South Beach Diet - Help- phase 1, soysauce, soybeans, wasabi (western wasabi) diet soda? Help please?

01-18-2007, 12:20 PM
I am on phase 1, and need help for some questions I haven't been able to find anywhere...

I have to go out to a sushi/japenese restauraunt of Sunday- so i need help with what I can eat- guess I can have sashimi (raw fish) and lettuce, but I wanted to double-check on...
soy sauce?
Wasabi (westenr wasabi?)
Raw fish is fine, but can't imagine eating it without soy sauce and wasabi- input/help please?

I can give up everything else, but not caffiene. I have read different things/opinion about this. A friend told me diet soda was OK on phase 1- is this true? How does having caffienee (caffinated teas, coffe) affect phase 1, if at all?

I already messed up the 1st 3 days- I used a spice rub I have that a friend gave me for chicken breast, and I found out last night it has SUGAR in the igredients! Grrrr! I starting my 4th day, and have not lost any weight yet. Could this be why, or am I doing something else wrong? Is it the caffiene/diet soda thing?
Should I extend phase 1 by the number of days I messed up by eating the spiced chicken? I'm guessing I should- it isn't really phase 1 if I messed up, right?

01-18-2007, 12:54 PM
First of all :wel3fc: and :welcome: to The Beach.

It is very important to read the book if you are to understand this plan and the principles behind it. The food list has been revised since the book came out but there is a list of the allowed foods for Phase I in our Frequently Asked Question Section. Your food questions are answered there. Wasabi is OK although it's not listed. Note the serving size for soy sauce.

Yes, sugar is a no-no so the rub may have caused you a problem. Salt is another baddy so be careful of it and there was probably lots of it in the rub. Note the serving size for soy sauce.

Caffeine does affect some folks but go ahead and have it but limit yourself to two cups. Diet sodas are OK in moderation - just be sure you drink lots of water. The theme behind this plan is to eat UNPROCESSED foods as much as possible.

I hope this helps a bit. There is lots of support and information on this site. Join in the daily or the Phase I chat threads.