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01-21-2007, 10:54 PM
OK, I think I just need to ramble for a couple minutes and get this junk outta my brain!:dizzy:

This has been a LONG weekend for me! DD's season of dance competitions started this weekend, so it's been crazy. Saturday is my normal WI day, so I stopped at WW at 7:15 yesterday morning to do a quick weigh in on our way to the American Spirit Nationals. I knew it was going to be ugly as TOM reared his ugly head a couple days ago, and his last two visits each caused an ugly weigh in. I knew I'd been on plan, and was prepared for whatever the scale said, so I wasn't worried. Normally my leader weighs me in on the monthly pass scale (she doesn't take $ at that scale, only pass holders) but she had a line and one of the other scales was open so I went to it. Now I know the scales are all supposed to read the same, but who knows if they actually do? Anyway, the scale I was on showed a .2 pound loss. I was ok with that, as the previous two TOM weigh-ins showed a gain. Here's the kicker....the gal who weighed me kinda looked over her glasses at me with a little smirk on her face and said "You only lost 1/4 pound" in that tone like you've done something bad. I was happy with it! Granted, not as happy as I would've been with a 2 pound loss, but hey, it's still a loss! That has been bugging me since yesterday!

On the upside, I was around many parents that I haven't seen in several months because a lot of their DD's drive now, so they're not at practices anymore. I found out this afternoon that I've been the main topic of conversation this weekend, with everyone checking out the improved smaller me! Staying on plan at these events is also a challenge as the food available tends to be funnel cakes, greasy cheeseburgers, etc. I did stay within my points range, but not within the 8 healthy guidelines that WW sets. So, time to get my butt in gear!

Oh, one last thing! Just have to share, DD and her team came home Grand National Champions!

Chunky Teacher
01-21-2007, 11:22 PM
Congrats all around! You ROCK!

01-22-2007, 07:27 AM
Congratulations to you and your DD's team!!!! That's incredibly cool.

The gal who weighed you was an absolutel moron. I can't for the life of me understand how someone, yet alone a WW worker can do that. You should have reported her to her supervisor. You still can. SHe was wrong, wrong, wrong. You have every right to be bugged.

How nice for you to be the topic of conversation. Great NSV!!!

01-22-2007, 08:56 AM
Hi Kelly,

Congratulations on making the scales go down and on "giving them something to talk about" this weekend. It sounds like you had a great weekend despite the ignorant woman who weighed you. Just put her out of you head...in the whole scheme of things, she doesnt even matter!