Exercise! - Question about club machine programs

01-02-2007, 02:35 AM
Hi all - I've been enjoying a new career as a runner, but recently started to add in some cross-training at the health club, primarily on the stationary bikes. There are various options for setting intensity and level of effort, e.g., cardio, hill profiles, random, etc. I have been using the "hill" profile program since my goal is to get a cardio workout similar to running, but also to build a little on the muscles that don't get worked on when running. I'm assuming that the "flat" pattern of the cardio program would exercise your lungs, but would not do as much in terms of building muscles. But, I confess I am no fitness expert. I'm curious as to which "program" selections you all make, and what your rationale is for selecting them.

Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts/words of wisdom.

p.s. I do weight lifting a few times a week as a separate effort.