South Beach Diet - Monday Musings - Chat for January 22

01-22-2007, 07:10 AM
Getting coffee - back in a bit.


:coffee: :) :coffee: :) :coffee:

There! That's better! I seem to be starting a wee cold and will have to fight it off today with lots of fluids and maybe a nap this afternoon. I find Vitamin C, herb tea and extra sleep can stop a cold in its tracks for me.

Unless I get an appointment with the optometrist for my new glasses, I'll be sticking close to home today. This is a busy week with something on every daytime and evening and I need my alone time. I'll do some sewing and plan what stuff I'm taking to FL next month. It'll be very limited as I'm planning to do carryon!

The Girls have eaten and been out and are snuggled on the couch in the back room. I feel like joining them - maybe later.

So what's happening on your stretch of the sand today? :cofdate:

01-22-2007, 08:28 AM
Good morning everyone! I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Ruth, that sux about your glasses. I hope you can get an appointment soon.

Today is the start of P2 for me. I lost 7 lbs. total in P1...not great, but it's a start. At least that put me only 1 lb. away from my January goal.

It snowed pretty much all day here yesterday. Luckily it was warm and a lot of it melted on contact. The streets are clear, but the grass isn't. So hopefully the morning commute won't take forever.

Speaking of which I need to pack up my lunch and get ready for the day.

Have a good day everyone! :hug:


01-22-2007, 08:35 AM
No Curves for me this morning, it's a "slip & slide" morning out there. Most of the schools are on a 2 hour delay. Thank goodness I don't have to venture out until noon! We're finally getting our long overdue winter.
I survived my turkey dinner yesterday, and even had just one piece of cake; but for some odd reason, the scale is up a bit today. What's with that!!? I haven't cheated even once all week. Gotta just keep thinking positive, and stop being such a scale-ho!
I hope you can get an appt. for new glasses today, Ruth!
Time to fix a little breakfast, I'll be back in a bit!

01-22-2007, 08:38 AM
Morning, Anna! Take it slow and easy on those roads!

01-22-2007, 09:46 AM

Ruth I hope that you are able to get your glasses fixed today. Take good care of yourself today!!

Cottage WTG on staying on plan! Don't worry about the scale, if you are doing everything right you know that it will come off. :hug:

Anna Good morning!

Me- I am up 2 pounds this week. My own doing though, so I am not going to rip anyone's head off. :lol: I didn't do a "good" grocery shop this weekend, so will need to get creative to stay on plan. Not too many days left in January to make my goal!!

Gotta go..... busy day here today!

01-22-2007, 10:01 AM
Just called the optometrist and found they are booked solid until Jan. 31. However, just as we spoke, someone cancelled their 3 PM and I got it! Cold or no cold, I'm off to town this afternoon for new glasses. Whew! I can use my dark ones for driving.

01-22-2007, 10:12 AM
(Cold) Morning, everyone!

Ruth - I am dealing with optometrist problems myself at the moment. I have to go and pick up my glasses today, then pay for my contacts prescription so that I can order them cheaper online. Good luck with getting your new glasses!

annarenee - 7 pounds on P1 is great! Congrats - and I'm sure you'll make your goal.

cottagebythesea - I'm sure your body will reflect your not cheating eventually - I've noticed that sometimes it takes a day or two for things to catch up.

Kiko - Good luck with getting creative this week!

Me - Today was my weigh-in, and I'm exactly the same as last week, which is a bit discouraging. This was my first week on P2, though, so I figure my body's still adjusting - plus, I started exercising this week, too. (Oh, and I went to a party on Saturday night where I may have gone off plan just a bit. :o ) I still have quite a few weeks to make my Valentine's day goal, so I figure that this is just a temporary setback!

01-22-2007, 10:13 AM
Morning, y'all.

Ruth - Hope you get to feeling better very soon. Rest as much as you can! :hug:

Anna - 7# is a great loss for PH1!! Don't let anyone (including yourself) tell you any different. :p

Cottage - I'll stay off the scale this week if you do! I'm bad about hopping on almost every morning.

I'm down in the back again this week. Mom & Dad's new house doesn't have heat yet (no, they're not living there yet!!), and the combination of cold muscles and picking up the girls did me in. Dad had given me "the good drugs" yesterday, and I'd forgotten all about it until I went to bed last night. My oldest and I are also developing a cold. I need to dig the Zycam out of the medicine cabinet as soon as we get home today.

01-22-2007, 10:54 AM
Jet and Ruth, take care of those colds! Zycam is great, it really works! I'm glad you were able to snatch up that appt. today, Ruth!

I'm all snug and cozy here this morning, sipping a cup of green tea. I have a pot of Fireside Sausage & Bean soup simmering on the stove, and that will be my lunch for the week until it runs out. I love that recipe, it's my "comfort food". (Right, Kiko?) It's going to be hard to get motivated to leave to pick up the girls. I wonder what shape their house will be in today? I don't think the contruction crew was there over the weekend. As long as the water is turned back on, we'll be OK. We can turn on the fireplace in the kitchen and sit at the table to work on our Valentines.
Time to run for now. Take care!

01-22-2007, 11:14 AM
Good morning gals...just a quickie before I head off to work.
I've done ok over the major slip ups!! other than the margarita friday night...but I'm way over that! LOL
I ate a good breakfast and am still drinking on my 1st glass of water...I added a morning stretch to my routine this morning...I feel stretched. lol
I use my balance ball and follow a DVD that came with's a nice stretch.
I'm gonna attempt to walk this afternoon...either on a treadmill or outside..if it's not raining!
Well...gonna go get ready for work now...
Hang in there!!! spring is on it's way!!

01-22-2007, 11:30 AM
Morning all!!! DF & I finally booked our flight to Vegas in JUne (for the wedding).....$600.00 later - why is it so much to fly? It's probably cheaper than driving & a lot faster, so I should just hush! There's light flurries here, and I have to go to work later today (not looking forward to it!)
DF & I went to PF Changs yesterday....2 days in a row eating out....not good! So I have black bean soup & chicken capri for today with TONS of water!!

Ruth - Take care & thank good you got that appt. today!
Annarenee - enjoy your day!
Cottage - Becareful when you do go out....I'm with you with the scale not being my friend either!!
Kiko - I think I'm going to start exercising so I can make Jan's goal - I haven't started that yet.
Jenny- I think a few of us were off the beach this weekend. Let's have a better week this week!
Jetsetter - MORNING!!
Phins - Good for you with the exercising!! I do hope Spring comes soon!! Even if it's been a mild winter, I still hate the cold (and the slush, and salt...)

I'm off to drink some water & cook!! Enjoy your day!!

01-22-2007, 11:31 AM
Good Morning All,

Cottage - Valentines! Boy does that bring back pleasant memories. I used to love sitting with my kids cutting out paper doilys, red construction paper, ribbons, buttons, there's so much more one can purchase to make darling cards - what fun!

Jetsetter - You must be more careful with your back dear one...maybe one of those belts they where at costo for lifting might not be a bad idea for you use. I pray your cold does not develope on top of every thing else.

Jenny, Cottage and Kiko - Be sure to read Lubajo's post on the 'Thread's Forum', it's very inspirational.

Ruth - Whew, good timing to get your glasses appt! Take care to not let that cold get the best of you!

Me - DH and I are finished with our daily readings, prayer and talking over the plans for today. Not too much on the agenda for today except my OT lessons...I have to listen to one more CD and take notes before I can start.
I have a ham bone in the fridge that I am thinking of making a nice pot of soup for making soups~ Have a great SB day ladies.

I love you sis, :hug:

01-22-2007, 11:34 AM
Sorry Jenny, almost forgot!

Congrats on your 7lb loss, that's fantastic!:bravo:

Bionic Beach Babe
01-22-2007, 11:39 AM
Morning girls...met my Jan Goal of 10 lbs...scale said 12 yesterday and 10 today...but I will take the 10...maybe not enough water yesterday....but happy with the 10...10 equals 1 size in clothes...

Be back later. DH has breakfast ready and then off for water you all...

I hope you all check post on Thinspirational talk that I posted yesterday...I think it was so good...enjoy.

01-22-2007, 02:32 PM

I'm starting Phase II today as well. I lost 9 pounds in Phase I. WHY AM I NOT HAPPY WITH THAT? I think because it doesn't exactly feel real to me. My clothes don't feel different, and with a 9 pound loss, they should (especially since that's almost 1/4 of the way towards my goal), right? So I'm sitting here just thinking that it's all water weight.

I'm adding an orange in to my food this week; I'll have it with lunch every day. We'll see how that goes.

I'm also going to start exercising this week. My goal this week is to do at least an hour (so probably two half hour workouts). It's not much, but it's a start. I want to get a pedometer, too...

Can I ask how long each of you has been on SB?

01-22-2007, 02:33 PM
First........CONGRATS SIS ON REACHING YOUR JANUARY GOAL!:cheer: :bravo: :cp:

Now me again...I thought my morning was going to start off nice...not to be!
I started to do my OT lesson when I noticed a warning sign on my computer...what is that! I had a virus attack! I had to go through all kind of hoops to get rid of it including downloading the latest Norton even though my contract is not up until April....that took a couple hours. Then I had this nagging side pain that I have been dealing with for a few days so decided to call the doctor office and speak to the nurse. I had to go to the office to leave not one but two urine samples...BAH, what a lesson today.

I am supposed to wait here at home to see what the test results are...pray ladies that I do not have a kidney stone! I am drinking tons of water compared to what I was drinking before so do not understand why I would have a stone now.

Just needed to vent....

Bionic Beach Babe
01-22-2007, 03:22 PM
OK Girls, I'm back

Ruth: Take care of that cold. Stop it in its tracks. Have fun picking out new glasses today. Glad you got in.

Anne: Good for you. 7 lbs is great! Don't knock it ! Keep it up...

CSea: Oh Valentines...Make us one too...The soup sounds nice and warm today. About your weight, think positive, and keep losing...

Kiko: You will do it! Final goal within! Go for it girl.

Jenny: Don't get discouraged. Think, the 10 lbs you lost is not 10 lbs gained! Hang in there, you can do it!

Jet: Glad you are home safely. Take care of your health and try to stay warm.

Phins: So glad that Spring is on its way...warm sunshine is so welcomed all over the country...Sunny here but still cold...Come on Spring!!!!then Summer!!!! feel it already?

Soon 2B: Time flys and June will be brusting out all over. Wonderful day to aim for. Best to you.

Mama Jo: Soup sounds wonderful..will go shopping for more ingredients after doctor visit today....Stuffed Pott. Mushrooms tonight.

R Addic: Don't knock your self too hard...You did very good. I been on SB since Jan 1st this it and love all you girls...

As for me...DH and I really had a workout in the pool this morning...Exercises and Keep Away with a ball...It was all fun...Going to pickup some plants, one daughter has and take to my church, then get ready...(hair still wet) hit the road 18 miles to the nerve doctor...Going to discuss another hip replacement soon. I will then not be called Lubajo here but change to Bionic Beach Babe....I will really fit the name Bionic with a nother hip but on my way to be a real beach babe...Positive thinking....if I ever get negative, kick me in the butt....Best to all of you...

Morning Star: watching for your post today...

Bionic Beach Babe
01-22-2007, 03:27 PM
Oh God sis, I hope no Kidney stone...Oh my...I well know how they feel...Oh my...Prays are with you...Yes drink, drink, drink....
Sorry also about the virus...hope it is all fixed now...

When it rains it pours...hang in there and keep us posted on KP...Oh my...

Thanks on the

Morning Star
01-22-2007, 03:47 PM
I lost my post. Will try again. Haven't been too good. Up 4 lbs. I shouldn't step on the scale so often but it's hard not to. Beautiful day . Slightly chilly but nice sunshine. I went to the church to practice the organ. I play for church in less than two weeks now. I like to start early. Well we will see if this goes through. Great day to all of you!

01-22-2007, 09:39 PM
Evening ladies...

Just a quick check in. :)

Lubajo That is awesome that you have already met your goal and 10 pounds at that. :carrot:

Cottage How was the soup?? I really love that recipe. :chef:

Ruth Did you get your glasses fixed?

Mama Did you get your test results back?

Soon That is exciting that you booked your flights. It makes things seem more "real" when the plans start falling into place.

Good day here, I am going to try to stop any eating within 2 hours of going to bed, which means that the kitchen is now closed! Off to read a bit.

01-22-2007, 10:09 PM
Hi All -

Thanks for the encouragement! :hug:

I spent the afternoon in another new staff training for work. Luckily, it was a small group and we were finished at 3 instead of 5...and I didn't go back to work. I got home about 2 hours earlier than I usually do, so with all that extra time, I made some yummy split pea soup and prepped veggies for the rest of the week!

Does anyone have an SBD friendly crockpot oatmeal recipe? I've been wanting to try it for awhile now. I looked through the recipe thread, but didn't see one.

Ruth I hope you got to get new glasses today. :)

01-22-2007, 11:24 PM
Lubajo-Way to go meeting your goal. That's great!!!!!!!!

RidiculouslyAddicted - You did a fine job on the 9 lbs. While some of it is water weight this will jump start you for the weight you are going to continue to lose. Before you know it those pants will be falling off.

I have been on since the last week in Oct. I pretty much cheated all of Dec. The past week has not been very good either. So I am not dropping lbs. like crazy but it is coming off. I am down a pants size and people are starting to notice. I have added exersize too which helps to tone. I don't remember if I changed my tracker but last time I check I had lost 18 lbs. since I started---remember that is because I cheat way too much. Had I been good it would have been more but I live in a real world. All I need is more :dust:

This is a great place to be to stay motivated and fell like you are supported. We are all in this together.

01-22-2007, 11:28 PM
I'll type quietly so as not to wake up you early "gotobedders". Wild weekend in the ER and this is the first time I've gotten to post. Had a 0730 nursing class this morning, then to work then home finally. Had some family time now it's nearly bedtime.

Well, I didn't loose all week long on phase 2, but I'm not surprised, I ate legal food but it was more carby than I'm sure I needed. Plus I'm not doing good with the water thing. Need to improve.

It's difficult to get the exercise in, I can't decide what to give up.....sleep?

Well, sounds like you all had a great weekend and congrats to those who lost poundage! You are doing so great and you are an inspiration to me!

You are all the best!

Bionic Beach Babe
01-22-2007, 11:34 PM
Stinger & Morning Star: Remember each lb lost is not a happy with the weight you have lost...More will follow...:dust: :dust:

Tomorrow is a new day a new start...go for it !