading this. :wave:

It's going on 11am and I'm not even dressed yet. :o I need to hop in the shower and get cleaned up to go to town. Makenzie is going with me later today, and she wants me to look for a Woody doll. Do they even make those? She's hooked on that movie Toy Story, and especially the song "You've got a friend in me" and sings it all the time, lol. Too cute!


01-25-2007, 01:44 PM
Just poppin in to say hi to everyone. Just realized it is Thurs and I will have to go to the bank so I can pay my Avon bill to make my new order tonight. Soooo.... that means I am going to have to get dressed. I don't see how my kids do it, stay in pjs all day. I am very comfortable, but I fell guilty- haha.

Marti- hope you can get your computer to let you stay on. That's aggrivating isn't it?


01-26-2007, 02:42 AM
Evening Ladies!

Just got off the treadmill and I thought I would pop in and say hello. :wave:

Let's see if I can catch up a little bit. I have to go back to the previous thread and see where you all left off at!

Jodi--I sure wish I could help you on the information w/WW points. Glad to see the gals that are have given you suggestions. Do you have any of their cookbooks? They're great. I find that weekends are hard for me in a different way.....I don't eat enough. Work days I plan my breakfasts and lunches....weekend I'll be lucky to eat breakfast and a decent lunch. NEED to cut that bad habit.

Tammy--Wow...that sounds like a very entertainig show. A gal I worked with told me some about it today. She loves the show. It's her "show" that she's gotta watch. :D You know, I have always wanted to try linedancing. They look like they're having so much fun!!

Jane--For think I would be naughty??........well maybe. Actually it's only when I use my email. Something keeps kicking me out when I want to send something. I hardly ever check it and when I do....and I want to send something, I get booted offline all togther! I want a set of RR knives too....for James. I haven't gone to look at the prices though. I figure I could buy him some knives w/o her name on them and they'll work just as good.

Cristina--I'm a sucker for dark chocolate. LOVE the stuff. So during the holidays.....I tried to not buy it. I like milk chocolate too, I just prefer the dark, and that makes it easier to pass eating it altogether! I hope your head is feeling better. Headaches prevent so much from happening in our daily lives! I don't blame ya for not working out. You'd be crazy to!

Vann--Don't you worry about not stopping in after a late night. The computer is usually the last place I want to be at when I have a long day. We'll chat when you have time.

Joyce--Again...Welcome! I hope you come back to tell us more about yourself. This is a great group of girls and we'd love to have you a part of our group.

Sue--Awww....:hug: . I hope you start feeling better soon. I'm glad you popped in to say hi.....I was starting to worry about ya.

Hello to MaryKate, Michelle, Jules, and Sassy.....and I know I'm missing someone here.....oh please forgive if I have.....just pop in and say hello.

Today was an "ok" eating day. I ate a sensible dinner. Left my darn lunch in the freezer here at home.....they had a 1yr anniversary to our building so there was cake....and yes darn it I had some. What's bizarre is that I was going to have a starbuck coffee day and knew that we were having cake so I skipped the coffee.....but who knew I would be so absent minded and forget my lunch too? Dinner was much better. Chicken, butternut squash and beans.
I really have to start drinking more water. I'm lacking in the skills of water intake. Shame on me!
Exercise is good. Still walking. In fact I upped my spead and incline again. Loving it! :D

Ok girls...time to get off this thing.

Have a super Friday tomorrow! Weekend is almost here!

Hugs to you all!

01-26-2007, 12:31 PM
Hey Marti-
Since I haven't been here that long, I was wondering how much weight you have lost and how long you have been doing this. Just curious if you would care to share. :-)


01-26-2007, 01:38 PM
Good Morning Ladies! :wave:

Jodi--My highest weight (recorded---I believe I would add maybe 10lbs) is 175lbs. I managed to get down to 130lbs back a few years ago and then gained 10 of it when the company I worked for closed. Then I gained 20lbs when I quit smoking this last year!! :yikes: But I've lost 10 of that since Nov. and I'm working to get back to 130 or less. I'm barely 5'1 so weight hangs on me nicely. :dizzy: So....with all the weight gain that I managed, losing has been shocking! It's been a long time for me to see that darn scale go in my favor! And I've started to like myself a lot more. Spent my summer not so much of a fan of myself.

Wow....did you expect that kind of explanation? :D I used to have a ticker up and all that jazz.....but I was tired of seeing the numbers going up rather than down. I might just put one back up. May do that later tonight after work.

How is everyone else doing this morning? This is Jhanai weekend. Nothing planned...just a relaxing weekend. I just got done printing out more of my food journal. Hubby has this site through work that I joined and they have a printout for keeping track of food. I went a whole week of not having any and it drove me nuts not seeing what I ate. Of coarse.....I could have EASILY wrote it down on normal paper but whats the fun in that?
I also have plans to enter in foods into my new scale. It hold lots of memory and I just need to enter it in. Love that thing!

Ok gals.....enjoy this friday and celebrate the weekend!

I will try to pop back in later, but w/Jhanai here.......never get a chance! :lol:

Hugs to you all.:hug:

01-26-2007, 04:59 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies!!

Welcome Joyce!!!

It is freaking cold outside. Will not get out of the 20's today!! I've been shut in all day with the exception of taking the dogs out to pee. I'm actally down one more pound!!!! Gave me the biggest incentive to get back on the elliptical this morning. Now if I can stay away from the hershey kisses.

I really need to hit the grocery store but I just don't want to venture out in the cold so I've got chicken breast thawing and will have to whip something up from ingredients that I have on hand. Can you sense that I'm not too thrilled about this dinner?? Let's see if I can burn more calories by vacuming and doing some squats while picking up 2 dozen dog toys and bones laying all over my family room.

Nothing big planned for tomorrow but we are going out to dinner with 4 other couples that we line dance with on Sunday night. It's gonna be hard to be good that night while everyone orders tons of appetizers like crab dip, crab balls etc (remember I live in Maryland where we love our crabs) It will be hard to not order crab imperial or stuffed flounder with crab....hmm...maybe I'll just stick to a broiled crabcake without added butter and a salad. I'll just drool over everyone's plate!!

Catch up with everyone a little later!!

01-26-2007, 06:01 PM
Hello Ladies...gosh it is good to be back! You continue to be my inspiration!

Jane--I didn't totally blow my plan, but didn't resist everything. My calories for the day were only around not back. The problem is I am usually only eating the increase hit me (LOL) I am thinking about trying a different approach when I get back from Atlanta. I hope you get your snow..I will snow wishes your way!!

Joyce WELCOME to the group. You have stumbled on a great group of girls who each bring uniqueness to the group. You certainly won't get ignored here!! Congratulations of the 8 lb loss..AMAZING!! :carrot:

Hi Jodi!! Hope you are well!!

Sue- I can relate to the "blahs" ..Take care of your self FIRST! I have a hard time remembering that! I have been feeling crummy and it is getting worse..probably dreading my trip. I didn't sleep well last night because of the cold symptoms..YUCK

Marti-- What kind of scale do you have?? And thanks for sharing your weight loss story! I didn't eat my best last night ...There was a cream cheese and bacon dip and although I only ate about a tablespoon I knew it was loaded with FAT. No dessert though and that is the biggest sacrifice of all for me :)
Congratulations on your continued success working out. I haven't felt good enough to walk up the stairs the extra times..MY DS has been helping me (LOL) ..I will get better soon. It is amazing to me that the older I get the longer it takes to recover from a simple cold!!!

Tammy--I had Crab Cakes for lunch YUM...they were fabulous with no extra butter...had grilled veggies with them...

I missed you guys last night. Take Care ..see you tomorrow..

01-26-2007, 10:39 PM
Hi ladies,

Jodi - did you get dressed and make it to the bank, lol? Somedays, I get distracted and end up getting dressed closer to lunch than breakfast. You're right - it feels pretty good to do that.

Marti - I think you and I are the only 2 people I know that really like the treadmill. Must be something wrong with us, lol. Hey, I've got a great suggestion of something you and Jhanai can do this weekend. Scrapbooking! :D Your DD is good at doing scrapbook pages - just like her mama.

Tammy - yay for 1 more pound down! And step away from the Hershey Kisses! I just bought some crap for a dish I make, with rice, zucchini, green onion, and I forget what else, lol. My Katie is crazy about crab, and she'll be here for a meal soon. Have fun with your friends tomorrow!

Vann - hmm, now you have piqued my curiosity - what new approach are you considering? Btw, have fun at the conference while you're there. I know you have to work but hopefully you'll get out to see Atlanta.

A big hello to everyone else reading this. :wave:

Today I had an old friend over for lunch, and then we went to town to the Hallmark House. She is so sweet, and months and months will go by that we don't see each other, but we always pick right back up where we left off.

I've done pretty good with the food, not perfect. I didn't get enough water today, but usually I do. And I'm doing great on the treadmill and with the vitamins.

Not sure what I'm going to be doing tomorrow.... how about you?

01-27-2007, 12:54 AM
Hello ladies...

Not much to say...I am pooped, and still feeling blah. I think I have what you have Sue. Was on last night but tired out before getting to post here so just read the posts. Yesterday and today were busy and I know when my head hits the pillow I will be out!

:welcome: Joyce! Glad to have ya here and look forward to getting to know you.

VANN...hope you have a nice trip to Atlanta, be safe.

MARTI...enjoy your weekend with Jhanai.

TAMMY...:woohoo: for the loss! :carrot:

SUE...hope you get to feeling better. :hug:

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

01-27-2007, 02:56 PM
Just poppin in before I have to go get ready. Hubby is at work and will be home after 3:30 and then we have to go to a birthday party for his dad. I am not too worried though because usually my mother-in-law makes a lemon cake. Not because my fil likes it, but she likes it and says that she will make what she wants. She is like that, doesn't care what other people want or feel, it's all about her. So... if I am lucky it will be lemon and it won't even be an issue of whether to eat it or not. I do plan on having some ice cream though- yummy. Going there is a stressful time for my hubby and I anyhow, so I don't feel much like eating when I go there, will be glad when it is done and over.
Last night I didn't do so hot, but I had done extremely well all week and so I had most of my extra points left so it didn't hurt so bad. :-) My son wanted pizza and breadsticks. Since I didn't have much cash, I got him to settle for a frozen pizza (I am sure was better for me than Pizza Hut, what I really wanted- haha) and we got Fazoli breadsticks. All in all, with the extra points, I felt like I still did well. I did a lot of housework yesterday so I feel like I got some movement too.

Gotta light a fire under the kids to get thier showers and me too- haha so I am going to go.

HELLO EVERYONE- enjoy your weekend


01-27-2007, 04:42 PM
Hi ya Jodi...sounds like you did well with your points. Good luck at the bd party today, and hoping it's lemon cake! I did get the WATP video out the other day. I bought that one from a girl on this site. There was a walking thread we were on together. Then the DVD I got when I bought the WATP book...didn't even realize there was a dvd in the back of it until I got it home.

SASSY...hoping all is well with you.

JANE...I swear every time I have gotten veggies at Applebees they have always been mushy. Finished up the candy for the troops last night and just need to mail it Monday. You know I'm not sure why but just not into the candy right now. I keep a small bowl on the counter and V takes some when he goes to work but it's there for people looking at the house. Not saying I don't get in my moods and never eat any, because I do. For some reason though, knowing the stuff I have in Josh's room is for him/them I never touch it. Now Carrie is a different story, lol. She goes in there once in a while and looks for something to munch on, lol. know...I have never been a fan of the dark chocolate, it always tastes bitter to me. It is always left in the candy dish during the holidays. Your scale sounds like a neat little gadget to have. Hope you are enjoying you weekend with Jhanai.

HI to everyone else :wave:

Feeling lots better today for some reason. Yesterday DD and I went to see Notes on A was pretty good.Not a big fan of Judi Dench but I like Cate Blanchett. Thursday when I bought groceries I bought Little Miss Sunshine. DD and I had seen it but no one else. Jason watched it last night and thought it was hilarious! So me and Vince are going to watch it later tonight. DD's birthday was nice...she said she is going to stay 22 from now on, lol. Of course we got our insurance statement in the mail and V was a little surprised because they added a 50+ discount, lol! He will be 50 in April and not liking it. I've got a couple of months to come up with something for him, lol. Anyway...

Had a showing today and of course I overslept. Was going to get up early and clean really good for the showing and tomorrow's open house-didn't happen. I did get things cleaned in time for the showing at 12:30 but I need to mop the floors later and clean the rugs and showers better.

That's about all I have. Won't be on the 'puter tomorrow so I will see you ladies Monday. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. :hug:

01-27-2007, 06:19 PM
HI Guys!!

I just ate Pizza...I am going to blame on the fact that I am sick..running a fever ..cold stuff, but that comfort food was wonderful. If I am really good for the rest of the night I will have done just fine for the day. I am not thrilled about Atlanta because I feel so bad, but I have been in bed almost all day. Hope the rest restores me for my trip. Thanks for all the well wishes.
I may post my weight tomorrow, but that will be about it..I don't think I have lost any..I just hope I haven't gone up.

MY GOAL for Atlanta to remain gain and I would be thrilled!!

Jane...thinking about SB..eliminating the carbs. I have a hard time long term due to a medical condition without any carbs so I may go to phase ll . The other hesitation I have is that when I alter my eating habits SIMPLY for weight loss it typically doesn't stay off for long. My goal was to have a different journey this time by developing eating and moving habits that I can live with forever..I also ordered Mariel Hemmingways new book today. It should be here by the time I return I'll have to see.

Christina-thanks for the send off.. I hope to be able to ping you guys while I am there..we'll see.

Hello to ALL- Sue, Marti, Kathy, Tammy, Jodi, Michelle, Sassy

Touch base soon...I'll try and stay strong thinking about you guys!

01-27-2007, 08:56 PM
Cristinawouldn't you know it was chocolate cake. So I told my hubby I was going to have a small pc and I swear that woman chose the biggest pc (it was a double pc) to put on my plate. So I went and cut it apart and placed the bigger part on my husband's plate and very happily ate my small pc. I had only eaten 6 pts for the day so I wasn't too concerned.
Then hubby asked if I would like to go to Subway for supper. So we went there. I wouldn't have done too badly except for i don't like Coke products so my son made me a root beer. I DRANK too many points!!!

I just know that tomorrow I have to stick very close to plan, which is ok esp since Monday my extra points start over. I just am going to keep pluggin away.

Rosario WHERE ARE YOU????? Just wondering how you are doing.

Vann Hope you get to feeling better. Be safe!

Sending healthy eating wishes to everyone !!! Hi


01-27-2007, 10:05 PM
Evening Ladies :wave:

I wanted to pop in really quick as I need to get back to the family time.....but wanted to read up and keep caught up with you all.

Hope you're all having a good weekend. I'm keeping track of my calories and still walking. Trying to be good! :D

I will catch up more when I have more time.


01-28-2007, 07:00 AM
Just wanted to say HI to Jane. Haven't talked to you in a very long time! We have another grandson on the way from the other child and we are excited. I now belong to WW and am really liking it! Take care and hope that Indiana chill isn't too much for you! :)


01-28-2007, 12:36 PM
Just a Quick note...2 POUNDS...better than I thought and I am thrilled..Again-Flat for gain..that will be my mantra :-)

You guys have a great Sunday and I hope to check in tomorrow to Tuesday!!

Hugs to you all and thanks for being here!

01-28-2007, 09:11 PM
Hello ladies,

Cristina - glad you're feeling better. Aww, tell Vince that one good thing about turning 50 is that he can join AARP. They'll be sending him some info - somehow they know who's 50, lol. Once he gets over the shock of that, he can take advantage of the discounts he'll get as a member. The dues are very, very cheap.

Jodi - yay for you with your portion control with the cake. Chocolate cake does sound mighty yummy, but I also like lemom cake. Your mil sounds like a challenge, lol.

Vann - YAY for the 2 pounds down! Phase 2 of SB allows good-for-you complex carbs, doesn't it? Hopefully that will keep your medical condition in check. Be careful in Atlanta, and check in when you can. And "break a leg" with your presentation to the new account people.

Marti - have fun with the family. What did you end up doing for fun? Sometimes just hanging out is the best fun of all.

Faye - so good to see you! We're getting a new little DGS, too! He is due May 12th, but should be delivered by c-section a week early. I can barely wait! My, how your 1st DGS has grown, judging by your avatar. What a handsome fella! Yes, it's cold here in Indiana! Brrrrr... but I really can't complain since we've had it fairly nice until now. Please think about joining our little group, ok? If you can't do that, then at least stop by often. :hug:

Hello to everyone else reading this. :wave: I hope you're all having a great weekend.

I'm down another 1 3/4 pounds. That makes 8 for the month of January. I'm doing a happy dance. :dance: <---- Looks just like me, teehee!

Katie just walked in, so I need to go and visit with her. See you tomorrow!

01-28-2007, 09:56 PM
Jane [/COLOR]to say that MIL is a challenge, might be understating it a bit- LOL WTG with the 1 3/4 pound loss. I love your little happy dance. :-)

Vann congratulations on the 2 pound loss.

I have my week 3 Wi tomorrow morning. I am hoping for some success. I feel like I did well and that I will have it. I am trying hard to get my water in-sometimes it is easy to forget, but I feel like I am doing better. That is a non scale victory for me. We must remember to look for those things. One thing I did have happen yesterday was that I got my jeans out of the dryer and put them on without having to do any weird contortionist things to get them zipped. I haven't lost much, but evidentally my stomach is shrinking. lol


da fat n da furious
01-29-2007, 12:57 AM
Hello Jane,
8 lbs for the month of Jan.! You are doing fantastic,,,keep up the good work. I can just imagine how excited you are about the DGS's arrival,,we all know you love the DGDs to bits,,,but a little boy I know will be just as much of a joy for you all.
Hello to everyone else I know, and to all the people who have joined since I was last in,,,hello and hope you are enjoying the Jaded Ladies' hospitality.

01-29-2007, 01:17 PM
Ok, I am a little confused about how WW figures your loss.

I had an EXCELLENT WI this morning. I lost 3.2 lbs. I was so happy after last weeks 1 pound gain.

Now the thing I am confused about is that my total weight loss on my card is 4 lbs. So I am sitting here figuring that must be the total including my first time around. So I have lost 6.4 lbs this time in WW, but when she wanted to know if you had lost 5 lbs, I didn't say anything because my card only says 4 lbs. So, should I have not looked at the 4 lbs and just told her I lost 6.4 lbs. I feel like I earned my 5 lb star, but I wasn't sure.

I am very happy about my weight loss though. Hope the scale is good to everyone else!


01-29-2007, 01:52 PM
Morning Ladies,

Angie--Hi!!! :wave: Missed you. Hope to be seeing more of you.

Hello to everyone else. Sorry I'm not doing individuals this morning, I need to get moving before work and I'm still not all the way dressed!

WI today and I lost 1.2lbs :D :D :D That was good to see. :yes:I have officially lost 10lbs now since I've gotten serious and my first 10lbs lost I wanted to go and buy some new workout this weekend I'll be doing that.

I had a great weekend w/Jhanai. She was totally into hanging out w/mom this weekend so it was worth taking advantage of! :)

Ok.....I'm starting to ramble and I need to get moving.

I'll try to catch up tonight or tomorrow morning!

Hugs to you all!:hug:

01-29-2007, 04:29 PM
Thanks for all the congratulations guys! I did great yesterday and and doing OK today..If I don't misbehave tonight I will be happy..just want to reach out quickly..I am in training today..hugs to you all!!

01-29-2007, 05:15 PM
Hello ladies...

Well, I am happy to report a 4 pound loss! :woohoo: Finally! I was so afraid to get on the scales this morning for some reason, lol. Been doing the happy dance all day! :dancer: I am hoping this week will be better. Last week was a bit of a challenge for me. Man...but it will be better once I get the hang of this. I have to go find some WW cook books. I have a few but they are packed and in storage so, will be better to go buy new ones.

JODI...regardless of whay your WI was today, you have a total loss over 5 pounds so yeah, you should have gotten a star. I would say something next week for sure. WTG on your weight loss this week! :woohoo: :bravo: And...WTG on the cake. I wish I had done better with DD's cake on Friday. Guess it didn't matter after all though.

VANN...WTG on your loss as well! :woohoo: :bravo: Be safe in Atlanta and hope you get to feeling better.

JANE...WTG on your loss too! Seems a lot of us had a good losing week! :D :woohoo: And :bravo: for your 8 pound loss for the month! Yeah, V was hit a little hard seeing that on the insurance, lol. Of course I shouldn't be laughing because I am not far behind, lol! Too bad Jackson is going to be taken by CS the week before the 12th...the 12th is a good day to be born! :D

MARTI...:woohoo: for you rloss this week and :bravo: for your 10 pounds gone! Glad you had a nice family weekend.

Hi Angie and Faye...hope you ladies will join us. And I agree Faye...your DGS is adorable and getting big!

Hi to everyone else, Kathy, Jules, Mary Kate, Sassy, Michelle, and anyone I missed :wave:

Busy day today, again. Had some errands to run before heading to It Figures. I did get in a good work out. It always feels good, but I was dragging a bit. Got home and started some laundry and packed some boxes for Josh and then get a call for a showing. Was undecided about it because the house was a mess and I was busy with things. Decided to do it anyway, but then in the middle of getting things done, they called and cancelled, bummer. Open house we had three couples show up and some dragged mud in the house. Thanks a lot! The realtor cleaned it though, but I still saw some when we got home. She said the people who did it felt bad but wouldn't you think if you walk outside you would check your shoes before walking back in? I mean, it snowed and it's almos all gone but the ground is saturated and your shoes are going to get wet, just not sure where they got the mud. Oh well...Anyway...WI for WW is tonight and I look forward to the meeting. i am going by my weight/scales since that is what I weighed in on last week. I actually weighed three times just to make sure or rather see the difference in the scales at WW.'s to a new week! :cheers:

Take care ladies and I hope everyone is having a wonderful day! :hug:

01-29-2007, 10:29 PM
CristinaYeah my hubby told me that next week I will get my sticker so not to get down about not having it this week since I was confused about what my booklet said. Congrats on your whole 4 pounds!!! That is GREAT!!!

Marti- whoo hoo on your weight loss this week. Great to hear that you are at your 10 lbs down mark!!!

I fixed the oven backed chicken tonight. I had skinless boneless tenders and they were much more moist than the breast. They were very good- my family loves that meal.
I did Sweatin to the Oldies 3 this morning. Well 25 min of it. I just couldn't do keep up and I am going back to WATP, more my speed- haha But, at least I did do the exercise today so I am starting my week out well.


01-29-2007, 11:51 PM
Well hello all you Losers!!! And I mean that in the best way possible!! :D Are we on a roll, or what?!?!?!:carrot:

Jodi - YAY for your 3.2 pounds loss. :cp: And also for you getting into the jeans without having to lay on the bed, lol.

Angie - a big hello to you, my friend! I'm so happy to see you here, :hug: and hope you'll be back on a regular basis. How's everything going in your life?

Marti - 1.2 more down - 10 total! :cp: Yay for you! And won't it feel so good to get into the new pants.

Vann - so how did training etc. go today?

Cristina - 4 pounds! :cp: Woohoo! That's so great! And yes, I happen to know a real nice lady who happens to have a bd on 5/12, so too bad little Jackson is coming early.

Sassy, Julie, Sue, Tammy, and all else reading this, a big hello!

Today has been so hectic! First, we had our taxes done, then I went to Evansville with Mary and the girls for her RA doctor's appointment. After that it was home for a crock pot chicken supper, and following that was a meeting at church. Then I walked the treadmill while I watched New Adventures of Old Christine. Hopefully, tomorrow will be less busy. :dizzy:

How're things going for you?

01-30-2007, 12:34 AM
Hi everyone it is nice to hear from all of you guys. We have been having some cold weather too. It got below zero the night before last. It isn't to bad when the sun comes out. I haven't lost any weight in the last couple of days. Tomorrow will be my 14th day, so I might try to stay on phase 1 of the SBD another two weeks. I am hungry at night lately. I go to bed and think about food. Thanks for being here. Joyce

01-30-2007, 02:17 AM
Evening Ladies--

Let's see if I can catch up a bit.

Joyce--Good to see you again. I have never tried SBD, but there is a forum just for that.....maybe they can help you with the questions on the feeling hungry at night? Your weather seems extremely cold!! Hope you're able to stay warm.

Jane--I've never felt so proud to be called a loser! :D I don't care if I'm losing slowly....I'm just happy I'm losing. I had a gal at work today tell me I had little legs....I gave her this look of "what in the world are you looking at?" I have NEVER considered my legs to be little. That was a nice compliment......made me want to work out more tonight when I got home. Call that a NSV right? Hurray for you're loss!! :cp:Fantastic month of January with 8lbs gone! Proud of you!!

Jodi-- Congrats on the 3.2lbs gone!! :cp: I agree with should have gotten a star. And since we don't have star smilies....I'll give you a sun! :sunny:

Cristina--Hurray to you too!! :high: 4lbs is great!! If this week was a challenge...then you'll fabulously next week. Proud of you!

Vann--Another congrats!! :cb: 2lbs gone!! That's wonderful! I love how we all had a great WI this week. :yes: Keep up the great work...Proud of you too!

Wow....can you believe it? A bunch of losers! Now....that only confirms that 2007 is the year that'll make a difference!

Hello to all the other girls out there! Jules-MaryKate-Michelle-Angie-Sassy-----and everyone else I may have missed.

Got my walk in. My treadmill is acting up.....the incline wants to go up higher than I have it set, but instead of not walking and complaining about, I have decided to just walk it! What else can I do?? I don't want to cut my walks short because of it. And maybe it'll tone the back end a little more??? :lol: As long as the thing is still running, I'm still walking.:tread:

I am DEFINATELY going to pull my bike out of the shed this Spring. I talked about doing that all last Summer and it's still in the same place w/flat tires. This year will be different. We have a great bike trail that is only 6 blocks from my house......need to use it! That is my Spring goal.

Ok.....Here's to a great start to the week....let's strive for another great week and another weightloss on WI day. you all have certain WI days?? I WI on Mondays.....just curious. I go!

01-30-2007, 09:34 AM
Joyce - glad to see you again. What I do to combat night-time hunger is to save some of my calories for evening, then I sleep so much better.

Marti - I weigh in on Saturday mornings. Naked. In private. After I potty. Hopping on one foot, if necessary, lol.

Mary Kate - how's the arm feeling?

BBL, :)

01-30-2007, 10:38 AM
Hello Ladies!!

Just a quick Hello ..still in training..and it is so boring. We are suppose to go to dinner at Twist in Phipps plaza tonight..suppose to be very good!!

I did 30 calories over my limit not great, but it certainly could have been worse:-)

Christina-thanks for the congrats AND although I am not 100% I am so much better today. I have been quite sick:-(

Jane-Hope you are well...miss my long post!!

Hello and hugs to all..Tammy, Marti, Sue, Kathy, Michelle, Sassy, and who ever else I may have forgotten..I will be able to sit down and really say hello tomorrow night!

01-30-2007, 01:32 PM
Quick Hello during lunch--hope to be back when I can stay longer!!

01-30-2007, 02:26 PM
JoyceIsn't it funny that we don't think much about food or weighing in till we are trying to lose weight and then we get almost obsessive about it? I am that way with getting on the scales. I have one of the WW scales and it weighs exact to the one at the WW center and I have to fight the urge to get on it. So glad that you have come back. Have you ever found an eating plan in the past you have had success with? If so, if the SB isn't working maybe you could go back to the one from the past. Gotta do what works so you don't get frustrated and quit.

Marti Thanks for the sun! Makes me feel better. I know I will get my star next week. It did make me feel better when I logged onto the ww website and logged my weight and it showed a star on my wl graph. :-)
Great way to look at the treadmill situation. Don't let anything stop you girl!
And I WI on Monday's to answer your question.

Whoo hoo Jules! I just noticed your ticker and saw that you are 4 lbs down to your 10. Way to go!!!

I just got back from the library. I took back Richard Simmons, lol, I just couldn't handle it. I have decided that aerobic style stuff isn't for me. I like the walking tapes and I picked up some dvd's for pilates and yoga. I have never tried that stuff and so I am going to be open minded and branch out. Anyone else do these things?

Well l am going to go and do some housework. -Jodi

01-30-2007, 04:13 PM
Hello ladies...:wave:

Thank you ladies! :thanks: It means a lot to me to come here for all the support. :hug: I think we all did a GREAT job this week! So :bravo: to us all! the family is getting very excited about little Jackson. He will be here before you know it! How did Mary's appt. go? Have they figured out anything yet?

JODI...I LOVE Sweatin' To the Oldies, the orignal. I have it somewhere in this house. What is funny is my kids love it too! That's why I don't know where it is, lol. I'll just have to get the dvd. I like it because it is fun to me, not like exercising at all. I think your hubby is will get your star next week for sure. DH got his, he is down a whopping 7 pounds! I got a little sticker that says "I did it!" So what is this oven backed chicken? I am looking for WW recipes big time! are welcome! And get to feeling better. 30 calories is not so bad, it could have been worse. Traveling is very hard on the diet. I think you'll do fine though. I've not heard of Twist, what kind of food is it?

MARTI...hopefully your treadmill isn't messing up. And good for you for keeping on keeping on! :carrot: I too WI on Monday now. I did for the longest time and then changed to Saturday. There is no WW meeting around here on a Saturday so went back to Monday.

JOYCE...glad to see you back posting. I had the SB diet book a while back. Kudos to anyone who does it because I couldn't. And it's cold here too! Brrrrr...the sun is shining but with the is very cold.

JULES...hope you get some time soon. You have been a busy lady! are you doing? How is our little Oreo doing too? I like your new avatar.

SASSY...hoping all is well with you and your arm. Missin' you.

The same with the rest of you ladies...hoping all is well with you all.

Nothing much going on with me today. A very slow day around here. I went to the post office this morning to get the packages mailed for the troops. Came home and got my 3 mile walk done. It always feels soooo good and gives me so much energy. On the 'puter while I get some laundry done then not sure what I will do with the rest of my day. I have loads of pictures I need to write on the back of and get put in the photo album so will probably do that. I used to be so good about doing that as soon as I had pictures developed. I have a stack of about 10 packages of pictures. Anyway...hope everyone is having a GREAT day!:hug:

01-30-2007, 04:31 PM
Cristina- I posted the recipe for Vann I believe several posts ago. So, not knowing where it is, I will post it again for you. :-)
It's not a WW recipe persay... just low in points, and gooood!

Temp 425* Prep: 10 min Bake 50 min
1 T butter 2/3 C Bisquick mix 1 1/4 tsp salt 1/2 tsp pepper 1 1/2 tsp paprika 3 # chicken

Heat oven, melt butter in 13X9 pan. Stir together your dry ingredients. Coat chicken and place meaty side down in dish. Bake 35 min, turn chicken, bake 15 min longer. makes 5 servings

****note: I use cooking spray and found this time that putting in a baking dish rather than a metal pan in much better. I also didn't use the paprika cause I don't have that. I used onion powder and garlic and chicken seasoning because that is what I had. I think whatever seasonings you have would work great.
Also, the bisquick (generic) mix I use is 6 pts for the amt used here, but I don't use all of it, so I am figuring it's actually less points, but count as 6. I cook enough for 4 servings since there are 4 of us, so the chicken I use was 12 pts, since I didn't use the butter that makes 18 pts for the whole pan, divided by 4 = 4.5 points (rounded to 5), add a veggie and a salad and this is a really low points meal, but filling.

I have actually found that using Bisquick for different recipes is working well for cooking when counting points.

Hope this helps- Jodi

01-30-2007, 05:15 PM
Hi again!

Thanks Jodi...I do remember seeing the recipe now, duh. But thank you for posting again. I am definitely going to give it a try. I am totally at a loss as to what to serve for dinner without my WW cookbooks. I'm not good at trying to figure up points for let's say, meatloaf. And the cookbooks have it all figured for you so all I have to do is follow the recipe. I like things easy, can you tell? Lol So I am on the prowl for some good dinner recipes.

Last night at the meeting she told everyone that had some good recipes to please share them. She hands out little papers each week, sometimes every other week and likes to share recipes with everyone, WW friendly recipes that is. So I look forward to getting those.

Anyway, better get going. Took a break to eat lunch and left the computer on, lol.

Take care ladies and have a good one! :wave:

01-30-2007, 11:30 PM
Hello everyone

Just popping on really quickly. I just wanted to say hello to everyone. What a hectic past week it has been. Have some exciting news. I am an Auntie again to a very sweet little nephew. I was there for his birth, which was very stressful. Great news is my SIL has a very great doctor, and he saved little Owen's life. Then my little guy got the flu, so I haven't really slept for the last 4 days.

Anyway, I must run and get the same DS to bed.

01-31-2007, 02:38 AM
Evening Ladies--

Tonight is my "can't walk" night. It hurts to sit straight! I was fine all day and then towards the end of my work sciatica started acting up and by the time I got home I was hobbling! A few yoga poses tomorrow will help if it doesn't ease up tonight. Right now.....trying to sit comfortably is a hard chore!

Jane--You make me laugh! I WI w/boxers on and that's it. Only because the scale is in the dining room and it just feels weird to be naked in the middle of the house! :lol: (Maybe I'll lose a couple ounces if I take the boxers off!)

Vann--30 over the limit isn't too bad. It's actually really good! Now forgive me for being so forgetful here.....are you following a program or just counting calories? Looking forward to chatting w/ya more when you get back home.

Jodi--I have both yoga and pilates tapes and books. I love to do them. The only reason I don't do them as often is because I'm constantly clearing space to spread out! And that's my problem when it comes to exercise.....I'm lazy when it comes to putting effort to set things up. My treadmill is up at all the corner of the room facing the TV if I watch it. Perfect. Just hop clearing space for it!

Jules--How ya doing? Sounds like they have you busy like crazy again at work! Tell them you need time to catch up w/the girls. Congrats on 4lbs gone!

Cristi--Great pictures! You sure got a lot of snow. We got half that. Makes me sound like a whiney Oregonian who doesn't know what to do when it snows! Of coarse....there was a nice layers of freezing rain on top, that didn't help any. I love my WW cookbooks. I only have 4 but they're nice to have. And James likes how they're easy to follow. I love the Balsamic Chicken. Do you like Balsamic Vinegar? I can always find the recipe and post it later if you like. It's one of my favorites right now and we have it often.

Kathy--Congrats on the new baby. Hope you're getting some sleep. And tell us more about your new nephew.

Hello to all the other gals out there!!

Well I finally got myself figured out w/my printer. It wasn't working for a bit and now it's doing great. So Jane & Cristi....I shall be working on your pages THIS weekend! It shouldn't take too long. So sorry for the extreme tardiness on my part.....hope you can both forgive me! I'll be printing on normal cardstock and not glossy photo paper....but they still print nicely. I will try and get an update photo taken of me and put in there too. :) (that's if you two still want the pages from me.......)

I need to go lay down, I'm sitting crooked to be comfortable and I'm no longer you all have a great night and I'll chat w/you tomorrow.


01-31-2007, 02:43 AM
Hello Ladies....Sounds like there are lots of kudos to be handed out here. Wonderful! I wish I could say I can join all you LOSERS, but I don't have a scale here, so can't weigh. I can tell I am not gaining so I have in the past. Just don't think I am losing. Getting back to walking this week will help. I did walk over the week-end and it felt great. My reason for being so down....back to the same trouble of the last 3 years. My side ache and what I think is gall bladder trouble. If you remember I went through a ton of tests for several months...they found no cause for the pain. It acts up periodically and has been doing a whopping good job of it for the past few weeks. And of course, we are far from my Dr., but he wasn't much help when we were in his area. So, I am just at a loss. I keep thinking if it is going to hurt it could at least keep me from

01-31-2007, 03:18 AM
Marti- I hope you are not too un-comfortable to sleep. Hate sciatica and know what you are going through. Maybe a warm bath will help...if you can get in and out of the bathtub. (or sit once you are in there) :) Be gentle! WTG on the exercise and eating...and lbs. lost.

Jane- I see there is really cold weather coming your way. I hope you stay warm and cozy. Is snow in the forecast too? By the way...CONGRATS on the upcoming DGS. And another WTG to you for your loss. You are doing great.

Cristine- Hi and good news about your loss with WW. I am glad it is the thing for you. And to both of you. Good luck on the house selling too, I know how disruptive that can be. At least I didn't have to deal with the snow and ice...ick!

Vann- I would say such a small overage of calories is pretty darn good when you are traveling. You have been doing so well!! Reading here tonight has made me realize that I can count calories somewhat here. We eat at the same few places, and I know their basic fare...I can actually plan before we go. I am going to TRY. How long are you going to be away from home? I hope it is warm in the South.

Jodi- I don't do WW but I am going to try the chicken recipe. It sounds good. I have 3 Richard Simmons tapes...bought at garage sales. Ha...I can relate with not being able to do them. I never could keep up. I would end up just dancing in my own good time. :) I do like the WATP though. You also are doing so well. If I didn't love all the JL's I would be sooooo jealous of these good numbers.

Angie, Joyce, Kathy- Hey, don't be strangers. It is so good to see you here.

Sassy, Michelle, Jules, MaryKate- Hey to you guys too....hope you are all well.

Please forgive me if I left you out...I sure didn't mean to overlook anyone, but I am getting bleary eyed. Give me a HEY...and I will gab back at you!

We had a very long day here....I felt so much better that we went running to do a few things we had been putting off.

01-31-2007, 09:46 AM
Happy Hump Day, Ladies!:D

Vann - I have to agree with the others, 30 calories over isn't bad at all. As long as it isn't a gateway to 300 over, lol. So how was dinner at Twist's? I have no clue what type restaurant that is, so you'll have to enlighten us all.

Jodi - I counted 1/2 points as just 1/2 when I did WW, because I wanted to eat every little 1/2 point I could, lol. I don't do yoga, but those who do seem to think it's just wonderful, so go ahead and give it a try and let us know what you think.

Julie - was that blur I saw you running through here, lol? I hope your week is going well.

Kathy - a big Congrats for the new little nephew! And I sure hope your little guy is feeling better today. It's so sad when little ones get the flu and look so helpless! Plus, they can dehydrate so easily!

Cristina - Mary's specialist said she will have to be on the medicine about 2 or 3 more months before we can tell if her hands will show improvement, or if the damage is permanent. For some reason, he's concentrating on just her hands right now, but she has RA in her shoulders, hips, and feet, too. Thanks so much for sharing the photos. What you said about the teen made me laugh. They get embarrassed so easily and mine were often appalled at my actions in public, lol. Your soldier is so handsome! Loved all the photos. I need new, nicer, albums. I looked at some at the Hallmark House, but the 4x6 pages were verticle instead of horizontal, which I thought was weird. About the recipes, I put all of our family recipes in a calculator online, and it told me the calories, fat, fiber, sodium, cholesterol, etc. for each serving which made it very easy to figure points. Then we could eat the family recipes we were used to, along with new ones. One more thing - tell Vince I said Way to Go on his loss, too!

Marti - woohoo, I can barely wait to see your scrapbook pages! So THAT'S what took so long.... you've been waiting for a slimmer photo of yourself to send, lol. Just kidding. Speaking of printers, Mary's puppy Sadie chewed my printer cord in half! Little dickens! Mary offered to pay for a new one, but I let it slide. Hope your back is better today. I've had trouble with my sciatica nerve before, and I feel your pain!

Sue - well, they're calling for snow tomorrow and Friday, but I'll believe it when I see it. Here I am, the only JL who really, really wants snow, and haven't had any yet. Well, just flurries. Btw, thanks for the kudos.

I bought some candy (malted milk balls) yesterday that threw off my calories, but I had been craving it for too long, and should have just worked it in my calories when I first felt the need. I need to follow my own advice! As soon as the episode was over, I got rid of what was left, and was right back on track. No candy in the house! There's something theraputic about pushing bad-for-you foods down the garbage disposal.

Neal and I ended up running some errands yesterday and I didn't get all my cleaning done. Plus, I need to get menus and a grocery list ready for tomorrow's shopping. Also, I want to pull out recipes from a stack of magazines I have, and make copies for my new recipe binder. I'm loving that new system. No more jam-packed recipe box!

What's on your agenda for the day?

01-31-2007, 12:21 PM
Happy Wednesday Ladies!

It's happy for me because I am finally off work for a few days!!

What amazing weight losses you have all had...

Jodi--down 3.2 lbs!! Congrats. I gotta try your chicken recipie. I have all the ingredients except for the Chicken, duh...better get to the grocery store before our big snow tomorrow night.

Marti--1.2 lbs. WEIGH to go!! I hope your back is feeling better. My son's fiance suffers from constant sciatic and back pain and she is a personal trainer, full time student and is only 20 yrs old.!! I feel for ya! I agree with you about having to clear a space to exercise. In our old house, the treadmill was set up in our bedroom, facing the TV and in this house we have an entire exercise room with treadmill, elliptical, bowflex, TV, stereo but still no room to do exercise video's. I love to dance and have an unopened set of salsa dance exercise cd's that I have had for 3 years. The only uncarpeted space that I have is my hardwood foyer (no TV there) and I'm not moving my kitchen table to dance. I'll just settle for my weekly line dancing on Wed nights to get some additional cardio exercise.

Cristina--4 lbs...Holy Crap!! You must feel wonderful!! I saw your pix at the airport and wondering what branch of service your son is in. Where is he stationed? My son is in the coast guard and is finally stationed about 4 hours from me in Norfolk, VA. He was my non-scholar and really didn't want to go to college like his sisters and chose the CG, following in his uncle's footsteps. After tours in CA, Key West and cruising the entire east coast and the Carribean on different CG Cutters, he has finally got off the boat and is an Intelligence Instructor at the Yorktowne, VA training center. His younger sis makes fun of him for not going to college and then ending up with a teaching position....all the time trying to avoid school. He says that he want to make the CG a career. Best wishes to your son. I'm sure you are so proud!!

Vann--Good girl for staying on track while at your training conference. Pat yourself on the back for all that willpower and your 2 lb weight loss. Have a safe trip back home.

Kathy--A new nephew!!! Congratulations. My youngest sister (16 1/2 years apart) had a little boy 18 mo ago and he has been the greatest thing to happen to our family. The youngest grandchild was in her teens and it has been wonderful to finally have a baby in the family again.

Jane--Did I read somewhere that you have lost 8 lbs this month alone!!! You must be tickled pink!! I totally agree with the nude weigh-in. I get so desperate sometimes that I wonder if I clip my toenails, wash my hair or shave my legs might knock off a few ounces!

Sue--sorry that you are not feeling well. Being a nurse, I am always diagnosing myself and I swore a few years ago that I was having Gall Bladder problems. I marched myself into my doc's office with my symptoms and asking for a gall bladder sonogram and walked out with a prescription for Prevacid and diagnosed with reflux. I figured that I would give it a try but was convinced that it was my gall bladder....NOT!! I've been on the Prevacid and am symtom free. I guess the "nurse, heal thyself" didn't work for me. You must be so frustrated dealing with the pain. Have you had any second opinions? If it's been awhile since your last workup, maybe it's time to do some more testing. I really hope you feel better soon and find the cause of your discomfort. Hugs to you!!

Sassy--Good luck with the Superbowl this sunday! Hope your Colts win!! We have a big party to attend and not really sure who everyone is rooting for. I'm just going to check out the commercials, try to stay away from all the food and enjoy all the company.

Michele, Jules, Joyce and anyone that I have missed.... hope you are all well and staying on track.

It's hard for me to post on the days that I work 12 hr shifts because they end up being 13-14 hr shifts. I get home and only have enough time to check e-mail, iron a uniform for the next day, roll my eyes at the messy house, try to eat a sensible snack, shower and get to bed. I try to sneak in a little lurking on the forum at work, just to keep up with everyone.

We are gearing up for our first possible snow storm tomorrow night. It figures that I will have to work on Friday morning. DH will use my 4 wheel drive to take me to work and avoid using his car which is unsafe in the snow. The state of Maryland will work up this snow on the news like it's a blizzard approaching. The grocery stores will be packed, not a glove or hat or snow shovel will be found in the stores (what did they use last year when it snowed?). Then again, our weather changes so much from hour to hour, you never know what will happen from day to day. Our state motto is "If you don't like the weather in Maryland...just wait a minute!"

Well, gotta get my day started. Grab a bite to eat, change the sheets on my bed, work out on the elliptical, catch up on some Tivo'ed stuff before it deletes itself and get myself ready for dance tonight. Hope you all are having a wonderful day.

01-31-2007, 05:58 PM
Hello ladies... son is in the Army, stationed in Honolulu but in Iraq right now. :( And yes, we are very proud of him. He too didn't want to go to college like my oldest and youngest. He said he had a calling and had to serve like his dad. You must be very proud of your son as well. Funny, he didn't want to go to school and then ended up teaching, lol.

JANE...I had been wondering how Mary was doing. Hope the meds help her. Where is your calorie counter online? That sounds like a nifty thing to use. And thank you! That's kind of unusual for the photo albums isn't it? Seems like all the ones I've seen were the other way.

MARTI...of course I still want a page! I can't wait for yours, well, I can, lol. And the chicken sounds good...if you want to share the recipe I would definitely try it. Hope you are feeling better today.

SUE...sorry to hear you aren't feeling so great. Wish they could find what is wrong and treat it so you wouldn't have to keep going thru this pain. I know how awful it is from watching DD going thru the pain of gall stones but because of her age no one thought of this. On top of that a few years later she was diagnosed with acid reflux, poor girl. But she had her gallbladder removed and took meds for the reflux and so far so good. Lots of hugs to you. :hug:

KATHY...CONGAT'S on the new baby! :bb: :congrat: Hope he is doing the name Owen. And sorry your little one is feeling so good. :hug: :hug: Try and get some sleep Missy! I know that is easier said than done.

HI to everyone else :wave:

I'm pooped. This stinking snow is killing me, literally. Once again I shoveled the driveway, after I said I wasn't ever going to. It has to be done so Jason and V won't track all that stuff in the house, and for safety reasons. Don't want anyone slipping. Did it before anyone came home so that it wasn't packed and harder to shovel, and it's still coming down, ugh. Supposed to get 1-3 inches out of this storm and I do believe we have passed that already. So that is my exericse for the day...this time I timed it and it took me 1 1/2 hours with a couple of bathroom/water breaks in between. Really tired of this weather. This is the most snow I have seen here in tha 9 years I have lived here. Anyway, was hoping it wouldn't start until I went and bought such luck. But I got everything done. The house cleaned, snow shoveled, groceries bought and laundry done.

Take care ladies and have a good day. Hope your weather is better than ours! :)

01-31-2007, 07:15 PM
I'm HOME :carrot: :carrot: :carrot:

Oh yeah ..I'm dancin :)

AND I need to be cause I did go 200 over my calorie limit, but I am not going to beat myself up!!!!! I ate healthy foods..well almost below ;)

Atlanta was so was low teens/20s at night and around 40 in the day and we weren't really prepared for it, But we survived!!

Dinner at Twist last night was a bit eclectic, but good. They have a combination of Sushi, Seafood bar and greek food ...I had a salad, some hummus, and some spinach ravioli..not too bad ( I didn't see the seafood until I was leaving and I don't care for Sushi)... I did take a piece of pie back to my room, but I only ate half of it..I was so tired. Training went good ...There is no place like home.

and I am counting calories to those that asked and sometimes it is hard to know while I am eating what the calories are. I mean I know what grilled meats and veggies are that don't have any butter, but when you get to a dinner like last night and you are having a bite of this and a bite of that it is tough. The main thing I try and remember is nothing fried, no bread, (or very little) lots of fresh fruits and vegtables, but you guys are right is hard when you are traveling. Did I say I was glad to home and connected with you guys! :hug:

I missed you all!! AND I see that you guys have been droppin weight like crazy!!

Jodi 3.2 Congrats:carrot:

Marti 1.2 --Fabulous!! :carrot:

Christina--Oh My Gosh did you do that?? 4 lbs...YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION -Congrats to you too! :carrot:

Jane- Congrats to you too...:carrot: You guys are awesome!! Training went well... thank you guys for being here!!

Tammy- I hope you guys dodge the crazy weather- we are a bit below you and they are calling for freezing rain OR WHATEVER..they have no clue here..we have the same saying here..."if you don't like the weather wait a minute and it will change" LOL

Marti- I am counting calories and so far it has been going pretty well. I feel like it is something I can live with, but when I plateau I might try something different..maybe SBD. Not sure.

Christina--Jodi's chicken is wonderful!! I really enjoyed it!

Sue- How is Vegas and the weather out your way. You have probably lost weight even though you can't tell...

Hello to everyone else....Jules, Mary Kate, Michele, Kathy, Sassy and Angie! Hope I didn't miss any one..brain dead

I am so tired..I am off to bed..have a great night and I will check in tomorrow. At least I am pretty much on track for today :carrot:


01-31-2007, 08:51 PM
Just a fly-by tonight. I have a muscle in my back that is spasming or something so I got my work in putted on here and going to go lay in my recliner. I see we are about ready to split off our posts into a new one again. :-) we are a chatty bunch aren't we??? teehee

Have a good evening girls.

01-31-2007, 10:54 PM
Yep, Jodi's right - time for a new thread. See you at #232! :wave: