Weight Loss Support - Bad, bad test results, I'm stunned and confused.

01-09-2007, 05:54 PM
I am really, really upset right now. I had a check up with my internist yesterday. My last check up was mid September 2006, about 2 weeks into my lifestyle change. My weight was about 278 at the time. In Sept. I had full blood work done and my cholesterol level was 203. In May of 06' it was 205. Two years before that about 205. So for years now my cholesterol was in the low 2's. And I had a good ratio of bad to good cholesterol. My phone just rang and it's the dr. She got back yesterday's blood work and as of yesterday, weighing in at 208 lbs, 70 lbs lighter then last time and my cholesterol came in at a whopping 388!!!! It makes no sense whatsoever. I eat only skim milk, fat free yogurt, white meat chicken and veggies. So what gives? She said I should come in again next week and they'll retake it. That perhaps the lab made a mistake, but that is doubtful. She says if we get the same results she'll have to put me on medication.

Oh and did I mention that back in Sept 06, my blood pressure was high at 150 over 90, for the very first time after having years and years of 120 over 70. And yup, yesterday it was even higher, 155 over 95. Also makes no sense. So she put me on medication for the blood pressure.

I just can't believe I am finally trying to get healthy by losing this weight and now for the first time my health is really in jeopardy. Instead of getting healthier I am actually less healthy. Instead of being on no medications I will be on 2. I am perplexed and worried and miserable. I can't believe this is happening.

Has anyone ever heard of anything at all even remotely like this?

01-09-2007, 06:06 PM
Hi this happened to me at my last dr's appoitment last year mine was 206 this year after 20 pounds and excerise It was 268, I was in tears. Though after some thought I had hurt my back and have done iv, oral and epidural steriods and I looked on the internet and they can rise it, so I have to have it repeated in 3 months which will be the end of this month so i am hoping it is lower. Were you on any meds that could have done this because the 70lbs should have definately lowered yours?

01-09-2007, 06:08 PM
I'm no medic but the new results can't be related to your weight loss unless you're on an unhealthy fad diet. Keep going with your plan and the Drs will sort it out :hug:

01-09-2007, 06:15 PM
Hi Robin, I'm not a medical expert, so I don't have any real pragmatic advice to give about your specific test results, but I have to believe that all the hard work you've done in changing your lifestyle is good for your overall health. I know it must be incredibly discouraging, but stay strong. Sending you a virtual hug

01-09-2007, 06:17 PM
Sorry to hear about this. I can say that your blood pressure was probably up due to nerves. Do you take your blood pressure at home or at one of those monitors in the pharmacy? Sometimes when people are upset it gets really high. My blood pressure gets very high when I'm nervous or worked up. Also, blood pressure does go down when you lose weight, but other factors play into it as well. As for your cholesterol, its possible that the effects of your being 75 pounds heaver could still be there, and maybe they just didn't show up yet when you went to the doctor that first time. Who knows? All you can do is keep doing what you're doing and eating right and things will turn around.

01-09-2007, 06:20 PM
Did you fast before going to the doc, when they do my cholesterol they always tell me to fast (I think for 12 hours) before they take the blood.

01-09-2007, 06:42 PM
Yes, had fasted. And I'm on no meds. And like I said my cholesterol was fine for years, forever in fact. Even the doctor said she's never, ever heard of anything like this. My mother and sister both have high cholesterol and I never have. I'm just wondering if the weightloss triggered some kind of hereditary thing. I know, I'm stretching. I'm a bit freaked out.

Thank you all for responding and for your kind thoughts. For now, I just have to pray that next weeks results will be different, though I'm certainly not counting on it. Still can't believe this is happening. I was trying to improve my life, not screw it up.

01-09-2007, 06:54 PM
Robin, you ARE improving your life! Can you imagine what your health would be like if you still weighed 278 pounds and had this result? You'd be in bad, bad shape and not have a clue what to do to fix it. :eek:

I simply cannot believe that your weight loss CAUSED this to happen ... instead, it must have been going to happen anyway, weight loss or not. Family history, right?

Please don't let this derail you! I know from reading your posts that you're a strong, sensible, and determined woman. OK, so if it was going to happen anyway, you've given yourself a huge head start on managing your blood pressure and cholesterol with your new healthy life style. It's really a gift you've given yourself over the past months! :hug:

01-09-2007, 06:59 PM
There is no way that lowering your weight has been bad for you. If high cholesterol runs in your family, it's entirely possible that this would have happened at this age ANYWAY, and your overall health would have been far worse if you were still at your highest weight.

PLEASE don't give up. Even if you have to go on medication, you are making yourself stronger and giving yourself a better chance at a long and healthier life with every pound you drop. You are one of the people here whom I most admire; I look forward to your posts and have loved witnessing your progress! :hug:

01-09-2007, 07:08 PM
What she said!!

(gee Callystia, it's not like we think alike or anything ... :rofl:)

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01-09-2007, 07:32 PM
I haven't had my cholesterol tested in the last few years, but I've had blood pressure troubles for a while now, and I was really looking forward to watching it drop as I lost weight. After forty pounds, I was on an extra med and looking at maybe adding another...it was worse than it had ever been. Why? As far as I can tell, my body has a sense of humor. Not a very good one, though. :D

Do you get enough sleep? That was the one factor we came up with when we were trying to figure out what might be causing the higher bps. My doc said that'll goof your bp up for sure.

Hang in there. I'm hoping for a lab error for you. From reading your posts, I have no doubt that you can meet any challenge with grace, but I'm hoping you won't have a challenge to meet.:hug:

01-09-2007, 08:56 PM
Thanks meg and cally and swultragirl.

It just doesn't make sense how now that I've started losing the weight, that all of a sudden my cholesterol would sky rocket. I mean really, really sky rocket. And is there no way to figure out where it's coming from? My Dr. doesn't even want to investigate as to the cause. Just retest, which I'm fairly certain will not change anything and then medicate. She herself said, she's never, ever heard of anything like this. To jump from 203 to 388 in 4 months even WITH a large weight gain is unheard of. And I've had a large weight LOSS.

My mother has high cholesterol, but that's only in recent years since she gained over 50 lbs. So I'm pretty sure her high cholesterol is weight related.

I certainly won't let this derail me, but I gotta tell you my number one reason for doing this was my health and I can't help but think I've stirred something up here. Something tells me I will never find the answers that I am looking for.

01-09-2007, 09:00 PM
Hey sweetie I sent ya a pm and came in to give ya a :hug:

01-09-2007, 09:41 PM
It doesn't make sense -- that's why the doctor just wants to re-test. The likeliest explanation is that something went wrong with the test. It happens, and it happens quite a lot, so I'd just assume nothing's wrong until you hear otherwise.

The very best things you can do until then are to keep eating right (and stay low-fat), exercise (especially long walks), and take your mind off it so you stay relaxed. These things are just no-brainers, because they're no risk to you, and they're exactly what you should be doing whether or not there's a problem.

Regarding the blood pressure, make sure to ask them to use a large-size cuff. When you were larger, they probably had to. Now the normal-sized one may fit around your arm, but it'll give you an abnormally high reading. I consistently get a blood pressure of around 150/90 with normal cuffs and 118/80 with the large ones. I am not about to take medication for high blood pressure when they're not using the right size cuff!

Honestly, I think the test result was just wrong. But please do post back and let us know what you find out.

01-09-2007, 10:04 PM
Oh Robin...big :hug: ! Don't stress too much until they retest you. It must have been a huge shock to you to get those results. I also agree with Siena..the blood pressure cuff may have been the wrong size. Of course, keep us posted.

01-09-2007, 10:14 PM
Hi rockinrobin!

I'm no doctor, but I'd definitely have myself retested. Your results don't make sense to me, either. The blood pressure elevation could come from lots of things, maybe an increase in sodium or being unsettled when they took the reading or the pressure cuff malfunctioning. The cholesterol thing just seems WRONG any way that you look at it.

Labs make mistakes all the time. Request a do-over on those tests! In the meantime, keep up the GREAT work on your body!


01-09-2007, 10:17 PM
thats really interesting about the cuffs siena

I'm guessing it was a bad test or an abberation.

01-09-2007, 10:23 PM
I am very sorry to hear your frustration! I am not a doctor and I don't know you but I had two things come to mind when I read your post. First, this link-suggestion that low-carb diets may increase LDL.


Second, you may want to ask to have your thyroid checked (even if it was checked in Sept.) The thyroid has some control over heart function and blood pressure and cholesterol levels. And, something I'm dealing with, if you do a really low cal diet (even if it's just low compared to your normal levels) I've read that can cause lower thyroid function. Just my recent experience.

Congratulations on your weight loss! :carrot: Don't quit now! Good luck!


01-09-2007, 10:33 PM
I would get the retest for sure. Your cholesterol CAN go up that fast, it has happened to me, but it isn't common unless you have been very bad on your diet, which I was. Mine jumped over 110 points in 4 weeks. Without meds I average 320+ and with I'm around 170 (2 meds). I have been on meds since I was 21 and only recently got it below 200 with the addition of the second med. When I was pregnant it was almost 600 with no meds. Yep, mine is genetic and wide reaching in my family. I got diagnosed with 3 arteries partially blocked (30-40% each) at 32 last year.

I would say that with the diet you described your reading is probably error. Like others said, if it was going to happen, it was going to happen, and I don't think there is any way that losing weight would make your cholesterol and pressure go up. You are doing the right things, keep them up. if your doc says take meds, then take them. Some are now shown to help prevent heart attacks and reduce inflammation in your body and arteries. Good stuff! :) Don't be afraid to take medicine, it is made for a reason and we are blessed to live in such an age of technology that affords us these options. :) Take care! :hug:

01-09-2007, 10:49 PM
Robin, I was so distressed to read about what you're going through. Obviously lots of people on here are concerned for you! I would definitely stay cool until getting retested.

You must also remember that, while you will obviously need to figure this out and get these numbers back down if they are correct, these are used as measures and warning signs. HIGHLY stressful yes, BUT BUT BUT you didn't go to the doctor and find out you had ____ horrible disease. I'm not at all minimizing this because I'd be just as upset, but just trying to give you a different perspective.

Without reading the links posted by Sooooperbizee so not knowing how good the "science" is in these articles, those could be some interesting explanations given that I believe you are often eating less than 1200 calories per day and that not only is that extremely low as it is, its a huge shift downward from before you started your plan. I think you're doing a low fat plan, not sure if you're doing the low carb diet, but if so then maybe that LDL increasing explanation has some validity.

You are on the right track Robin and I know you're not going back. Maybe you need to tweak the number of calories (upwards obviously..LOL) or add more exercise (which I believe lowers cholesterol and blood pressure).

Best wishes to you luv.

01-09-2007, 11:43 PM
Oh Robin, I know you must have been disappointed at the test results, and I'm hoping you find out that there were lab errors when they retest. I know you are too determined to get the weight off to let this derail you.

01-09-2007, 11:54 PM
Gosh, thank you SO much ladies. Your concern is so much appreciated. As well as your thought out responses.

My current diet is most certainly low fat. Heck it's low everything. Quite frankly just this morning I was discussing my new "diet" with someone that I ran into and I must say as I was talking about it a wonderful sense of proudness (is that a word?) overcame me. I eat so well now!!! I have totally and completely changed my lifestyle and I don't know another living soul (except of course you guys here at 3fc) who eats and drinks as well as I do.
Which just makes this whole thing so much more ironic. I always thought myself so fortunate to have avoided just these problems even though I was so heavy. And I wanted to take care of my weight before these problems did arise. So to have it happen to me AFTER my weight started to go down is just really hard to comprehend.

I think it would be very easy for me to just blame it all on a lab mistake, but chances are that's not the case. By the way, my thyroid was checked as well and it was fine. And all my other blood tests were fine, so why would they make a mistake on just this one thing? I suppose I'll just have to wait for the results of my retake (Monday) to see for sure where I stand. Whatever those new tests tell me, I will just have to accept and do whatever my doctor sees medically fit. But boy oh boy, I am so curious to know as to what brought on a 185 point rise in my cholesterol. I'm sure eventually my curiosity will fade, although taking those pills for the rest of my life (I'm 43) will certainly be a daily reminder.

01-10-2007, 12:06 AM
Omigosh, how frustrating!! Robin, I'm so sorry; I would be tearing my hair out! :p

Everyone's right though; there's NO WAY that losing that weight was bad for your health. Maybe if you hadn't, your cholesterol would be even higher, you would have had a heart attack, etc. Point is, you're doing fab!

Let us know how those retests go!

01-10-2007, 09:19 AM
Hey rockinrobin,

They take one blood sample, but the tests they run are all different--use different chemicals etc.--so it is possible for one test to be off and other tests to be legitimate. Always re-test. The lab I go to had tests for creatinine reading too low for months--it was obviously off--but it takes awhile before people figure that out. You might want to ask to have your blood tests re-tested by a different lab.

Some years back there was a book by a Dr. Susan Schwarzbein, who is an endocrinologist. She was seeing lots of post-heart surgery patients who had been put on diets by their drs. Strangely, most of them had developed diabetes, which is why they were seeing her. They also had high cholesterol, which was just the opposite of what was expected. Schwarzbein's theory is that eating too much carbohydrate and too little fat actually leads to the body overproducing cholesterol and developing diabetes. Of course, it's not all that simple, but that's kind of the idea. She advocates a food program that includes enough protein and good fats, but limits carbohydrates--sort of like the low-carb diets but not *nearly* so drastic.

Also, you didn't mention exercise--did you? I can't remember and I can't look back right now. Are you exercising regularly? That can make a big difference in blood pressure and cholesterol.

Good luck!


01-10-2007, 10:04 AM
The only thing I can offer if that you look at how much cholesterol you are consuming now, just to make sure. Despite eating healthier, if you've ramped up your protein ALOT and lowered carbs, you could be ingesting alot more cholesterol than you think. In terms of protein powder, I switched to soy from whey when I noticed the cholesterol count on the whey, and knowing that my chol was borderline high. The soy brought mine down alot. But chol can come from heredity but also what you eat. I would just tally your consumption to make sure you haven't seen like a 50% increase in chol consumed as you've strived to eat more protein, dairy, etc. :)

01-10-2007, 11:14 AM
Thank you for responding. I appreciate it.
Yes, I most definitely AM exercising. I find Dr. Schwarzbein's findings quite interesting. My husband suggested maybe I see an endocronologist. Oddly enough I have always been and still am no where near developing diabetes. My sugar is actually on the low side. I am eating only low fat proteins such as white meat chicken and no fat yogurt. So I would definitely say that I'm on a low fat diet. Very low carbs accept for the ones found in veggies. A friend of mine had a strange theory. She said perhaps I'm receiving so little cholesterol that my body is making up for it and going into overdrive. Yeah, it's stretching. I guess the thing that bothers me most is the Dr. didn't even want to investigate as to what could be the cause of it. Just retest and then if the #'s remain the same medicate. I don't know if I'll ever know the reason why this occured. And do I even bother to investigate on my own, find a doctor who is willing to look for a cause?

01-10-2007, 11:45 AM
Robin, I may be biased because of my own struggles, but if I were you, I would definitely keep looking for an answer. It took me fifteen years to get even quasi-diagnosed with my lupus; that's fifteen years of being told I was a lazy hypochondriac and everything wrong with me was "all in my head". If the second round of tests still show high cholesterol, you will have data to back up that something is wrong, and doctors will be more inclined to listen to you because of it. (Talk about looking on the bright side, huh? :lol:)

If you decide to take cholesterol-lowering medication, then great--as another poster wrote, it's wonderful that we live in a time when such things are available to us. But if you want an answer (and I would), then I do encourage you to see the endocrinologist or anyone else you think may help. Best of luck!!!!

01-10-2007, 12:20 PM
Here's an article from Harvard School of Public Health that may answer some of your questions. Are you getting enough "good" fats to lower the bad cholesterol?


"One of the most important determinants of blood cholesterol level is fat in the diet - not total fat, as mentioned already, but specific types of fat. Some types of fat are clearly good for cholesterol levels and others are clearly bad for them...

For the good fats, there is consistent evidence that high intake of either monounsaturated or polyunsaturated fat lowers the risk for heart disease. In the Nurses' Health Study, replacing 80 calories of carbohydrates with 80 calories of either polyunsaturated or monounsaturated fats lowered the risk for heart disease by about 30 to 40 percent...

What really matters is the type of fat in the diet...What is becoming clearer and clearer is that bad fats, meaning saturated and trans fats, increase the risk for certain diseases while good fats, meaning monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, lower the risk. The key is to substitute good fats for bad fats...

And cholesterol in food? Although it is still important to limit the amount of cholesterol you eat, especially if you have diabetes, dietary cholesterol isn't nearly the villain it's been portrayed to be. Cholesterol in the bloodstream is what's most important. High blood cholesterol levels greatly increase the risk for heart disease. But the average person makes about 75% of blood cholesterol in his or her liver, while only about 25% is absorbed from food. The biggest influence on blood cholesterol level is the mix of fats in the diet."

01-10-2007, 12:38 PM
Robin -- :hug: Determining causes can be so hard! If the test comes back the same and all the dr wants to do is medicate, I would think about talking to another doc. Maybe a specialist, as you said. I think in the medical world we need to be our own best advocates.

01-10-2007, 12:58 PM
Thank you for the article Mami.

Yes Cally and Wyllen, I suppose I will have to look to another doctor to hopefully find some answers. Although I'm sure it will be difficult. Cally, what's that you said - 15 years, wow that must have been horrendous to say the least. My current Dr. certainly seemed to throw her hands up in the air, saying she's never heard of anything like this.

I'm really not counting on the next blood test to show any difference, but boy oh boy would it be nice to think that perhaps it really was a lab error.

01-10-2007, 01:06 PM
Honestly, that's what I'm hoping for, Robin. Lord knows I've seen lab errors before. :rolleyes:

01-10-2007, 03:29 PM
I'm so sorry your results weren't what you expected. It's so frustrating!

I spent a month in an eating disorders unit when I was younger (bulimia). What was interesting to note was that the anorexic women all had high cholesterol readings. The doctor explained that their bodies were making cholesterol because they weren't getting enough good fats in their diet. Just as Mami mentions above. So, eating low fat is a good thing as long as what you are removing are the unhealthy fats. Be sure to include avocado, olives, olive oil, nuts, and "fatty" fish like salmon in your diet. Additionally, note that what you've eaten prior to fasting can raise your cholesterol for the test.

Like you, I thought that losing weight would lower my cholesterol. While mine didn't go up as dramatically as yours, it did go up a bit. I've been trying to lower mine naturally for years, and succeeded in getting it from the 300s to the middle 200s, but never lower. I finally gave up and went on medication about two years ago.

I do hope your retest comes out better. And if it doesn't, hard as it may be to accept, you can be glad that researchers have developed these medications to help us out.

01-10-2007, 05:51 PM
Sheila thank you so much for sharing that with me. That's exactly what a friend said to me, that I've eliminated too much fat and that the body felt the need to compensate with all that extra cholesterol. I will definitely explore that avenue. Although I do eat the occassional nuts, avacado and fish. And I had fasted prior to the test.

I think I would have had an easier time coming to terms with the fact that I may need medication if I hadn't had a normal cholesterol level PRIOR to losing the weight. But whatever the outcome is I will just have to deal and yes, be thankful that there are medications to correct this.

01-10-2007, 06:18 PM
I read your post earlier then had to run out for a bit. You've been on my mind the whole time! My heart broke when I read your post, as I know how disappointed you are. Everyone has given you so much good advise, and I agree with them! I think there could very well be an error with the tests regarding your cholesterol. Cutting out too much fat makes sense, in a way. Maybe you could try getting in an extra point or two worth of olive oil each day this week and see how that affects your numbers? As for the doctor wanting to put you straight onto meds, well, that just sounds nuts to me. DH has high cholesterol and his dr. wanted him to work on it on his own for several months before he finally wrote the perscription. A new doctor might have some ideas about why this happened, and a second opinion never hurt anyone!

The blood pressure also confuses me. I didn't realize the different size bands could make a difference. I do know that when I went for my check up last month I expected my BP to be down (I had lost about 45 pounds at that point) but it wasn't. Don't remember now which cuff they used though.

Keep your chin up! Your body might just be trying to adjust to it's new size, and things are all screwed up in the meantime! Know that we are all here for you, and just keep doing what you're doing!

01-10-2007, 07:16 PM
And do I even bother to investigate on my own, find a doctor who is willing to look for a cause?

I would definitely push back on your doctor about trying to explore the causes. Ask for a referral to a specialist or go to another doctor for a second opinion (one that uses a different lab would be best). I think seeing an endocrinologist is a good idea.

I suffered through literally years of frequent bladder infections because my generalist never bothered to look into the cause. Once the infections got so bad that finding the cause wasn't avoidable any longer, it turned out that they were caused by an easily treatable condition. Unfortunately, by then, permanent damage was done to my bladder by all the scarring from the infections--I'm so sorry I didn't push back about finding a cause sooner.

My boss had some sort of minor blip show up in a test and his doctor wanted to completely ignore it. He insisted they investigate further and it turns out he had the beginnings of cancer. Because they caught it early, it was completely treatable. If they'd waited, like his doctor wanted to, it wouldn't have been. Good thing he didn't listen to his doctor.

I find that generalists are often unwilling to explore issues like this or even to refer to a specialist; you'll really do have to push back.

01-10-2007, 07:51 PM
Bluetoblue, that is quite a story, both yours and your bosses. That is so unfortunate that you had to suffer for years for something that turned out to be minor. And then have permanent damage on top of it. Totally unacceptable. I am certainly leaning towards persuing a reason as to how this occured, of course pending the retest. I just think this is something completely unheard of. It could be quite difficult. My husband is also insistient that we find out why. I am certainly not thrilled with my doctor's response, retaking then medicating. You never know how good your doctor is (or isn't) until something goes wrong.

Kelly thanks for your concern. Along with the retake on Monday, I will be having my BP taken again and we'll see what happens.

Thanks for responding ladies. I appreciate it.

01-11-2007, 02:09 PM
Don't give up! Get some more healthy fats in. Walnuts are great and actually have omega 3's and help prevent heart disease!

Walnuts (http://www.whfoods.com/genpage.php?tname=foodspice&dbid=99)

01-13-2007, 04:20 AM
I think it would be very easy for me to just blame it all on a lab mistake, but chances are that's not the case.

It sounds like you're assuming a lab error has to be human error. That happens, but sometimes it's just that the chemicals used in the tests or the sample that got checked were in the wrong proportions. So if your cholesterol is low on average but the sample had a little extra glop of it, it could seem like it's high.

I mean, think about it. You take a bite of salsa and most times it's an even mix of tomatoes, peppers, flavorings... but sometimes you bite right into a hot pepper. Same idea. Like the salsa, your blood is a mix of different things, not a uniform blend like apple juice.

Chances are, the lab result was a fluke -- not a mistake, just a fluke.

It has happened to me a few times. I had a blood test once where the doctor immediately dismissed the result, saying that was only ever seen in terminal cancer patients. Sure enough, the next blood test showed a normal result. I've had a test come back with a false positive once. Since none of the other tests in the set were positive, the doc assumed it was wrong. The whole set was redone and all came back negative.

01-13-2007, 05:44 AM
Chances are, the lab result was a fluke -- not a mistake, just a fluke.

Well, that would absoultely be FINE with me!!!! I do hope that you're right. I will let you know when I get the new results back. Thanks for your input and your positive thinking.

01-22-2007, 01:24 AM

Have you heard anything yet?

01-22-2007, 08:51 AM
Thanks for asking. I took the retest last Tuesday. I will call my Dr. today, hopefully she's got the results.

01-22-2007, 09:55 AM
Sweetheart, I really hope you're not stressing too much - I agree w/ some of the girls above, that IF the results are right, then it almost certainly was going to happen anyway, and your losing weight had nothing to do with it - in fact, might have kept it from getting worse. Bodies suck, and there's a certain amount of unpredictability with ANYTHING in life - we do what we can based on the information we have. YOU TOOK A POSITIVE, IMPORTANT, BRAVE step in working with getting your weight under control, don't blame yourself for a second.

01-22-2007, 03:51 PM

Hi everyone!!!

Just got off the phone with the doctor, my cholesterol came back at 180!!!!! I am so happy and relieved I can not begin to tell you. Gosh, these things never happen to me. I can't believe I spent sooo much time worryingand wondering and doubting myself. Stupid, stupid lab. Or maybe I should say stupid, stupid me. Yikes. Anyway, I told her they're such drastic numbers, I would really like a third test to see what numbers come back twice. I know, I'm crazy. She told me my insurance won't cover it, that I'll need to wait a month. So I will wait the month and retake it and of course I'll let you know.

I just want to thank each and every one of you for all your support. You guys are the greatest!!!! :hug: :hug: :hug:

01-22-2007, 03:59 PM
WOOHOO!!!!!! Congrats, Robin!

01-22-2007, 04:00 PM
I'm so happy for you! You've come such a long way, and now you don't have to worry or stress over this anymore. Now you can keep on truckin'!:df:

01-22-2007, 04:01 PM
Robin, I knew it had to be that! No way with your healthy eating could you have ended up with that high a number. I'm so glad to hear your great news!

01-22-2007, 04:06 PM
Oh thank you girls. I just can't begin to tell you how relieved I am. It is such a huge load off my mind. 180, that's pretty good, no?

I still can't get over the fact that the made an error. I mean logical me tells me of course these things happen. But it did - and to ME. It's kinda scary when you think about it. Thank G-d it all turned out well in the end. I can't help but think of people that have medical errors and misdiagnosis' happen to them and it is too late. REally, really scary.


01-22-2007, 04:29 PM
Robin, WONDERFUL news! I'm so glad to hear that.

180 is great, by the way. :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:

01-22-2007, 04:53 PM

180 is perfect!

What I've read:
* Total cholesterol divided by HDL should be below 4.
* LDL divided by HDL should be below 3.
* Optimum total cholesterol = 180-200 (below 180 also disease-causing)

Strangely enough, cholesterol CAN be too low! Weird eh? I've read that below a certain point, risks of other complications rise, like strokes. So 180 is perfecto garcia ;)

Here's a low cholesterol link, if you're interested in the flip side of cholesterol levels :)

01-22-2007, 05:07 PM

stephanie t
01-22-2007, 05:11 PM
Hi, the leap is very unusual and could be a wrong reading. If you dont want to go on meds after seeing your doctor then there are some great natural heart health and cholesterol reducing products available. Good luck and good health.

01-22-2007, 05:41 PM
Yay! :woo:

01-22-2007, 07:17 PM
Robin, Hi, I'm kinda new and don't even know you, but I was a little worried! I dropped in a couple times to see if you had news and this today makes me happy for you. Have you ever tested your blood pressure on a home monitor? Sometimes doctor's office numbers turn out to be White Coat Syndrome, and when the patient tests a few times a day at home it turns out that their blood pressure is not really so high after all. Just a thought, because with your good weight loss, you are headed in the right direction to look forward to coming off the BP meds because of general better health. And the cost of a home BP cuff would be a small price to pay to be able to give the doctor more information as you go along.

All the best!

01-22-2007, 07:24 PM
YAY ROCKINROBIN!!!!! :carrot: :carrot: :carrot:


180 is GREAT! I would be on cloud 9 if mine was 180!

You GO girl!!!!


01-22-2007, 07:31 PM
Robin, I'm so happy for you! Accidents do happen, in this case, thank goodness :)

01-22-2007, 07:39 PM
OH...great news.

01-22-2007, 09:01 PM
i knew it!! didn't want to blame the doctor or the lab technicians but I KNEW IT!! you had to be healthy! congrats!

01-22-2007, 09:22 PM
Keep on rockin Robin! Funny how we know labs sometimes make mistakes but we never think we're the one. You made it a priority to get healthy and its worked! I think we're all relieved to hear this.


01-23-2007, 02:42 AM
Yay!!! I'm glad it was just a lab error!! You've done so awesome, that I knew the lab results had to be wrong!!

01-23-2007, 06:31 AM
It was an error!!!!!

Oh, I told you all that already. OOPS. It's just that I'm really happy about it. I love that my cholesterol is 180, to me having cholesterol under 200 is the sign of a healthy person. I know that's silly, some people produce the stuff on their own and can be stick thin. In fact my mom has a friend who is a rail and has cholesterol levels in the 400's. But nevertheless I'm liking the number, A LOT more then the 388 the lab told me.

My blood pressure is still high, I started medication (light dosage) last week. The doctor told me it is NOT a good idea to be walking around with that high blood pressure. So, yes I'm disappointed about that, but hopefully with continued weightloss (not even sure if weight is a factor here) I can possibly eliminate the medication. I know many, many people who have long and active lives who are on blood pressure medication. Just glad I don't have to deal with high cholesterol levels as well (stupid lab)

I just wanted to thank you all again for your continued support. I really love how you all just knew it was an error - me I just wasn't so sure - at all. I am so very glad that I was wrong, wrong, wrong. Thanks again.

By the way I will go back in one month to check my cholesterol again (and blood pressure) and I will let you know what happens. :hug:

01-23-2007, 06:54 AM
Hey there, Robin!

Soooooo glad to hear that the TEST was the problem! I also notice that you are SOOOOOOO very close to ONEderland! You have GOT to be so happy!

As far as the blood pressure is concerned, watch your sodium, and with your weight loss already you will probably notice a big change. Blood pressure meds MAY not be necessary very soon!

Thanks for keeping us updated! I'm so sorry that you have had to be so stressed out BECAUSE OF AN ERROR! That's just CRUEL!

Take care!


01-23-2007, 09:31 AM
Grats! That is awesome! :) Keep it up with the weight loss and you might not always need the BP meds! WTG! :)

01-23-2007, 01:51 PM
Regarding the blood pressure, make sure to ask them to use a large-size cuff. When you were larger, they probably had to. Now the normal-sized one may fit around your arm, but it'll give you an abnormally high reading. I consistently get a blood pressure of around 150/90 with normal cuffs and 118/80 with the large ones. I am not about to take medication for high blood pressure when they're not using the right size cuff!

That may explain mine! Mine is normally around 120/75. It has been going down. Last reading was 110/65. However, less a week before, I was at a gyn for a lump I found someplace that I don't want to mention. They had a smaller cuff and my bp was 130/75. I think I will ask for the bigger cuff.

Thanks for mentioning that. I never put it together. I guess some of them think that just because it will go around the arm, it can be used.

Mrs Quadcrew
01-23-2007, 02:30 PM
Robin that is wonderful that it was an error!!

01-23-2007, 02:47 PM
Awesome news! I am so very happy for you. :hug: