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01-08-2007, 07:03 AM
hehe, not referring to all the lovely women here, that is.... no, I'm talking about CRAVINGS. Sorry, this will be long but theraputic, for me... a big thank you for anyone who reads or has support!

See, one day when I somehow got it into my head to make a proper go of this healthier lifestyle, I managed to start it cold turkey.

This is an amazing thing for me. When I was 13-17, I would eat 250g of chips a day. EVERY DAY. Nobody in my family ever knew that I ate like that and would wash it down with some fast food or lollies. When I went overseas for a year, I fooled myself into thinking I was 'healthier', I had kicked the habit of binging! Wooo! Well actually, all I did was replace the chips and KFC with chocolate (how good Germany is for that!), pizza, pastries and cheesey toast. I think I had the mentality, "calories from food other than the food I love most (ie. chips) don't really count... it's progress..."

Since I moved back home, I got back into my old bad binging way of life, although I swore to myself that I will NEVER get back into eating chips again. Because seriously, I will not stop at one, or one packet, or three packets. And I know if I fall into that binge cycle again, I will never get out of it. So basically for the past few months, I went cold turkey on the chips and ate more fast food and chocolate...

Which brings me up to a few weeks ago, when I had the urge to go cold turkey on those and make steps towards a healthier lifestyle. For someone who had not exercised for the last 3 years and had not had ONE day without a junk food binge in the past FIVE years, this was really impressive! I told myself, "give it three weeks to make some better lifestyle changes. No fast food. No lollies, chocolate or chips. Low fat, moderate portions, count calories and exercise for a minimum of half an hour a day... you owe your body that much! Just try it!"

The problem is, as day 21 approaches... I don't feel massively different. Sure, I am proud of how it's gone, that I haven't slipped up once - especially since it was over the Christmas period! But I feel like I'm gearing up for a binge at the end. Sometimes all I can think about is chocolate or pizza. I just don't want to have that even in moderation because it won't be enough and I will binge and slip into my old ways. And it would probably be months of binging before I even thought about starting again.

So basically... I wanted to know if anyone else had any similar experiences? Especially anyone who went cold turkey with something, how long before you -really- stopped having cravings? How long before you seriously enjoyed all the healthy food that you swapped over to and liked that even more than your old vices?

01-08-2007, 07:37 AM
I gave up Dr. Pepper and all sweets basically cold turkey. After a while even though I would want one when I had any of it the drinks and the sweets were too sweet for me to even eat. I've never binged so I can't tell you about that but I can tell you that the cravings will get better and easier in time. Don't give up just keep on going.:D

01-08-2007, 07:40 AM
I'm really not one to talk since I have made minimal progress, but I can report that I have (so far) given up my Sunchips craving!!!

my sis brings the one serving size pack from work and everytime she does (minimum 2) I would binge and eat almost all, saving just one for her. Then I decided "It's not WORTH those 200 calories" because for those same 200 calories, I could have 2 tbsp of PB, my favorite food, or 4 apples or a good sized salad! When I started putting it into perspective, it started to make to sense to drop the chips. They're still on the fridge - 2 weeks and counting! I can honestly say that yes, I do want to eat them when I come home from work and I'm starving. But now, I've channeled that hunger to either doing something (reading these boards), dancing to music or eating apples/bananas/1/2 cup raisins etc. I think substituting either activities or healthy, yummy foods will get you out of it and you won't feel the pull as much. Give yourself more time. 3 weeks is a GREAT start, but to expect 3 weeks to overcome a lifetime habit is a little much to expect of yourself. I don't mean to bring you down, I admire you for going the 3 week stretch...what I'm trying to say is be a little more patient with yourself. You've already crossed the hardest barrier (in my opinion), the first stages of withdrawal. :)

Good luck! :hug: