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10-08-2001, 05:35 PM
If you have 50 or so pounds to lose, jump on in and join us! You'll be sure to get a warm welcome!

10-08-2001, 05:52 PM
Hi everyone! I hope it's been a good Monday so far. It's quite nippy here- went down to the mid 30's last night and there was actually some frost on my car window this morning. I hate to see winter weather approaching- I'm not fond of being cold!!
Joyce, how's dh's toothache doing? Has he been to the dentist about it yet? I laughed at your description of boiled peanuts as being "interesting"!1 You were much more subtle than I! Although I must admit that Janet had a definite point- I probably shouldn't have purchased them in a little small town gas station!
Texaslady, I was so glad to hear from you!!! I sure hope you can get some rest between now and October 27th- you'll be too exhausted to enjoy the wedding you've worked so hard on!! You shoes sound perfect- and comfortable, which is the main thing! We were lucky with rsvp's when dd got married- there were only 2 who did not respond, and one of those we really didn't expect to attend anyhow. We weren't paying anywhere near $80 a head then, but it was still an appreciable amount- I don't think people realize that you have to give a final count by a certain time and you just can't have a bunch of unexpected walk ins! Please wish your mom a belated Happy Birthday for me.
Linda, it sounds like you had a wonderful, relaxing retreat. That fireplace sounds wonderful!!!

Tomorrow I'm taking the day off to visit a friend who lives several hours from me. Her birthday was last week, so I'll take her to lunch. We talk frequently on the phone, but we get to see each other all too seldom, so I'm really looking forward to it. It will also be nice just to have a day off to myself in the middle of the week!
Well, I've got to run. Hi to all, and have a good evening.

10-08-2001, 10:49 PM
Hi girls! I have had a very busy day but feel like I have accomplished much. I didn't have to work today - Columbus Day is a federal court holiday so we didn't have to go in either! :lol: I got some pictures to the videographer (he's doing a montage of childhood pics of dd & future sil for the video); got my Mom to the seamtress to have her gown altered, dropped by SAS and got a new pair of loafers; found a movie soundtrack of the "old" Dr. Dolittle movie on Amazon.com - the kids want the "Talk to the Animals" song for one portion of the video montage; spoke with the limo people & booked limo for the bachelor party this week-end and ordered some stuff from the Penny's catalog! Plus I met four of the ladies I used to work with for dinner. We had such a good time - I hadn't seen them since I left my last job. We caught up on all the gossip. Wonderful!!! I really miss seeing them everyday.

Linda - glad your visit went so well with your sister. Don't I remember your telling us that things aren't always so good between the two of you? or maybe that was another sister? Anyway, sounds like a wonderful sharing time.

Carol - Enjoy your time with your friend. We get so busy with our lives that we don't always make time for visiting with those we care about. Tonight proved that for me. We have decided to get together every couple months after work for dinner. I'm glad. How are you feeling? Hope the aches & pains are getting a bit more manageable.

Joyce - Thanks for the welcome back. Did you guys stay in New Orleans the whole time you were on vacation or did you venture forth elsewhere? You may have said, but I had so much to catch up on I probably missed it.

Gotta go. That wine I had with dinner is making me sleepy & I think I will call it an early night. Everyone have a good Tuesday - it will be back to work for me - but hey, now it will be a short week!

Linda Jean
10-09-2001, 12:27 AM
Texaslady, so good to hear from you again so soon! I'm glad that you had such a nice dinnertime with your friends, and that you are planning to get together regularly. Old friends are very dear. Gee, it sounds as though today were one of your "busy-est" You really managed to accomplish a lot, good for you! Oh, and the sweet sister with whom I went to the retreat this past weekend was the one I am very close to. It is my older sister who is, well, not really "of this planet," and doesn't get along with very many people in the world, least of all, me! That was thoughtful of you to have asked the question. :)

Tomorrow dh and I are taking the "55 Alive" classroom driving class...I finally reached the age where I am eligible for it. After two days of four hours' worth of classtime (at the local community center here in town) we each get a certificate to mail to our insurance company which will lower our rates somewhat. Hooray! Every dollar saved counts!

10-09-2001, 12:53 PM
Hey ladies, remember me? :?:

I have been around, just not posting. So I am back!

Okay, let me just tell you that I have not been having the best two months of my weight loss journey. Up and down, down and up went my weight. I am at the lowest I have been for a long time, but I still am not at that place I used to be. Where weight loss was what I was working on all the time, I need that back. So I am hoping that I can count on you guys to give me a gentle kick in that direction. :) And in turn, if you ever need it from me, I will be here.

I have so far lost over 50 pounds and have about that to go. I am giving myself a Christmas challenge and hope to be 20 pounds lighter by then. If I can just find my groove...

Well ladies, I just wanted to say Hi and I will see you all later.

Xstichingal :cool:

10-09-2001, 01:15 PM
Welcome back xstich! Congrats on those 50 #s!!
I wish I could say the same for myself.

I AM back OP! and the water gain is gone! WHEW!! HATE THAT!!

Yesterday was a busy/fun day, with 2 ceramic/glass classes. :) creating..creating...just having fun!!
I was thrilled when I got to the P.O. to mail a stack of packages, to see that there were only 2 cars inthe parking lot....until I quickly realized that it was a holiday!:rolleyes: It was closed!
so that is at the top of my list today...guess I'll wait til I take dgd to the doc for her sports physical, then she can help carry the things.. I have bday boxes to mail to dgd and d-i-l.
and some of my little flags to special friends. :)

My brother in law has asked me to come over this afternoon to 'help' him with some computer stuff. I think he is giving me more credit than I am due, but we will see. Wish me knowledge!!
s-i-l is fixing diner for dh and myself in return..she is a WWer too, so I am safe!

Linda, looking forward to seeing you on Thursday! I miss you!

Happy Tuesday to all!

Linda Jean
10-10-2001, 03:05 AM
Welcome back, xstitchingal! Good to hear from you again. Congrats on that 50# loss -- good for you! You've returned to the right place for encouragement and support; keep posting!

I roasted a large turkey a couple of weeks ago for a family dinner we had, and from the leftovers I have several Ziploc bagsful of cut-up turkey meat in 1-cup measurements in the freezer. I have found some really yummy recipes on the 'net which use cooked turkey--I just love being able to get recipes online.

I feel as though I haven't seen JOYce in a month -- I think I'll make a nametag for myself to wear so when I go pick her up for Meals on Wheels on Thursday, she won't think she is getting into the car of a total stranger....

Carol, how is your arthritis? Hope you are better.

10-11-2001, 10:27 AM
Thanks for the welcome ladies. :) It sure is nice to be back and I sure can use all the support I can get.

I had weigh in yesterday and I gained 2.4! :o I knew that it was going to be awful, since it is TOM and I was camping for three days and I ate like I was a crazy woman. Chips are my weakness and I bought them for my dh and his buddy. Yeah, right. They ate none, I ate them ALL!! So now I am just trying to undo the damage that I have done in the last month and a half. Good news though, I will not let this detour me and I will reach my goal, it just may take me a while.

Well I hope you all had a great day, thanks for being a sounding board for me and I will talk to you all later.

xstitch :cool:

10-11-2001, 07:19 PM
Hi ladies! I hope everyone had a good day. It's beautiful here- almost an Indian Summer day after our cold stuff a few days ago.
I enjoyed my day off yesterday celebrating my friend's birthday. She lives near the ocean, so we went down to the beach, and out to a late lunch, and just got a chance to relax and catch up- and not listen to the national news for a few hours!!.
Texaslady, it sounds like you had a great time with your "old" work friends! It was also nice that you got a chance to get out with them just to relax and enjoy and get away from the myriad of wedding chores and details that surround you right now. You won't know what to do with yourself after October 27th!!
Linda, that 55 alive class sounds like a good idea- I don't think we have anything like that in this area. I too love leftover turkey- got any especially good low point recipes to share?
Rebecca, welcome back! It's so good to hear from you again! Don't sweat the 2.4 pound loss- you'll get there! The chip type things are my downfall too- I can pass up a cake or a candy bar any day of the week, but that salty stuff is a real tough one for me. Hang in there!
Joyce, I know you were happy to wave goodbye to the water weight gain! Did you get all your errands done?
Jan, any word on dh's tests? I know you must be wishing I'd just forget about that! :lol:
Janet, how are things going in your part of the world? How's your friend coming along? I feel for her with the holidays coming up- it will be such a difficult time for her this year! I'll try to give you a call one of these nights soon.
Saara, Saara, where on earth are you, girl???
Ladies, I've got to run. Hi to everyone I missed, and have a good weekend, y'all!

10-11-2001, 08:24 PM
Hi girls!

Welcome back, Rebecca! I am so glad that you have returned to the board! You are to be warmly congratulated for the 50# lost!! That's a LOT of weight gone forever! Just keep on keeping on and I know you will make it to goal.

Carol - Lunch at the beach this time of year sounds wonderful to me! Not too many crowds but still nice enough weather to enjoy. Always good to get a little R&R once in a while. I hadn't thought about it, but my dinner out the other night WAS a great respite from wedding errands! Of course, we talked about it, but I didn't have TO DO anything! Not like Tuesday night when we spent 2-1/2 hours at the bridal salon for dd's final fitting. Too many brides and only one seamtress! The bustle is a little complicated and it took dd's bridesmaids a while to figure out how to do it. Once they finally did manage to do it right, we discovered the dress still hung too far on the floor in the back and seamtress assured us she will put in another hook to bring it further up so dd can dance backwards! I hope so - there's no more fittings! Just final pickup of gown just before wedding.

I find myself in a real wedding funk! I can't get myself together to finish the final tasks! I still need to make the pew bows and finish wrapping all the gifts (most are done, however). Guess I am just about ready for all this to be over with - although I know the let-down after the wedding is bound to be even bigger.

Photographer is having some kind of snafu with the engagement picture order. He has had to change artists for the negative touch-ups dd wanted. So he called today and said he just wouldn't charge us for any of the prints we ordered (and we ordered a lot!) and we should have them before the wedding. A lot of those are meant to be wedding gifts for the bridal party - I sure hope he makes it. Can't wrap those gifts until we get the pics.

DD & fiance went to get their wedding rings sized & engraved tonight. The Bachelor Party is Saturday, and then they get their marriage license next week. Guess this thing is really gonna happen, afterall! :) Gotta go. ZHi to everyone else - Joyce, Linda, Jan, Janet, Saara....... Will check in again later.

10-12-2001, 02:07 PM
I lost the 3.5 pounds of water plus 1.5 pounds!!!
texaslady I was thinking that I have a busy day ahead of me, but nothing compared to the preparations that you are involved in! I just have a litle ole Chili cook-off to prepare for...I'm painting flower pots for candle holders, and wooden spoons for prizes...(SIMPLE but symbolic)
I have to meet the guy that is hanging up our twinkle lights later today, we are not in total agreement as to where they should go, I'll probably concede, but have to go make my suggestions.

I must get on with all this! have a great day and weekend!

10-14-2001, 02:40 AM
Just a quick check in, where is everybody?!?!!
The chili cook-off was a huge success again! People really enjoyed the food competitions, the games and line dancing..
Have to let you know that Miss Linda was 1st place winner of the Dessert category!! I must confess that I had to sample it..DEEElicious!!! It was a peanut butter cup chocolate brownie Trifle!! (sorry Linda, I probably turned that name inside out!) She said she wasn't tasting it, but leaving it to her dh to have some and reprt to her how it was.....well! the bowl was licked clean!! and she did not have any! good girl! I started with her trifle and then had salads to round out my meal!
We had lots of help setting up and helping through out the day, and the weather was perfect!
dgs came to the festivities and is staying over so we can go to the big Orange County Swap meet tomorrow, it is rare for me to miss church, but is special for him to want to take me...so DUH! I'm going of course!!! :) He is so sweet, he is my Beanie baby buddy, always on the look out for a bargain, and he is proud of a place that he has found down thre that has rare, hard to find beanies... so we will have to find SOMEthing!
Bed is calling me..
good night!

10-15-2001, 04:42 PM
Hi all, sorry to be so long awol!

Rebecca, welcome back! It's so good to hear from you again. And kudos to you for your 50# loss; that is just terrific. It sounds like you are well on the way to goal, and very determined. You will make it, I just know!!

Carol, sounds like you and your friend had a great time! How long have y'all known each other? Re: dh's tests, still no word; we just have to call them, I know, but dh still resists. Guess I'll have to call out the heavy artillery and force the issue!

Texaslady, whew, just thinking about all that activity makes my head swim! But it sounds like you have things well under control. The shoes sound lovely, and I agree, much better to buy something you can wear again. The honeymoon trip sounds wonderful; will you be taking care of grand-dog for them while they're gone?

JOYce, that chili cookoff sounds like so much fun; and what a great decision, balancing the trifle out with salads! Way to go on your 5 pound loss!! Hope you and your dgs found some good buys at the swap meet?

Linda, I'm so glad you and your sister enjoyed your retreat so much. I always treasure the time I spend with my sisters, and just wish we could be together more often. Congrats on winning first at the cookoff, too! I'm in awe of you, that you didn't even taste the trifle; I know I couldn't do that, not with chocolate and peanuts involved.

Janet, are you enjoying this same lovely, cool weather that Texaslady and I have? The fronts have brought through a few storms, but luckily no big damage here. But did I hear something about a tornado over your way?

Saara, where are you? We miss you!

Dad, dh and I spent the weekend at the beach in Port Aransas/Corpus Christi, which was lots of fun but not so good for staying strictly OP. I'm still maintaining my ww goal, but my personal goal is still the same ten pounds away. And I was so tired this morning that I skipped my walk, which I seldom do. I have GOT to get motivated again! Dad's birthday party (85th!) is just under 6 weeks away, and I bought (last summer) and hope to wear this long black dress (with a few colors that just match a shell necklace my sister made.) I thought I'd be able to wear it by now, but I really have to lose a few more pounds for it to look right. Hmm. Maybe I should hang it on the kitchen doorway? Maybe I should go to meetings every week instead of every month. Any ideas?

Hope everyone had a great Monday!

10-16-2001, 12:15 PM
Wow Jan! Sounds like your dad's bday will be quite a gala!
I have no doubt that you can get into that long black dress in time! Sounds lovely with your shell necklace! You can do it!
Yes, it was fun shopping for beanies with dgs. He is usually an "Alex P. Keaton" when it comes to money, but he would spend it all on a special beanie. :eek: He caught that from me, so I had to do some fast talking and show restraint on my own. Also, I about walked my legs off, so benefited from that, I am sure!

texaslady! 10 days and counting!?!?! I'm sure that you are one busy lady! Enjoy every minute of these preparations! I'm sure that it will al be over much too soon.

I must go and get on with this day.
Have a GOOD day, Keep your faith in the midst of all the discouraging news. I'm finding myself watching less and less t.v.
It can really get you down, if you let it!

10-16-2001, 06:58 PM
Hi everyone. I hope you all have had the beautiful weather we had today! Tomorrow is supposed to get windy and rather cold, but after all, it is October! The leaves are turning now- beautiful! That's one thing I'll miss when I move to Florida. Autumn is my favorite time of year- except for the ragweed- ACHOO!!! :lol:
Texaslady, all your final preparations sound so exciting! It brings back such memories- mostly good! :D I perfectly understand the "wedding funk" concept- been there, done that! I hope things can be worked out satisfactorily with the engagement pictures. Have dd and dsil-to-be gotten to the point where you fear they will kill each other yet?
Joyce, the chilli cookout sounds like it was a lot of fun- although I am not a fan of the stuff myself- it doesn't like me. How was the swap meet with dgs? Did you find any treasures or rare beanies you couldn't live without? I too find the recent events in our country and the tv coverage getting me down- it's so hard to avoid it. I find it really praying on my mind, and adding to some other personal stresses going on in my life lately. Also, as I think I'd mentioned, we are in the direct flight path for Andrews AFB, and there has not been a night go by that I haven't been awakened at least once at odd hours by the sound of military aircraft overhead. It's a bit unsettling. I try to watch the tv channels that don't give any news, no matter what's happening, now!
Jan, knowing you as I do, I'm betting that the black dress will fit perfectly for your dad's 85th birthday celebration in 6 weeks. What date is his birthday? I'm glad you had such an enjoyable weekend!
Saara, where ARE you????
Linda, congrats on winning the dessert first place, and in having the "intestinal fortitude" to avoid eating your own delicious goodies!!!
I'd better run for now. Hi Janet, Rebecca, Beth and anyone else I missed. Have a good op Wednesday, everyone!

10-16-2001, 09:49 PM
Hi girls!

What a cool, crisp windy fall day we had here today. Loads of sunshine and nice cool temps. One of those very rare "fall" days for this part of Texas. We have a very small "window" for fall, and it looks like this is it. Would be wonderful if we could have a little of the cool stuff for the wedding - in just 10 days from tomorrow! :eek:

Jan - Yep, I am the official dog-sitter while the kids are in St. Thomas. We plan to board him the day of the wedding (just too much confusion going on at dd's house) and I can't pick him up until Monday morning. He will probably be really mad at me when I go get him! But he's so sweet - he will forgive me, I'm sure. You have done so well with your weight loss - I am sure you will be able to wear that dress! But it probably wouldn't hurt to get it out and hang it in a prominent place - just as a reminder to be "very good"!

Joyce - I got such a lovely little surprise from you today! Thank you for thinking about me - even the little box was decked out! It was so sweet of you! Thanks again! No rare beanie baby finds? I sure don't see them as much around here like they used to be. Does the company still make new ones? Seems I remember they have stopped production. Your Chili Supper brings back such nice memories for me! My Dad was always a member of the Brotherhood in my childhood church and every October they would sponser the chili supper. I can remember how we kids used to run & play in the Parish Hall & how they always had Christmas crafts to entertain us! Gosh - THAT was a good many years ago!

Carol - I am gearing up into wedding mode again and making pew bows. Took a sample over to dd's tonight to get it "blessed" before I make 17 more of them! Hopefully I have enough ribbon - don't have a lot of days left to get over to the floral supply place if I am short. Drove over to the local newspaper this afternoon to fianlly get an engagement pic in - photographer just brought me the b&w glossies last night. Still no color pics but he assures me they will be done BEFORE the rehearsal! We will do seating charts this week-end and print the place cards. Looks like we will have about 150 coming - a bit more than I wanted but not as bad as it could have been considering all the invites that went out! DD's step-mom has finally completed the wedding programs. That should be almost all the big stuff. STill have to wrap a few gifts - but can't do so until I get the darn engagement picture prints to go into the frames (which are the parent/grandparent gifts). As far as the kids squabbling this close to the big day - the fact that future sil works from 3-11 p.m. & dd works days keeps them apart a lot. She's asleep when he comes home and he's asleep when she leaves for work. Probably a very good thing right now. :lol:

Janet - Have you disappeared again??? I was just getting used to hearing from you on a regular basis. Perhaps your dd took back her computer??!!

Liinda - Congrats on winning first place - and with a dessert, no less! Also even bigger congrats are due because you didn't use it as an excuse to heavily indulge in the first place winner! Way to go!

Rebecca - How's it going for you? Are you able to stay back on the program? I know how difficult it is - and I sure do get discouraged too. But this group is a wonderful source of support. You just hang in there!

Saara - I sure hope we haven't lost you. Everytime I see one of the decorated cows around town I think about your trip last summer when you first saw them. There was even a decorated cow outside the newspaper office this afternoon and there was one in my bank lobby last week-end. It's fun to see them "pop" up when you aren't really looking for them. They will be on display another couple weeks then will be auctioned off for charity.

Gotta scoot, ladies. Maybe I have time to make a couple bows before bedtime. *See* you later.

10-17-2001, 11:01 PM
Thanks so much for the vote of confidence, Carol, JOYce and Texaslady! That really helped! I'm absolutely determined now to make it happen. Stayed op today, and dh and I just walked 2 miles as fast as we could.

Carol, I'm so sorry that those planes are keeping you awake! I know how that is; we used to live right by the runway at Carswell, a SAC base (strategic air command) where they kept planes in the air 24 hours. Not easy to sleep through all that! How is your back doing these days? Hope the sleeplessness isn't aggravating that. Glad to hear the weather is great; how I loved those New England autumns, when we lived in Mass.!

JOYce, way to go on all the walking at the swap meet! Thanks for the inspirational messages, too; you are so thoughtful. DH and I are really enjoying the flag pins; everyone asks about them.

Texaslady, how lucky your dd is to have such a talented mom! And so organized, too; I'm sure that with all you've done ahead, you and your dd will be able to relax and thoroughly enjoy the day of the wedding. You'll have to tell us all about it. I'm really curious about what a pasta bar is, too; have never seen that done. It sounds like a great idea, very versatile and healthy.

Dh and I went to S.A. last night, and I went to my Oct. ww mtg. (Think I'll try to go every week for a while, esp. since it's free, finally.) My favorite leader was there; she's kept 80 lbs off for 20 years, and she puts a lot of energy into her meetings.

Linda, everyone is fascinated by the flag pin you made! I can just see the wheels turning as they try to figure out how to make one like it.

Janet, didn't you say you'd gone back to meetings? Do you have a good leader?

Rebecca, hope things are going well for you too.

Saara, please don't disappear, now! We miss you. Beth, I know how busy the school year gets, but drop in and say hi when you can.


10-18-2001, 09:34 AM
Good Morning Everyone! Just thought I would post a little note here before I begin my exercising, cleaning, etc., etc. that takes me away from the computer. Anyway, thank you all for your kind words of encouragement, I seem to have found my determination back. I want to succeed at this, and I am determined to do just that. I weighed in yesterday and lost 3 pounds. :D So I got rid of those nasty pounds added and dropped a little more. Yeah!!

Texaslady- Have fun with all the wedding stuff. You sound like a busy lady!!

Jan- Sounds like you are in a groove. Way to get those two miles in! You go girl!

Well, I am gonna go ride my bike. You all have a great day and a wonderful weekend.

xstitch :cool:

10-18-2001, 10:32 AM
Yay, Rebecca, 3 pounds gone forever! Way to go!

10-18-2001, 02:13 PM
HI all... I have exactly 60 pounds to lose, well now, 59.


10-18-2001, 11:22 PM
Hi Elaine! Welcome to the group; so glad you joined in. So, sounds like you've already lost a pound and are on your way; that's great! Tell us more about yourself? Are you on the ww program?

Had another op day today, and walked 2 miles; dh even joined me again, sure hope that keeps happening. Linda, you asked before and I forgot to answer; dh had stopped journaling and plateaued, but he started again a few days ago, and seems more interested in it now.

Tried a braised redfish recipe (in apple cider) last night, from Jane Brody's "Good Seafood Book." I'd never cooked fish that way before, but it's definitely a keeper! Will try to post it asap under recipes.

And tomorrow's Friday! Whew. What does everyone plan to do this weekend?


10-19-2001, 02:08 AM
Welcome Elaine! Good to have you aboard. I guess you already have seen that you can get great encouragement on this thread. I've made some wonderful friends.

Well, I can't say that I was exactly OP today. I went to tea with Linda and 4 other ladies from church. We had such a fun time, we probably laughed and talked some of the extra points away. :lol:

My plans for the weekend are all for me!! there is a 3 day Doll/ceramic/craft show at our fairgrounds, and I signed up for seminars for all 3 days. I'll do some airbrushing, glass fusing, and ceramic sculpture. I'm really loving doing things with glass, so am really looking forward to those 2 seminars. I'll be sitting all day tomorrow, no walking;, on saturday I will only be there 1/2 day because gotta help get the girls going on cleaning house, their weekly chores. but on Sunday I will have class in the morning and walk the show in the afternoon.

dh had a gruesome time at the dentist today, dealing with a tooth that is close to abcessing, he was in great pain tonight.:cry:

texaslady, I'm sorry the little box got trashed, it was only an afterthought, I thought it would protect the pins. que sera`
WOW, just barely a week til the big wedding huh!

I almost forgot! hehehehe! dh was eating dinner yesterday, and started tellig us about a Cancer prevention survey they had at work ...he was shocked that he is supposed to eat 5-7 servings of fruits and veggies every day!! I don't know where he has been!
He was sorry to hear that chips and nuts don't count in that category!! :lol: only kidding about that part.

10-19-2001, 01:48 PM
Thanks for the welcome Jan and Joyce.

I am not officially on weight watchers... but essentially following that plan.

I am justing starting.. and so far.. so good.. I also go to OA because I have compulsive eating issues. I lost the weight before but didnt' deal with that.. so this time I am working on all aspects of my food problems: bad eating habits and a compulsion to eat too much.

I live in NYC, I am 43 years old, I work in Publishing, I am single, no children.. I play music seriously but it is not my profession. My other serious hobby is writing and I also exercise quite a bit.

My weekend plans all evolve around those things: tonight I will practice my fiddle... tomorrow I am playing music with another fiddler, Sunday I am going for a very long walk in CP with a friend who also plays music and then we are going to practice our music. I am afraid my Sunday friend has not dealt with her food issues... right now she is not overweight.. but being a recovered binge eater.. I can tell by the things she says that she is isolating herself and binge eating... I know I can't help her.. she has to want to change.. but I have decided that I will be very pro-active about where we eat after we walk and I WILL remain OP, irrespective of the pressure to "just have some this time".. nope.. no can do!

Thanks everyone,

10-19-2001, 11:11 PM
Hi Elaine! Sounds like you have a very healthy and fun weekend planned. It's great that you're being assertive re:eating out, and I agree, your friend will change only when she's ready. I guess we all have to hear that "click" that starts us on this journey. But maybe seeing you so determined to get healthy will help to inspire her! How cool that you play the fiddle! (I used to play violin in hs, but now just play piano.) What kind of music do you play?

JOYce, what a rare occurence, a weekend entirely for yourself! I know you'll enjoy those classes, and all that walking will be great too. So sorry to hear that your DH is having so much pain with his dental problems; can't they give him some painkillers? Poor guy! Re: the box you sent Texaslady, I don't think it got trashed at all; she said it was "all decked out," our way of saying decorated lavishly.

I posted that fish recipe under its category, btw. Oh, and I tried the bocaburger brand of breakfast vegetarian sausage patties today; they were great, and only 1 pt each. Stayed op again today, but it was hard. I really, really wanted a second glass of wine tonight after dinner, but it would have put me over, so I went for another walk instead. Told myself I'd have it after the walk if I still wanted it, but felt so good after walking that I didn't want anything but lots of ice water.

Btw, if you get the Home and Garden Channel (HGTV), at 7 eastern time this Sunday, they are going to show our local ghost town, Helena. We'll have to have another reunion down here so I can take y'all on a tour!

Hi to Carol, Texaslady, Linda, Janet, Rebecca, Saara, and Beth; have a great weekend!

10-20-2001, 06:53 AM
Good morning everyone! Are you all ready for the weekend? I sure am!! DD,sil and little sweetie are going to PA to visit exdh's brother and wife, so the dogs and I will have the place to ourselves! Now if I could just get them to take the dogs....but I guess not! :lol:
Elaine, welcome to our little group! My daughter has a BA in music, and is slowly but surely working on her masters, but that part has been put on hold- she has a near 2 year old and another on the way. Piano and organ are her primary instruments, although she can play a number of others- not the violin, though. Good luck on your weight loss journey- this is a very supportive group, and we've gotten each other through some rough times! I grew up in Philly and used to get to New York periodicaly, but haven't been there in years. Your beautiful city and it's people are in all our thoughts and prayers daily, I know. I have a friend who, like yours, is sort of wishy-washy about her weight loss- which is fine, because we all know noone else can make you lose weight. The poblem is that when she's off her plan she wants me to do the same!! Misery loves company I guess! I still need to drop about 25 pounds, but the 97 I've lost were too hard fought to blow them to please a friend!
Texaslady, I hope your beautiful fall weather holds out one more week!! I can't wait to see pictures of the event! After being through the planning stages with you, I think it will be such fun to see the results of all your hard work! Just make sure you don't run yourself into the ground this week so you can enjoy the celebration! It's probably good that dd and her dh to be work different shifts! My dd actually moved back with us the last few weeks before the wedding "so we don't kill each other"!
Janet, it sounds like you're really back in the groove with your walking and tracking of your points. But remember you're at goal- although not quite where you personally want to be- and don't get too carried away!! We don't want a good stiff Texas wind to blow you away!;)
Rebecca, congratulations on your refound determination, and on that wonderful 3 pound loss!! :D The bike riding is helping too, I know! Wish I could exercise- it's so frustrating to have the doctor gining the :nono: to things I want to do!
Well, ladies, I'd better run- I promised dd I'd run out and get her some bananas to take on the trip for little sweetie this morning, so I need to kick it in gear! Hi to all, and have a great weekend.

Linda Jean
10-21-2001, 01:56 AM
Glad to have you in our group, Elaine! Sounds like you are very determined; that's what takes the weight off--that and lots of perseverance! I think it is neat that you play the fiddle. I used to play a mandolin and when I was in college I played guitar in a little bluegrass band. I sold my guitar years and years ago, but still have my mandolin (brought to me by my Great Aunt when she took a trip to Greece back in the 60's), which is on display in our dining room. Anyway, stick to your resolve about not overeating along with your walking friend-I'm pulling for you!

Jan, you are so good to be doing so much walking. And I'm glad that your DH is back to journalling, that is so important. I'm afraid that my DH and I got away from journalling, and have lost some previously-gained ground -- we are back OP as of tonight, and I know I can take these last few pesky pounds off again.

Beth, good for you, losing three pounds! Wow, that is amazing. Keep up the good work, and please keep posting regularly.

Make it a great Sunday, everyone!

10-22-2001, 05:34 AM
Happy Monday!
I hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine was nice and peaceful with everyone gone. I got a lot of chores and errands done, and made a Trader Joe's run. There's a new Kashi cereal called "Heart to Heart"- had anyone tried it? Sort of like Cheerios.
Linda, I didn't realize you played the mandolin in college! You are such a multi-talented lady!
Jan, I looked up your redfish recipe- it sounds wonderful!!
Elaine, how did your weekend go? Were you able to steer your friend in the right direction for eating after your walk in CP?
Janet, it was good to talk to you last night! Stop on in here and say hi to us!
Texaslady, you passed through my mind many times over the weekend- I know you must be absolutely swimming in chores! Less than a week to go now! It seems like it came around so quickly!
Hi to Joyce, Beth, Rebecca and Saara. I hope you all are braced for another work week.
It's almost 4:30- I'd better run and start getting ready for work. Have a good op day, everyone!

10-22-2001, 02:47 PM
Gee, thanks everybody!

I did really well with food this weekend, and my friend was surprisingly supportive.

Someone up there asked what music I play... I play a little mish-mosh of everything.. but mostly jazz, swing and some bluegrass. I like Bluegrass.. but I prefer for it to lean more to the country-swing side of things.

Thanks also for the warm comments about NYC. It has been a very difficult month, to say the least. Needless to say.. I did not stick to my food plan very well that week... on the other hand.. none of us really had a precedent for how to not binge during an air raid!

I weigh-in on Thursday, what about you guys. Also, what food plan are you on... WW?, and what are your goals, and, where are you now?


10-22-2001, 04:58 PM
Hi Elaine! So glad the weekend went well, and that your friend was so supportive. I'm sure you'll see some great results on Thursday! Tuesday is my usual day, though since I have to travel so far to any WW meeting, I sometimes go on Sat. I'm a lifetime member, but am trying to go weekly as I'd like to lose a little more, below my ww goal of 155. Highest wt was 256, personal goal, 144 or so.

Carol, sounds like you had a relaxing weekend! I envy you having Trader Joe's so close. My little sister lives around the corner from one in Scottsdale; with fares so low, I ought to go out for a weekend visit and take an extra suitcase for groceries! ;) I haven't seen that new Kashi, but will look for it. Did you like it better than Good Friends cereal?

Linda, I know you'll be back at goal in no time; how wise of you to go right back op at the first sign of a gain! You set such a great example for us all. I didn't know you played mandolin! I used to have a cheap version of one in college, but never could get the hang of it, so played guitar instead.

JOYce, how did your classes go? Is glass-fusing where you make beads and such with the blow-torch, like my sister does, or is it something else?

Texaslady, looks like the weather's going to cooperate with you next weekend; will keep my fingers crossed! I know you must be incredibly busy right now, but check back with us when you can catch your breath!

We had a nice, quiet weekend, doing chores, lesson plans, and such. Am working on stuff for our upcoming Indian Summer Festival (in that ghost town I mentioned, where our county museum is). It's Nov. 3, just two weeks, so I'm kind of rushed. Will have to remind myself to make time for walking, etc. as Dad's party is under 5 weeks away now!

Hope everyone had a great Monday! Hi to Rebecca, Janet, Beth, and Saara!

10-22-2001, 09:37 PM
Hi girls - just ducking in for a quick minute! You are all absolutely correct - I have been running around like a madwoman. I finally got all the pew bows made - they are SO pretty! Right now they are all over my sofas - between them & the centerpieces everywhere, this house will look positively "naked" after Thurs when we deliver everything to the country club.

Just wanted to say Welcome to Elaine! It's so nice to have a new member around! I am from just outside Houston & am 56 & divorced. My one & only child is getting married this coming Saturday and we are having a big, fancy wedding. I have lost 75 pounds on the WW program. I have pretty much strayed from the program but I haven't gained anything back & I count that as a positive move. ONE OF THESE DAYS I will get it all together again and lose this last 40 pounds. Sounds like you have the proper mind-set - now you just have to keep on keeping on!

Joyce - Jan was right. The little box wasn't "trashed" - guess it's just one of those "texas" phrases. It made the trip just fine & they are so cute! I love them. Have fun with your dolls.

Jan - Glad to see you are walking again. The weather was so nice for a while - now it's inching up hotter everyday & the humidity is back. We all have our fingers crossed for good weather next week-end - sounds like we will get a front thru on Wed & Thurs & then it will clear up & be very cool - at least for us! Just give me lots of sunshine - I really dread having to move everything around in the rain.

Carol - Haven's seen the new Kashi, but I will look for it. Always looking for a new yummy snack - that's how I eat it since I can't have the milk :( Glad you had a nice week-end. How are you feeling these days? How's Janet doing? I miss her posts.

Linda - Was one of those little pins from you or were they both from Joyce? It was so sweet of you to think about me. You have done so well staying at your goal range - I think you have figured out that it's a lot easier to lose 5 pounds than 50!

Gotta go & do some place cards. We have the seating assignments done but I am waiting on a floor plan of the tables from the country club before I actually number the tables. We have these cute little soft gold frames to hold the place cards - it is pure heck trying to fit the cardstock in those little frames! I bet I throw a couple away in a fit of rage before I finish! Still need to wrap some of the bridal party gifts - still waiting for the darn pictures to arrive so I can put them in the frames before wrapping! He's got 3 more days to get them here - or I will lose my cool for sure.

Rebecca - Congrats on the loss! Way to go, girl!

I don't know if I will check in again before Saturday - I will be off
work starting Wed but there are still so many little odds & ends to take care of. I know you will all be thinking of me - I wish you were here so you could come, too! Wish us luck & good weather!

10-23-2001, 12:58 PM
Hi Texaslady! I can just picture your house right now, with all the bows, gifts, and decorations covering every chair and sofa! Sure hope you can get enough rest this week to feel great during the wedding. How wise of you to take a few days off work beforehand! Can't wait to hear how it all went; will you post some pics for us?

I think this thread is getting almost to two pages, so I'll start a new strand. See y'all there!


10-23-2001, 02:34 PM
I'm so sorry I've been absent for so long, but here I am again. I'm doing great, having a great time. School keeps me fairly busy, but it's not too hard so I still have time to do all kinds of fun stuff. We do have lots of parties, of course, especially with all the other crazy Scandinavians :) ...

I don't even remember if I ever told you about the classes I'm taking here at the U of Utah. Anyhow, I'm taking american foreign policy, U.S. national security policy, introduction to ethnic studies, and chicano/a experience. So basically politics and diversity. I do like my classes a lot, and especially the politics classes are really relevant right now. I'm trying to figure out a topic for a 30-40 page paper I need to write for my univ. in Finland before I start working on my master's. So hopefully I can combine some of the final papers for my classes here and start from that...

Well, the trip tp Yellowstone over the labor day weekend was great. It was so beautiful! And we saw plenty of buffaloes too. The weather was really good, still warm and sunny. I took so many pictures. I hope I have time to scan some of them one of these days and post them on the web for everyone to see...

Couple of weeks ago we had the fall break, and went to Lake Powell for the weekend. I was so great. Beautiful scenery. We had a motor boat so we were cruising around the lake, and did a little tubing. It was so much fun. Other did waterskiing too, but I didn't.

Last weekend I went to San Francisco. I met a friend of mine from Finland there and we went to see some concerts. On Friday we just walked around the city and saw a band at a club. I really love San Francisco, it's a beautiful city. On Saturday we went to Mountain View to the Shoreline Amphitheater to see a benefit concert. It was Ben Harper, Tracy Chapman, Billy Idol, REM, Dave Mathew, Pearl Jam, and Neil Young. I was awesome! I'm so happy I get to go. I've always wanted to see Pearl Jam and REM, and now I finally did.

I was also great to get away from here for awhile. Although I really like it here, it does get kind of too much sometimes. I live on the so called global floor at the dorms, and we're like one big family, always doing things together and hanging out together all the time. On the other hand it's nice, you never have to be alone, but on the other hand, you can get tired of it... After being here for more than two months (time just flies!!!!!), I've also started to find out who are the people that are "my kind of people" those that I really like, and who are the ones I don't care so much about... but the "problem" here is that I still have to see all the people all the time. Or it's not actually a problem, but I'm just kind of picky with people, and at home I would only hang out with the people I really want to hang out with. And there's plenty of those. I don't know if this makes any sense to you guys...
I was emailing my Dad about this and he pointed out that it's like working at a job, there's always those people you don't really care about, but have to get along with them anyways, especially if they're your bosses... so I guess this is a good learning experience for me.

Well, let's see, what else... I've been doing pretty well on my papers and midterms. As I mentioned I've been partying a lot, having a great time. I've made some really good freinds already, and I'm dreading Xmas break already, since some of them will already go home... I've also been a big sports fan here. I've only been to one football game, but a lots of ice-hockey games. It's lot of fun, especially beacause some of the hockey player live on the floor above us, so we know them.
One thing I haven't done is been on a date. Still waiting for the real american date...

As for weightloss, I did gain a little in the beginning, but now my weght has stabilized, and hopefully will start losing again. The food at the cafeteria is pretty bad, except for the salad. The veggie food is always the same, pasta and tomatosauce. They also have veggie burgers. I don't think those are too bad, if you don't add mayo... The ice cream fortunately sucks, but the chocolate chip cookies are my weakness! and whenever they have brownies... Oh, well, it's a constant struggle, and I'm not the only one struggling. But what really bugs me is these tiny skinny girls who are always talking about them needing to start a diet... I know it's one thing wanting to eat healthy (that's the reason for some), but it's another thing to complain about the size of your butt when there's nothing to complain about. And I think it's especially rude to do it in front of me. But I've always been around people like that, so I guess I should be used to it. Sometimes it just makes me mad though.

Oh, well, I really need to get some schoolwork done. Have a great week everyone! I'll try to drop by more often. I missed you guys! Saara.