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10-07-2001, 09:27 AM
It is such a great day that I think I will wake up everyone(except for SD#2 since she gets up at 6) and go on a picnic and hike. If U carry a 30# child most of the way, is it more excercise points???? :?: I am soo proud of her lately, she has started talking and last month making sentances...Life is getting easier!!!!!!!I have gotten back into the excercise regime, but have to not get too compulsive like I did 2 yrs ago..My gyn says U can excercise up until delivery if U did it before pregnancy..She just says no running after the 6th month but said my body would tell me when that was!!!Hmmmmmmmm.....cant wait to see if that is true!!!

Tech-The honeymoon and wedding sounded wonderful!!!Can't wait to see pics!!!I have always wanted to go to that part of the US but never made it yet...I will one day!!!!Glad to see U back.The Belgium and Swiss chocolate and the croissants in France helped me get home with about 8 extra pounds..I wouldn't trade it for anything though!!!!Tooo much fun!!Good luck on the job market and the move!!!!!

I better go check on the child..Yesterday when she was quiet, she was putting makeup on my white cat who was letting her...
Poor thing was relaxing in the bathroom sink with blush on her face and missing hair from being "shaved" with the electric razor..I think the cat is nuts too!!!My cats who have never been around kids have really adjusted well!!!!!
Have a great day all!!!
BFB--RU ok?????

10-07-2001, 10:35 AM
Tech- My birthday is the 20th. We can celebrate together. Really you will have to for the both of us. I am having dental surgery on your b-day. So I won't be enjoying mine.

Okay guys remember me going on that blind date in June. Well we are now dating. He is really nice and good to us. Better than the last 2 I picked.

Tech-Congrads on your wedding.

Vicki-Do not be excerising to much when you are pregnant. My friend who is a good athelitc was told by her doctor some is fine. But she was still doing to much and for some reason very athletic women end up making there birth canal narrower, because of all the built up muscle.

OKay of to get some stuff down and then we have to go to his house for the Packer game.


10-07-2001, 10:40 PM
Hi All,

Pryia- I'm exstatic to hear about the new man!! I remember that date, and I remember your being worried about whether or not you would hear from him!! :D I'm soo glad things are going well with him!!

RR- Glad to hear SD#2 is talking in almost sentences, that's great progress!! Hope you had fun today!

BFB- Hope everything's OK with you?!

I had a fairly busy day today. Went to the store early this afternoon, ended up stopping at 3 open houses before I got there!! Thankfully DH was not with me!! They were three completely different houses too. One was a log cabin, a real dump that needed a lot of work and the price was waaay too high for what needed to be done! One was a newer CH Colonial, perfect in almost every way, but waaay out of the range of what we'd be able to afford. The last was a small ranch (called rambler in other parts of the country). 3 BR, 1 BA, but small. Completely renovated though. It was fun to see them and see what's out there though.

When I got home, DH had all the apples peeled and cut up, so I proceeded to make crusts. Ended up making 2 apple pies...4 crusts...don't want to see a crust for at least another week!! I have a whole milk (sometimes called cheese) pumpkin that I bought this week though, so that's probably gonna get me at least 3-4 pies. :eek: Will probably cook it all, then freeze most of it. I'll just make one pie. Pumpkin's my favorite.

Looking forward to getting back to Gilad tomorrow. Have to remember to get my clothes out before bed so I don't forget!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

10-08-2001, 01:58 PM

I got home last night and hope to stay put for awhile. This past month has been a busy one.:)

Pryia - glad to hear you have not been layed off. Lots of people are having that problem. What type of dental surgery are you having? Too bad you can't put it off until after your birthday!? Glad the bf situation is going well. FYI - I am at 674.936 miles.

RR - I bought some little suckers to eat so I don't do too much tasting! Your picnic and hike sound fun. It was cold cold in Chicago this weekend. Funny about the cat with makeup!:lol:

Lauren - don't shoot! I did better after I wrote in - became much more aware of what I was putting in my mouth. Hope you like being a redhead again!:D Pies sound good!

Tech - Congratulations!! So happy to hear everything went smoothly and you enjoyed the honeymoon. I'd like to go to Bar Harbor sometime - sounds great in some articles I've read. Good luck on the job hunt and the moving!!

Better run - time to make my salad for lunch!


10-08-2001, 06:16 PM
The hike went great except for "mommy hold me", "I'm tired", "how much longer", "slow down"etc etc--hmmmmmm things I enjoy seem so different now!!!!!:dizzy: :dizzy:

Lauren-Ms Homemaker!!!!I am impressed with all the Martha Stewart activities!!!!!

Rabbit-Little suckers is a good idea!!!Yeah on the miles!!!

I did 5 yesterday hiking and then 6 today on the treadmill..It is amazing how harder the road and the hike is than the treadmill!!!
Well off to do my weekly brownies for the dear husband!!!!!!

10-08-2001, 09:08 PM
I'm back from our "Wonderful - Wonderful" show in St Louis. It was our best show of the year last year.....and this year too!!!
This is our favorite show its in an expensive neighborhood and the families let all the artists stay with them. We were with the same family as last year - it was nice to get to know them better this time. The neighborhood throws a huge party on Saturday night. This year it was the best italian...I ate way too much this weekend and had way to much wine. I'm going to be really sad in the morning when I step on the scales......I'll keep you posted.
- jul
(who has to do bookkeeping chores now)

10-09-2001, 09:17 AM
Hi Everyone,

Well yesterday was a holiday here (our Thanksgiving) so I had the day off, which was nice. Weighed myself this morning and managed to lose half a pound. I was thrilled given the week I had.

My husband is still counting points with me and he's down a total of 16 pounds which is so great. I've lost 10 pounds since I started going to the gym (6 of which is since my husband started with me a few weeks ago). So the progress isn't super fast but it's good enough for me since I don't really feel like I'm "dieting". At least I don't feel like I'm suffering everyday. I know this is so much better since it hopefully means that I know how to make better choices and that I'll be able to stick with it in the long run.

Lauren and Vicki - I don't know how you bake and not eat it all. Those are weaknesses of mine. Anything baked. I made a low fat cobbler on Saturday with some fruit I had in the freezer and it was probably fairly low point but I still had to work hard not to eat it all.

Vicki - isn't it true that it's so much easier to run on the treadmill than the road?? It's always a shock to the system when you actually go out and hit the road.

Hope everyone weighed in okay.

BFB - where are you??


10-09-2001, 10:31 AM
Hi All,

Elisa- Happy Belated Thanksgiving!! :) I like apple pie, but it doesn't affect me like something chocolate! I can have 1 pc. of pie a night and be fine. And it's just the crust and apples w/ about 4 T. brown sugar and cinnamon, so it's pretty low point! I haven't actually figured it out, but I think I've been counting it as 4 pts./slice. And DH made the cinnamon icecream. I love icecream, but I won't go nuts unless it's chocolate! I can have just a small scoop with the pie and be fine. Isn't that weird?! Congrats on yours & DH's progress!!

Jul- Sounds like you had a great time, that's cool that you actually stay with people.

RR- Weekly brownies?! LOL...talk about Martha!! Who woulda thought, between the two of us?!

Rabbit- Glad to hear you got back on track!! :D

Have a good day all...I'm tired today...:yawn:

Legal Eagle
10-09-2001, 11:18 AM
Hi all :cool:

Well I'm back from my walk. It was a great experience. I'm still a little sore & I've got some minor tendonitis in my left foot, but getting better quickly. We had a mixture of weather...rain, cold, hot, but we walked through it all. A lot of rain Friday night & a lot of people's tents got flooded, but I was lucky, stayed dry, thanks in part to my camping experience I think but also just plain luck that I wasn't in one of the "low" spots. Overall I raised a little over $2800 and the total raised for the Atlanta walk was $4.4 million for breast cancer research & treatment.

The bad news is....according to my home scale I gained 10# since last Wed morning. I don't really think that's possible considering I walked 60 miles. I think I'm probably bloated or holding water. A pair of shorts that fit fine last week were a bit snug on my legs yesterday, so I'm hoping it's just water retention or something! I already had about 10# I needed to lose again anyway!

Either way...I'm getting back on track today. I'm journaling & counting points. Can't do any exercise involving my legs for a few days, want to give them time to totally recover, but I'll do some crunches & stuff & some arm exercises on the weight machine. Hopefully there will be a major drop in weight in the next couple of days as my body recovers.

Pryia - congrats on the new guy & on not getting laid off!

Tech - glad the wedding & honeymoon went well! welcome to married life!

Guess that's all for now. I've got a mountain of e-mail to sort through so won't try to totally catch up, but will try to keep up from now on.


10-09-2001, 12:02 PM
Scale Report: It said 177 which really suprised me - I'd expected a big gain.

LE: 10# in one week really sounds out of wack. It might be a combination of water retention and new muscle! Have you been measuring your thighs and calfs??

O.K. I've got to get some schoolwork done with Weston this morning. Its hard to get the routine down every day when we're only home 3-4 days a week!!

- jul

10-09-2001, 01:02 PM
They say it never rains, but it pours. I did mean to start the thread, but things have just gotten the better of me recently. I have a job "situation" which has been going on for about a year and I have unfortunately allowed all the weight I lost, to catch up with me. To make matters worse, I think I mentioned something last week about family members blaming everyone else around them, but not actually looking in the mirror and recognizing the problem is them. I have just come back from spending the weekend(!) with my mum. Suffice to say she is very unhappy at the moment, my sister has got herself involved with a "gentleman" and I can say is she has turned into a real Jekyll and Hyde character. She has gone from being the most responsible and trustworthy member of the family to someone who you just cannot trust. That's not to say the rest of us aren't trustworthy! My sister and I were due to be executors for my parents' wills and at the last minute she decided she didn't want to sign, so we had to draw up the papers again. So now I and my hubby are executors (deemed responsible enough to make sure everything is split equally). My mum has also transferred a substantial amount of money into my name and reduced what was in her and my sister's name, because the "gentleman" my sister has become infatuated is only after her money. By the third day of knowing him, he was trying to persuade her not to sell her flat (which had been on the market for six months) and rent it to him and my the 5th night he had asked her to marry him. He is totally disrespectful to his parents and has been rude to my mum. Also since getting involved with him, she has turned into the most mean spirited person I have ever had to have the misfortune of knowing. She does not miss a single opportunity to belittle me and I for one have had enough. Sorry to rant and rave, but I just gotta let it flow. We all have problems/difficulties in our lives and there is so much horror in this world right now, there really is no need to be bitter towards people. The situation is so sad, that I just have to laugh otherwise I will be crying and I refuse to do that.

Anyway or a slightly brighter note, nice to have you back Tech - hope to see some pictures soon.

I am gonna buy a mini trampline/rebounder(?) tomorrow and get the weight part of my life back on track - wish me luck. Have any of you tried what I think is called "urban rebounding"?

Hope everyone else is doing far better than I am :D

10-09-2001, 02:29 PM

I am counting again now that I am home and am sure hoping I didn't do too much damage - although I'm afraid I did. Sure hate to have to lose the same weight AGAIN - but such is life. . .

RR - glad the hike went well. Nice that you make brownies for dh weekly!

Jul - what neighborhood in St. Louis? glad show went so well for you and that you did not have a big gain.:)

Elisa - congrats on the loss! How do you celebrate Thanksgiving? I'm with you on the baked goods in the house - my trick is to make cookies for ds at school. Then I get to eat a couple and I mail the rest.:D

Legal - glad your walk went well. Hope that 10 # is not accurate - don't see how it could be. Nice to have you hanging out again!

BFB - I'm so sorry about all of the family problems!! Hopefully your sis will snap out of it? Hang in there!! I've never heard of urban rebounding.

bye all - off to make my salad!


Legal Eagle
10-10-2001, 11:13 AM

Well, scale only said 144# this morning...down 4# overnight? We'll see.

Not much new here. Stayed mostly OP yesterday except for the Bit O'honey binge...at least they're gone now! No exercise, but didn't get home until 8:30 so just didn't have time.

BFB - hope your sister comes to her senses soon...I know you can't ignore family problems, but don't forget yourself in the process!

Rabbit - sounds like you've been doing pretty good lately! Keep it up!

Guess that's all for the moment. Take care all!


10-10-2001, 12:12 PM

Cannot say - day 2 op - as I got into jalapeno chips yesterday.:( They were good - but I should have known better than to even bring them into the house.

Legal - glad 4 of the pounds were gone this morning. I think you were right about the causes. I've been doing better lately, but not so good at my sister's. I really want to get to that goal!

My sister is talking about having a "safe room" in your house incase of further attacks (biological or chemical) and that we should have water, nonperishable food, flashlights, battery radios and duck tape to seal off windows and doors. Has anyone else heard this or done this??

have a good day.


10-10-2001, 12:12 PM
LE - glad your scale went down at least 4 pounds in one day. I have a feeling if you watch what you eat and drink lots of water you'll see some more loss in the next few days. Like me, you should probably also be taking your measurements (I don't do it but I wish I did). Then you could see if the difference is really inches or not.

BFB - I know exactly what you're talking about. I don't have exactly the same scenario but I have one close to that with a brother and his girlfriend who has been around for YEARS! She's probably not as bad as the guy you describe but it's so similar the way it effects the whole familly and there's really not much you can do.

Rabbit - glad you're back OP!! My family doesn't make a huge deal out of Thanksgiving. Sometimes we do the turkey thing but not always - it's just not one of our big family holidays. Not like I think goes on there! I was happy to have the day off from work.

LBH - You're lucky if you can control yourself with pie. While I have to admit that nothing gets me like chocolate I like anything homemade and baked. And I know I would be eating it every night, but if it's really only 4 points, that's so great. How did you get a crust so low in points??

I'm trying to be really good this week and thanks to my husband I'm OP almost every day (ALMOST). I'm trying to be so organized. I find it helps so much if, on the weekend, I plan the dinners for that week. This way I not only know what I'm eating but I can shop specifically for those dinners and not wander around the grocery store aimlessly guessing what ingredients I should get. I don't know how long it will last but for now I feel so organized.

back to work...


10-10-2001, 01:05 PM
Rabbit: the show was in Shaw neighborhood, across the street from the Botantical Gardens. We've decided to cancel the show we were suposed to go to this coming weekend - we just don't have enough stock for a 3 day show and we're so behind on the wholesale orders that I don't think we'll ever catch up!! I can't even take anymore orders for this year (nice problem to have).

BFB: I'm really sorry about the family problems - what a headache. I'm glad your mom sees the problem and removed the sister from responsibilities concerning her will. Very smart on your moms part.

Elisa: good job on being organized. You'll find you'll even save money at the grocery store by planning ahead and buying just what you need. I've been kind of bad about planning meals lately and just a little while ago discovered I've got 3 packages of tortillia soft shells in the fridge!! I think I better plan for chicken and bean tacos tonight.

The boys have gym class tonight. They are so excited!
- jul

10-10-2001, 04:26 PM
Jul--We have tap/ballet tonight and I am sure when I remind SD#2 she will have a fit!!!!!Congrats on the sells!!With Christmas comming, ya'll should be very busy....

Legal-Congrats on the walk!!!How long did each day take???I think it is just fluid gain in the cells of your body..U became a temporary camel and held on to all the liquids!!!!

Rabbit--Jalapeno chips???I leave them at the store with the twizzlers and chex mix!!!:D I am sure some people have "safe rooms", without a basement, I think it would be harder to create one!!!

Elisa-Happy THanksgiving!!!We have tons of food at my moms!!It is ridiculous how much!!!I wouldnt miss it for anything though!!!

Well, off to play awhile outside and then on to get the kids!!I really need someone to remove a mouse that my cats got, off the driveway..It may be dead, but I am still scared!!!!!I hate when they do that to some little creature and hate it worse when it is brought to my door!!
Have a great evening!!!

10-11-2001, 10:06 AM
Hi All,

This week has been a total waste for me. I have not been remotely close to being OP. I'm more than a whole day over in points for the week!! I don't know what I should do. Some people say that when they stop trying soo hard, the weight just comes off. I don't think that's me though, so I don't want to stop trying. It's like I need someone to follow me around and force me to eat what they tell me!! I was thinking of trying a different approach though. I was thinking maybe of stocking up on Lean Cuisine's again...since that's usually what keeps me OP...at least up til dinner! Maybe I would bring 2 of them with me to work each day, have my normal breakfast, have 1 at noon, and another around 3:00-3:30, and then go home and have either another one for dinner, or have something else healthy for dinner. That would keep me in points probably, because my breakfast is usually 4.5 - 6.5 pts., depending on if I have a shake or oatmeal. Those LC's are anywhere from 4-8 pts., depending on if I have the regular size or hearty portions. So if I had two of the regular size ones here at work, that would put me at tops maybe 12 pts. for meals. Then if I also had a yogurt (1), banana (2) and maybe some snack wells (3), that would put my up to 18 pts. before dinner. That should be plenty of food spread out to keep me happy. Then I still have 13 pts. for dinner...which should be more than enough, even if I have something more than grilled chicken and salad! So I've figured this all out in writing, now I just have to see if I can do it.

Obviously I'm not expecting a loss at WI tonight, but I'm good and sick of wasting $12./wk. for nothing!!

Thanks for letting me vent it out... :D

Legal Eagle
10-11-2001, 11:58 AM
Hi all :cool:

Well, scale still reads 144# this morning. I'm going to give it until Monday & if there's not another drastic drop I'll just assume I actually gained that much & go from there.

Managed an OP day yesterday, within points at least. No exercise yet, still giving the body a bit of a break, but will start exercising again this weekend.

Anybody got any great ideas for couples costumes for Halloween? Also, any goodies to make for a Halloween party? We've decided it's time to have the party we've been talking about since we bought the house & so we're having a Halloween party. Boy is DH going to regret it when I start putting out all the Halloween decorations it's giving me the excuse the buy! The $1 store is getting a bunch of our money! *L*

Rabbit - Stay away from the Jalapeno chips! They're dangerous! I could eat an entire bag, especially if they're the really crunchy "kettle" chips!

Vicki - the mileage was a little different each day...you don't "officially" walk 60 miles in reality because of logistics it was more like 52 (although I did walk at least 60 counting all the other walking around we had to do!). They have stops for port-o-potties, water/gatorade, & food every 1.5-2 miles and a lunch stop, so these times include any stops I made each day as well. Also, with 2, 754 people walking there were times you just got stuck behind slower people & we also had to cross intersections frequently. Friday was 21 miles & it took me about 5 hours & 45 minutes, I was the 19th person finished. Saturday was a little over 17 miles in about 6 hours & 45 minutes (I was having a lot of knotting in my calves that day so I just took it easy & stopped to stretch a lot), I was somewhere in the 900's finishing. Sunday was the shortest day, 14 miles in 4 hours 20 minutes, the last 1.5 mile I walked VERY slowly because my foot was hurting so bad, but was still somewhere in the 600's finishing. Also, Saturday & Sunday I didn't leave camp until 8:00, the latest you could start, whereas Friday when everyone started together I moved to the front as quickly as I could so I wouldn't be stuck in a crowd. My main thing wasn't being "first" to finish, but not being stuck in a crowd that was walking really slow! *L*..................Hey...don't be a wimp about that mouse! *L*

Lauren - hang in there & figure out what works for you! Have you tried starting to count your points at dinner? I know that works for some people.

Have a great day all!


10-11-2001, 01:27 PM

I had an op day yesterday - woohoo - always hard to really get back in the swing of things after I've been gone. Am expecting a gain at WW tonight, but I deserve it, so will move on from there. May even switch to pants tonight as it is cold, and absorb that gain as well.

Forgot to mention, yesterday was my 3 year anniversary from quitting smoking!:smoking: Cool, huh? I'm proud of accomplishing that.

Elisa - glad you enjoyed your Thanksgiving day off! It is a pretty big deal here. About your weekend planning, I do that on Sundays and it helps me a ton! It really cut down on the grocery store trips and the constant question of what I was going to make for dinner that night.

Jul - I'm not familiar with the Shaw neighborhood, although I've heard of the Botanical Garden. Hooray for all of your orders! :D

RR - I certainly should have left them at the store!

Lauren - good luck with your new plan.:)

Legal - have fun planning your Halloween party!! I did a little more decorating this year than usual - it was fun. And theY were really good and crunchy - can't buy them again.


10-11-2001, 07:46 PM
Just a quickie cuz I am cooking supper!!!I took SD#2 to the cardiologists and they can fix her heart through her groin with a heart cath procedure..It is a trial thing but with great results in Europe for years so we are going to go for it..It is much better than cracking the childs chest open......WE meet the other doctor in 2 weeks and then we will do it in Nov....
More later!!!!!!

10-11-2001, 08:06 PM

Just wanted to pop in real quick and let you know I spent all afternoon updating my web page with photos from the wedding. If anyone wants to go see the link is: http://www.eskimo.com/~dms

Unfortunately WI was not great on Tuesday, both K and I gained 3 lbs. You'd think we'd been together the last 2 weeks or something :lol: .

LBH - Don't know what to say. Hang in there, I find I do best when I plan out my menu (at least dinners) in advance. Good luck!

Rabbit - welcome back. Good luck getting back OP, I've promised myself I will after the move when I can shop w/o worrying about having to pack everything (yes I know it's just an excuse)

RR - Glad it sounds like SD#2 is getting better, you are turning into such a mom!!!!

Pyria - to bad about the dentist the day before your B-day. Glad the new guy is turning out good.

BFB - Sorry to hear about the family stuff, sometimes they can be a pain. After 5 years of thearapy I can finally say, it's not my problem, and not get sucked in as much.

LE - Congrats on finising the walk :D. I'm impressed.

Jule - Glad your show went well. It's always a mixed blessing to have too much business. Good luck getting organized.

Everyone else - hope you're doing well :)

Gotta go grab something to eat.

- Tech :spin:

10-12-2001, 10:01 AM
Hi All,

TGIF!! Speaking of which...Pumpkinseed...where are you?! If you're lurking, please pop in and say hi!! I miss you!!

Tech- Great pics!! Are you guys Scottish? You looked really beautiful. What was your wedding song? What did you dance with your dad to? Looking forward to honeymoon and quilt pics!! :D

RR- So they're going to do basically a cardiac cath? What is it that's wrong with her heart again?

Rabbit- It will be 2 year end of January that I quit smoking!

LE- I don't have any really good ideas for costumes, but for the party we have for the town kids at the firehouse every year, DH dresses up as a fireman clown and I have a clown costume that I got last year. We make a bunch of cute things for the party. I saw them on a special on Food TV (not Martha's!) You can take pipe cleaners and wrap them around a fork and spoon and bend to make a spider. Get a black plastic "cauldron" and put a block of dry ice wrapped in cleesecloth in the bottom, then fill with juice and sherbert, or whatever punch...it smokes for hours! Make green jello and put blueberries in it when it half jelled...for bugs. Make deviled eggs and put an olive slice on each one, then take sqeezeable ketchup and make little lines to make like bloody shot eyes. Make a 9x13 cake and cut out a ghost shape or something. I know most of these are kid-type ideas, but they're kind of cool! Oh, the other thing we tried, but didn't work too well because we ran out of time was take toothpicks, but three tator tots on each, use sourcream as glue, olive bits as eyes, carrot sticks (julianed) as antennas and make little critters! They take time though. Wormy hot dogs...slice hot dogs in 4 slices length wise, boil til they are curly, mix with ketchup, or just serve separate, with buns. They were a hit!

I gained .2 at WI last night...better than I thought. Today is a new week, I will try to stay OP.

Have a great day all!!

Legal Eagle
10-12-2001, 10:49 AM
Hi all :cool:

Well the scale said 140# this morning...another 4# drop overnight, so at least most of the weight appears to have been water. I'm going to go with whatever Monday morning's weight is & set my Thanksgiving Day goal from that.

Does anyone know how long a pumpkin will stay "good" AFTER it's been carved? If I carve some pumpkins this weekend will they still look good in 2 weeks?

Rabbit - congrats on your no smoking anniversary. DH & I quit (again) about 6 weeks ago. We've both had a couple in the past week, but we're trying to stay strong. Our real motivation is the money we're saving. I'm actually putting $ into savings every time I would have bought us a carton of cigarettes & we're putting it toward the credit card bill. Almost $400 saved in just 6 weeks!

Vicki - I'm glad there's something that should work that's not so invasive!

Tech - the wedding pics are great!

Lauren - congrats on your not smoking anniversary too! (see rest of post to Rabbit)....thanks for the Halloween ideas...I've got to sit down this weekend & plan out a menu & maybe make a few things that can be sealed up good or frozen & still be good in 2 weeks.

Well, guess that's all for the moment. I'm working on Day 3 OP. The weekend will be the real challenge.


10-12-2001, 03:57 PM

I was typing and lost the post somehow . . .

Anyway, I gained 1.4 last night, which was actually less than I expected. Glad I faced it and can move on and really glad that I stayed under the next 10 pound mark - that's a biggie! I'll have to be careful this week to make sure nothing else catches up with me.

RR - happy to hear news about sd#2!:)

Tech - your gain wasn't bad - I'm sure it will come off in no time!

Lauren - congrats on your upcoming no-smoking anniversary! A .2 gain is nothing.

Legal - yeah, another 4 lbs. gone! I saved the $$ for awhile too when I quit smoking - and bought myself something!

Have a terrific weekend!


10-12-2001, 07:31 PM
Lauren-she has an atrial septal defect which is basically a hole bewteen the 2 areas that tend to leak blood back into the right side of the heart about 20% goes back and only 80%gets to the left side of the heart..This makes her left side pump harder to get the blood to the extremities and makes her right side enlarged..The procedure is called Amplazer septal occluder device and it is threaded into the groin and the mushroom shaped(made of nickel-titanium) thingee opens up and seals the hole.It is on an FDA trial study but has been done successfully in Europe and here.12 docs in the US are doing it with great success..It is soo much better than cracking open her little chest and her being on a ventilator for a few days...Ya'lls party sounds fun at the firehouse..We have a family party here which I enjoy...

TEch--the pics were great...You both looked soo happy!!!Can;t wait to see the honeymoon pics!!!

Legal-Congrats on the quitting smoking~~~The money is better off on the credit cards rather than the cigs!!!:D

Well off to the rat races of family!!!!

10-13-2001, 12:52 AM
Hi all! Sorry I haven't been around much. I have been keeping up with all the posts, but have not had the time to reply.

Off to Brussel's tomarrow. We land Sunday AM and will have the day to poke around. Monday and Tuesday are taken up with the conference. Wendesday will be for being tourists! Then back on the plane Thursday AM. I am soo excited! But, I know I am going to have trouble with points. Will try hard, but........ Belgian (SP) CHOCOLATE!!!! WAFFLES!!!! BEER!!!!!!! Not to mention, I am traveling with 2 men who really get into the food/drink aspect of business trips!

Had WI Tues and had a good loss. So, here is my plan. I will get back on Thursday and WI on Sat, then again the following Wen. My goal is to be where I am now that following Wen (24th). We'll see!

Oh yeah, got the presentation all set - just need to write up the summary in the AM

RR: Glad to hear about the treatment option for your SD2 - best of luck. Does she have DS? (not sure why I think that). I have worked in the field a lot in the past.
Rabbit: Congrats on the anniversary (and on the small gain - you will have it off in no time)
LE: Congrats on the 6 wks! Sadly, I realize that if I had quit years ago, I may not even have CC payments to make! Congrats on the walk - my sister did it also. She is also a lawyer - also 30 something - also lives in the south--- ARE YOU HER??? LOL
LBH: Good luck with the new plan! Glad to hear you had a (basically) maintain after a rough week.
Tech: Great photos - have you moved yet?
BFB: Sorry to hear about the trouble. Family's can be so difficult, but they are such a gift. My best advice is to stay available to your sister, without putting yourself at risk of getting hurt. Hope for the best!
Pyria: I got here too late to hear about this guy! How are things?
Elisa: Happy belated Thanksgiving! You and your hubby keep up the good work!
Juldiet: Good luck with all those orders!

Have a good week all! Hi to thise I missed.

10-13-2001, 01:43 PM

I had a problem with halloween candy, but have solved it as the candy has been banished. Sheesh, I have just got to get myself back to the -no excuses- mode I was in before!

Bailey - you are probably gone, but if not - enjoy your trip! Your message to Legal was so funny!:lol:

It is rainy and dreary here. Makes me want to read a book, watch a movie, and eat soup!

have a great weekend.


Pryia, Pryia - where are you?? Hope everything is going well. I'm at 696 miles.:)

10-13-2001, 05:03 PM
Bailey--Have a great time in Begium..WE went to Brugge on our honeymoon..IT was soo wonderful and such a lifetime away!!!:(
Yes, she does have DS..that is one of the common things associated with DS..

Rabbit--It is raining here also..After doing 10 hours of OT today--I am gonna do the same..REad and then go to the opening hockey game tonight..

WEll, off to take a bath after work!!!
have a great day all!!

10-13-2001, 05:21 PM
Hi All,

Having a pretty good day here. It is absolutely beautiful outside!! Took the car through inspection this AM, then went truck shopping! I want a truck soo bad, but I can't afford a new one, so I'm looking at used ones. Even then, I have to keep it well under 20K. I also need to sell my car...right now I owe more than it's worth.

DH cleaned the apartment this AM...looks great!! I mean, he rolled up the living room rug, moved the loveseat and sofa, and mopped the hardwood floors. Then he moved it all back, rolled up the dining room rug, table and chairs and mopped that!! He Febreezed all the cushions and put them on the balcony, he even took the cover off Zeus' bed and washed it by hand in the sink and put that out to dry!! :eek:

I used my pressure cooker finally. Was really nervous about it, but now I love it!! I did some apples and made apple sauce. Then I did half the pumpkin I bought and put it in the processor and it came out soo smooth, will make a pie next week maybe. I'm going to put the pumpkin in a food saver bag and freeze it. I got enough for two pies out of half the pumpkin. I think the other half will give me at least 2 more, if not three, because of course I cut it uneven and that side's bigger!! :lol: Might make some pumpkin muffins with it too...for the Halloween party.

We're going to DH's parent's house for dinner and to help him move some furniture, then to the firehouse to sort through the party stuff and see what we need! I do not want to be getting things together last minute like last year!!

Hope everyone's having a great weekend!!

10-13-2001, 06:23 PM
Just wanted to pop in real quick before K dismantles the computer to move it. Moving day is Monday and all I can say is man do I HATE TO PACK!!!!! I am such a pack rat I have way too much stuff. My mom and dad came over yesterday to help which was nice, then we made dinner and even though I tried to leave out what we'd need a bunch of stuff was packed it was pretty funny.

LBH - K is Scottish the tarten was his family tarten in the blue. It added a nice touch to the wedding. My dad's family is primarily Polish and my mom's is from all over. Your Halloween party sounds like such fun. I'm bummed because with the wedding/honeymoon/move I didn't decorate this year. Oh well, next year.

LE - glad the weights coming off, may I be so lucky :lol: . Good luck staying off the cigs, one bad habit I'm glad I didn't start.

RR - Hope your recoup time was enjoyable.

Baily - I'm sure your gone, but hope your trip is enjoyable.

Rabbit - "NO EXCUSES" you can do it!! Just hang in there.

Well gotta go back to my place and pack, pack, pack :( .

- Tech :spin: