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01-20-2007, 12:06 AM
Hello and :welcome: to the Jaded Ladies site!

We are a group of ladies that come here for support and encouragement on our weight loss struggles, and we also find time for some chitchatting. So please, won't you join us? New members are always welcome. :yes:

01-20-2007, 12:27 AM
Hi ladies,

Marti - I hope you'll be celebrating your birthday this weekend since you had to work today. Do your coworkers do anything special when someone has a birthday? Anyway, I hope you've had a good day. :hug:

Sue - yowza, glad your furnace is fixed. It's in the 30's here, but the wind chill is in the 20's. Brrrr....

Mary Kate - hi, and I hope your arm is doing a little better.

Sassy - same for you - I hope your arm is better too. How did you hurt it? THANK YOU so much for the card and the note! It really made my day!

Jodi - I sold Avon years ago, and loved all the products. I worked in a place with over 200 employees, and that's where I got most of my orders, lol. My van needs washed, too. I should've done it when we had the warmer weather.

Cristina - we STILL haven't had any snow, other than a few short-lived flurries. I can barely wait for some! Maybe Sunday, the weatherman says.

Vann - thank you for asking - my foot is better. I am having some pain this evening that I didn't have earlier today, and I hope it will be gone when I get up tomorrow morning. Potty training, huh? I put Cheerios in the toilet when I trained my son, and let him "squirt" them, lol. Soon I'll have a baby boy grandson, and can barely wait! I'm needing to hold a teeny one again, no matter what gender.

Jules - WOOHOO for the 4 pounds down! :cp: That had to brighten your day! About massages, I wish I wasn't so darn fat, because I'm too embarrasses to go get a body massage, and would love that!

A big hello to anyone else reading this. :wave:

Sheesh, the day went by so fast! I did some cleaning and shopping, & got some paperwork taken care of. I also just got off the treadmill a little while ago, and need to go take a shower. My foot is better than before, but not as good as it was this AM, but at least I could walk the treadmill again.

Tomorrow is a party for Macy who's turning 4, and then there's one for Mary on Monday. The desserts served at both places will be easy for me to pass up. I'm doing really good with the food and water. For some reason, I've been having trouble remembering my multivitamin. I guess I'll have to get one of those pill-minder thingies old people use. (don't even GO there! tee hee)

Have a good weekend,

01-20-2007, 09:13 AM
Hi Ladies.

Basically I got a cat scratch from my cat who got overly excited when he heard a cat fight that was happening OUTSIDE. He is an INDOOR cat. He ran into our other cat (also strictly an indoor cat), who has no claws and his teeth are filed down, so I stupidly grabbed the cat who was attacking the clawless one and that is how I got scratched.

I am treating my arm and also my DH looks at it every single day, he is a paramedic and also used to work in the ER. ;) I will go to the dr if it gets bad, but so far it is healing nicely.

Thanks for your concerns.


01-20-2007, 09:46 AM
I also wanted to add, separately, that I stood up for myself and DH and all overweight people out there who get ridiculed!

There is this guy at work, I think I've mentioned him before, he always makes rude comments about DH's weight, now I know men are different towards each other than women are, but nobody else makes the comments that this guy makes. So last night he was saying something again. I have told him several times that its not nice and to pls not do it but I think he always thought I was only "joking" but last night he found out I was not!!!!!!

Oh he is also the same guy who asked me why I was reading/looking at Glamour Magazine. "Like I should be reading Car and Driver I asked?" He had no answer for that one!!!!!! Doesn't he know he shouldn't mess with a "Jaded Lady" :devil:

Basically I just told him to not say that about DH's or anybody's weight anymore around me because I didn't appreciate it at all and to pls stop it.

01-20-2007, 10:55 AM
Sassy--you crack me up :rofl:
Seriously though--a cat bite/scratch can be a bad thing (except when Ted Nugent is singing about "Cat Scatch Fever" didn't you just love Ted in the 70's in his loin cloth...) There is bacteria in a cat and a dog's mouth that can cause severe infection--I have a long story about how a cat bite actually put me in the hospital and almost losing part of a finger because I didn't go to the doctor's soon enough and get antibiotics!!
As a very shy introverted sixth grader I brazenly spoke up to a very popular eigth grade jock who was picking on my older brother who was also in eigth grade about his weight--my brother still jokes about how I did it in the middle of the cafeteria and the cafeteria got very quiet....I embarrassed the guy so bad he didn't pick on him the rest of the year and then that summer betwen eight and ninth grade was when my brother grew a foot and after he towered everyone at 6'6 nobody picked on him anymore :kickbutt:

Jane-Honey I am not a "little" person at over 200 pounds so don't let the weight stop you from getting a massage--I love the girl that DD and I go to--she did her training at Penn State and worked on football players. Glad your foot is better!!

Hi to everyone else!!

01-20-2007, 03:15 PM
Hello ladies..., sounds like you had a terrible experience with the cat. I would definitely go to the doctor just to be safe. Just be careful and take it easy with our arm.

JULES...WTG on your loss! WOOHOO! :carrot: :woohoo: No, haven't read anything good lately, haven't even read anything period. I haven't been in much of a reading mood for a while now.

JANE...glad your foot is better and you were able to walk on the treadmill.

VANN...we are glad to have you here. How was the movie last night? What did you guys watch?

Hi to everyone else :wave:

I'm supposed to be cleaning but I am pooped right now. Was up early and did a mile walk on the treadmill before heading to It Figures. Man, that was dumb. The weather here is horrible...snowing like crazy. When I came home I shoveled the driveway, not sure why because the snow was falling and covering it as fast as I was shoveling. I went down it and then came up it and it was covered. But...there won't be as much to shovel once it's all said and done. I was out there for 1 1/2 hours. Hope I don't get hair was soaked when I came in. Anyway, doing some laundry right now. I'm not going to spend the whole day cleaning because no one is going to show up tomorrow...if they do they are as crazy as us for leaving. :crazy: :lol: Anyway...I'll go shovel some more in a few hours to stay on top of it. Just in case someone does show tomorrow we don't want them slipping or falling. Then V will do it tomorrow as well before we head out the door. I swear I don't know how the poeple live and deal with living in the north...where they have to deal with snow all the time. I hate this and we don't get it all the time but when we do it is a pain in the ***!

Monday evening we are going to join WW, yippee! I've been wanting to for a while but so has V. So we are going to do it Monday.

Take care ladies and have a good day and weekend!

01-20-2007, 04:54 PM
Afternoon ladies--

Just a real quick one as hubby and I are taking off in a little bit.

Sassy---You NEED to go to the dr and get checked out if you haven't already. Stray cats can carry who knows what. I work in a lab and see so many things come through for testing.....Bartonella is one we see. (from cat scratches) So....get your butt to the doctor and have it looked at.

Where's our nurse girl??? What do you think?

Hello to everyone else! :wave:

I will catch up w/the rest of you later on. Hugs to you all and thank you once again for the Birthday wishes!!

:hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

01-20-2007, 06:06 PM
Hi ladies,

Sassy - ditto what the others say about the cat scratches/bites. And yay for you sticking up for your DH. I used to stick up for my bff in high school when she got teased about her weight. She was shy, and I was not, (imagine that! ;) ) so I used to take her part on a regular basis.

Julie - hmmm... if I knew a masseuse who worked on football players, I'd probably make an appointment, lol. That's my weight category! But most football players are probably more muscular than me, what with their "tight ends" and all, lol.

Cristina - I hope some people show up after you have gone to all that trouble! And I'm so glad you're joining WW! I think you'll like it.

Marti - didn't you get any Jaded birthday cards?? Have fun with your sweetie today.

Hello also to Sue, Mary Kate, Tammy, Jodi, Vann, Michelle, Judith and Kathy, and anyone else reading this.

Well ladies, I'm down another 1 1/4 pounds. :cp: That makes 6 1/4 so far. We just got back from Macy's party a little while ago. I behaved myself and had a tiny scoop of sherbet, a bottle of water, and no cake at all.

Well, Neal and I are heading back to town later to eat and rent some movies. We're supposed to get a bunch of snow, (YAY!) and may not make it out for a day or two.


01-20-2007, 07:51 PM
Back again, lol.

When I was on earlier I completely forgot to go post my WI on the TBL thread, duh. Anyway, just wanted to say HI again.

JANE...WTG on the loss! :carrot: You're doing GREAT! :woohoo:

The open house was cancelled again because of weather. Too much snow and what a mess. can have all this mess. I did the driveway again and I don't ever want to see any snow again!

Better get going. My chili is cooking and I need to go check it. It is actually left over from last night. I cooked it and V came home and said I was wanting to go out. Ha, that's all he had to say, lol. So even though I consider it leftover and I hate leftovers, that is what is for dinner. Good night for it too.

Take care ladies and have a good weekend!

01-20-2007, 09:28 PM
Hey all,

Thanks everybody for your concerns.

Well take care, better end this before it gets too long! :rofl:

Have a Great Night!

01-20-2007, 11:35 PM
Evening ladies!

Marti--Happy Belated Birthday. I hope you are celebrating big this weekend. Have fun!!

Vann-I see you live in NC. My dh grew up outside of Greenville and is an ol NC State guy. We visit there often.

Jane--Congrats on the 1 1/4 lbs lost. Sorry that you had a little more pain with your foot. I'm sure that once the cortisone really kicks in, you will get relief. As for the old lady pill reminder...don't bother...I have one in my purse and still can't remember to take my multi-vit. Maybe I'll try putting the entire bottle in my coffee mug as a reminder in the morning!!

Jules--Wow...4 lbs!!! I'm not getting on the scale for a few days due to my period. Gotta get rid of that water weight first. So you live in WVA. My sister lives there and works at the Canaan Valley Resort. She moved from Florida this past year and must be in weather shock from the snow.

Sassy--Listen to everyone!!! Take care of that arm and watch for any signs of infection, fever etc. Just play it safe and go get it checked by your doc.

Christine--What a pain with the cancellation of your open house. I'm sure that when the weather and snow clears, and the closer it gets to spring, that will be the prime time for real estate sales. Most people want to buy and close on a house prior to the upcoming school year. Hang in there!! Oh, and good luck with WW.

Hello to everyone else that I missed. I've had a few very busy days. I took my sis out for her birthday yesterday. Today my dh and I went "healthy/organic" food shopping. We hit Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. I don't see how people with large families can afford to shop at Whole Foods. The prices were outrageous!! Of course, I was shopping in Annapolis, MD, which is one of the most pricey places anyone in Maryland can shop. Our cost of living is very high being close to DC. We did more browsing than buying and walked out of the store with a bag of wild rice, blueberries and low fat choc cookies. Interesting combination, huh! Winter has finally hit us and it has been very cold and windy. I feel for you all with the snow. We usually get 2-3 storms with several inches of snow but I wouldn't miss it at all this year if it decides to skip us. Wishing you all a great weekend!

01-21-2007, 12:49 AM
Check out the new scale we bought today! I'm a calorie counter now and this thing is amazing! It has a memory for everything I eat and add to it...and it will calculate my total calories for the day or if I want, for the week. (I only like to know for the day.)

When you put in lets say a piece of fruit like an apple, it lets you know how much it weighs, then it gives you all the nutritional value for it. VERY cool. Anyway....wanted to share. Been wanting one for awhile, but felt it was just too much money......James thought I should have one. Now isn't that sweet?

Sorry I'm not catching up tonight. I will tomorrow though. Hugs to you all!

01-21-2007, 09:51 AM
Cristina--I am trying not to buy any new books and just check them out at the library. I miss the bigger library I used to go to in Maryland, they had so much more than the one here. My dh hates leftovers except for three--chili, spaghetti & homemade baked macaroni & chesses--he says they all taste even better reheated.

Jane--you crack me up!! Yay on your wl!! You are doing so great. BTW my "end" is not very tight at all, in fact it has a jello like consistency!!

Sassy--the cat that bit me was a very loving mostly indoor cat that we had for years. just be careful--your hubby too!! I still say go get some antibiotics. BTW I LOVE your long posts!!

Tammy- I was afraid to get on the scales with the effects of TOM and expected it to be bad and was so pleased when it wasn't!! I was so disappointed the week before when it was 1/2 a pound the first week. I am trying to look at it as a loss is a loss and if I have a gain or bad week then the next week starts fresh. Annapolis is beautiful!! I wish the Whole Foods & Trader Joes came further west, there is a Common Market Coop in Frederick near the FSK mall, but even that is almost an hour away. Why is it the food that is better for you is always so much more expensive? My kids have been to Canaan Valley Resort--they went skiing with the youth group for several years but that was awhile ago. Whitetop outside of Clearspring MD and the Wisp near Oakland are actually closer to us than Canaan but Canaan is more beautiful they say. My dd keeps wanting to go skiing again--she is trying to talk the new guy into it.

Marti--Is that the WW scale?? They showed one at the meeting and the leader's husband bought it for her and she says she loves it--it even figures WW points. Maybe I will treat myself when I get to oneunderland!!

DD & gf are coming out today--I am not sure with the icy weather they are calling for though. She is working four 10 hour shifts and loves it, but is going to try to get a five eight hour shift when one comes available. I told her the four 10 hour days are the best though you do get tired by the end of it. The company that my son is working for now is going to send him to a local technical school to take heating and air conditioning classes two nights a week. He's excited. DD and the new guy are doing fine--she hasn't found any fatal flaws, he isn't perfect she says, but there is nothing she can't live with. She says he is a little jealous but no more than she is. The ex was going to beat up a guy for staring at dd at the mall. The ex stalker guy seems to be out of the picture--the new guy talked to mutual friends of both DD and her ex and made it clear that he should leave her alone. I hope the ex finds a girl that likes controlling and possesive!!

01-21-2007, 02:32 PM
Hi Ladies..So sorry I missed you yesterday!!

I was getting ready for my dinner party ;) ...the food was only "fair" to me..the guest were kind and said it was good, but the meat was way to over done..oh well..Crab next time:-)

Jules- 4 lbs..that would be a dream!! Congratulations!! :carrot: Definitley makes up for the .5 lb the week before..but I only lost a (1) lb this week and I keep reminding myself..slow and steady like a turtle...I think in the long run that would be the better kind of loss for me:-) AND I think a massage a week would be with the day to day stress!! Good to hear from you :)

Jane- I remember the cherrio trick, but this little guy is so modest..he doesn't want me in the bathroom. It is hilarious... I have never been around a modest 3 year old. Hope the pain subsides soon in your foot..I know that for me pain makes me want comfort food..AND 1.5 lbs is WONDERFUL!! :carrot:

Sassy- I have 2 cats so I can relate that type cat fight intervention, but do keep an eye on it because I agree with some of the others that you can get some pretty nasty infections from cats. AND...Good for you for being the assertive women for all overweight. It never ceases to amaze me at all the cruel people in the world. I hear my DS talk about things that are said to him and it make me so angry!!!! It is hard to coach an 11 yr old on how to deal with that because the peer factor is so vital to their development. Any suggestions here would be appreciated...

Christina- Thanks for your kind words. We watched "How to eat fried Worms" My DS warned me that it was gross and he was right, but perfect for a boy his age :-)

Marti- Hope you had a big Birthday Celebration!!!

Tammy-- The friends I have over for dinner had just left the NC State game..they got beat pretty bad!. I am not a big sports fan, but I sometimes watch State because I live here...

Today is a lazy day and I am so tired again. I still haven't gotten vitamins, but plan to get them this week. It has been a crazy work week and I don't see if getting any better anytime soon as I leave for a major trip a week frokm today. I am concerned because I won't have the ability to log my food and to chat with you girls for like 5 days. I leave next Sunday and am in Atlanta until Thursday for a National Sales meeting. I will have wing it for days and to be honest the biggest concern is that is how I ended up packing on the weight to begin with. We go to these meetings and the food that they put in front of you is so hard to resist. I am planning on taking some of my snacks and treats to help me through, but any suggestions for managing this for 5 days would be appreciated!

Hello to anyone I wasn't intentional!

01-21-2007, 04:45 PM
JulesHow old is your daughter? Mine is 13 and she is really getting into wearing makeup. I have been keeping her supplied in lip gloss for years but now she is using foundation and all that.
CONGRATS on 4 lbs down- WHOO HOO

Jane Congrats on your weight loss!!! it snowed here last night. Haven't heard about your area, did you get snow or ice? Last I heard it was going to be a toss up in the Southern part.

Marti What a hi-tech scale!!!!

As for me, was planning on staying in pj's all day, but saw in the ads that Wii's were out in the paper, so me and son went on a Wii hunt. All were gone by the time we got there. grrr.... I am so tired of looking for that stupid thing. My daughter and I are having a Karaoke Revolution contest on the Ps2 this afternoon. Just having a lazy, fun day. Not looking forward to my WI tomorrow morning. I was, but it's now TOM and I figure it will really mess me up, but then again think of the WL I could have next week-lol.



01-21-2007, 04:57 PM
Hey all,

Well we got our snow! No ice yet, thankfully! I hope that holds out until tomorrow when we are safe and at home! (we work tonight)

Thanks everybody. Me and DH are keeping a close eye on my arm and its actually doing really good!

Vann -- I can certainly relate to your DS I was teased and tormented most of my childhood (& adulthood). I even got to the point where I would "pretend" to be sick so I wouldn't have to go to school to deal with it. Eventually of course my mom figured it out and she went up to the school and talked with the principal and I seem to remember that she even talked with the superintendent because for some reason I remember even going to his house once.

That all really didn't help, but it did make the school aware of what was going on at least. But a lot of things changed once I met my best friend that I had from 7th grade to way past HS. She was more assertive than I was, so she really brought me out of my shell and made me realize that I too had a mouth and could use it!

I even nailed one guy who was tormenting me forever, just non-stop would not give it up. So finally one day I had enough and just punched him and then threw him into the lockers and told him basically if he didn't leave me alone I'd beat his face in! lol. Now I know now a days you can't hardly even look at another kid the wrong way and your suspended, so I don't recommend that now. But it did help and that guy NEVER bothered me again! It did help that a guy that was in my next period class saw the whole thing and the guy I punched was in that class too, and the guy who saw it told EVERYBODY that the guy got punched by a girl! lol.

So I'm really not sure how to deal with it now a days with them being so strict with things. I guess maybe you could go and talk with the school then, see what they want to do or something? Not really sure, but I know its a pain to deal with everyday so I do feel for your DS.

Well here I go again with another long post. lol.


01-21-2007, 06:53 PM
Sassy--Thanks so much for the candid feedback! I haven't been to the school yet...certainly will if needed, but he is still in elementary school so I know that next year will get worse.

I do hope that he will meet that friend, because your'e right..if there is ONE person in the world that accepts us as we are ...we feel more connected..more grounded and right now he really doesn't have that friend.

We moved and so I take him to school now. I am hoping that when he starts middle school he will meet someone that lives in our area that he can develop a friendship with....

I felt so bad for him yesterday ..he is in the big brother/big sister program and his big brother came to take him swimming and he is so self consience he wouldn't take his shirt off. The Big Brother has agreed to be more connected I hope that will help...

Thanks and again and STAY SAFE in your weather...Ice can be ugly!!!

Good night everybody!! Hugs to ya...

01-21-2007, 07:21 PM
Hi ladies...

Nothing much going on. I am really feeling bad from all the shoveling yesterday. I really didn't feel so bad while I was doing it but I definitely over did it. There is no way I will go to IF arms, upper back and shoulders are sore. Hopefully, by Wed. I'll be back at it (IF). Surprisingly with my arthritis in my arms that is not bothering me at all, just sore from working those muscles.

MARTI...that is a cool little tool there.

JULES...same here...I am trying, key word trying, lol, to not buy any books. I've got tons I need to read. I won't even check out any at the library when DD and I go. DH#1 he loved leftovers and said they always taste better the second time around, ick. V will even eat leftovers, as will Jason. For me it totally depends on what it is...salad, yes, or chicken and I will put in in a salad, and some things at Thanksgiving and Christmas time, other than that, ick. LOL WTG to your son! And glad Teri is doing great! :hug:

SASSY...yeah, just be careful with your arm. And I too love your long posts! Glad you guys have the snow. Today was a good melting day but still lots to go. is a pain but this cancellation I really didn't mind, lol. Especially after yesterday. I have spent most of the day in bed with an ice pack pn my upper back. Feeling better now thank goodness. But really sore. I hear ya about the organic store...they are sooo expensive. I've heard lots about Trader Joe's but we don't have one here, :(

JODI...that's exactly what I did...stayed in my pj's all day. Actually, spent most of the day in bed, lol. I had to get up body doesn't take kindly to laying around too much.

VANN...glad you guys enjoyed the movie. Glad your dinner party went well. I bet they did like the menu. Will you be able to see any sights while in Atlanta? It really is a pretty place but that airport, ugh! Actually, we really didn't see much of Atlanta, just the airport and driving on our way out, lol. My son did his basic training at Ft. Benning and we went down there a couple of times. I'll try to think of some tips.

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Was just getting on for a few mintues to say Hi. Figured I better post otherwise I would get behind. Take care and lot's of hugs to everyone. :hug:

01-21-2007, 08:23 PM
Hiya ladies, :cool:

Cristina - I'm glad your open house got cancelled so you didn't have to leave in all this bad weather. Don't blame you for not going to IF tomorrow with those sore muscles! You're smart to let them rest a bit first. When I make soup, like chili or vegetable soup, I always make it a day ahead because I like how the flavors blend overnight. Yep, it's easy to get behind here - that's why I'm here right now, lol.

Sassy - I'm glad you're keeping a good eye on your arm. It's just too bad that some people have to make themselves feel better by tormenting others, and I'm sorry that you were made to feel that way in school. If I'd been there, I would've stood up for you, like I did for my buddy Kathy. :hug:

Tammy - oddly, I have had no pain in my foot today. I didn't know that the cortisone had to kick in - I've never had it before. Your words are very encouraging, because I thought maybe it didn't "take"after all. Oh how I wish we had a Whole Foods in my neck of the woods. Nothing even remotely close around here. Well, I live in the country and grow lots of fruits and vegetables, so that should count, right?

Marti - hey, that scale thingy is cool! I hope you're having fun this weekend.

Jules - I do my best to crack everyone up, tee hee. :D Did you have a good visit with DD and GF? Oh I'm sooooo glad the stalker is history!

Vann - lol, I've never known a modest 3 y/0, either. And hugs to your DS! I hope you get some time to explore Atlanta. I've never been, but would love to go there. Especially when the peaches are ripe! How to make it through the feeding frenzy you asked? Here are some friendly suggestions: Concentrate on what's more important - eating all the goodies, or your weigh-in next time. Go ahead and take small portions of foods that you don't get often, but don't waste your calories on the ordinary foods that are always around. Except for veggies - fill up on them. Drink water before meals to help fill you. Dr. Oz says to eat 8-10 nuts 1/2 hour before dinner to take the edge off. (Take them from home in a tiny snack baggie so you won't be temped to eat 1/2 a jar full. ) Also, as soon as you've had your allotted amount of food, get rid of your plate and chew some gum or suck on a sf mint. That will keep you from eating more. Keep your hands busy. If you start to feel that you may just eat everything in sight, excuse yourself and hide out in the bathroom if necessary until you gain control. You can do this! If anyone around you comments on you not taking this or that food, tell them that your tummy is a tad upset. Nobody ever questions that. If all else fails, use aversion therapy - picture roaches crawling all over the dessert table. Ewww! Hope you don't become anorexic after that last bit, lol.

Jodi - well, we got ice and then a teeny bit of snow on top of it overnight. Early afternoon brought rain that melted it all. Sorry your Wii hunt didn't work out. Sooner or later you'll get one, though. I hope you've enjoyed your lazy day. Sounds great!

Hello to anyone else reading this. :wave:

I'm finished with the cookbooks!!!!!!!! :cp: This is a major accomplishment, and a huge relief! I'll give them out to the girls after Mary's bd party tomorrow.

Speaking of cooking - I baked a turkey today for Sunday dinner and to just have around. No, there were no noodles or pumpkin pie, lol. Just some wild rice and a broccoli dish. The house smelled divine, though!

Gotta run! Toodles for now. :hug:

01-21-2007, 10:44 PM
Good Evening Ladies!

Just a quick fly by....Brothers and Sisters come on at 10 and it's one of my favorites. We got snow!!!! Yeah, us whimpy Marylanders got an entire one inch of the stuff and you would think that we were getting a blizzard. The ticker tape warnings are still running at the bottom of the TV announcing that the "storm" will continue until late tomorrow morning with a "possible accumulation of one inch"!! That's been about the extent of my Sunday excitement. Jane, excellent advice to Vann and I ditto everything you said.

We ate entirely healthy today. Whole wheat waffle with blueberries and sugar free syrup for breakfast. Turkey burger without the bun for lunch along with a piece of fruit then a pork loin with brown and wild rice for dinner. We just topped the day off with sugar free jello and lite cool whip. I am still dying for a piece of chocolate and blaming it on my period.

Gotta work tomorrow and hope it's not icy out. I got 15 min to pack my lunch for tomorrow. Sleep well tonight ladies and talk at ya'll tomorrow.

01-22-2007, 02:16 AM
Hello ladies!

Just got done walking and I thought I would pop in and catch up some. I had a great relaxing weekend. Didn't do a whole lot, which I really enjoy! :D Got the scale yesterday and my hubby bought a paper making thing for me. I've been wanting to make home made decorative paper. Messy but fun.

Jane--Congratulations on the loss!! :cp: I knew you could do it. I think I'll have either a little gain or nothing at all on my WI. I wasn't as good this week as I should have been. I've come to realize though that I shouldn't beat myself up for it...just continue onward. (maybe I should have my WI before I have this conversation??? :lol: )

Tammy--I know what you mean about prices for whole foods! I've commented to my hubby not too long ago of how expensive it is to eat now. But now that our portions are smaller...the food seems to last longer. So maybe it evens out?? If you want a piece of chocolate....have one. It will curb that craving. Get some hershey kisses and have one. They're small and they do the trick. (that's what I've been doing.)

Jules--Fantastic on your loss too!! :cp: That's just wonderful especially w/TOM!! And you're right about looking at a loss is a loss. I'll take any loss! Great news to hear that the stalker is gone. You're DD must feel a bit relieved.

Vann--It's hard for me to take my vitamins. I have to make sure I keep them where they'll always be in my way so I do take them. I was REALLY tired last summer. Seemed like I couldn't get any energy. After some blood test they told me I was anemic. So that's about when I started thinking that I really need to take better care of myself. Got my vitamins, bought a treadmill and started eating better. Made a huge difference. As for your trip. Do you track them on Fitday? You can always bring a journal w/you and track it on that then when you get access to a computer put it all in. That's the nice thing about can go back to days you missed.

Jodi--Wii's and PS3 are just so in demand aren't they? We bought a PS3 a couple days before Christmas. Shocked that hubby actually got one. Now we see them and the Wii's everywhere! Hopefully you'll get one soon.

Christina--Did you get a lot of snow for you to be shoveling? Good idea to stay home the next day so you don't over do it and strain a muscle. I really need to start doing some upper body workouts. I love walking, but it's time to do some weight lifting. Do you lift weights at IF?

Sassy--Glad to hear that you're arms doing ok. Just a bunch of worried cyber sisters here! Good for you for sticking up for your DH. People think they're joking and just don't realize what they're saying sometimes. If they just paid attention, they'd know that words really do hurt!

Hello to everyone else out there!! Ok....I need to get going. I'm dehydrated and I need to quench that thirst!

Have a wonderful night!

01-22-2007, 07:55 AM
Howdy Girls. :coffee2:

Well thankfully we (so far) have not got any of that nasty ice! Just some snow and now its all slush, at least it was when we were driving home this morning from work!

Lemme tell ya I'm so glad its Monday (my Friday) because lastnight/this morning was a madhouse! I thought I was going to go crazy (er)! lol. :dizzy:
It was busy, busy, busy! But it did make the night go by quickly! :comp:

News Update on my arm: it looks really good this morning, I'm happy to report in to my Cyber Drs. lol. No swelling, no redness, looks good! :yes: I keep it clean and keep putting peroxide & neosporin on it, seems to be working!

Now I just have to get my bum in gear on my days off and get this place cleaned up! I need to strip our bed, I will do that tomorrow. My cat was nice enough to leave us a little present on our comforter :barf: I washed that spot off just for now, I will wash the whole thing later on today after we get up. ;)

OH and The Colts are in the SUPERBOWL! :woohoo:

Okay guess that is all for now!

Have a Wonderful Monday!

01-22-2007, 01:54 PM
Morning Ladies--

Wanted to pop in as it's WI day for me. It's up .5lbs. Better than I thought! (I was expecting a couple pound gain) So this week I will be "kicking it up a notch" to quote Emeril! :D

Loving my new food scale......just need to learn how to use it better. (I'm no good w/high tech toys)

Alrighty to work I go!

01-22-2007, 03:27 PM
Hi ladies...:wave:

Nothing much going on. Feel weird because I didn't go to IF, and I haven't walked either. Not sure I will. I want to walk but think I will wait a day and see how I am feeling. Feeling good about going to WW this evening. :carrot:

SASSY...glad you are is doing well. Enjoy your days off!

JANE...I didn't want to have the open house but was going to go thru it. I think the realtor didn't want to this time. But you don't have to ask me twice what I think, lol. Turkey sounds delicious :T

MARTI...hey at least it wasn't too big of a gain. I had to WI sat and then turn around and wi today, yikes! I try not to weigh too much since it flucuates daily. And it did, I am up a pound, yikes! But I wanted to weigh before heading to WW. Then I'll weigh before I leave and see what the difference is between the two scales. I always hate weighing in the evening, because you've (me) had 2 meals, lots of water and have my clothes on, ugh. Anyway...we got 6 inches of snow, ick! I took pictures of the mess so when I get them back I will show ya. The reason I was sore is because I shoveled after I walked and went to IF. Then I shoveled it again about 3. If I wouldn't have done it the second time no one would have been able to see where the driveway was, lol. But I did over do it for sure and I won't do that again.

Hi to everyone else :wave:

I have got to go get something to eat, past my lunch time. And I am doing laundry. Glad I was up early to shower and get the house cleaned.

Take care ladies and have a GREAT day! :hug:

01-22-2007, 03:53 PM
Hi all! :wave:

Just a fly-by for now - Neal and I are headed to town to do some errands, but just wanted to say hi.

Sassy - I noticed that you edited one of your posts because you thought it was too long? Hey, girl, you can make your posts as long as you want! We care what's going on in your life, just as you care about us, too, :hug: and there are no limits to how long a post can be. Just wanted to make sure you know that, ok? Your posts always seem to bring excitement and fun to my hum-drum days. :yes:

I'll do individuals later today. Mwah <---- big smooch to you all. :D

01-22-2007, 05:29 PM
Back again...:lol:

Had to get online to check something really quick and so I thought I would stop by and say HI to the chickies :wave:

JANE...have a good time with Neal.

SASSY...I think I already said it but "ditto" what Jane said, and I think it was Jules...we love your long posts, and your short posts. All that matters is you post! :D I must say, you got me on the story of your arm at Wal-Mart, lol! :lol: I was reading the beginning and thinking OMG! :lol: Needless to say...I do enjoy your posts and love hearing how your days go. :hug:

Okay, better git...V will be home momentarily. Of course the meeting isn't until 5:30 but we need to get there by 5 and it will take a few minutes so...

Have a good one chickies! :wave: :hug:

01-22-2007, 06:45 PM
Hey Girlies.

Thanks Everybody. I surely do appreciate your lovely & wonderful comments. I just always worry that my posts are way too long cuz you all know I can get to rambling away sometimes! lol.

We are getting snow now, nothing heavy, but some flakes, as long as the ice stays away, I don't care! lol.

Marti -- you know muscle does weigh a bit more than fat, so maybe this the reason for the .5 gain? And gotta love Emeril! I hope you had a good day at work!

Cristina -- You deserve a day off from exercising, but since you cleaned, you know you can burn a lot of calories that way, right? I need to do major cleaning myself and laundry, need to strip our bed and all......Saw your 2nd post......Thanks. Like I said to Jane below, I'm just a big ole worry wart! lol.

Jane -- Thanks Lady. I guess I'm just a big worry wort. lol. I hope you and Neal had fun in town!

I hope everybody is having a great Evening!


01-22-2007, 07:53 PM
Good Evening Ladies!!

You guys are all so inspirational to me and I am grateful to call you my cyber friends!!

Christina- Atlanta will be filled with TONS of Trainings and meeting and FOOD--no fun..I have been frequently and have a friend that lives I won't miss the sights. I hate leaving my DS..he is staying with Mom which is new for him. I usually have a college girl that stayed with him ,but she moved:-( Oh well..we will survive and hopefully without a weight gain :dizzy:

Jane--WOW thank so much for the sounds like you have had experience in this area. I am going to write all your tips down in my day planner!! they all sound like great diversions and that is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks --AND have fun with Neal!

Jodi- My DS got a Wii for will enjoy it when you get it, but there are not many games out yet....Good luck

Marti- Thanks for your tips as well..I do use Fitday and I really love keeps me accountable..good and bad and there has been some of both :)
I hope to have some computer access that will allow me to communicate to all of you guys.!! I love your scale..what kind is it?? AND I think anytime we are working on weight loss there are going to be times that we regress a is a part of the process. You will probably loose over 3lbs next is all a part of what drives the motivation..hand in there and know how much you are valued here!!

Sassy--YEAH COLTS..what sport is that ???? LOL

Hello to everyone else and big hugs to all :hug:

01-22-2007, 08:14 PM
vann--I hear Atlanta is a fun city--my coworker/friend's daughter is there going to an Interior Design School--she loves it so much she is thinking about moving there--of course that's where her boyfriend is, but my friend enjoys going there to visit--says there is alot of interesting things to do. Does your son and mom get along? My son loves my mom--they used to go on trips together and he spent the night there until his upper teens. They went on a daytrip every fall until he started working full time to Skyline Drive to see the colors. The hit alot of historical places, Mt Vernon, Monticello, Frank Lloyd Wrights house in PA.

Sassy--glad your arm is better--I was worried about you!! We got a little snow and none of the freezing rain which made me happy!!

Cristina--I am glad I rejoined WW, I am really enjoying it. Have fun!!

Jane-smooches back at you!! Because of the weather DD & gf didn't come out though he needs to--he has a splinter that is getting sore and DH is the master at removing splinters. The boss at his new company is sending to a local technical school for Heating and AC certification. Cool huh!!

Marti-"BAM!" you can do it!!

Tammy--I haven't watched Brothers and Sisters, I saw Rob Lowe joined the cast. It replaced my show Grey's Anatomy when it moved from Sundays to Thursdays. It's funny, I heard that Rob Lowe was considered for Patrick Dempsey's role as McDreamy on Grey's--I would bet he is kicking himself.

Jodi-My DD is turning 20 in June and DS will be 22 on April Fools Day!! Her latest order gets delivered tomorrow--she likes their foundations and eyeshadows and has been using the eyeliner since high school. She also bought the Steelers NFL throw.

Rough day today at work--busy and all sorts of problems--I was going to go to the gym but I am mentally exhausted and my eye is twitching!! Everyone have a great nite!!

01-22-2007, 10:41 PM
Ok, so I was a bit bummed this morning... had my weigh in- gained 1 pound. But then I got to considering the fact that I just started TOM and that usually causes about 3 pound gain, so maybe I am really down 2. haha
I started thinking about the positives to try and get my mind off of number.

1. I ate a lot of salad last week (I love salad, but never really eat it much)
2. I actually ate fruits (something I NEVER do)
3. I walked- on purpose -3 times last week
4. I stayed on plan!

Soooo.... I am NOT giving up. I am expecting a great wl next week to make up for this. Our leader made us all promise to earn 1 point this week for exercise. Everyone agreed that was doable. So I went hunting again for my misplaced "Walk Away the Pounds" tape and finally found it and did the 1 mile tonight. I was really proud of myself, and really that is what this is all about.



01-23-2007, 12:52 AM
Well, I said I'd be back, and here I am! :D

Tammy - I really, really like Brothers and Sisters, too! I have always liked Sally Fields and the rest of the cast is good, too. The one who plays the mistress is married one of the producers, and they were both in 30 Something. (For the life of me, I can'r remember their names. :dizzy: ) Did you ever watch that show? Hey, your menu yesterday sounds very good and healthy. When I just gotta have some chocolate, I buy 1 candy bar. I have to really, really want one, though, because as a compulsive overeater, that has been known to throw me totally off program.

Marti - I love the scales, too. Please give the link for it, ok chicka? Your itty bitty gain is probably just water and will be gone next week.

Sassy - hey, I'm from Indiana, and so of course I'm for the Colts. I've seen them play in Indy before, but have to say I'm not a football fan, lol. Glad to hear (read?) that your arm is looking better. Yes, you have lots of cyber sisters here who worry about you! And each other.

Cristina - how'd the WW meeting go? I hope you liked it! Years ago I used to go to the night meetings, and just went ahead and had dinner every meeting night anyway. Although there were some times I considered skipping dinner so my weigh in would be less, I knew I'd have to skip it every other week then, too. And let me tell ya, I'm not one who likes to skip a meal, lol!

Vann - yw for the tips. I lost 85 pounds 3 years ago with WW. Well, I began 3 years ago, but it took me a year to lose it. Unfortunately, I gained a huge portion of it back. So I'm working on it all over again. But I did learn some coping stategies and am glad you think they'll help. When do you leave for your trip?

Jules - so how does your DH get splinters out? I've let glue dry on the tip of them before, then when you pull the dried glue off, the splinter comes, too. Aww, I'm so sorry you had a rough day at work. :hug: Hopefully, it will be better tomorrow. If not, how about if you call in sick Wednesday, and hang our here with us all day? :D Par-tay!

Jodi - yay for you having all those positives! And yay, too, for dusting off that WATP video.

Neal and I got our errands done. He cracks me up at Walmart, buying guy stuff. I picked up some fresh fruits and veggies. I'm getting hooked on baked sweet potato fries!

Mary's birthday party was fun. She had fruit salad for Gina, Terry and me since we are trying to behave. So one more day OP. There're adding up. :carrot:

Toodles for now! :cool:

01-23-2007, 02:44 AM
Hello Ladies-- :wave:

Thought I would get on to catch up some. I've done my walk for the night and I did really well with eating. I've found that I need to keep tracking my walks on paper....for some reason it helps me keep going. I can't seem to figure how to explain it,,,,,but just know I know what I'm talking about. :lol:

Jane--Glad to hear that you had fun at Mary's party. I love sweet potatoes. We eat them mashed or baked. James likes to add butter and brown sugar...they're sweet enought for me to eat plain. Good stuff. Here is the link to the scale I bought.
It's very nice and handy.

Jodi--Thinking of all the positives truly helps. I knew that I'd have a gain this WI due to the days of not so good eating and a couple days of missed walks. But there are so many right things that I'm doing that it makes up for it. And we'll work on it this week to see a loss next week right?

Jules--Do you do yoga? I do it every now and then. I got things to do it, but for some reason I just don't. But when I really helps bring the stress levels down. Hope tomorrow is a less stressful day for you.

Vann--Hmmm....a three pound loss next week? That would be great. But as long as it's not a huge gain I'll be happy. I've decided to pay attention to my attitude towards my weightloss this time. I was such a downer and so negative in the past. And that just really kept me from losing or trying harder. I'm tired of being that I try to stay more positive. Of coarse I'm just going to have those day where I just don't want to be.....but that's usually during TOM. (what an excuse eh?):lol:

Sassy--I don't mind your long posts either. I tend to have long ones myself every now and then. And as for Emeril.....I love watching his show. But you know what, the last show I watched was on comfort foods. And oh man....since I've been counting calories and keeping smaller portions...I had a hard time enjoying it like used to! I kept telling hubby "Do you see the size of that? That's gotta add up to at least 1000 calories total" and stuff like that. Crazy!

Cristina--Now how the heck did I miss that you're going to WW meetings?? That's great. I hate to weigh in too much also. I hate to weigh in at all! But I need to keep track of how I'm doing so I can see if I'm on the right track to a healthier life. I keep needing to measure myself but I haven't done that since.....can't remember. I can really see a difference when I measure.

Hello to Sue, Tammy, MaryKate and the rest of you girls that I've missed. :wave: Hope to hear from you again soon.

Well I better get myself off the computer. You all have a great night and I'll chat w/you tomorrow!

01-23-2007, 06:27 AM
Good Tuesday Morning, all!!!!! :coffee:

I just got done watching a show called, "Extreme Skinny Celebrities" all about what the title says and how that some celebrities are risking their health by being so thin. There was a Dr. on there who gave estimates on their life spans based on statics and everything and a lot of them won't live long if they keep it up, at least according to this dr.

It was eye opening to say the least and kind of heart wrenching too because it made me think of my mom. :cry: She is a small woman and always has been thin, but after my step dad died, she really lost a lot of weight. Which I can understand after losing everything she did, but still its frightening.

I know I can't really talk much because I'm at the other end of the spectrum, which is just as bad, if not probably worse. It made me think back to when I was a smaller size and how my mentality about my body was even back then. Even at my lowest weight, I still thought I was ENORMOUS and looking back at the pictures, I think I looked pretty good and I would love to be back to that size again!!!!!!

We watched the Wicker Man w/ Nicolas Cage tonight. Boy was that a "Different" movie!!!!!! I made a mistake and made a "Boxed Dinner" for dinner tonight, it was yucky and I know, I know Boxed or Prepared dinners are not as good for you as cooking yourself........But it was in the cabinet and I didn't feel up to going out to the grocery. Guess I learned my lesson!

Ever since we ate dinner I keep coughing and coughing! I thought at first it was from dinner, aggrivating my Acid Reflux, but I am taking my medicine for it and it does work for me. So I hope its not another cold because I am not in the mood for another one! Although it could be possible since work is like a germanator!

Speaking of work, lots and lots of stuff happening. Won't go into it all, but lets just say there will probably be some MAJOR changes happening. This past weekend was rather interesting to say the least. It should (hopefully) be good changes for me and DH, but not so good for others who have been "slacking on the job" to say the least and are finally getting repromanded for it. ;) Well guess that is all about me, off to Indivduals......

Vann -- Hi :wave: The Colts are NFL Football Team. ;)

Jules -- Yes arm is a lot better, now I have this cough though! GRRRRRR! Will I ever be "healthy"???? lol. Yeah we got some snow today too, it is got really cold outside though.........

WTG Jodi! :cheer:

Jane -- Yeah I know I got a bunch of Cyber Sisters here who truely care about me, even though sometimes, like Real Life Sisters, we may annoy each other or disagree at times, we all know that deep down we do truely care for each other and I do appreciate that. ;)

You know I tried the Sweet Potato Fries and I just don't like em. I love Sweet Potatoes, just not as FF. lol. Glad you and Neal got your errands done. DH & I will be doing that either this coming weekend or next week (after we get paid) Glad you had a good time at Mary's Bday party and :woohoo: for staying OP!

Hey Marti -- WTG GIRLIE on the walking and all, you are doing GREAT! I agree, I need to start writing everything down, that worked for me before too. Yeah I saw that Emeril and DH & I were drooling, but that is as close as we got to that food! lol. Kind of like me drooling over Kenny Chesney, he is very yummy, but there is no way I'm going to ever get that! :rofl: Okay so maybe that isn't the same thing, but hey still the same that I can't get either of them! lmao.........Well you know what I mean! lol.....

Okay Girls I'm going to ask for you help, you are my Cyber Sisters after all, right???? As you all know I work nights/weekends and I work 10 hour shifts, which makes it difficult to always cook a home-cooked meal. So I want to ask each of you, if you wouldn't mind to pop over to the Food For Thought Thread and post your favorite HEALTHY easy to fix home cooked meals that I can do for DH & I? I don't want to do anymore frozen foods or boxed dinners as I know they aren't that great for ya! Even if you don't have any healthy easy meal ideas, even if you have a couple tips to throw at me, that would be awesome! :D

Thanks Ladies!!!!!!!


01-23-2007, 09:41 AM
Good morning everyone

Just popping in really quick to say hi.

Marti, I hope you had a good birthday.
I did write a nice long post that morning, and then the computer timed out and I lost the whole thing. I can't check the remember me box because I always use hubbys work laptop.

Anyways I must run and get ready for work.

I hope that you all have a wonderful day..

01-23-2007, 01:37 PM
Good morning ladies,

Marti - I think keeping track of our food and exercise helps so much. It's hard to deny the written numbers, lol. Doing it ahead of time works best for me. I have to be careful watching the Food channel, too, lol. Some of those meals make me drool.

Sassy - instead of going to a different thread, how about I mention a couple of my favorite healthy meals here to save time? I really love tilapia and other mild white fish. I bake it with some lemon juice squeezed on it, or sometimes a sprinkling of Italian bread crumbs or even salsa. Chicken breasts get boring after awhile, but they can be jazzed up the same way. Don't be afraid to experiment with new spices. Boneless pork tenderloin is great with some BBQ sauce in a skillet w/cooking spray. Wild or brown rice, sweet potatoes, couscous, and lentils are so good as a side dish. Or you could crumble some lean ground beef in, and call it a casserole. A small amount of pasta won't hurt - but portion control is key. Cook only a small amount, and you won't be able to go back for more. But most importantly is all the veggies! I have to admit that I love almost all veggies, raw or steamed to just "tender crisp". Fresh or frozen is best, and I can't tell you when I've bought canned ones. They are just too mushy and processed. We have at least 2 veggies choices for lunch and dinner every day. For salad dressings, be careful of the fat-free ones. They are usually loaded in corn syrup. Olive oil and vinegar is a great choice. Light-Done-Right are pretty good, too. As for dessert - fruit is great, and sugar free jello and puddings can be lifesavers. (well, ok, a sweet-tooth saver). Hope some of these ideas help.

Kathy - ah, how frustrating to be knocked off this site all the time. Since you're using DHs company computer and can't use cookies, you could always post a small message, then log back in and edit it, adding what else you want to say. Just a thought.

Hello to all who are reading this. :wave:

Well, here's some news. Gina's OB doc says he will take the baby probably in the 39th week now, instead of the 38th! Doesn't that seem awfully close to the due date for a c-section? I have a little jaunt I want to attend in early May, and now that looks out of the question. I don't want to be anywhere but here when little Jackson is born.

May bbl... have a good day. :hug:

01-23-2007, 04:32 PM
Hello ladies...

Not much going on, a kind of lazy day for sure. I am thinking about doing a walk once I get off the computer, not sure yet. Feeling blah and I know it's the weather. I will be heading back to It Figures tomorrow though. Feeling much better now so, time to get back to exercising.

MARTI...yeppers, I joined WW last night. I got in the habit of measuring once a month...when I remember, lol. It does really make a difference when you can see the difference. You are doing great!

JANE...I don't skip any meals on weigh in day, even if going to WW. We don't eat dinner before we leave because it's too early for us so we end up eating late. We would have had to eat at 4:30 and that is way too early for us, even 5 is early. I usually start dinner at 6, the latest 6:30. Last night we stopped and got some Subway sandwiches because we didn't get out of there until 7:15, yikes! Anyway, I have skipped a meal once in a great while. But not because it was planned...just got busy and time got away from me. Glad Mary's BD was fun for you guys.

KATHY...oh how I hated it when I would lose a long post, or even a short one. Always seemed like it happened when I was short on time and couldn't do another. Hope it gets better for ya...we miss you when you're not here.

SASSY...glad to hear your arm is doing well.

JODI...well, it's sounds like you had some NSV's even though you didn't lose. :carrot: :carrot: Glad to know you are not giving up! :hug:

Hi to everyone else :wave:

The WW meeting was fine. A LOT of people there, men and women, and a couple of kids as well. I am very positive about it and look forward to the WI's every week. I have day one planned and so far so good. I've used all my points, unless I decide to not have that cup of milk later. Not much of a milk drinker so may change it to a pudding cup. But you can't carry the points over so might as well use them all. Not going to mess with the 35 extra unless I need them. Going to try and save them for Thursday when I go shopping and Friday when we will eat out for DD's BD. But she wants applebees so I know they have some WW items. I was surprised to see that their scales were the same as ours! I was scared...because I hate to weigh at the end of the day. Anyway...

Better get going. I have a 72 hersey candy bars to wrap, and about the same number of bags to put some hersey hugs & kisses and other candy in little bags for the troops. I've got to get them mailed Friday so they get them by Valentine's Day. Will be a nice surprise for sure. And then Josh's BD is not long after that and I have no clue what to send.

Take care ladies and have a good day!:hug:

01-23-2007, 06:53 PM
Hi Ladies!!

Hope everyone is doing well...

Jane-Thanks again for the tips. I leave Sunday and am back home on Wednesday night--hopefully for dinner if there are no delays. It sounds like you are doing great...keep up your good work :carrot:

01-23-2007, 06:58 PM
I much have hit the wrong key..I wasn't done (LOL)

Marti--Be the turtle--slow and steady --and remember it is all about progress- not perfection. I think we all have gains from time to time..think about your frame of mind and what you are contributing here..Love seeing your post!

Sassy- OK..So I can pull for your team at the Super bowl!! YEAH AND I love your food idea..I will try and find a tried and true to post

Hi Kathy!!

Christina- YEAH for joining weight watchers..another accountablilty can only be a good thing and they are always so motivating!! Congratulations.. I wish I didn't work so much, but I get very little time with my you guys are stuck with me :-)

It was a pretty good day for me..I am sales and found out that my target is one of the largest in country..a little stressed, but I will deal with it..Still OP for the day:-)

Hugs to you all and for the those I missed..hello and have a good evening!

01-23-2007, 09:03 PM
Howdy Ladies,

Jane--I remember "30 Something" and I'm also really bad at remembering character names. I just hope that we aren't dissapointed and find that the networks cancel "Brother & Sisters". It seem like every time that I really get involved with a show, it gets cancelled. Let's keep our fingers crossed. I also love sweet pot fries but unfortunately I really like them sprinkled with powdered surgar, you know, like a funnel cake. I know, gotta break all the old habits!!

Jodi--Don't worry about one lb, especially with the TOM. I'm on my 5th TOM day and still afraid to get on the scale, which I always do totally in the buff, first thing in the morning and preferably after a good poo, which you can't always predict especially if you weigh before you eat or drink 'cause most of us need that caffeine first thing in the morning to go! OK, I guess a little TMI!!

Sassy---Hmmm....about them there Colts....Seems I have a little problem here considering they left Baltimore. Actually they sneaked out of town over 20 years ago and we Baltimorons have never forgiven them. Then they have the nerve to come back to town to play the Ravens and totally whoop our butts. The state of Maryland is still in mourning. Oh, BTW, I forgot to tell you that I really have no interest in football!!! I just tolerate it with dh!! So...a sincere congrats on getting to the superbowl, but I may be rooting for the other team....who is the other team????? See how much I know!! lol

Marti--love the scale!!

Kathy--My very first post was lost in cyberland and I was so dissapointed, I feel for ya!

Hi to Vann, Cristina, Jules and anyone that I missed. Looking forward to watching the crazies on American Idol tonight. It's getting really cold in our neck of the country and I hate the cold weather. Give me spring/summer anyday. Keep warm ladies. Gotta go!!

01-23-2007, 10:13 PM
Hey all,

Hope you all are well!


01-24-2007, 02:39 AM
Good evening ladies--

Let me tell you all that I really debated on walking tonight. Just didn't feel like it. And then I changed clothes and changed into my walking shoes and just started walking. And I feel pretty good about it too! Although, I was 3mins to the end when the treadmill stopped and I got an error message. (am I wearing it out already!) But at least I got my 2miles in.

Sassy--It can be very hard to get a good meal in when you work long hours. I can't really remember what all we ate back then when we worked the 12hr shifts. I do remember eating a lot of chicken casadilla's and burritos and taco's. Made w/low fat tortilla's and black beans instead of refried beans, chicken breasts, and veggies. I never liked to add all the other stuff such as cheese and sour cream or other sauces. Adding seasonings to the chicken while it's cooking helps. We made lots so we can take to work too. I'll try to think of other stuff too.

Kathy--Sorry that you're losing your posts. I thought you got a new computer? Or was that someone else? Just tell your hubby to mind his own business and then you'll be able to post all you want! :D Thank you for the Birthday wishes!

Jane--I hate to think of what I ate when I didn't keep track! I can only imagine the calorie and fat intake. I didn't hold back at all. Obviously, 20lbs in 4 months is a lot! But I'll slowly get it off. The FoodNetwork channel makes me drool too! I love to watch Good Eats. James makes a lot of stuff from that show. Rachel Ray is good too, but some of the things she says continuously drive me batty.....such as "yummo" I can't stand that! :dizzy:

Cristina--WW takes kids too? Is there an age limit? I knew you could cook for the entire family and every one can benefit from it, I just didn't realize that they could join. That's nice. reminded me that Valentines Day is just around the corner. I told James NO candy for me. I always get this HUGE box of chocolates. I end up eating 1/4 of it and he'll eat the rest. I don't need it at all! A flower will do nicely. :lol:

Vann--Slow and steady is the only way I can do it! :) So have you decided what you're going to do while on your trip? Going to bring a pocket notebook to record your food intake? I have one that goes w/me when I eat out. Of coarse I've only eaten out once since I've started watching everything, so I'm doing pretty good. You'll do fine and just remember....we'll be waiting to hear from ya once you get back!

Tammy--Ok.....I've heard one person at work talk about Brothers and Sisters. I have yet to see it anywhere on it must be on when I have another show I'm watching. What's it all about? Details girl details!:D

Hello to all the other gals out there!! :wave:

Well I have to say that I'm just glad this day is over. It has dragged on and on and I had no energy. But I managed to eat well, very well and I DID walk tonight. So for a blah blah day, I kept myself going. How I managed that is amazing! :)

Ok girls, have a good night and I'll try to pop in, in the morning before work.

Hugs to all!:hug:

01-24-2007, 01:16 PM
:( Hi Ladies,

Sorry I've been MIA, but I've had several things going on, and one you probably notice is my username has been changed again, because of a scare I've had from another site I belong to. I've been being harrassed by a lady on another site, and she only knows me by my former username, so using my own name here is fine. I don't think she even belongs here, but wanted to be on the safe side of things.:( She had me so upset and worked up yesterday, that I think my stress level caught up with me, but I had a horrible dizzy spell, I was all clammy, sick to my stomach and I couldn't quit shivering for a good two hours. I took two extra strength tylenols and laid down for awhile, and I did feel better, but I'm still not back to myself completely today, still fighting a headache. It's amazing how you can have someone you are very close to on a site, and they write you a PM asking you if you're okay and how you're doing, and I gave her my honest opinion why I didn't feel comfortable posting on her team anymore, and that was it, from there on out, she's had it out for me. Oh well, I'm going on and refuse to let her affect me like she did yesterday.:^: I have some good news, Oreo went in for her check up last Friday, and she got a clean bill of health. She's gained one pound so she's up to 4 pounds now, and she's feisty and being a normal little puppy into EVERYTHING!! The new picture in my avatar was just taken on Sunday when she came over to visit, and she's in her new winter coat. I hope all of you are doing good and have a wonderful day. Sorry I'm not doing personals, but just too many to catch up on, but I will do better next time.:grouphug:

01-24-2007, 01:35 PM
Good Morning Ladies--

Michelle--Goodness!! I'm sorry you had to deal w/someone like that on another board. Having to deal w/difficult people online is hard. You just really don't know where they're coming from. Which makes it hard to trust. You're safe here and we welcome you w/open arms to hugs!:hug:

Oreo looks adorable in her little jacket!! We've been talking about getting another chichi by next year.

Not a lot happening this morning. Last night hubby came home and fixed my treadmill. He needed to calibrate it all. Boy....I had no idea that thing could get up to speed!! :LOL: So tonight I shouldn't have any problems.

Just wanted to pop in and say good morning. Hope you all have a great day!

01-24-2007, 02:47 PM
Hello everyone!

I have a question about the extra 35 points. Are they somehow figured into our calorie intake for the week? How important is it that we eat every one of them? Not that I have a problem with THAT! lol I try to ration them out, but especially because it is so hard to stay on plan on the weekends with the family home and hubby wanting to eat random stuff out, ect.

I am proud of myself. Monday I did WATP and Tuesday I walked 20 min. I am going to try and do the actual tape every other day and just walk the other days.

Anyhow, I am going to finish my delicious Smart One and read my mail now. I just got home from work a little while ago.



01-24-2007, 03:15 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies!!

Michelle--Oh, how horrible for you to have to deal with that. And how I can relate!! I had been very active on a plastic surgery board for 18 months and met an extremely fun-loving gal that lived about 6 hrs from me. We started e-mailing each other and realized how much we had in common and even vacationed last summer together with both familes along with visiting her this past Thanksgiving. We saw each other about 4 times this past year and got extremely close. Well I got my first "Dear Tammy Letter" from her in Sept when she was having dh problems and wanted to cut herself off from the entire world which hurt my feelings but the friendship somehow pulled through until she again said some really hurtfull things and sent me another "Dear Tammy" e-mail again wanting to end the relationship and I'm sure wanting to get an "I'm so sorry and what can we do to make this better" reply which I refused to do. I am still very hurt by the ending of this relationship but have realized that as long as she was in total control and everything was about her, that was the only way the friendship would work. It had to always be about her. The other problems that I realized is that so much can be misunderstood with e-mail and IM messages. It's not the same as hearing someone's voice or speaking face to face. The person who was harrassing you, as well as my former friend, obviously don't appreciate warm and caring friendships. I guess this is one of the reasons that I have been a little hesitant to get too involved on this forum. Everyone here is so supportive of each other and while I have a very active life with tons of family and friends, I have no one that supports my weight loss goals. You have obviously been on this forum for a while and realize that you will not get "burned" here like you did on the other site. So sorry that that person got you physicially upset. You never know how something is going to affect you. Hope you are feeling better today. Oh, an so happy that Oreo is gaining weight and feeling better!!

Marti--Brother & Sisters is one Sun nights at 10 EST. Sally Field play the matriach of a family of adult siblings that are comprised of a gay brother in rehab, a sister who used to be a political analyst and now works for a senator, another brother who is sterile and got his other two bros to donate sperm, a bro and sis that work in the the family business while dealing with the loss of their father (first episode) from a heart attack and realizing that the father was having an affair, fathered a child with her and now the adultress has part interest in the family business. Throw in a ton of dysfunctional fun but loving digs from time to time and it is one of the most enjoyable entertainment that I have seen for a long time. Jane is also watching and might be able to add some more points. Very worth the time to watch!

Tonight is my weekly line dancing night. Gotta burn off some calories. I've been stuck on the same weight for over a week now. Only problem with dance night is that they offer an all you can eat buffet dinner. Kinda defeats the purpose!! Gotta dance more than I eat!

01-24-2007, 03:32 PM
Hi ladies,:wave:

Michelle - you first. If the person is still bothering you, please let me know, and I'll take care of it, if she's a member of 3FCs. This site doesn't allow harrassing in any form. Glad your pup is better! DD Mary's pup likes to go to MY bedroom and make a doodee! :dizzy: Since we have a doggy door, she comes and goes at will, lol.

Cristina - it's good to hear that you're feeling better. And I'm so glad you like WW. Applebee's does have good WW food, except I didn't like the kabobs dinner at all. But that's just me, you may love it!

Vann - wow, I'm impressed that you have a shot at a major account, and am hoping you'll get it. You'll have lots to tell us when you get back.

Tammy - yep, the networks do cancel stuff that I wish they wouldn't, lol. They oughta get a vote from all the Jaded Ladies before they make moves like that, right, tee hee. Powdered sugar.... oh my, I'm not even going to try that, because then my "diet" dish would no longer seem so good. I love powdered sugar! Keep warm up there in NE.

Sassy - hope you are well, too, and that your arm is even better.

Marti - glad James fixed the treadmill. At first I was worried that it was broken! Hmm.. I haven't seent the show Good Eats, but will look for it. And yes, if I Never hear Yummo again, it would be wonderful. I do like RR, though. I'd love to have her set of knives, lol.

Jodi - yes, the 35 points is worked into your weekly allottment of calories. In my opinion, you should make sure you eat them every week, because you will still lose weight, and then when you get to maintenance, your final points allowance will be higher. You can do like Cristina is planning, and save them for a night out, or add 5 to each day. WW doesn't care how you do it.

Hello to Jules, Mary Kate, Kathy, and anyone else reading this.

I've been tackling Mt. Washmore and working on my menus/grocery list for tomorrow. In other words, same ol', same ol', lol. I'm good with the food, water, and exercise, and feeling great!

How're you today?


01-24-2007, 03:45 PM
JANE...No, she's not on this site, a different one that I belong to, but thanks for your help. You're a sweetheart!!:hug:

01-24-2007, 05:24 PM
Hiya ladies...

MARTI...yes, kids can join...not sure of the age or if there is an age limit. But some of the kids were there with their parents. The two kids that I saw that actually signed in and weighed looked to be about 10-12. Yeah, I'm not big on V-Day candy and told V years ago to not buy me candy, and he actually has listened, lol. I'm surprised that all the candy I bought for Josh has been here for a couple of weeks and I haven't touched it. I do like to have a piece of chocolate once in a while but I don't need or want a big box sitting around here that is specifically for me, lol. Glad James fixed the treadmill.

JANE...I thought I was feeling better. Not sure why I feel like I have a cloud over me, feeling icky. Hey, I was going to try the kabobs, darn it. I may still, not sure yet. I have a to go menu and will look over it and figure the points before I decide.

MICHELLE...:hug: :hug: to you. Don't want to repeat what I said on the other thread. But I am sorry that this person feels the need to harass you. Tammy just reminded me of an incident I had with this crazy person a few years ago. Hope you get to feeling better. made me think of this girl I met online thru a babyloss site a few years ago. Seemed like we became friends, exchanged cards, gifts, etc. And we both were trying to conceive again. Well, her deal was there was a young girl that was pregnant and she was going back and forth about whether to keep the baby or not. Because this person was desperate to have a baby she offered to take the girl in and adopt the baby. Well, the girl wanted money and it went on. She moved out and changed her mind. So a few months later the girl started the same stuff and this woman asked me what I thought they should do. I told her what I would do and that if she was going to go thru with it to be very careful because the girl had done this several times already. Well, the crap hit the fan. I did not tell her not to go thru with it I told her what I would do and to be careful. She went off on me and I had to change my e-mail several times. The last e-mail I received from her was a page that said "Ha, ha, I'm pregnant and you're not and then the rest of the page was full of didn't stop there either. I frequented some other sites (babyloss) and she posted on them with the same nasty comments. So glad I never went to visit her like she wanted me to. Have fun at your dance class...I have wanted to take dance classes for years but DH doesn't like to dance. He said one time he would go if I really wanted him to. But I don't want him to go for me...I want him to go because he wants to.

JODI...yepper's what Jane said. I'm not sure if I will distribute my 35 points between the whole week yet or not. I did fine yesterday and had 1 point left. But knowing that I will be eating out Friday and having cake I am saving them for that. I don't think I will use them all but DD wants to go to the show as well. It was suggested to us to use all our daily points but to use our 35 points how we wish. But to also keep in mind the daily points can't be carried over to the next day and the 35 extra can't be carried over to the next week so best to use them. I'm not allowed to count my exercise points until week 3 but doubt I will count them anyway. I guess it's like the 25...there if I need them.

VANN...thank you! :thanks: We are glad to be "stuck" with you as you put it. I don't feel stuck though, just glad and lucky to have you here. :hug:

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Well, ladies I didn't make it to IF. I got up with the worst headache. Went to bed with it and woke up with it. Since I went out shoveling snow I have felt pretty crappy...mentally and physically. Not sure what is up, just hope I am not coming down with a cold. But since I didn't feel up to that I am going to pull out my 2 mile WATP video and do that before dinner. I haven't done those in a while but not quite feeling up to walking or IF so it is better than nothing.

That's about all that's going on with me, like Jane...tackling Mt. Washmore.

Hoping all is well with you all. Take care :hug:

01-24-2007, 07:55 PM
Hello Ladies!!

Tammy- I am so sorry to hear about the crazy weather you guys have looks nasty. I think a bit of it may dip down here, but you clearly are going to be COLD. Take care and stay warm!

Hey Sassy--I put a recipe on food for thought..LMK what you think if you get a chance to try it..

Marti- Thanks for the support! I found out today that I might be able to get online. I know it will only be for brief periods, but hopefully I can at least say hello and log my food. Glad your'e treadmill is fixed..I wish I had the desire to get on mine (LOL)

Michelle--MY MY..Sorry to hear about your cyber troubles. It does sound like you know your boundaries and being careful. It is tough when that occurs. I had an incident occur similar to Tammy and it is really tough when you combine families....and then it doesn't work out.Take care!! AND Oreo is adorable. Great news that she is gaining weight...that is probably one of the most important factors at her age. She is a beauty!

Hi Jodi-Definitley sounds like you are on the right track!

Jane- I hope you guys aren't impacted byt the crazy weather they are predicting. AND-- I found out today I will at least be able to say a quick hello from Atlanta..and I am hoping to be able to log my foods..I am sure it will be tricky because I am so regimented...and it will be a free for all, but I have gotten my baggies and my mints. I am going to pack some snacks and think about BUGS (LOL) Again -thanks for all the tips!!

I am actually feeling pretty crummy tonight..feels like a cold...could be hormones for all I know, but totally exhausted. I probably won't touch base tomorrow night as I have a customer event and won't be home until late. This will be a great test for my wheels for Atlanta, but I'll check in on Friday!! Have a great evening and hello to any one I missed!!

01-24-2007, 10:05 PM
Let's continue this at Chitchat #231. :)