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01-16-2007, 09:40 AM
Where is everyone? Still sick? I feel like I got hit by a truck, and now of course the kids are getting it. This weather is depressing and that doesn't help. I am hoping this is my last week to babysit, but I have a feeling it will roll over into next week too. I need time to get stuff done without 4 kids trashing the house.

Well I hope you guys get better and get back here b/c I could use some friends :) Where did we put those torches???? Maggie must know...Maggie where are you and where did we put the torches? We need to go round up the sista's!!! :carrot:

01-16-2007, 04:02 PM
Hey there. I've been better, just not feeling like being on the computer. I haven't been sick cold wise but I've had a migraine on and off since Thursday. Not fun at all. Today is the first day I've got through so far without a headache. I think it was a combination of being that time of the month and all the yucky weather going around. Anyway my weight is down a bit, I think I was retaining a lot of water. I was up around in the 240's but I'm back down to below where I was last month so I feel better about that. Otherwise not too much going on. I start my new schedule this Friday so I"m a bit nervous about that, haven't worked days in about 3 years or so but I'm looking forward to having 5 days off afterward, I really feel like I"ll be able to kick my butt in gear as far as starting an exercise program.

Hope everyone is getting better, take care!

01-16-2007, 08:44 PM
Finally feeling better, then TOM showed up!! Oh well didn't hurt me, I still lost 4.2 this week. I have been super busy, and in fact have to hop off here and go eat before american idol comes on, will write more tomorrow.


01-17-2007, 02:43 PM
Hey all. Well had a good night at work last night, started getting a headache but it went away with some plain medication. It was a quiet night which is always nice. Got my hair cut this morning after work. It has been growing out for ages. I had it in the style of Demi Moore from Ghost, you know that cute little boy cut, have had that style for years and was getting sick of it so it has been growing out for over a year and it was about shoulder length and looked like a mop. Well it looks a million times better now and I feel a lot better about it too. I got some Xmas pics back and I look awful. Like obviously I look fat but my hair just made me look fatter so that was sort of the the incentive for getting it cut. Not that a new hair style is going to make me look like Jennifer Aniston but it can't hurt to feel better about myself! So after that I did some other errands, came home and had a little nap, was woken up by the phone and then I got onto the computer. I need to get something to eat, my stomach is growling so much I am getting heartburn.

Take care all, see you later!

01-17-2007, 08:50 PM
Hi all!

Jen- :carrot: :) on the haircut....a nice hair cut can always make you feel better!!! I am glad your headache is easing off. Good luck with your new schedule!!

Donna-got to love TOM huh?! Glad to hear youa re feeling better though!

I had a fun night. DH came to pick up one kid and I was going to take the other to run to the grocery store and the gas station. Neither kid wanted to come with me. Finally my son conceded b/c I bribed him with a cookie. Well I came up on a GREEN light and a SUV whipped out in front of me turning right on RED. I blared my horn and he just stopped. I stopped and then SLAM, the guy behind me hit me. I was holding teh brakes for all I could so I didn't slam into the guy who whipped out in front of me. So I get out and my son is screaming...thank GOD he wasn't hurt, he was mad he lost his cookie!!!! Then a lady who brings her kids to my day care came over and was trying to help me calm him down, and then my boss came around the corner. They just happened to be at the store near the accident. They guy who hit me was really nice and everything, but man was I shaken! DS is ok, I'm ok but my back and head hurt a bit. My back window is gone and I don't know how much other damage was done, it was dark. It was really nice though to have familar faces right there, my boss took my son for me so I could exchange information and everything. I am still kind of shakey thinking about it, all I could think about was making sure DS was ok.

Well I am off to bed. I have the day off tomarrow....only one more day of babysitting. They are moving next Friday. I have a dr. appointment on Tuesday so Thursday next week is my last day.

Have a great night everyone!

01-18-2007, 12:14 PM
Misty, glad to hear that you and your son are okay! How awful eh? Not even your fault and your the one that gets hit. If you are having back and neck problems you should be checked out by a doctor right away and have some x-rays done. Something could crop up later that might be because of the accident and you'll have no proof. Believe me, I had a friend that was in a car accident and ended up with chronic back pain because of it and it is heck trying to get anything out of the insurance company.

Not much going on today. Not planning much, just doing stuff around the house, you know the usual laundry, cleaning etc. Have a great day everyone!

01-20-2007, 10:08 AM
Hi all! We are doing ok, my back and head feel fine. I may still go see teh dr for goo dmeasure. The other guys ins. is being dumb and won't give us a rental car b/c they "haven't gotten all the information" . The guy who hit me called them, my ins called them and my husband has called them 5 times. We have no car to fit the whole family in. It's making me mad, they haven't sent anyone out to asess the damage or anything. I am going to go off on them Monday. My ins company has been great and was ready to send someone out and cut me a check Thursday, these other schisters are dinking around and dragging thier feet. I'll call a lawyer, there is no need for that the guy hit me I need a car and I need mine fixed how hard is that?

In the eating front I can't get on track. We had a family thing last night, it's like every day there is something. I wish I could hole up somewhere and hide out until I got on track.

Well I ahve to get ready to go rent a car, we're gonna try to make the ins pay for it b/c we have no way to get anywhere all weekend or to get my son to the eye dr on Monday.