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01-22-2007, 08:28 AM
Good morning gals! It is warmer here this morning than it has been for almost a week now, which is nice. I imagine my heating bill is going to be a whopper just for these last few days. I turn the heat down at night, but I just can't stand it in the day time. I can't knit when my hands get cold as they get really stiff.

Jean: Sounds like you have some white stuff there. You can just keep it and not share. I don't want any! Lots to do yesterday with the family in and out, huh? I know you enjoy them though. I talked to Alicia yesterday and her appt went well. They have their ultrasound on Wed so we will know whether we are going to have a boy Wilkinson or a girl Wilkinson. I am shooting for a boy! I would like my son to have a son.

I am on my third and last set of the baby layette. I am making one for a friend of of my son's and dil's that we got close to when Jay and Alicia started dating. They live in Chicago and she is a television producer. She is a sweet girl and is expecting their first baby in August. I had almost a whole skein of the green left so I am using that and praying I don't have to go out and buy another skein as these skeins are pretty good sized compared to what I usually buy so will be left with a lot. I have the hat and one bootie finished and am finishing the last 6 rows of the other bootie then I will start on the sweater and get it knitted up. I am trying to get things done that have a time frame except I keep dragging my feet with the darn blanket and I have to get serious and get the thing done. I only have a little over 2 months until her shower.

I got a movie from Netflix called "The Black Dahlia" about the 1940's murder case. Pretty lame in information and was more about 2 of the cops involved than the case itself. I have read a book written by a man who claims his father was the Dahlia killer and it makes much more sense that the drival put out in this movie. The author, Steve Hodel, has some pretty compelling evidence about this young woman and his dad, George Hodel, who was a physician and could have easily commited the crime I guess. The man was very wealthy and the police had been investigating him as a serial killer anyway. Interesting stuff if you like crime fiction, which I do.

Well, the laundry is crying to be put in the dryer and yesterday was change the sheets day so I have those to do this morning too!

Have a great Monday!


01-22-2007, 04:18 PM
Good afternoon - a chilly 41 degrees today - actually had some sleet yesterday...winter!

Decided my diet needs a little shaking up so I'm going to try the Curves diet. There are 2 version, a high protein (but not like Atkins, still has fruit and starches, bread) and a higher carb. I'm going for the protein. Menus are all planned out for 6 weeks so I can just follow them with a few substitutions. See how much I can lose and maybe get it started down again. Looking forward to my workout tonight.

Faye, did you see SB has a heart plan out now? Saw the book at Walmart.

01-22-2007, 07:00 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining, but nothing is melting except where the plows sprayed the streets and they are a sloppy mess. School was "ho-hum" again today. I guess some girls got in a fight over the noon hour and egged on by the boys before the men teachers could break it up. They're lucky someone didn't take a poke at them. :lol:

I'm going to bed early tonight! I feel like I've been dragging all day. Not much newsy from my corner of the world.

"Gma" -- Thanks for starting the new thread. I'm surprised you can't knit in your sleep! :lol3: It's nice of you to make the baby items for others. My stepsister in AZ knits baby booties for a pregnancy crisis center there. Unfortunately she never kept track of how many she has made over the years but I'm guessing thousands. She can knit a pair while she watches TV in the evening or she knits while we have coffee. She knits in the car when they travel and on the planes too. She used to have to use generic colors but with the new ultrasounds, she has been able to add pink and blue. She likes to use the varigated pink, blue, and white just in case the picture wasn't accurate. :D

Susan -- Let us know how you like the Curves diet. I didn't realize they had a diet. Good luck! :cheer:

I've got to get started on my laundry that I didn't get done this weekend. Have a nice evening and a terrific Tuesday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

01-22-2007, 10:35 PM

Not much changed in the weather here. No snow, No wind, No real low temps. Tipical California winter weather. We went and bought The Bourne Supremicy today. Have the Bourne Identy and are waiting for the next two to come out on DVD. Actually don't think the 3rd & 4th have yet to be made into a movie. The title of the 4th will be The Bourne Legacy. The third is The Bourne Ultimatum. The books have been a good read. I have read all of Ludlums offerings. I have been an avid reader since I was a child. I remember staying up late at night reading ~ a no-no because of school the next day ~ so I would go in the bathroom and sit on the floor on a pile of towels and read until my mom came to the back of the house at night to check on us girls and I would give a flush and stash my book between the towels and put them all back in the cupboard. I wasn't reading anything that she wouldn't approve of but it was the time I was doing it she would rightly object to. I still like to marithon a book. I am careful when I start a book because I don't like to put them down.

FAYE Warmer is nice! I can imagine you are looking forward for your pool to open up. Your layettes are absolute darlinng and I know that friend will be one happy person to receive one You will get that blanket done in time no doubt! I do like crime novels as you can tell by my post above.

SUSAN I know folks who have done that Curves diet liked it fine Hope it works out for you. Let us know how you take to it and if it does the trick to help you lose those last few pounds.

JEAN Sorry you are feeling the blahs. Did you know that this very day is the blue-est day of the year? Yep I read it in the news. You will be better tomorrow for it isn't a blue day.

Time for me to dish up dinner. Had the crock pot making stew and the bread machine making a loaf. Works for me and my program Nighters folks.

01-23-2007, 06:44 AM
Good morning gals! Still chilly here, darn it! I told Jack last night I am ready for spring. Maggie is right, I am ready for that pool!

Susan: Hope the Curves diet works just great for you. I started having a real problem staying within the South Beach diet after about 3 weeks so went back to my fat and calorie counting which seems to work better for me. I have to do what I will stay on and not cheat or whatever you want to call it.

Maggie: I love to read also and have since I was a kid. Mine was for a totally different reason. I could hide in books. My family life was a mess and reading took me to wherever the book went and I could escape my own family and be alone at the same time. As long as I kept my chores up, mom would leave me alone and let me read because she knew I always did my homework etc. When I was a kid I used to read this series called Cherry Ames, ever heard of it? She was a nurse. Boy, I loved those books. I have a whole list of authors that I read everything that they write. I have seen the Bourne movies but never read the Bourne books. I love belonging to the book club, but a lot of times they don't put out the authors I like or don't do them until way after the books release and I like to get 'em while they're hot so to speak!

Jean: Hope you got rested up. I went upstairs around 7 and read for about an hour and watched some Andy Griffith and went to bed.

Well, I see by the ole clock that Jack will be up soon so I want to get my downstairs chores done before he gets down here as he sits at the computer and eats his breakfast and plays soduku so he blocks me getting into the dishwasher to put away stuff.

Have a great Tuesday! One day closer to vacation, yippeee!


01-23-2007, 10:55 AM
Faye, I lived for the next Cherry Ames book to come out. Remember the Bobsey Twins? and Vickie Barr series, she was a flight attendant. I sued to read under the covers with a flashlight.

We all have to find whatever diet works for us that we can keep up with and that fits any health concerns we have. The trick is finding the one you can live with.

I've started sewing on my quilt blocks, it is so nice to be able to take the time to do some sewing again...means Stan is doing okay (which is not the best but he's able to do for himself). Going Friday for the tests.

Off to work.

01-23-2007, 04:04 PM

Another sunny day in the neighborhood. Have any of you tried those Banquet frozen packs of stuff that you put in your crock pot? We had the stew one and it was delicious. Point friendly also and at Wall-Mart they are cost friendly. There are other ones and I am not sure what they are but we are going to look into them. Always on the lookout for variety to put into the program. I love cooking in my crock pot and use those liners so cleanup is a whiz.

FAYE Read the Bourn searies by Ludlum. The books are so much more than the movies. The movies are good but the books are excellent. Marie doesn't get whacked like in the movie. It is interesting that that actress objected to it also. She must have read the books or just wanted more of a part in all the movies, who knows.

SUSAN You are so right that a gal has to find what works for her. I have a question for you. Since you have lost 200 pounds did your skin shrink or are you going to have skin removal when you reach goal? I know I will have to have some removed because mine isn't shrinking very well. My doc said that I would have to wait a few months after I reach goal before they would consider doing it to make sure what was going to shrink would do so and that I wouldn't fill it up again. He asked me if I filled it up again after it was removed would I pop? I love my doctor. We only go to see him once a year.

Well my coffee cup is empty now and I must go get this place straightened up. Doesn't take long but when things are out of place it sure looks cluttered. Everything has a place and everything in it's place. Have a great day gals.

01-23-2007, 04:34 PM
Maggie, I had loose skin and still have some in my thighs and upper arms (being 65 doesn't help). On the bright side of having an intestinal blockage, the surgeon removed the excess skin before he put me back together - and no additional cost, so my stomach is nice and tight.

01-23-2007, 06:53 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! Bob is shoveling the neighbor's driveway and then has a meeting at the manor, so I have an hour plus to call my own. We got just a light dusting of snow this morning and the kids were all excited thinking we might have an early dismissal. Hah -- fooled them! :lol:

Maggie -- The crockpot dinners sound good! :T I love to come home to the smell of something cooking which I have to admit I don't do very often. I guess I am a throwback to my mom about leaving appliances plugged in if no one is home. :rolleyes: I've never heard of the bluest day until now. I learned something today! ;)

"Gma" -- I just found another "Granny and Her Kitties" game online! I am thrilled! (It doesn't take much to make me happy.) I don't think I could play Soduku on the computer . . . I can't stand it on paper even! :( I do remember the Cherry Ames books! They were my favorites and I wanted to be a nurse for the longest time! :D

Susan -- I remember the Bobbsie twins (however it's spelled), but I don't remember Vickie Barr books. Enjoy your quilting! I hope the tests go ok for Stan. Intestinal blockage . . . OUCH, OUCH, OUCH!

I have more laundry going so need to change loads. Have a super duper Wednesday tomorrow! The week is flying by!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

01-23-2007, 07:59 PM

My goodness it is after 4 o'clock and it is 60 degrees. It did get up to 64 this day. Love it. Do me a favor ladies ~ please post or private me your birthdays ~ you don't have to say the year of course.

SUSAN Thanks for the answer. You are very fortunate to have that stomach tuck but that was some ordeal to have to go through for it. But guess since you are out of the woods from the operation guess it must have been worth it. I am currently doing arm and leg exercises to try and minimize the situation but I just don't know.

JEAN You do know that there has been vast improvemt in plugs and house wiring since your mothers advice to not have apliances plugged in while you are gone. Believe me you will like those frozen Banquet dinners. Get some of those bags to line your crock pot if you don't already have any and it will really save clean up time.

I have got to figure what to have for dinner now. Time has gotten away from me this day for some reason.

01-24-2007, 08:51 AM
Good morning gals! Boy, lots to read this morning, which is always nice.

I am going on Friday and signing up for WW. It is not the program so much as the accountability. I think if I know I have to go and weigh every week, I will stay on the program. I would just be switching what I am doing now, from counting the cal and fat to the points, so it would be no big deal. I am coming along ok. Didn't eat well over the weekend, but was back on track yesterday and today doing well.

I made a crockpot beef burgundy yesterday, had it all assembled and about an hour into it, tasted it to see if it needed more beef broth and it was really sour. Come to find out, the onions I used had been PICKLED not water packed. :fr: I dumped everything except the meat, rinsed it well and started over using a regular onion instead. It came out fine this time or at least Jack thought so.

Maggie: I am going to eventually have a huge amount of skin, but I doubt I ever have it surgically removed. I doubt my insurance would cover it and I wouldn't be able to afford it otherwise. It would actually be nice to have that problem at this stage. (birthday is 9/28/53)

Susan: I really think for me it is a control issue and I just need to have control at all times.

Jean: I used to read a true story series they put out for kids too, like Clara Barton, etc. I loved the Cherry Ames series, my sister was the Bobbsey Twin girl. Did you ever read The Boxcar Children? I thought that series of books were sad because they had no parents. I read some of the Pippi Longstocking books too.

Well, I need to get out and walk. I did bill paying this morning so am a little behind in time.

Have a good day everyone!


01-24-2007, 04:07 PM MORNING MAGNOLIAS

Another bright sunshiney day in the neighborhood. I have been OP so far this week and will make this day one also. I have my weigh day tomorrow.

FAYE Good thing you tasted that crock pot dish and found the problem before it was totally done. What a disaster that would have been. I almost dumped a jar of those into a batch of chicken noodle soup but caught it at the right moment. I de-brined them and then they were fine to use. I have to go to WW for the accountability also. I like lots of the ladies and gents that attend and we have a good gab fest before the meeting starts. {not to brag now but just facts mam) I am such a clown and love to keep the group laughing. My leader told me she loved having me there to keep the group on it's toes and participating. She calls me her cheerleader :cheer: and I have a little silver one on my bracelet. I will cheer you on also. Life is good. WW has a new points calculator that is small ~ the size of a pressed powder compact which is without all the bells and whistles, like their last one, that I love to use to figure out the points in some of my recipes. I also have the program Dotties husband made to figure out points on my computer. WW made them take it off her web site though, but I got it before that happened. I use it a lot. If you want it I could try to e-mail it to you. She also has a neat thermometer program that you can download and send her what ever amount you think you want as a donation. I wish you well come Friday my friend.

I made biscuits for breakfast. Little 2 point apiece biscuits using light Bisquick and a very small cutter. I held it at 3 and that was a feat for me. I also had half a container of berry ff yogurt. I don't often made biscuits (red light food) but Will wanted some and so he got some;). I need to start a loaf in my bread maker ~ whole wheat today.

Type at ya later.

01-24-2007, 05:22 PM
They just called! My son and dil are having a BOY! We will have a Jack Nolan Wilkinson IV!!!

01-24-2007, 05:41 PM

FAYE :bravo: :balloons: I know you and your main squeeze will be happy and having a 4th. Then the little tyke will grow up and keep up the tradition for a 5th. I think that is so super.

01-24-2007, 11:06 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! Bob just left to go back to the office so I can chat for a few minutes while I wait for a load of towels to dry. I made chili when I got home from school, had bell choir at 6, home at 7:15, ate chili, started laundry again, and here I am. I need to wash the chili pot before I head off to bed.

Maggie -- I will check out the crockpot dinners the next time I go to the store. That is one chore I don't like to do; I can usually talk Bob into picking up bread and milk as he drives right past the store on his way home from the office. Bread is probably my most favorite food and I have a very hard time if fresh bread is around. Once in awhile I will visit the bakery to buy bread and it is to die for! :T My birthday is 10/13/45. Your's is the 12th, right?

"Gma" -- Congratulations on having another grandson and a IVth to carry on the name. How nice! :cheer: :cp: :cb: I'm sure Jack is a very proud grandpa! I never read the Boxcar Children. I wonder if they came along after I was beyond them in age. I missed the Barbie craze by a year or so too. Beth had a classmate who dressed as Pippi Longstocking for Halloween one year. She had long hair and somehow her mom wove wire into her braids to make them curl up. She was cute.

I don't know much new or exciting so guess I will wish you all a terrific Thursday. :D

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

01-25-2007, 08:31 AM
Good morning to everyone! Hope your day is starting out well!

I have some ??? for you WW ladies. I looked at the meetings schedule online at the WW site and some of the meetings are marked, "new." What does that mean exactly, that only new members attend at that time slot or what? I would like to go to the Friday 12:15 meeting and weigh in if it is open to everyone after I sign up tomorrow. I imagine, "express" means a weigh in only??? They also have "open hours" and "mom, dad, and me" so I need some guidance as to what is what. I am thinking of paying in advance, but does that save you money in the long run? I know that right now I don't have to pay a registration fee because it is free, but I don't even know how much it costs because the online site doesn't tell you anything about the cost. I have a WW only about 4 miles from the house, which is nice. Maybe this is the program I need to get the weight off permanently. I really do find I am needing the accountability part.

Maggie: I would welcome anything you have with regards to WW so I can have lots of tools to do pts with. I know I get some stuff at the joining. Also, where do you get the little mobile pts calculator? I looked online and didn't see anything there that you could purchase.

Jean: We had chili last night too and I always make boxed Jiffy corn bread because Jack likes it. Well, the commissary didn't have any so I bought Martha White. :barf: The Jiffy brand is sweet and you can taste the corn meal, this stuff was like sawdust, no taste at all not even of corn meal. It was awful. I threw the whole pan out. My chili was good though. I have this super duper quick chili recipe so it comes together quick. Jack won't eat beans in his chili so I have to make it beanless then before we eating, I just take some out and add kidney beans to my part.

We are very excited knowing we have another grandson on the way. Jack wanted a girl, but he isn't disappointed. We are making a trip to Nashville the weekend of February 17-18 and going baby shopping at Opry Mills. I want to go to the Oshkosh b' Gosh outlet and get him some little overalls. They have a lot of kids stores that I want to get stuff for the shower.

I got the yarn for dd's sweater and some beautiful soft peach for a sweater for myself yesterday. I have started on her sweater and it is going to be really nice. It is just a nice solid camel color with these pretty light tortoise buttons down the side. They sent me two cards more of buttons than I paid for, but I am not paying a bunch of shipping to send $4 worth of buttons back. I emailed them and told them if they want to send me a prepaid shipping label, I would send them back to them. I also had to tear out a whole 12 row pattern on the blanket. I made a mistake, I don't know where, but it put the rows backwards. {{{SIGH}}} I do so want to be done with this. I did get all my knitting labels in the sweaters sewed in yesterday though.

Well gals, I need to get my day going. Tomorrow I am busy, busy all through the weekend. I have WW to join, shopping to do including the commissary, Jack wants to go out to the new mall that has an Oshkosh store and look around so I need to get my cleaning finished up this morning so I am free starting tomorrow.


01-25-2007, 11:10 AM
My birthday is 10/9/41 - wow, lot's of October babies - must have been a cold January!

Faye - congratulations! I know you and Jack are thrilled. You've got a dynasty going.

I read the Boxcar Children so you weren't too old for them Jean.

01-25-2007, 01:12 PM
Boxcar children books were written in 1947

01-25-2007, 03:17 PM
Faye, need to change that signature line to "Grandson's arrival!"

You've made me want to read some of these books again. I'm going to start looking a the library, flee markets, thrift stores, etc.

01-25-2007, 06:11 PM

I just lost .6 today and so I can't change my thingie at the bottom because it won't take tenths of pounds. So it will count later. At least I am still going in the right direction. I have been traditionally a slow looser anyway.

FAYE I think the "new" means a new meeting time. They are starting new times here also. I don't know exactly how they work it in your area but here we all go to the same meeting, men and women. They have several ways to pay for meethings and there again it is different in the different franchises. Guess then for your answers you just will find out tomorrow. We don't use kidney beans in our chili but use pinto beans which we both like. Marie Calanders has a wonderful cornbread mix that comes in a can.

SUSAN I was always taught to be nice to my elders so guess that means you, even though you are only 3 days older than me, for I am an October child born in 1941 on Columbus day which was the 12th back then. The theme today at WW was exercise. Well that is just peachy because I have gotten my stuff all dusted off and am starting my program when I get off this computer.