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01-15-2007, 10:25 AM
Good Morning :coffee:

Well, the freezing rain arrived, and its cold cold cold!! :coffee:

Things are going well, we got a bit busy last week. Hopefully it's going to carry on into this week :D

Have a great day ladies!

01-15-2007, 10:32 AM
Robin, it's cold here too. Ice is everywhere. I'm happy we still have power. I'm babysitting my neighbors kids ages 2 and 6 this morning. My 2 grandkids ages 2 1/2 and 8 months are still here. I had insisted that Samantha bring my car home on Saturday. Well, she did and she has stayed since then with the kids due to the weather. Now, it's a mad house around here. Gosh, I want some peace today . With the roads like this, I'm sure no one is leaving. Hope everyone else has a better day than I will.

Phoenix Song
01-15-2007, 11:18 AM
I'm so sorry about all of the chaos and craziness Lily! I'm sure that it must feel pretty hectic and insane to you, because I'd feel the same way if all of the sudden so many extra people (and many of them little) were camped out at the house! I hope that the weather clears up and that you get some relief soon. Most of all, I hope that you continue to keep power! That would be awful for you! **crosses fingers**

I feel for both you and Robin with the cold and ice. We've had some really cold weather here this year for us, and it's given us a new appreciation for Winter! We're expecting a batch of cold in a day or so, but right now it's gray and yucky and rainy and humid. *blah*

Well, week 1 of induction was a success! I feel much better now and in control (mostly) of my carb cravings! I even feel brave enough now to post my weight, which isn't something that I've had to courage to do up until now. It's shameful for me to have gained back all of this weight that I had once worked so hard to lose, but I've done it before and I'll have to do it again!

Last week I dropped 16 lbs! I don't expect the 2nd week of induction to be as successful, but I hope to continue to see change during the next few weeks as my body adjusts to the program. It helps to give me incentive and motivation to continue. I'm sure that you all understand that.

Well, I'm off to get some of my daily work done. There's always so much to do! I'm determined to fit in at least 40 mins. of exercise into the day as well. Have a good day everybody!

:wizard: Barb

01-15-2007, 11:26 AM
16 POUNDS????

RIGHT ON, SONG!!!:carrot:

How motivating - haven't had the Atkins-drop yet - but your loss makes me hopeful! Gotta dig up my "inches" measurements I Posted awhile back - that way if Mr. Scale doesn't show the losses - I KNOW the measurements will! Clothes are really fitting different and some are downright HUGE already. Congrats on Posting your weight/tracker - I think its hard for all of us . . . but a great motivator. (??)

Hang in there lily - kids AND dsd AND pups??? GEEEEZ LOUISE I'll be thinking of ya!:hug:

Its cold here too robin . . . but not as bad as harder hit areas - I did just get knocked off here with a brief power outage so gonna just wish everyone a Great OP Day and confess I'm taking our Christmas Tree the rest of the way down today b4 I get knocked off again!:o :p :dizzy:

Phoenix Song
01-15-2007, 11:41 AM
Thanks Aud! I appreciate your support very much!

Yes, I agree that it's important to also take measurements because sometimes the scale doesn't show the full story. I know that when I begin exercising and using small hand weights again (5-8 lbs each just for toning) that my body's shape will change even though my scale may decide to not move a bit. I've been keeping track of measurements once a week on a Sunday morning.

Way to go on getting the Christmas tree down! I know that for some reason it really bothers me to have the tree up past Christmas. I have to wait several week usually, but it's like this huge reminder that I haven't done everything that I need to sitting right in the middle of my living room. I don't need that kind of reminder!

Have a great day everybody and I hope that you all keep your power!

:wizard: Barb

01-15-2007, 01:40 PM
16LBS!!!!!!!! :eek: Thats just AWESOME Barb!!!! Congratulations on your 1st week in!! WTG!! :cb: :cb: :cb: :bravo: :dance: :flow1: :dancer: :woo: :cloud9:

01-15-2007, 02:27 PM
Phoenix, WTG on the 16 lbs. that is awesome.

I'm thrilled to announce that all kiddos are now gone home. It is currently snowing and there is ice everywhere. I'm staying home. My car doors are frozen shut anyway. I need to get groceries soon but I do have chicken and salad fixings so I'll be OK. I'm back on track foodwise after a couple days of extra carbs with all the company. Plan to walk on treadmill today. Fireplace is roaring and I'm staying in where it's warm.

Pups are inside and since I'm the Primary Poop Cleaner Upper, gotta go get after it. Hope you all have a great day.

aud, I took my tree down the day after Christmas. But, last night I noticed that the stockings are still up and Santa and Snowman are still on fireplace mantle. I'll get these down today. I had forgot about them and the nativity sets that are still out.

01-15-2007, 03:49 PM
it hasnt started snowing here yet, its still raining/freezing. Our trees here in buffalo do not need any more damage done to them. I hope at the very least it stops raining soon.

Lily, last year a left a little santa/snowman ornament out on the mantel all year :lol: I remembered to put it away this year. So far it looks like I didnt forget anything :lol:

Aud, if we would have had all our company when they were suppose to come I would have had the tree down on the 26th of dec. We now have 40 lb bags of pellets piled up where the tree was :lol:

Well, eating isnt going so good today....but it certainly could be worse. Im off to get some work done....have a nice afternoon ladies.

01-15-2007, 04:35 PM
Help me gals, I'm fighting the urge to make chicken and dumplins. A big winter favorite food around here. I'm sure this baked chicken will be just as good. Yeah, right.

I've gotta do the right thing for my DD too. I said last week how she is worried about her wt. again. She was 141 lbs. the same as me. She had done LC for a week and exercised and is back to 135 and she is thrilled. I need to cook LC for her too. So sad, No chicken and dumplins I guess. whine, whine, whine.

beach bum
01-15-2007, 05:28 PM
Hi Ladies:)

Busy!! Busy!! Busy!! Until now,as I'm taking a break. Have 3 large loads of wash,Now that I have to use the bulky clothes, as winter is here.

I got my gym ready,nothing left but the sofa bed thats going out tomorrow,and now I have to find a way to get the treadmill up from the basement. Leo & I can't do it by ourselves.

Robin & Lily-Be careful when walking or driving in the freezing rain.Happy to hear that you kids are home safe and sound. Now you can relax,have a hot chocolate to keep you warm.We are so lucky:lucky: the icy & stormy weather hasn't hit Cape Cod.We just get the rain as its in the 40's.

Barb-:congrats: congrats:Big Congrats on the 16 lb loss WOOOO HOOOOO !! That a fantastic weight loss :congrats: congrats:

Have a great evening

Hugs :) BB

01-15-2007, 07:07 PM
Hi all. it's been a bit hectic around here lately.
Barb 16 lbs is fantastic! congrats on lmaking your goal already. I weigh in tomorrow i guess that will be my half way point through the month... we'll see I could remember setting 10 lbs as a weekly goal, now I'm lucky if I hit it in a month!
Lill - I hope you got passed the chicken and dumplings!! This will be my first winter on Atkins (if we ever get winter here!) I too, love those winter comfort foods!
Don't have much time. My daughter had some major oral surgery today so I'm playing nurse. tomorrow is my 3 months sugar/cholesterol test!! Wait til I tiell them that I didnt' take my meds! I sure hope the numbers came down at least a little so that I can show them that Atkins DOES work!
Hope everyone else is doing well and sticking OP! How's everyone else doing on the challenge? this week would be the half way point, I was just wondering!!

01-15-2007, 10:45 PM
Doing a quick fly-by. I see lots of people are doing AWESOME....and also getting snowed/iced in. Stay safe! We got snow--but not near as much as they predicted.

Eating wise: I did ok, but broke down and had an orange for "snack". But on the plus side I didn't have a can of soda. So day 1 w/out soda!! I also drank more water than I had hoping that also will help. I SO want to get down to at least prove to myself I CAN do this! The only workout I did today was shoveling snow...but it took me 1/2 hour to do it--so I'm counting that as exercise (as my back/neck is really feeling it)!! So day 1 I'm counting as an all-around success :) I'll try and get here tomorrow so I can do personals :hug:

01-16-2007, 11:25 AM
'Mornin All!

Just re-committed to our January Challenge - seeing that 1/2 the month has already FLEW BY and I'm prolly nowhere near my lofty goal!:o Tx for Posting "up there" needstolose--great reminder!:hug: I should be back OP today as I'm resuming normal 2nd shift - altho' my duties will have tripled with all the changes that went on while the folks I represent were off.: (Work added to jobs/jobs eliminated entirely)( :mad: In for some major stress but am determined to keep coming here & rising to the Challenge of not Carb Food Medicating as I've done in the Past! Doubling my supplements and water instead - also determined to hit the gym/walk when it all starts getting to me.

AND logging on here when I can! Tx!:hug:

So glad you got your vehicle back lily - esp in this weather!

I'm on Poop Patrol this morning myself! Little Ginger is such a delight and sooo smart - DH keeps letting her have the run of the house tho' - which has played havoc with the housebreak plan she was on & had almost mastered!:mad:

Hmmmmm, sabotages housebreaking The Pup AND my diet??? I'm seeing a trend here . . . . LOL!:dizzy:

01-16-2007, 11:39 AM
Good Morning :coffee:

Maggie~ good luck at the dr's today....I'll keep my :crossed: that your numbers are down!

Did anyone watch Oprah yesterday? Bob Greene was pimping his new book. Anyone else tired of all these new "books". I dont know about this one tho....I get the impression its not really a diet book, but a book on how to deal with eating issues? Mostly emotional eating? I dont know, Im going to go to barnes and noble today to check it out and see if its even something I want to read. If so, I'll request it from the library....or wait until its on the clearance rack :lol:

I need someone to come and put doors with locks on my kitchen! :rolleyes: Another start again today.

Have a great day ladies!

beach bum
01-16-2007, 11:42 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

Guys are picking up then sofa from 8-4 so I'm suck in the house. With plenty to do,but its one of those days I don't feel like doing anything. Weather outside is balmy,I'm not complaining by no means,but I'm dragging myself to do anything,Hope I'm not coming down with anything.

Need to Lose-I take meds for my cholesterol and the numbers came down but not as fast until I went on Atkins and the number plumaged down to normal reading. Doctor wasn't surprised, when I told him I was on Atkins, he doing this WOE also.

Lady Adnerb-That great exercise right there. Just be careful not to overdue it,take short breaks when shoveling the snow. I don't think 1 orange is going to hurt you scale wise,oranges & apples are low on the Glyemic List. More so than the rest of the fruit.

Have a nice day,

Hugs :) BB

01-16-2007, 11:45 AM
Hi everyone, it is so nice to have my home back to quiet again. I slept poorly but my fault, had coffee late . I'll never learn.

I was mad at Molly when I got up. She tipped over the kitchen trash can and strew trash every where last night. I got that cleaned up.

My eating hasn't been too bad. I did pass on making the chicken and dumplins but had 1/2 of a baked sweet potato with my baked chicken and squash last night. I didn't have lunch yesterday and only had 2 carbs for breakfast, so I think I'm doing OK.

My car doors are still frozen shut. I do have some banking errands and bills to mail. I guess I will wait til DH gets home to do these and use his Jeep. The snow and ice are still on the ground, and it's 15 degrees.

I woke up this morning with my left eye matted completely shut. I cleaned it out and it's very red. Probably caught something from all the young-uns that have been here. Just my luck.

Brenda, WTG on a day without soda.

aud, sorry to hear you're on poop patrol too. I have been lining the whole floor in the room with the puppies with old blankets and doing tons of laundry every day. The baby gate is up to keep them in that one room. The spot dot works good to get any little mess that does get on the floor.

NTL, hope your lab tests are improved.

Robin, we were posting at the same time. I did see Oprah yesterday. I like to read books on diets but they don't peruade me to change the way I eat. I have found if I get to thinking "oh, well I can have this it's low calories" I get myself in trouble with gaining.

01-16-2007, 02:10 PM
Hi all! well I already did my bitc**ng on the challenge thread, so I'll save you all from going through that mess.

My individual numbers improved but my total cholesterol went up?? can't figure it out!
oct jan
tryglycerides 59 45
HDL 46 69
LDL 139 125
total cholesterol 197 202
tc/hdl 4.3 2.9 (whatever that is!)

sugar is good was 105 now 85
I'm so confused. but i think over all it's good results! My Dr. was impressed and even more impressed once I told her it wasn't with the medication and that I was still on atkins! Yipee for that!


01-16-2007, 03:17 PM
I finally got my car doors open and went and did my errands. First off was the gas station. She left it with 9 miles worth of gas in the tank. I stood outside with temp of 24 degrees to put gas in it and froze my butt off.

Maggie, good to see that your labs are improving and that your doctor is happy with you doing Atkins. That's great, many doctors are so negative about it.

Arkansas Kel
01-17-2007, 10:57 AM
Lilly: Kids, grandkids, daughter piled into house. Glad youíre back to normal! Chocolate puppies, several small children, a tired mama dog and your daughters? Did DH fit? I just picture some comedy movie Ė you should sell the story. Put down that puppy, stop petting the puppy with the vacuum cord, wait why is the vacuum out?, Stop puppy, put down that shoe, Stop giving the puppy your shoes to chew on, do I hear the whipped cream can, well at least the puppies are enjoying the whipped cream theyíre licking of the baby. Wait, maybe they shouldnít, whatís that noise? OH NO, you canít vacuum the puppy, but why is the vacuum making that sound, oh no, Barbie doll is hung in vacuum! Yep, glad youíre back to normal! Try to sell the script. ;)

Barb: 16 pounds! Way to go on wt loss. :o

Need to lose: I know itís good if the HDL goes up and the LDL goes down. The total isnít all that important. The HDL is the good stuff. The LDL is the bad stuff. Last time I paid attention they wanted you to have a cholesterol total under 200. Youíre not all that high. The fact that the proportions shifted is good. At least the overage is due to an increase in good cholesterol! Blood sugar shift from 105 to 85 is good. Normal is 70-110 by the latest standards. You were a high normal, now you are a good solid normal. I say good job! :carrot:

Now, my week has been good/bad. I've finished my gruelling work week (I work Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon nights. It's hard to post except on my days off, so please bear with me on my long postings! :^:

I still donít have the credits for my old college classes transferred. I donít know what the hold up is. I wish theyíd get it together. I called and left a message for the person that is supposed to be intervening on my behalf. Waiting to hear back still. :devil: I did start my chemistry class. Being a science geek to begin with, I think I will be just peachy for me. I usually get Aís in science. :D

Diet wise Ė doing fine. Iím up a pound, but TOM is drawing near soon. Thatís not unusual for me. I plan to try to push on through OP and watch for the big drop when the debloating comes after TOM!

01-17-2007, 12:41 PM
Kel, LOL at your perception of how my day went with all the kiddos. Seems pretty correct. Did you know it is actually possible for a 2 yr. old to make a tower of 12 fat puppies. Wish I had a picture of it. The pups were actually quite amused by it all.

DD is back at school now. The temp is in the 20's and it's really cold. Still have icicles on the house and trees and ice on the yard. I'm wearing DH's thermal's to keep warm.

I braved the scale this morning and I maintained since last week. Which, I did expect to have gained as my eating wasn't perfect while all the extra folks were here. I need to exercise but haven't lately. I'm having a quiet , peaceful today and gonna relax today.

Phoenix Song
01-17-2007, 03:37 PM
Hello everybody! I hope that you're all doing well!

Lily, good job on maintaining despite the invasion of all of the relatives this week! I know that the extra people and the extra stress would've made it difficult to maintain for the best people... and yet you were strong enough to do it! YEAH!!!

BTW, what kind of puppies do you have? I missed that part of the "Puppy Watch" by joining too late.

Arkansas Kel, I'm sorry that you're still struggling to get your college credits taken care of! I know that must be very frustrating for you!

I hear you about the dreading of TOM and all of his affects. I had severe bloating before and after that would add many lbs to my already swollen belly. It wasn't fun at all! Hold tight and I'm sure that you'll make it through just fine.

Needtolose, I'm so glad that your cholesterol was so great even without your meds! Way to go! That's a success story in itself and I'm sure that you're very pleased to have shocked your dr. (I would've been!)

Beach bum, I know what you mean about feeling no energy when it's a balmy humid day. In LA we have quite a few of those! Right now it's freakin freezing here! *shiver* We're experiencing frozen rain and the wet cold is no fun at all!

Robin, I stopped watching Oprah on a regular basis a few years ago because I got tired of all of the different self-help books that were constantly being "advertised". Nobody can possibly follow so many conflicting life-books! But I agree that a book that deals with WHY we emotional eat might be a help. If you come across the book and think that it's worthy please let me know!

Aud, good luck on the dieting, work and housebreaking duties! It sounds as if you're as busy and as in demand as I am most of the time! Thanks for helping us to recommit ourselves to our goals! The win itself isn't necessarily obtaining the goal, but the strive to obtain it!

Well, it's been a busy few days here. I'm going to try and get somethings taken care of today and get my exercise in. In fact, I'd best begin exercising right now before I get distracted and find that the day is over before I even realize it!

Take care everybody!

:wizard: Barb

01-17-2007, 03:58 PM
Barb, my puppies are chocolate labradors. I forgot to mention that at 2:30 this morning, Molly woke me up with all 12 puppies following her. She had knocked down the baby gate when she went to feed them. I had to get up, fix the gate and get them all corralled again. She was literally dragging half of them on her boobies, LOL. It's nice that at least someone/something has saggier boobs than mine right now. LOL.

I'm getting housework done and my never ending chore of cleaning up the puppy room. It's still very cold here. I feel like I need a whole laundromat instead of just my one washer and dryer. My DH wears a thermal shirt, a t-shirt, a turtleneck and his work uniform plus 2 pr. of socks and long johns everyday.I have a whole load just from his clothes each day with his towel included. Besides the rest of the family and the puppy blankets. I feel like I have a full time job.

beach bum
01-17-2007, 05:53 PM
Hi Ladies:)

Have to make this quick,I have to start supper.

DH did fine at the cat scan,but we'll know next week when we go to the doctors again. Say a prayer that the cat scan has something positive to show or not show us.

Weighed-In this morning and I lost another pound. Wish it was more but I'll take it.Jan Challenge lost 3 lbs have 7 more to go.

Can't believe how cold it is up here, it was freezing BRRRRRRRRRR!!!,but I shouldn't complain tomorrow our temps are going back up again for the

Will post tomorrow when I not so rushed,just wanted to let you know I still around.

Hugs :) BB

01-18-2007, 02:20 AM
Hi everyone!

Hope you don't mind if I hop on in! I have been low carbing since the 1st of January and have lost almost 10 pounds. I haven't stuck 100%. Last weekend I made some bad choices, but I am back to it.

I have gone back and forth between "diet" plan after plan. I like the way I feel on lowcarb and glad to have decided this WOE.

You've all had really great success and that's very motivating.

Just out of curiousity...have you all noticed that low carb has really got a bad rap lately? I tried looking for some cookbooks before Christmas and saw NOTHING low carb. I guess it's not "in" anymore. Oh well, I'm glad that there is the support system here for those of us doing this program.

Have a great one!

01-18-2007, 08:31 AM
Hello everyone,

Well my typical thing happened. I am back up to 170.

I danced my butt off this weekend .. we had two performances Sunday and a rehearsal in between. But we ALSO celebrated after the performance by going out. I had a Reuben Sandwitch. Then my mother called Monday and said my sis had a coupon for the Olive Garden and wanted to take us out. Then Tuesday, my dance group had a business meeting at an Indian Vegetarian restaurant.

Too much eating out. Way too many carbs. I guess I thought I could get away with it because of all the dancing I did.

This gaining and losing the same 5 pounds over and over is so typical for me. I get really discouraged because sometimes even if I am totally on plan, the scales will not budge. Probably the (blankety blank) hypothyroid and being post menopausal.

So anyway, I am back to square one. First day on induction. I also changed my ticker to show my highest all over weight, because I need to be reminded that I CAN do this, I have done it very sucessfully in the past and kept the weight off for the most part. Also need to drink more water.

I am going to hold my self accountable to the group and start posting in the meal threads.

The good thing is, I have been exercizing more than I have in years and I feel GOOD! I am just hopeful I can keep it up, it makes such a difference.

Grrr. This weight loss stuff is so tough.


beach bum
01-18-2007, 11:41 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

Its coming,THE BIG WHITE STUFF is going to hit us tonight & into the weekend with freezing rain. I guess the autumn weather is gone. Frowner Frowner I could cry!! Now I have to find my YakTracks and take them out where ever they are.

There talking about power outages also,so I guess I have to close my Rachael Ray Cookbooks as if we don't have power,We'll have to live on sandwiches and that as not going to be to good for Wednesday W-I. YIKES!!! You just can win[one step forward and 3 steps back].

Have to go,Leo wants to get out before the other people raid the supermarket. -

Hugs :)BB

01-18-2007, 11:41 AM
BB, I'm praying for you and your DH that the CT scan will provide you with good results.
welcome rebelrider, Congrat's on the 10 lbs. That is fantastic.

nona, sorry to hear of your scale disappointment. WTG on the dancing and exercise. Glad you feel good. Don't get too frustrated with the gain. I had the same thing happen a few weeks ago when I ate at Zio's Italian food place. Not sure if it was all the bread, pasta or cheesecake that ballooned me up 4 lbs., but it's gone now and your's will be too. Take a look at the maintainers thread, almost all of us there packed on a few holiday lbs. and had to take them back off. Life happens, just enjoy it and get back to the program. Consistency and persistence is the KEY.

BB, we have forecasts for 8 inches of snow starting Saturday and the ice from last weekend is still on the ground. I gotta get stocked for food too. My 17 yr. old step daughter is staying with us right now, they have no electricity since last Friday when ice storm hit. Now, my MIL wants to come stay too as she just got back from vacationing in Phoenix to find she has no electricity. She hates dogs in the house. So, wonder how she'll like having 13 of them in here. LOL. Maybe they will bother her enough that she'll go somewhere else. LOL, I'm so cruel.

01-18-2007, 12:07 PM
Greetings From The Slippery Slope of Sugar-Binge Land!!!

Had some sugary garbage in Moderation on the way home night b4 last - and then latelatelate last night stopped at a gas station and went for the Sugar Gusto! By the time I steered the car into the drive-way with my sugar glazed hands - eyes were slitted half closed and barely made it to bed! Anyone else have that reaction to sugar after a month or so of LC'ing?

Determined to make it home w/o stopping from now on - and taking a SLEEPING PILL instead of this self sugar medicating BS!:mad:

Emotional Eating is just a habit - a crutch and I've got to somehow make the connection that hurting myself isn't HELPING any of the stressors in life.

Seems pretty simple?

Ahhhhh . . . but to put into practice . . . I feel GREAT on this WOE too rebelr . . . and had this massive workplace stress happened b4 I found you all - I'm sure last nights Sugar Fest would have turned into a weeks/months long WOLife!:(

Instead, since I'm up waaaaaay too early for the night I have to put in . . . gonna go do my Pilates and then take a bubble bath b4 lying back down.

Gonna picture Arkie's lilyb "script" - and add a MIL to it!!! LOL!!!:D Gonna send prayers out to beachie on DH's cat scan and possible poewer outage on the way . . . gonna think of nona dancing away and be thankful for Song--who always is considerate and thoughtful mentioning everyone in her Posts.:hug:

I quit watching Oprah a few years ago too . . . not sure if it was the promotional aspect of ALL these dayum books . . . or if she started coming across as kind of self righteous to me?:?: She was much better when she actually went out into the audience with the microphone and had REAL life guests on with REAL life problems, ya know?

I thought the same thing about LC over the Christmas Season Shopping rebelrg . . . must really be "out." If one more person says "Dr. Atkins died from high fat . . . blah blah inaccurate BLAH" - I may go Postal!!!!:mad: Didn't see much LC anything while shopping away.

*picking self up and striding ever onward*:carrot:

Have a Great Day Gals - & Tx for being here!:hug:

01-18-2007, 12:52 PM
BB, if my electricity goes out I'm going to live on peanut butter, apples and no-bake cookies. LOL. I might throw in some boiled eggs for the gas effect , just to drive my company away. LOL.

aud, the last time I ate sweets, I got a really bad brain fog from it. I felt horrible. Spent most of the day in bed. I figured it was just my crazy blood sugar telling me "put them darn cookies down".

I only watch Oprah or Dr. Phil if the show is on wt. loss or mooching relatives which I seem to have plenty of.

beach bum
01-18-2007, 03:19 PM
Hi Ladies I'm Back Again Got my shopping done. Got some lowest carb soups & canned veggies just in case theres an outage.

Phoenix Song-Wish I had the warm balmy weather again. Spoke to soon :cry:

Lily-Always have PB in the house,thanks:thanks: for the suggesting it.Sometimes ice is worse than snow.Walking will be treacherous. Do You have anything like Yaktracks that you can attach to your shoes or booths??????????? You're not cruel you have your step daughter and the puppies to take care of.Eat those EGGS!!! Thanks for the prayers,we'll find out the results next week when we see the doctors.

Rebelridergirl-Welcome:welcome: and congrats :congrat: on your 10 weight loss. That was my wish for the January Challenge but I don't think its going to happen.Have 7 more lbs to lose

Hugs :) BB

01-19-2007, 01:14 AM
I had to post this. I walked 1 1/2 miles on treadmill and did 14 min's on the elliptical (my farthest yet) tonite. I'm now hitting the shower. My legs feel like noodles.

Arkansas Kel
01-19-2007, 03:15 AM
Rebelridergirl: Jump on in anytime. We’re a welcoming group! Congrats on the 10! Glad you got back on the wagon after getting off course. That’s the most important part – not giving up. Low Carb has had a bad rap for awhile. I like Dana Carpender’s books best – they’re still on I’m also planning to post many of my favorite recipes on the recipe section as I make them. There are also many good ones on there already – might I once more bring our attention the all mighty 1 minute muffin. That thing should win awards! Fast, tasty, makes you think you got a muffin!

Nona: Try to look at the dancing as progress. I think it’s cool – I checked out your pics awhile back. Very cool. I have to watch myself in that I get “I deserve it” syndrome. As in: This was a really bad day, I deserve a little something… or Well, I deserve it, this is a celebration… Sometimes it’s just hard to watch other nonweight challenged folks who can eat anything packing it in. I have to remind myself, they’re the lucky ones cause they can, but I’m not made that way so I can’t.

Beach Bum: So glad the CT scan went well. Will hope for good results. The waiting is always the worst part. Congrats on another lb gone. Hope the power holds. (Why do you HAVE to eat sandwiches if the power goes out? You could just eat sandwich fillings, & I’m sure there are ways to find low carb stuff that will work. If you can heat things still (wood stove?) try canned or frozen low carb veggies heated on the stove with a chunk of smoked turkey and a slice of cheese, boiled or deviled eggs done before outtage? If you got a cool room some of that stuff will still keep for a long time. Pork skins? Nuts? Cold low carb cereal (Fiber One generally works) with Hoods Calorie Countdown milk? C’mon, don’t backslide cause of weather – you can find ways.) OK, I wrote all that then discovered you had talked yourself down. Good job. Even moderately watching the carbs will help if the power goes out. Proud of you!

Aud: See “I Deserve It” Syndrome above. I take along a south beach meal bar (3 net carbs) and order me a McDonald’s coffee to drive with. I’ve convinced myself that’s a treat!

Lilly: Congrats on the elliptical progress. I’ve thought about getting one. My crazy fun aunt and I were out shopping and I hopped on one in Kmart just to see if I could do it. I loved it. Then hopped off and saw the sign that said “Stay off equipment, display only!” Laughed pretty hard – the sign was falling off so you couldn’t see it very well. Well, too late, tried it out anyway.

01-19-2007, 08:30 AM
Lilli thanks for the encouragement. it seems I have been bouncing around 165 give or take 5 lbs either direction for years. I really want to be able to make the push past it. Also, great job with the exercize!

Kel, you have a really good point about the "I deserve it" syndrome. I am going to have to remember ... I deserver more energy, less foot pain, hopefully less blood pressure medication, and all the other things that go along with getting rid of 30 more pounds!

And you are right, the dancing is such a good thing, for me physically and spiritually actually, it feeds my soul.

My group is getting more and more chances to perform recently.

Oh, and also, since I find the discipline to do "normal" exercize much too difficult to muster, I have to build in fun stuff. I'm adding to my list, swing dance on Saturday. Gonna go and see if I can pursuade anyone to dance with me! this may become a habit.

Have a wonderful day, everyone.


01-19-2007, 09:27 AM
hey all. thanks for the cholesterol info KEP. makes more sense to me now!
gotta run off to work early - catch ya all later

01-19-2007, 09:59 AM
Good Morning :coffee:

Brenda~ where are you and what are you up to?????

Things are going alright around here. Dh and did some very serious heavy lifting yesterday. We are both seriously sore this morning !! :( On the plus side, we were burning calories and building muscle! :cb:

Today is a down day, Im off to the dentist in an hour to have a tooth pulled :( I havent had this done since I was a the time the dentist broke the darn tooth trying to get it out. Hopefully this one will be painless, and uneventful!

Have a great day ladies.

01-19-2007, 01:26 PM
Hi everyone. I had a great night's sleep after my workout. My arms and shoulders are a little sore this morning. Thigh muscles are a little tight but I'm OK.

Kel, I always try out the exercise equipment on display too. LOL, I tried a ab lounger recently. Not sure if those help or not.

nona, WTG on the dancing. I like to dance too. I used to love to swing dance. But, DH isn't that great of a dancer. (of course he thinks he is).

Hi maggie, hope you have a good day.

Robin, good luck with the tooth extraction. Hope it's painless.

Wish me luck my grandkids are on the way over here. We are expecting sleet and snow tonite.

01-19-2007, 01:47 PM
almost painless but uneventful!! The worst part is the novicaine injection. I was shaking so bad after he first injected it, it hurt so bad. Felt like he was poking my spine! :dizzy: Cripes! Well, its over.

Im going to go lay down in a bit, after the bleeding stops :(

beach bum
01-19-2007, 03:44 PM
Hi Ladies:)

No SNOW,just RAIN Boy, we are lucky up here,comparing to the rest of the country.Let see what happens over the weekend.

Watched a weird movies last night on T.V. and after heading for bed didn't sleep a wink. I'm still in my P.J.'s and probably go back to bed to find the ZZZZZZZZZZZ's I lost last night. Nice to be retired.

Arkansas Kel-Thanks:thanks: for the pip talk,the good thoughts about me & my DH& the congrats for my 1 lb lose. I just got all wrapped up when I hear a storm is coming. I have everything under control. Have lots of low carb recipes from different low carb web sites. Did have the fillers and put them on lettuce. Bought romaine hearts to use as a wrap.

Nona-That a great idea[swing dancing] I love:love: to dance,and If I don't have anyone to dance with I dance:dancer: by myself. I love to do "the twist" at home, its also a great waistline exercise.

Robin-Good Luck :goodluck: at the dentist.Sending you good vibes :goodvibes: that your tooth,won't cause too much pain.

LILY-You did great with you:exercise: exercising,now take care of your sore muscles,take time out to REST.

Have a good one

Hugs :) BB

01-20-2007, 08:25 AM
Robin>Glad you are OK after the dentist. You are right, the worst thing is the injection. I have to get a deep scaling done, but I keep putting it off.
Lily>14 minutes is awesome for the elleptical. So proud of you.
I got my new fridge on Wednesday, love the filtered water in the door!(never had that before)
Question on airplanes seats..I am traveling on business next weekend and It will be my first time on a plane. Ummm...Does anyone know at what weight, the seat will be tight? I'm 249lbs. I just want to know if I need to be prepared to be imbarresed. Honestly, who else could I ask other than you guys that understand. So glad you are here.

01-20-2007, 11:21 AM
Good Morning! :coffee:

Lily~ 14 min :eek: Im lucky if I can get a full 5 min in. Good for you!!!!!!!!! I never got those ppl that got on an eliptical and read :rolleyes:

Things are good here, the only thing that hurts is my jaw joint where the injection was put in. I cant open my mouth very wide, so I have to have small spoonfuls of egg salad :lol: My dh has been having field day joking about his toothless wife :rolleyes:

Yesterday wasnt a very good day for eating, I had protein pudding (cheesecake flavour :T ) a cup of chicken broth, then just before bed my tummy was starting to get really mad about being empty, I had some egg salad. So that was it for the soft food yesterday....I should be good today to eat a few things not too crunchy.

All my muscles are still very sore from the other day, but I think today I'll do an upper body workout....I need to work on those batwings! :bat:

Im still having issues with wanting to eat too much crap....and Im convinced its a mental thing. Every time I decide....ok, monday Im going to start fresh, and get back to my diet.....I binge and eat crap all weekend. I caught myself the other day thinking....ok, Im going to have my tooth pulled, and I wont be able to have anything really good for quite a while, so this pumpkin bread is ok. I proceeded to eat 4pcs. Which is better than the entire loaf!!! But Im 41 yrs old, and Ive just realized I do this and have figured out why I do it. :crazy: I think its time to stop! Now I just have to figure out how!

Well, Im off to get started on my day.....have a good one ladies.

beach bum
01-20-2007, 11:24 AM
Good Saturday Morning Ladies:)

Well Today, I having my bed fixed,so I shouldn't fall off the bed anymore,or lets hope so.

We enjoying the sun,even tho they say the temps are going to fall.We expecting Winds blowing around 60MPH.

Justwill-Happy you got your new refrigerator.Nothing taste better than filtered water,especially the with the drinking water that our town supplies UGH!!!.The seats are tight in the coach area of the plane. So I would suggest going 1 st class where the seats are wider. If you going on a business trip you'll be able to afford it, if the company pays for it.

Hugs :) BB

01-20-2007, 12:05 PM
Hi everyone,

It's sleeting now. I never made it to the grocery store yesterday. Me and DH went out to eat at a fish place that he loves. I ended up having 2 pieces of the fried fish. Not to bad since I stuck to salad, cottage cheese and green beans as my side dishes. DH had the fried potatoes, beans, fried shrimp and fried fish and the banana pudding. Even with just the 2 pieces of fried fish, my tummy was so bloated and miserable. I feel better this morning. I hate going to this place, as there isn't much a person doing LC can eat.

BB, my step-daughter that is a senior in high school is staying with us. Her small county has been considered a disaster area and FEMA has to come and declare the schools safe to reopen. Most of that town is still without electricity due to the ice storm. They have already been out of school a week and are now getting hit with snow and ice again. She is upset because she learned she won't get to graduate on time as the school will have to stay open longer this summer to make up for all the missed days due to the bad weather. She only had a couple weeks to look forward to before she leaves to the Coast Guard boot camp.

My MIL still has no electricity. I talked to her last night. They are getting by with a small gas heater and oil lamps for light. She has blocked off most of her house and says they are staying warm enough. But, since her and my Aunt are both on Atkins too, there eating hasn't been too great. Said they had bologna sandwiches for dinner. She lives on the same rural road as my sister and every single electric pole there is broken in two from the ice. They have a fireplace but it is one of those that's just for decoration, it doesn't work. Her cookstove and all is electric. I told her last night that all the puppies, Molly and the cats are inside due to the weather. She politely declined to come stay with us. It truly is a zoo here. Even a big possum on the back deck. LOL.

Justwill, I'm 46 yrs. old and thought I was the only one on the planet that has never flown. I am terrified to get on a plane.

Robin, I hope you heal quickly and get to eat some real food soon. I also hate those novocaine injections. They are terribly painful for me. Also, at least you stopped with 4 slices of the bread. I used to eat many, many slices of bread with strawberry jelly. I also have a hard time with my eating on the weekend, after doing pretty great all week.

I'm so happy that we still have power and haven't been hit as hard as most of the state. We have called every single ad in the newspaper for firewood and every one is sold out. We only have enough to last a few days if the power goes out. I guess if this happens, DH will be in the pasture cutting down a tree as we do have lots of trees.

Forgot to mentiion that I'm going to be broke, broke, broke next week. Have to pay for step-daughters class ring, announcements and cap and gown. She is home-coming queen and her mother is paying for her formal dress. I sure wish we had got some notice of these upcoming expenses. Next month we'll be paying for her senior pictures. Just when I thought money wasn't too tight, boom. DH is working overtime this weekend to help pay for all this.

01-21-2007, 06:22 AM
Lily, its not so much the plane Im worried about (yet). Im worried I will get lost at the airport, get on the wrong plane, miss my flight, bring something Im not supposed to (security), my ace not fitting in the seat, etc.

Not sure what happened this week, but I dropped 3lbs!:woo: I am so excited. I've never lost 3 lbs in one week. Also, I was going through my old jewrely and I also discovered I can now wear bracelets. REAL bracelets, not the stretchy ones! SO cool. I was so excited I went and bought some shoes!!

I am a little upset because I am having a hard time finding my UTZ pork rinds this week. I may have to contact the company. Has anyone ever tried these? They are way different than the bakenets. They are air puffed and melt in your mouth.. less salt too.

01-21-2007, 12:32 PM
Me and you both robin! I've totally figured out WHAT/WHEN but need to figure out the HOW to STOP! Gets exasperating!:mad: Been super stressed and exhausted/looong hours - have turned to self medicating with carbs~again~ . . . . Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I'm convinced its HABIT - and a BAD one at that.

HOW to stop the cycle . . . . .

Didn't realize we're the same age lily . . . wtg on the exercise!

I've exercised my way thru this latest carb-fest - something UNHEARD of in my previous life. LOL! Loving the Pilates dvd - its three 10 minute segments - so far I've been able to do all three each day.:smug: But always start out thinking "I can do ANYTHING for 10 minutes!";)

DO notice that when I'm in Bread Machine Bread Binge-mode that I virtually stop drinking my water-plan. (??????) :?: Just when I need it the most.

Too weird.

I was terrified of planes my whole life - finally got on one at age 36 (Wedding Trip to CO) . . . I have controlled Anxiety/Panic Disorder with a touch of claustrophobia----don't like to be in anything I can't get OUT of--like elevators etc. Anyhooo . . . it was wonderful and I LOVED flying! The seat was tight (I weighed around 200# then) but manageable.

01-21-2007, 01:40 PM
PS to ArkieKel: Tx for the awesome inspiration!:hug:

01-21-2007, 02:28 PM
Hi everyone, I'm having a day of quiet. The temp is a little warmer and I put all the pups out with Molly and the cats too. Thank goodness. None of them are coming back in unless it gets below freezing again. Poop patrol is officially taking a break. LOL.

Me and my DD went out to eat last night at a Western Sizzlin. We both ordered a steak and the food bar. I had way too much to eat. I ended up bringing the whole steak dinner home. But had baked chicken, spinach, salad and some SF jello and cantalope. I was totally miserable all night long. I don't know why I over-eat sometimes.

01-21-2007, 03:26 PM
DO notice that when I'm in Bread Machine Bread Binge-mode that I virtually stop drinking my water-plan. (??????)

I do this too....stop drinking water when Im eating crap! Just when we shouldnt. I totally agree

So far so good today. Got my 2 mile walk in, eating is good. I think I'll make a l/c pizza for supper tonight.

Have a great sunday ladies.

01-21-2007, 07:49 PM
Hi everyone, I have not been on program well at all today. Need to find my way back. I plan to exercise tonite. Not sure what's came over me. I'm eating too much of the right foods it seems. Kick in the butt needed, please.

I'm a little stressed out, No a lot stressed out over my oldest step-daughters financial problems. It always trickles down to us. I'm just sick of it. Her DH got paid on Friday and they went to his company banquet last night. Even with depositing his paycheck of $1200.00 they were still overdrawn and that is with a $600.00 overdraft protection. OMG, she convinced him the ATM machine just isn't working right. A friend of his from work picked up the tab for their dinners. I have begged my DH to talk to Samantha's husband but he won't do it. I would love to get him alone and talk to him but it would pretty much cause 2 divorces, probably theirs and my own.

Her DH asked why we didn't get him a Christmas present. I did, it was a nice jogging suit since he works out all the time. I am sure since Samantha picked it up and it had the tags on in case it didn't fit, that she took it back and got the money and spent it. I'd sure like to tell him this. Also, she didn't buy my DH a gift. Says she did, but "just keeps forgetting to bring it". What a crock.

As you all can see, things never relax any around here. It is constant upheaval with all this crap. I have trouble sleeping. I feel completely exhausted most of the time. I'm sure some of it is my chronic illness but I think it's partly due to chronic stress also.

Anyways, send up prayers for me for peace of mind.