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01-06-2007, 09:45 PM
I got this today and it ROCKS! It's an interactive exercise game using an eyetoy camera. You see yourself on the screen as you work out with a personal trainer and play games.

The kickboxing ones were super fun. I was sweating so much, but couldn't stop because it was too much fun. I did 75 minutes!

There are so many types of workouts to do: cardio, aerobics, dance, kickboxing, yoga, tai chai, abs, legs, arms, and much much more.

You can design your own workout or the trainer makes a program for you. They take into account your current activity level. By asking you questions, and also by monitoring how you do throughout. What is really cool is that each different game/workout has different difficulty levels. If you are not doing so well at a certain one, it keeps you on a lower level until you improve. It's kind of difficult to explain, but hopefully this gives you all some idea.

I just played around with it today, but I plan on doing the personal trainer program. One other thing, if you miss a day, your trainer will know. How funny is that! And such great motivation.

I recommend this if it sounds like something you'd like. I got the game including the eyetoy camera for only $25 on Amazon.com.