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01-14-2007, 12:17 AM
Hi everyone!

I'm not going to complain or whine in this post like I -ahem- usually seem to do, but instead, I'm gonna mark the begining of a new chapter in my life.

Monday, January 15th, I want to focus on controlling my out of control binges. With that, I am sure I will automatically lose weight. Why is monday gonna be different than any other time I have chosen in the past? Well...I'm not sure, but I think I'm ready.

With all your help, I KNOW I'm ready.

I'm going to keep a journal with me. It's a regular notebook so that means I can bring it everywhere with me. I'll write every aspect that food affects my life and if I ever feel a binge comming on, I will read from it. I'm gonna stick pictures, little notes, inspiring quotes and articles-- anything that will help me remember why I'm doing this and why it's WORTH it.

This is where I need your help. The first page of my 'journal'.

Can you give me reasons why YOU want to lose weight? Or have lost some? It doesn't have to be much. Just a small list of how losing weight is going to/did make your life better?

Basically, I'm gonna print all your responses and stick them in my journal for MOTIVATION, the only thing I know that will help me go on, even when I'm going through some crappy days.

Thank you all in advance. Geez, I'm so glad I've found this site. :yes:

01-14-2007, 12:30 AM
I have depression, and being overweight REALLY doesn't help my self-esteem issues. Losing weight will give me one less way to hate myself. I know, that sounds like a really negative motivation, but take what you can get, y'know?

Also, I have always loved the outdoors, and I hate being out-of-shape enough that I'm uncomfortable doing my favorite things, like backpacking and surfing and stuff.

Numbah t'ree, I really desperately want to be able to buy and wear a bikini. I've been promising myself that every summer since I was 16, and haven't been able to yet. I'm 21 now. Maybe this will finally be the summer...

Oh, and one last...once I'm comfortable with how I look nekkid, maybe I'll actually be confident enough to go out and get LAID already. ;)

01-14-2007, 01:18 AM
I don't want to have to say "Well I can't do that because of my weight." My weight should be a none issue when it comes to doing the things that I love. I love to ice skate. I'm not very good at it, but I love it. Years ago, I promised myself that I wouldn't skate again until I was below 200 lbs. I realize now that was stupid. I wouldn't stop singing in the car just because I can't carry a tune. Weight can make you so self conscious. Make you not want to be the "token fat girl" in a group. Makes you think that's all that people see when they look at you. I finally got sick of wondering if people could see the little skinny me hiding below the shell. I don't want to think "Well if I was smaller, I could..." I can do anything that I set my mind to, including losing this weight. You can do it too. It may be hard work, but you'll break the hold that food has on you too.

It's very late and I'm really tired so I hope that made sense. Probably not.

BTW, since the beginning of the year, I skate twice a week. ;)

01-14-2007, 01:28 AM
I have a predisposition to diabetes

I have high cholesterol

I have two beautiful babies that I need to be here for.

Running makes me happy, losing weight will make me a better runner

Just once I would like to feel good about my body...that might take more than weight loss..who knows.

Oh...and I have promised myself a boob reduction for my 40th birthday, it would be nice to have maintained a weight for long enough to know what my boobs will be like BEFORE I shell out the dough.

01-14-2007, 01:46 AM
Okay, so I know this is a little silly, and it probaly stems from the fact that I had two babies in 2005. One in Jan and one in Nov. Not good for one's body image - so my motivator, is that I want my hubbie to not have to work at thinking I'm hot - make sense? I know he loves me for who I am, but I want him to be able to love what and "how much" I am, too.

Hopefully not too shallow to helpful - Good luck!

Dr Geri
01-14-2007, 03:07 AM
1. My knees. I'm too young to be feeling this knee pain. To get maximum mobility back will be a joy.

2. Airplanes. I have to fly more often than I'd like to. Airplanes are uncomfortable even if you're thin, and they're sheer **** for me.

3. PCOS. I will never get off the medication I currently have to take for polycystic ovarian syndrome until I am exercising daily, building muscle, and making healthier food choices.

4. Brain bath. When I exercise, my brain takes a lovely bath of endorphins, seratonin, oxytocin, whatever the latest science is saying. I just know I feel good about myself emotionally and physically when I've given loving care to my body for the day by working out.

Good luck in your journey!

Geri :wave:

01-14-2007, 07:55 AM
I want to give myself a shot at having the best life I possibly can. And I know that getting myself down to a healthy weight is the best thing that I could possibly do for myself. I deserve a shot at being the very best ME that I can be. There's absolutely NO NEED to settle for second best.

01-14-2007, 09:41 AM
I don't want to be old with my one regret being that I never knew what it was like to be slim.
I want to have party invites and think "yay i get to buy a new dress" instead of "cr*p what am I going to wear"
I want to tuck into a bar of chocolate and know that that's OK rather then it setting off a whole range of emotional issues over whether or not i should have eaten the flaming thing!

01-14-2007, 10:09 AM
Me...i'm tired of being overewweight. Tired of my knees hurting. And tired of having to find the "right" close to help me look not so fat. I also want my hubby to be proud of my weight. I know he'll love me know matter what...but i want him to have the sexiest wife out there
And finally, I want to live a long time.

01-14-2007, 11:08 AM
Call me extremely vain! I liked the male attention I got when I was at my goal weight. I don't get that now, so to me that is some kind of measure of my appearance. That doesn't make me any less of a person now, and what's inside is clearly what counts, but it was fun knowing from a guy's reaction that he liked what he saw as I walk go. LOL! Funny thing is, I still always thought there was lots of room for improvement rather than just being happy that I actually fit into a size 6 jeans. I was still pretty curvy so I thought I needed to lose more, but I was quite toned at the same time (from weight lifting) so I should have just been happy with my maintainable weight of 128. Sometimes we fall victim to believing we need to be "perfect" like the celebrities or something. I will really try hard not to ever think like that again, it's so ridiculous.

01-14-2007, 12:29 PM
Remember- I love your notebook idea. One of the things that really pushes me, this time, is that I'm tired of wishing I was something else. Shallow and vain? Totally, I'm okay with that, lol. I've spent a huge part of my life wishing I was the size 6 girl, wishing I could wear that really cool outfit that the other girls could wear, wishing that I didn't look the way I look. I've spent countless hours wanting to be something other than what I am. At the end of my life I don't want to have spent all my time wishing, when I could actually be that. Now, mind you, there is nothing wrong with me. I have learned that I am just fine the way I am. I do appriciate the good things about me. But I know that I can treat myself better than this. I have done it before, but this time is different for me too. I really want to take good care of me. I'll settle for a size 10! ;)

01-14-2007, 12:55 PM
The big trick is just to keep doing it even when you don't have any motivation. Make everything you do a habit, just something you do every day. For example, on Sundays I menu plan for the whole week. I look up recipes online, make a grocery list and go to the grocery store. I buy what's on my list, I come home and pack lunches for the entire week and bag up my snacks (bag cherries, or make baggies of cut up vegetables). Every Sunday, whether I feel like it or not. Having the lunches and snacks made makes it easy for me to eat healthy lunches/snacks - they are in the frig and I just have to grab them as I walk out the door. I also gave up fast food completely - I just don't eat that. I don't need to be motivated to stay away from fast food, I just don't eat that.

I'm doing this for my life, there are going to be a lot of unmotivated times, I have to just keep doing it anyway.

01-14-2007, 03:15 PM
Oh my gosh, I am so inspired just by the responses I've read to your post. There are so many reasons to do this!

~I want to be the best me I can be. At 188 pounds, I'm NOT the best me I can be.

~I want to be here for my kids. I was heading down the path to destruction, and if I didn't make changes, things were only going to get worse.

~I want to like ME. Inside has never been a problem, but I want to like the outside as well.

~I want to be able to keep up with my kids, friends, whoever, without being winded.

~I want to be able to hike my way up from our boat dock to the house without keeling over....it's a reallllllly big, steep hill that scares me in the golf cart 'cause it feels like it'll tip backwards, therefore I want to just leave the dang cart at the house and walk. I've done it before, but literally have had to take a couple 5 minute breathers on the way up. I want to do it all in one shot, and still be able to breathe!

~I want to water ski again. I haven't done it in 16 years, and wasn't even willing to try in the shape I was in. This summer, there's going to be a whole new world open to me again.

~I want to leave the lights on. No need to explain that one, I'm sure!

~I want the matching panty/bra sets from Victoria's Secret. Uh, that would go with the item listed above....hehehe

There are so many more that I can't even begin to list them all. On one of those pages in your journal start a list. Make it a list of everything you want, no matter how trivial or shallow it seems. You'll be surprised at how much motivation you'll get from that list of your own desires!

01-14-2007, 03:21 PM
Agent mommy -- I so understand. I was thin when I met my husband and we've discussed my weight -- of course he loves me but does have to struggle to find me attractive some times, after all I've gained 100 lbs since I met him and will admit it would bother me if he did the same.

Okay -- motivation for me:

To play with my kids, not just watch them play. I'm so tired and sore sometimes just from my "extra" self.

To get my old personality back, I used to be very outgoing but now I'm so conscious of my size I can't be.

To stay healthy. I've lucked out and have no ailments because of my weight but as I'm approaching 40 I know they will find me!!!

To buy any clothes I want, and not have to struggle to find something in my size.

01-14-2007, 04:13 PM
I'd like to look good in lingerie too...although that might require the boob reduction. Victoria doesn't carry my size :(

01-14-2007, 04:39 PM
I'm not in a relationship right now. I want to be in one. Being fat just makes the odds of finding someone that much worse.
I want to never have to worry about whether the seatbelt will be long enough when I get into a car.
I want to be able to buy cute clothes in a regular store.
I want to be able to paint my toenails without getting lightheaded.

01-14-2007, 05:22 PM
Looking in the mirror and liking the way I look.
Being able to wear dresses again (for a long time, my bottom was so much bigger than my top that it was impossible to find a dress that fit both parts).
Not having my doctor say "you should really try to lose some weight" at my annual checkup and instead having her jokingly suggest that she should have me talk to all her other patients that need to lose weight.
Being able to do outdoor activities like hiking and not be the one that is most out of breath and red in the face.
Weighing less than my SO (who is so skinny they don't make pants small enough for him). And not just a little less; enough less that I don't have to worry about weighing more than him if I gain 5 pounds and/or he loses five pounds.
Various health issues like indigestion, recurring yeast infections... all are better now that I am in better shape. Plus, I definitely feel like getting in shape has significantly improved my immune system. I go a lot longer between colds now. I've had days where I felt like I was coming down with something, I went to the gym and did my workout and the next day I felt fine. Now if there was just some cure for my allergies.
Coming from a family with severe heart problems on one side (3 of my Dad's four brothers have died of heart conditions and both my Dad and his remaining brother have had serious heart problems) and cancer on the other (my mom and her sister both died of cancer), I know that I am doing all that I can to take care of myself and prolong my life. Hmmm, guess I'd better think about retirement planning.
This time of year I love reading all the articles about new year's resolutions on eating right and getting in shape and checking off all the suggestions that I already do.

01-14-2007, 11:27 PM
This is a wonderful thread that everyone should contribute to- remind yourself what you are fighting for and help others remember too.

My first and foremost reason is that I want to be healthy and have a healthy relationship with my lover- that encompasses everything from feeling "up-to" going ice skating to sex to having a long and healthy life where we may take advantage of every opportunity and KNOW that the opportunity is there.

There isn't the time in this lifetime to waste swaddled in weight and progressively drowning in obesity-related issues that appear throughout life.

I love to run- I'd run faster, harder, and healthier if I was 130 or even 160- **** ten pounds lighter than what I am now!

I love my family, and I hold myself to the same standards of health=love. I want my dad to quit smoking so he can be around for a time when Anna and I CAN get married, when we graduate college... I want him to know that I will be around to support him through the losses and victories he will have too.

While I don't tease myself with- I wish I looked like "so-and-so" or if only I fit into "insert clothing size" I would like the benefit of feeling sexy in lingerie, nice pants, and not worrying about the slacks "front-butt" if I have to dress up. And... I've always wanted to wear a summer dress and look like I am wearing a summer dress and not a tent.

To summarize I want to live full, live well, and live long- and this is just another way for me to break down the barriers that I have entrapped myself with. AH- SWEET FREEDOM!

01-15-2007, 01:38 AM
Oh wow! What an overwhelming response! Thank you all so much.

And lol, no answer is shallow. It's what helps you make that change in your life and if it works for you, well then go for it!

Heh, I was craving some cake in the fridge right now, but after reading through these replies, I gathered enough courage to say no. Seems to be working!

My motivation:

- I want to prove to everybody around me that thought I coudn't lose weight AND keep it off wrong. I CAN lose weight. I CAN control what I eat. Food doesn't.

-...I want male attention too. I get the occaisional guy interested in me, but I start to get the feeling like it's not right, that there's tons of prettier, slimmer girls out there and why in the world did he pick me? Thus, I back off before there could have been any possibility of anything starting in the first place. I know this is hugley related to my...

-Self-Esteem/ Confidence. I often get days when I'm feeling very down and just being not good enough and somehow, that always ends up going back to my weight. I know being thin is not an automatic ticket to a 'happily ever after' life but with it, it'll help me a LOT. Because I know-- from past experience-- that when I look and feel good about myself, I have so much confidence, which in turn, makes me take bigger risks, go out a little more, be a little more fun to hang around. It just changes the way I live life when I don't have to be so self concious about everything I do.

-Finally, I too want to wear cute outfits. I LOVE clothes, fashion, the whole whatnot. I want to be able to pull off the skinny jeans look, the mini skirt and cowboy boots, summer dresses... *sigh* I know I don't have to wait till I'm thin, that I can still look good if I know how to dress myself properly but no! The clothes I try on look better on the rack. Every shopping experience is a total nightmare. Every size I went up was like a mini-trauma. I remember when I was thin, almost anything and everything that I've tried looked good on me. I want that again...

Wow, I'm SO motivated right now lol.

I can-- we can do this. We can do this!

Alright girls, keep them posts comming! :)

01-16-2007, 05:02 AM
My Motivation:

To have contol over every aspect of my life including FOOD.

I want to like what I see when I'm naked. :D

To actually enjoy shopping...I want to buy clothes that don't come from a plus size store, especially my summer wardrobe.

I want to weigh less than my honey.:o

I am ready for people to stop assuming things about me because I'm fat. Like I must know how to cook or that I'm always hungry or that I am not in a relationship.

I want to be able to paint my toenails without getting lightheaded.
LOL that too.

I want to be fit and healthy before pregnancy, and I want shorten the journey to motherhood by controlling my PCOS with diet and excerise.

And lastly...I want to love all of me.. who I am inside and out. I am ready to rid myself of my insecurities and have my outer shell be a reflection of my inner beauty.

I have more, I just didn't want to take over the thread. LOL

Thank You so much Remember2Forget for starting this thread :hug: I sooo needed this kick in the pants. I love this site.

01-16-2007, 01:00 PM
Remember2Forget: Your reasonings are some of my biggest motivators as well!

I think my main one is the confidence issue. I've always been bigger than average (I think I'm wearing the same size now as I wore in 8th/9th grade!!), and I was really shy for a lot of my life because of that. I overcame that in high school and college, and I am really outgoing now, but I think that really was just me forcing to go outside of my comfort zone and it would be easier (and it IS easier) with weight loss.

Also, the guy issue: I hate to base any part of my self-esteem on guys, but I always feel like any guy who's into me has to be flawed in some way, which is incredibly messed up and I would never think the same thing if I saw a different guy with a different girl who's overweight, but I can't stop thinking that way when it comes to my relationships. So I end up sabatoging relationships--3 months is my longest one! Certainly that doesn't only relate to my weight and I have other things to work though, but now that I'm thinner it is getting easier for me to feel like I deserve a boyfriend.

And clothes! I love clothes, I want to borrow all my friends' cute stuff. This weekend, I borrowed my friend's medium shirts--I can't remember when I wore medium shirts! And another friend of mine tried to lend me one of her shirts. Last time I wore her clothes, they were too tight, and now they were far too big! It's just a really good feeling to know that trendy, cute clothes that I want to wear look good on me, and that will only improve.

Woo, good to get that out--thanks for this thread!

01-16-2007, 02:13 PM
Wow there are so many reasons. I tell you that journal doesn't sound like a bad idea... I mean I keep track of everything, I blog, but it would be nice to have a place to keep other motivational materials...something I can take with me, write things I don't write on the blog....ala Bridget Jones :D

My top reasons...
1. start small... like with it not being a workout to tie my shoes.
2. Clothes...I'm looking forward to shopping, and wearing normal sized clothes (not to mention saving $$ by not paying for all the extra bolts of material that goes into plus sized)
3. feeling comfortable in my own skin
4. overall healthy and active life....
5. dating.... I'd like to try it again someday
6. liking what I see in the mirror, naked, clothed, whatever....just recognizing the reflection
7. the ricochet effects that changing my lifestyle makes happen in other areas of my life
8. being more comfortable in the summer in the heat!
9. bathing suits. need I say more?
10. I want to be just as proud of my body and the work I put into it as I am of my education, my job, my social activism etc.
11. Oh and shoes....I love shoes but there is nothing comfortable about any sort of slim heeled shoe at 240lbs. nuff said.....I want to run in stilletos

01-16-2007, 11:51 PM
Dittos on that journal thing!

I came here tonight to get a little motivation so I could drive by all the drive-thrus on the way home. Feeling like I'm gonna lose it and pull in for a McD's BigMistake!

Let's see:

I HATE sitting on the potty feeling like I have a cat on my lap. I don't have a cat...

I HATE wearing something I thought I looked my best in--then seeing a photo and resolving to NEVER wear something so clingey again!

I HATE making sure my HAIR looks great so it takes the focus off my double chin.

I CRINGE when I see my guy friend the Diet **** looking at me with that "You haven't done anything about yourself yet, have you?" look.

I almost cry when my DH tells me he loves me "just the way I am".

Awwww, yuck!

sniff, sigh, going in search of my apple for the drive home,