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01-13-2007, 05:36 PM
Hello and :welcome2: to the Jaded Ladies site!

We are a group of ladies that come here for support and encouragement on our weight loss struggles:lifter: , and we also find time for some chitchatting. :gossip: So please, won't you join us? New members are always welcome. :yes:

01-13-2007, 05:47 PM
Ok, I made it over- lol

Need to go to the grocery. Dh just got home from work- yeah for overtime!

I will check back later tonight to see what is going on. I love it here!


01-13-2007, 09:15 PM
Hi ladies, :wave:

Just another fly-by, but I wanted to say hello. Like someone else on the last thread, I lost an even 3 pounds this week. That makes 5 now. :carrot:

I'm having some friends in tomorrow for Sunday dinner, and have everything done that I can do ahead. I picked a menu that's healthy, and tastes good, but isn't complicated.

I'll catch up when I can. In the meantime, have a good weekend! :hug:

01-13-2007, 09:36 PM
Hey all, just a quick hello. :wave:

I hope you all are doing well.

01-14-2007, 09:48 AM
Good Morning ALL

Marti--the Hot Chocolate is Swiss Miss Diet (never had seen it before) 25 Calories..which is what I am doing..I am bit frustrated with my self in that I weighed again this morning and was up a pound and I did so good yesteday..thats what I get for weighing again LOL..I will just keep plugging along!

Jodi--thanks so much for the does sound good..much better than what I was looking you know the calories for one breast?? LMK and thanks again~

Christina..Good luck on the open house!! And your're probably right..38/40 C is actually what I was reduced to LOL...I was like a 40 G..something is really neat to be able to go to any lingere store...

Jane Congratulations on the 3 lbs...I slipped up one in a day, but I am not going to let it get me down...I have been conistently good and for me that is the key..I do know I need to start moving more:-)

Hello to everyone else...Happy Sunday

I am going to get some vitamins today..hope that helps with energy level and then maybe I will feeling doing more. I am actually getting ready to start traveling a lot and I want to have my routine down to a science and my eating habits somewhat refined....

Talk later

01-14-2007, 03:18 PM
Vann A serving is 4 oz and it has 120 calories, 4 grams of fat. That's just for the chicken. I know I used 4 breasts and didn't use all of the bisquick mixture.

Jane Way to go with the 3 lbs gone. Seems like it is coming of at the right pace. You are doing great!

Hello everyone else!!!

01-14-2007, 06:32 PM
Quick hello, having problems with my neck and shoulders--to the massage therapist on Friday, I made the appt two weeks ago when it started and it has gotten worse, but I just wanted to stop by.

01-14-2007, 07:16 PM
Hi Ladies -- I just wanted to stop by quickly and let you know that my DD and I just got back a little while ago from bringing Oreo home. She has so much more energy and very feisty, which is a good thing, and has a big appetite. Thank you ALL for your support and prayers!!;) :hug:

01-14-2007, 09:35 PM
Hi Ladies,

Vann - I've been having Swiss Miss hot chocolate, too. It's the "no sugar added" and is 60 calories per pack, and is very good! I've been using it when I have a craving for chocolate. Yum!

Jodi - thanks! I am trying to "fake it 'til I make it" with an attitude of wanting to do this. Now that I've got 5 pounds off, it does seem easier.

Jules - aww, sorry about the neck and shoulder problems.

Michelle - yay for Oreo being home.

Hello to Cristina, Marti, Sassy, Tammy, Sue, Mary Kate, and anyone I may have missed.

My dinner went so well today. Gina asked my for 2 of my recipes, and everyone seemed to have a good time. I did very well with the food, with one exception: I ate a teensy piece of carrot cake that our guests brought, then sent home with them all that was left after the meal was over. No way did I want that in my house!

Hope you've been having a good weekend!

01-15-2007, 02:35 AM
Ladies...Not only did I fail to get my walks in 5 times last week, but I failed to eat properly too. I am so proud of the rest of you...all those pounds lost and exercising. I will have to get my act together and soon.
Sinuses continue to be a problem and nothing seems to help. I have a constant headache. I am going to call my Dr. next week if I don't get relief.
Add to that the fact that my computer is toast...and I am not a happy camper. Can't get online much...keep getting kicked off. I was on tech support HOLD forever and got no resolution. Yikes.
Add to that the fact that we are having FREEZE warnings here and this is supposed to be our warm winter get-away!
Need I say life is maddening now???

01-15-2007, 06:48 AM
Morning all. :coffee:

I just wanted to stop by and wish you all a Happy Monday! ;)


01-15-2007, 09:08 AM
Goodmorning Everyone.

Just popping in quick to say hello.

DH is suppose to be going on his vacation today. but purolator lost his passport and his visa to get into Brazil so that he can fly home, so right now we don't know if it will be found by noon so that DH and BIL can go.

Well, I better run and get ready for work, and I will pop back in tonight to catch up with everyone.

Have a great Monday

01-15-2007, 01:25 PM
Hi ladies...

KATHY...I do hope they find it so DH & BIL can go on with the trip. :crossed:

VANN...didn't have the open house after all. Ended up cancelling it because of the was horrible. All of us felt like we really didn't think anyone would come out in that weather, and if they did...they were just crazy, lol. A lot of the churches in the area even cancelled Sunday service because they didn't want people out. There's always this Sunday.

SUE...don't worry about last is a new day! happy to hear about OREO! And the new avatar is adorable.

Hi to everyone else :wave:

01-15-2007, 01:29 PM
Good Morning Ladies--

This is a fly by for me as it's Monday and I'm in a slow moving mood....not good when you need to get to work! :lol:

Today is my WI and I managed to lose another pound. :carrot: Very happy that it's still going down! Shocked really. Who knew that if you put your mind to it and really work on'll see results! It's sure putting a smile on my face.:D

Ok ladies, sorry for no individuals today, and tomorrow morning I have to get up early to go to the DMV. Time to renew the drivers license! Hope it doesn't take all morning.

Have a great day!

01-15-2007, 01:35 PM
WTG Marti on another pound gone! :woohoo:

01-15-2007, 02:11 PM
Hi ladies,

Cristina - we never did get the really bad weather, thank goodness. But we've had so much rain, our rivers are flooding, and some people have had to relocate!

Sue - we're having warmer temps here in Indiana than you are in Vegas! The weather is just crazy. :dizzy:

Marti - oh yay, the DMV, lol. Just where you want to spend a Monday morning, lol. Wtg on another pound! :carrot:

Hello to Kathy and Sassy, and everyone else reading this. :wave:

Ah, I've been working on my recipe project again today. I'm up to "Miscellaneous" and still have the rest of the alphabet to go (pasta through veggies). Thankfully I've got a laptop and a jump drive so I can type in my easy chair and watch tv at the same time.

Have a great Monday!

01-15-2007, 02:56 PM
WHOOHOO MARTI!!! That is great to hear- one pound gone!!!

As for me...
We woke up this morning to water up over the driveway, water up over our patio. So I had to dig out everyone's rubber boots (yes we go thru this alot so we all own rubber boots) just so we could get to the van. I was going to have to drive the kids to the middle of the road before they would not be in water (they won't be caught dead in their rubber boots lol) while they waited for the bus. So we just decided that since I would have to drive them to the road, I might as well drive them the 5 miles to school. We live out in the middle of nowhere.
So now my hubby wants to park on the road tonight because it is supposed to freeze. Only I am not sure that it is going to get cold enough to freeze the water solid where we can't get out (have dealt with that before too). I don't think we can get far enough off the road to park out there, it is totally dark out here and I am afraid someone will hit the vehicles.

So anyways.... I floated out to the road to go to my first week weigh-in so the day is not totally lost cause I lost 3.2 pounds!!!!! Yea me!!!!

Well, I am going to go now... wanted to drop in with an update and to say HI EVERYONE!!!

01-15-2007, 06:34 PM
HI Guys,

Looks like you are sending that cold weather my way..20 tomorrow night..we will die LOL

Jules --enjoy that massage..I could use one after all the furniture I have moved, but I have created quite a unique little sanctuary in my bedroom...I love the change:-)

Michele..I am so happy to hear that Oreo is home...I know you and your DD are thrilled..send updated pics soon

Jodi :carrot: Whoooohooo. 3.2 is Awesome!! Just remember a day at a time. And I will try the chicken this sounds great!

Sue..Don't beat yourself up...I had quite a relapse yesterday. I made lowfat brownies and ate 5 of them..not 2 or3 ,but 5. I woke up very early and froze the rest:-) I blew my calories for the day, but today was a new day...can't dwell on it. BTW They were fabulous..praline brownies and only 170 calories each.

Christine-Sorry about the cancellation of the Open House. I know it is such work to get it ready, but it will happen exactly when it is suppose to:-)

Marti--:carrot: Happy Dance on the pound loss. I know part of me would love to see 3 lbs a week, but I also know that if I can do it slow and steady it will be better in the long run for me!! Congratulation!

Hi to Kathy, Sassy and Jane-

01-15-2007, 11:38 PM
Hello ladies...

JANE...we didn't get the weather they expected, the ice anyway. We did get a few inches of frozen snow, sleet whatever the heck it is. It never did really snow but it looks like snow so. Kudos to you and all those recipes. I wouldn't even attempt to do mine. wasn't a big deal about the open house...I didn't want to get out in that weather. Of course on the news this evening it showed rain on the one station for Sunday, lol.

BANDMOM...sorry about the weather you guys are having. Seems it is bad almost everywhere. Just saw on the news where they were afraid for the oranges in CA. You don't often see weather like that in CA.

Nothing going on. Was on the computer to post my stats for the blue team for the day. Did a 2 mile walk on the treadmill today and then some weights. Need to start doing the ones I have at home because it is definitely different from the ones at IF. Anyway, have a good one ladies, nighty, night.

01-16-2007, 10:55 AM
Good morning, ladies!

Jodi - oh dear, I hope you were able to get out today. I live in the middle of nowhere, too, - about 8 miles from town - and the snow out here can drift so badly that we have to dig out. A local doctor lives up the road about 1 mile, and the city clears the roads all the way out to his house, so that helps us get to town, too. A big WOOHOO for the 3.2 pounds lost!

Vann - my weight loss will slow down now that the first couple of weeks are over. And I truly think a little of what I lost last week should've shown up on week one, but I had had salty stuff the night before weigh in. Good for you, getting back on track after the brownies. :cp: I have a recipe for praline brownie frosting and I know how tempting that would be!

Cristina - well, I'm up to "poultry" in the recipes, lol. I have around 50 total left to type out. Then I also have a binder with some I got online, so I'll copy those, too, for the girls. It makes me feel good that Gina wants my recipes. She does try to cook foods for my son that she knows he likes. You are doing so well with the exercise! :trampo: I know you don't get on the trampoline, but that smilie is just too cute, lol.

Hello to Jules, Marti, Sue, Mary Kate, Sassy, Kathy, and anyone else reading this. :wave:

Today I'm getting my carpet cleaned. It's been 8 months now, that we've lived here, and although I've done my best to keep the carpet clean, it needs a professional, lol. I wish I'd gotten a darker one!

I feel great today! Happy, content, and well rested. I'm doing great with the food and water. Not so hot with exercise. I'm hoping the cortisone shot in my foot tomorrow will help. Madison is coming over to be Grandma's Girl today, and I'm looking forward to that. Not sure what we're going to do, yet, but it'll be fun. :)

Have a good day, ladies. :hug:

01-16-2007, 12:13 PM
Good Morning Ladies!

I've postponed the DMV trip again today due to 'FREEZING RAIN'!! I woke up and the ground is just pebbley from it. So I'm going to leave early so I can possibly come home early.

NOT liking this weather!!

But before I go....

Doing great w/eating, I guess you can say I'm staying OP, and I'm still sweating during my walks! Trying to stay focused on that. I want to be in better shape this year.

Take care...I gotta get moving!


01-16-2007, 01:29 PM
Hello ladies...

JODI...oops! Sorry about missing your loss. Still trying to get everyone's names down and not sure how I missed your loss this week. :bravo: to you!

VANN...just missing all kinds of things. Brownies eh? I love brownies too! Just the plain ones with walnuts. Never tried the praline ones, not really a fan of praline. And you are is a new day and we should never dwell on anything for too long. I know we feel guilty and I think it is normal but I try to not dwell on it for long and move on.

JANE...I saw there was flooding in AR as well. Seems there is something going on everywhere. I think Oklahoma got the ice we were supposed to get. It is amazing how all that ice looks, so pretty but the damage it does is not so pretty. I hope those people aren't left without electricity for long. At It Figures she does have a small trampoline and I thought about getting on it but am at a loss as to what to do on it and how it would actually help, lol. Well, I am hoping that once you get the shot it will help so you can exercise. The guy that cleaned our carpet a couple of weeks ago told me you should have your carpets done at least every 6 months, which I plan on doing when we move to stay on top of things. I liked this ChemDry because it dried a lot faster, it was natural, no chemicals and he did a good job. No drying for days, just about 2-3 hours. I should have taken pictures of Jason's room before and after, oh my gosh I honestly didn't they anyone could clean it, but he did! Jason is a pig! Have fun with Madison today! be careful in that ice. Jason was so mad Sat. evening when he was coming home from work because these people do not slow down and they were riding his tail. I told him to just calm down they were doing it to me to. They think because they are in a big SUV or truck they can go fast. Let me tell ya, the roads were not that clear and as the night gets colder things start to freeze again. You wouldn't believe the wrecks in the last few days. And to think they could have been prevented if they would have just slowed down. Sorry, a big pet peeve of mine is the way people drive crazy. Anyway, just please be careful. And WTG on staying OP! You are doing a great job with your eating and walking! :carrot:

HI to everyone else! :wave:

Anyway, the ice is melting, somewhat. It's just bad because it melts, freezes, then melts and freezes, lol. But the roads are 100% better than they were Sat & Sun. Yesterday they had crews out shoveling it off the streets since it was soft from melting. I keep hearing the stuff slide and crash off the roof here.

Not much going on with me. Was up bright and early this morning. I really do enjoy getting up early as I get so much more done. It's just I have never been a morning person. Anyway, I did my 3 mile walk and feeling good about that. Have almost 3/4 of my water down now and half my laundry done. Doing good...when I get off this thing I will dust and vacuum and then who knows lazy.

Take care ladies and I hope everyone has a GREAT day!:hug:

01-16-2007, 02:37 PM
Hello today ladies...

Thought I would drop in to say hey! :-)

Cristina doesn't it just get on your nerves when people don't slow down? Luckily this morning when I had to take the kids to jazz band at 6:30, there weren't many people out but the roads were awful. I had to go to work around 9 and the roads were much better, well once I got to the highway.
Anyhow, people just act like don't know the road conditions have changed and then they wonder why they have accidents or slide off the road! grrr

Marti- hope you are safe today with the ice

Jane water in the driveway wasn't frozen solid, so we were able to get out. When I got home a little while ago though it is more solid, so I am not sure what tomorrow morn will be like. I was shocked when I got home and saw an Avon box on my porch, I can't believe the UPS guy actually came up and delivered it thru the mess.

Well I need to finish my work and then go and get my daughter from school so she doesn't have to wade up the drive from the bus. My son tutors after school on Tuesdays so I will then have to go back at 5:30 and get him, then he wants to drive into town (10 miles away) and go to the library. Yep we live in tinbuktoo.:-)

01-16-2007, 04:51 PM
VANN...Thank your for your kind words and prayers. Oreo is doing much better so far, and she's very feisty and full of energy!!!:hug:

SASSY...You are such a sweetheart!!:hug: Thank so much for the cute card with all the hugs! I will pass some of the hugs on to my DD and Oreo. You are just so thoughtful!!:hug: :hug:

01-16-2007, 07:11 PM
Hello to ALL!!

Marti-So sorry to hear about your weather... It is so wild to see the unusual weather patterns...we were 75 yesterday and are suppose to be 20 tonight. It is hard to get used to any temp!! CRAZY stuff

Jane- Sounds like you are really getting things in order..ya know you are the one that mentioned moving furniture and that is what I did all weekend. I transformed my bedroom into a peaceful sanctuary( I can fantasize anyway) It is nice to have a change..I put on a new comforter that has tons of beautiful latest color is PINK LOL Glad you had some G'Ma time. I missed mine this weekend. My daughter and I got in a small tif and she didn't bring him over...Oh won't last forever:-)

Christina- Congratulations on the 3 miles. I wish I had that motivation. I watched Bob Greene on Oprah yesterday and know that we all have to deal with a challenge or two. I am trying to park further away..go up the stairs an extra time a day..little things hoping the motivation will increase.

Michele, Jules, Joday, Tammy, Sassy, Sue and Kathy-Hope you girls are well...hope the Sun is shining in your world!!

Take care...I'll touch base tomorrow!!:hug:

01-16-2007, 09:04 PM
Hey Ladies.

Well we finally got cold weather and some snow! Not a lot, but some fell, it actually looked like the fake snow on tv it was so light and fluffy! :snowglo:

We had to get up early today for training @ work. I'm SO glad that is over with! BORING!!!! But at least we did get paid for it and a FREE lunch (whoopee) lol.

So now we are just relaxing watching movies, DH is in the bedroom watching his "GUY" movies and I'm out in the living room watching my "GIRL" movies. lol.

Our Furnance is making a horrible noise now. Not constantly, but every once in a while, it sounds like its about to take off or something! The maintenance man supposedly "fixed" it last time, said the "Circuit was switched off and our Furnance Filter was dirty." Well I think its something more than that as now its making that horrible noise and it wasn't before! We have had problems with this stupid thing from the very beginning when we first moved in this place! So I think they will be getting a phone call tomorrow and they better get it fixed right this time, I am very sick of it! :mad:

Anyways............enough of my grumbling. lol.

Michelle -- YW hon.......I hope Oreo, DD and you all are doing well! :hug:

Sorry I haven't been around much lately. I just been so tired lately........

Have a Great Night!


01-17-2007, 11:21 AM
Good morning ladies :coffee: This is a genuine coffee smile -- Tim couldn't give up his morning coffee altogether (as the dr. advised), so he just cut down on the amount...and now there is coffee in the morning again :) I'm a Starbucks fiend, so I've found a pretty good substitute vanilla latte to make at home -- in a tall mug I put 1 1/2 C hot coffee, 1/2 C lowfat milk (microwave it briefly if the milk cooled it down too much), 1 Tblsp Torani Vanilla Syrup, 1 Tblsp Torani Sugar-Free Vanilla Syrup, and 2 Tblsp fat free half and half. I buy the regular and sugar free vanilla syrups and mix them 50/50 because I don't like the sugar free by itself, but they are fine mixed together.

I can't type much today because my arm is really sore, but I wanted to pop in and say hi to everyone, and hi to all the new posters! :wave:

And I especially wanted to give everyone this info: we all know how important it is to drink our water, for weight management and for our general health. But I wanted to warn everyone not to go overboard; you can actually die from water intoxication if you drink excessive amounts. A local radio station held a stupid contest, with a video game system as a prize, for the listener who could drink the most water without going to the bathroom. A mom of three died from water intoxication -- she drank 224 ounces, almost 2 gallons. No criminal charges have been filed so far, but 10 radio station employees have been fired. And in 2005, a local college student also died from water intoxication during hazing.

So, yes, drink your water, it's good for you -- just don't drink ridiculous amounts! Please pass this info on to anyone you think might benefit from it.

Hugs, :hug:
Mary Kate

01-17-2007, 02:04 PM
Hello girls! Flyby----again! Just got renewed! :D Now I can wait 8yrs before renewing again.

I will catch up w/you all tonight after work.

Have a great day!

01-17-2007, 03:07 PM
Good afternoon, Oh Jaded Ones, :D

Marti - 8 years?? Is that an Oregon thing, or national? I don't remember mine being renewed for that many years, but I'd love it. How's the ice situation now?

Cristina - like you, I'm not sure how a trampoline actually helps our bodies. Maybe it shakes off the fat, lol. I sure did love jumping on the one in gym class in high school, and got on the thing everytime the teacher would let me, lol. It'd kill me now, lol. About being a morning person, I have to admit that I am one. I especially like to get up real early in the summer and take my coffee to the front porch swing before the heat of the day starts in. But I'm also out there in the spring and fall, lol.

Jodi - yeah, those UPS guys are pretty dedicated. I've got a UPS lady, and she makes it out here through all sorts of snow and ice. So you sell Avon?

Michelle - I'm glad to know Oreo continues to improve. So what have you been up to lately?

Vann - no, you're right, it won't last forever. Our DDs need us too much to stay ticked off for too long, lol. I'm glad you got a new comforter that makes you feel good. We all need things like that once in awhile.

Sassy - uh-oh, I hope your furnace isn't going on the fritz. That's the last think you need in this kind of weather!

Mary Kate - yikes, I've never heard of water intoxication! How scary! Thanks for the info.

Jules - hope you aren't working too hard.

Well, today's the day I (hopefully) get a cortizone shot in my foot. Oh joy. But the pain of the shot will be worth the relief I'll get later. At least, I hope Imy foot will stop hurting. And I'm going to ask the doc about a couple of mini-vacations that I've got in the works that involve lots of walking, and keeping my fingers crossed for good news about that.

I'll be starting my Spring cleaning soon. Yes, I know it's still winter, but I never like to waste pretty spring days on deep cleaning, lol.

Have a lovely day, chickas! :hug:

01-17-2007, 04:04 PM
Hello ladies...

JODI...oh, yes, that is one of my pet peeves stupid drivers. And it does seem to get worse when the weather worsens. That's great that the UPS guy went up the drive.

VANN...well, hopefully DD won't stay mad too long. Parking further away and taking the stairs more is a good start. Yeah, I do good with the exercise and the water but my biggest challenge is food. There's always something isn't there? Enjoy your new bedroom, it should be your sanctuary.

SASSY...thank you so much for the card as well. It did brighten my day! :hug: So what "girl" movies did ya watch?

JANE...good luck at the docs today. Hoping you get to exercise soon and go on your mini-trips! Yeah, I've never been a morning person but have did get up early when the kids were born, up until they were out of school. I get in my moods once in a while and will get up early. I actually don't mind it because I do get so much more done thru the day. But some days when I know I don't have anything planned...I will sleep in for sure, lol.

MARTI...I was thinking the same thing, 8 years? Ours is 6 but wasn't always. But I'll take 6, it's good. Something they do now too when you renew is make you take a written test. It's really stupid because they send you the test and booklet to do and then take up to the DMV, lol.

MARYKATE...I have heard that before but never knew anyone who actually died. I heard a part of that on the news this morning and thought I heard wrong. That is definitely think that something that is supposed to be good for you can kill you. Sorry to hear about your arm. :hug:

Hi ya MICHELLE...hoping all is well with you and Oreo today.

JULES...thought of you while at the store. I saw the book Plum Lovin' for 40% off and just had to have it. Hoping all is well with you.

I am having a good day so far. I was up bright and early this morning and started my day off with a 30 mn walk. Made breakfast, did a couple of things around the house before heading to It Figures and the store. Was out of a couple of things that couldn't wait until tomorrow. Of course I forgot to pick up some apples, almost out. The Wal-Mart here always has horrible apples so I get them at the local grocer. Was going to get a cantaloupe but it was $4 :yikes: Anyway...nothing much going on since I got things done early.

Hope everyone is having a good day! Lot's of hugs :hug: :hug:

01-17-2007, 07:45 PM
Hey all

I finally got my sleep in, so I'm back "on schedule". ;)

I feel like I haven't gotten anything done on my days off, I guess because of the training yesterday........:p

Jane -- yeah I hope not either. We didn't get a hold of anybody yet, so far its still working!

YW Cristina for the card. :) I watched: When a Stranger Calls Back (not really a "chic flick" but more my cup of tea than DH's.), Benny & Joon and later on I tried watching The Upside of Anger, but I fell asleep! (I've seen it before though!)

Have a Great Evening!

01-17-2007, 08:11 PM
Hello Ladies!!

Sassy- The snow sounds wonderful..I love it small doses!! They are calling for a mix tomorrow morning and it is crazy because it was 75 degrees yesterday:o I can only hope to be able to work from home!!

Jodi- I tried the Chicken tonight and it was fabulous..thanks again for sharing..hope you are well.

Mary Kate-Thanks for the water tips..I knew it could be bad..I just didn't know HOW bad Wow...

Marti...8 years is a long time..especially when you get to be my age..:) I don't think NC is that long for renewal..I wish..

Jane- I think I might have caught your spring cleaning that I have done the bedroom I have decided to pick a room every weekend to do..It also ends up being a good work I get a clean room and burn off a calorie or two..thanks for planting the seed.

Christina- That must have been a BIG cantelope for $4....LOL Ya know one the things I am trying to do differently is to cook more..I am really having fun exploring different recipes..I am cooking for guest for the 1st time this weekend so this will be a new experience and the neat thing is that I am looking forward to creating that unique meal that meets my calorie :hug: boundaries.

Hello to everyone else..Kathy, Sue, Jules, Michelle, and Tammy!!

You girls have a great night....Hugs to ya

01-17-2007, 10:30 PM
Good evening Ladies!!

Michelle--so happy to hear the Oreo is home and doing much better.

Marti & Jodi--Congrats on the weight loss, I haven't been on the scale for the past 5 days.

Christine--are you selling your house or are you a realtor? Reading about open house cancellations. Sorry, still a little new here!

Sue--Hang in there and don't be hard on yourself. Everyday allows you a new beginning. And yes, this is what I keep telling myself after I've allowed myself to gain 14 lbs and almost wreck my $5,000 tummy tuck. The tummy is still flat but now I have a nice 14 lb donut above my jeans :(

Jane--Hope your carpets turned out great. I can relate with the light carpeting. My entire house is about the lightest beige out there. Not what I would have picked out but inherited from the previous owner. I also hope your foot will respond to the cortisone shot. Those are pretty painful to get and hurt like h**l for several hours but then really do help in the end.

I finally got myself back on my elliptical today!! I have no excuse for not exercising. I have an entire room in my basement set up as a gym with the elliptical, treadmill, bowflex, free weights, resistance bands etc. I'm ashamed to say that the dust down there nearing choked me today!! My husband uses the equipment often but could care less about the dust. After working 3 really hard 12 hour shifts, I finally have the next 5 days off and have commited myself to getting on that equipment. Hopefully this will put me on the right track to getting these lbs off. Whoever else I've missed, I hope all is well and sending you all warm hugs!

01-18-2007, 12:57 AM
Evening ladies! :wave:

I'm back to catch up some before I have a little dinner, watch a little American Idol and then do my nightly walk!

Marykate--So glad to see you popping in! I was worried about you and your arm. I read about that woman and the water in the paper last night. It was a "Holding in your wee for a Wii" how sad that she passed away from it. I can't even begin to imagine getting that much water down! Really like the latte recipe....will have to try it soon!

Jane--They started the 8 yr back in '04. I'm not sure if it's just in Oregon or all over. But I like the idea of not having to renew as often....not like 4yrs was a big deal or anything.....guess I'm lazy is all! :lol: I will keep my fingers crossed too for your cortisol shot and that it'll help. Mini vacations eh????? Sounds like lots of fun!

Jodi--WTG on the 3.5 lbs gone! That's fantastic!! You're doing a great job. Keep up the good work. I can't believe your driveway was flooded. What great mom to take your kids to school. Was there lots of flooding in town or just in your area?

Vann--Losing slowly is always better than losing lots all at once. I was really shocked at losing the 3lbs the week before. I don't think I've lost that much in one week.....ever. That's why I always have a goal of losing 2lbs within a MONTH. :) Your brownies sound good. I have brownies in my fridge.....and I managed to have a piece big enough for two bites. Any bigger and I would have helped myself to more! REALLY need my husband to hurry and eat the darn things!

Cristina--I have a pet peeve about drivers too. I become a big butt on the road when someone rides right up on my tail end....I just slow down. I know that's a dumb thing to do w/road raging people out there, but I do it anyway. Then when they try to pass me on the slow lane....I speed up enough to get into the slow lane.....maybe I'm the crazy driver and not the others!

Michelle--Good to hear Oreo is getting better. LOVE the photo of her in the advatar. She is just TOO cute! How is the weather in your area?? I've heard North of here is horrible. Be careful driving if you have ice!

Sassy--Hope your furnace isn't broken. Landlord better take another look at it. Don't want a fire to break out. Don't you love it when you're back on schedule? Having it out of wack just messes up everything. Nothing ever gets done around my house!

Tammy--One of these days I want to get an ellipitcal. I just don't have room for it here. My hubby prefers the treadmill....although since we've got one...I haven't seen him on it much! Do you normally work 12hr shifts? Or were you working OT? Enjoy your five days off!!

Jules--Do they have you working lots again?? If they make sure you get in some "ME" time ok?

Hello to everyone else that I may have missed. I did my best to catch up.

Ok....time is running out, need to get moving.

Hugs to you all!

01-18-2007, 11:37 AM
A quick hello to all of you today. Caylin is coming over to be Grandma's Girl shortly, so I need to hurry. I'm not sure just what we'll do, but I imagine she has some ideas. :)

The shot worked wonderfully! No more stabbing pains in my heel, only some soreness where the shot went in.

I'll bbl.... :hug:

01-18-2007, 11:44 AM
Just a quick Hello

We have a SNOW DAY...really quite funny for us...

It will be gone in minutes if I don't go take a picture;-0 LOL

I'll check back in tonight..

Jane...enjoy the kid fun!!

Marti- I'll have to keep you posted on my dinner party..I was just doing the grocery list and the calorie count...and even with dessert it looks like I will be below 500...Crab Cakes, Cream corn with Green onion and apple/raisan slaw- Lemon cupcakes for dessert YUM..hope it taste as good as it sounds!!

Hello to all....Happy Thursday!

01-18-2007, 01:41 PM
Morning Ladies--

Jane--How do I get in on the "grandma's girl" day??? :D Have lots of fun w/her....she's the mini Jane isn't she? SO cute. Very happy to hear that the shot worked and no pain added!! Whoo hoo!!

Vann--I LOVE crab cakes! If it's worth it, post a recipe. I'm still trying to come up w/my birthday dinner idea. Not sure what I want yet. I'm thinking pork taco's...some recipe I seen in a WW cookbook.

Well ladies...yesterday was a bad day for eating and exercising. I skipped lunch...a no-no in my book. And I just didn't feel up to walking last night. I got into looking at houses on line and time got to me and it was late. Today will be much better.

I do have a NSV! I put on this green top that I wore on my vacation...and instead of being snug and almost too tight, it's hangs nicely on me now! OMG! I was thrilled! And no hubby home to show it off to!:( He'll be home later tonight though..... :love:

So I'm starting this day in a happy note.

Hello to everyone else out there and have a great day!

01-18-2007, 04:20 PM
Hi ladies :wave:

MARTI...WTG on your NSV! :woohoo: I've done that before too...started looking at houses online and the time gets away from ya...very easy to do. Pork tacos sound good. :T You're not a crazy driver, lol. I have done the same thing. For the most part though I try to get out of someone's way. But I have days where if I am going a little over the speed (Usually go 5-7 miles over) and I am in a lane I need to be in I am not going to move over because some dummy feels the need to do 20 over the speed limit.

VANN...your menu sounds good! :T I'm not a fan of crabcakes but it still sounds good, all of it together. And no, it wasn't a big cantaloupe, lol! It should have been for that price, lol. I could eat off a BIG one for days. Enjoy your snow day. We are supposed to get some this weekend. Hoping the ice we have now is all melted by the time the next round hits us.

TAMMY...not a realtor, although I have thought about getting into it. We are selling our house. And don't worry about it, I'm still learning the newbies. I think I have you ladies now but still get a little mixed up at times, lol.

SASSY...glad you are back on schedule. :hug: Did you have your furnace checked out? Those things always worry me. We don't have them now but when we move I plan on getting some of the carbon monoxide alarms. I've seen Benny & Joon, When a Stranger Calls is the one you saw #2???, and The Upside of Anger...I liked it.

JANE...enjoy your grandmama time with Caylin. And I am glad the shot helped.

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Well, today was grocery day. After yesterday I couldn't get up at 7 this morning. I wanted to get my exercise out of the way first thing before getting in the shower but that didn't happen. So...plan on doing it after Jeopardy and before dinner. Just going to have a bowl of oatmeal since it will just be me and DD, and that is our favorite meal. Well, one of them. Getting some laundry done right now and then just going to relax...feel like I need a nap, lol. V was snoring bad last night so didn't get to sleep until about 2'ish. Anyway...hope everyone is having a good day, lot's of hugs to you all.:hug: :hug: :hug:

01-18-2007, 05:44 PM
Hey all.

This is going to be short as I injured my arm last night. Will go into more detail when I can type more.

I hope you all are well though.


01-18-2007, 11:41 PM
Hello ladies...

Just a quickie to say Hi since I was on for a few minutes.

SASSY...oh my goodness lady, what did you do to your arm? Hoping you didn't take a fall. Only say that because V (dh) has slipped on that darn ice twice in the last two days. Check in and let us know how you are when you are feeling better. Just take care of your arm and get some rest.

Hi to everyone :wave:

Getting ready to head to the bedroom and do some reading after Match that show. It's on almost every night twice so I always watch. It is too funny sometimes, they definitely had a ball playing it. Anywho...take care ladies...see ya tomorrow some time. Nighty, night!

01-19-2007, 01:08 AM
:cheers::balloons: ::cp::carrot: Happy Birthday Marti!!:carrot: :cp: :balloons::cheers:

I hope you have a wonderful day!

01-19-2007, 02:18 AM
Speaking of furnaces...our blower went out last night. And it got cold! Was down to low 50's in the house and we were all under many blankets. :) They got it fixed by noon today..thank goodness.

Just real busy here, but enjoying reading about everyone.

01-19-2007, 10:50 AM
:hb: :gift: :woo: Happy Birthday Marti!!! :woo: :gift: :hb:

Hope your day is fantastic! :carrot: :dancer: :cb:

Mary Kate

01-19-2007, 12:09 PM
JaneYep, I sell Avon. I have for 2 yrs now. Our driveway has been frozen for 3 days now. 2 days ago, I ran off in the ditch trying to get into the drive. I finally got out. Then that evening I ran off the other side and got stuck in the mud. My poor van looked like I had been muddin'. I was able to go and get it washed yesterday. I have to leave in a few min to deliver Avon and it looks like it is pretty frozen. But the Fed Ex and UPS guys have been here this morning so I shouldn't have a problem getting in and out. I hope.

Vann I am so glad you liked the chicken. I kept thinking she probably won't like it and think I am nutso- lol

Marti there was A LOT of rain in our area. There was a lot of flooding in fields that never flood unless it is really bad. We live in the country so that probably is part of the cause of the flooding because of how the land is out my way. Believe me our yard has been worse, so I was thankful that is was just as bad as it was. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

01-19-2007, 12:38 PM
Aww....thank you ladies for the birthday wishes!!

I'm off to go to work....should have asked for it off! I will catch up w/you later!

:hug: :hug:

01-19-2007, 03:59 PM
Hello ladies...

SASSY...hope you are doing well today.

MARTI...hope you have a good day! No one should have to work on their birthday, lol. Hey, years ago my friend's mom worked at Levi Strauss and they did give their workers the day off for their BD if they wanted. Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!
:hb: :gift: :hat: :dancer: :woo: :balloons: :woo: :dancer: :hat: :gift: :hb:

SUE...glad you guys got the furnace up and running. 50 doesn't sound too cold right now to me but I know it is. Shoot, I am cold when it's 70, lol!

HI to everyone else :wave:

I have been a busy woman this morning. Went to It Figures then had to run to the store to pick up a few things I forgot to get at Wal-Mart yesterday. Stopped by the post office to pick up some of the new LOVE stamps. Have you ladies seen them? They are so cute, hersey kisses. Ran to Walgreens to have some film developed. Then had to run back to the post office to mail my sis's BD card. Darn it, I almost forgot it because I put it in the drawer in the coffee table. Her BD is Sunday and of course it will be late. I guess better late than never. Finally made it home and got in a 1 mile walk and started some laundry. And I am ready for a nap, lol. Anyway...that's about all I have. We are supposed to get 5-6 inches of snow over the weekend, bummer. Sick of it already. Of course the last batch was not snow, but ice, ugh. Guess we had to have winter sometime.

Take care ladies and have a good day and weekend!

01-19-2007, 05:23 PM
Just a quickie, I wanted to stop in and wish Marti a Very Happy Bday!

My arm is doing a lot better today. :D

I hope you are all well!

Have a Great Day & Weekend!

01-19-2007, 06:45 PM
Happy birthday to Marti.....Hope you had a special day.

Sassy...Hope your arm is better.

BBL to gab!

01-19-2007, 07:55 PM
Hello to all and first and foremost

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARTI--Hope I didn't miss all the fun....Ya know my fabulour dinner party--well ..I got an email this morning that they don't eat crab (LOL) back to the store--bought a london broil..hope that will do..

Christina--they definitley share your sentiments..I should have asked sooner. Hope you are doing well

Sue- good to see you:-) AND so glad you got your heat fixed...I always wondered about that back to nature thing..I am a hotel girl at heart and will camp if forced too:-)

Jane- How is your foot..I have had you on my mind..hugs to you and heal that foot

AND SASSY--What did you do..I hope you are better soon!!

Hello to Mary Kate, Jodi, Michele, Tammy and anyone I forgot..

I am Justin we are gearing up for popcorn and a movie..he is potty training for this first time at my house so this will probably be a FUN night:-)

I am not sure quite how this works, but knowing you guys are here helps me stay focused on OP..thank you again for allowing me to a part of this group

01-19-2007, 08:50 PM
Sorry I have been MIA, between working a lot,the stress of work and the neck pain I just wasn't able to sit and type at night after being on the computer and phone all day. The one hour massage did wonders--she said I was very knotted up and I need to go back again soon but I already feel so much better!! Started WW two Fridays ago, last Friday I lost a whopping 1/2 pound and was a little dissappointed, I started my TOM and was bloated so I was a little worried but I have been doing really good with staying on plan and drinking water, to my suprise I lost another 4 pounds this week--I was so excited!!

Well, there's alot to catch up on so here goes the best I can!!

Marti-:balloons: :woo: :hb: :hat: :gift:

Vann--I am glad you are part of the group too!!:hug:

Sassy-:getwell: I hope you are feeling better and didn't mess your arm up too bad!! Thanks for the card it was cute and perked me up!!

Sue-glad your furnace got fixed!! Bet you and hubby had fun snuggling under the covers though!:o

Cristina--you are always such a busy woman!! Have you read any good books lately??:book2:

Bandmom--My DD and I use alot of Avon--our rep keeps telling her that she could be an Avon spokesperson and sell it!!:cheer2:

Quick hi to Jane, Tammy, Michelle, Katie and anyone else I may be missing!!

Going to go spend some time with hubby!!:cheers:

01-20-2007, 12:04 AM
Hop on over to Weight Loss and Chit Chat #230, ok? See you there. :hug: