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10-09-2001, 08:44 PM
Missed this thread, so I figured I'd start one up, keep myself accountable :-)


Breakfast: 2 homerun pies (tiny cheapo hostess type pie things...) Lemon and choco

Brunch: 1 1/2 bean and chile burritos

Dinner: Tofu loaf sandwich, white corn

Snack: 2 more homerun pies, cherry and apple
Didn't track my water...

Workout 25 mins with exercise bands,crunches, and work on my back with a 10 pound plate. Stretching


breakfast: Tall glass of V8, handful of cheerios (breakfast is my bad time)

water glass of pink lemonade

32 oz water

lunch: 4 inch veggie sub (lettuce, red onion, avocado, sprouts, vinegar, salt and pepper)
small amount of frozen veggie-rice str fry

32 oz water
Work out: Tae-bo Crunch Kickology workout, 1 1/2 times (it's a short workout, so it gets to the cooldown, and I rewind it halfway)

Dinner: Bumblebee Chili(meatless blackbean chili with corn) , lightly buttered shell pasta

water glass of koolaid

32 oz water

10-11-2001, 12:32 AM
Hehe, we had a cheat day....

No breakfast, felt like poo, so I slept til noon:-)
32 oz water

Lunch: 3 piece chicken strip meal from KFC, with single serve mac and cheese, corn muffin, and 1/4 ear of corn. Fruitopia

32 oz water
Dinner: Back on the veggie wagon...
Health is wealth chicken free chicken pattie on cracked wheatbread, with bbq sauce, steamed spinach and chopped crimini mushrooms.
glass of koolaid

Snack: handful of Heritage squares cereal.

32 oz of water

Exercise: Stretching, full weight routine, more stretching. (45 min)

10-14-2001, 06:15 AM
Ok, a quickie, just to bring me back up to date....

Thursday & Friday, Can't remember exactly what I had, but ate decent, had Chinese buffet one day, Thurs. I think, and did ok there, could have ate less, but didn't eat until bursting... Did good on water both days... Hubby was home, so used those days for my 2 rest days from working out, stretched one day.

Saturday: Totally blew it food and water wise.... Put in 1.5 miles on cardio bike at MIL's. WILL be back onn track tomorrow if it kills me...