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01-14-2007, 04:27 PM

The Little D
01-14-2007, 05:22 PM
Hi Lori -
I hope you got out for that walk. It's a bit damp here on LI, but still fairly warm out for January.
I'm vegging out w. a black bean burger on a lite whole grain english muffin w. pickle and ketchup. I'm starving and it was the quickest thing I could think of making! :flow1:

Thanks for starting a new weekly thread. Hey - come on out and play this week everyone!!!

01-15-2007, 11:12 AM
Good morning ladies!!

Hey Lori and Deb! How are you all doing? Wow, it's so cool that all the old faithfuls are back! Yay!! I have to read the past few threads to catch up though...but in the meantime I thought I'd post a hello and an update.

It's also warm again in AB - today is 0C! Yay!! The sun has been out which always lifts my mood. Xmas in NWT was super hard b/c there was NO DAYLIGHT!!?? GAH!!

So.....over Xmas I was super sick with bronchitis and then it went downhill. A couple weeks ago I started signs of early labour (was 21 weeks along) and ended up on bedrest. I will be 24 weeks on Wednesday now and I am off bedrest but on "modified activity" meaning I can only walk for 1hour a day, exercise only in water, 2x/week, no lifting Eve. So that sucks. But oh well - I guess that's what I have to do to have a healthy baby! I am a little depressed (bedrest SUCKS) but at least I am back at work and out of bed. My OB said that women who are high energy career women and think they can do it all often end up on bedrest b/c thier bodies force them to slow down. Now I am making DH do a LOT more work around the house, which is good!:^:

Ali - I got your xmas pic of Genevieve finally (we're REALLY bad about picking up the mail...). She is so sweet and smiley in that photo! I put her on the fridge low where Eve can see her and she identifies her as "Baby Veeve".

Kier - woo hoo 40lbs down, that is amazing! I am so excited for you. You lost it, and I am sure I'll have found it by the end of this pregnancy...GAH!

OK - back to work, I hope the thread is kickin' this week! I missed all you guys!

The Little D
01-15-2007, 05:04 PM
Hi girls! Today was a little bit productive and a little bit of non productive things. I'm catching up on laundry, however I've not walked yet on the 'mill and we spent the afternoon @ Dave n Busters w. some friends. Jeremy's got his friend over and I'm a bit hesitant to go on the 'mill now while he's here ... I'm shy. Tee hee. I will get my time in today though! :tread:

That's it now I'm checking in w. you guys and I'm gonna shut my eyes for a cat nap.

Belle - Good to see you pop in! How are you feeling? I love that your lil one calls Ali's peanut "Baby Veeve". That made me giggle!
Even @ 9 years old Jeremy can not get "Epcot" right ... he always calls it "Apricot". That cracked my friend in Florida up when we were there. Out of the mouthes of babes they say ...

Have a great night! I'm gonna try to give myself a lil pedicure too ... I'm also thinking of making Valentine's Day hearts for our windows. I'm lame like that.:val1:

01-15-2007, 05:30 PM
I'm new to this whole site, and thought I'd check in and say hi, after getting some great, and much needed advice from Deb.

Belle, how did you do with your first baby, as far as weight goes, if you don't mind me asking. Were you on WW before you got pregnant? I can't imagine how hard bed rest must be, I'd go crazy. Good for you for staying so positive and you'r right, it's about having a healthy baby. Do you know what you are having?

01-15-2007, 05:47 PM
Hey Deb - I am a shy exerciser too - I don't like to be watched when on the elliptical! I didn't realize Jeremy was that old?? Thinking of more?

Tanya - my first pregnancy went well. I gained about 30lbs the day I gave birth, at 35 weeks (she was 6lbs 12oz). I lost 20lbs really fast and the last 10lbs hung on, so I started this pregnancy 10lbs more than I was the last time. This time I lost 9lbs the first trimester (due to really, really bad morning sickness) and then I gained 7lbs, then nothing at all the last month's weigh in. I go on Friday for my 24 week and we'll see what I gained this month. Yes, I did WW prior to getting preg the first time, and I was pretty successful. I did WW when nursing my baby but didn't lose. Then I got pregnant when my baby was just over a year, so no more WW again for the last 6 months. I'll likely join again post-partum on the nursing program, but I don't have high hopes. It just didn't come off for me while nursing. Are you thinking of getting pregnant?

01-15-2007, 06:14 PM
How old is your oldest, I know you said he/she was 1 when you hot pregnant? I have a son who's 16 months old. I started WW when I was nursing and lost about 13 pounds. I had gained 32lbs while pregnant w/ Jackson, but lost it all pretty quickly, but I was still about 50lb over weight. I stopped nursing after 8 months and I went off WW when I couldn't get used to the major loss of those beloved "nursing points" LOL. So anyways I started WW again in August and I have lost 32 pounds so far. I hit -30lb in the begining of December, and I have been struggling ever since. My major goal was to be down 40lb by my b-day, but that's a week from today, so forget that one:( I wanted to have another baby around two years after Jax, but I am a full time student, so we are waiting until Fall when I finish school.
How are you dealing w/ raising your oldest while on limited activiy? What do you do for work? Hopefully you have help. So you went early w/ your oldest, was that expected?

01-16-2007, 12:09 PM
I have some bad news - mom fell yesterday and is having her whole hip replaced today!! Was a very, very bad break. I am super worried about it, and I know this means she'll come live with me, which is OK, but a lot of stress as well. We'll get her homecare, of course, but she'll want to be aroudn family and it's easier on me to not have to drive out to see her, etc. I'll be on Mat leave in 10 weeks and my sister is starting hers early, Feb 5 so it'll work out OK I think. We're just waiting for a time for her surgery today. :( What a crappy week!!

Tanya: My daughter, Eve, is 18 months, almost 19. I am due May 9 (though I had Eve early, so maybe I'll be early with this one). You did well on WW while nursing! And your subsequent 30lbs is great as well! I just find with this baby I am not gaining much at all. I gained most of my weight with Eve in the first trimester. But that is not a bad thing as I was overweight to begin with and then add the other 10lbs from last pregnancy, I am quite overweight. however I have textbook blood pressure and glucose...yay.

I work as a Public Affairs Advisor, so I am mostly at my desk, however I do travel about 25% of the time to the field. Now, at 6 months pregnant, I'll stop travelling though, outside of driving here and there. It's very hard on limited activity, I won't lie to you. I drop Eve off at the sitter at 6:45am and pick her up at 5:30pm, and I am bagged by then, and I am not supposed to carry her or walk more than 1 hour a day. I walk to/from my car about 30min/day so I am limited in the evening. My DH has had to step up a lot the past few weeks (whereas the Mommy did all the care-giving after work before, now Daddy is taking over).

BUT having said that, this pregnancy is whizzing by b/c I am so busy that I don't have time to sit and think about it.

Do you think you'll pull the goalie soon? did it take long to get preg with Jax? Eve was the first month (on our honeymoon) and this preg was the first month of "trying", second month pulling the goalie, so we were pretty fast (lucky!!).

Well, I have to get to work.


01-16-2007, 12:34 PM
Well It's nice to hear that you at least have some extra help from your dh. Please take it easy and don't overdo it. Is there any connection w/ going early the first time around and starting contractions so early this time too? I got pregnant in december after going of bc in September, when we were married so it was pretty quick. We weren't trying, just decided to go of bc and see what happened and three months later we were pregnant. My husband was away for the whole month of December, w/ the exeption of the one weekend that we conceived so we were surprised, but happy. I had a very easy pregnancy, no morning sickness, no nothing actually and I worked the whole time. I was waiting tables at the time, now I am a full time medical assisting student and going for my RN soon. At 35 weeks I was measuring way too big, so they did an ultrasound, and Jax was Transverse and very high, he was cloder to coming out my mouth, than you know where, lol. Anyways he never moved so I has a scheduled c-section at 39 weeks and that was the highlight of the whole pregnancy. I would LOVE to get pregnant now, but I need to finish this program, which ends this summer. We will probably try as soon as I am working full time, should be around fall, I hope to have baby#2 when Jackson is just about 3. Originally it was 2, but school is to much work to deal w/ him and being pregnant, especially if my next pregnancy isn't as easy, as the first was. I am home w/ Jax during the day and in class at night. My dh is great and he's home from work at 3:30 so he does nights w/ Jax and even cleans up!! I love to cook and clean and be busy so it all works out, but my weekends are consumed w/ school work and studying and that leaves me w/ less time w/ Rick(dh) and Jax then I would like but....

Oh btw Jackson is 16 months, so he and Eve (love that name) are close in age!

The Little D
01-16-2007, 09:12 PM
Hi friends !! Happy Tuesday.

I just chowed down my dinner - i made 1 egg on 2 sli of lite rye; w. 2 sli of turkey bacon ( new food introduced to myself - love it! ) and a sli of FF cheese; cup o' skim milk and put me to bed! Ha ha ! ;) I am stuffed from this though ... I've really found that it's not too often I am "hungry" or I get full very quickly.

B/F is going to come over after 2nd periord of the Rangers/Devils game and we'll watch the rest together.

Nothing terribly exciting otherwise ... I've found another Internship program available online in Utah. I'm going to explore what they have to offer and what the orientation is. I don't see myself being able to travel to Utah for a week of orientation; which is required normally of the few orientations for online programs.

Belle - I hope mom is OK! My mom had a total knee replacement in Dec 2005 and she was in rehab for 6 weeks (through the christmas season - bad planning Mommy!) and then w. me for 2 months following. Not that I minded; but after a while it started to just "get" to me. I was never in my home alone.

Tanya - I love that you call your lil guy "Jax" - that's great! :D It's hip. Haha! I've been in school FOREVER and I know what it's like to juggle life w. school.
It's tough; but will pay off! I can't wait till I'm done but then I find myself thinking - "Deb, what are you gonna do w. all of your free time ? " ... maybe enjoy life for a bit!

Lori - Today in NY winter turned up! Cold, windy and grey - bizarre weather we're having. How's everything going ? My son has a very good friend ( the boy that was over yesterday ); they met in pre-K and were best friends from day 1 - and he has cancer (Neuroblastoma) and I know it's not the same form/type that you have but for some reason while the boys were hanging out he made me think of you. He is so strong - and the kid just goes, goes, goes ... nothing holds him back. It makes you remember not to take things for granted. For some reason, even though I don't "know" you - I have the feeling that your personality is similar to his! :cool:

Where are you Kier? Are they making you work hard again today ?

OK - time to put the jammies on and assume the position on the couch.

Have a great night girls!

01-16-2007, 11:08 PM
Hi girls,
I did great today, no binging and I worked out, but I need ot hit the sheets before I eat something. LOL.:dizzy:

Belle- I'm so sorry to here about your mom, she's lucky to have you. When do you find out when the surgery is? Feel free to lean on me for any extra suppot you may need. I bet your mom and Eve will be excited to be spendning more time together, however unpleaseent the circumstances may be. She is going to be staying w/ you right?

Lori- Do you mind me asking what form of cancer you have? I am amzed at you positive outlook, and your patience as you listen to the rest of us *****ing about our weight issues, no offence ladies. I think that Deb is right, you strength shows and it's no doubt helping you threw this.:hug:

Deb- Your posts are my fav, you are so full of cheer :carrot: and always now what to say. I love that you have a cute little tidbit for each of us and it's just what each of us needs to hear. Talented!! Thanks for the name comliment. Jackson is hip, ha? hahahaha. I like Jax too, it's easy and it sort of came naturally for me and most of our family, however Rick (dh), always calls him Jackson or "buddy".

The Little D
01-17-2007, 05:26 PM
Hi gang ! Happy Wednesday ... I'm @ the wind-down for the day. Booorrrriiinnnggg ...

Hi Tanya - thank you so much for your kindhearted compliment. I try to respond to everyone who posts ... I guess I've got a lot of practice from my online classes over the years.:comp: I'm so glad to hear that your eating is going as "planned". Keep up the good work! And we do have to work at it ...

Belle - I'm thinking of you ! How's mom doing ? Tanya has a nice point about Eve's grandma being there ... they'll have some special time together. My son and parents have such a relationship that my sisters kids will never have b/c they grew up and lived in Iowa. We see them once a year, but I've always lived w.in 20 min or less of my folks. A blessing and a curse!

Hey! Hey! Lori - speaking of Lori's ... Where is the "other" Lori (LoriD) who was posting a few weeks ago ??? It was just me and her back then ... :gossip:

Have a great afternoon girls! Rock on!

01-18-2007, 01:31 PM
Well I love Thursdays bc it's the last day of my 4 day school week. I am just excited for the weekend, we have a lot going on. My birthday is Monday and my nephew is turning 8 tomorow, and we are having a little joint party w/ my family and my in-laws and my sister's in-laws on Sunday. Orlando, my nephew and I have been doing this for a few years now, he has a party w/ all his friends too, but we have a small celebration for the two of us and my sister (Orlando's mom)
gets me a funny cake, like last year he had a Pokemon cake and mine was Barbie princesses :queen: I love celebrating w/ him, he is my oldest nephew. I only have two actually, he and his brother Justin 6, and my niece, Vittoria 2. All three are Allison's my oldest sister. I have five sisters, so it can get confusing, sorry:?: Well my inlaws are coming down from NH to visit on Sunday too, and we are going to brunch before the birthday party, so I must try not to eat too much, and also save someof my extra 35 WW points for the weekend. My dh is planning something and I know it, I can just ell something is going on. It won't be big, he is too cheap and he knows I don't want anything big. This isn't a big b-day and I would rather have some money to buy some clothes, I havn't bought any since I lost weight so...

I am so excited today, can anyone tell? Sorry if I am being annoyingly chipper:twirly: I just went to the gym and my WW meeting and I am down 2lbs. Finally after a few weeks of struggle, I am BOP.

OK so how is everyone else doing? Belle how is your mom doing? When is the surgery scheduled for? More importantly, how are you, have you been resting enough and getting help from your dh around the house and w/ Eve? Oh and when is your due date, just curious?

Deb and Lori Anything new and exciting :woohoo:

Hope everyone is doing well, and looking forward to hearing from all of you. -T
p.s Is there a spell check on here, that am just not seeing?

01-18-2007, 01:43 PM
Lori I just finished my post, and then I saw yours. It's amazing how well you are dealing w/ all that you have to go through, and especially w/ wanting to have children soon. It's great to know that you have such a supportive family and a brother who is a perfect match if, God forbid it ever came to that. Know that you also have us for support as well, and not just for the whole weight loss process.:hug: Your strength is inspiring and it makes me thankful for all that I have and I thank you for that. It is imortant that you know that no matter how difficult, what you are dealing w/ has made you stronger. I am sure that it's easier said then done, but my Nonna once said to me, "God doesn't throw anything at you, that he doesn't beleive you can handle". I am not a very religous person, but I think it's true and I think you are proof of that. OK now I am getting all emotional, sorry:(

01-19-2007, 01:17 PM
Lori I always just assume that if something is 2 points, then two of that item would be 4 points?:?: I have heard people mention in WW meetings that you can't always get an acurate points value by doing that, but it doesn't make any sense to me. I mean maybe if one brownie in 4 points and you eat 4 brownies, but come it's oatmeal. I would go w/ what you usually do, that's just me though.

How is everyone doing so far today? I went to the gym, and I am so releived because I almost didn't make it. I have a few parties this weekend so I needed to get a WO in. Jackson has a bad cold, and I am afriad that it's turning into bronchitis, his cough is very rough and it's in his chest. I listened to his breathing w/ a stethescope and it sounded ok , but now he had a fever. UGH!

I can't complain, Jax never gets sick but you just feel so bad when they are sick and they can't really tell you. Well he's napping so I am gonna take advantage and hit the books. I have an exam on the anatomy and physilogy of the eye, :crossed:

The Little D
01-19-2007, 05:16 PM
I had a Thirsty Thursday post going yesterday and I totally thought I posted it ... hmmmm .... Bizarre!

Happy Friday's ladies ... my thirsty thursday cocktail gathering turned into a WEE bit more than that ... I'm working on hydrating myself today.

I guess I should be honest about the points too - but UGH I am suffering from such heartburn right now! How quickly CRAP eating reminds you of why NOT to DO IT! :carrot:

Sorry Tanya - I'm not spreading too much joy today. Haha! We're all a bit on the re-coup here in the office.

I'll catch up w. you girly-girls later! I'm looking forward to jammies and some couch time in just a bit! Tick-tock ...

The Little D
01-19-2007, 05:21 PM
I love the Avatar! He's adorable!!! Jeremy had a "duck" costume for halloween when he was just a bit over 1 year old ... I got it from Target ... it was adorable and the hood was the "beak" and the ducks eyes and face were on his tummy and when you pressed his tummy he quacked ... that's what Jax robe totally reminded me of! It was so much easier to dress him when he was little ... everything that was made was in coordinating outfits. There was no effort on my part ( and especially his father's ... you know that male co-ordinating gene that they lack ) ... hahahaha ... ok I'm rambling now ... :D

01-21-2007, 01:53 AM
Hi Ladies
Welcome Tanya! :)
My post should be entitled my medical Saga Parts un et Deux
ON Monday I had off for MLK day bought groceries online in the morning and did putery stuff. around 12:45 ish i got twingie and figured I was hungry. Not so much I stood up and had stabbing abdominal pains. almost crawled down the stairs because I didn't have a phone upstairs and called DH and my surgeon
so all of monday and most of Tuesday was spent in the ER in NY at my doc's hospital. luckily it was not WLS related. They found a fibroid and evidence of a ruptured cyst on my ovary. turns out my blood count is also super low Wednesday I slept all day and Thurs went to the gyn who immediately had me get more blood work and an appt for a sonogram I was too dizzy to go and had been dizzy for a while my doc insisted i go to the ER locally because A i had been bleeding for 4 months and B with blood count this low I could have a heart attack or stroke (scary!) luckily neither happened so i spent another 2 days in the hospital had a very fun sonogram *shudder* and now have drugs to stop the bleeding which will be followed by drugs to do a pharmacological D & C then a new pill.
Its been such a long week
BELLE! hi! How's your Mom? I will respond to everyone later

The Little D
01-21-2007, 05:12 PM
Oh Kier! I'm so sorry to hear all that you've been through! I hope you are on the mend and feeling good. :getwell: