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12-28-2006, 07:31 AM
I ended up going out to lunch yesterday with an old coworker who came in to visit. I got the Asian buffet (where you pay by the weight of your plate, not the kind where you can keep going back for more at one flat price ;) ). We used to go there once every week of two, and I would get PILES of food. After all, it was a semi-rare treat, right? Well, no more...that Jill is gone. I took some cashew chicken (non-breaded, non-fried chicken w/cashews and veggies in a sauce), some Mongolian pork (non-breaded, non-fried pork woth light sauce, veggies, and spicy seasoning), 2 pot stickers (I think they were beef and vegetable, but I'm not 100% sure what was in them), and *get this* 2 big cubes of spicy Chinese TOFU. I didn't get ANYTHING battered or fried or in a dark, heavy sauce like I used to (I used to go straight for the orange chicken, boneless bbq spareribs, sesame chicken, and spring rolls). I was so proud! anyway, to compensate for the buffet, I ended up skipping my pbj sandwich and the SmartOnes and was still kinda lw on calories for the day (maybe 1300 total).

Oooh, time to go to work...will be back when I get to the office to post my menu for today!

12-28-2006, 10:02 AM
wtg jill on making the right choices at lunch. good luck at your weigh-in today (it is today, right?)

I had a really upsetting dinner last nite - greasy and fattening. I was so full, it hurt. Haven't ate like that in awhile. Don't think I want to eat like that anymore.

b - cottage cheese double

s - if I'm hungry, an apple

l - lean pcoket and the apple if I didn't eat it at snack time

s - oreo thin crisps

d - pasta w/ chicken, marinara, and broccoli

e - I'm going on day 4 of no exercise. I will make it to the gym today even if it kills me!

12-28-2006, 10:24 AM
Thanks for the luck...yup, my weigh-in is tonight.

Isn't it amazing how we almost physically can't even eat the way we sometimes used to? Just like you with your dinner last night, I fing that when I eat the quanitities of food I used to consider "normal," I feel just ill. Same thing when I have too much fried/greasy food--my stomach just can't handle it anymore (which is a good thing--my body now recognizes it as JUNK instead of normal!).

Anyway, today's menu (light during the day since I wiehg in at about 6pm):

smoothie - skim milk, frozen banana, vanilla protein powder (I am soooo addicted to these...I even brought my protein powder with me to my sister's on Christmas weekend so I could still make my smoothies!)
pbj sandwich
I have a SmartOnes meal in the freezer (lasagna--yum!), so I can have it if I need it, but I'd rather not take in that much sodium just hours before a weigh-in, so we'll see. Maybe I'll just have a second pbj sandwich if I get too hungry.
weigh-in around 6pm
dinner from SUBWAY: chicken teriyaki on honey oat bread--I have enough calories left in the day for a full 12" sub, but I'm not sure I can eat that much at once now, so I may just get a 6" anyway...we'll see (maybe I'll get the 12 and save half for tomorrow...I wonder if it would get all gross and soggy?)I also did my WATP this morning for 30 minutes and might even go for a walk at lunch, also (I brought socks and sneakers with me since I'm wearing a skirt today).