Does it Work? - whey protein w/ glutamine to lose wt?

01-05-2007, 11:26 PM
read article in mag ref. Jump Start plan. included was the use of why protein along with glutamine in making fruit smoothies.

i went to gnc and picked up a pkg of "100% whey protein powdered drink mix" then i got home read the back says NOT for wt. loss.

i am confused. :?: it says use before or after exercise. supposedly helps to build muscle up etc.(which might be lost during wt loss programs/intense exercise) and we know our metabolism and wt. loss is greater the more lean muscle mass we have...why males can lose faster.

i certainly do not want to GAIN fat. due to permanent disabilities/health conditions i can not engage in intense exercise and esp not wt. lifting.

anyone here use this type of supplement?
appreciate comments.

01-05-2007, 11:35 PM
Whey protein is awesome but it doesn't mean you will lose weight, you still need to watch your calories. Protein fills you up and whey protein is a good supplement to help balance out fruit smoothies you make. One good thing about protein powders is they are easy to mix and generally low calorie.

You do need protein to build muscles but you also need to work your muscles to build them. Women can't grow muscles as readily as males due to lack of testosterone but we can build them to some extent. If you add weight training to your program, that would certainly help. Weight loss is a mix of eating right and exercising.