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12-27-2006, 09:18 PM
Hello and :welcome: to the Jaded Ladies site!

We are a group of ladies that come here for support and encouragement on our weight loss struggles, and we also find time for some chitchatting. So please, won't you join us? New members are always welcome. :yes:

12-27-2006, 09:33 PM
Hi ladies,

Marti - the satin button lights sound really nice, even though I don't think I've ever seen any. I agree with Jules, 2 pounds by Jan. 19 is doable for sure! Yes, I'm ready to get back OP. It's amazing how much better we feel when we eat right, but then eat the wrong things anyway.

Jules - glad you finally got your Amazon order. I have seen pink kitchen accesories in a couple of different catalogs, and think it's cute. My sister had a pink kitchen waaaaay back when. What's old is new again, as they say.

Tiffie - hope you're feeling better now. :hug:

Hello to everyone else reading this. :wave:

We took down our Christmas decorations today. I kept out the snowmen, though, since they are "winter" items. None of them have red and green on them, lol. I've had Fall stuff and then Christmas stuff out since sometime in September, and it's nice to just have my regular stuff back, with the addition of the snowmen.

What're your plans for New Year's Eve? Neal and I are staying home and having a nice dinner, and watching a Twilight Zone marathon, lol. My sister Maggie, who's a widow, may come by. If she does, we're going to play some cards. Woo Hoo, can't get any more exciting than that, right? :D But since NYE is on a Sunday night and the bars are closed, the clubs will be packed to the rafters, and I personally just can't take all that smoke. <cough, cough!!>

Gotta surf a bit.... see ya later......

12-27-2006, 11:08 PM
Hello ladies...

JULES...glad you got your order...we are still waiting, lol! are brave. We did the shopping a couple of days after Christmas last year and it really wasn't so bad. But...too busy to do any this year.

JANE...nothing planned on NYE...staying around the house and getting things done.

TIFFIE...hope you are feeling better and soon.

Hi to everyone else! :wave:

Boy, we were busy bee's yesterday. Never thought I would get it done but we got all the Christmas stuff down and packed up, inside and out. I went out and helped V with some lower stuff that I could reach outside until I got too cold and then came in and started inside. I did get it all done and so glad everything is back to normal. normal as can be here, lol. Not much else going on.

Have a good one!

12-28-2006, 11:27 AM
Jane-Ryan told Alicia she can get more pink stuff for the kitchen--they are going to do black and pink together.

Tiffie--hope you are feeling better

Cristina--hope you get your books soon!! see you are doing a challenge--what's the blue team???

Really busy--taking my break at work posting to you guys!! Have a great day!!

12-28-2006, 04:41 PM
Howdy Chickies!

JULES...I forgot about the pink crockpot...glad she liked it. I saw a pink kitchen a few years ago and loved it! Of course that is one of my favorite colors. But I bet it would be awesome to have a pink kitchen. The Blue team...on the exercise thread there is a thread called the Biggest Loser and they divided it into two teams...the red and blue and I am on the blue team. Thought I could use something to get me motivated to get started with this weight loss again. I've been too bad since Josh was home the end of November so it is time to get back on track.

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Nothing much going on today. Working around the house with errands in between. Supposed to be getting some icky weather this evening so wanted to get things done before that starts. V is painting Jason's room and we went and bought him a new bed. Also, went and bought groceries, went to the realtor and signed some papers for the builder and now I need to do some packing here and there to de-clutter. Anywho...hope everyone is having a good day! Lots of hugs...:hug:

12-28-2006, 07:23 PM
Cristina--I really need to get motivated. I gained most of the 15 lbs I lost back. I am paying for a gym membership that I need to go to and I have to start drinking my water again.

12-28-2006, 07:49 PM
Hi ladies,

Jules - pink and black together will make a very pretty kitchen. I like pink and black outfits, too.

Cristi - yay for you joining an exercise team. I'm rootin' for ya!! :cheer:

A big hello to anyone else reading this. :wave:

I don't know if I mentioned it on the last thread or not, but my plantar's fasciites has flared up again and is giving me fits! I've been doing the foot exercises the doc told me to do, and always wear my arch supports, but it isn't getting better yet. Patience, Jane, patience, right? It worked last time, so I'm hopeful. I'm supposed to rest it a lot, but that's really, really hard to do. The doc said NO treadmill while my foot is in this shape the last time this happened, so I didn't even bother to call and ask this time.

The weather here is unseasonable warm, and here I am, wanting snow. I guess I'm just going to have to move to Canada, or something.

Have a good one, ladies! :hug:

12-29-2006, 12:56 PM
Hello :)

New years eve plans? curling up on a mountain of pillows on our bed watching the telecast of the fireworks and stuff from around the world.

a pink and black kitchen? sounds totally cute to me. I'd probably be afraid to make pasta or anything else messy for fear it wouldnt' come out though..

Somebunny evidently needed my YOU On A Diet book more than I did, it's vanished out of my van at some point over the holidays.

12-29-2006, 12:58 PM
Good Morning Ladies, :wave:

It's Friday already! :D Having to work only 2days this week is nice. Only 4 next week. Wish it was like that all the time!

Jane--New Years I may be all alone. Jhanai is staying w/her dad this weekend. I told her not to worry about staying since he'll probably do something w/friends and all I'm doing is hanging out at home. I have plans to work on my pages that I need to send to you and Cristi! (sorry they're soooooo late!)

Cristi-- All our stuff is packed up and gone too. My living room looks huge!! :) I asked James, did we pack something we shouldn't have....why do we have so much more room?? :lol: How great that you've joined the TBL group. What is all involved w/that? Good luck, we'll cheer you on!

Jules--Did you get any time off for the holidays besides the holiday itself? (I hope you got Christmas off!) How about New Years? Time to schedule a vacation!

Mkat--Now who would take your "You" book? I've heard it's a popular book. My sister has it and I plan on checking it out once she's gone over it. Love your plans for NYE! Sounds like we'll be doing close to the same thing!

Well I suppose I should get myself ready for work. I'm really not in the mood for it, which is really terrible considering I only have to work the two days, but there are some really frustrating things that go on, and all I can do is sit back and watch. I wonder if our lab will ever run smoothly? Or....will we ever have workers that are going to last longer than 6mos.?? I go to grab a cup of coffee.....then head off to work.

Hello to all the other gals that are MIA! Pop back in for a quick hello, we miss ya!

12-29-2006, 01:31 PM
I don't know. Sick part is, last time I saw it for sure was right before I went into McDonalds! :lol:

12-29-2006, 01:34 PM
Hello ladies...

Thank you ladies!

JULES...I too need to get back to my water drinking. I probably had two bottles in the last two weeks. And I haven't been to IF in weeks. Headed back there Tuesday when everything gets back to normal though.

JANE...sorry the pf is acting up. Hope it gets better soon. I bet it is frustrating to say the least.

MKAT...hope you find your book.

MARTI...hope it gets better at your job. It cracks me up how some people are lucky enough to get a good job and not keep it. What is involved with TBL? Just following whatever program and losing weight, Oh, and beating the red team. It is a contest with another team to see who loses the most weight in the time frame. Thought it would be good motivation for me.

Where's Miss Sassy and Michelle? And the rest of the ladies? Come out, come out wherever you are. :D

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Guess I missed that about a pink and black kitchen...sounds so pretty though. Like some of the kitchens back in the 50's/60's...I loved that era.

Today, I have to get some paperwork ready for the lender and drop off on our way over to see the new house. V wanted to go see it again and I want to take some pictures to show Josh. Then I'll be working on the office getting my scrapbook table cleaned off-what a mess. And a few other little things.

You ladies take care and I hope everyone has a wonderful day/weekend!

Lot's of hugs! :hug: :hug:

12-29-2006, 07:39 PM
Hi ladies,

mkat - aww, I hope you find your book. I bought 2 copies, one to keep and 1 to loan out, and now I'm getting a waiting list for the 2nd one, lol.

Marti - sorry there are some frustrating things going on at work. Seems to me that a good job like that would make the employees want to stay. Are you doing a single scrapbook page, or doubles, like Cristi and I did? I wanted to do just one page, but have too much to tell for just one page, lol. I'll be glad to see yours!

Cristi - yes, the pf is getting frustrating! Some friends and I wanted to make plans to go to Evansville for shopping one day next week, and I'm afraid to go since I don't know about my foot. It wouldn't be any fun to be in a mall and not be able to walk, lol. Hope you got your errands done.

Hello to everyone reading this. :wave:

My days are all messed up this week, and this does not seem like Friday. :dizzy: I didn't get much done, since I've been babying my foot. What I've been working on is re-doing my recipes onto regular paper, instead of recipe cards. I get so many recipes from the internet, or copies from friends, that I decided to do this as my new project. So I bought a cool binder for them, and one each for my DDs. I thought that while I'm printing the old recipes out, I might as well print one for each of them. Hopefully this will help keep my hands busy after I jump back on the wagon Monday.

I've decided that since I can't walk the treadmill, I'm going to keep working on strength training for my upper body, and do leg and hip exercises like we did in gym class back in the day that can be done sitting on the floor. That way I won't be hurting my foot. Not exactly good cardio, but at least it's something.

Have a good weekend!

12-30-2006, 03:01 AM
Hello ladies...I have been here and read some, but due to a slow computer I can't post well. It is very frustrating. Hope evryone had a wonderful Christmas and will have a nice NY eve. We are in Vegas where they have the BIGGEST party...and will probably stay home. LOL. Most years we go out to a local place and have champagne, but doubt we try that this year.
I am getting walking in and not eating too too badly. Hope to get better now that the fudge is gone. :) I want to do You, the Diet when I get back to IN. I would love to hear anything you ladies who are/have tried it can tell me. Like maybe a few hints to try now to get prepared to start it full fledged in the Spring. I don't even have scales here. Yikes.
We are well and have had fun, but might head back home earlier than planned. I think we all miss the new house. We will see what happens.

DH got me the most beautiful book for bird watching and even I can't wait for Spring.

Now to cross my fingers and hope this sends.....

12-30-2006, 04:53 AM
Hi guys.

I have been very sick. Luckily, my flu is over, but now I'm worrying about something else. After calling a nurse hotline at my local hospital today, I went to the emergency room on her advice. My abnormal ToM has lasted three weeks now. Anyhow, they did a bunch of blood tests and aside from finding that I'm not pregnant (duh!), they found out nothing. Now, I have an OB/Gyn appointment next week, but every day my ToM gets heavier. :( And I'm starting to really worry about what it could be. My fiance is being very supportive... But I'm really worried it might be something they'll have to knock me out for (I hate anesthesia). Anyways, aside from that, I'm doing okay. I haven't been able to work out since a couple of days before Christmas. :( Now, my cramping is getting pretty bad. Stupid doctors, not seeing me till next week. Bleh.

JANE: Hope you're doing better. It's better to take it easy than not exercise at all... but then, I'm not even taking my own advice!

SUE: Sucks about your computer. I'm glad you were able to post, at least. It can be so frusterating when your computer just won't cooperate! I hope your NY Eve is great, too. My fiance and I will be sharing it with my family this year.

To everyone I'm missing: I'm sorry, it's just too late to go over all the names right now. Besides, I'm trying really hard not to worry about what my unusual bleeding might indicate.

Thanks for all the well-wishing! I will update you guys when I have the chance.

12-30-2006, 03:58 PM
Tiffie--I hope your OB/gyn finds out what is happenning with you. There are several of us on this site that have problem TOM's so we can relate. my daughter who is 19 is having some problems herself--she has the tendency to get lots of little cysts, none big enough to do anything about but she has had two or three rupture since she was 15. She is having her second TOM this month and is really crampy. They did tests but don't find anything wrong with her. I have had to have one ovary removed and have problems with cramping and two monthly TOM's myself.

Sue--I just got the Dr Oz book myself--am going to start reading it today. Hub and I will be lucky if we are up to see the ball drop!!

Jane--I started a notebook too, actually a couple of small ones with sheet protectors in them, I have a dessert one, a main dish one and a side one. It was something my MIL did--the sheet protectors keep the pages clean.

Cristina--good luck with the lender and the house buying and selling!!

MKat--that's terrible that someone stole your book out of your vehicle.

Marti-Right now our little group is pretty good--no major personality issues--yes there are things we all do that pluck the others nerves but nothing that makes anyone of us want to leave. I am thinking about taking an extra day when we get the MLK holiday and painting my kitchen. I know we are definitely taking off a week in June to go to Indianapolis to see my FIL. I would like to take a week and go to Arizoona to see hubbys cousins in September too. With everything paid off we might actually be able to do some of the things we want starting next summer.

Where is SASSY!!!!

Well back to going through my junk pile!!

12-30-2006, 04:15 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies!

Today is my laundry day. What fun eh? DH just left for work, should be back tomorrow night sometime. Maybe in time for the New Year to arrive......

Judith--You crack me up.....lost it on your way to McD's? Hope you find it.

Cristi--Sounds like a good motivator to be part of a team. I will be doing some sort of TBL at work w/a couple ladies. One gal for sure. We're slowly trying to get the others in our department involved. Will be starting on the 1st. Not sure yet how we're going to do it, but we want to have a reward at the end of each month. Still working out the details.

Jane--I have plans to do a two pager. I really want to get back into it this year so I plan on having fun with it. James bought me a really nice stamping set for Christmas. Can't wait to use it. There are of coarse, a few stamps that I don't see myself ever using, but you never know! (may have to come up w/something to use them!) I like your recipe idea. James prints recipes from online all the time and I have a folder just for his recipes. Some have been used quite a bit. I told him we need to buy a laminator to protect them! (he's not necessarily a clean cook!)

Sue--I can only imagine the celebrations going on in Vegas! I wouldn't even know where to go if I was there. I probably would be scared too! I can totally understand missing the new house. You guys didn't get to be in it very long before you left!

Tiffie--So sorry that you're feeling so bad. A long period is nothing to enjoy that's for sure. I hope the doctor gives you a diagnosis for it next week. I'm happy to hear that your fiance is there to help comfort you. Sounds like you have a good man in your life.

Jules--My job hires a lot of students. Which really isn't that bad, actually it's good for them so they can work while going to school....but they tend to feel like they're better than the job itself and leave soon or they can't handle school and work (I couldn't that's for sure) so we're always getting new people. We need people who will stick around so we're not always short handed. And my opinion is to stop hiring students! :dizzy:

Not a lot going on for me today. I'm going to clean my kitchen that I've been ignoring the last couple days. The rest of the house looks great! (see how long that last!) Hope you all have a fun and safe New Year Weekend!!

12-30-2006, 05:23 PM
Hey Ladies. Its me. Sorry I've been MIA. I have a really bad cold and I am lucky that I can make it to work everyday. :p I take medicine but I think its just going to have to run its course.

But I wanted to pop in and say hi and let you all know I'm "still alive" lol. Thanks Jules for your PM. ;)

Happy New Year to you all!!!!!!!!

12-30-2006, 10:29 PM
Hi ladies,

Sue - one good thing about You on a Diet is you don't need a scales. Only a tape measure. I don't know any of us who wouldn't still want to check for weight loss, though.

Tiffie - one good thing to remember is that whatever is wrong probably isn't serious. You may just need a good D&C. Like Marti said, sounds like you've got a good guy there.

Jules - well, I have page protectors, but then the tabs in the binder are covered up, so I think I'm going to take my chances with splatters, lol. I can just see the marina sauce now, haha. But I really think the 8 /2 x 11 pages are going to be so much better than recipe cards.

Marti - I picked up some 1/2 price Christmas scrapbook stickers at Walmart. Well, they're thicker than regular stickers, almost like 3-D, you know what I mean? Anyway, they're so cute! Like you, I'm really getting back into scrapbooking. I got some precious shots of the grandkids Christmas Eve that I want to work with. Also, I'm going to take some candid shots of Neal working his jigsaw puzzles and do a page with those. Gotta do something to keep my mind off food, right?

Sassy - I'm glad to see you're back, and feeling a little better. I'd bring you some chicken soup if I could.

Hello to anyone else reading this. :wave:

Neal is in the other room tuning his guitar for tomorrow, and I'm trying to hurry through my internet stops before he gets done, lol. We've got church tomorrow, then we're babysitting until 4, then doing our NYE dinner and celebration later. I probably won't be able to check in until Monday. So....

:hat: I'll chat at ya' next year!! :hat:

:carrot: 2007, here we come!! :carrot:

12-31-2006, 02:45 AM
Sounds like everyone is keeping busy. We went out for awhile today, but got home early and enjoyed being lazy. Tomorrow is brunch and then probably home to read papers and do very little. LOL.
I have been getting walking in.....the weather is finally co-operating. Today was a sunny 60 and no wind. Last week we had some very strong winds and when that happens the dust blows so I can't walk. All it takes is sand in the eyes and my contacts go bonkers.....yikes.
Food is so so...but will get better. I swear! I bought bananas and apples. AND the fudge that I like is GONE.
Sassy- Hope you feel better soon sweetie.
Jane- Enjoy babysitting and your NYE. Hope Mary is doing well....give her a hug from me.
Marti- Yes, I would not go to the Strip for anything NYE. They close it to incoming people early...downtown also. If you are going to party there you need to get in early and not plan to leave until early a.m. the 1st. Too long for an oldster like me to be out. HAHA. They do have fireworks that we can watch from our favorite local place. (or on tv) LOL.
Jules- Hope you get to make the travels you wish for...Hey, Indy, you will be near Jane and I.
Cristina- I just saw that you are going to sell your house. I wish you well with that and hope you get to buy the one you love. Is it a new build or an existing? I see that houses are starting to move again in most areas after being flat for awhile. We heard that of over 200 listed in our little area last year our realtor only sold 7 in our price we were very lucky to sell.

Okay soon....

12-31-2006, 03:31 AM
.Hey all.

Thanks for the Get Well Wishes! I think if I'm not feeling better by Tuesday, that will be a week, then I will go to the dr for some anti-biotics or something. ;)

Jane -- I hope you enjoy your Dinner and Celebration! :hat:

Sue -- Hey "Vegas" Girl! ;) Sounds like your enjoying yourself and :yikes: sand in your eyes. I hate when anything gets in my eyes and I know especially when you have contacts it is very irritating to say the least! ;)

Happy New Year!!!!!

12-31-2006, 09:42 AM
Sassy-Hope you will be feeling better soon. I go through seasons where I don't even get the sniffles to the ones where I get every cold/flu that goes through.

Sue--We will have to get together when I get to Indianapolis. Actually we will be in Fort Wayne. Sand in the eyes with contacts sounds painful!!

Jane-I got some of the little post-it strips to mark my favorites.

Marti--One of the ladies who turns 67 on Tuesday is thinking of retiring or working parttime only. I am not sure what I will do when that happens. She is not the best worker I have (and no her age is not the factor since the whole group ranges from 60 to 77 with the younger ones being me at 41 and my other temp who is 32) She has a problem with staying put and finishing her work, she is a social butterfly that flits and floats, but when she does sit down and put some effort into it she does well.

Tiffie--hope you are feeling better too.

Cristina--you will have to post pics of the house you want.

Katie & Michelle & Mkat & anyone else lurking--hi!!

Well I need to get some things done. Everyone have a happy and safe New Years Eve!!

12-31-2006, 04:42 PM
Hello ladies...

Not much going on...TOM decided to pay a visit and this one is making up for all that I have missed. Usually do that about every 4-6 months. Wish menopause would just hit me completely and be done with it already. I so enjoynot having a TOM for months. Sorry for starting out the post this way, lol...just a terrible time for TOM, ick. Anyway...

SASSY...good to see you posting again but sorry to hear you've been sick. Hope you get to feeling better soon. :hug:

TIFFIE...hope someone can find something out soon. I can only imagine how frustrating it is. Hope you get to feeling better too! :hug:

JULES...I will post some picture once V has his roll of film developed. I was not wanting to get attached to the new home for fear of losing it but the realtor keeps saying "You gotta stay positive!" I love her! She is really gung ho so I know she will sell this one. The problem will be in not losing the other before we sell. But ya...V took some pictures but not a lot so he has about 12 pictures to take and then get it developed. The builder excepted the offer so all is good right now. :crossed:

JANE...for some reason I thought it was just going to be you and Neal for NYE. Hope you guys have a wonderful night.

MARTI...I too plan on getting back into scrap booking. I have too many projects to finish. DD and I never did finish her book, plus I bought an Army photo album and all the paper and stuff to do an Army one for Josh. Then there are just the ones I had planned on doing for Jason &'ll be working on them for years at this rate, lol! Good for you ladies at your job and doing TBL.

SUE...I bet it is really something being in Vegas for New Years. My Aunt has been living there for about 3 years now, I think. May be longer. She lived in Dallas for years and then moved to Houston to help my cousin out (her DD) when her DH asked for a divorce. Then out of the blue...she told everyone she was moving to Vegas. She loves it though.

You ladies and all this talk about the "You" book...I am going to have to see what it is about for sure. I probably won't follow it, :dunno: but everyone has peaked my curiosity. Too many people talking about it and how good it is...who knows maybe I will follow it. Anywho...I've been on here for a while and think I need to get going and get something done around here. Haven't been cleaning the house like it should be since it is listed, lol. Just figured no one is going to be out there looking for houses right now with it being a Holiday weekend. We are scheduled for a Realtors Tour the 9th and then an Open House on the 14th...time to get this ball rolling! Anyway...I won't be back until probably Tuesday so I hope everyone has a wonderful New year's!

:newyear: :woo: :hat:A very HAPPY 2007 to you all!:hat: :woo: :newyear:

See ya next year, lol! ;)

12-31-2006, 05:38 PM
Hey Chicas.

Well today I woke up feeling worse than ever. :barf: At least this is my "Friday" I kept waking up coughing and feeling very very sick. This is the worst I've felt in a while. I imagine I will have to go to the dr. on Tues as I don't see it letting up any.

Have a Happy New Year!

01-01-2007, 03:06 AM
NYE in Vegas and I am home feeling crummy. Oh well, I have had my share of parties in the past...and I know how it feels the next morning. haha.
Having an upset tummy and sinus "goop" to boot.

I hope you are all having a better NYE and will have a wonderful Double Oh Seven....(007)

01-01-2007, 03:25 AM
Sue and sassy: At least we're all sick together, eh? Misery loves company, and all that jazz. So sick atm, sneezing water and coughing. Hope the two of you feel better soon.

01-01-2007, 12:05 PM
Happy 2007, ladies! :hat:

Sue - last night as we went to bed, Neal said "Happy Double Naught Seven" like Jethro Bodeen, lol. For you young ones, he was a IQ-challenged character from the Beverly Hillbillies show. Are you too sick to do brunch today? Hope not, and that you have a great time.

Sassy and Tiffie - hope both of you are feeling better today, too.

Jules - hey, I'd love to meet you, too! Where is Ft. Wayne? It sounds familiar, so at least I know I've heard of it. Did you say this is going to be in June? I've got a few things already going on in June, but when are you going? Cool idea about the post-its! You're very creative.

Cristi - it was just Neal and me for NYE. We babysat only until 4pm, then the kiddos went home. We had invited my widowed sister to join us so she wouldn't be alone, but she ended up babysitting her DGKs instead. About the YOU book, the doctors give a lot of information about why we eat too much, how it affects our bodies, and what we can do to become healthy. The diet is a little too strict for me - no way could I eat exactly like that for life. But I'm using the basic guidelines and tweaking it just a little to be one that I can live with, and still lose weight and get/stay healthy.

We had fun last night. We watched some of the Twilight Zone marathon for awhile, then played some cards, and watched more TV, and just talked. Sounds boring, but we had fun.

I'm back on track with diet and exercise. I've recorded my weight and measurements, and have my eating plan and exercise plan in place. Well, the exercise will vary since I like walking the treadmill but can't do it right now with my foot the way it is. I'd like to get one of those resistance bands to use for my arms. Have any of you used those?

Gotta run....

01-01-2007, 03:13 PM
Jane--Fort Wayne is less than an hour away from Indianpolis. We are waiting for the dates for some big car show DH and his Dad want to go to. It's in June every year so once the 2007 calender is up we should be able to narrow done the dates.

Cristina--I like the new avatar!! Hope your house sells quick so you can move into the new one.

Sue,Tiffi & Sassy--hope you all start feeling better soon. No fun to be sick.

Hi to everyone else.

I, like Jane have got my measurements and weight recorded and am drinking water again along with recording calories. I need to make going to the gym a priority--after all the amount comes out of my checking account every month and it's money wasted by not going. Even if I only do 20 minutes on the treadmill I am going. Also reading the Dr Oz book, but am seriously considering going back to WW to get motivated again. I did WW before but was not ready to give up my calorie laden Coca-Colas!! I would like to be in oneunderland by April 1. That's five pound a month and is definitely doable if I stick with it. Hubby wants to do something too, he is the biggest he has ever been and is interested in the Dr Oz book.

Gotta go!!

01-01-2007, 05:12 PM
Hello ladies...

Didn't think I would get back here (3fc) till Tuesday but here I am. Not feeling so good. Woke up with a horrible headache that will not go away, ugh. And I didn't even drink anything last night. Just stayed up later than usual and slept waaaay too late this morning for some reason.

Nothing going on today. Spent half the morning watching GSN, lol. Love my game shows. Getting some laundry done as well. Back on track with everyone's schedule tomorrow, yippee! I'll have the house to myself again,lol.

JANE...glad you and Neal had a good time. I am definitely going to have to check into the YOU book. There's another one I want to read as well, can't remember what the title is though, lol. WTG on getting back on track! :carrot:

JULES...same to you, WTG on getting back on track! :carrot: I like the avatar as well. I don't live my life crazy by some standards but crazy enough for me, lol. Me and DH are talking about joining WW again. We did it years ago but quit. I just saw a commercial too that said right now, until March 10 I think it was if you join there are no memebership fees...that would save us lots with both joining. He too is at the biggest he's ever been and we both need to do something.

SASSY, TIFFIE & SUE...stay away from me, lol! Kidding...hope you ladies get to feeling better soon. It definitely is no fun being sick.

Anywho...just a sort of quickie for me. Need to go get the clothes put in the dryer and start another load. I probably won't fold them today. I'll get back on track with the house cleaning tomorrow when everyone is gone. Oh, man I just remembered the kids will be home. The college is taking a holiday as well as the postal workers in honor/memory of Ford. Darn it...thought I was going to have the house to myself tomorrow. I've got to get it spotless for when we get any calls and keep it that way. Hard to do with Jason and V home...not sure who is the bigger pig, lol. Anyway...take care ladies and I hope everyone is having a HAPPY NEW YEAR! :hug:

01-01-2007, 10:58 PM
Evening Ladies!! :wave:

Had a very low key NYE last night. James came home around 9:00...a lot sooner than I expected, but I got my midnight kiss! :love:

I did the same today as Jane & Jules. Did my weigh in, will be measuring and I've started my food journal. So organized like never before! I was shocked w/the weigh in today. I managed to only gain .4lbs over the holidays! Barely less than 1/2 a pound. That is a total accomplishment for me! Walking this whole time has paid off.

To all the sickies out there...I hope you start feeling better.
To all the others a great big hello and hope you don't catch the sniffles too!

I need to get going and help make dinner. We're cooking something out of the WW cookbooks we own.

Hugs to all!:hug: And heres to a great 2007!:carrot:

01-02-2007, 12:25 AM
Hi from the sickie!!!!!! :sp:

I hope you had a great New Year's Day. For the first time in about a week or so, I feel better! I'm still not 100% yet, but I don't feel totally crumby at least. lol.

Sue -- Sometimes just staying home is much better than being out in the crowds and having to worry about drunks, etc. I will take a night @ home anytime over going out in the madness! lol. Although once in while I admit is nice to get out too. I hope you tummy feels better. You can join us "Sickies". lol.

Tiffie -- Yup we can all be sick together. lol. I hope your feeling better too!

Jane -- :rofl: @ the Jethro "quote" lol. Yes I remember Jethro. lol. Bravo for being back on track with your diet and exercise. I haven't yet started I'm afraid since I've been sick and all. But I plan too, as soon we get to the grocery. If I have the energy I may try to do some exercises for my back later, at least its something!

Jules -- Your back on track too!! Wow that is great! :cp: I need to get back on track. I also love Dr. Oz, but I have a question, where do you find foods that doesn't have those 5 ingredients in them? Wow its tough! But I was successful in finding bread and even whole grain bagels that did not have the 5 key ingredients, but it wasn't easy! And Boy they aren't kidding about fiber filling you up faster!

Cristina -- Awwwwww don't you want big hugs from us "sickies"? Aw come on you want a I hope your feeling better. I need to do laundry tomorrow. :p I haven't yet started back on track either, so we can start tomorrow, together! ;)

Marti -- WTG on not gaining that much and getting organized, wanna come and help me????? :( lol.

Well I haven't yet started being "back on track" like the rest of y'all, but I figured I would start tomorrow. Esp. since today was the 1st day I even felt like eating period. Not that its a good excuse, I know even if your sick you shouldn't eat bad. :)

Also my mil told me she is exercising now!!!!! She bought the Bean ( She said that she was sore after doing it but that she can actually exercise! I think its great because as I have said before, my mil is disabled. I'm even thinking about buying one for myself, since I have a bad back! I saw the bean on Ellen when she had a bunch of different gift ideas and her mother was demonstrating the bean. So just wanted to share that with everyone. :exercise:

On another note, did you all hear that they raised the minimum wage from $5.15 to $6.85? I think that is great. Does that mean the rest of us will be getting a raise too? I think we should! But I'm glad that the min. wage went up, maybe it will help out those who do make min. wage, I know how it feels struggling to make it on min. wage, its not easy! Not that I am "Well off" or anything now, but I can say I've come a long way. ;)

Take Care and Very Very Healthy Wishes!!!!!


01-02-2007, 08:10 AM
Quick Good Morning before leaving for work--will bbl!!

01-02-2007, 12:58 PM
Another quick hello over here too! Need to get myself in gear for work and I'm just too tired this morning. What was I thinking going to bed around 2:00????? to get breakfast and coffee.........bbl tonight!

01-02-2007, 05:38 PM
Four days worth of posts to catch up on but I'll try

Jane- I check my weight every other day out of habit/fear, and my waist weekly. I've gained 1.4 lbs, :( but lost 2 inches overall, only a 1/4 of it from my waist. Glad to know I'm not the only one still checking weight as well.

Tiffie- wow. BTDT with the ToTM lasting weeks and getting worse. Mine turned out to be PCOS complicated by severe anemia. Hope yours is something as simple to take care of...

Marti- that's the last trip I'm concious of having it on.

Hi Sassy!

We ended up staying home with the kids on NYE. New Years day we made a trip to lafayette {should have known the gas prices were going to shoot up 22 cents the next day! and me with a quarter tank of gas] took the canine companion in training to petsmart and got him a cheese and bacon 'hoof' to chew on so he wouldn't chew up my van while we were in the mall, then walked around the mall for a couple hours. he's still pretty excitable so we don't take him in new places yet without a diaper, and I left his diapers at home, and petsmart didn't have his size in stock :( Poor spoiled baby also polished off the remains of my subway sub while we were in the mall. Which probably explains why he devoured dh's dr. pepper on the way home. He turned down my diet coke with artificial lemon juice. {so did I. yech. I thought it might actually taste like real lemon juice, but no such luck} anyways, it was fun. the girls and I had never been to the mall, or lafayette before {i've passed by on the bypass, but never been in-town] and Dh hadn't been since high school.

anyhoo, off to update my blog and catch up on other threads and boards. Got to take the kids home shortly, clean out my van and so on. I 'should' be back on Friday.... Everyone have fun.

p.s. somebunny remind me not to guilt trip too heavy over the three hot dogs on fake-whole-wheat with ketchup I just had for lunch? TIA

01-02-2007, 07:43 PM
It's a Boy!!!! Gina had the ultrasound today- she's 22 weeks along - and Terry called me as soon as they left the building. The doctor said there is no doubt, and even had a little white arrow on the ultrasound print-out pointing to the penis and scrotum. Yikes, I'm all set with princess stuff and girly stuff from the 5 dear granddaughters.... I've got some shopping to do! Woo Hoo!!!!

I'll catch you all later..... :hug:

01-02-2007, 08:11 PM

01-03-2007, 03:42 AM
:carrot: :carrot: :carrot: WhooHoo!!! Congratulations to Gina and Terry!!! :carrot: :carrot: :carrot:

All our thoughts of blue paid off!! So happy for you! First grandson.....boy won't he be spoiled?!

Give them a hug for me!! :hug:

I will pop back by in the morning....just did my walk....a little later than I had planned but I got one in. I need a shower and then I need to hit the hay!

Until the morning!

01-03-2007, 03:47 AM
Hey all,

Just a quick pop in to say thanks for the well wishes and yesterday (Tues.) I was just really, really tired. :tired: So we didn't do much and don't plan on doing much today (Wed.) either. I don't care if people think we're lazy, I don't care. We've worked massive overtime and have been really sick the last week as well. So we're taking it easy because its back to work Thursday Night.

Have a Great Night/Morning/Whatever it is. lol.

:wave: Jules, Marti, Mary Kate!

:congrat: Jane!

Where is Cristina and Michelle?????? Well I hope you both are well wherever you are. ;)

Hello to anybody I happened to miss. I hope you are all well.


01-03-2007, 03:23 PM
Sassy--I have found that even though the $ is great when working OT, your body tends to get run down and alot of times you end up sick. Even if you don't get sick, alot of times it seems you stay tired. Once sleep is lost I don't believe you can catch back up for a long while. Glad you are getting better--you deserve to have a couple of lazy days!!

Marti--hi to you!!

Jane--it must be the season for boys--my neice is definitly having a boy, our friends are 75% sure-the umbilical cord was in the way most of the viewing, and my two coworker find out what they are having this month. That boy will be spoiled rotten by all the girls!!

01-03-2007, 04:27 PM
Hi ladies,:wave:

Marti - yup, all the Jaded Ladies' blue thoughts helped! I've already been looking at little outfits. Gina's sister has 2 boys, though, and dressed them to the 9's, and I know she's going to pass those things down to Gina, so I need to find out what's actually needed.

mkat and Sassy - thanks for the congrats. :D

Julie - it really must be the season for boys, because I know of some others, too. When my son called me right after they found out, I wondered if it could be the cord, but when I saw the ultrasound, there's no doubt, lol.

Hello to everyone else reading this.

I got my grocery shopping out of the way, and bought some exercise resistance bands while I was out. They came with some guidelines, so I'll let you know how that goes. I'm doing well with the food and water, too, and pray this feeling of enthusiasm stays with me. I'm trying something new with our dinner tonight - sweet potatoes cut into strips, and sprayed with olive oil and sprinkled with a little coarse sea salt. I'll let you know how they were. Some of you may have already made them, but I haven't tried them exactly like that.

Hope you're all having a great day!

01-03-2007, 06:07 PM
Hello ladies...

Just a fly by from me. Been busy and not a lot of time to post right now. But had to stop by and see how everyone is doing, and say Hi.


SASSY...glad you are feeling a little better. And no, no hugs missy! Lol Cyber hugs yes...:hug: :hug: Hey, that bean thing looks kinda cool. I have never even heard of it.

HI SUE, JUDITH, MARTI, JULES, MICHELLE and everyone else :wave:

Hoping to have more time to post tomorrow and catch up.

Take care and I hope everyone is having a great day!

01-03-2007, 08:20 PM
Jane--it was driving Henry crazy--the baby was sticking out his tounge and wouldn't move so they could see--I told him it a sign of things to come and the baby was going to be just like him!!

Hi everyone else!!

01-03-2007, 08:32 PM
Hey Chicks!

I'm feeling better, finally! Well I've been drinking water, water, and yup more water! I could just float away! lol.I actually did some exercise this morning. Found a exercise show on tv.
I'm all screwed up in the sleep dept. :dizzy: Luckily I am off tonight!

Jules -- Yeah I think all the OT caught up with us and weakened us so we did get sick! I'm just glad its over with.

Cristina -- Aw I'm all better now, can I have hugs? :hug: lol

Hi :wave: to everybody!

Well that is about it for me.

Take Care.

01-04-2007, 02:25 AM
Hi ladies..Just another "quickie" here. We are not well at my house yet. DH got sick as Mom and I were getting better. We all stayed home the last 2 days, which meant I had to cook. haha.... I still have some light headedness and ear ache. Mom is just we suspect sinus problems for both of us. If it keeps up we will need to go to the clinic I guess. DH has a terrible head cold going on. We really think most of this is due to the smoke in the casinos as we really stay away from smoke until we come out here. It seems to get us worse each year, so another reason to possibly sell our vacation home. We will see.
I finally saw Dr. Oz on Discovery Health tonight...along with DH. He actually knows what I have been talking about all this time now. Once we get back home I think we will get serious!!! For now we are going to try walking (when we feel better) and do a better job of reading labels. I personally am going to get back to eating oatmeal or Cheerios for breakfast during the week and then brunch on the week-end.
I walked today for 25 is so warm and sunny. I thought it might clear my head to get out there. (It didn't) but I had a glass of wine that sure felt good. :)

01-04-2007, 01:03 PM
I have got to get myself to bed sooner!! I'm just getting up way too late!!

Been doing great w/the eating and exercising! My hubby has taken to the WW cookbooks and has prepared yummy meals the last few nights. Very tasty.

Been keeping my portions under control and making sure breakfast is part of my day. Keeping food journal is helping very much so.

Walking on the treadmill everyday. I've upped my speed a little and I brought back the weights while I walk. I had James add some music to my MP3 player so I had something new to listen to while I walk. Makes the time go by faster.

So far so good! Monday is my WI day so we'll see if I'm maintaining or losing.....just as long as I'm not gaining!!!!

Better get moving.

Have a great day all!

01-04-2007, 10:14 PM
Marti--sounds like you have a great plan going!!

Sue--it has actually been warmer than average here. Hope your Mom is okay.

Sassy--I am drinking mine too--my coworkers are teasing about my trips to the bathroom!!

Well girls I am going to try WW again. I thought I didn't do so well on it last time several years ago but I found my weight tracker for the 9 weeks I went and I lost over 10 lbs. At the time I wasn't ready to give up my full calorie forget the diet Coca-Cola so I was drinking my points instead of making good food choices but this time will be different. I am also going to hit the gym afterwards.

01-05-2007, 12:29 AM
Hi ladies,

Cristi - did you remember which book it was you wanted? Wasn't the Bob Greene one, was it? I understand he's pushing Slim Fast in it, and charging extra $$ to access his website. But that might be just what some people want. :dunno: Like you, I think cleaning is so much easier when nobody else is around. Even though it's just Neal and me who acually live here, lots of people are in and out.

Sassy - glad you're feeling better. Some of the exercise programs on tv are pretty good, and as you say, something is better than nothing. I hope you get some good rest. You need it, missy! :yes:

Jules - aww, how cute! In another of the ultrasound photos, our little one was sucking his thumb. I can't wait to hold him. <sigh> Good luck with WW. I lost a boat-load of weight on the regular Flex plan, then messed up big-time at maintenance. Not sure why I dont just do WW again.

Sue - so what did you and DH think of Dr. Oz? The smoke in the casinos would KILL me, lol. Don't know how you take it.... When are you coming back to Indiana?

Marti - I'm so proud of your progress! And be sure to share some recipes if you have time. My baked sweet potato fries were sure good! Now that I CAN'T use the treadmill, of course I want to, lol.

Hello to anyone else reading this.:wave:

I used the exercise bands yesterday, so that's something, at least. Today I walked a lot in Evansville while shopping with my buddies, proabably more than I should have. My feet feel like they're about to fall off. Dixie dropped me off at the doors of the stores we went to, so my feet wouldn't hurt as badly, with this pf. I'd hate to know how bad they'd hurt if I'd walked any more than I did! Btw, I stayed POP (perfectly on program) while out. We ate at Cracker Barrel, and I had grilled chicken, carrots and grean beans. No roll, no dessert.

Mary's good friend gave her a beagle that had been dumped near the friend's house. She's a small dog, and sweet as can be. After the fact, Neal noticed the dog is pregnant! So today Mary took the dog - Sadie - to the vet, and he recommmeded terminating the pregnancy, since she is so small, and we have no idea how huge the dad may be. It's a risky surgery, but not as risky as the birthing could be. Sadie goes in tomorrow, so keep your fingers crossed for her. She sure is a sweetie pie!

Toodles for now, :hug:

01-05-2007, 02:39 AM
Jane- We enjoyed Dr. Oz and DH picked up on a few things that made him say "hmmm." I had read most of his latest book back in IN and am anxious to read both books when we get home. DH kept saying that we DO buy food like that and we DO cook like that and have for a few years. I said Obviously NOT or we wouldn't weigh what we do. Actually, we do buy things that are healthy, it is the other junk we eat AFTER the healthy stuff. :)
By the way...congrats on the new grandson...Blue is such a pretty color.

Jules- Good luck on starting WW. Seems like you had good results before so should really rock it this time. Keep us posted.

Sassy- Glad you are feeling better get some rest.

Cristina- I remember how annoying it is to try to keep the house in tip top shape for the "lookies." Wishing you very good luck on the sale and purchase of a new home. I am really missing my new house this week. I think it is because of all the White sales and good prices I am seeing on things here that I want at home. LOL...

Marti- You are doing impressing things chickie. And to have your own private chef who cooks WW meals. go girl!

We are feeling better here...even went out for a brief time today. DH is worse off than Mom or I today...still sniffling. But says he feels much better. I had a nice walk early in the day and was glad I did since it got real windy later. DH wants to start walking tomorrow, so that should keep me going.

Think I will go lay in bed and watch House Hunters...lazy I know, but everyone else is asleep. DH won't move if I turn on tv, so I am off.

01-05-2007, 03:58 AM
Hey Gang!

Well I'm sorry to report -- no rest for me! I had to come into work early yesterday @ 2 p.m. and um I'm still here and have to be here at least until 4 a.m., maybe later! We were going to leave early @ midnight, but our co-worker was sick so we let him go home and we were nice and stayed. So Jane & Sue don't be too mad at me! lol. Oh yeah and we're coming in early today (Friday) too, but not until 4 p.m.

What can I say? I'm a gluten for punishment! lol. Plus with the new car now, extra money comes in handy!!! But seriously, one of our co workers had to have emergency surgery and will be out for a while so we have to kinda cover because someone has to cover for her.

I was a bad bad girl yesterday. :( But as Dr. Oz says, "Don't focus on that, just move on." So that is what I shall do. :) See I've been working now for almost 13 hours and I still am postive! :woohoo:

Well chickies I guess that is all for me, for now. lol.

Thanks for all the well wishes and requests for me to get rest! I did get a good sleep before coming in at least and I'm sure I will sleep VERY VERY well once I get home! IF I ever get home, Co-workers have been joking to us that we should just move in to work as it would be much easier! lol!

Take Care Everybody!!!!!!!!!


01-05-2007, 08:16 AM
Okay I just got done working 14 and 1/2 hours a few hours ago, why can't I sleep?????? :?: I stayed in bed for about 45 minutes, nothing. I even took some Nyquil because I started coughing again, hopefully it will kick in soon! I took it about an hour ago!

I so wish I could just take off tonight and I could, but that would mean bye bye overtime! :(

01-05-2007, 12:47 PM
Oops! I forgot to leave a message saying head on over to 227 before I closed!

Well it's been started so see ya there! :wave: