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01-03-2007, 10:59 PM
You've been so kind to the influx of January newbies and re-newbies, and I'd love for you to introduce yourselves to us newbies, so we know more about the regulars here. I'd appreciate it if you could pop in this thread and let us know how long you've been here, what progress you've made, what you get out of this board, and share any words of wisdom you may have for the rest of us. Thank you for opening your cyberhome to us. :)

01-03-2007, 11:42 PM
Wow - this a great idea!!

Hi, my name is Sandi and I am the Moderator of the 100 lb club. I have belonged to 3FC since October 2000. I help where needed, try to keep the spammers out and generally just keep an eye on things. You can feel free to PM me any time!

I am 39 years old and I live in Northwest Indiana. I am happily married to my husband Steve for 14 years. We have a 6 year old son named Jacob (http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/showthread.php?t=28424)and have recently decided that we are done having Children. We also have 2 cats & a dog. I am a computer software trainer and my hobbies include jewelry making and cross-stitch. (Does this sound like a personals ad?!?! :lol: )

My weight was 290-300 when I joined 3FC. My all time highest weight was 339 and I hit that in September of last year. Over the 6 years that I have been here my weight has been up and down (more up than down). I tend to struggle, but I never ever give up. And I never will. I am giving myself one more shot to get it together on my own. If by July 2007, I am not making some progress, I will start the process for lapband. Things will change this year, one way or another!!

Glad to meet you all. :D

01-04-2007, 12:42 AM
Hi! Great idea!

As a loooong time lurker (years) and an on again off again poster this year, I feel like I've been here a while, but it actually hasn't been that long...

I'm C.C. and live in CA. I'm 35 and am single with no children. In the past 6 years, I lost and then regained 121 pounds, plus 17 new ones. :( But, I'm here trying again. I'm more successful when not tied to an organized diet. My plan involves making the smartest choices I can make at each meal and having lots of healthy food on hand. I've cut most processed foods from my diet. I really liked the book "You: On a Diet" and thought it was a super sensible way to think about food. A good read!

I've been a complusive overeater since age 7 and overweight since 12. I began my recent regime at Thanksgiving (great timing, right?!) and have lost 27.2 pounds so far. I guess my words of wisdom would be:

Support is SO important. I truly don't think I would be successful without the support I get from my friends at 3FC. Plus, I've learned that it's an added incentive to be accountable not only to yourself, but also to others.
If you can hold on through the first 2-3 weeks, the weight loss gets a lot easier. I promise.
You will feel better both physically and mentally well before reaching your goal (Thank heavens!). For me, I already feel amazingly better.
Self-control is addicting!
Be mindful of when you are making excuses for your actions and take responsibility for what goes in your mouth. No one except you can control that.
Take measurements of your body NOW. Then take them periodically along the way (I do it monthly). It's so nice to have another way to track your progress especially if the scale stops moving for a while.

Take care! ;)

01-04-2007, 12:45 AM
Hi everyone --

Here's my story in a nutshell (okay, a bit bigger than that). I'm 40, married with no kids but 2 dogs. I started this journey a little about a year and a half ago (July 2005) weighing 295 on my scale (probably 300 on my Drs). A lot of things precipitated the start, but it boiled down to being 39 and feeling at least 50. Even though there were no immediate health concerns, they were looming. Of course I’d tried to lose weight before. Like many people, the end result of these forays into better health was the return of the weight I’d lost – and then some.

This time it was different from the beginning almost, in that I wasn't at war with myself about not eating food I wanted or craved. I kept asking myself "Is that <insert food item> worth what it's going to do to you?" The answer was usually no. In the past I always "cheated" on a diet. Now I see that I'm not really cheating anyone. My body will know if I eat that brownie, so I have to decide if it's really worth it, own up to it if I eat it, and then move on. Once you see you can't cheat yourself, the rules change! I capitalized on that.

I took baby steps to get here. I didn't even start by calorie counting. I started by watching portions and trying to move more (it wasn't even "exercise" at first). I brought snacks and lunch to work. That helped a lot. I stopped eating from the vending machine. What really helped was that I started to feel more energy -- not from the weight loss, but because I was eating healthier! Great feedback! I stopped falling asleep on the couch every day after work. That made me take notice.

After the first month I started calorie counting. That was eye opening. I weighed 280 something and picked 2000 calories per day as my target (seemed reasonable and was what all the dietary guidelines were based on). I lost about 2 pounds a week for a while doing that.

Exercise followed shortly thereafter -- this is much harder for me. I find all kinds of reasons to put it off. I started slowly and built from there, counting the number of minutes/month. I swear it’s a mind game. “You did 450 minutes, 500 is just a little more…” and so I did! I started exercise with just cardio, but last January my husband and I started weightlifting. I believe that has really helped a lot. Now I exercise a lot more than I ever did at any time in my life: doing cardio, weights and yoga!

Anyway, once I had the eating and exercise routines down, it became a matter of Tweaking the System, so to speak. Overall, I find that adding one new thing to an existing structure is much easier for me than trying to build the thing all at once. So, I’m just tweaking and going along.

I’ve now lost 115 pounds and am in a kind of maintenance mode. I’m a little burned out from focusing on weight loss. I’m trying to look beyond the scale and focus more on my fitness! My goals for 2007 are more about varying my exercise routines, and getting back on track with my eating (I’ve kind of fallen off a bit the past few months). I’m not in a rush right now. After all, the ultimate goal is to KEEP the weight off, not just lose it. I need to build habits that will last a lifetime.

My advice for newbies? Make a commitment to the process (but be prepared to change your plan if it's not working). Believe in yourself. Take it One Day at a Time, and feel free to take baby steps! Also, I think this is as much a mental game as anything else, so be prepared to play it to win!

01-04-2007, 01:19 AM
Oo, nice idea! And it does feel like writing a personal ad, Sandi!

I'm Lisa. 20 years old, perpetually single, no kids. Living at home while attending college and working 2 jobs. I could afford an appartment, but then I couldn't afford heat, food, water, electricity, and other luxuries like that. ;)

Always been overweight, then went to college (not the same one I'm attending now) and gained 50 lbs in two years. Multiple reasons, including too much fatting dining hall food, not being ready to be away from home, and severe depression and anxiety. Return home, go on meds, start walking like a freak, and doing South Beach Diet. Lost 29 lbs so far!! Still have a long way to go, but I've never felt better or so realistically optimistic about it!

Working on being at or close to goal by September 8, 2007, aka 21st birthday!!

Likes: Puzzles (crossword and jigsaw), knitting, crochet, cute earrings and purses, fuzzy slippers, reading, 19th century literature, the comics, The Sound of Music, the blues, musicals, public radio, voting, organizing, theatre, astrology, thunderstorms, men with cute butts and broad shoulders.

Dislikes: Excessively bad grammar, people who answer cellphones in the library or theatre, people who don't use turn signals, vacuuming, red wine, loud cars, jean shorts on men (probably #1 pet peeve), teens who say "like" all the time, books without proper endings.

Words of wisdom? Think long term. Have a good support system (us!) and plan, plan, plan, plan. Find non-food rewards. Some movement is better than none at all. Find healthy alternatives to satisfy cravings (ex: spaghetti squash vs spaghetti). Clean out the cabinets. You don't need it, your kids don't need it, your spouse doesn't need it. They'll live without it, and they'll live BETTER without it.

01-04-2007, 01:48 AM
Hey guys! Welcome! :cheers:

I'm Aimee, 32, from Wisconsin. I've been here since 2002, when I found out my little sister was getting married. I lost about 30 pounds for her wedding, then another 20, down to 277. Then my gym closed. Then I began participating in a clinical trial & they took my diuretic away! So I gained even more. I am currently about 315, trying to make it back down.

I've done phentermine in the past, no heart problems but got pulled off it with everyone else due to the potential for heart problems. In 2002 or 2003 I was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease, and am currently in a clinical trial for a drug that could be our cure. It's very exciting. My doctor running the study wants this weight off me in the worst way. He may just get his wish this year as I am tired of being tired all the time.

No kids, not having any. I have a dachshund who is the love of my life :love: and I love being 'auntie' to all my friends' kids. I just can't see doing any more damage to my body, or kidneys. If I meet a guy who wants kids, we'll adopt, and if he can't handle that, then he's not the right guy, is he? :dz:

I recently went 90% vegetarian, and am having issues with that (getting enough iron & PLANT-based protein) and occasionally will switch out cow milk for soy milk.

I think I've found a workout buddy, and at work we are having our own Biggest Loser Club. I've got a lot of support, and hope to see 270's again, if not 250! (Hey a girl can dream)

What I get out of this board is there is ALWAYS someone here who knows what you are going through, or can cheer you on, no matter how small you think your victory is.

01-04-2007, 01:50 AM
I'm Nicole and I'm 33 and I'm an insurance claims supervisor in New Zealand. I'm single and have no kids - unless you count my rather spoiled cat.

I've always been overweight, but over the last five years or so I've really put on the weight. I spent most of last year battling depression and now that I've got my head straight, it's time to work on the body. So i rejoined Weight Watchers for at least the third time - and it will be the last time. I'm not in a hurry to get to goal - as long as I'm losing weight, then I'm happy. Other times when I've lost weight, I've set unrealistic targets for myself and failed to get them and just given up. The other thing that I'm doing that's different is I'm gradually making changes to my lifestyle. Previously when I've dieted, I've gone at it full tilt and ended up failing. This time I'm concentrating on making one change at a time and once that's a habit, I'm moving onto the next change.

My hobbies include: reading, writing, cross stitch and walking amongst many other things.

01-04-2007, 03:23 AM
Hi there. Nice idea. I'm glad you asked!!!

I'm a 43 year old wife and mother of three teen-aged daughters, my oldest is away at college :( .

I was so skinny as a kid I was teased, they called my pickle.......until about the 5th grade, went through a traumatic experience and packed on a bit of weight, managed to stay at about 125-135 from high school with dieting....till marriage. The second I met my husband I started packing on the pounds. We'll be married 21 yrs in March. Had my first child less then 2 yrs later and just steadily went up and up and up. I hadn't stepped on a scale in over 14 years till May 2006. And that was when it said 287, perhaps I had been more. Who knows. I was never a yo-yo dieter, like I said just up and up. And I never, ever really gave losing weight much of a try, sad but true. Still can't figure that one out.

Anyway, I was becoming more and more inactive. More and more pain in my knees and just overall DISGUSTED with myself. 50 years old was looming ahead and I knew that I just didn't see too many 50 year olds walking around my size. And I so very want to be an active Grandma when the time comes. And I just got sick and tired of being sick and tired. And I no longer wanted to be fat. And finally realized if I dont' want to be fat, I don't HAVE to be fat. And that was that. The decision was made. There are so many things in this life that we have zero control over, but being fat I finally realized was not one of them. This is something I have control over. It's up to me to decide. It's within my power. My height I'll never be able to change, my weight, umm why the heck not? And that's the attitude I've taken.

So on September 4, 2006 I revamped my life. I started counting calories, eating mostly low fat proteins, tons of veggies and low carbs. And having the occasional treat if I want it. Nothing is off limits as long as I keep it to a moderate portion. I never in my life would have thought I could have so much control. I am never hungry. But when you put your mind to it, ANYTHING is possible. I actually enjoy this lifestyle sooooo much better then my old one. And as of January 1, 2007 I have lost 77 pounds.

What I can tell you so far:

-The first 2-3 weeks were very hard. Get throught them any way you can. After that, it gets much, much easier. The cravings will practically stop. You'll start to see results on the scale.. Your clothing will get looser. This propells you to go further. People will start noticing. It's all good.
-In the very beginning I found a simple journal to be very helpful. I wrote in it all my reasons for wanting to lose the weight and would read it when I was having cravings. I also wrote in it all my goals and dreams for the future. I keep adding to it now. I also chart my weightloss, it's so cool to look back and see how you've done. This book is better then any best seller.
-Get rid of all the junk in your house. It's not benefiting anyone. Keep your home stocked with healthy foods at all times. And plan, plan, plan. I have a weeks worth of menus in my head. Write it down if need be.
- Be aware of every bite that goes into your mouth.
-I drink A LOT of water.
-Exercise was another story. But it's getting much, much better. Just move yourself, more then you used to. Try to increase it every day. I do sit-ups, leg lifts, arm exercises, stretching, walking and dancing. Simple and very doable. And it burns calories. And now I am practically always in motion. Strength training is next on my list.
-This place, 3fc is a G-dsend. It is remarkable to see sooo many success stories. What unbelievable motivation. It is a place to find people who know exactly what you are going through. It is a great place for support and advice.Through struggles and successes alike.
-Keep in mind you don't have to get to goal to start seeing and enjoying the benefits. You will begin to feel and look better within 10-15 pounds. And then another 10-15 pounds. And before you know it.........
-The weightloss has become more addicting to me then the food ever was.

Good luck to you all. We're all here for one another. We're in this together. So if there's anything you ever need don't hesitate to ask.

01-04-2007, 03:23 AM
My name is Tracey I am 38 years old. Married almost 20 years with 3 sons... 18...15...and soon to be 12..
I live in Alabama... ROLL TIDE!!!
I can never remember a time that I was not thought of as being over weight.. looking back at being 145lbs I would slap the person who called me over weight at that weight now...
I gained 50 pounds right after I got married ( The birth control pill BABY)..
I was taken off the pill because of my weight and blood pressure being up.. Well I got pregnant and put on 50 more wonderful little pounds.
Baby #2 came along and I lost 30 lbs while I was pregnant with him.. THAT WAS THE BEST DIET EVER...First time in my life that I ate anything I wanted and still lost weight.. I never understood that one..
After baby #2 was born I put on the weight I lost + some...
I decided to diet sometime after that and lost 120lbs...
Got pregnant and had another baby boy in 1995... I slowly put on the weight I lost and by Feb of 2006 I was 265 on my
house scales.. At least 285 on the Dr.s scales...
I have lost 90 to 95 lbs since Feb of 2006..I cut my calories way back and added movement... I have not been dieting or exercising since Sept. I did not gain anything back... Very HAPPY about that..
I am back on track. I would like to get the rest of my weight off before the end of the summer..
I love this place... When I read the posts I feel encouragement...
God Bless you all here... you will never know how you helped me last year.
Looking forward to 2007....Hopeful to post more and lurk less...

01-04-2007, 03:29 AM
I'm Raelynn and I've been a member here for 4 years. I was gone most of 2006 as I was pregnant and had a baby boy on Dec 12 (which most of you know about LOL). I'm married and I also have a 6 1/2 year old daughter who is very very very energetic that I would like to be able to keep up with (one of my motivators). We live in Alberta Canada and prior to going on Mat leave a month ago, I was working as a reports manager for a receivables company at a callcenter.

I was 212 lbs when I joined 3FC in Dec 2002, having lost over 60 lbs the unhealthy way - excessive exercise and not eating. I've gradually gained it all back over the last couple years, yo-yo'ing to where I'm at now, my highest. I started Weight Watchers on Jan 1, a program I know works for me and my husband is doing it with me, so it'll be MUCH easier not having to watch him eat unhealthy yummy food that I can't have. lol

I'm off work the entire year, and for the first time ever I have a year to focus on me and my family. There is no better time to get healthy for myself and for my family than now, so I am back on track, back on the board and can't wait to see results!! :)

01-04-2007, 05:50 AM
Great idea - I've never had the patience myself to trudge through the pages of intros - so many people that don't really post. Kind of like a little get to know you, now that I know of ya!

I live in Ontario, Canada. I was thin all through my growing up years. Then when I graduated high school my weight started going up as my moods went down. Took a few years to be diagnosed with depression - it's been a battle with that and the weight since then.

In 2001 I did Optifast & lost 60lbs for my wedding (still not at goal - but...). Quickly regained all of that with the next severe bout of depression in winter 2007. Haven't really lost successfully since then - just up & down the same 25.

I am doing herbal magic now (only available in Canada). I've lost 30lbs so far. I hope to be down to 200lbs by July and our family reunion. Maybe at goal by the end of this year but I realize I will probably lose slower than I hope.

Oh yes & I am also trying to get pregnant which is so wonderfully counterproductive it makes me laugh out loud sometimes!

01-04-2007, 08:57 AM
Hi. I'm somewhat of a newbie myself as I lurked on this site for a couple of months then started actively participating in December. I've been married for 13 years to a wonderful younger man (7 years younger.) I have two daughters, a 7 year old and one that will be 11 next month, and I have 3 dogs...a poodle, a chihuahua and one of their sons. My husband and I currently telecommute from home for our employer, a health care insurance carrier.

I've been overweight all of my life...since puberty. I was able to control the weight enough to enter the US Air Force and run 5 miles a day. When I left the Air Force in 1989 and stopped running, the weight slowly crept on...through marriage and the birth of two children. In July 2004, my Mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and passed away in December 2004. After she passed away, I gained an additional 40 pounds in one year. Due to female problems and my Mom's diagnosis, I elected to have a full hysterectomy in October 2005 and I quit smoking at the same time...I then gained yet another 25 pounds. Now, the weight loss is extremely difficult as I am in full menopause and on hormone therapy...all at the age of 42. Each and every single pound lost is a major victory for me.

This board has been great for me as everybody really cares and wants to see each of us succeed. I also like that there are people on this board that are in all stages of their weight loss journey and all in different types of weight loss plans or exercise regimens. The board give me a sense of accountability and a great deal of encouragement. I have had a little bit of a hard time actually getting myself going, but I came onto the board each day and participated anyways...I didn't give up. I'm now giving focus to the weight loss and improving my health. I am following the South Beach Diet and have committed to at least 1 hour of cardio..walking,etc...each day.

My biggest advice to you is to take this process one day at a time. I know that may sound so cliche, but it really is so very very true. Each day brings new challenges and not every day will be easy, but stay in touch on the board...reach out for any support or encouragement you may need...and keep going.

I look forward to getting to know each of you and wish you well on your journey.

01-04-2007, 10:37 AM
Hi ~ My name is Gayle ~ I'm 51 and have been here since Feb 2000. I am married, have three grown kids and a little grandson. Over the holidays, I moved to Houston, TX where my kids and grandson are and will be starting a new job next week. I am hoping that being around my family, I will be too busy to get into too much trouble with food. There are these lovely walking paths in my area that I am looking forward to using to help me on my quest for imporved health.

I have struggled with my weight all my adult life. At one point in time, just kind of gave up trying, but health concerns that come with age and excess weight made me start trying again. I did fairly well the first year I was here ~ was almost half way to goal, then fell off the wagon and have been up and down, but I haven't gotten myself straightened out yet. Like Sandi ~ I will keep trying and never give up. Eventually I will hit on the right combination of habits for me.

I feel like SuchAPrettyFace about this place ~ there is always someone here who understands what you are going through. I don't post as often as I used to ~ sort of feel like because I am not doing so well, that I won't be of much help to someone else, but I check in every day. There are so many who have succeeded, that it helps me to have hope that it is possible. Also, I have had the neat experience of getting to meet a couple people from here in person.

Welcome to the newcomers ~ glad you have joined us.

01-04-2007, 01:25 PM
I think I'm the youngest one in this group(i consider myself in here cause I visit it every day). I'm Jordan. I'm 15 going on 16, my heaviest weight was 225 if not 230, and I decided to change in August 05 when I realized I weighted 225. I got down to 210 by July 2006 and since then I've been eating right and exercising once and a while(im in school, so im not really able to that much). I've lost 35lbs in the last 6 months and I still have 50 to go. I've been on this site since Sept/Oct.

01-04-2007, 02:02 PM
Well I've been lurking for the last few months, but this thread inspired me to post once more.

I'm Megan, 27, and I live near Seattle. I'm married, and currently pregnant. So the dieting has gotten sidetracked for a while.
I joined a year ago I believe, where I started at around 263 lbs. Which put me in a shock to see. I've always been chunky, but honestly thought I carried it well and that it wasn't all that noticable (seeing some photos of me from back then negates that thought).

Well, using calorie counting, and some strict anal retentativeness, I got to 159 and maintained as we were trying to get pregnant, then got pregnant. Now I'm hovering around 168 (the hazard of going off diet, and being disgusted by the foods that were your staples). I know I'm going to gain during the pregnancy, hopefully I won't gain more than 30, and I can use the tools I have to lose it again.

Good choices to all!

01-04-2007, 03:56 PM
Nice idea. I like reading about the "oldbies" as much as the newbies.

My name is obvious, and now that Glynne wrote her age, I'll say that I'm 53, and have a blended family of four children in their early 20s to mid-30s. My avatar is my incredibly wonderful granddaughter, who turned six years old last fall. Since she wasn't expected to live at all, turning six is truly amazing. I'm a native Seattleite, but have lived in northern Colorado, Idaho (Boise), and am truly happy in this wonderful town in Oregon.

Started my weight loss journey in October 2002 by going to Weight Watchers, and I plan to keep on losing until my name is on the One Hundred Pound Losers list (see sticky above), and hopefully beyond to my personal goal. While I lost about 60 lbs. in the first 18 mos., I persisted and am still working on it. Originally I had a goal to lose 100 in a year. It's certainly doable--but not for me. When I didn't reach that goal, I could have given up, but decided I didn't care how long it took, but I did care that I didn't quit.

I've become an exercise junkie, going to the gym for almost two hours a day about six days a week. My body now craves it, and it certainly helps me maintain when I haven't been so good in the eating department. I've really learned a lot by coming to 3FC and reading posts by people who are successful and people who are struggling. I hope that I can help others on their journey.

Thanks for suggesting this MaWhit, and welcome everyone!

01-04-2007, 04:29 PM
I Posted on the other one too... I'm not an oldie or a newbie.....I've been posting since the beginning of November so I'm sorta in the middle and am a regular on the Daily Commitments Thread.

I'm 26, also perpetually single with no kids(and totally ok with it too) and I live alone above my parents garage with my cat. I work in Commercial Theatrical Entertainment Administration in Boston.... a field that is surrounded with lots of events, and parties and fun things...that are all heavily catered with an open bar. Along with food battles I also have struggled with alcohol as well....trying to avoid following that line of alcoholics that makes up the majority of my family. As far back as I remember I have always been heavy. I never had good eating or exercising habits(tribute to my father the potato-chipaholic), I was never athletic either. I've tried to lose weight before but it wasn't until just a couple of months ago that I realized it was getting out of control when I saw my weight had skyrocketed in 30lbs in a year...basically since I started this job... to the grand total of 238lbs, that I knew I needed to get serious. The largest size pants in my closet are a size 22W, and my largest item of clothing is a pair of pj's...I like them big and baggy....and in order to get them big and baggy I had to buy a 3x.

Though I had always been heavier, this was the first time that I could feel the weight on my body, I started noticing it was tougher to do simple things like tie my shoes, I was never motivated to go do anything etc. I woke up one morning and said to myself....in many rude swear words... that it is time to get a hold of this situation! I am currently counting calories, and paying very close attention to where and what my calories are coming from. I threw out any and all junk, refined carbs, etc. from my kitchen and did a restock shopping spree. I keep all sorts of spices, whole grain pasts, brown rice, wheat flour, canned and frozen veggies (for when I run out of fresh) and lots of lean protein.... I don't eat fish or seafood so that means lots of chicken, turkey, low fat cheeses and beans. So far I have lost 19 pounds and today I am wearing a pair of pants that I bought in October and couldn't respectably wear them in public...the are an 18 average bought in the normal section of the store not the plus section so I'm moving in the right direction. This weekend I will be going through my closet and removing all of the clothes that are getting too big so that I am not tempted to give up.

In addition to making some drastic dietary changes I also went back to the gym...I luckily have a gym right near my home where I was able to lock in my membership with no sign up fee at a $10/month rate...which is about all that I can afford. I'm also taking advantage of the oncoming flu symptoms that I'm feeling and have put down the cigarettes. Basically I'm remodeling my entire lifestyle, not limited to food, in order to have an overall healthier life... I suppose I'm trying to reform my party girl ways (cause last I checked the videos were called girls gone wild....not overweight girls who should start acting their age get drunk and act stupid) Its is the hardest thing I've ever done, but it gets a little bit easier with each day. After spending 8 years in school the beer, pizza and late nights have taken their toll and left behind a lot of bad habits to break.

Other fun facts, I just finished my masters degree which has given me significantly more time to concentrate on bettering my health, and removed a lot of stress and party opportunities from my life. I got to be a cancer patient with my mother, as I was diagnosed with cervical cancer 3 days after she was diagnosed with breast cancer....3 years later we are both happy and healthy and cancer free. I once walked 1600 miles through Europe...5 countries and 2 islands...and a lot of alpine mountain ranges in a pair of teva sandals. I have no tattoos and no piercings other than my ears, but my hair has been 19 different colors, dreaded, and shaved and has still managed to grow back and look normal for my post educational big girl job.

I basically sit at a computer all day long during the work week and I actually leave this site open in my browser...anything to battle the copious amounts of office junk food that is always around...so if you are ever having a bit of momentary weakness I'm almost always around... If it wasn't for this site and the wonderful people on it I might have given up already, but there is so much support here I've kept going and commitied to being in it for the long haul.

01-04-2007, 04:54 PM
I'm an oldie and a newbie all at the same time. I used to post here regularly then stopped during the summer and now I'm back again. I feel like a newbie again.

My name is Tracey and I am 27 years old. I have a beautiful daughter who is three years old and I have lived New York City all my life.

I have been struggling with my weight since I hit puberty at seven, yes you read right, seven years old. I gradually gained weight over the years until I hit 211. That was my magic number. I'd lose, I'd gain but in the end I always wound up at 211. Then I had my daughter and was at my lowest adult weight of 205. But then my daughter got very ill, I quit smoking and my relationship with her father ended all within a two month span. It was more than I was willing to admit I could deal with and I turned to food binging like crazy. I hadn't binged in years and there I was again. By the end of that year, I was at 302. When I found this site, I was either 307 or 308. And now I am at 309 and I am ready to let this weight GO!

01-04-2007, 05:50 PM
Wow...so many new details about people who have been here for a while, and so many new faces to get to know! I post here sometimes, in the 20-Somethings sometimes, in the 300+ section frequently...I wander around and stick my nose in wherever something interests me ;)

I'm another who's been overweight my whole life. I'm 24, and I have bprobably been overweight since about age 4 or 5. I remember getting made fun of for my weight when I was in first grade, and I remember quitting my dance lessons at age 10 because I was no longer comfortable wearing a leotard and tights around the other thinner girls.

Fast forward...I got up to just over 310 pounds about 2 years ago (as far as I know--there was a stretch of a few months when I didn't even own a scale, so who knows how high I actually might have been). Then I got on a bit of a good losing streak, but that was mostly because I was too busy to eat (working 6am-2pm for my full-ime job M-F, then 4pm-11ish for my part-time job M-Th). Once I got a higher-paying job and quit the part-time one, I started gaining the weight back and hit 300 again just last month. I have considered re-starting a part-time job, but then I would NEVER see my boyfriend :dizzy:

I'm back on the down slide now (yay!), and I'm following my own rules. No one knows my body better than me, so I figured I should make the rules. I adjust them as needed as things change in my body or in my life. Right now, my guidelines are:

eat at least 5 times a day
stay at or below 1800 calories average per day each week
take in a minimum of 100g protein every day
exercise for at least 30 minutes 6 days a week (I started out at just 4 days a week and now exercise pretty much every day)
avoid HFCS and trans fats whenever humanly possibleMy demon weight is 264. I've gotten down to around that number twice and just can't seem to get lower. I will this time, though--I can't go from losing 16 pounds in a month to stalling and gaining it back!

01-04-2007, 05:56 PM
I've been here for 2 years, but not trying to lose weight the entire time. I became pregnant about a month after joining and now my weight loss is on hold again due to my second pregnancy. So it's hard to comment on my own success since I have had to start and stop. I was following WW (at home) along with walking on my treadmill and strength training for exercise. I've read a lot of good advice and encouraging support on this board, so I don't want to leave suring my "breaks" :) Come July, I'm jumping back on the old wagon to lose some more weight!

01-04-2007, 06:04 PM
[COLOR=indigo] I remember getting made fun of for my weight when I was in first grade, and I remember quitting my dance lessons at age 10 because I was no longer comfortable wearing a leotard and tights around the other thinner girls.
You aren't alone with this one either....I was about 8 when I quit... funny I look back now at the photos of me.... I wasn't that heavy then, but I was in my mind cause I was the heaviest of all the girls.

01-04-2007, 07:47 PM
What a great thread!! I've really enjoyed reading these posts!

I started posting here in July, and it's been a HUGE part of the success I've had so far. Here's my story:

I'm 35, and I've been overweight since I was a teenager. I was a very VERY skinny child, but puberty did a number on me, and so did bad eating habits and sedentary hobbies like reading (don't get me wrong, I will always love reading, but when that's ALL you do your body might start to reflect that!) I gained more weight in college, though I had a brief successful weight loss attempt over one of the summers. I lost 30 pounds and got down to 140 (which I can't even imagine now). I thought I was so fat still, even at 140 and 5'9". What on earth was I thinking?? I got married right after college and gained weight consistently after that. I've been a yo-yo dieter but I only had one sustained weight loss attempt in 2001, when I did Weight Watchers for nearly a year and lost 50 pounds. I got down to 221 at that point and then I just burned out and couldn't deal with it anymore so I started eating again.

I don't know what happened this time - I honestly don't. Something just clicked. Part of it was because my mother was diagnosed with diabetes and I'm worried about my health. Part of it was that I'm tired of being the fat wife of a gorgeous, fit husband, and I don't want him to be ashamed of me. Part of it was that I keep reminding myself that life is short and I don't want to spend it unhappy, and I can't be completely happy as long as I'm obese. Anyway, on July 18, I started the WW program again, but I'm doing my own thing from home and not going to meetings. I started posting here right away, and I started working out -- walking, doing cardio machines at the gym, and now even running (which amazes me, because I never imagined I'd do that). I'm even planning to run/walk a 10K in March, and I've lost 57 pounds. I weigh 218 and I've hit a bit of a plateau over the last month (holidays, maybe), but my commitment hasn't changed.

My advice:

*Do your OWN thing. As someone else said above, you know your body better than anyone else does. People will tell you "don't eat sugar" or "don't eat before bed" or anything else, but don't listen to them if you have a different plan. I eat sugar, and sometimes I eat before bed, and I still see a loss on the scales. Figure out your OWN plan, and don't let anybody else tell you the right way. Take advice, do research, figure out what works for you, and then commit to it.

*When you screw up, and you will, just forget about it and move on. Pretend it didn't happen and get right back on track. Everyone always says that, but they say it because it WORKS. Forget about a slip-up, and the scale usually will too, as long as you hopped right back on your plan.

*Work out, work out, work out. I was in a smaller size at 221 this time than I was at 221 five years ago, because I've exercised more. It really changes your body, it becomes addictive, and it relieves stress so it replaces some of that emotional eating we sometimes do.

*Don't worry if you notice changes in your body but no one else does. They WILL. I'd lost 30 pounds this time and no one noticed. After I lost 40 or 45, EVERYONE noticed. The compliments will come, and they will feel good, but don't worry if it takes a while. You're doing this for you, and all those great side benefits will come along. Post them in the NSV thread, because we all love reading each other's victories on the scale and off.

*Keep posting here and reading other people's posts. It works wonders.

01-04-2007, 08:34 PM
My turn! :) My name is Melissa. I’m originally from Tennessee, but I’ve lived the majority of my life in Georgia. I have no husband and no children. I don’t even have a dog – but that’s because I live so far out that it wouldn’t be fair to have one. But I do have an ugly cockatiel that is as neurotic as I am. I’ve been overweight my whole life (except 1978-1979 - what a wonderful year it was!!). In my 20’s I was a chunky 150-160 lbs but in my 30’s I jumped up into the low 200’s. And then came my 40’s which saw me hitting 300+. I turned 49 in November so I’m on the clock now to try to get to my healthiest before next November. Fit by 50!!!

I’m a recent returnee to 3FC’s so at times I still feel like a newbie. I originally joined back in 2003. At that time I had joined WW’s at 319 lbs. I managed to lose about 120 lbs in 14 months when I had to have my gallbladder removed. It shouldn’t have been a problem, but there was a little bit of a complication with some stones hiding, which resulted in additional surgery to capture the little critters. As a result, I gained about 30 lbs from fluid retention. And of course I let that be my excuse to give up. In the space of 8 months I gained back 100 lbs!! So I disappeared from the forum. A year ago I tried to give WW’s another shot –I started back at a whopping 336 lbs!!! But sadly they kicked me out when I started losing too fast … I was told that I’d have to get a doctor’s excuse to return. (I had never heard of them doing this until it happened to me, but since then I’ve run across a few others who experienced the same thing.) I went in search of a doctor who could tell me why I would be losing too fast (and by the way – even though I was losing at a faster rate than most, my average weight loss was still 1% of my weight). After several tests it was determined that I have a thyroid disease. So now I’m on medication that SLOWS my thyroid down which in turn slows down my metabolism. Grrr! When I decided to give weight loss another shot back in October I played around and I’ve found that as long as I keep under 1500 calories I can lose pretty good or at least maintain – anything above that and I’m facing a gain. My goal is to get down to Onederland (I don’t care if it’s 199.8 – I just want to be there!) by next October when my niece gets married. To do that I’m going to continue to exercise at least 1 hour a day and to keep within my 1200 – 1500 calorie range whenever possible.

As far as advise – there is always the standards that I try to follow every day: Exercise, eat fruits & veggies, write down every single thing that I put in my mouth – even sugar free chewing gum has calories!, and whenever possible I measure everything. But the most important thing in my book is that I have to be willing to fail but not give up. We’re all human so everyone is going to have a bad moment or two here and there. Accept that you failed that time and move on – don’t use it as an excuse to continue the bad moments.

01-04-2007, 09:15 PM
I just posted this the other day...but will repost it all. It was nice to read about everyone.

Hello all...

Just want to re-introduce myself. According to my avatar, I have been a member of 3 fat chicks since February 2003...about two months after my youngest son was born. But, I have been fighting the battle of the bulge for much longer than 4 years. I have been lurking on the boards for months, and it is time I reappear and start to participate again.

I am a 30 year old, married, SAHM of two boys ages 6 and 4. I am at my highest weight ever. The weight is really catching up with me...and it is imperative that I change my ways.

One of my girlfriends invited me to join a weight loss challenge that include a circle of people. It starts January 8th and it runs until July...and there is $$$$ involved. That is a huge motivator. I think it is the kick start that I need, even if it is a friendly challenge...hehehhehehehe

This website is a huge support for me...and has really worked for me in the past. It gives me the discipline that I need...and also knowing there are others like me.

I have had success with The South Beach Diet...it makes me feel good, and it is something that I can stick with. I also started to read "You on a diet". Like many others, I consider myself very well read on this particular subject, I just need to start using all of this knowlege and put the tools into practice.

Looking foward to the new year, new beginings and a renewed sense of spirit!

01-04-2007, 10:27 PM
Hi - My name is Kim and I'm a long-time lurker! I am 41 (42 in another month!!) and am married with two children, ages 13 & 9 and a 5 yo Rhodesian Ridgeback.

I first joined 3fatchicks and the 100+ forum back in 2002 when I was doing Atkins. I lost around 50 pounds, going from 296 to 254 and then fell off the wagon after 11 months on Atkins. I was in the process of trying to get back into regular exercise and South Beach, having gained back about 20 pounds, when I broke my leg quite badly. Fast forward a year, I was back up over 300 and walking (and huffing and puffing) with great difficulty. I came to the personal conclusion that I could diet for some period of time but I just couldn't keep it off. In December 2005 I had lap-band surgery and have lost almost 60 pounds to date and am so happy with the results. I now exercise regularly (twice a week with a trainer and my goal for this year is to add two more days of cardio to the two I already do) and can breath and move SO much better. My short-term goal is to get to 225 (which will bring my BMI under 40) and then of course Onderland!

I read the boards weekly, if not daily but don't post much :o

It's great to see so many familiar faces (and all the new people too).

01-05-2007, 12:00 PM
What an awesome thread! I love learning a bit more about the people we see on here all the time! Now it's my turn, here goes!

My name is Kelly, and I live in the great midwest. I'm a 39 year old (OMG when did that happen???) wife, mom of an almost 17 year old son and a 14 year old daughter. We have a fabulous chocolate lab that we call Pup. I'm a permanent sub for the school district here, which means I work every day, but move from building to building all the time.

I was a slightly chunky child, born of a love of reading and a mom who didn't like the local khory league sports so I wasn't allowed to participate. As a teen the weight literally fell off, without any effort on my part. I maintained a weight of 120-125 through high school college, again with no effort. Then I took the plunge and got married, and thought that I could eat the way my almost six foot tall hubby does. WRONG! After that, let's just say that life happened. All the normal things, kids, work, parents getting sick, etc. All of it took it's toll. I was an emotional eater, a boredom eater, and a snacker! I had never tried to diet before, just pretty much assumed that it wouldn't work, so I didn't even try.

Fast forward my life to August 8, 2006. That day my life changed!! I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I had no energy, and the thought of trying to keep up with my teenage kids just made me more tired! I had a real eye opening doctors appointment where I was forced to acknowledge the number on the scale: 246. I decided I wanted to be healthy, I wanted energy, I wanted to do normal things without being self conscious or embarrassed. I came home from the doctor and started searching the internet for info on Weight Watchers, as my doctor told me that would be a good place to start. She was right! The first site I checked out was 3FC, and I've never looked back! I joined ww at home and 3FC that day. Three weeks later I decided that there was surely info that I was missing, and I would go to a WW meeting, just one, to get the info and make sure I was doing things right. Again, I've never looked back! I managed to get as hooked on the meetings as I have this site, and have never missed. Monday will be my 5 month WW anniversary, and to date I'm down 54 pounds! I haven't looked or felt this good in so many years that I don't even remember it!

As of this past Saturday, I am half way through the weight loss portion of my journey. I still get excited every Saturday when I get on the scale, instead of dreading it the way I did in the past. Little goals along the way have worked well for me. Seeing that I needed to lose 106 pounds was so intimidating, but I knew I could lose 10 or 20, I would just have to do it more than once!

Unbelievably, I'm now looking forward somewhat! We have a place at Lake of the Ozarks, fun in the sun boating and all that (hense the name!). I know that this year, I'll be able to climb up that little ladder on the back of the boat without a struggle! We even went out this week and purchased two SeaDoo water torpedos....little hand held battery operated things that propel you through the water (very James Bond looking!) that I can't wait to try out! Last summer I would have stayed in the boat while the kids played with them, but not now!

I'll never be that 20 year old, 120 pound, size 5 bride that I was 20 years ago....but I am now comfortable in my own skin, and getting moreso every day. I also know that I couldn't have done it without 3FC! You guys are my guidance, my support, my sounding board and my Shell answer man! THANK YOU!!!!

01-05-2007, 04:32 PM
I'm mostly a lurker nowadays, although I do still post. I joined in June 2001. I've been on again and off again after getting PG and having the kids. I stuck around through this last PG and had high hopes of getting back to business. Wrote out my plan of action and everything and I just can't do it. I had no problems getting back to eating healthy and exercising after having William but I'm not sure what the problem is this time around. I'm still nursing. I get twinges of wanting to lose weight and I know that I'm getting closer than I have been in the last 4 months.
I keep running through all the excuses over and over. One of these days I hope to run out of them. (I don't want my breast milk supply to decrease, I don't want to exercise until after I've fed the baby so I don't leak, I want to make sure I'm eating enough—of course the junk food isn't the best either). As soon as I can get my mental game in order, I know I'll be ready to tackle this.
Now to the more personal stuff. :) I've been married to Jeff for 4 1/2 years. I have a 12YO stepson, Lilly is 4, William will be 3 next month and Nate is 4 months. We live in rural Oklahoma (lived in OK all my life). I've also had a weight problem my whole life. The last time I worked to lose weight, I got down to 250 (which was a huge milestone for me to reach) and I got lax on my eating habits and exercise and gained 12 pounds. Not a big deal, I told myself. Then I got PG. I miscarried at 8 weeks and allowed msyelf time to grieve and gained more weight. At the beginning of last year, I was ready to take on my weight problem and had lost about 10 pounds before finding out I was PG again. I did well for a couple of weeks, but then my all or nothing mentality kicked in (which means if I couldn't do the exercises I wanted to do then why bother doing any) plus I was terrified of losing the baby so I stopped exersing and eventually stopped eating very healthy.

01-05-2007, 08:46 PM
Wow, what inspiring threads!! My turn, my name is Shari and although I am not a newbie, I am new in this group, ( thanks Rockinrobin for pointing the way to me!!!). I have been overweight most of my life, ( ok, not really as a child but, my perspective was that I was extremely overweight). I had some real self esteem issues as a teenager, and the guys at my school picked up on that and fed off of it, ( some of the names I was called still are hurtful to this day, and I have been out of high school for 25 yrs!!) I at that point was 150 or there about... ( wow, to be that weight again...). Anyway, I stayed under the 200 mark for the first few years out of high school, then, changed careers, found my niche in life ( I work in surgery), found a terrific job, lost mucho weight, got fit and then low and behold, a man appeared in my life!! Well, man wasn't such a great thing, but, I did get a terrific little boy out of the deal and now he is 8, my weight has steadily increased over the past decade, and now, I am here to change it!!! I have been trying to increase my exercise, and this past week I have gotten outside and walked an hour for 3 days!! Yay!! I really love to walk, ( got into that habit last summer, and you are correct it IS addicting!!!) I also am an avid horseback rider ( in the nice months, not during winter...) and have been blessed with a small hobby farm ( the bank lets me think I own it...) where we have our small band of 10 horses, 2 dogs, and 2 cats. I live next to a state trail and have found walking on that to be interesting and challenging ( walking in winter is much more work than walking in summer~). My plan is to be thinner and more fit in time for my 25 yr class reunion this Aug. I NEED a place to post so that I can feel accountability to someone other then me or my son, ( he loves me no matter what I look like). And it is so encouraging to have someone else praise you for even your small accomplishments, knowing how hard each success is worked for ( at least that is how it feels to me). I hope this is a place I can fit in at, and have the support I have seen here on 3FC in many places. Anyway, just got done with my walk for today and I feel terrific!!!!! Can't wait to get walking tomorrow!!! Thanks folks!!!

Goddess Jessica
01-05-2007, 09:51 PM
Hi there!

I'll keep it short and sweet. I live in Southern California but I'm from Cincinnati, Ohio. I have a Cute Boyfriend (CB) and two siberian husky rescued dogs. I've been at 3FC for forever. I love it. I'm an athletic fat chick with a ton of confidence. I'm the one who is going to tell you to take exotic dancing classes or to try skinny-dipping again. My highest weight was 298. My lowest (in recent memory) was 240. I'm back up in the 280 range and I competed in my first triathlon (http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/showthread.php?t=95085) in 2006 at 276 pounds.

My advice (which you will hear me say over and over again) is to not hate yourself during this jouney. Read this again: You are not going to get thin by hating yourself. It doesn't matter if you screw up and eat an entire wedding cake while the bride and groom are doing the toast, you WON'T burn extra calories by hating yourself. Do you hear me? Ok.

01-05-2007, 10:38 PM
Hi! Iím Tammy, 40 years old, married, mom to a 12 and 14 year old. I work as a technology coordinator in the lovely state of Mississippi. I was overweight as child and teen, not by a lot, about 20 lbs or so. I joined weight watchers over the summer of my freshman year of college. I lost about 15 lbs but put it and another 20 lbs back on at college. After I got married in my early 20s, I started gaining weight again, as I thought I could eat like my husband. During that point, I got up to approximately 230 lbs. I joined Weight Watchers a second time. I lost about 30 lbs, until I found out I was pregnant with my first child. From that point on, I steadily gained and gained weight, only making one other attempt to lose weight in 2000 for a couple of months.

For the last 8 Ė 9 years, I didnít know what I weighed. My scale only went to 300 lbs, so it didnít register my weight. I kept telling myself that I probably only weighed a pound or two over 300 lbs, when I thought about it at all. In 2005, my sister decided to have gastric bypass surgery. She tried to talk me into doing it also. I considered it since I knew that I also needed to lose weight. However, I knew that I hadnít honestly tried to lose weight on my own.

A few months after her surgery, in August of 2005, I became really sick, and had to go to the doctor. That was my first doctorís visit in more than 10 years. They weighed me and I was shocked to see that I weighed 346. My blood pressure was up very high that day. It really scared me and after I got in the car and cried, I decided that I had to change something right away. For the next few weeks, I waffled around and tried to decide what plan I would do. Finally, I decided that I would do Somersizing (Suzanne Somers plan) as I had done it in 2000, and I knew that it was something I would enjoy. I didnít tell anybody except my husband at first, because I didnít want anyone to know in case I failed. I was determined that I had to lose weight, and I gave myself 3 months on the somersize plan. I decided that if I wasnít losing weight by the end of 3 months, I would change to another plan.

Well, it did work! Which shocked me, as I truly thought that I couldnít control my weight. I thought I would be obese for the rest of my life! Iíve been losing weight pretty regularly since then. By November of 2005, I had decided that I was ready to start exercising some, and I happened to see a Walk Away the Pounds DVD. I thought that sounded like something even I could do, so I brought it home and tried it and was hooked. I continued somersizing on level one for about 6 months, then I decided that there were some things I wanted to add back to my diet, so I moved to level two, and decided to count calories (level two is usually used for maintaining) in addition. Thatís what Iím still doing.

My advice:

Take it slowly. Donít try to start everything all at once. Once you feel like you have control on one thing, move on to the next thing.

Donít try to do something that you canít live with for the rest of your life. Because if you want to keep the weight off, you will have to do it the rest of your life.

Eat more whole, unprocessed foods. Stay away from high fructose corn syrup. It is evil and makes us crave more and more foods. Learn to cook your own healthy foods.

Buy a food scale and learn serving sizes.

Know that you will occasionally eat things that arenít on plan. When that happens, itís okay! Hopefully you will have enjoyed it and you can move on. Donít agonize over it and donít let it lead to more and more off plan meals.

Drink your water. Some of what we think is hunger is actually thirst. Donít use your calories on drink.

Good luck! I found 3FC about a year ago and it is wonderful support.

01-06-2007, 10:52 AM
Hi all. I have been here at 3fc for 3 1/2 years now. Wow time sure flys. To all you new folks, stick with it. It's well worth the effort.

I have always been overweight and my highest weight was 490. I dieted back in the early 90s with a pretty good success at losing 190 lbs. I then got married and put a few pounds back on and then fell at work and broke my back which gave be a great excuse to gain most of it back.

So fast forward to 2003 and weighing in at 421 with a bad back. I could hardly make it to the rest room at work without being out of breath and breaking into a sweat. I declared it's time to do something and in doing that found this site. This place has been a wonderful source of information and support for me.

So with many ups and downs over the last 3 years I have managed to lose 176 lbs. Last December I made it to 245 which is half the man I used to be. A total loss of 245 lbs. I also realized that a lot of the reason I felt so lousy and out of breath was not just my weight but the curve in my back getting worse from my accident. So last January I had corrective surgery on my back. They put in rods and straightened me up. I gained 2 inches in height. I with the back surgery and weight loss combined I feel so much better. I did gain 30 lbs back over the past year but I've already got a good start at getting that back off. It's a constant struggle but well worth the effort.

I love my life the way it is right now. God has truly blessed me. I am able to walk to work now I can buy clothes in a normal store and I just feel so much better. A big part of getting to where I am is this site. I don't always spend the time on here that I used too but I'm still popping in and reading and posting from time to time.

So to all those who are just starting out. Stick to it and come here often for support. You can do this. It just takes time and determination.

01-07-2007, 12:04 AM
Great idea. I have been a member for about a year and a half. I was pretty regular in the summer of 2005, fell off and have been mostly lurking the last couple of months. I have been a variety of shapes and sizes over my almost 41 years. Some of them pretty great! ;) At 25 I entered into a bad marriage and gained 80 lbs in 1 year. 3 years after that and about another 25 or so pounds the marriage ended. I surfaced and 90 pounds fell off (not really, but I looked after myself for the first time in years. Ran, lifted weights, danced, and thought about things other than filling the void with food). Then I met my DH, had 2 beautiful babies 14 months apart and gained about 100 lbs due in some part to postpartum depression. In 2003 I became pregnant again but had gestational diabetes this time. I was actually 15 lbs lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight when she was born. The health of my unborn baby was a powerful motivator. For some reason though I didn't sustain the healthy lifestyle changes. I have gained and lost the same 10-15 lbs for months now. I am now my heaviest ever - 281. :o I just had a check up and have an appt for blood work in Feb. I'm worried that I've developed diabetes (weight and GD = RISK).

I'm not sure what happens next. The "YOU" approach makes sense to me. My motivation fluctuates daily. I start each day with the best of intentions, a plan in place, and .... :( I realize I need to put myself first again like I did 11 years ago. If I don't, my kids may not have me at all so a little selfishness in the short term for a long term healthy mom makes sense to my head, just not my heart. I'm also a senior manager for Public Health so my head intellectually knows what to do. I just can't get the rest of me to follow suit. My best advice? Love yourself, no matter what your size, shape, or whether or not you were "on program". Have a great year everyone.:hug:

01-09-2007, 03:10 PM
Hey, great idea...although, I see many oldies are missing! :lol:

I'm going to try and keep this short-ish ;) Edited at the end of writing this to add: YEAH, RIIIIGHT!

My name is Linda, and I have been a member here since April 2005.

I just turned 29, and am a SAHM to Liam (9) and Talia (5). I have been married to Rudy for 10.5 years and with him for 12...since I was 16 years old!!!! It has not been easy, by any stretch of the inmgination....but nobody ever said it would be easy, did they? :lol:

In October 2003, my husband informed me that he was not sexually attracted to me (and was using the computer to replace me in that department).
I immediately lost 40 pounds for all the wrong reasons.

Gained all of it back over the next couple of years.

Fast forward through all kinds of therapy, self discovery and marital problems.
I have set many boundaries in my marriage that I will not have crossed. There is no longer things going on in my home that break my heart and make me feel worthless. There was a point when Rudes said he was leaving, but well...he never left! Through therapy..I realized that I could be loved and happy without him..and somehow, I think that triggered in him, the knowledge that he really did want me...don't ask me how...he's not a great communicator.

We are now in a place of comfort (I feel). By no means perfect, but we have the basic foundation of true love. Sometimes if you have the roots...the tree can appear dead, but flourish again, with care and attention.

In April 2005, I had an epiphany, and this time it was ALL about ME...which is the right way to think about it ;) I lost the 40 pounds again. I felt wonderful and happy, sexy and proud!!!

In January of last year...we had a huge windstorm. My children were having their usual weekly sleepover at my Mom's house. In the middle of the night a huge tree fell on the house, destroying my childhood home...and turning all of our lives upside down. I THANK GOD EVERY DAY THAT MY MOM AND CHILDREN WERE NOT HURT. And at that point , my life needed to revolve around my Mom and getting her comfortable again. I went into full blown fundraiser mode because although my Mom had insurance, it would not cover full replacement..and there was no way we were going to lose the property we had all grown up on (My siblings and I, and our own children in a way).
So I, along with my husband and sister got to planning a benefit concert for her. It turned out wonderfully, and in the end we raised $11,000 toward the new house. Things are finally settled (mostly) My Mom has a brand new home which we just celebrated the very first Christmas in :) And life can begin to return to normal.

Unfortunately, during this year of focusing solely on other things, I am now at my highest weight ever...I've gained back the 40 I lost plus 8-10 more. I'm completely torn over the whole thing. I'm proud of what I did for my Mom....and utterly ashamed that I've done this to myself AGAIN.

I will be thirty next December 30th. I'd like 2007 to be the year about ME. I'd like to reclaim my life and my health...but on the other hand I am terrified of failing yet again.

I deeply hope to overcome that...very soon.

Welcome newbies...this is a place where, if you want it...you will find true friends, not just cyber-acquaintances!!! I truly love the friends I have here. It is the best place for support on earth.


01-22-2007, 07:40 AM
I have to say even though I have been around for over a year as a poster and lurker I never knew some of the things about you regulars you posted here. I found it inspriational and once realized what a terrific group of women and men you all are!!

Ok so here is my story....I am Darlene and I grew up with an Italian American Father who knew a lot of poverty in his youth and swore his family would never go hungry. He did the job let me tell you...my Mom was and still is an awesome cook and cooked mounds and vats of food for us instead of those palm sized portions you hear about from the FDA and whoever else. I still to this day have the "clean your plate syndrome". I also like the big portion but after living overseas for several years now I see how much bigger our portions are!

As for living overseas as you can tell from my Avatar I live in Seoul, South Korea. I work here as a teacher and truly enjoy my life and network of friends I have made here. I have had many opportunities for travel and am definitely living the life I was meant to live. (My 40's ROCK!)

I have a skinny boyfriend who eats like a bird. Almost one year ago he made the mistake of telling me he was embarassed to be seen with me outside the house and obviously as you folks here can see it still bothers me some. He has never made any comments since then when he realized it might actually be over. He was scared to death. I think he figured what he was said would not be a deal breaker but it almost was. Now he tries to encourage me but like most skinnies he has no clue what it is like to be chubby. He loves me very much and I positive of it.:hug:

My weight?? Well I have been heavy for almost all my life with a skinny family. No one else except my21 year old nephew has a weight problem in my family except my German grandmother who was definitely a robust gal. I was skinny until the age of 7 and then I am not sure what happened. I lost a lot of self esteem in my childhood and have just gained it back in the past 5 years. In child just gained and gained weight. I did however experience moments of a thinner self....senior year in high school, my 23rd year and 28-29....after that my weight has been hovering around 230 to 260..... I saw the 230 mark because I was on the scary phen-fen plan for three weeks and thought I was going to keel over. My weight went up over 255 when I partially tore my achilles and had to be side lined from any activity for a long time.

I have not had a whole lot of success in the past year and get discouraged quite often but I think it makes me realize that I need a totally different approach to dieting and fitness. I have made some progress in some areas. I am going with the baby steps approach and am working on my calories intake. I am reading "You on a Diet" and have made some recent steps towards a healthier me.

Recent accomplishments:
:D I have cured my scale addiction by not replacing the battery in my scale so I can't weigh everyday and actually don'tmiss it.
:D I have stopped caffiene by going through a scary withdrawal period of two days.
:D I have also started walking and using the subway to get to places in the city rather than hopping a cab outside my house.
:carrot: I have started a 1600 calorie plan of just counting calories. I have made it through a whole day which for me is a MAJOR TASK!!!

That's about it. Advice for new people....stick with the folks here! They will bring you up when you need it, support you and encourgage you. 3FC is awesome!

01-22-2007, 10:28 AM
Hi Everyone;

This is a bit long, but that's me . . .

This is such a great idea; I am actually glad as I need to get a couple things off my chest. I feel guilty coming here sometimes. I donít need to lose over 100 lbs, but I am over 40 and that is what I saw when I started posting. . . . Guess I should have lurked a bit longer.

Iím 47, (that numbers still doesnít seem real), I have never been on a diet nor have I struggled with my weight (this one of the reasons I feel guilty). I graduated from high school at 5í2Ē and about 105 lbs. I grew three more inches in the next two years, I know not normal, but Iíve found I am anything but ďnormalĒ which is fine with me. When I delivered my son I was 139 lbs. and wore my blue jeans home from the hospital. I have always eaten whatever I wanted but I was always exercising, riding bikes, aerobics classes, running . . . Something and I think that is why I was able to maintain, and I ate whatever I wanted. When I was 29 I became a firefighter, the first female firefighter in the department (thatís another story) I weighed about 130 lbs, at 5í5Ē. Then one night we were on a call and the fire truck rolled over my leg and pinned me under the truck, chains and all (there was 7-8Ē of new snow)(this is another story also). Needless to say this was a major pivotal point in my life. I was ďgroundedĒ couldnít exercise, nothing . . . Drove me nuts. I then proceeded to gain 60 lbs in 6 months, then the worst thing happened. The doctor said I couldnít return as a firefighter . . . For the next 7-8 years Iíve been trying to get my life together figuring out what I want to be when I grow up . . . Until now my idea of a diet was to cut out a few sodas and pizza, maybe exercise a bit more (sorry) but thatís what it was.

Most recently (3 Ĺ years ago) I became a restaurant manager (can you say soup, salad and breadsticks. I really love my job, but did not like the company I was working for. Now donít get me wrong, theyíre a good company, but I needed something . . . Less restrictive. I think I will be starting my new job on Monday . . . They have a restaurant with a set menu, but they also do weddings, catering etc. You can develop your own menu it you want . . . So exciting.

OK, Iím rambling and off the subject; In Dec I realized I looked ďfatĒ I had never thought of myself as ďfatĒ I still saw the fit firefighter in the mirror, ohhhhhhhhh what an eye opener. I didnít know what to do . . . Iíd never been on a diet and had no idea which direction to go. Then I found all of you and although I may not be posting in the correct place, I think you all are an inspiration to me EVERYDAY and I want to THANK YOU, one and all.

I think things happen for a reason and people come in and out of your lives for a reason. Fate, I guess. All I know is that I am so glad you all have come into my life and made me feel so welcome. Subconsciously I guess I've been waiting for someone to tell me to go somewhere else because I don't have 100 lbs to lose.

All I know is I am hoping that in time my body and my mind will remember how I did things for so many years and just submit to that . . .

either way I am so glad you all are here to keep me on track

01-24-2007, 01:57 AM
Hi I have been meaning to post on this thread for awhile but haven’t done it.

I am 23 and my life changed when I went to the doctor for PCOS and stepped on the scale and weight 300 pounds. What a shocker!? How did I get that big!? Well after 5 years of living in college dorms and having 1 or 2 hour dinners sitting and talking with friends (and of course eating). And of course the tall latte’s with shots of flavor and full fat milk didn’t help either. Oh yeah lets not forget about drinking I’m sure that packed on a few pounds. Oh wait lets not forget the fact that I drank 5-10 cokes everyday and next to no water.

So that is the first step to weight loss figure out what you were doing wrong. I cut out coke, and sugar, and those lattes I at least started to get them with skim milk instead of whole. I started making better food choices, skipping desert, and eating less. Well that help me loose a lot of my weight. Then in August after lurking around here for months I decided to join and now I’m on 3fc everyday.

I am still in school. (I already have 2 BA now I’m working on my law degree). I’m finally out of the dorms, living on my own, and cooking all of my own meals. I have become very strict calorie counter. If it goes in my mouth it goes on my fitday. I very rarely go out to eat now because you don’t know what you are getting.

I had my gallbladder removed two months ago (not a pleasant experience at all). As a result I have had to start really watching my fat intake. That has also helped my weight loss.

Of everything I have done I think 3fc is the most helpful. Everyone here is wonderful. I have learned a lot about weight loss. It keeps me on track. I can find advice about anything and most of all I know that I am not in this alone.

Oh just a random fact my username is a reference to my favorite song.

01-24-2007, 09:24 AM
This is the most inspirational set of personals I've ever read, lol! I've been lurking for a while, so I will introduce myself.

I'm Dee, short for Danita, and I'm a 29 year old mostly stay at home mom to 3 wonderful munchkins and a crazy dog. My kids are 3, 5, and 7, and my yellow Lab is 1.5. I found 3fc when I hit my high weight of around 285. I stayed on track for a while, then lost my gym partner to a falling out, and hit a plateau at 250. I've since been up and down, but always staying within 10lbs of that, but this year I've decided that the weight has to go before I turn 30, as that is when most of the people in my family started showing ill effects from the weight as they aged. Right now, I'm about the healthiest fatty around, with great blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, etc... I'm flexible and most people don't know how I can weigh as much as I do with all the kid chasing I do. But I LOVE to eat. I started 3 weeks ago to try running, and I am slowly but surely working up to being able to run without taking walk breaks, and am running my first 5k next month. So far, the weight is not really going down, but I know it will have to as I increase my activity and watch what I eat, so I'm good. I have also finally given up the soda, and started eating mostly healthy, and actually having only one serving if I have something naughty. Good luck to everyone new, and thanks so much to the "oldbies" for all your help and inspiration. THIS PLACE ROCKS!!!!!

Mrs Quadcrew
01-24-2007, 10:33 AM
Wow - living in Key West - what a cool place to call home!! (I can't wait to visit there again!)

I figured I would jump in here too. I am a 46 year old mother of 3 girls (31, 26, and 18) Grandma to Ian (7). I've been married 30 years to my school sweetheart. We used to raise English Bulldogs, but now have a rescue Pit mix who is without a doubt the best dog we've ever owned! (Hope) and also a 22 pound cat (Sig). I ended up at my all time highest of 270 pounds.

I never had any weight issues growing up, I steadily put on thr pounds over the years. We had a couple very traumatic years in 1990 - 91 (we lost 2 sons in 2 years) and the weight just STACKED on since then. I was always a SAHM who was always in the kitchen. I now teach cake decorating! I am an avid ATV rider (that is me in my avitar) and my hubby and I enjoy traveling. My weight is now getting in the way of my life. We went to Glacier Nat'l Park last year, and I couldn't ride the horses because I weighed too much. Flying in an airplane? Forget it. Too uncomfortable for me.

I have always been the caretaker for everyone else, and I have made the decision that I need to take care of ME now. This is the first time in 46 years that I have done that - and I have to say, it is empowering! I am looking forward to this journey - and I appreciate having all of you here as a support system. You are all an inspiration to me.

01-24-2007, 02:04 PM
Mrs. Quadcrew,

Thank you for sharing your story. You're one of the ones I always look for on the threads and its nice to get to know you better. One of our plans is to travel also. This is why we don't use credit cards, drive older paid-off vehicles and still live in our "starter" home. :D Where all have you and hubby visited?

I We went to Glacier Nat'l Park last year, and I couldn't ride the horses because I weighed too much.

On one of our recent trips to Disneyworld (Yes, we are there a lot! Its only 45 mins away!) we camped at Fort Wilderness. There was horseback riding, but the limit was 250lbs. My hubby and I couldnt go. It was sad. We'd like to go camping there again next year. This time, we can ride!

01-24-2007, 03:14 PM
Hi All!!

Wow.. I've been here since April of 2001 and I've gained about 30 lbs... LOL.. wow, that diet didnt' work.. hehe.

It's great to read about us oldies...
We've been together through weddings, babies, graduations, boyfriends.. etc. How cool!! I feel like I know some of you really well. I think that if I ever met you in person I could never call you by your real name. :lol:

I have struggled and been in denil for a loooooong time. During that time I had another baby. The support I received here during that pregnancy was... well I couldn't of asked for more. It was minding blowing. Don't ever leave this board if you get pregnant. You guys never gave me an excuse to big out. My son, Elijah, will be 2 soon - can you believe it? He turns 2 on Feb 8th. For a while on this board, the water was very dangerous to drink, if some of you recall, :lol:

As of today.. I'm on plan.. and right now that's good enough. I'm using fitday.com (see link on the side)
Feel free to also read my blog to my son. (link below)

I'm a stay at home mom to my 2 kids.. Sara and Elijah. I homeschool Sara - she is in grade 1 :) It can be a challenge.. especially with an almost 2 year old.

My dh is Jim.. we've been married for amost 8 years. We met online back in late 97 / early 98. I'm from Canada - but moved state side after we met.

I love to bake - even when I'm dieting.. I just bring the whole pan to church. I hate to clean. I love to shop and scrapbook!!

Welcome :wave: to all!!


Mrs Quadcrew
01-25-2007, 10:28 AM
Rhonda - I will try to see if I can remember all the places we have been! We haven't been out of the U.S. that much - only to Canada. (New Brunswick, Northern Ontario (we rode our ATV's up there), Alberta, and British Columbia. Here in the U.S. We have been to Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Mass., Maine, New Jersey, New Hampshire, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida (multiple times inlcuding the Keys and the Dry Tortugas) Indiana, Illinois, Michigan (including all of the U.P. and Mackinac Island, and Drummond Island) Wisconson, Missouri, Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Colorado, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington state (3 X there), Texas, Oklahoma.

We have tried to visit the National Parks in each of the states we visit. Our favorite places to go are Washington State - Mt. Rainer (we stay at the Paradise Inn up there) and Cape Flattery (the most north wester point of the U.S. - looks out over the Pacific ocean and is breathtaking) Montana (Glacier national park and all the wide open spaces out there!) and then Florida (I Love the ocean - we go to Panama City Beach and stay at the same Mom & pop motel every time we go there) We want to go to the Keys again too.

We drive most of the places we have been (we did fly to Washington though) We want to do a road trip to Alaska in the next couple of years....and the southern route out west too. This August we are going back to Utah and taking our ATV's - we're going to ride to Bryce Canyon on them!

I am looking forward to loosing this weight so I can hike and enjoy myself again! We love to travel around, and I know I will love it even more without this extra poundage I am lugging around!!

We are like you - we have been in the same house for 26 years and that is one of the reasons we have been able to afford to travel. I like my little old house - I have no reason to keep up with the Joneses! they can have their big fancy house, I like being able to travel and have fun and not go broke!;)

01-25-2007, 02:30 PM
Hi There,

this is a great thread!
My name is Tracy, I am 37 married no children. In 2004 I got married, finished a degree and opened my own business. In the time before the wedding I managed to take off 45 lbs using atkins, rather painlessly, so when I put it all back on and couldn't seem to commit, I was confused by my own lack of commitment. (I finally realized last week that the goal I had set up for myself back then was to only do the program until the wedding...DUH)

The past 2 years has been spent nurturing the business, and barely staying afloat in the other areas of my life. Time for "me" was hard to get and food was the quickest way to get pleasure. In the past few months I've been doing the mental, and emotional ground work to get ready to do this for good.
I had someone point out that most of my life has been trauma and the weight has been there since I was very young. Dieting, and harping on the fat started when I was eight, and thinking about it and hating myself for it has been the biggest part of who I am that I can remember.

I lost my dad in November and this made me finally look at the held onto pain of losing my 2 month old daughter 10 years ago. These events amongst others like them are only important here in that there is a layer of fat for each event and I'm sooooooo ready to peel them off!

oh yeah, I am a VERY long time lurker and timid poster. But love coming here and am working at jumping in more.

thanks for listening!

Lori Bellie
01-25-2007, 02:47 PM
Where do you get the "tickers" that are showing on the bottom of your posts? I would love to have one to show my progress, just as soon as I have some!!

Mrs Quadcrew
01-25-2007, 02:52 PM
Tracy - There is nothing more traumatic than the loss of a child. I am sorry to hear that you lost your daughter. I think a lot of us that have survived the death of a child just go on automatic pilot for a while afterwards - it's the only way to get through it. I hope you have been able to grieve for not only your baby girl, but for your Dad also.

I have come to the conclusion that that pain never goes away, it is always tucked into a corner of our hearts - but WE get stronger so the pain seems to dissipate. Hugs to you.:hug:

This place is a wonderful place to get rid of a lot of baggage - and to be inspired, that is for sure!

01-25-2007, 03:16 PM
Thanks Mrs. Quad. hugs to you too:hug:
My heart ached when I read your story, and the strength you must have could hold up the world.
This is a great place to come to remember that you're not the center of the universe and that difficult things happen to lots of people, it dissipates self pity pretty damn quick!
you people are awesome!

01-25-2007, 04:36 PM
Where do you get the "tickers" that are showing on the bottom of your posts? I would love to have one to show my progress, just as soon as I have some!!

Hi Lori Bellie,

On the main page of the 3 Fat Chicks On a Diet Weight Loss Community, there is a thread in Announcements called Frequently Asked Questions. This thread will pretty much give you all the information you need to get set up.

Looking forward to getting to know you.

01-25-2007, 09:29 PM
Sorry in advance its kinda long.:dizzy:

I am 33 and split my life between NYC (family), NJ(where I live, and Philadelphia where my boyfriend lives. No kids. Maybe one day. I do computer work (DBA, web design, etc...) for a living and also have a side gig throwing events. I joined 3fc in March of 2006 after lurking for about a month. I tend to hang out in 100+, 300lbs, and the Intuitive Eating Thread (they are my peoples, LOL)

I was thinking about this for a while. My relationship with food has always been a little weird. I was fine as a kid till about 5 or 6 when my mother married my step mother. I would throw up. In pictures I looked like a skeleton.

I moved to California when I was 7 and lived with my mother. It was just me and my mother and I never really had friends. I was always happier with a book or TV and so I ate.

When I was 14 I moved to NY and my stepmother and father put me on a "diet". It really just involved trying to keep me away from junk. I was about a size 14 when I was a junior in high school. I remember having to be weighed in front of everyone and been embarrassed that I was 180 something I would love to be now. I was always active which I think helped keep some of the weight at bay. I was on the drill team in junior high school (mostly to get me out of regular gym) and on the swim team in high school.

College is where everything caught up with me. Knowing what I have learned here and looking back I realize my eating habits were horrible, but I was burning enough that I maintained. When I got to college I stopped being as active. After college I was about a size 20-22.

I didn't weigh myself again for about 5 or so years. I am guessing because after the embarrassment in high school I avoided all scales.

I was in my early 20s and at a Dr appt. and figured I would look this time. I was 320 lbs. I cried, starved myself for a week and then that was it.

During this time I was working a lot and with no one at home I didn't shop. I ate out just about all the time. On the rare occasions I cooked it was pasta with a lot of meat and sauce. Then any left overs I would eat. No clue about portion control

I did try Atkins, but just couldn't give up certain things and no other diet stuck with me.

Ok, so from then till 2004 I avoided the scales. Once again back at the Dr. and looked again. I was 352.
Here is where things start to click into place. There was never any one big day where I just said here is the place. A lot of little things worked for me..alot of little clicks.

I may have lost at some point but if so it wasn't for long and I was living in denial so never got on the scale.

The fact that I was more than half way to 400lbs got to me. I go to a lot of bbw parties so I have friends who were that or more. That was the first so called click.

In Feb of 2006 My boyfriend said he wanted chase me around for the next 50 years. On the road I was going I just couldn't see it...Click.

I joined 3fc Click.
I joined a couple of different challenge but nothing really stuck and I was going to try and give Atkins another try. I was on and off 3fc because I was in the process of buying a condo.

In Aug of 2006 I was in my kitchen having a hunger headache, said enough I was just going to eat better, not limit anything and go from there. I think the next day I found the intuitive eating thread. CLICK.

I decided if I didn't have to eat on a specific plan why couldn't I follow my own exercise plan. CLICK.

I think between Aug 2006 and Jan 2007 I lost 1lb. I was little sad but it was the first time I got on the scale and it was lower than before. I was finally doing something right. CLICK CLICK CLICK, LOL

I'm 11lbs down since Jan 1 and couldn't thank you all enough for inspiring me.
Things I've learned...
-Find what works for you. Everyone is different.

- Make it a lifestyle. Put yourself first. My boyfriend feels guilty when he calls and knows I am working out LOL because I sound so annoyed.

-Educate. I was eating 500 calorie muffins. I became acquainted with fitday and calorie king, now I can tell you the calorie value of everything i put in my mouth. especially riblets, LOL

-Don't beat yourself if you fall off the wagon. I would stop posting on 3fc when I thought i was doing badly, but I realized no one here was going to "yell at me" they just put out a hand to help me back on the wagon.

-If you do stumble, think of it a learning lesson to get to know yourself better. Think about why you stumbled how next time maybe you can step over that particular Block.

-Find a support system that works for you. Post or Lurk on here. I cannot even conceive of being this far along without 3fc. My boyfriend muscular and eats everything. My family is all big and not supportive.

Ok, off the soapbox.