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01-08-2007, 06:14 AM
Good early morning to you all! I just woke up and felt rested so decided to come downstairs, then when Jack gets up I will go up, shower and make the bed. I want to go outside and walk today instead of the treadmill.

Someone, who shall remain nameless, (initials JB) is such a smarty pants. White glove....:fr:

When we went out Saturday, we saw that 3 condos down, two of the garage doors were destroyed, the mailbox mangled and the condo next to ours had a downspout missing. Come to find out, a drunk came home on New Year's Eve and plowed into them. Now, my thought was, HE HAD BEEN OUT ON THE ROAD DRIVING! That is why I don't make plans for New Year's to go anywhere because there are a lot of those kind out on the road.

I got absolutely nothing done yesterday. I don't know why, just couldn't get the oomph to do it. I am going to tackle it today though.

I knitted a couple inches of the stuff I bought for my top and it is going to be exactly what I want. It is beautiful colors, shiny, sparkly and will be perfect for something a little fancier to go to. I found some beautiful slacks to go with it, but am going to hold off buying until a couple months before vacation so see how much weight I have lost. I am making the top a full size to size 1/2 smaller to keep me on my toes with the weight loss.

Jean: Glad you could catch your sump pump before it got too out of hand. When I was a kid, we had a sump pump and I was terrified of it. I really didn't understand what it did, just knew there was this big hole with a machine in it that had water etc. I just hated the basement. I was scared to death to go down there even when I was a teenager. My grandparents basement was very organized, huge and had different rooms even. My grandmother canned and froze food and she had a whole room that was canning and freezers and I would have to go down and get something from time to time and get the shudders just having to do it.

Well, I need to go ahead and put dishes away and knit until Jack get up in an hour.

Have a great start of the week and you employed ladies, don't work too hard!


01-08-2007, 06:58 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is out, but it has been a very windy day in my neighborhood. The day at school was simply SSDD! :( I am sick of 8 study halls; so far everyone seems to be working on their own and require no help. I'm sure that will change, but it makes for a long day right now.

Bob is at church for practice and I don't expect to see him for a couple hours. I have some more laundry to do and I really do need to do some ironing.

Susan -- I have a former student who goes to our church and I sit on the opposite side of the church from where he sits. He is grubby, dirty fingernails, stinks, and I'm sure doesn't take a shower a week. There is NO way I would want to be after him in the communion line. :no: When the flu is really bad the minister will say to not shake hands, simply smile, and say whatever it is you want to say. I wash my hands or use hand sanitizer every chance I get at school. Good luck on the 500 steps! :cheer:

"Gma" -- Thanks for starting the new thread. I hope you got all of your chores done today! :D When this house was built in 1963, they had a septic tank. When the city put in the sewer, they put it in too high for this house and so my washer pumps into the sump pump as well as water from the drain tiles/rain, which then pumps the water up to the sewer line. We are supposed to pump outside and do have an outside outlet, but since it is washer water the outside pipe is buried. What we have is illegal except that there was nothing to be done because of the city's sewer line being too high. We have to replace the pump every so often and really have to be on the ball if the electricity goes off when having a lot of rain, then we bail and haul the buckets outside. Fortunately we don't have a toilet in the basement or we would get sewage backup when the water level is high. :barf: I remember
my grandparents basement as being creepy too. I hope the drunk who ran into the garage doors was caught. It's like I always tell my kids . . . I don't worry about them driving, it's the other drivers who either are drunk or have no clue how to drive. I don't feel very smart today! :p

Guess I will run the iron for awhile. Have a terrific Tuesday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

01-09-2007, 08:34 AM
Good morning everybody! I have all my chores done, a shower, and am going out walking in just about 15 minutes. As you can see, I caved in and weighed myself and already made goal and even went over by 2 lbs. I expect within a week it will settle into a couple lbs a week as all the soft drinks and such are out of my body.

I have had a lightbulb moment with regards to weight loss I think. I think that my problem is more portion control than anything else. I don't seem to have problems with carbs, etc, but I notice that cutting back on portions seems to let me lose. On the good side, if I can control that, then I can not only lose weight, but I won't have to give up a lot.

Jean: Boy, sounds like sort of a convoluted mess just to use your washing machine. Don't you wonder how city planners and then engineers figure out these stupid things? Everytime I go out in the car I wonder what idiot thought up the way they laid out our interstate system here in town. It is THE biggest mess you have ever seen.

I finished the sweater and enclose a pic. I think I can the red hat done today then I can felt the hat tonight. I would like to wear it on Saturday to my luncheon if I can. I still have a ways to go on it, but it is all garter stitch so that knits up fast.

My sister called me yesterday morning to inform me that her son, who is an associate minister at a huge well known church in CA, up and quit his job, without another one. His wife works in a city school, 6 months pregnant with a high risk birth that might put her on bedrest at anytime, the baby is being taken in February sometime because of the risk it is under and she will be out of school without pay! They have two other children also! I know my sister is worried sick, but she should be kicking her son in the rear. What a stupid thing to do now. He won't even tell his parents exactly why he is quitting, just that he wants to start his own church. Brother, he has no idea what it is like starting a church. He is too immature as a minister to be a pastor anyway. He and his wife do things ie go to Africa so they can look good not for the correct reasons. They are very selfish self centered individuals without a trace of humility and treat his parents like crap. He has no business being a minister in my opinion if he doesn't act right with his own family. I feel for her, but he is a grown man not a child.

Susan: Hope you got the 500 steps in!!! You are doing great!

Well, the sidewalks call so I am getting out of here!

Have a good day everyone!


01-09-2007, 10:55 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! Nothing much new or exciting from my corner of the world. At least nothing you haven't already heard me complain about, that is. :rolleyes: Tomorrow is hump day and then it is downhill to the weekend. I'm ready! :cp:

We have a meeting with the special ed. director tomorrow morning at 7:30. There are still some schedule changes to be made and then hopefully my day will be set in stone until the end of the school year. :yes:

"Gma" -- Thank you for sharing the picture! The sweater is beautiful and the necklace is a perfect match. I'm betting there is more to the story of your nephew quitting his job than he is sharing with his parents. I do feel sorry for his family however. I'm sure your sister is worried about him and his family. :yes:

Hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow! I will see you then!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

01-10-2007, 06:52 AM
Good morning everyone! Where has everyone been? Jean and I are lonely just talking to each other!

I hope to have that darn hat done today so I can felt it tonight and get it blocked and dried to wear on Saturday. I have to get back to the baby blanket and get it done before I start another project though. It is slow going because it is pattern work so you can't knit and think about other stuff you have to concentrate on what you are doing. My mind tends to wander when I knit so I get bored doing the blanket! :lol:

Nothing exciting going on here either. Just the same day to day stuff! I did talk to my dil for about an hour yesterday. She said she is doing great and is finally getting a tummy. She has a dr appt the 19th then two weeks later will be her ultrasound and we should know what we are going to have then. She is such a sweetheart and we discussed things like day care and such. I told her I had been worried what they were going to do and she seemed to like the fact that I was interested. Thank goodness they have close long time friends that have 4 children and the mom is going to take care of the baby for them. I know the couple a bit so I can relax about that. She has already chosen the date for her baby shower and bless her, she took the date I suggested way back when so I could come for sure. I am just going alone so I will rent a car and leave here very early on Friday morning. Kelly said something about wanting to go with and that's fine, but we aren't going in her cracker box Sentra. I was uncomfortable going with her on short trips let alone a 10-12 hour one. Unless T is on spring break then, I doubt he will get to come with us. I need to get us a hotel room too, so I am going to ask her where she wants to stay so I can book it. I guess I better do that this morning.

Jean: Do you get MLK day off next Monday? I never remember whether you do or not. Fortune goes to the vet and the groomer that day and we are going to make a stab at the carpets again. We never did get them shampooed a few weeks ago. Good luck with your school schedule!

Have a good day everyone! I am off to finish morning chores before Jack gets up.

Post Script: 7AM You are gonna love this! . I sat and laughed my head off here at the computer after it was all said and done. I went out walking at 6:30 this morning and was coming back down the street towards the condo and the older (late 60's) man that has been staying across the street was sort of pacing out on the street. He was taking out the trash when I left to walk and said good morning to me and I responded back etc. Anyhow, I didn't say anything to him when I came back and when I got up about halfway to the back gate, he started walking across the drive and said, "Miss?" I turned around and he was pulling money out of his wallet and said, "Could you give me a little sugar?" Oh my
God, a masher! :fr: I was about ready to give him:club: what for :mad: when he said, "I don't have any sugar for my coffee and can't leave right now!" :rofl: :lol3: I am still sitting here laughing about it. He was very nice. I told him sure, just a minute and came in and got a disposable cup and filled it with sugar and took it out to him. He introduced himself and pulled out all kinds of ID so I wouldn't be afraid of him (I never was in the first
place) and just talked on and on about being separated from his wife and living with his daughter in the condo until his son graduates from high school in June
etc etc. Only I would think the guy wanted you know what, but he WAS pulling out money! I should have figured it wasn't sex though, cause I am worth more
than a dollar! ;) (only me, right gals?)

01-10-2007, 07:00 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! I have bell choir at 6 and am waiting for Bob to get home from work. I don't feel like cooking nor eating which is unusual for me. (the eating part, not the cooking!) :lol:

I am sad. :( I lost a cat pin yesterday and it was a special one in that it was a calico cat like Maggie was. I've never seen another one like it and I've never lost one of my many pins before. I've retraced my routes to a grocery store and another store, alerted the custodians at school, and turned the house and car upside down looking for it. I'm assuming it got caught on my winter jacket and somehow the safety clasp came undone.

"Gma" -- I had to laugh at your sugar story! :lol3: No, we don't get MLK day off . . . it's bad enough that we won't get mail! :mad: I think every time the price goes up, the service goes down, and the uspo gets another vacation day! Good luck getting your hat done . . . post a picture please!

Bob just walked in the door and I need to dream up something for supper. Have a terrific Thursday . . . the weekend is getting closer!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

01-11-2007, 06:47 AM
Good morning gals! Hope you are all well! I got an emal from my older sister yesterday asking if I could make a sweater and hat for her stepson's coming baby. I told her I didn't know if I would be able to because I have 3 projects going, but I would try. Well, her asking got me to looking for a pattern and I found one and couldn't just leave it alone. The picture below shows you what I did instead of the stuff I should be finishing up! :lol: Actually they didn't take long at all. The hardest part was before I could finish the hat, I had to teach myself to crochet! The edge is done in single crochet as well as the tie cords for the booties and hat. It didn't take me to long to get the hang of it. I think crocheting is probably easier than knitting.

Jean: We don't have BO, do we? Where did everyone go?? I am so sorry about your pin. I know that when this beautiful cross necklace Jack bought me as a graduation present disappeared I was crushed. That was a bazillion years ago and I think it was one of the movers who stole it because it came up missing after one of our many Navy moves. It was this tiny cross that was sterling silver but the cross was like twisted vines and had a diamond in the middle. I really loved that necklace out of all the things he ever bought me. Maybe your pin will turn up somewhere. Hope dinner and bell choir turned out ok.

Maybe I finally got the hang of this diet thing. I am doing really well and not cheating at all. Jack was dying for something sweet last night and I sent him out for lowfat ice cream and I had one scoop instead of a whole bowl as would have been normal for me and 1 tbs of syrup instead of emptying the bottle.

I have been walking again everyday too and actually kind of enjoy it. Only problem is whatever songs I take to listen to get stuck in my head and I sing them all day and all night long! Drives me nuts that I do that. Right now I have been singing Jim Croce's "Don't Mess Around with Jim" which I listened to yesterday.

Well, chores are calling and I am going to start cleaning again as I have Red Hat lunch and commissary besides haircuts, vet and carpet shampooing I want to wedge all into the weekend.

Have a great day gals, wherever you are!


01-11-2007, 11:54 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! We just got home from spending a few hours with Amanda and the kids. Jason has been gone all week and we thought we'd drive over for supper and some "man" time for Ian. I wish I had his energy! :jig: Of course everything that Ian does Zowie thinks she needs to do too. :lol: Jason won't be home until after 1AM tomorrow night so the kids won't see him until Saturday. The wind is blowing and it was 14 degrees on the truck thermometer so I'm guessing wind chill must be close to 0 tonight. BRRRRR!

I am so looking forward to tomorrow being Friday! We have Diversity Day coming up in Feb., and the registration for sessions was to take place today. The materials were handed out in homeroom with very little explanation so I've spent 2 days helping/explaining to students why they need to register for a certain number of different sessions. Halfway through registration today, the server shut down and it still wasn't working at the end of the day. This day started out to be a simple little food fair from different cultures and has grown into a monstrosity of assemblies, food, dance, informational sessions about accepting anyone who might be different in any way, shape, or form, homosexuals/bisexuals, date rape, the local K-9 dog, a seeing eye dog, games from other countries, politics, etc., etc., etc. The general public is invited as well as smaller surrounding high schools. We have to take roll at each session and make sure students behave appropriately so the principal isn't embarrassed. Some of us are thinking we should have a White Day to celebrate! :rolleyes: I'm seriously thinking about taking a sick day!

"Gma" -- Boy, you sure whipped the hat and booties up in short order! They look great! Thanks for sharing the picture. Congrats on the walking and portion control . . . you are off to a great start! :cheer:

I am off to figure out what I'm wearing tomorrow and head off to bed. Hope you all have a fantastic Friday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

01-12-2007, 07:15 AM
Good morning ladies! One thing losing weight does with me is make me sleep better so I need less sleep. I am up and at 'em and feel perfectly rested since 4 AM this morning. I got online and ordered yarn and needles this morning. Since I haven't gotten that blasted shrug from my dd and she is on some trip is what I heard from Thomas, I had to order a skein to make the sweater to match the hat and booties for my sister. I also ordered yarn in a soft yellow to make a set for our baby to go with the blanket I made him (which isn't finished yet btw) for Alicia's baby shower. I also finally started my dd's sweater that I owe her and hate the stupid yarn. I hope the sweater turns out well because she is not a velour person and that is kind of what this yarn turned out to be but it was clearance so I can't send it back. I have 12 more pattern sections to do on the blanket and each one is 12 rows long then I have 10 rows of seed stitch to make the border on the bottom before I am done with it. Problem is, the blanket has become heavy and it is pretty big so the stitches are all smashed onto the needles. With the pattern being difficult, a lot of stitches on the needles and the blanket far enough along to be heavy, it makes my hands hurt after about 5 rows so I have to stop. So I am commiting myself to one panel of heart pattern (12 rows) each day until it is done. I do 3-4 rows then put it aside and do something else than go back to it. I am left handed and knit left-handed so that hand seems to hurt more than the right one. I did get another red hat finished and blocked. (see below)

Jean: Sounds to me like they ought to throw out the diversity day completely and start over as it seems to be wayyyyyyy out of hand. I know what you mean. We now are not only the bad guys, but we get slighted at every turn because every ethnic, gender based and nut case group seem to have to have their own "day," and they wonder why this country still has racial issues! DUH! As long as everything is divided, people don't come together. PERIOD!

Well, this is short except for my knitting rambling, but Jack will be up in just a few minutes and I need to get him some breakfast etc.

Have a good weekend everyone wherever you are! Jean and I are developing a complex here, aren't we Jean???:lol:


01-13-2007, 12:02 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! It is cold, cold, cold here! So far no rain nor snow although tonight's weather map showed some Sunday night and Monday.

I am doing a happy :dance: tonight! When I went into the office to check on mail this morning, there was no one there except the secretaries (usually it's full of kids). One of them asked me if I had lost a pin and I said, "yes, a cat pin!" I started to describe it and she opened her drawer and took it out saying that she knew it had to be mine. :D Evidently the night custodian found it and turned it into the office a couple of days ago. The office is always so busy she didn't have a chance to give it to me. I'm thinking I will send him a gift certificate for pizza or something. I've seen the custodians sweep up perfectly good pens and pencils and throw them away so I was afraid that might have happened to my pin.

We had a bomb threat at our local WM store last evening. :spin: Bob's office is a couple blocks away and he could see the emergency lights. When he came home the fire trucks were parked in a grocery store parking lot waiting. They evacuated the store and sent everyone home. We are getting a new Walgreen's drugstore and everyone is in hopes they will carry necessary items so we won't have to shop at WM for anything. They are getting ready to clear the buildings off the new site; I can hardly wait until they are open for business.

I have an ID badge for when I volunteer at the hospital. Well, we now have them at school and they used the crappy pictures taken in the fall when it was 100+ degrees in the shade. Teachers are already complaining about having them hanging around their neck and wanting the pin/clip type thingy. They printed our first names twice as big as our last names and they look plain dorky! The custodians are mad because they have to wear uniform shirts with their names sewn on and now the badge too plus hanging wround their neck, it gets caught all the time. I am oppositionally defiant! ;) I check in at the office before school and then stay away the rest of the day unless I need to go in for something. Soooooo, my name tag is still in my mail box (I assume) and I won't get it until Monday morning when I pick up the mail. :p

"Gma" -- I wonder where everyone is hiding these days!? You have been one knitting machine! :lol: I, among most of the whites in this town, am sick of having diversity shoved down my throat. They can have their culture, language, celebrations, etc., just don't make me so aware!

Well, sleep tight, and have a great weekend! I will see you tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

01-13-2007, 07:01 AM
Good morning to you all! Today is Red Hat day and after that the trip to the commissary. I am going to wear all purple today as I am NOT going to the commissary in red and purple!

Got a letter from Maggie yesterday and it will be a couple 2-3 weeks before she might be able to get back in here. The woman they use for phone service to dial up has decided nicely I guess they use too much of her phone time so Maggie can't use it anymore and at first they said it would take a year to get a line out, but then they said 2-3 weeks so I expect we won't hear from her until the first of next month sometime at the earliest.

Susan, Gail and Gloria, hope you are all doing well. We haven't heard from any of you in awhile.

Jean: I was thrilled to see that you got your pin back and it wasn't damaged either. I was getting ready to order another one for you. I found a cute cat pin site with a beautiful calico cat. Aren't name badges the pits? I can see the custodial staff being irked about it. I mean they have it on their shirts, what they going to do, trade shirts so they have someone elses name??? You know, you can buy one of those clip things for badges at like Walmarts, Walgreens and places like that now if you look. I would think as long as you have it on, they can't make you wear it around your neck. The knitting not only provides me with great gifts, it keeps my hands busy and you can't snack when you knit. I have to put it down to even drink water so I think part of the reason I have really taken it on is to keep my hands busy.

I am doing the happy dance too!:carrot: I got on the scale this morning and am down a total of 22lbs! :cp: :dance: :cb: I have been a very good girl except when we went to Chilis, then the next day cut back on any snacks I might have eaten to help with the extra calories from the night before. I looked at Rafferty's (the restaurant the hatters are eating at today) online and what their menu is like and have a few things that would be ok pretty much. I think I am going to go with:

Ranch Chicken Wrap
A spinach tortilla wrapped around grilled chicken, romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese and our homemade ranch dressing. Served with salsa and one side item.

Skip the side and tell them light dressing. It isn't perfect, but even their salads are loaded with junk and they have crummy dressings. I will eat a light breakfast, no snacks this morning and veggies instead of a potato with my steak tonight.

The commissary doesn't have a great selection of Lean Cuisine type dinners but Walmart has loads, LC, WW, Healthy Choice, SBDiet, and now Kashi. We bought some lunch selections for both of us, some WW desserts a couple boxes of WW ice cream treats and then some of the Nabisco 100 cal snacks so we are ready to go with all of that. I bought two packages of sf/ff twizzlers a couple weeks ago at the commissary and when I have a real attack of the munchies, grab a couple of those. They don't provide nutrition, but they are chewy enough to help out the munch attack. Overall, I am getting better each day about snacking. I haven't snacked at night once except what I have scheduled and even then I try to skip it if I can. I have only had snacks on my time schedule (8 am is breakfast, 10 am snack, 12 lunch, 2 snack, 4 dinner, 6-7 snack) and usually at 10 I have 8 oz of bloody mary mix with pretzels, crackers, etc because I get the spicy mix and it helps allay hunger a lot and provides veggie and it is basically tomato juice. I like it more than the spicy V-8 or tomato juice they sell and it is only 70 calories.

I am bound and determined to get into my great capris again that I bought for 2003 trip to Vegas. I have like 8 pairs and some long shorts and a couple nice pair of cotton slacks besides dress pants and I can't get into any of them. I would love to HAVE to buy a new swimsuit too, though I really do like the one I bought last year. I am going to buy another pair of my favorite Clark sandals, but in white this time so I can wear them with anything in Vegas and only take 2 pair of shoes.

I am slowly coming along with the blanket. I had one more row to finish last night while I was watching Las Vegas and my hands were hurting, but I was determined to get my whole pattern done yesterday so I continued and was miserable when I finished, but I am glad I persevered. I am going to try and break it up into 3-4 rows at a time instead of half and half. The first half is easy, but the second half has a more detailed pattern and more going back and forth between knit stitch and purl and your hands really do start to ache.

Well, I want to finish morning chores and around 6 or so get out and walk.

Have a great Saturday everyone!


01-14-2007, 02:11 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! I started this post this afternoon and then went for a ride with Bob so he could listen for a noise in my car. Of course, no noise today. :mad: We had his Christmas party tonight; we picked up his secretary and had to drive over an hour to get there, but the ride was worth it. The food was yummy and the entertainment was karaoke. You guessed it . . . the later it got and the more people had to drink, the sillier they behaved. I'm not a singer, nor a drinker, so managed to stay out of the limelight. :lol: I have to play bells at second service tomorrow; I'm hoping we play the first thing and then I can leave. I will have already been to first service since Bob is ushering.

We did get a light covering of snow this morning -- enough to shovel off the driveway but not enough for the plows to come out. There was a bit more tonight when we got home. I guess we are supposed to get even more tomorrow. Bob was at a farm auction this morning and the farmers were talking 6 - 8". If we have to have it I hope it starts late enough for a late start on Monday!

"Gma" -- It looks like it's going to be you and me for awhile! :D Do you have the web site for the cat pins? I have quite a few. . .actually a lot, but tend to wear my favorites more often than not. The kids notice my cat pins and clothing which kind of surprises me. Younger children are always more interested in jewelry and clothing it seems. Congratulations on a GREAT loss so far! You are doing super! :cheer: :cp: :cheer2: :belly: Keep on working your plan! I don't know if you mind heel height, but Clark's has a higher heel this winter. I didn't realize it until I bought 3 pair in the same style and got them home. I wore one pair and by the end of the day my surgery toe was aching. I guess the heel was just enough higher that it changed the angle of my foot. I took the other two back to the store. I am really spoiled with the open back shoes and will be one sad sack when they go out of style. I may just wear them anyway. :lol: I hope you had a nice time at your red hat luncheon. Your menu choices sound good.

I am heading to bed! :yawn: Have a super Sunday tomorrow!

Jean -- :shocksn: in Iowa!

01-14-2007, 09:49 AM
Good morning gals! I had a nice time at the luncheon. I know I am not going to be buddies with any of these
ladies, but to have a lunch once a month with them is ok. I enjoyed it and won the first bingo prize so I posted a pic of what I got. Cute, huh? I am going to save it and put a pic of Jack and I on vacation in it. I have to say they do the lunches up big. I also got this cute snow man
votive lamp that was at each place setting. They have an auction every month to raise money for the coffers for flowers for sick, funeral, stuff like that. I get my hat pin next month for joining and I want to buy a regular stiff
brimmed straw hat for that. I need purple CLOTHES though. I have a 2 piece slinky knit pant suit thing, and 2 purple sweaters and that is it. You MUST wear purple and red only and I think I have a pair of red knit pants upstairs
but I know nothing else. I don't want to be buying clothes and losing weight, though. I also got some little book as did everyone. All in all it was a nice time and that is all I
expected from it.

The commissary was another thing! I got out of the luncheon at 2:30 and even then left before the auction, but I didn't want the stuff anyway as it was lotions and hair products and I am picky about that stuff, you know? I would rather just give a donation to the kitty. Anyway, it was pouring rain, foggy, as the devil and I found out we need new wind shield wipers on top of that. I
know why Jack has been dragging his feet. Our windshield wipers for this car cost like $40!!!!! That's what we get for buying a grand marquis I guess, but
oohlala the room! :lol: Anway, it is about 30 miles away, accidents every turn, traffic a nightmare and I get out there and it is PACKED! It was awful. I was tired and the shelves were half empty (I forgot military got paid
on Friday and probably cleaned them out then and they get deliveries on Thursdays so either had had time to restock or ran out) Anyway, I couldn't find this or that and I had one woman that **&^%%^&*( me off big time. Anyway, then I had to walk in the rain to my car and drive home in the horrible rain all wet and unload and put all the crap away. Jack told me in no uncertain terms he knew I was trying hard to lose weight but I was not cooking and we were going out to eat. We ended up at our favorite mexican restaurant and I didn't do well with the tortilla chips and cheese dip as this dip is to dye for and Jack won't eat it, BUT I didn't eat all the cheese or anything it was more the tortilla chips, I order the 2 cheese enchiladas with rice and beans, ate half an enchilada a forkful of the beans and more of the rice than anything. I
brought it home and threw it out! YEAH FOR ME!!!!! I was going to sit and eat it at home, but I got home and thought, NOPE! I also didn't eat any of the lowfat desserts I bought or snacks or anything, just went upstairs and watched tv until I went to bed. For lunch that day I did really well. I got a grilled chicken wrap in a spinach tortilla with ff ranch dressing and cottage cheese.
I ate the wrap and 2 forks of cottage cheese but didn't order dessert or anything. I really really want this and that is why I am trying so hard, I think. It is obviously paying off.

Jean: 6-8 inches! :fr: Even saying a light dusting you had to shovel off the driveway is enough to send me shivers! :lol: At least neither one of us has that horrible ice storm that Kansas and Oklahoma got. Now, I am sure you have wonderful talent singing if you were stinking drunk! Who knows? You might be one heck of a boogying bell ringer snockered! :lol: Amazing the things people do when they overimbibe. Disgusting, personally. I sent you an email with several sites I looked at so you can buy a bazillion kitty pins as they had all kinds. I just looked at the site where I buy my Clarks and they don't have the one I want in white. I want the exact sandal I have now only in white.

I have a bazillion things to accomplish today! Good luck with bells Jean!


01-14-2007, 12:01 PM
Good Sunday Morning Ladies!
I haven't fallen off the world...just nothing exciting in my life...until now!
Right after the 1st of the year we heard from all 4 kids with the news that they will be having a 50th Anniversary Celebration the 2nd week of July of this year. Our Anniversary isn't until September but July works better for our son who will be up from NC. They have portioned out various chores and we were asked for a list of people we wanted to invite and have sent that off to DD#3. DS was going to go to California this Summer to visit with his wife's sister and her family but changed plans to come here and Cape Cod so his SIL and family will also come to Cape Cod and even his MIL will be here. It will be wonderful so see everybody all together again. We had a variety of Dr.'s appointments for the week in July and have been rescheduling them. I also have been rescheduling my hair appointments so I will have a hair cut just before that week so the I won't look like a wild woman. My hair grows so fast I can only go 4 weeks, max, between cuts.

Now I am thinking about getting new LR furniture before set has faded so badly and the springs have sprung. Only 20 years old but it is the only room we use to watch TV, read, have company and anything else that needs comfortable seating.

FayeWow! You sure know how to lose once you start. That is such a good beginning. Your knitting is lovely and you are such a fast knitter. As for the Red Hat society! I don't belong but I love red and purple. I have a new sweatshirt that is purple with a red band around the neckline and an inset of a lovely red hat.

Jean I am so galad you found your cat pin. I have lost pieces of jewelry in the past and though it wasn't an expensive piece I still felt badly about it. My advise is stay away from your mailbox as long as possible so you can claim you know nothing about the piece of mail in there. ;)

That is too bad about Maggie losing her internet connection. Hope she can get back on soon. It is always nice to hear how her life is progressing out there in the West.

Gloria in MA

01-14-2007, 06:31 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! I've been to church
'almost' twice today; I went to early church because Bob ushered and we were told the bell choir would play first thing second service. We did play before the half-way mark barely. I left right afterwards -- I lugged the music, scarves, gloves, and table clothes down to the sanctuary, from upstairs, before anyone else got there to set up so didn't feel the least bit guilty letting them put it all away. That's what's nice about playing first service -- we practice in the sanctuary during the week and can leave our tables set up for Sunday. We can't do that for second service because the tables interfere with the elderly choir singing first service. They work around us when we play first service so what's wrong with the picture here? :dizzy: I'm finishing up laundry and have a pile of ironing to do. It started snowing just as I drove home from church and it's been snowing ever since. If the wind comes up we just may have a late start tomorrow. I can always hope! :crossed:

'Gma' -- Your picture frame prize is cute! Our Hallmark store and the hospital gift shop both have Red Hat items, but no clothing. Is there a website to check out? I think there are several groups around here, but I don't know anyone who is in one. Do they always have table favors like the snowman? That is a nice idea. I'm sorry your commissary trip was such a disaster! :twirly: Did you have to make a second grocery store stop in order to get everything on your list? My guess is we probably have at least 4" of new snow . . . the plows won't come out until it stops snowing. We had an ice storm several years ago and were without electricity for over 24 hours. The house cooled down pretty quickly. Our fireplace burned wood at the time so we all huddled in front of it. The other side of town had electricity so we ate breakfast at one restaurant, lunch at another, and supper at yet another with a shopping trip to WM in between. The lights went out at WM and we were standing by the clocks which glowed in the dark. That was eerie! I can't carry a tune in a bucket, drunk or sober, and I've never been drunk so don't think I will start now. :lol: Thanks for the jewelry web sites -- I will go shopping when I finish here! ;)

Gloria -- How nice to see you today! :wave: You will have a great time celebrating your anniversary but the best part will be having your family all together in one place for the event. Better yet, letting them do all the work! :D I check my mailbox every morning before school so will find the ID badge then, I'm sure. I did find the clips at WM, but I want a retractable one like we have at the hospital. Then if it gets caught on something it won't pull on your clothing. I carry folders and/or books from room to room so it will be in my way no matter how I wear the darned thing. I really wish they wouldn't have put our first names on the badges or else make the last name larger than the first name. :( It will be interesting to see how many different ways the badges are worn tomorrow . . . one guy had his hanging down his back Friday. I'd be afraid some kid would grab mine and pull. :yikes:

Bob is ready to take me to get a gift certificate for my cat pin finder so I'm off! Have a great 'rest of the day!'

Jean -- :shocksn: in Iowa!

01-15-2007, 07:28 AM
Good morning gals. Unlike Jean, it is 50 degrees and supposedly still raining here. I am going to see if I can get out and walk though. I haven't stuck my head out of the door yet this morning.

Gloria: How wonderfully exciting for you. My two would fight the whole time to plan a party for us so that will never happen! :lol: Maybe I should have had more children so they could gang up on each other or might be more inclined to get along. Sounds like it will be fun and shopping for furniture too! Wow.

Jean: Do you have a nursing supply shop around you anywhere? I bet they would have the retractable ones. I would check with your drug stores too. Next time you work the hospital shop, ask a nurse where you can get one, I bet she will know. I am not sure what goes on month to month with the Red Hat luncheons. The group I am in pretty much sticks to just a luncheon every month. Group one I guess does stuff like going and learning how to do beading and stuff like that. It is whatever the hostess for the month plans I guess. I have only been to the Christmas lunch and than this one, so I don't know if we get favors and gifts every time or what. I don't even know how it is funded as it has to cost a bundle to give that much stuff out to 20 women. It's a nice diversion for a couple hours. Yes, there is an official website, You can do a chapter search and see what chapters are in your area. Each chapter "queen" runs the show as to what the chapter is all about. Some do a lot of stuff in the community like shopping, trips, etc and some just do lunches like the group I am in does. Each gal has to have a chapter name beginning with "queen of..." I was going to pick cleaning, but someone had something similar so I went with knitting. I am not the queen of knitting. Truthfully, it isn't as much fun as I expected, but I am kind of stuck in the group for the year at least. I really wanted to meet women to have friends outside the Red Hatters, but with this group it isn't going to happen. They all seem to go their own way and most of them work or are much older and unable to get around to do much. We have a couple of big drinkers I noticed and I shy away from them. Then there is the loud mouth. This woman weighs about 230-240 and has bleached blond hair. At Christmas, she wore skin tight capris and a see through purple lace blouse with stiletto heels. This month she was in those lucite heels hookers wear, a skin tight pencil skirt which made her big belly stick out like she was pregnant and a blouse too small so the buttons puckered. Her drunk friend made a comment, "Doesnt she look just like Lana Turner?" I almost spit out my diet coke. So there is comedy relief so to speak! It is a nice diversion once a month though.

We got the dining room shampooed yesterday and I brought in fans from the garage to dry it all out. I cleaned the downstairs afterwards and we are going to do our bedroom rug today and I am going to try and get the rest of the upstairs cleaned today and tomorrow.

Fortune has a vet/grooming appt this morning so he has to be over there bright and early around 7:30 then stays all day to get groomed. $$$$$ goes right out the window today to the tune of probably $230 or so. After the bazillion types of shots he has to have, the heart worm stuff and then probably a more expensive grooming since he hasn't been since Jack's heart surgery, we may have to take out a loan....:lol:

I hear the washer is finished and I need to unload the diswasher. I am itching to finish the baby sweater. It turned out just gorgeous, but I am out of yarn. I started the sweater yesterday using leftover I had from my dd's shrug and knew I couldn't do the whole thing and have ordered a skein, but it won't be here until the end of the week more than likely. It is probably the easiest thing I have ever knit and yet it looks really hard. I can't wait to finish it. I only have about 14 or so more rows and it is finished.

You gals have a great day. I am off to do chores.


01-15-2007, 11:16 AM
Hello, Ladies. Haven't felt like bad news at the doctor's office when Stan went for his appointment. His kidneys are deterioriating and they are going to do an ultrasound and then start dialysis. Just when I thought he was doing so well. I really had put the renal failure in the back of my mind.

It was 75 degrees yesterday so I took Stan for a long walk, me walking and pushing his wheelchair. Some of the daffodils are blooming...and tomorrow it's a high of 40--winter returns.

I got weighed and measured at Curves on Thursday - 1 month down 4 pounds and 3 inches total. Since I didn't stop my holiday eating until January 1, that was pretty good.

Faye, you are doing so well...I know you'll be a success! Keep those knitting needles flying. If you are too crowded on the needles, you might consider a circular needle. Much easier to work with.

Jean, glad you got your cat pin was sure your lucky day to have him turn it in instead of sweeping it up. I hate and despise nametags!

Gloria - good to hear from you. The anniversary plans sound great.

Have a good day ladies - I've got to get to work!

01-15-2007, 04:53 PM
Susan: I peeked in and saw your post. I am so sorry that you and Stan have to go through another medical obstical. Does his disease always cause the kidneys to fail eventually? Is he a candidate for kidney transplant or not? I will surely pray for him daily and ask my sister's prayer group to add him and you too of course. I do hope you can get some good news out of this. The two of you have worked so hard to get him healthy and I would hate for this to be a step back for you.


01-15-2007, 07:35 PM
Good Afternoon/Evening Flowers! Bob is off to practice at church and I have a few minutes to myself. Tonight is card club and I don't want to leave my warm house; the car said -1 on my way home from school and it will be even colder once the sun goes down. We had a two hour late start today so it was a weird morning. I spent the last hour of the day listening to a kid rant and wave about how much he hated math and the math teacher hates him . . . yadda, yadda, yadda. I finally told him it was not my idea to pull him out for one on one and maybe if he got his poop in a group, he could go back to the study hall. I worked harder with him than the whole rest of the day! :dizzy:

"Gma" -- I did stop at a local office supply store and they can order the retractable badge holders . . . $60 for 12 plus shipping and tax. I wore mine around my neck today and under my sweater which I buttoned the top button so it kept the badge from swinging around. It flipped over backwards and I left it like that. I noticed several teachers had them clipped to their pants pockets. I supposed we will be notified that they have to be so many inches in the shoulder area if using a clip. :( I had to chuckle at your description of the drunk red hat ladies. :lol:

Susan -- It was nice to see your post today, but I am so sorry to hear about Stan. It seems like life is just not fair at all. Your Curves numbers are looking good! :cp: Keep up your motivation . . . you are doing just great! :cheer:

I need to figure out what I'm wearing to school tomorrow and get something started for supper. Have a terrific Tuesday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

01-16-2007, 07:06 AM
Good morning gals! Ok, Jean, why send us your cold weather??? It is 28 degrees this morning, the coldest it has been this year so far. It's going to be mighty cold to walk this morning. Glad I have my fancy pants earmuffs to put under a hat to keep them warm. I don't even own a winter coat as I haven't needed one down here so will just wear sweatshirt under my lightweight jacket, hat and gloves.

Susan: You are doing spectacular at Curves, wtg! :carrot: Again, so sorry about your hubby's set back.

Jean: I sent you an email with a place to buy a badge retractor online and reasonable considering.

It rained her all day until last night then blew like the dickens so thank goodness the streets and such are dry before the cold got down below freezing.

Everyone have a good day today and try and keep warm and dry.


01-16-2007, 11:21 AM
Rainly and the temperatures are dropping this morning. Hope we don't get an ice storm on top of everything else.

Faye, Stan has had renal failure for several years. It only gets worse. Because of his cardiovascular problems, he isn't a candidate for a transplant. The concern now is that everything changed so rapidly.

Started a new applique quilt - it's a calendar quilt, with a different block to represent each month. That should be a good carry along project for me.

Have a good day...