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Grace, Grace
10-15-2001, 11:03 AM
Ok so I started a thread i thought and it was sent out into the void somewhere. Anyways, is there actually not a thread started or am i just missing it??? Oh well I am going to start the thread with this quick little note to make sure it works this time.

I hope everyone had fun wknds. Come and tell us about them :)

10-15-2001, 11:22 AM
Hi Becky ~ Yes, you are right, no one started a thread yet, they must all be sleepy heads! :)

I had a good weekend, got some cleaning done, visited with my parents, went out for dinner with SIL and her husband, and just vegged out yesterday. I lost 4 lbs at WI this week, which I was so excited about.

So, for me this week, I am continuing to journal, exercise and drink my water! I am hoping for another loss this week! :)

Only 3 days of work for me this week, we leave on Thursday morning for our trip to Tennessee. So, getting some projects done at work, and packing, cleaning at night. Lots going on!! But, it is a much needed vacation!

And, Rina, I will follow your advise, and as soon as I get back, I will get a treatment, I think I need one...

Well, better start getting some of my projects done here...TTYL!!!

Grace, Grace
10-15-2001, 11:25 AM
Yay, it worked this time. Ok so I had a good wknd. Nothing horribly exciting happened but here goes. Fri eve I worked and Sat. we had girls night. 6 of my friends and I went to Mexicantown in Detroit and had some amazing Mexcian food. That was fun and then lastnight after chruch I just hung out with a couple of friends and watched "Knight's Tale" nothing monumental :)
I got on the scale this am and have gained 4 pds in the last couple of wks. YIKES. I of course haven't been going to WI. Anyways I did ok this wknd and I am determined to do better today and this wk. I changed my sig so that I can change it back. That always give me a charge:p

Oh I justread back to Fri and someone watned me to fill them in on the guy situation so here goes:

Some of you may recall my "guy friend" well we FINALLY had THE TALK and we just weren't sure about having a committed relationship. Ok he was the one who wasn't sure but details details:^: Anyways, we have remained close and the conversation could not have gone better. I was actually relieved at how well we adjusted. A little less that a month after the talk his friend who is like a brother to me told me that he is regretting his decision and he thinks I am great blah blah blah. Well since this "revelation" he has been calling every day again and we hang out whenever we have time. UHH I never call him, I don't make plans with him, it is all his doing so I wonder what is in that guy mind of his b/c he isn't telling me anything. He assumes that I don't know that he is interested (if he even is) or whatever. I don't know, it just stinks b/c I was doing fine and then he had to come back into my life and change that. Anyways I also have a date with a guy that my friends wanted me to meet and that is this wknd. He seems wonderful and we have talked a couple of times . I am just a bit nervous about that . I just wish I was done with this whole dating scene and in a committed relationship. I know that I am only 25 but sometimes I feel too old for all of this crap. So that is the run down. It is just a bit of an annoyance at times.

Well ladies I wish all of you perfect OP days!

Grace, Grace
10-15-2001, 11:36 AM
Tonya, we were posting at the same time! Congrats on the 4 pds. I have to laugh b/c i found the 4 pds taht you lost :lol: Anyways Tennesse is going to be so beautiful. HOw fun. I hope you have a great time!!! Your 4 pd loss excites me b/c maybe I could drop these 4 pds in a wk. I am hoping htat I am still bloated from TOM but it has been 5 days so I think I am just in denial. OH well I will work to get it off. I have my kickboxing class tonight that is an hour and fifteen min. long. We jump rope for 10 min. and it feels like you'll die but it burns sooo many calories. I hope that it burns 4 pds worth :s:

10-15-2001, 11:46 AM
Becky ~

You can do it!!! Don't forget to drink your water each day, I really think that is a big factor in losing weight.


10-15-2001, 12:14 PM
Hey everyone. Well, I am finally feeling better and can finally see. I still have a head cold and my eyes are dry, but the infection seems to have left, which is a very good thing. You have no clue how painful and miserable the whole thing was. I felt like death!!!

TONYA.... YAHOOO ON THE LOSS! I had a rough week last week since I was so sick. I didn't exercise and tried my best to journal. Hope I didn't lose too much ground. Does your metabolism increase when you are sick, you know, to fight off the infection?? LORI our resident doc, do you know???

Grace.... ohhh, real Mexican is wonderful!

I splurged this weekend (hubby gave me permission) and I bought a very very expensive sewing machine that is completely computerized. They Free until 2003 promotion, so you can't beet that!!! It cost more than our vacation, but I am excited about it. I hopefully will be able to pick it up Friday.

Lolly... the above sewing machine will make me the quilting guru :smug: (maybe!!)

Have a great day all...

10-15-2001, 12:32 PM
Jen... Ooooh a new toy. Sounds like fun! Completely computerized... is it easy to operate or have lots to figure out??

10-15-2001, 12:57 PM
Shalyne.... actually, you need to know what you are doing quite well to use it (my mom has the same machine). It has computerized embroidery and lots of funky stitches. But it still can sew like a normal machine.

Oh... has anyone tried the Rold Gold Pretzels flavored with Cracker Barrel Cheese?? THEY ARE WONDERFUL and very addictive. My hubby opened the bag and started eating them. He made me take the bag from him, so I tried one... WOW, those are good!

10-15-2001, 01:25 PM
You all may remember me talking about my b/f's grandmother, who had Alzheimers and hasn't been doing well for the past year. She died last night. My b/f is a wreck. I don't know what to do, what to say. I'm trying just to be there for him, hug him and let him know he can lean on me, but it's like he's shut down. They were very close before her memory started going. He and his parents lived with her when he was young, so she's always almost more like another mom. The funeral is probably going to be Wednesday, and I'll be going to that. I just feel so helpless.

I found this out last night after my mom and I had gotten back from Connecticut, where we went this weekend to get my washer/dryer from my grandma's house. We drove up Sat. and it took 10 hours because of traffic. Yesterday it took us 12 hours because of traffic, bad weather and just not being able to drive fast. Then we unloaded it ... after getting my mom's SUV stuck in the mud and having to call a tow company to help us. This was around 11 p.m. We finished everything about 1 a.m. I feel so drained right now.

Tell me girls, when does life get easier? OK, don't answer that.

Welcome, Barbara! Jen, glad you're feeling better. Tonya, congrats on the loss. Becky, don't fret ... you and I will both do better (remember my nearly 3 pound gain last week.) Hi Shalyne ... where's everyone else today?

Well, I think I'll go get lunch. Be back later.

p/s My birthday is Thursday ... but I guess we won't be celebrating now. I understand, of course, but everything feels so awkward.

10-15-2001, 01:52 PM
Hi everyone!

Kim - I am sorry about DH and his grandmother. It is hard to know what to say but jsut having you there will help him. I am glad you are back safely.

Tonya - Way to go on the loss! 4 pounds is super!!! You will be back at goal weight in no time!

Jen - I am so glad that the infection is gone and that you are feeling better. I hope you enjoy your new toy!

Beky - Good luck with your new b/f. Sounds like things are going pretty well so far. Don't worry about the gain. Just work at drinking water and journalling and it will come off.

I had a great weekend! DH & I went to Florida for my gradnmother's 90th bday party. We got to see tons of family that I had not seens in years. DH & I also told our parents about the baby and they were very happy and excited - surprised too! My dad actually still has my baby crib and claims to have checked that it still meet safety requirements. I can't wait to see it at Christmas. He also offered to buy me some maternity clothes when I need them :) It feels so good that our parents know :D

I have been eating too much and have gained alot of weight for being only 9 weeks PG. I am trying to do better but I have let myself splurge too much!

Our new gym finally opened this weekend. DH and I went for a tour on Friday night. I plan to go try it out tomorrow afternoon. I can't go tonight b/c I am going to a big volleyball game at DH's school - the rival!

Have a great day everyone!!


Horsey girl
10-15-2001, 02:50 PM
Good Morning everyone! I had a great weekend starting with a night out with my man and a 3.2# loss at WI! I will get under 200 by Christmas. BF and I did floorplans for his mother's suite and shared them with the family's oldest friends who are in town for the week. We're hoping to get enough excitement generated that mom will actually let us start, so we can finish and get on with our life together. It's looking good. we had a really nice dinner with the whole family last night - it was the first time in a while they had all seen me and I got a couple of "where is the rest of you?" BF's SIL is thinking of joining an at work WW - hopefully I'm extra encouragement for her. Anyway, I hope everyone's having a good day.
Kim - I know how you're feeling. We lost my BF's father just over 2 years ago. I told him I was there for him for whatever he wanted and left him alone until he can to me. Of course, it's different for everybody. he got a lot of comfort from my sister who sat on the deck and smoked a cigarette with him and said, "that really sucks" Hope you are both doing well.
Tonya - congrats on 4#!!
Sarah - yay on coming out of the closet with your pregnancy, now everyone can celebrate with you.
Jen - glad to hear you're feeling a bit better.
Hi Becky - thanks for starting this morning
Hi shalyne and all others out there, have a great day
KT - check out the new sig!

10-16-2001, 02:08 AM

How is everyone? Sorry I'm getting on here so late! Its almost Tuesday already-where does the time go? I had a pretty nice weekend. My Mom was here until about 7pm tonight. We went to a huge quilt show on Saturday. Unfortunately it wasn't as good as we thought it would be. There were lots of nice quilt patterns but the materials they chose were horribly tacky and clashing. Oh well. We stayed up way to late every night and had a good visit. Tomorrow back to work. I feel really tired now so hopefully I'll get a really good sleep tonight. I weighed myself for the week this morning and I stayed the same. I'm not really suprised. With Thanksgiving and leftovers at the beginning of the week I new I had to be really good for the rest of the week in order not to gain. Now I'll just keep it up and next week I'll have a loss :)

Kim, So sorry to hear about the loss you and your bf are going through :( I hope this time helps you to draw closer together. Is your Mom still there? Maybe you and her can have secret b-day mini-celebration? Maybe we should have a party for you online :)

Jen, Glad to hear you eye is better. I hope you have a much better week this week :)

KT congrats on the loss! Awesome! Glad to hear you received some compliments. Good luck with the Mother's house.

Sarah, glad you had a great time revealing your miracle!

Tonya, congrats on the loss :D Glad things are moving along again.

Becky, Sounds like you have an interestig man situation happening. Hopefully it will work out :) Too bad about the gain-remember that tomorrow is a new day and a new beginning :)

Hi to everyone else....wherever you are

Hopefully I'll pop in here again tomorrow before the day is completely over. Until then take care :)

Rina :wave: