Weight Loss Support - Planning for Thrusday January 11th

01-11-2007, 12:48 AM
Today did turn into a snow day - but I stuck to plan! Yay me! It's not very often I stick to plan when I am at home - I actually didn't even eat everything on plan - laying on the couch doesn't make you that hungry! lol

here is to another good day tomorrow, even if I stay at home again.

B- cran raspberry protien juice; two slices whole wheat toast and PB and jam/honey OR two mini begals with cream cheese and tomoto and scrambled egg whites
S- coffee with skim milk and sugar twin; banana
L- slim fast bar OR slim fast drink made with skim milk; celery and cucumber with light cream cheese
S- yogurt and thinsations
D- 2 turkey sausages and pergoies - salad? I do have left over corn stuff from tonight
W- 4-6L
E- 60-75 min exercise bike first thing in the am

01-11-2007, 06:34 AM
toast, jam and cottage cheese

carrots, apple, tangerine, ryvita and cottage cheese

Gym - deadlifts and military presses and maybe some stretching and a bit of cardio

multigrain bread with roast beef slices, smidge of hummus, cucumber, cherries and grapes

Hummus and chicken, cucumber, apple

Kickboxing - advanced and ladies

something quick and easy! Probably pb and choc spread on an oat cracker and maybe a protein shake :dunno:

01-11-2007, 08:57 AM
Sorry I've been a bit MIA from the Planning threads...this cold is killing me! IT could be much worse, but it's a lot of chest congestion and sore throat and a voice that comes and goes. It's lead me to overeat a few days since eating makes my throat feel better, but I got back under control yesterday (no overeating). I haven't exercised in a few days, either, because whenever I move around too much, I just start coughing again. Blah.

Anyway, maybe if I write down a general idea of what I should be eating, I'll be less likely to overeat, so here goes:

cereal w/skim milk
hot chocolate
soup w/croutons
Subway wrap
jell-oI'm not going to my TOPS meeting tonight, so I won't weigh in. I just can't go to my meeting feeling like this because I get up so early and am at work by 7-7:30am, and when I go to my TOPS meeting, I don't get home at all until after 9pm, and I just can't handle that today. I WILL go back next week, though--one week out sick is no reason to fall out of the habit of going all together (as I have done in the past at times).

01-11-2007, 09:20 AM
B-weight control maple and brown sugar oatmeal
L-turkey wrap (tomato, mixed greens, hummus)
D-need to check with DH
E-1 hr. turbokick

The past few days have been very tough mentally and to be honest, I haven't been eating enough. I am trying though, I just hate forcing myself to eat when its really the last thing I feel like doing. Gonna be a tough month.

01-11-2007, 09:45 AM
wow, yesterday was a really good day for me. Instead of having pasta for dinner, I had a turkey wrap, some chikcen soup, and a corn on the cob. Although I didn't eat any bad foods, I think I was under my points. I'll have to try adding some more healthier snacks to up my points.

b - 1 whole egg, 2 egg whites, scrambled mixed w/ vegetarian 98% ff refried beans, in a flour tortilla; smmothie - milk, banana, adn strawberries

l - lean cuisine

s - yogurt and kashi

d - pasta w/ meat sauce, zuchinni, spinach <-------I have never cooked spinach before...you gals have any ideas???

d - maybe some sherbert

01-11-2007, 09:59 AM
Rosario--I've never eaten cooked spinach before, but one thing I do like to do is put spinach in my Magic Bullet (or a food processor or blender or whatever) with some tomato sauce and puree it and add it to my pasta sauce. I can barely taste it in the sauce at all, and it makes it seem like there's a lot more sauce (which I like) even though I got so much by just adding veggies.

Can you tell I don't like veggies and just try to hide them as often as possible? :p

01-11-2007, 10:06 AM
I merged the two threads so now everyone's on the same page. ;)

01-11-2007, 10:19 AM
didnt stick to what i had planned yesterday but still stayed at my cal range :)
B-english muffin w/ ff cheese and 2 egg whites
L-leftover chicken w/ salsa, corn and black beans in a ff tortilla w/tsp of sour cream and a big salad with low cal french dressing
S-ff pudding
D-thinkin i might make some tex-mex chicken rice, salad and maybe some steamed veggies
S-100 cal bag of popcorn
that only comes to 1100 cals for the day so i will have to add in something else somewhere, might have 2 servings of the rice at supper, dunno?
water-about 3.5L

well me and my hubby went to the Y to check prices the other day and they want 100 dollars a month for both of us as well as a 50 dollar joining fee, thats a little bit expensive for us right now, and he loves the gym, me, not so much, so we agreed that he will join and I took my GST check that came the other day(some of the other canadians will know what im talking about) and went and got an exercize bike that was on sale at canadian tire, id way rather work out in the privacy of my own home than at the gym, so last night i did 30 mins on it and today i will try and do 35 :)

01-11-2007, 10:27 AM
Breakfast - steel cut oats, 1/4 cup 1% milk, raisins

Snack - 3 baked meatballs, 1/2 sliced red pepper

Lunch - bean curry, raita, brown rice, banana

Snack - 2 x kiwi fruit, 2 x plums

Dinner - spicy peanut chicken, brown rice, cabbage

Water - 2 liters+

Exercise - rest day today

Rosario, about the spinach, I like to mince 2 cloves of garlic and sautee it in 1 teaspoon of olive oil. I then add some cherry tomatoes sliced in half and sautee it until they are just turning soft, I then add my spinach and 1 tablespoon of balsamic vinegar and I turn the spinach until it starts to wilt. 1 bag of spinach usually gives me enough for two servings.

I don't like to boil spinach or steam it, I find that it goes too soggy. I like to sautee because you can control just how cooked it gets. I buy the bunch spinach when the supermarket has it, which means I have to pick stems and clean it but it's about a dollar cheaper than the bagged stuff!

01-11-2007, 11:11 AM
Breakfast: 2 banana protein bars
Snack: almonds
Lunch: kashi golean cereal, soy milk, strawberries
Snack: Lean Cuisine??
Dinner: "4oz popcorn shrimp" (hungry girl recipe), sweet potato "fries" with ketchup and horseradish mixed for dipping

No exercise today. Rest day.

This is a little low so I might add another snack or something.

01-11-2007, 11:44 AM
So far I've eaten an orange. Not sure what I'll do for lunch. Maybe a salad, something healthy and not pizza like I had yesterday.

I really haven't been eating very well lately; not enough. I've been very jittery and food just doesn't sound good.

01-11-2007, 11:48 AM
:hug: hope you're feeling better soon josie :) how about some nice oatmeal with cinnamon and splenda? Or some other comforting healthy food?

I think I talked myself into that oatmeal! :)

01-11-2007, 12:09 PM

I'm not sick though. Things have been going on in my life... The stress is just killing my appetite.