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01-21-2007, 01:29 PM
I havent see the scale move much but I think I am toning a bit.
So this weekend we went shoppig had some things to return for the girls. We stopped and Jc Pennys. Sale all over . So I got Dani a nice trendy ofcourse winter jacket for 50 buck. was 169.00 She starts middle school nect year. That will be two in middle school. Any ways while we were there I started to poke around. I have been wanting a dressy leather coat. But I did not want to get one with a X tacked to it. So I have been holding off for my Birthday Mar 2. ButI I saw this very nice button up black coat that goes a bit pass bum. Nice mid lenth not to short so you are hanging out but not reallyl ong. I tried a L on it fit prefect. I was pretty suprised. No XXXXXX at all. it should have a littl giive to shrink in even without looking to big for a while.

SOOOOOO I had to have it. it was 199.00 and i got it for 74.99 So who can pass up a sale. So now I hae a nice dress coat to wear when ed takes me on the Zepher train for Valentines dinner. Not sureon that spelling. Its a dinner train soe where by the cities Iguess. I have a really nice new sweater I have put away for that day to. I will have to get a picture of my new outfirs when its time.
So I am rambling on now. Just had to share a victory.


01-21-2007, 03:18 PM
Congratulations on the new size and a wonderful new coat to celebrate. I hope you have a tremendous Valentines day trip. It's very impressive to see how much weight you have lost! Great work.