Weight Loss Support - Planning for the weekend - Jan 6 - Jan 7 - weekends COUNT too!

01-06-2007, 01:06 PM
Saturday, Jan 6

B - 2 Kashi whole grain waffles, 1 with natural peanut butter, 1 with organic strawberry rhubarb jam

S - 1 cup roasted butternut squash, 1 tbs of maple pumpkin butter

L - bowl of homeade white bean, tomato, kale soup

S - tangelo

S - tall non fat sugar free latte

S - cut up veggies - baby carrots, grape tomatoes, sugar snap peas, sliced red pepper

D - 3 veggie tacos - 3 whole wheat tortillas (50 cal each), 2 crumbled portabello Garden Burgers, a bunch of spinach leaves, tons of salsa, a little low fat cheese

01-06-2007, 03:34 PM
B-english muffin w/ 2 egg whites, a slice of ff swiss cheese
L-roast chicken sandwich w/ honey mustard, big salad with 1tbsp italian dressing
S-fat free pudding
D-probably grilled chicken, a baked potato, mixed veggies and a big salad
S- mini bag of popcorn & maybe a bowl of mixed fruit
hope to get about 3.5 liters of water today & no walk because its raining hard outside :(

01-06-2007, 04:53 PM
I'm working on controlling portions. I'm at my parents house so I can't control what I eat but I can control how much. Especially since it's all low fat and vegetarian, not a big deal... :)

Can you BELIEVE how beautiful it is out??? It feels like summer, definitely not January!!

01-06-2007, 08:58 PM
Today I stuck to plan, it was:
Breakfast: cottage cheese, yogurt, strawberries
Snack: protein bar
Lunch: chicken with swiss cheese; cabbage coleslaw with lime dressing
Snack: hard boiled egg; string cheese
Snack: apple
Dinner: Flat out wrap with spinach and strawberries; chicken breast; sweet potato

Tomorrow's plan is:
Breakfast: cottage cheese, yogurt, strawberries
Snack: protein bar
Lunch: flat out wrap with chicken, romaine, strawberries; sweet potato
Snack: string cheese; almonds
Dinner: Oatmeal with banana and soy milk

01-06-2007, 11:39 PM
ArtsyGirl, where are you? Your veggie wrap with the cream cheese from Friday's planning thread sounds just divine! What veggies did you put in it? And what kind of wrap did you use? I've been getting Manny's flour tortillas, but they're 180 calories for just one! <wail> I never thought to use cream cheese in a wrap, stupid, because I've had them from Whole Foods or somewhere and loved them. They're on the menu for this coming week.

Glory, your whole menu sounded exciting -- I'll be following what you post, just for ideas.

As for me, Friday started out well, but then things went all to he... bad. I'm going through some terrifying stuff medically right now, and had to deal with it rather than escape from it by concentrating on my work. Left work at lunch, was more-or-less OP with lunch as I had the London broil but switched the soup from the butternut squash to the last bit of Italian turkey sausage, spinach and rice soup. Not toooooo bad, but more meat/starch and less vegetable than I planned. Dinner was not as planned, as I felt terrible. It ended up being half a container of banana yogurt, 6 or 8 chocolate-covered graham crackers and an unnumbered amount of club crackers. And a few apple slices.

So, this medical problem isn't weight related, but of course having less weight to deal with would put less stress on me which I really need right now, so it's back to the diet today.


B: None, as I had to fast for a blood test.
L: 'Twas to be chicken breast and butternut squash soup... didn't happen.
D: I was going to do the tofu stirfry, but it didn't happen, either.

B: I did manage to fast.
L: Went to a farmers' market, bought stuff for lunch. Drank a whole 16 oz. of fresh-squeezed orange juice, a favorite treat for me. Also had half a slice of not-so-great meatloaf and some roasted potatoes. Maybe not so bad?
S: It got bad here, so let's skip the details.
D: Had the other half of the meat loaf, part of a roasted (but breaded) chicken thigh, a very few salad greens with a bit of shredded Parmesan, water.

Back to planning...

B: Bran Flakes and raisins in milk
L: Tofu stirfry, as detailed on Friday (gotta cook it before the bean sprouts go bad)
D: African yam and peanut (& veggie) stew, will be tweaking a recipe

01-07-2007, 07:48 AM
ArtsyGirl, where are you? Your veggie wrap with the cream cheese from Friday's planning thread sounds just divine! What veggies did you put in it? And what kind of wrap did you use? I've been getting Manny's flour tortillas, but they're 180 calories for just one!

I've recently discovered Flat Out Light wraps. They are whole grain (made from whole wheat flour and vital wheat gluten), 90 cals per wrap, 9g of protein and 9g of fiber per wrap. To me they have a very different texture from any other wrap I had before, but I thought the taste was quite nice - very light tasting. I don't like when wraps taste doughy!

01-07-2007, 10:48 AM
I was really busy yesterday morning with the baby and cleaning the house (ugh), so I barely had time to eat and not much of an appetite anyway. Then I ran out to the hair salon around 2pm and was starving so I had to grab a nutriment shake on the way (total waste of calories: 360 from a drink! but does have a lot of protein). Was out the rest of the afternoon with my friends while DH watched the baby. By 7pm I didn't really feel like eating but I was starving, so I stopped at the cuchifritos (which is like Puerto Rican fast food but my only other options were American fast food). I ended up having 2 papas rellenos. These are potato with meat in the center, rolled in flour and FRIED in oil. I was only going to eat 1 but mmmm, it was tasty so I ate the other. By the time I got home at 9:30pm I was starving again because I really hadn't had much overall. From there I ate more, plus a few of DH's potato chips and I ended up with a horrible 2250 calories before bed! Goes to show how EVERYTHING must be planned out in advance because if you get busy or you're out, things can EASILY go down hill fast. Also shows how I need to eat in the morning and afternoon to control my nighttime eating and hunger.

I find this planning thread very helpful to getting me back OP. Will think about today's menu and post back.

01-07-2007, 12:08 PM

kashi hot cereal w/ blueberries and walnuts
baby arugula w/ goat cheese
turkey burger w/ pepper jack cheese & arugula on ww lite bread
yoplait FF yogurt
kashi w/ blueberries & walnuts
turkey burger w/ cheese/arugula on bread
arugula w/ goat cheese
peanut crunch protein bar
tea w/ FF half&half

This comes to about 1750 calories. Hopefully I will stick to this since I had such a high day yesterday!

01-07-2007, 02:02 PM
There are decent choices for American fast food - there are Subway restaurants everywhere and a turkey wrap with lots of vegetables is my favorite "fast food" option!

Planning definitely does save me, I try my hardest to plan in advance so I'm not figuring out what to eat on the fly. It is very hard to eat healthy by accident in the US.

01-07-2007, 04:28 PM
Mami, Nice to see your new picture! Good for you for getting right back on track!

01-07-2007, 06:32 PM
Thanks so much slimlindy! That's actually a pic from when I was my starting weight, but I sure did manage to hide it all somewhere in that pic (I think most of the flab is behind the baby!). I love your little treadmill guys.

I've eaten my entire allotment except 1 turkey burger w/ cheese and 2 servings of arrugula w/ goat cheese. I may need one more 200 cal snack to tie me over, but that brings me to over 1900. I do this every week though and have been losing so I guess its OK.

01-07-2007, 08:51 PM
Went totally off plan today. Wanted chocolate all day but didn't buy a candy bar. After work almost bought a dozen doughnuts to binge on but put them away. Everything was fine until I ate dinner. Then I just kept eating and eating... I ended up eating 1 cup kashi golean, 1 cup soy milk, 1 cup ff frozen yogurt and then... I wanted one chocolate covered cherry. one. AND I ATE 8. Ugh.

2133 calories today. awful.