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01-20-2007, 09:08 PM
After vowing to, but not doing anything about my weight for the last year, I have decided to give South Beach a very seriously committed try. The recipes by phases I found here are awesome as is the support ya'll give each other. I would love to find someone starting on or near the 21st to buddy with. It would also be great to hear how ya'll did on your first 2 weeks re weight loss. Wish me luck..........:cheer2:

01-20-2007, 10:17 PM
Hi, Judy,

:wave: My name is Susie, I live in Northeast Ohio (brrrrr today) and I started SB today (that's Saturday). It's really fortunate that I found your post. I'd love to buddy with you! I know I will probably need all the help I can get and would be glad to give any support I can.

A little about myself; married (to a TALL thin man - 6'6", 170 pounds) , no kids, two cats. About a year ago I lost 30 pounds on Atkins and have mostly been able to keep it off. I really need to take off about 20 more, but I was happy about the weight I had lost and decided to 'get used' to where I was for a while. Last week, I decided it was time for another round but I just couldn't get myself to start Atkins again so I looked around and found SB. The food on this diet just appeals to me so much more than Atkins...I always had a hard time believing that tomatos and onions and beans were bad for me. And I think I was killing Steve (my husband) as well........he would eat Atkins (deep fried wings, high fat food, etc.) when he was around me, but at work, he'd eat all the regular high carb high sugar stuff men eat. So I think this in general is a healthy way to eat and it will be good for him too, even though he doesn't need to loose any weight.

Im a CAD drafter so I sit down all day long and get no exercise..........that has to change. I also love beer........that will be a problem. But I'm excited about starting again. Today went very well.........fritatta and V8 for breakfast, grilled chicken and low fat refried beans for lunch, ground surloin burger and tomato and onion salad and cauliflower for dinner.

So that's it........write and tell me about yourself and good luck!


01-21-2007, 07:31 AM
Hi, Judy and Susie. :welcome: to 3FC and to The Beach.

There will be other Phase One Chicks starting out this week so I will set up a new thread where you can swap ideas and victories. Please also join us on the daily chat.

Be sure to really explore the FAQ Section here on The Beach as there are lots of hints and answers to questions in there.