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10-10-2001, 06:15 AM
Good MOrning ALL,
Please check out Lee's, Dana's and B00"s reply on page 2 of #4

I am still OP.
Got a little stressed last night. I am getting a little phobic about driving after dark. This was after I went to the eye doctor and tried contact lens. Which Are clear(invisible) and once in are nearly inpossible to get Out. The MD probably thoght I was nuts. My suggestion was that there should be a little mark on them so i could see to "grab" them. I am sure teh "crazy lady" was good dinner conversation for his family. :dizzy: .

Lee I was so glad to see you were up to posting. Yes DH is a godsend as I would bake for him or bring goodies home for him and then eat them. He is losing slowly too. But it has made this attempt alot easier. He is very supportive and complimenting me on my loss. Calling me "skinny". Thank you for your kind words of support. It is such a boost.

Dana, I really try and appreciate the beautiful fall days as we have them. They are really precious as we get closer to winter. I am wondering if your craving for peanuts is indicative to your need for an increase in protein due to your exercise. Maybe Sue could comment on that. I do belive she looked in to it at one point somehow.

Hey Sue how are you? Feeling better I hope. It is so unusual for you to let a day go by w/o posting. Thinking of you

B00- I can see you feel better by the enthusiam in your post. Your balencing quite a bit. I found it overwhelming in the beginning, I hated the idea of shopping at the grocery. It seemeed like it took forever, all that label reading etc. I am better now. Hope you are too.

Pam I hope you too are well, How are teh "children"?

Terri and Joanne Hello

I am off to w/o , will try and check in later

10-10-2001, 02:52 PM
I got my book and was busy reading it. Boy am I glad it is here. Watch out folk I am getting set to roll. The kids are still here and getting medicine. Simba is very thin and so is Chi. I pray a lot but know it is not my choise in the end. (As much as I wish that weren't so.) Still I am OP and drinking my gallon like a good kid.

I am taking my vitamins, and studying my book faithfully. Delighted to find I can use cheese more than I realized! Love cheese! I ate a half a chicken last night I was really hungry it is so nice to be able to eat well when you are hungry.

Went and had my hair done and love it. I am having a problem with one knee. You see I am only human and when I do something dumb I do it well. When My Sissy came to visit from California I saw the oak bed was not straight and without thinking my instant response was to shove it over with the side of my leg.....well, the bed didn't move but my leg did!!!! I couldn't walk on it for day's. Now it is acting up something fierce!!! Again.
I may have to see the doctor about it I know I did something not good to the poor thing...Dumb , dumb ,dumb. But I am only human!

I have a little fever today and it seems I can't stay awake for to long a period of time. NOW that's a change!!!!!!!

I am actually looking forward to weighing day so that's a good thing!!!
Love Pam

10-10-2001, 03:19 PM
Hi all. I am so sorry that i have not posted for the last few days. I not only have been sick but having tons of meetings with the dept of labor and trying to get my resume up and running then on top of all that i have had boyscout meetings for the last 2 nights. there are no parents who want to do the mettings so i since i know what i am doing have to do it. so there blows a few more hours of my busy week trying to prepare for not only 1 but 2 meetings weekly as well as the committee and pack meetings. so i think i bit off a bit much. I am very seriously going to lok into diet counceling that is my meeting on friday at DOL.. what fun

I am almost OP i have been so cusy that i get to hungry and can not control my slef so today is my plan for being Op all the way. i did nibble a cookie because i have a mouse in the house and have set up traps all over, can you believe a mouse can eat all the food off the trap and not set it off??? I am using the oldfashion ones. this guy is cute and now i hate to kill it but i am finding mouse tracts on the counter with truds. so i t has to go. i wish tere was another way. i have a dog but he is interested in laying on the couch not the mouse!!

well have to go more things to do will check in later

10-10-2001, 10:23 PM
Hello Friends!

Another day.....ON PLAN....hope Mr. Scale is kind to me on Friday! TOM is due and I have yet to NOT have a loss...but I hold my breath that my recent PEANUT indulgance will not come back to haunt me!

Went walking....(soooooo nice out) and now I am catching up on laundry and bill paying! Oh, what fun!

Take care all!

10-10-2001, 11:03 PM
:) Hi everyone. did good today. you know for some reason i started out having a hard time today but my new clothes came and i tried them on and they actually fit soooo well. that's when i knew i'm doing good. i snuck on the scale this morning and even though it said one lb loss I know for a fact i'm losing inches and that's what matter's to me. you know it's so nice not to go to the store anymore looking for the longest shirt to cover my butt or stretch pants. I'm not going to beat myself up anymore because ,i know i already said this but, i have lost alot this past year and i'm proud of myself. i'd rather be where i am now than where i was a year ago. see you all tomorrow.

10-11-2001, 06:44 AM
Good Morning All.

Still OP and am hoping the scale reflects is Friday. I had a nice compliment at work yesterday. A co -worker said " i don't know what you are doing, but it is sure working, you look great" Santa will be very nice to him this year!!!

Well I got the contacts in yesterday w/ only 3 tries. Getting them out however is another matter. AS I can't see or feel them. I got them out but won't be wearing thyem today as my left eye is aggravated.

Need to do some clothes shopping. Need top get some winter clothes and a coat. This is motivating as last winter I was straining teh button on my dress coat and this year I could make it double breasted. :D .

Sue, "got stress?" My good ness girl I wish we lived closer I ' d take you out for coffee. You know Maybe that is something we could look forward to this summer is a get together. Where does everyone live? Is teh dept of labor being helpful? Resume writing is a pain. Good luck

Dana, You are awesome having a loss everyweek and exercising too. It speaks to your commitment and determination to rid yourself of your "fat suit" . You are an OP GODDESS :angel: . How is work? Have things settled down since 9/11?

B00- There is nothing more motivating that having clothes that didn't/ wouldn't fit that do now!!! Soemwhere I saw a recipe for lo carb bars that you make your self. I will try and find it and send you the link or recipe. That way you could have a "fast food" but not get any hidden carbs.

Lee How is the back coming along? Take it easy for awhile. Still OP? You are on a great stretch!! Still healing thru your loss? I hope, that can take such a toll as you heal. Thinking of you and atke care.

Pam. I read your reply on the 100 # thread on rededication ( sue you should check it out) didn't have the time for a reply this am. I am honored by your trust and honesty. I have found that in my mental battle it is so imporatnt for my recovery but much harder to do this work than to watch what goes in my mouth.

Well girls it is Thurs Tomorrow is weigh in Friday!! Must get my water is as I don't want to have to post water weight too.

10-11-2001, 09:35 PM
Good News/Bad News............

Bad News....I did not swim or walk today..
Good News... I did the Richard Simmons "Sweatin' to the Oldies " tape!

Bad News....I gave in and ate some (@%^ Peanuts!
Good New...I only ate a few...and was ON PLAN all day as always...(whew!)

Bad News.....I will be off line over the weekend.
Good News....My family is going away for the weekend to visit my son at college!

Bad News....That means I will not be able to drive the bus.
Good News......You all can handle it as it has "auto pilot".

Bad News...I will miss you all!
Good News....I will be back on Sunday night!

Stay on plan all!
Move your butts!
Drink your water!

WEIGH IN TOMORROW....(I will go make the thread now!) (I will post my total first thing in the morning before we leave!)

Take care all!
I will catch up with everyone on Sunday night!

10-12-2001, 02:03 AM
Hi there all. I am beginning to feel quite foo foo again. (Ultra feminine). I have been OP. but I had a couple of day's when soda won out over water, but water does not help nausea. I think this bug is on it's way out so I have been a busy girl. I have scrubbed down the fridge , the stove and both ovens, the microwave and have started rearranging my bedroom. Careful of my knee of course. Slowly but surely.
I have pork tenderloins pan fried in butter & garlic veg, oil
and green beans canned water drained, 2 strips bacon fried crisp
dropped the green beans in the grease crumbled in the bacon and about four tblsps of thin sliced onions....num ,num.
I made dressing for the family and never even considered touching it. Pretty cool for me.
My clothes are beginning to hang off me. Even I am surprised at how much.They were very tight a month ago! Except for the maybe two days totally I have drank my 128 oz of water everyday.
Mom and I are having a girl day tomorrow, painting nails, facials and so on. Mom is almost 80 and her sweet little eyes sparkled with delight when I suggested it. What a boost for the moral. 8- 80 a girl need to feel like a girl and do things to make yourself better.

Pat Dear, I have had a saying for many years that I have found is the absolute truth.......As the mind goes, so go the body.
Tells you how mine has been doesn't it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So far so good with the children of the fur. I have things crossed you wouldn't believe!!!!! ROFL
I wake up finding myself praying in my sleep. Come what may I have ddone all that is in my power to do. So, I am content. That doesn't mean I won't fall apart on ya all if anything else happens after all we have been together for 16 years. I haven't been married that long!LOL

Lee Honey , take it real easy and get better soon.

Sue you are on my IM

Butterfly, Hopeful can you believe how well we all are doing!!!!
I am so proud of ya all and Hopeful we shall await your return and I know we will miss you too!!!!
Love Ya All,

10-12-2001, 06:16 AM
Good Fridau Morning all

Pam am glad the "children" are OK . A girl's day huh? SOunds great. When I get into a water is boring mode I will make crysatl light regularly and then pour some( less than 1/2 a glass) and fil it with water. It breaks up the routine and I don't fall into a slump on the scale.

Dana have a great weekend. Your body is eitehr craving the salt or the protein of the peanuts. I hope the weather will be great for you. You always have such a great time when you visit the kids!!!

Hope everyone else is doing well

I am still OP had a great w/o at teh gym yesterday. I have now advanceed myself to the next level on the bike and did 10 whole minutes on teh stairmaster(it was my aerobic day). Today is a weight training Day. I am finally putting some planning into my routines something that I talked about weeks ago( I didn't forget SUE :). I think all the carb cobwebs are gone. No slips since the weekend( I don't think). I can feel teh difference.

B00- I will try and find that recipe this weekend
Sue - Thinking of you
Lee How is your back?

WIll check in tomorrow

10-13-2001, 08:35 PM
Gosh girls I am here. the illness has gotten the better of me. i am so sorry for being away for so long. i have tried to stay away from the puter till i has some stuff done in the house. with the meetings and feeling poorly and all i have had no time to get on. so hhere i am. i have been busy,
first i have had tons of boyscout meetings and well as you can guess i am into that with the boys

and the cleaning weel not much has been done on that end

but for work i have been having meeeting day after day for that, and having time to be on the puter to do job searches also. whis is what i have to go and do now. but i have ideas of being self employed i think that i have told pat and pam about it. i want to become a nutritional councelor for diets and those that need to follow specific diets for illnesses. so that is going to be taking tons of time so if i am not here you can feel free to emil me and i will usually reply or PM me i get that in my mail too. this is one area that i have been checking so all had better get on the bus and hold tight cuz this gorl is PPWAV and all who is near is going in for a wild ride. I can not be a nutritional and diet councelor if i an over weight so i must get atleast near goal by the time i get this close to going into action!!!

so all i am going to be checking up and hanging on y=to you so you all can rid ewith me!!!

10-14-2001, 10:25 AM
Good SUnday Morning

My goodness it is quiet here. Still OP, DOing pretty well. The weather has been great here lots of sun, Very windy today. Got to appreciate these days.

Sue Good luck and thanks for checking in. I am 100% behind you and am strapped in.

Dana I hope you had a great weekend

Pam How are you?

B00 how are you doing?

Hello to everyone else

10-15-2001, 02:22 AM
Doing ok.......except the power went out for 4 hours came on for 4 hours and went back out another 2 one day! Saturday of course.
I just wanted to be the hulk for about 30 minutes!!!!!!
It was so warm and humid that I was again sick...violently which I needed like a hole in the head, although at least it would have been vetilated!!!!
Excuse me my Apache is showing.
Simba is having some heart problems but at her age you expect to have a few problems. They all have survived so far and seem over the illness. Thank you God. Although I have considered that once you really bond with a child of the fur their life span and ours should co-inside on the human life span of course and would love to sit down with God and discuss the possibilites of such a new system over a nice cup of capichino. I have a feeling that he has overwhelming good reasons for his choices and I respect that and know he is far smater than my imagination can ever even hope to comprehend but I sure would love to seriously talk
about it!!!
I have done well and discovered to my shock that despite all I can eat that somewhere along the line of being OP for so many weeks my stomach has shrunk drastically. I did have 4 onion rings
on Saturday but I had not had any carbs and sat down ,counted out the onion rings in the bag divided the amount down as to how much each one would be and added four times. I was still under par (carbs) aalthough my family wondered as to my sanity.
I wanted fried chicken livers sooooooo...I took some atkins bake mix , beat up an egg dipped the livers in the egg and bake mix patting the mix into the liver well placed them in a plastic container in the bake mix with salt and pepper shook it well let sit twenty minutes and patted the mix into every knook and cranny of those livers and fried them in 1/3 bacon grease and vegtable oil. It worked and they were wonderful!!!!!! The bake mix doesn't stick as easy as flour by any means but it works with just a small amount of extra effort. So it would work for chicken or anything else come to that for those times when you just really must have some batter fried somethings. I used the measured amount for one pancake and my friends ....My , My , My!!!!!!!!!
These are the two things I did this week end .
My water I have had to cut back to 100 oz's a day as it was causing me stomach problems oddly enough and put to much pressure on the big hernia near the top of my stomach. So 100 OZ'S it is for a little while. I am doing this weeks challenge and am going to start exercising for real starting tomorrow...carefully and will gradually build up my time.
My hubby could not find a tape measure that went over 54 inches an my hips did but I told him to go ahead and buy it because I have dropped a lot. He thinks five inches but I just don't know about that. We shall see.

Sue Honey, I hope you feel wonderful and have shaken that nasty bug. I am busting a button about your plans... honestly you can do it!!!!!! I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can make it happen. I don't say that lightly.

Lee Darlin" how I miss our chats come back soon and be well. Love ya much.

What a group we have!!!!! All these wonderful, creative and powerful people. I stand in awe of you all. Be you Housewives and Mom's to career people ya' all are just fabulous!!!

10-15-2001, 06:01 AM
Good morning all,
I am still OP and my thighs have recovered to the point that I will resume my w/o's today. I'll tell you I was suffering unbelievably. I was feeling rather motivated all last week and caught myself sideways in a mirror and didn't like what i saw so I pushed my w/o thurs and fri. The lunges always kill me but to add 10 mins stairmaster(the gym one) and many mins at the next level on the bike and teh weight machines my thighs were protesting wicked. I dreaded drinking my water because of the getting on and off the toilet :o .

My latest challenge is not doing weekend baking. Unfortunately I am stuck there. I haven't picked up another hobby yet. And teh weekends can get long. DID some reading and cleaned all day sun. Sat was a bust which ticks me off as I hadn't slept well fri night and was BLAH all day Sat. And sat was the best weather day. WAH WAH WAH. Must move on!!

DH is doing soso, It is hunting season and he spends the day w/ carb eaters( family memebers) So the plan is to take a lunch w/ hime instaed of relying on the food of family.

We went out to dinner w/ some of his friends from the internet Sat night. We did very well that night. STeak and salad. passed on dessert. :D .

I think I will post a weekly challenge here too, I posted on over at 100# site. I really need to focus on portions again, i know I keep taking about it. I really want to be in the 230's by Friday.

I hope everyone is well and can check in we are getting sparce again :( .

I hope all the lurkers realize this isn't a private club and new members are more than welcome as Dana says We have many seats on the bus

10-15-2001, 10:22 AM
I'm baaaaaaaack!

Got in too late to post last night! The weekend was wonderful...(they are always wonderful when we get to see one or both of our sons!) We headed to the college in the POURING RAIN!!! We camped at a little campground and the weather held out until it was time to LEAVE! Packing up in the rain and traveling home in the RAIN...not fun! Our "baby" is doing well and we had a verynice time!

I managed to stay on plan but did not get in all the water I wanted to as it is difficult to coordinate "potty visits" when traveling/ I forgive myself!

I am off work today...and our oldest son is on a short fall break from college so we are spending the day together! (I am letting him sleep in...then we hit the mall....and a resturant of his choice!) They are 18 and 21 and I savore the time we spend together as they grow. I have taught myself to be a "mom to men" is an adjustment....but it is working!

fralick....glad to see you are keeping things going here. It is getting a little sparse....but regardless of how many seats are taken....we are rolling baby! I have my fingers crossed for you that you see that 230 something mark my friend! I hope the lurkers post...and I hope our regulars start to post more regular. We need the support we have here to get to GOAL!!!!

nasus.......things are really in a spin for you! I hope you get things sorted out the way you want. I feel you would be a FANTASTIC diet counselor with your personality and experience. You also have a true gift of being able to express yourself. I am pulling for you buddy! Keep up the good will all fall into place! I know you remain on plan even if you are not posting as often as you would like. (You would not have it any other way!! LOL)

gbo....I can tell how important it is for you to be on plan! You also come up with some great ideas for when certain foods are calling your name! I hope your fur children come thru this all okay.

butterfly...paula....terri.....where are you guys?

Take care all! I will check around the other threads as time allows and see you all back here tomorrow!

10-15-2001, 10:16 PM
Hi everyone. I'm not ignoring you all just extremely busy right now BUT OP and doing great. My brother's moving here from Texas this weekend so husband and me are trying to get room ready. Lot's of work so probably won't post for a week because have to go to Seattle Monday. I feel so overwhelmed right now alot to do. I would love some recipes for some protein bars. The bar's are what save me when everyone's eating candy. If you don't see me on here for awhile please forgive me. Husband has limited time to get thing's done so I'm on his schedule. see you ladies later. Have a great week and you know everytime i get on here i'm soooo inspired by the words i read. Have a great week and weekend see you next week. I'll try to sneak in during the week but not sure. Oh yeah my new pants fit great!!!!!!

10-16-2001, 04:48 PM
Hello my fellow Warriors, as you know by now I have spells of sleep difficulties and this past two weeks has been a VERY bad sleep time but I slept like a normal human last night so once again I think I am back on track in the sleep department. My system is so delicate for some reason and when I don't sleep I dont lose weight .Why? I don't know. So while I did check to see I discovered I haven't lost a lb. so far this week.It doesn't thrill me but it is typical for these circumstances when they occur. Thank Heaven it isn't to often. Mom had a bad time last night as my sleep patterns have been so off and I have not kept on her for three day's about her pills. She didn't take them and her swelling, stomach and back pain is severe. She has alway's been so independant but I had a talk with her today and told her she alway's took care of me now it's my turn to care for her in the same way. She replied I guess I need to be taken care of. We hugged and I am going to see she eats correctly and gets her pills on time. My hubby massaged her back last night for an hour to ease her pain and I made her oatmeal and take her pills this morning. I am so happy we have made this agreement. God knows she is a great Mom and I can now thank her in a very real way. October is a difficult month for me anyway and as the 19th approaches my daughter Alex is ever on my mind. She would have been 16 this Birthday. I am not depressed or anything but it isn't my favorite month. Just kind of bitter sweet. December I love even though Daddy died on the 8th. He hated to die before Christmas but the cancer got the best of him. Dad and I love Christmas...always. I can't wait to put up the tree and the lights!!!! I have been OP since I started and a funnt thing has occurred. I do not have much of an appetite. My stomach seems to have shrunk a lot which is a good thing!!!!!! I am using the shakes during the evening and eating in the mornings. By the way my Dears....I posted pictures on the 100 lbs club if you want to put a face to the name. I posted two , our wedding pictures with me at 289 lbs and a current one with my Sister, Mom, and Great niece at my starting weight of 338. 32 lbs ago. As Sue knows my water intake has dropped due to a physical problem but I am still sipping at least 64 to 100 ozs. Depending on what my stomach will take. For about three day's I was lucky to get in 36 oz's but I have a system now and so far so good!!!!

Lee...I hope you are ok and doing well.

Susie Q. .... Thanks for the advise I am following through! I will be fine. The ab is sore but better. The potassium Hubby is getting today!!!! and the other trace minerals as well. I hope you are over that bug!!!!

Butterfly ...busy can be helpful, it sure cuts down on the time to eat LOL! Hurry back we will miss you. is true you know, necessity is the Mother of
invention!!! Glad you had time with your son. It means so much!

Pat..... I tell you the mental battles are the grounds on which you win or lose. They really are the hardest battles to fight but once you get hold of the sucker , you can't help but win. Mind you the old body will throw every challenge in the world at you to test your hold...don't I know!!!!!!

So fellow warriors I am going to crochet a while and then fix dinner for the family and clean up the kitchen after all I have my exercising to do this evening. I have done one set this morning!
How about that!!!!
Love ,

10-16-2001, 09:45 PM
HI ALL!!!!

Gosh, Ive missed you all here......I just havent had time to sit and post, but things seem to be slowing down a bit now....

glad to see everyone is still OP and doing great!!!! I, however, must have got stuck in the rear of the bus or else in the bathroom....:dizzy: I just havent been doing all that great....

Last week I started exercising, made it thru 3 days, the TOM came, ( I didnt have one in Sept) so this one made up for it, GEEZ I felt terrible, I am just now starting to feel normal again..... OH LORD< PLEASE IN MY NEXT LIFE, LET ME COME BACK A MAN:D


10-16-2001, 09:48 PM
HI ALL!!!!

Gosh, Ive missed you all here......I just havent had time to sit and post, but things seem to be slowing down a bit now....

glad to see everyone is still OP and doing great!!!! I, however, must have got stuck in the rear of the bus or else in the bathroom....:dizzy: I just havent been doing all that great....

Last week I started exercising, made it thru 3 days, the TOM came, ( I didnt have one in Sept) so this one made up for it, GEEZ I felt terrible, I am just now starting to feel normal again..... OH LORD< PLEASE IN MY NEXT LIFE, LET ME COME BACK A MAN:D

ANYHOO, Im back now and eager to pick up where I left off....

I will check in later this week......take care

10-17-2001, 05:32 PM
Hello Friends!

Wednesday........and busy day! Went swimming last night. Did laps (at my own pace) for 40 minutes! I felt it this morning! Exercise is soooooo important if I want to continue to lose. Weigh in day is Friday! Don't forget. I am staying away from the grocery store so that I can not buy my weakness....peanuts! I eat the unsalted ones in the shell and can "overdo" it sometimes with them! So, much like an peanuts for me!

I sure has been quiet here! Hope everyone is staying on plan! Glad to hear from you tornado terri. Your seat is reserved.......stay on plan and get to goal! The bus is rolling!

Hello to you all! Take care!
Dana (Always HOPEFUL!)

10-17-2001, 10:52 PM
Hey it is so great to see all here i do miss lee though!! and joanne but i see everyone else!!!

I am doing great. I have had my last meeting for a while but now i have to submit my idea to the state to get apporval ne that done i do not have to look for a job!!! and can concentrate on my business solely!1 they have an absoutly wonderful help here in NY for i will be here to post tomorow as i am so tired i need to get to sleep

I will say that i have been doing great except for today i did eat cake and cupcakes as it was DD's 13'th and i splurged and will be back OP tomorow, i will admit that the cupcakes were good but a bit dry and the frosting was not the kind i love so it will not be bad to pass that up and the cake?? well i did not eat all my piece if that will tell you what i thought of it!!! So it is back to PPWAV tomorow. hold on the bus is reving up!!!!

i will try for individuals tomorow/

10-18-2001, 06:04 AM
Good Morning All,

I have been suffering from TOM, a recurrent sinus infection and the blahs. Been so so OP.
This may sound like a stupid question but w/ winter looming it seems that DH and I are craving carbs and we are wondering if it's the body getting ready for winter. Anyone else experiencing this or is it referenced in the atkins book?
Or if it is just my bodies reaction to the infection. I seem to be craving carbs wicked. I know that diabetics blood sugars get high when they are ill. which if this is teh case would cause my carb craving to go up. Hey Sue what do you think?

I have w/o'd daily
I am under my water requirment :(
Carbs were awful yesterday.

But today is a new day :).

I want to take a minute a tell you all how much I cherish this board and all of you . I get so much support here. I never feel that I would be judged when I post that things could be better.

ANy way,

Sue I am glad to hear that one part of your new journey is winding down. You sound so excited!! It is wonderful. Glad to see your post I missed you but knew things were hectic

Dana!! My co-workers and I are planning on using our local pool. They also offer water arobics. I am menatlly focused today. Friday weigh in's help me ( well menatlly anyway)

Terri- Hi girl, I am so glad to see you

B00- How are you doing? I hope all is going well and you'll be able to check in soon. I will find that recipe.

Pam How are you doing? I loved your pictures!!! You are one attractive lady!!


Hello everyone else

I am off to have an OP day!!! No matter what

10-18-2001, 08:41 AM
Hello Princesses!!!

I've had difficult times with my back lately...the weather has been changing in various degrees, and I've been overdoing things like cleaning house. I must be nuts!!! BUT I have still been OP!!!

Obviously with the back pain, I haven't been able to sleep, and we know that we need to rest our bodies so that we can lose the weight. For some reason, we retain water when we are sleep deprived...our bodies don't have the chance to revive and work properly if we are not rested and/or under stress.

With having to take so much of my meds, I have been staying away from Mr. Scale...I'm sure he's a real turd!!! LOL I haven't given up on this program, is my life changing program, and I know that I will be svelte and (more) beautiful again.

My in-laws are finally back in town and I am looking forward to seeing them this sunday. I didn't have any clothes that fit me (everything I have hangs on me, and I refuse to buy anything until I lose all my weight. Thank goodness I rarely go anywhere that I need to be dressed up...this IS Florida, after all. Anyway, I have a (new) friend with whom I have been fortunate enough to exchange clothes. She's in my bigger size, and I can fit into her smaller clothes. I'm looking forward to trying on a few outfits that she is bringing over later this morning. I want to look especially nice for our visit to the in-laws.

I cherish and have missed you all so very much. I'm so proud of each and every one of you. You all have been such a source of strength for me. I had really fallen apart this last month or so, but I am quickly reviving. Life is good for me, and I am blessed to have each and every one of you in my life.

Stay strong, stay OP, and quit that cheating (Sue!!! Pat!!!). Excuses don't sabotage all the good work you have done. Take it 5 minutes at a time when you think about cheating. Say that you can wait 5 minutes for those extra carbs, and then 5 minutes more, and 5 minutes more until you talk yourself out of it. Drink some hot water or hot tea with just a little sweetener in it. The warm liquid and little bit of sweetener will trick your body into thinking it has had those carbs that you and maybe your body thinks it needs.

We all have our own goals other than our programs...if we don't follow through with this program, then how do we think we can accomplish our other goals??? You have to take care of you!!! You aren't being deprived if you can't have some OFF PROGRAM FOODS to are depriving yourself of reaching your goal and feeling better about yourself. Is that what you really want to do???

I am attaching a picture of myself 50 pounds ago. I'm the one with the dark hair (it's blond now).

Love and strength to you all,


10-18-2001, 08:43 AM didn't attach...let me try again!

10-18-2001, 12:09 PM
Gosh Lee,
It is so good to put a face to my friend. What a lovely lady and as sweet to look at as you are to talk to. Now that's saying something!!! I post a couple of pictures under pictures in the 100 lbs club so you can see my face if you like. Everyone was so sweet. I only hope 9 years later I can look half as good as I did when we got married. Age can bite hard sometimes, hopefully not too hard!!! I held my age well for a long time but now ..LOL who knows!
I hope you are feeling a lot better...Lee we have all missed you so much.
I am Op and doing ok. Busy lately believe it or not. I have been cooking quite a lot. I made 18 restuffed potatoes for the freezer.
that's 36 half potatoes frozen and ready for quick and easy side dishes.
1 Large pot of French onion soup in Hubby and Mom size servings
1 large pot of spaghetti sauce in serving sizes
two bacon and cheese quiches
cut up and froze 8 lbs of sweet potatoes for pies
and made three loaves of bread dough all for the freezer
to make life easy on those day's when cooking is not how I want to spend my day!
I have restarted and old tradition I used to have when losing weight. Every evening I take a really beautiful tea pot and a fancy french tea cup place them on a beautiful serving tray and have green tea. A delight to the eye as well as good health and taste. I have all kinds of herbal teas to serve myself in style and beauty. It is so luxurious!!!
Love you all. Don't cheat yourselves out of your goals you deserve better.
God Bless,

10-18-2001, 07:08 PM
PAT- About the carb cravings...
I just saw on the news that America's food habits have changed since the Sept. 11th Tragedy......why carb intake has increased markedly. It seems that carbs increase the seretonin (not spelled correctly) from the brain and causes a calming, ie: comfort to ease the stress and emotions in general. I would assume it would be easy to fix by supplementing the seretonin. It is easy to come by and a great idea to take if the desire for carbs becomes a challenge to your success. Now how about that!!!

10-18-2001, 11:28 PM
Thursday night.........and a busy day for me today!

Work was crazy like every other day! Hubby and I went shopping then out to dinner. Steak, salad and steamed veggies. It was maaaaaaaarvelous!

I put up the weigh in thread for tomorrow! Make sure you all check in! I hope the extra exercise this week payed off for me! (And staying away from the peanuts!) Mr. Scale better be nice to me or he may find himself being hurled out the bathroom window!

Nice pic paula. I also enjoyed gbo's on the 100 site. I hope we can all get photos up soon. I have not had a picture taken of me in some time. I am sure I can find one of me at my heaviest weight to put up and I will try to get one of me now and see if I can get someone to put them up as I do not have the equipment. pajamas are yelling my name!

See you all tmorrow!

10-19-2001, 06:03 AM
Good Morning all,

Had a great OP day yesterday. Water, food and exercise. Better attitude too! I got a call from a emplyer that I had to turn down a month ago to call him today. I am very excited as the only reason I turned the job down was the wage. SO that could be a good thing. I wore a pair of size 22 pants yesterday that I haven't worn in many years. I am very excited about this. I am so looking forward to being a size 20, And since I don't own any size 20 clohes they will be new and shiny. I don't remenber the last time I wasa size 20 probably 20 years agoLOL. I hope to be this by the x-mas holidays.

Lee I am so glad dto hear your words of wisdom!!! It is just what I needed to hear. You'r absolultly right. I wasn't winning my mental battle at all. Lee I loved your pictures!! I need to do a before and current one too.

Dana, You are the OP Queen!! WHat size are you wearing now? You have done so well!!!

Pam you cooking fool!!!! My goodness girl you worked your butt off in that kitchen. I love your "eveningtea" ritual. I have read that 2 cups of greentea daily will boost your meatbolsm as well as vinegar. I have been having a mug every evening. But I have some lovely tea cup sets . It would be so nuturing.
Thanks for the crab insight. It is a very good point

Sue My nutrition counsleor how was your day?

Terri, B00 Good morning,
I am taking Lee's words with me and off to the "room" for my w/o.

10-19-2001, 09:25 PM
Hey All!

Friday = WEIGH IN DAY I posted at the thread with a 1 pound loss for a total of 38 since June 15. I should re-name myself "1_HOPEFUL" because it seems that 1 pound per week is all Mr. Scale is allowing me! I am not complaining becuase the scale is going in the LEFT direction.....but....I have been on plan SOOOOOOOO strict....that you would think a 2 or 3 would come off once in a while! :lol:

fralick......Congrats on the size 20! To answer your question...I am now in an 18. (I started off in a size 22) I get AMAZED when I can zip a pair of pants that I could not pull up over my butt before! LOL

nasus....I hope you are doing well and find time to post soon. I KNOW you will have a loss this week, babe! Let us hear from you!!!!!

paula.......Great pic! Glad to see you posting! Are you doing Atkins or Low Carb in general? Also, how much have you taken off so far and when did you start? I get such encouragement from everyone here. Please update! I am very glad you are doing better. (I was worried when I did not see you on very much!) cooking MANIAC!!! LOL Great "words of wisdom" concerning carb cravings and the Sept. 11 connection. We have to FIGHT those cravings as you said! Congrats on the 35 pound total so far! I truly hope you achieve your Thanksgiving goal! But, Thanksgiving or not...........we WILL ALL REACH OUR GOALS!!!!! We deserve it!

butterfly..........sorry you have such a nutty schedule right now! We need to get you posting more regular here! The bus is heading toward goal....and your seat is reserved! Let us know how you are! (Glad to hear the pants fit. It is a pant celebration here this week!)

terri........we need to hear from you more! Come on girl! The bus is toooo quiet! Start posting! I know you are staying on plan....I just KNOW it! You want this too bad to give up! Take a few minutes to check in!

LURKERS...........YOU ARE OUT THERE! I see how many people log on to this thread! PLEASE oh PLEASE join us! Everyone here is friendly and want to shed these fat suits! There is lots of room on our BUS TO GOAL. Please feel free to join us any time!

My name is Dana.....(ALWAYS HOPEFUL!!!)

10-20-2001, 02:03 PM
Morning my Darlin's... I made stuffed chicken breasts with the filling being sausage(pre-cooked) three kinds of cheese bacon crumbled,ham slice and wrapped in chicken and that wrapped in bacon MMMMMMmmmm good and my friend came out and brought a legal spinach casserole (no flour) boy what a great meal we had and all legal!!!! Everyone enjoyed it.
Simba was hollering all night , I don't know why. She behaved so strange all night . Needless to say as tired as I was I could not sleep. It seemed she needed so much comforting. I had a bad feeling. Ah well. It is just another case of something I have no control over so all I have to do is cope and I think I am doing quite well. I am happy to say I have been OP since I began about 6 weeks ago and I am really proud of myself for that. I never dreamed a year ago that I could do it.It took me so many years but at last I have my head on straight and have sorted it all out.
I wish I had been wise enough to do it oh so many years ago but at least I did. the weight has moved a lot slower than it used to and I had a problem with that at first but now I am just glad to see it go. Life is good.

Pat , I thank you for thinking I don't look my age, I hope to look younger again as my weight drops.
When we got married I thought I carried my age well but now ....
well I think it shows a lot more. Hopefully I will regain a bit more of a youthful appearance along with trimming down. More importantly , I am beginning to feel like myself again and feel almost pretty. Not quite there yet but almost. I do feel much more feminine again. I need to get some dental care along the way too.
Now it all matters to me again. That is a very good thing!!!!
Your kind words about the pics were so nice.I will suceed and get below 300 by Halloween!!!!
Jennifer your kind words and comments meant a lot I hope to grow younger, healther, and much more mobile!!!!

My Mom made a great outfit for me to wear in this life and I messed it up but I am busy fixing it, finally!!!!
My exercise is going pretty well but the day of the "cooking" It was exhausting and the cooking was my exercise for the day. So far I have managed 20 minutes a day but I think I will increase it by 10 minutes this week.
I can almost wear a size 24 jeans and considering I was wearing a 28 to 30 that thrills me!!!! I guess I am lossing inches!!!!
So my Dear Ones for now I will go and You all I have duct tape out for everyone so if you feel someone taping you in's me!
Please don't cheat yourselves out of your goals, dreams and so deserved freedom from the prison we call fat suit. The food will always be there and the time will come when we can eat those things from time to time and wisely, in the mean time ...don't give in (give up). You deserve so much more for yourselves we all do.
Love ,

10-21-2001, 11:10 AM
Where are you all hiding??? I'm still OP. Life is still good, too. I'm enjoying this wagon ride.

Dana: I am still doing my own version of the Atkins program...induction phase. I've been on this program for almost 4 months, and have lost just 50 pounds (not counting all the 10#'s I had to loose because of meds and/or allergies). I know how tickled you must be having lost 38 pounds and wearing the smaller size clothes. I'm delighted for you! I was wearing a very tight 22W (should have been in 24W's) and am now down to a loose 16W.

Pam: I can't imagine doing all that cooking. I cook what I absolutely HAVE to cook. More often than not, it is hubby who does the cooking. You're a good person to do all that.

I am so proud for your resolve in keeping with the program and getting into your smaller clothes, too. Before you know it, this way of eating will be just ho-hum stuff. You had to eat now just make different choices.

I pray that the furry ones are doing well, my friend.

Pat: You will be in that size 20 before you know it!!! The longer you stay OP, the less the cravings. I occasionally have them, but I also want a new couch. Is there any difference? I cannot have either right now.

I will be needing a new wardrobe myself before long. I wish we were all able to get together to go shopping for new clothes. Wouldn't it just be a hoot??? I gave away all my big girl clothes just recently...what a trip!!!

Sue: I'm missing you, friend. You are always in my thoughts and prayers (all of you are). Hang onto that wagon, babe!!! You can do this!!! I WILL smack your hands if you cheat. Heck, I'll tie them down too!!!

Terri: You need to come back here for support. Falling off the wagon is not a reason to stay away. I'll tie you up too if that's what you need!!!

Boo: I hope you're hanging on too. I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Hang in there, my precious friends.

Love to all,


10-21-2001, 02:42 PM
OK, GEEZ, you made me feel guily enough to start writing again.hehehe.....I really dont get much comp time anymore but I do try to check in a few times a week and because I havent been doing well OP, or feeling well for that matter, I havent taken the time to post....

So here I am, I am mentally ready to get back on track....I know what you mean about the carb cravings and I think mine are due to the change of weather, TOM, and sometimes just life itself...

but I know that when I mentally prepare myself to get back OP and exercise I feel so much better and I really do believe (for me anyway) that it is all mental.....I have been down in dumps lately and just dont feel like doing anything

I know that by coming here and posting I do feel better and reading everyones posts and sharing my feelings with you make me feel better also. so a big THANK YOU:) TO everyone for pulling me back into it....I AM READY TO RESTART........


10-22-2001, 05:46 AM
I am off to start #6