WW Clubs and Groups - It's Tuesday Come out and Play!!!!

Grace, Grace
10-16-2001, 10:48 AM
Hello Ladies! How did everybody's Monday go???? I did well. Woohoo back on the band wagon. I worked out and everything!!! I was excited that I actually had a successful day b/c lets face it, it's been a while for me:o

Well I just wanted to get the thread rolling. Where is everybody? There are so many people missing are you guys out there?

On the poll I chose a combo b/c I am always wanting to try new things but generally I am an aerobics girl.

Everyone have a great day. It looks like it is 8 pm here and it is actually 9:30 am. What a rainy day we are having and it is like 45 degrees. These are the bestdays to veg out at home and watch movies. I need to stop dreaming:^:
Lets do some postin' girls