100 lb. Club - Get your weapons, ladies! And remember what you're fighting for!

01-17-2007, 07:39 AM
I find the most inspirational posts to be what keeps a person moving! SO I decided to dedicate a thread to those reasons- a place to post and read each day or so when you need a boost. How can we forget the wonderful reasons for needing to arm ourselves with positivity? It happens of course, unlike elephants sometimes we need someone to throw a peanut in our face before we go "oh yeah- I remember" that is what I am fighting for! That is what I want, will have, and will fight for!

Share your motto, feelings, stories, share great quotes, daily happenings, or just great reasons to give you and your friends in the 100lbs club a boost.

01-17-2007, 07:51 AM
I live in NW Washington- and anyone who lives up here knows... our weather sucks. LoL, I was sitting on my bed moping about being stuck in the house because of the slush, snow, and ice- when I thought, and yes it is crazy, "My fat is not going to wait for a "nice day in the northwest" to go away." I trippled up on clothing and walked to the gym. :carrot:

I don't want my legs to be dimpled for the short skirt of the costume I working on for the anime convention in Seattle this March.

"There is do- and do not- there is no try." - Yoda :devil:

I love my family and want them to be as healthy as I am trying to be.

I'd rather get ride of my back cleavage than find a support bra for it.