Weight Loss Support - Today is not going so hot....a general vent

01-17-2007, 04:28 PM
Alright...so my day isn't going so hot...In the scheme of things i know it could be worse but my day is just blah. A couple of weeks ago I started to get sick and it blew by and I thought I was lucky.... but now its back (I'm sure from the weather change) and I just feel crappy. TOM arrived this morning so add some terrible cravings and cramps on top of that. Its 8* out....literally....and with the wind chill factor they say it feels close to -22* so scratch any office escape relaxing walk.

On top of that things could be better at work, as we are again going to go through another slew of corporate changes I really love my job and the people I work with but I'm not questioning what this is going to mean for me and my department (which is just me and my boss) and I just can't help that feeling that I'm on the brink of a career change.

I don't necessarily think that this a bad thing, I'm actually feeling that it could be a good thing but I really wasn't thinking I would have to look into the ideas of moving forward for another year or so. I've spent half my day at work today putting out job search feelers to all my personal contacts just in case. I do think that if it becomes apparent that its time to make a move I'll go for something quieter, nice smaller vibrant artsy town somewhere....a slower pace, a little more green to look at, no 3 hour round trip commute, a place I could afford housing. I love this city but I suppose today I'm just starting to feel a little burnt out and realize that this change is about to make a pretty good job turn into a dead end job with no where to advance. I really think I'm craving a change of scenery!

I can't say I'm hitting the point of turning to food yet (although I did give in today and have a bite of the big chocolate chocolate bar in the conference room...but literally a bite...not a ton but I don't think it was stress related or pms related (had it been pms related i probably would have dipped the chocolate in peanut butter) ...I really just wanted a taste of chocolate and a taste was all I needed. I am afraid, especially if I keep feeling sick that I'll end up out of the gym for a week and laid up on my couch reverting to comfort food. I don't want to get knocked off track so I'm hoping that by being on top of it from the start that I won't, that I'll take my stress and use it to fuel me towards my goal. Alright. I think thats it, sorry for the rant but I had to put this out there for my better piece of mind. In the mean time, anybody got recommendations about nice sunny towns, with lots of art, a theatre for me to work at, affordable housing, and a low crime rate?

01-17-2007, 04:33 PM
"do you know the way..to santa fe" although i dont know if it is cheap, but compared to boston it probably is

hugs honey

01-17-2007, 04:51 PM
Ha ha...nice... I could open up a restaurant. I'd totally up and relocate if it was promising enough.