Simply Filling/Core - Core Chat for December 25-31, 2006

12-25-2006, 01:50 AM
Mery Christmas Everyone! Here's our final chat thread for 2006.

I recommit to Core.

12-25-2006, 01:56 AM
thank you for starting this thread, vickie. we're still up. it's been a long but glorious day.

12-25-2006, 09:30 AM
:candy: Good Merry Christmas Morning Chicks! :candy: I cannot believe that after all the weeks and months of thought and preparation the day has finally arrived! I'm looking forward to spending the afternoon and evening with my family and my Great Nieces and Nephews at my Sister's house. :ginger: I hope my family enjoys the presents :gift2: that I selected for them. I'll take plenty of pictures. There's no snow here :snowglo: but we don't mind. It will make travel easier. Jim has to drive home by himself after dinner to take care of Cassie and then come back.

I also hope, Frouf, that your Hannukah celebration was all that you hoped it would be. Did I ever tell you that I'm very drawn to the Star of David? :stardav: I think it's beautiful. I'm also very drawn to cobalt blue. I have all kinds of cobalt blue in my kitchen. The first year we were dating, Jim bought me a present and had it wrapped at a local store. He wanted the package to look beautiful because he doesn't wrap well at all. He's actually gotten better over the years. He selected the most beautiful paper for me....cobalt blue and silver. Yep...Hannukah paper! It's still one of the best presents I ever got from him!

I wanted to sleep until at least 8:00 but Jim woke me up when he got up at 6:30. I'll be tired later but that's ok. I told him I'd make him eggs, bacon and toast for lunch before we go. My Sister is making pork roast and stuffing which aren't his favorites. I might have a piece or two of bacon myself. I haven't had any in a long while. I also have to assemble the cookie tray to take to my Sister's house so that will take a while.

:wreath: I hope you all have a wonderful day surround by love! :tree:

12-25-2006, 05:32 PM
We are having a slow day. DH made breakfast, so forget anything Core! I've been eating fruit and drinking water, waiting for the standing rib roast treat tonight. I'll do OK with dinner and will just have a sliver of pie. I don't even really like it that much so it's not much of an effort to avoid it.

As I had said, we're having a modest Christmas, following the wedding and honeymoon extravangza. I received a new rendition of a pink Princess telephone like I had as a teenager and I gave some $$$ toward the highly desired Bose headphones (it's going to be a while before we get those! whew, they're pricey!).

I'm looking forward to the friendship around the dinner table and hope my perfectionist friend won't mind that the crust on the pie isn't her usual picture perfect! :crossed:

We got the best present :present: of all. We're expecting the second grandbaby :preg: The first one is 14 months old and the second one is due in August! Hooray!! :cheers:

Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah everyone.


12-25-2006, 07:28 PM
hi there. we're home from curtis' daughter's. we had a great time visiting and doing the normal holiday activities. i ate all right but my jeans are tight so i'm now in sweats. well, maybe i didn't eat as well as i'd thoughtg. oh, well, it's christmas.

vickie, i love cobalt blue, too. so does curtis' daughter. her kitchen carries the theme throughout.

rhonda, this is exciting news. i'm going to get another relative! tell doyle congratulations on being grandpa again.

have a great evening, everyone. i'll see ya tomorrow.

12-25-2006, 10:35 PM
I just got home and I'm dead tired. I did terrible today. I'll try to be better tomorrow. I have my big party starting at noon. I'm guessing I won't be around until later.

12-25-2006, 10:48 PM
Vickie, "tomorrow is another day." You know, Chickies, I lied! I said that I didn't care much for that apple/pear/cranberry pie. Oh my it was good. I did stay with just a sliver, but WHAT a sliver!

I'll join Vickie and be better tomorrow.

Night all! Hope Santa was good to you :clause:

12-25-2006, 10:52 PM
Merry xmas!

I am home - bloated and in pain - yes I ate too muc - sil made coffee after dinner (which I couldn't refuse) and I drank it despite being full (and it wasn't that good) - had a big turkey dinner and dessert too - tomorrow shall be a day of holding back I guess?

Rhonda - ohmy I am reminded of my beige princess phone I had as a teenager back home - and yes it got a LOT of use in those days! Enjoy it - and congrats on the new grandbaby.

Vickie - I also love the silver/blue color mix - so very pretty (and I still find it hard to find hanukah paper around here!). Hope you are truly enjoying the Wicked soundtrack - I love it to death!

I am 'scented' w/exotic pleasures by the way - shower gel, body lotion and spray cologne! yummy

As for our 'celebrations' - I am still a bit overwhelmed and yes, slightly disgusted at the 'gift extravaganza' going on at my sil's house - so much so that I think next year we shall bow out! We all get a token gift (got an M&M - frozen food store gift card $50, ds got sweater, dd got a watch, and little ds got a couple of games) - poor little ds had a 'talking too' during the night as he started frowning and saying that he 'only got 3 things" - as those around him got lots and lots and lots of expensive gifts! Little Jackson who is turning 1 on Friday got every electronic toy imaginable - talking teddy bear, dancing dog, a rocking horse/riding toy, baby leap frog w/extra casettes, tons of clothes - and other toys! Is this normal? I have very little experience w/xmas gift giving - but truly no 'religious' component at all - just a frenzy of paper ripping!

And since 1 grandson/my great nephew was away yesterday he opened his gifts tonight - 11 years old - got a personal nintendo system, clothing, games, other electronic gadgets! I guess it's now normal for kids to have their own computers, phones and tv's in their rooms (as he does) altho I have not allowed this for my kids (altho big ds did get his own laptop when he started university). Maybe I am being a grinch? I just think one or two well thought out gifts (not necessarily expensive gifts) are okay - but no spirit of the true meaning of the holiday was evident here?

We also actually opened presents this morning from Hanuka Harry and Santa - dd got her digital camera, ds got a hoodie he wanted and a chapters gift card and we gave little ds his train set. Big ds got everyone gifts as well: I got a set of rodgers & hammerstein dvd musical movies, and a Nylons cd, little ds got a laster tag game, hockey net and dvd movie, and dd got the Magic bullet she was hankering over for a long time! Dh got a genesis dvd and peter sellers movie dvd.

I am still in pain from eating too much!


12-26-2006, 10:13 AM
Good Morning Chicks! I can't stay....I'm having one cup of coffee and then I have to go make my cooking plan. I think the ham has to go into the oven at 10:00 and I haven't eaten breakfast yet. The scale is up 2 pounds this morning so I hope to rein myself in today.

Have a great day! I'll be back when I can.

12-26-2006, 10:34 AM
Good Morning:

It's "Boxing Day" here in Canada, a tradition from Canada's British traditions. There is some disagreement about what it meant originally: was it the day the left overs were boxed for the household help? the day the poor received boxes from the wealthy? the day goods were returned to store in boxes? Whatever its origins, it is the day of shopping madness out there :spin: with sale prices which help you realize how overpriced things normally are. :yikes: I understand that if the retailers don't make money now they don't make money for the year.

Well, Froufy, the consumerism of Christmas has been a topic of discussion for as long as I can remember. My parents came from humble origins and my Mother told me her best Christmas as a child was when she received doll clothes made by her Mother from flour sacks and an orange.

My family always made certain that we received a few nice gifts, but the focus was on surprising someone you loved with a special gift and having a great meal together. My poor Daddy was never surprised: I always gave him Old Spice after shave lotion!

Today, I am going to relish the quiet, clean my house and eat properly. And, I'm going to take long walks with the dogs this morning. It is grey and completely overcast here today :rain:


12-26-2006, 10:49 AM
We intentionally keep the "gifting" modest. My kids always get socks and underwear (it has become somewhat of a joke), and books. This year I also got them paints, crayons, markers and paper, and a few computer games (they share them) and a some little stocking stuffer things. I don't like going into debt for gifts, and I don't like having my children expect huge gifts. That's not what it's all about. They're happy, because they don't know any better, and they really enjoy the time with the family. We spent the day with brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, Grandma and Grandpa. It was very nice, and that's what they'll remember.

I'm happy though, that we get to rest today. My girls have gone to bed late and gotten up too early days in a row here, and it's time to slow down.

I did pretty well with eating yesterday. It helps to have my mom and sister on the Core plan with me. :) We had turkey and ham sandwiches yesterday, fruit salad, veggie relish etc. And for dinner, spaghetti made with ww pasta, and green beans. I probably at a little more than I should have, but it was nothing horrible for me.


12-26-2006, 01:18 PM
Hello all, I hope everyone had a joyous Christmas day. We had a wonderful day yesterday - Sarah actually slept untill 7am and by 9 she was done opening presents. We didn't go overboard, it took so long since she wanted each toy opened so she could play with it. She was sick Friday night and Saturday with a fever. Sunday we kept close to home, just went to church services. Yesterday she was better, now its a bad cold. The afternoon was spent at my MILs.

Food wise - my house is now core. I brought all the rest of the goodies to MILs and left them there. Did a major clean out of the fridge this morning - anything DH would not eat that was not core is gone. I've pulled out my WW materials and started a new notebook where I'm writing everything down, including my water. WW at work officially starts on 1/10. I must be below 180 -- its a mental thing with me, thats where I was the last time I weighed in officially (which was before Halloween!).

Sarah is now sleeping - coughing as well, but sleeping. My house is also CLEAN -- I vacuumed and washed the kitchen floor, organized the mess in the living room, cleaned and deodorized the living room and dining room rugs and vaccuumed everywhere. Now I'll have a salad and tuna and do bills.

Take care all - I'm off to read some old postings.

12-26-2006, 05:17 PM
hey there, chickies. it's a wonderful yet foggy tuesday here in big sky country. curtis and i are back on plan now. he's going to do the treadmill and i'm going to w a in a bit. life is good.

rhonda, we're having a day like you. don't you love it? i do.

vickie, i'm not worried about you. enjoy yourself. tomorrow will be here in just a few hours. you'll do well. i'm always amazed at your core recipes and your deidication.

paula, kudos, girl! what a great display of willpower ridding your home of non-core treats.

i am going to go start a thread of "after the holiday plans." i hope you all come join me.

12-26-2006, 07:37 PM
Ohhhh....I was no where near plan! I got rid of everything. I'll be back on the wagon tomorrow. I shall need much sugar and white flour detoxing. Sandra, I need a plan. New Year's will be no problem for me.

My party was a HUGE success and everyone loved the food and desserts. I'm SO tired. I'm off to lay on the couch. Being a hostess in hard work. Now I remember why I always take a hostess gift when I'm invited out.

I'll be back in the morning.

12-26-2006, 07:57 PM
Vickie, you are so right about being a hostess. But, I really miss being able to have big parties. My house is too small for entertaining more than a few people at a time. I still manage to get agitated and tired though!

Yes, Sandra, these are really good days. I've joined your other thread with a :dance: to indicate eating on program. I left the house to go to the sports club today and didn't actually get there. I found all kinds of excuses. Maybe the new thread will get me motivated. Accountability is very good!

I'm signing off for tonight. I'm at the cleaning stage in the bedroom where everything is on the bed. I've got to do more work if I plan for us to have a place to sleep tonight and not have to get a hotel room!


12-26-2006, 10:26 PM
vickie, we've been getting all "the stuff" out of the house, too. the guys at the archery center are probably gaining a lot of weight. i haven't given a party in ages, but i do remember the strain it puts on you. even good strain is strain. get some rest.

rhonda, i hope you got to sleep at home tonight. :lol: i like your little jumping guy. it does kind of make us want to jump around when we're doing program, doesn't it? i love it!!

12-27-2006, 12:29 AM
I'm off to bed chicks. I'm pretty darned tired. I'll be back in the morning to catch up and I'll have a new attitude to boot!

Sleep well!

12-27-2006, 01:31 AM
Hi everyone,

Vickie - hope you are relaxing and resting after your big 'do' - I also love entertaining but it is hard work and quite tiring. We shall all join you back on plan tomorrow!

Angela - sounds like very good memories for your girls and that the gifts are not the central focus (as was at my sil's place!).

Rhonda - gotta love boxing day! At least my kids do as they drag mom and her credit card off to the mall - got a few good deals for the kids - like to buy clothes on boxing day as they are very very reduced!

The whole family went to the mall (2 pm-6:30 pm) and we were very tired afterwards - but not too tired for family movie night - and luckily 'discount movie ticket night to boot!) - we all went to see "Night at the Museum' very funny w/Ben Stiller!

I did have a good sleep last night - lights were off at 11:30 pm - and I slept in til 11:30 am! Can you believe it? I was one tired froufie! Did some cleaning up today and got rid of all the boxes, tissues, etc as cleaning lady is THANK GOODNESS coming tomorrow. We shall be out most of the day as little ds has dental appt at 11 am - then will probably take him to the science & tech museum (which he loves) which is right across the street from dentist office - that should take up most of the afternoon? and I relish the thought of coming home to a clean house (dd went to her dad's overnight and big ds working tomorrow)....maybe I can just sit and stare for a couple of hours before it gets messed up again?

Sandra - I am all for a new year/after the holidays plan as I can see losing weight before my cruise will be quite a challenge for me so I'm in!


12-27-2006, 10:11 AM
Good morning everyone -- back to work today. I must say, although I do love being home, its nice to get back to a normal routine. That includes my eating-- I'm proud to say I did wonderful yesterday on plan. DH even wanted to go to dinner to a pizza place that does not have alot of core options. We went, I got a garden salad with grilled chicken and lite dressing. No pizza for me! I had 2 pts last night with some sesame breadsticks. I did write everything down and counted my points.

I must say, I think I ate less food yesterday than I have since before Thanksgiving! So, today is day #2 and I'm going to go post my menu. I'm determined to be back to my last wi # on the 10th when WW at work starts.

Lets all rid our homes of the bad foods! :carrot: We all can do it!!

12-27-2006, 12:14 PM
Good Morning Chicks! I'm feeling a bit blue this morning because the holidays are over but it's a new fresh start for me. Can't undo what is already done so I'm moving on.

I have no plans today until I go out for dinner tonight. It's the last celebration for the holidays for me. I'm going to be as perfectly Core as possible. Jim and I slept late and are feeling a bit refreshed.

Frouf, I think our family is pretty middle of the road on the presents front. There are lots and lots of presents...none of which are outrageously expensive. We do make sure that we observe the more "religous" aspects and spend quality time with each other.

Paula, you sound determined. That will help me too, I'm sure. I can feel that my body needs major detoxing. It doesn't feel good.

Rhonda and Sandra, you both have excellent attitudes! I'm so lucky to be here to start over the year fresh with Women who can help support each other.

What are your plans for New Year's Eve? Jim and I have none and will stay home snuggled and watching movies like we always do. I was spoiled rotten (hmmmm....maybe we were a bit excessive) by Jim. I have many DVD's to watch. He bought me seasons 4 and 5 of Quantum Leap and another Season of Lois and Clark. My very favorite was a DVD of Shari Lewis and LAMBCHOP! I LOVED Lambchop when I was growing up. I'm not sure where he found it but I can't wait to see it. He also gave me some beautiful earrings and a sheet of 10 WW coupons. I won't list everything because now I'm embarrassed by how much he bought me. We don't have kids so we can spoil each other a bit! No kids to set bad examples for.

I'll be back later to see how detox is going for you.

12-27-2006, 12:39 PM
Good Morning:

It's snowing! :coolsnow:

We did not have a white Christmas and this is only the second snow of the year. It is barely snowing but it is snow, not rain.

I'm laughing at Vickie and Lambchop. One of my childhood favorites was the Cisco Kid and I received a DVD of his TV episodes last year. It's so amazing at how quickly you can be sent right back to being a child watching those DVD's. ENJOY!

Good for you Paula for being so OP and encouraging us to get rid of the non- core foods. I honestly haven't figured out how to do that with DH around. But, I do not buy junk and if he wants it, he has to shop for it. Since he doesn't really cook, I do get to control mostly what goes on the table.

I had the thought yesterday that this is going to be the last year that I WORRY about weight. I'm going to lose it, then all I have to do is maintain the loss! Don't throw snowballs :snow4: , I know that maintenance must be the biggest challenge since so many people regain their losses!!

I slept a long time too, Froufy. From 11PM to 10AM. It must be the hibernating time of the year.

Take care all and have a good OP day.


12-27-2006, 01:34 PM
Rhonda, I love your attitude. If you keep thinking that 2007 is the last year to be losing the same weight, you will do it!! Maintanace is very difficult, but I'm glad I'm struggling here and not still trying to break the 200's! My dh now eats more core than not, I will make him some rolls or biscuts with dinner when I make something I know he won't eat -- he won't eat rice or couscous. I tend to make core meals for my lunches and dinners are typically grilled or baked meat or fish, veggies and a grain or potatoe.

I find only making rolls for him and putting them on his plate keep me from nibbling. As far as snacks, he is a candy freek! I do buy him some treats but he keeps them in his workshop. I know where they are but its way too much trouble to go get them.

Keep up the great work!

12-27-2006, 04:35 PM
Thanks Paula and Vickie...a good attitude really helps. It must be more than half the battle. Also, if the attitude slags, it's got to be OK to fake it :D

Vickie asked about New Years. In my adulthood I have appreciated quiet New Years. I did live in NYC for three years and went to Times Square, but normally, I like to stay home and away from the crazies on the roads. In my neighborhood here there is a tradition of banging pots at midnight to scare away the bad spirits.

So, we'll be here banging pots. On New Years Day, I'll have two friends over for a ham dinner.


12-27-2006, 06:32 PM
new years? we're staying home. we won't even be banging pots and pans. we are going to sit in the hot tub on the deck and watch the fireworks in the valley below. (if we're still awake.)

i agree that attitude is a big part of weightloss success. right now, mine is good. (thank goodness!) we still have a few decadent items around but so far i'm staying out of them. if i just don't take that first bite, i'm all right.

rhonda, 07 is going to be my year, too. i feel it in my bones.

vickie, i'm glad you're more rested. i have one more celebration. i want a piece of carrot cake from golden corral for my birthday (jan. 9). today, however, i learned that gc is closing the last day of dec. we may have to go there in a day or so.

rhonda, you remember how i was with that carrot cake at golden corral. i need a fix!

frouf, i'm glad you're joining us for the "after the holidays plan." i don't think i'm going to w a today but i'm eating op.

a gf and i went shopping (new coat!!!!) and to applebee's for lunch today. we ate off the ww menu. life is good.

i'm tired, so i'm going to go watch tv for awhile. have a good day, everyone.

12-27-2006, 10:23 PM
Hi All:

We went to see "The Good Shepherd"'s full of suspense, a little long, but we enjoyed it. Then we went out to dinner at Swiss Chalet. Does this chain exist in the U.S? I can't remember. Anyway, I had chicken breast, veggies and salad....

I spent much of today cleaning closets and had great success. I wish I could get my house clean enough that I would let a cleaner into the house! Good for you, Frouf.

I wish we had a hot tub...what a wonderful place to spend New Years!

Good night all,

12-27-2006, 11:11 PM
Hey weigh in tonight, I was down 2.2! Yippee. :) I think having TOM finally over helped a lot. And I found out, since I'm a Lifetime, I just have to get to within 2 pounds of my original goal weight, and then I don't have to pay anymore. The best news is, since I originally set my WW goal at the high end of my range, I only have 2.8 pounds left to lose until I don't have to pay any more. Nice. :) I am still going to continue attending meetings every week, and plan on losing at least 15 more pounds, but it'll be nice to do it for free.

Unfortunately, I have a sinus infection (BIG surprise - not) but at least this time it's from my cold. My middle dd has a double ear infection. In fact, when the doctor looked in there, he said (and I quote) "Oh my!" :lol: So we're both on antibiotics, which tend to make me nauseated and icky-feeling. Oh well.

I'm off to watch a movie and fold a mountain of laundry. We have a family picture tomorrow with 16 of us. Should be interesting.

Need to change my tracker...later.


12-27-2006, 11:14 PM
Hey Chicks! I had a loooonnng day. I was good but not perfect. Tomorrow I shall try to be perfect. TOM is looming and I feel as large and bloated as a cow.

Tomorrow we are off early to return some items for Jim to a store near Comiskey Park. I'm hoping there are some things there for him to exchange. If not, maybe I'll see what else he'd like. It'll take us about 2 1/2 hours roundtrip. This time, he'll be trying on the clothes before we buy them.

Rhonda, we don't have Swiss Chalet in Illinois. I'm so jealous that you cleaned closets. I need to clean out my paperwork and my closets. Perhaps that would keep me out of the food? How much snow did you get? We've had next to none here which is very unusual for Chicago.

Sandra, I LOVE the hot tub idea. I wish we had one. We'll be watching the Bear game and probably I'll be cooking. We'll probably have popcorn and maybe a taste of champagne. This year was rough for us and we are eager to toast the New Year.

Paula, we can do this! I'm looking forward to some more great recipes from you.

I actually have a taste for WW spicy chicken cacciatore. We're going out for dinner again tomorrow night so I won't be cooking again until Friday. I'm thinking that's what we'll have.

I'll try to pop in here in the morning before we leave to say Good Morning. Tomorrow will be a better day!

12-27-2006, 11:16 PM
Angela, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You did great. How amazing is that for you to lose 2.2 through Christmas. I'm embarrassed to say that I know where it is. I'll be sending it off soon.

12-28-2006, 12:14 AM
rhonda, that movie sounds good. i'm wanting to see the new rocky movie. if we go, it will probably be in a couple of weeks. we don't have swiss chalet in montana. no surprise there--there are a lot of restaurants we don't have. that's one reason we went beserk in texas. oh, well.

angela, congratulations!! and you won't be having to pay much longer either. both are good news.

vickie, tomorrow is going to be a great day. you and jim have a good time.

we were going to hot tub tonight but the wind's blowing and it's tooooooo cold.

did i tell ya'll i bought a jacket today? it's cute, light weight, and sort of girlie casual. (hard to describe) i'll probably wear it tomorrow.

12-28-2006, 06:53 AM
Good Morning Chicks! I've been up since 4:45. I just couldn't sleep even though I'm tired. I think it's hormonal. TOM is still looming. I'm sure I'll be sleeping this afternoon. The store we are going to doesn't even open until noon so it doesn't make any sense to leave our house too early. We are going to eat lunch before we go.

I feel much more resolve this morning. I woke up thinking about Cindy. It makes me want to stop whining about how hard it is too lose weight. At least to an extent, I can control my weight. My poor GF is still struggling to come back to me. She's still on life support and the respirator although she has been more alert since Christmas Day. I woke up thinking about her this morning.

I smell coffee brewing which means I woke up my husband. Sigh.

I'll be back later.

12-28-2006, 09:46 AM
Only two days to get through to another long weekend! :carrot:

Angela - :congrat: Fabulous success to lose 2.2 over Christmas. You are one determined lady! Also great news about how close you are to being free. My hope is that by 1/10 (when our next WW at work session starts) I'll be back down to 179 dressed - my goal is 174 and I know my leader would let me slide without paying. I think its easier on her to have me not pay at all than to pay for the 12 weeks and then deal with a refund.

Vickie - you will do it this year, you are so close to your goal!!! Not that far now. I hope to be down at least 10 pds by spring. That will put me below my goal and close to the 160's -- my secret dream is to just once, weigh in at 169.99999. :D

Rhonda, no Swiss Chalet's in New England. Only last year did we get a Cracker Barrell and I've yet to eat there!

No plans for us on New Years, perhaps get some Lobsters and steamers. That would be about it. Even before kids we always stayed close to home on New Years - too many drunks on the road to take chances.

I do need to find some new recipes or pull out some old ones that I havent' made. I think if I make a couple of things this weekend and freeze some lunches I'll be in good shape for a few weeks. Yup, an exciting weekend planned!

I'm off to post my menu for the day.

12-28-2006, 10:13 AM
New Year's plans? Dh's family always has a seafood feast on New Years eve. This year it's not at my house (thank goodness) but I think I will still bring some plain fish for me to bake or pan-fry, since most of the stuff they cook is deep fried. Eek! I love orange roughy, so maybe I'll splurge and get some of that. Plus, I can have shrimp cocktail, and veggies from the veggie tray. Hmm, with a little more planning I think I'll be OK.

Sandra, we saw Rocky Balboa last week, and I really enjoyed it. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I ended up really liking it. The premise seems so unbelievable, but they managed to pull it off without it being too crazy. I have a new respect for Sylvester Stallone both as a writer/director and actor. I mean, it's not Oscar material, but it was good, especially if you liked the original Rocky movie.

Time to bathe my girls and get them ready for the family picture.


12-28-2006, 01:33 PM
Good Afternoon All:

It's a slow day here in Toronto. Grey skies, a little gloomy to me since I LOVE sunshine.

I think that Swiss Chalet is a Canadian venture. Basically, it's a bit like Applebee's, but with an emphasis on chicken. It's a safe spot for WWers.

I've got "real work" to do today :yikes: I got a little behind with the events of the last month overwhelming me. So, I'll be grading papers, designing next term's course and starting a report that should have been done already!

:cp: Congrats Angela; that's a great loss you reported. Keep on going!


12-28-2006, 01:55 PM
Vickie - your one comment "Paula, we can do this! I'm looking forward to some more great recipes from you." Has inspired me to look for some new recipes. I went to Barbos and found some intersting things to try this weekend - on is a spagehetti sqaush pie, another is a barley side dish.

I'll report on how they turn out!

12-28-2006, 04:48 PM
Hey Chicks! We are back from our Christmas gift returning trip. Jim got 3 great sweatshirts and a wonderful light jacket to replace what didn't fit him from me at Christmas. only cost me another $60!
Rhonda, you have to design a whole course?! Yikes! What exactly do you teach?

Goody, Goody, Paula. Jim won't eat spaghetti squash but I sure could use a barley side dish. I'm looking for something to go with balsamic mushroom chicken. That might work. Exciting recipes keep me on program. BTW, Paula I am NO WHERE NEAR my goal, I'm ashamed to say. I have another 125 pounds to lose. What I really need to do is kick my butt and get it in gear. First, back on program....then the exercise!

Angela, I might get some shrimp and cocktail sauce for NYE. I've got to double check cocktail sauce. I thought it used to be Core. I think you are going to do great. It's always easier when others are doing it with you, isn't it?

I'm STARVING!!! I just ate a banana for a snack to get me to dinner time. We'll be at the restaurant at 4:30. I'll go drink some water until then.

12-28-2006, 06:28 PM
Vickie: Oh yes, I design courses :book2: do research :comp: and provide what is called "service" to the University. "Service" means committee work mostly. I do most of mine doing grievance work for the union.

But, designing courses is a big part of teaching. This next term I teach "Gender and Health" to graduate students in Public Health. I've done this particular course many times, but it changes every year with new topics and references.

I've been visiting the goal section of 3FC. Quite inspirational. We can do this, just like you said and Paula repeated. We can, we are and we will. NO doubt about it.

About cocktail sauce: I haven't researched it but surely the problem is that the commercial brands have sugar in them. So, couldn't you just make up your own with tomatoes and sugar and just add a little Splenda if you need sweetness????


12-28-2006, 08:24 PM
Rhonda, your work sounds amazingly interesting and sure it helps distract you from mindless eating. I shall be doing some projects around here for the next few months to try to distract myself as well. I'm going to check out the horseradish situation now. That's the best part of a shrimp cocktail to me! I'm sure I could make my own if necessary. Actually, I have a whole jar here so I just might pay the point or 2. It can't be much for what I'd use.

Quiet here today. No Frouf or Sandra. I hope they're having fun. We just got back from dinner. It was Core and fabulous. If I get hungry later, I'll have a can of waxed beans. I love waxed beans. I tried to buy fresh ones over the summer and HATED them. I truly don't like canned veggies any more except for wax/yellow beans. It's SO funny to me that I don't like the fresh ones.

I'll be back in the morning. I've got to try to plan a menu for the next couple of days.

12-28-2006, 08:31 PM
howdy, chickies. i'm home from a day of archery and shopping. i bought another jacket. i wanted to buy this one yesterday but just couldn't part with the money. all i thought about last night and this am was that jacket so i got it. it was $160 on sale for less than $50. i love it!! now i have 2 new jackets. life is good.

vickie, sounds like jim got a lot of goodies today. i'm ready for more recipes, too. rhonda's right: we can, we are, and we will.

rhonda, i hope you are finished grading papers and outlining the course. when does your next semester begin?

angela, seafood sounds good. you'll do well. and soon to be free? awesome! i'm happy for you and paula.

we're going to golden corral tomorrow for a pre-birthday dinner. (i wanted to eat there so i could have their carrot cake.) gc is closing down after this sunday. the car dealership next door is expanding. (sob)

i have wi tomorrow am. (sigh)

12-29-2006, 01:23 AM
Sandra, a girl can never have too many jackets! I'm glad you got the one you really wanted. You would never have been happy if you had passed it by.

I did great tonight. I am STARVING! I'm always very hungry before TOM. I think it'll arrive tomorrow. I ate a can of waxed beans after dinner and had my second milk serving as a cup of hot chocolate made with milk. It was delicious and helped with the chocolate craving.

I did better than yesterday. Sometimes that all we can ask of ourselves. Now we are going to go to bed and try to sleep later than 3:45!

Tooooo quiet. It was nosier when we were busy with Christmas. I'll be back in the morning to check on you all.

12-29-2006, 09:41 AM
Good Morning Chicks! I hope you all have a great Core day.

I guess I'll be back later when I don't have to talk to myself! I'll be making menu plans today to be sure that I don't splurge on NYE.

12-29-2006, 09:56 AM
Good morning everyone. Started off the day with a good boost from my dd. I had my lunch packed on the table and Sarah wanted to know what I had. So I showed her my eggs, fruit (bf),veggies and chili. She said, "Mommy, thats very healthy. No sugar snacks. Very good!" It was hard not to laugh, but I'm proud that she is aware of healthy foods vs. sugar foods. She was my inspriation for getting to goal in the first place - I wanted to change my eating habits so eating healthy was just our way of life. I guess I'm succeeding....not to just get back to goal :)

Vickie - I guess I got you and Sandra mixed up. Sorry about that. I'm going to make 3 different recipes this weekend. I'll report on Monday or Tuesday how they turned out.

Not sure how much I'll be around today -- end of year is crazy here a work. Take care everyone.

12-29-2006, 10:14 AM
Paula, no problem about the mixup! I wish it was me who was near to goal. No one to blame but myself though. It's wonderful that you are teaching Sarah good eating habits. With luck, she won't have to go through this whole process like us. I remember year end. Try not to work too hard! I can't wait to hear your recipe reviews! I LOVE new recipes.

12-29-2006, 12:06 PM
Vickie! Are you the one who stole that truck with $50,000worth of broccoli in Chicago? I mean that is desperate!

12-29-2006, 12:26 PM
:rofl: I hadn't heard about that heist! I'd like some free broccoli though!

12-29-2006, 12:58 PM
Weeell, Vickie and I didn't want to let you in on the secret so soon, but you smart people figured out our Midwest broccoli hijinks. You see, it's our goal to supply all us Core chickies with free broccoli for all of an sort of incentive.

We were going to deliver it in person by jumping down from an authentic biplane wearing pink parachutes, but now that the secret's out, I guess that plan will have to go. :)


12-29-2006, 01:26 PM
Well, I'm awaiting my free broccoli, however it gets delivered :D

Today is going pretty well over here 5 minutes north of Lake Ontario, but tonight is going to be tough. The Pilates group is getting together for potluck dinner. You'd think they would be a group of conscious eaters, but I bet that someone brings some "junk" and I am going to have to work to avoid it...such trials and tribulations!!!

I liked the story about Sarah. Keep up the good work with her. Kids can be very inspiring. Anybody remember Art Linkletter and "Kids say the darndest things" ?

Well, I weighed last week and I had gained 4 pounds since mid-November :( I managed not to gain anymore this week and I'm going to be proud of that :)

I'm also not going to feel too badly too long about gaining during a wedding and honeymoon cruise, death in the family and holidays. I wish I could report no gain at all over the period, but in a month at most I'll be reporting that it is all gone. Better get back to the 'ole :exercise: on a daily basis.

I'll change the tracker later :cry:


12-29-2006, 01:46 PM
hi there, chickipoos. can you tell i'm in a good mood? i just got home from wi and am down .4 lbs. curtis is downstairs with paul watching archery instruction videos. i politely excused myself. i'm sure they'll rehash with me over lunch. we're going to golden corral. it's closing down after sunday so i wanted to get there for one more time for carrot cake. i don't know why i love theirs so much, but i do. i was going to have it later in january at a celebration, but that ain't gonna happen now. i will probably eat mainly salad and cake. :lol:

vickie, i went to bed hungry last night, too. i think oprah said something about that being a good sign that we're losing weight. i don't know. i don't like to be hungry.

paula, i am honored that you got vickie and me mixed up. thank you. i am very proud for you that sarah's learning good eating habits. that's wonderful. i wish i'd taught my son better. that's one of those "should've, could've" things that i didn't do. he doesn't eat sweets but he eats high calorie foods.

i'd take some free broccoli. at ww today they had us fill out forms to see about winning 3 treats. we got to choose our treats. one of mine is a year of cleaning folks. what i'll probably get is a lot of junk mail from filling out the form. oh, well.

angela, you can land on our back deck. i'll be watching for you.

rhonda, you did amazingly well. i am very happy for you. i need to get back to exercising regularly, too. i may go do w a this afternoon while curtis and paul keep watching those videos. (i heard there's 5 hours worth.)

i'm about ready to see if the guys are ready to go to golden corral. if we go early, i can make it to the 1:15 w a class. if we go later, i'll have to do w a on my own.

12-29-2006, 02:57 PM
:wave: Don't forget me ... I'm still alive.

12-29-2006, 05:21 PM
I had just come to the computer to write "where's Kathy?" and there she was! Glad to hear you're still there. Now what does the new avatar mean...I hope that's a comment on the current weather and not on your mood!!

I don't know if the rest of you noticed but there was a media report about certain drugs taken for gastric reflex disease and calcium absorption. It was in the Journal of the American Medical Association. It could be important for those with those problems.

I'm preparing to go meet the Pilates group for dinnner. I've decided to take a meat loaf and salad. That way, I know I'll be able to eat sensibly :smug:

Sandra, I'm so sorry that you're losing your Golden Corral...especially for an expanded car dealership. If it weren't so much work, so risky financially and a huge pain, you should open a restaurant! Surely people are hungry there!


12-29-2006, 05:25 PM
Rhonda, it's pouring like crazy here ... SOMEWHAT reflective of my mood, too, but mostly a commentary on the weather.

I've resigned as a mod, so might not be checking in quite as often as before. I'll still be around and reading though, so don't count me out yet!

12-29-2006, 06:02 PM
kathy, i was thinking about you, too, wondering where you were. i even clicked on your name to see if you had posted something i'd missed. then i remembered you said you wouldn't have time to be around much during the holidays. did you get everything caught up at work? is shaun there yet?

rhonda, there were 2 other buffet spots here in town that closed down. i don't think buffets are much of a hit up here. we usually just go there when we're in a hurry and don't have time to order and wait for food to be prepared. i did hear that a local agency had been giving senior citizens vouchers to use there. i hope their vouchers will work elsewhere. (i'm going to miss the carrot cake.)

speaking of carrot cake--i am in heaven. they brought out a "new" one just as we sat down. i got my helping before i got anything else. i was afraid there wouldn't be any left when it was "dessert time." i am going to see if gc has their recipe posted on the net. their other food is all right--nothing to brag about, though. i just love that carrot cake.

12-29-2006, 08:10 PM
Hey Chicks!

Sandra, I have a to die for carrot cake recipe. It's my signature baked product. I'll share the recipe with you if you just keep it for yourself. It's a lot of work since it's from scratch and you have to sift the flour and all that nonsense. I even have my own cream cheese frosting recipe.

Hey Kathy! I was wondering if you ever got a Christmas vacation. I just saw on the weather that Texas is finally getting some much needed rain. Did you enjoy your holiday?

Angela, I LOVE the idea of free broccoli! In fact, you should contact WW with your idea. We should all get free fruit and veggies. That would make me stay on plan because I can be kind of cheap! It is the least WW can do.

Rhonda, enjoy your meatloaf and salad. What a great plan. I LOVE meatloaf. I should make myself one. Jim won't eat it but I could have it for myself for lunches since I even like it cold. Do you have a great recipe you would share? I saw the news on the stomach medicines. I take Prevacid daily which is one of the ones identified. I'll have to talk to my Doc when I see him next.

Speaking of seeing the Doc....I may be seeing him sooner rather than later. My Goddaughter, the Great Niece Sarah has strep throat! Of course, I was holding her on Christmas and kissing her and now my throat is sore/achey. Oh well...nothing some antibiotics won't cure, right?!

I'm off to find some PPV movies to watch since we are out of DVR'd TV. I could watch Lambchop. Hmmmm....decisions decisions!

Frouf and Melissa....where the heck are you? Harumpf!!!

12-29-2006, 08:11 PM
Sandra, I forgot to tell you that I learned that we do have GC here in Illinois. There are only 2 but one is only about 40 minutes from here. I probably will never go since I don't do well with buffet food. Plus.....I get in trouble and make bad choices at those kind of places. I just need to stay away.

12-29-2006, 08:30 PM
hi there. would you believe the guys are still downstairs watching archery dvd's? i did get them to come upstairs a few minutes ago for core potato soup. paul had snuck into the kitchen earlier and got a brownie to eat. was he ever surprised! he said that was the first thing i'd ever cooked that he couldn't eat. i guess all bran brownies take an acquired taste. :lol:

vickie, i'd love your recipe. please e it to me. i promise you i won't share it with anyone. (the icing, too?) the buffet food isn't really as good as "sit down" restaurants. i mainly like that cake.

years ago gc was a steakhouse. you'd walk through a serving line and order your steak and get your drink. you'd get a baked potato and a piece of texas toast with your steak. later they expanded to offer a salad bar. that later turned into a complete buffet. i just e'd gc to ask them if they had plans to build another nearby. i doubt they will, though. like i said earlier 3 different buffets have gone under here.

12-29-2006, 09:08 PM
Sandra, I don't have it typed anywhere. I'll dig it out in the morning, type it up and send it to you.

12-29-2006, 09:12 PM
thank you, vickie. i appreciate it.

12-29-2006, 10:23 PM
Wow - someone sure is desperate for their 'greens'! I agree with free distribution of brocolli to all that crave it!

Rhonda - we love Swiss Chalet - esp cuz it's not that 'bad' and everyone in the family enjoys it (I do sometimes pick up the family pack: 1 whole rotisserie chicken, sauce, rolls and 4 sides - dh and I always get salads instead of fries! and quite economical too for all of us!)

We also got a dusting of snow and colder temps these days - but looks like it might be warming up again early next week? At least I now have my winter tires on.

Kathy - how were your holiday celebrations? How is your mom? Did Shaun finally arrive? how was the visit?

Angela - sorry to hear about the infections roaming about - at least you got the antibiotics which will hopefully make you feel better quickly. congrats on being down 2.2 - way to go!

Sandra - hope you enjoyed the carrot cake - and congrats as well on your loss - excellent work!

Vickie - hope cindy is doing okay - I can only imagine how upsetting that must be - keep us posted on her progress. I love spaghetti squash and actually just picked one up the other day!

...and since cleaning lady did not show up on wednesday (she was sick) she will be here TOMORROW - yippee - time to vaccuum up all those stray/fake pine needles (dd took down the decorations today!). But this means we need to be up and out of the house by 11 am (I hate being here when they clean) which is no easy feat. I am into vacation mode going to bed around 1 am then sleeping in til 10 or 11 am - wish me luck on tuesday when I have to go back to work.

Past couple of days busy with errands and such. Today we had great nephew's first birthday - just family - very nice...and funny watching him dig his little face into the cake (yes he has his own 'personal' chocolate cake to destroy/eat as he wished). I had one slice of pizza, 3 mini quiches and NO CHOCOLATE CAKE!

While my eating is better, tho not entirely core - I am happy to announce (drumroll please) that I have EXERCISED FOR THE PAST 2 DAYS! Can you believe it? Forcing myself onto the treadmill for 30 mins (20 mins at 3.0 mph at 1.0 elevation and 5 mins warmup/cooldown) - I know it's not a lot but it's a start and I need to get into some sort of shape for my upcoming cruise. I am determined to finish off my time off w/daily treadmililng -then will have to figure out a 'schedule' for when I"m back to work. I am enjoying watching my new dvd set (rodgers & hammerstein) which big ds gave me - I have started w/South Pacific!

Tomorrow morning I shall set the alarm so I am able to get up, treadmill, shower and eat before cleaning lady arrives.

No real plans for New year's eve altho big ds gave me tickets to see the Sam Hill Band playing at a local place (the bar/pub where he books the entertainment) - not sure if we shall venture out - I'm sure my mil would babysit if required. Otherwise will probably rent movies and stay home.

They do have this yearly event down the street from us at the old city hall - a family new year's eve event - with jugglers, circus acts for kids, snacks, music and fireworks at 10 pm - might be worth a visit as we will be alone w/little ds.

On new year's day we always attend an open house hosted by some of my old friends (thru ex husband) who we are still in touch with! We only see them (and the other attendees) once a year but it's lots of fun. The problem will be THE FOOD. Every year I am 'expected' to bake (Sue loves sweet things) and the amount of food is outstanding - yes there are some healthy options but I find it hard to sit and chat and NOT NIBBLE when everyone else is - will have to work on some strategies for that!

Time to call Ray in Vegas and gloat over the WICKED TICKETS I am now in possession of!



12-29-2006, 11:33 PM
Shaun got here yesterday evening, and promptly went to bed. :lol: I think he is worn out! He's gone out with friends tonight (dang well better be behaving, too!) ... and tomorrow night we're supposed to go out with Judd's brother and SIL from Colorado Springs, the ones we visited this summer. His sister and BIL are leaving at 4 a.m. to head back to Montana with a little detour thru Mancos/Durango, CO to see BIL's family. They have a bed and breakfast there and it's where he was raised. Anyhoo, we're going downtown Dallas tomorrow night and Shaun is going with us so he can visit with Brad, Judd's brother, who is an officer in the Navy. Shaun has been anxious to talk to him ever since he found out that he and Brad would be here at the same time.

I might have to join you at the doctor's, Vickie, because my throat is also achy and scratchy. All of the nieces and nephews were sick this week and we've been with them nonstop. I had my six month checkup on my foot this morning and got some news. He told me that when the pain becomes unbearable, we will do the following things: (1) steroid injections in the joint; (2) injections of synthetic joint lubricant; (3) a scope to clean out the calcification; (4) joint fusion; and finally, (5) joint replacement. I'm hoping we can stop at #1 or avoid treatment altogether. All you old gals will love this: he also said that you can buy an old house and fix it up really nice, but you've still got an old house. Hence, my new title of "This Old House." I've been chuckling about what he said all day.

Then Tuesday I went for my yearly checkup and had all the bloodwork done. I'm sure that my cholesterol will be up and anticipate going back on the medicine. I also have to go back to the cardiologist to see why I have such an irregular heartbeat and chest pains every day. I'm sure stress has nothing whatsoever to do with it. Yeah, right.

I'm sure not ready to start thinking about going back to work though; I haven't done any resting yet and there are only three days left. :(

12-30-2006, 01:21 AM
Hi All:

I didn't have to make the meatloaf. I called the hostess to see what was on the menu and she had baked a chicken. But, I'll send a favorite meat loaf recipe tomorrow or the next day. I ate lots of salad and was moderate with the desserts.

Kathy, that is not encouraging news about your cardiac problems. Get to the doctor, girl..."do not pass Go."
I wondered what "this old house" was about. Good to hear that Shaun is home and

Frouf--good for you and the exercise. Keep going. And, good luck with those sweets on New Years. The only way I've got much control these days is to stay home!!! :D

Night all,

12-30-2006, 02:56 PM
Good Afternoon Chicks! I've had a busy morning. I'll try to come back after lunch. Even my lunch is late. It's 1:00 here!

12-30-2006, 03:26 PM
Don't forget about me friends! :hug:
:hat: Happy new year!!! :cheers:

12-30-2006, 03:56 PM
Never! :hug:

12-30-2006, 04:38 PM
Never could, never would! Hope things are going OK for you Melissa. how'd that final paper go?

So far today I really passed a test. I took my ex's niece out for a holiday lunch. I was going to go to a local chain where I knew I could get chicken breast and salad. Instead, I took her to a scrumptious buffet of her choice. She indulged every whim and I ate shrimp, salad and veggies, more salad and more veggies.

I also changed where we're meeting my Godson and his family for dinner to Red Lobster where they can eat all they want and I can have fish and veggies! Yea! Taking back control :D


12-30-2006, 04:45 PM
Aw, shucks. Thanks gals!! :hug:

Thanks for asking Rhonda...I actually just emailed it to my prof today. Such a slacker I am!!

12-30-2006, 05:09 PM
Rhonda, what great NSVs! You seem to really be doing super with it!

It's nearly that time of year where we REALLY buckle down and get serious. I'm actually looking forward to it; this 146 business has got to go! I've been seeing that number for far too long.

12-30-2006, 06:23 PM
hi there. we just finished lunch (op!) and now i'm resting and visiting with my chickie friends. it's so good to read your posts and see that we're all working hard at getting back on track. life is good.

i splurged wayyyy too much yesterday eating but am hanging in there today. i feel a lot better when i'm op. sometimes i don't understand why a binge occurs. oh, well. just have to nip it! don't have to understand it.

kathy, go to the doctor quickly. i know some good cardiologists down there if you need some names. stress--even good stress--is dangerous to our bodies. my cardiologist told me that.

rhonda, kudos!!!! i am so proud for you. your posts sound much much happier now that you're back in control.

frouf, okay, you've inspired me. i'm going to exercise here at home till i get back to w a tuesday.

vickie, we've been busy today, too. sometimes i wonder how i had time to get anything done before retirement.

melissa, podna!! never never never. will you be here more often now that the paper is finished? i hope so. i need ya!!

12-30-2006, 06:58 PM
Sandra, I go to the Heart Place up near Arlington Memorial. I had the heart cath done two years ago and there were some narrowings but not enough for them to do a stent. I took cholesterol medicine for years and years but he took me off last year because my ratios were good even though the total was high. I know it's stress that's getting me, because I don't even know how to explain how bad it is around here lately.

I'd like to get out of going to Dallas tonight. I guess we'll see how that goes.

12-30-2006, 09:06 PM
My Uncle from NJ died this afternoon. I'm very, very sad. He was my Dad's only living relative. He flew to Chicago 15 years ago when I was getting married to give me away in my Dad's place. I'll miss him very much. I'm not sure what my plans are for the next couple of days.

I'm sure I'll be back around.

12-30-2006, 10:01 PM
vickie, that's so sad. i'm here for you whenever you need me.

12-30-2006, 11:28 PM
Vickie - my condolences to you and your family! Hope he went peacefully!

Kathy - hope you don't have to have anyting MAJOR done to your ankle - poor you! How are you feeling? You too Vickie - is your throat feeling better today!

Melissa - paper sent in just in time to PARTY for new year's eve - bet you are so happy it's done!

Rhonda - kudos to you for making such EXCELLENT choices - I am still feeling weak altho trying to stick to it.

Well I had a bad night last night - up at 5 am - tossing and turning til 8:30 (yes the alarm was set for 9 am) but I could barely drag myself out of bed by 10:30 am in preparation for 11 am cleaning lady arrival - which didn't happen til NOON - which made dh LIVID - which resulted in them having a DISCUSSION - I have always asked her to call if she will be late but doesn't seem to work? In other words instead of rushing around like maniacs, getting dressed, eating breakfast, and picking up stuff - we could have taken our time.

So I obviously did NOT get on the treadmill this morning and I am now fading fast so hope to get to bed soon (dh out jamming with the band). Did some errands today (bank, returns, groceries, liquor store for champagne!) and then took dd and little ds to see Happy Feet while cleaners were here - a very very cute movie, enjoyed by all!

I am hungry now but trying to stay OUT of the kitchen and control myself (esp as I did not exercise today). I just sent email off to my best gf to see if she wants to come over tomorrow night (otherwise we will probably go to the family new year's eve party at City Hall down the street!)....she is a very sociable and fun loving girl but her hubby is quite the LONER - he never ever (okay rarely) wants to go out and just stays at home - yes he has lots of projects and things to keep him busy but it's sad cuz I know she is more of a people person and is sometimes forced to bow out of things because of him.

I have offered a dinner and champagne if they want to come over (picked up 4 teeny strip loin steaks and champage and have fixings for salad, potatoes and also got some spicy shrimp skewers for appetizers). Otherwise just me and dh I guess? Good thing is we DID NOT get any dessert - yes we eyed the frozen cheesecakes and other goodies but decided we can not have these in the house - and would have fruit or maybe ice cream if desperate!

Researching tampa hotels now for 1 night stay post-theatre - now Ray (my gay cruising buddy) has suggested sharing a room! but frankly I don't feel very comfortable with that - now while he can get a govt rate at our chosen hotel I cannot (only for US and not Canadian gov employees) so my rate is sky high and frankly I can't rationalize paying $280 canadian for one night! So I am looking for something that still has a govt rate for him while my rate is not exorbitant! I am pretty sure he would be wililng to switch hotels if I find something suitable - wish me luck!


P.S. Anyone notice the 'movement' in my tracker? :D:D

12-30-2006, 11:52 PM
Oh, Vickie, please accept my condolences. It's quite a marker when the last one of a family unit dies and losing that connection to your Dad must be really sad. I'm so sorry.

Froufie: great going with that tracker....just 15 pounds and you can do it. Don't feel too badly about the treadmill...get on it tomorrow. Tell you what: if you'll get on yours, I'll get on mine! Deal....30 minutes tomorrow on the treadmill.


12-31-2006, 03:04 AM
Vickie, I'm so sorry to hear about your uncle. It sounds like he was a very special person in your life. :hug:

We're home from Dallas and I suppose I survived. First, we went to a place called Gingerman's and they had beerS. I had one and had to force it down. SIL had four, which was the equivalent of six because the last two were double the alcohol content. Judd and BIL had 3-4. We were sitting outside on a patio and it was a little chilly so I hope I don't relapse with the sore throat. After that, we went to an Italian restaurant. The three of them got a bottle of wine, I had my glass of water, and then ordered a salad and calamari from the appetizer menu. I ate 7-8 little pieces of calamari, two bites of salad, and that was it. I don't know why I'm not hungry but it seems like my tastebuds are out of whack. It's almost like they're hypersensitive. Weird.

Frouf, congrats on that tracker movement! It sounds things are going well in the cruise planning. I'll join you and Rhonda in the walking tomorrow except mine will be on the road instead of treadmill (since I don't have one anymore!) -- plus Kate has the Gazelle so I'm left with the old-fashioned way. Weather should cooperate though so it'll be good to get outside.

I guess I should go to bed soon. Night, all! :hug:

12-31-2006, 07:34 AM
Hello everyone, I'm new here. Firstly, I know Vickie from other threads and she told me to join in. Now I read that she just lost her uncle, I'm so sorry Vickie. I have three uncles left, but have lost several aunts and my own parents, both in the last year. I know how hard it can be. One thing I did was to choose my drug of choice to comfort myself after losing my parents, it was food. I was nearly at goal and then blew it all. I teeter on the brink of self medicating myself with food often. I hope you can do a better job than me. I went back to Weight Watchers last June and have had a slow but sure come-back, but I struggle. I'm on hormone replacement and arthritis medications that are both known to put on weight, plus at the lovely age of 51 (almost 52) I find weight VERY difficult to chisel off. I have to say that losing weight is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life, truly.
I have been on CORE since around Thanksgiving, up until last weekend at least, and have been doing a good job with it. The seemingly endless plateau I was on was "broken" and some pounds had started to come off again. I've been truly off program for the last week, eating cookies, desserts, extra special foods and the like. I've not been as out of control as some people, but I surely have regained some of my weight.
But, I am back to basics as of tomorrow, officially. The holidays will be truly over with and I shall regain control!
Hope you all can help me and that I can help you. I am also not sure I can keep up with this thread, as it appears very active, but I will try!

12-31-2006, 10:17 AM
Linda, you should have no trouble keeping up with us!

Your stats look remarkably similar to mine! Vickie and I are pretty much the same age you are so we fully understand the struggles you're going thru. I've been on HRT for 20 years and at my checkup last week, the doctor decided to start trying to taper me off so I'm now at a reduced dosage. I also take blood pressure medicine and one for anxiety/depression, and both of those are also known to add the weight. It has really been tough to get the weight off.

Today I'm going to really concentrate on getting in some vegetables. We're staying home tonight so for dinner I'll probably have snacks, like cheese ball and crackers, fruit and vegetable tray, maybe some sausage and cheese. I think I can stick closely to the vegetables because we have a lot of my favorites and also have that very good dill dip. It's not FF (I still can't find it!!) but only 2 pts so it should be minimal damage.

Vickie, our Albertson's is closing and today's the last day. They closed four in this area and of course the one in Mansfield just HAD to be on the list! I'm sad because whenever you found something at Jewel, which is the equivalent, I could usually find it at Albertson's. I didn't shop there regularly since I have a Kroger and Neighborhood Market in walking distance, but it was handy at times. I went yesterday and it was pretty much ransacked since groceries are 50% off, general merchandise is 80% off, and fresh foods like deli and dairy and frozen is 40% off. I did, however, find things that were good for the pantry, like olive oil and pickles and salsa so I stocked up. I love adding salsa to the pot when I make black beans or pinto beans.

I suppose I should get going and see what I can accomplish today. The only things on my list for the next two days are laundry, and organizing/cleaning the fridge and pantry.

Happy day to all!

12-31-2006, 12:04 PM
Welcome to the group, Linda. It's full of wonderful women, supporting and cheering one another :grouphug:

I'm going to take my 30 minute walk outside too, instead of on the treadmill. It's above freezing, no wind, sun is shining and it feels good out there. I always get a 30-40 minute walk with the dogs but I don't "count" it since I let them lead the way, as they stop to sniff where every other dog has been and relieve themselves here and there. I just tag along and try to keep them out of trouble.

It was in my 50's that I began to really gain weight also. Here I am at 61 trying to really get it off. So, for you 50 year olds, do try to succeed now. I'm convinced that it just gets more difficult.

I think I'll join Kathy in a focus on vegetables today. I'll make some zero point soup so I'll have something warm, easy and nutritious.

I bought a spiral cut, honey baked ham for tomorrow's dinner. There is a place here in Toronto that specializes in them but this is the first time I've bought from there. It is a big place way out in the west end of town that sends hams to various venues in the city, by phone- in order. I only had to go about 10 minutes from home to get the ham and the store was just fantastic. Toronto is full of smaller, independent grocers and butchers and this place was one of those. There was huge deli counter, another meat counter and bins and bins of fresh fruit and veggies. Then there was an entire other area full of canned foods and bakery products.

I am really going to miss this type of establishment when we move back to Texas. I can hardly stand the gigantic grocery stores. They are here too, but there are options here and the options are so much more pleasant for shopping...real treats for the senses.

That said, I'm sorry to hear Kathy that you're losing Albertson's....I don't understand why that chain is in trouble. The large grocery chains here are deliberately selling more non-food items to try to stem the lose of customers to places like WalMart. It's hard to believe sometimes but the profit on food is very low and the greater money is made on the non-food items.

OK! I'm off for my walk :running:

Have a great OP day everyone!


12-31-2006, 03:25 PM
Thanks for the warm welcome.
'm glad to be here. I have been cleaning house to get ready for a party tonight that my teenage daughter is having. I'll know where she is and that this house will be well supervised. They can have fun, but I'll be keeping a watchful eye.
There is a ton of soda and junk food here for the kids, but I am going to do my best to keep away from it all.
We have one of those honey baked ham stores near us and I wonder if you can consider that kind of ham "core" as it says "honey baked" right on it? I've stretched the rules on meats a bit from time to time if I added a BBQ sauce or something like that.
I'm looking forward to starting the new year off with a "clean kitchen", let all those teens who are coming here tonight eat all the leftover "bad" foods and then I'm back to being "good" again!

12-31-2006, 04:08 PM
Hey Chicks! I'll come and catch up as soon as I can but it might not be until later tonight. I haven't even had lunch yet and I'm starving. It's 2:00 here and I'm making some Core egg salad. I'm trying to stay Core and use up all the leftover baking stuff.

I'm working on family business and arrangements for my Uncle. Jim and I have decided not to go to the services but I just now learned what they are. There will be donations to the Kearny Little League in lieu of flowers. We have always been a HUGE baseball family. My Uncle Bob was very involved in the Little League in his town and evidently made his wishes known. I'm struggling a bit because I want to send flowers. Sigh. I guess this applies to us as well?

12-31-2006, 04:13 PM

I'm not at all sure about "honey baked" and Core, but my HONEY wants that kind of ham badly and I'm not making two! :D

Vickie: maybe you could go buy some flowers for yourself or a special plant that you could plant in the Spring in your backyard to his memory??


12-31-2006, 04:19 PM
DANG -- Don't know what I just hit but I deleted what I had written! Ugh.

OK, what did I write --

First off HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my chickie friends. Hope everyone has safe plans for tonight. We don't do much - just a quiet dinner here. I did buy chocolate martini mix - that will be my new year splurge. I'll make that right after Sarah goes to bed.

I survived Friday at work - the crisis of the day was what to do on Tuesday. We work NYSE business days - with Tuesday being the National Day of Mourning and the markets closed we spent most of the day trying to figure out how to staff. Being the first day of the year its one of the most busy times for us. The parent company is closed, so those who have to come in will get a comp day later in the year. Not that it affects me since my day off is Tuedays. Oh well. Next week is going to be so crazy busy.

I've already tried a new recipe and am stocking my lunches. I made the Italian Turkey and Spagetti Squash pie that I found on Barbos. Its very tasty. I'll post the recipe on Wednesday when I'm in the office - its on that pc. I'm cooking a new crockpot beef now - it smells wonderful. It may be dinner tonight. Then since we are going to get the rain tomorrow, I'll be making a new barley dish and balsamic chicken.

Linda, welcome. Did you post a couple times a few months back? Being from south of Boston, I recognize the Linda from NH!

Frouf, congrats on the loss. When is your next cruise? I hope in the winter.

Kathy, hope your feeling better today. Take care of your heart and ankle - follow up with those doctors. We all need to take good care of our selves. My sister was just recently diagnosed with cardiac spasms - its a precurser to a condition our mom has. Just one more thing to watch out for as I get older...

Melissa, congrats on getting the paper done. What are you studying? I give you a lot of credit for working and going to school. I can't imagine trying to do that now -- I'm so glad I got my degree right after high school. I do wish I got my masters soon after that. No chance of doing that now -- I'm just not that motivated to go back to school. Well, maybe to do some cooking classes.

Well, Sarah is starting to wake up. I'll check in tomorrow. Have a safe New Year all!

12-31-2006, 04:22 PM
Vickie - so sorry for your loss. The donation in his memory sounds wonderful. HUGS to you.

12-31-2006, 04:26 PM
OK, starting the new year HONESTLY -- I've updated my tracker to my weight from this morning. Its not the direction I want to go in but at least now I'll be able to post small changes down.

12-31-2006, 05:22 PM
Happy New Year chickies!

Welcome Linda - I also have a teenage daughter and was 'dreading' what her plans might be for this evening (which is why we chose not to really go out on our own) - turns out she is simply asking a gf over for a sleepover - that I can handle! I assume they will be up late (aren't they always) and may join us in a champagne toast? (assuming us old folks are up - ha ha ha).

Vickie - good luck w/all the arrangements - hope the little league appreciates your uncle's thoughtfulness!

Paula - you are a core cooking maniac - good for you - I bet your kitchen smells divine!

Rhonda - well I had to catch up with you so I did eventually got on the treadmill today - 30 minutes - yippee!

slept til around 10 am (yes I stayed up super late)....had breakfast, got into my 'treadmill clothes' - and waited for Prince Charming to wake up from his beauty sleep - was able to treadmill FINALLY around 1 pm - I then had lunch cuz I was starving and still have to jump in the shower.

As my gf is NOT coming over for dinner we may venture out to the family new year's eve party down the road (w/fireworks at 10 pm!)....otherwise a movie maybe? I guess we shall have the steaks I got for dinner w/sides and I shall have to control my portions.

I am a bit perturbed about tomorrow - going to friend's New year's day open house - I am known to ALWAYS bring a baked goodie and it is expected - but I am super fearful of baking anything as it will end up in my mouth (froufs have a great love of cookie dough stuff). I have these chocolate drop cookies I make which are fantastic - but I will need to put duct tape on my mouth? What should I do? The only thing I can think of is to give dd the recipe and get her to make it? (under my supervision?) maybe that will work.

Then there is the event itself - there will be veggies and dip, peanuts, pistachios, olives, cheeses, and this great boneless chicken marinated and cooked then stuffed into mini pita breads - now while none of that sounds too horrible - it's the nibbling of it that can be a problem. I sometimes find I am eating even tho I am not hungry just because everyone else is. I know there will be diet coke around so I shall try and fill up on that!

....and I too am dreading going back to work on Tuesday! UGH!


12-31-2006, 05:49 PM
hi there, chickies. curtis and i are home from gc. it was my idea to go there for lunch. why do i do that? almost all of missoula was there as well. i'll have to post the :frypan: over on "plans" in a few minutes. now i need to exercise but i'm wanting to scrapbook. i'm over a year behind. i have to be in the mood before i can do it. guess i'm in the mood now so i'd best get busy.

linda, i recognize you, too. i know i was seeing you over on the ww general board. were you here earlier, too?

vickie, rhonda has a good idea. i have plants to remember my grandmothers and my mother. whenever i look at the blossoms, i think of them. i think it was very generous of him to want donations to the little league. he's going to help a lot of children. he has to have been a good person. (i knew that anyway because he's kind to you.)

kathy, you're doing great op. i am very impressed. i need to get my incentive back.

rhonda, i need to go walk, too. if i get tired of bending over the photos, i might get on the treadmill. did you see the weather report for colorado/kansas? whew!

paula, your dishes sound good. are you posting the recipes? (hint hint)

frouf, i wouldn't be comfortable in the same room. surely you can find some good rates.


12-31-2006, 07:23 PM
Paula, I probably did post here before a few times. I might not have stayed with you guys at that time, as I stopped using the CORE plan and went back to Flex. I'm going to really try to stay on CORE, but re-starting after tomorrow.
I have 7 teenagers here tonight, boys and girls. The girls are staying overnight and the boys have to be on the road by 1:00, my rules. I don't want to deal with both genders here overnight.
I really need to go to my WW meeting on Tuesday and restart myself on CORE... I keep saying that I am back on track and then I blow it. Getting back into the usual routines of my household, Tuesday, will truly help me.
I have no excuses after that.
Paula, I grew up south of Boston and have since moved around a few times. I live in NH now and love it. One thing my husband and I agree on is that even if we ever win the lottery and have more money than we could ever dream of, our choice would still be to live here. However, I would own one of those awesome motor homes and travel during the coldest months, I think.
Well, the teenagers will arrive here in about a half hour - wish me luck!

12-31-2006, 07:24 PM
Hey Chicks! I have my dinner cooking so I thought I'd stop in and see if I could catch up. I think I'm pretty far behind.

12-31-2006, 07:56 PM
Melissa, how can we possibly forget about you when we are still busy missing you?! Any chance you'll have more time to fool around with us now that your paper is done? I could use some of your enthusiasm.

Rhonda, you are one impressive Chick! I need to spend some time with you. I'm doing ok but it is so HARD. All I want to do is medicate myself with food....but....I've promised myself to stop doing that. Not easy but you make it look so! I love the idea of planting something to remind me of him. Thank you for that. My Sister and I are going to send a "thinking of you" bouquet to our Aunt some time next week after everything is all over. That should satisfy my urge to send flowers. Did you get your walk today? I love your description of the grocery store. We are getting something here soon called Fresh Market. It sounds like a gourmet meat market, deli and produce store. I'm really looking forward to it.

Kathy, please take care of your health! Really, it's all we have. I know your family would NOT want to think about life without you. I hope you get some good suggestions and help from the Doctor. How's your throat? Mine is hanging in there. Knock on wood! Sorry to hear that your Alberstson's in closing. I'd be in BIG trouble if that happend here.

Sandra, you'll get back on program. I know you will. You know how it feels to gain back pounds and have to lose them all over again. The trick is nipping the bud faster than the time before!

Frouf, as we understand it my Uncle never knew what happened. He would have wanted it that way. He and my Aunt were out antique shopping and he went to the restroom. When he didn't come out, my Aunt sent someone in to check on him but he was already gone. He just turned 85 on December 1st and enjoyed a wonderful Christmas with his family. I guess you can't ask for more than that. I hope things work out for you in Tampa. Could he get two rooms or a two bedroom suite? That sounds like a lot of money for a hotel. My best advice for the party is to eat before you go and keep a diet coke in your hand at all times. Or...make a rule that you have to drink an 8 oz glass of water after each non-Core item. That should keep you busy refilling your glass and going to the bathroom! :D ;) As for the cookies, can you make something you don't like?

Linda, I am SO delighted that you came here! I need the support of another 50ish perimenopausal emotionally eating woman. Maybe we can figure out how to help each other! I also was not good over Christmas but have been back on the wagon for about 3 days now. It was wickedly hard. We can do it. Somehow it helps to know that others are fighting the same battles. Strictly speaking, I wouldn't call the Honey Baked Ham Core. However, you could cut off the "basted edge" and you'd probably be ok. If I was being strict with myself, I might charge myself a point and eat it anyway. Good luck with the party. What a great Mom you are to let it happen and to make sure there are great treats to boot!

Paula, I'm staying tuned for the balsamic chicken and barley. I'm sure I'm going to like that one. It's exciting for me when you all are cooking and sharing recipes. I need to cook and have variety to stay on program.

Alrighty then chickies! My dinner is nearly done. I'll eat and shower and settle in with Honey Lamb to ring in the New Year. I'll be back in the morning. In the meantime......:newyear:

12-31-2006, 09:56 PM
My dinner was a great success. Jim is watching the Bear/Packer game and I'm not in the mood. I'm heading up for a great bubble bath and to read a romance novel. Jim and I will join up again after the Bear game.

Whatchu all doin?

12-31-2006, 10:41 PM
i'm just here for a minute. i'm taking a break from scrapbooking. well, i'm actually taking a break from categorizing photos so i can scrapbook. i didn't realize i was so far behind. would you believe 03? i didn't realize i'd been procrastinating that long. :duh:

this should keep me out of excess food for awhile. not only am i busy, but i'm also looking at some "awful" photos of myself.

12-31-2006, 11:16 PM
Thanks for the welcome, Vickie!
You know, when my time comes, I'd rather it be like your uncle passed on. Kind of sounds like the way my mom went, she was about to sit down and have lunch with friends and she touched her forehead and said "oh" and fell to the floor, that was IT, no pain, no suffering and I don't think she was even aware of what had happened to her. We were all shocked, and so very sad, but I'm still glad that her passing was simple and painless. Be glad that was the way he went. My dad passed 9/15/05 (four months before mom) and he had cancer and let me tell you that was not the way to go, it was awful for him and for us. So, be at peace that your uncle went that way and even if you miss him, it's still a blessing.
Now, here I sit on New Year's Eve... my daughter and her teenage friends are in the living room and I am in the office on the computer. My husband (the chicken, leaving me to chaperone) went to bed. I'm really uncomfortable sitting here, as I can kind of hear a bit of what is going on (pretty innocent) but I don't want to go to bed and be an absentee parent. I feel responsible for not only my kid, but the other kids as well.
So, I'm glad to have this forum and will probably spend a good deal of time reading through lots of the topics and maybe even studying some of the other weight loss areas so I can compare.
By the way, I've tried several other programs and WW is for me, I like the meetings and they way they run things.
Well, take care. Oh yes, donations in lieu of flowers are always what is "recommended" if you are not comfortable, do what your heart tells you to do.

01-01-2007, 12:35 AM
I have been cleaning, sorting, and throwing out anything that doesn't move! :lol: Thank goodness that Judd is settled in front of the TV out in the family room or he'd be in big trouble...

It's actually looking pretty good in here. Shaun went out with friends but before he did, he went thru his old clothes and brought down two loads to go to the mission tomorrow. I'm washing them now and will fold and box them up when they're done. I hope that during the next few days we can get rid of most of his "civilian" things and call someone to come and clean out our storage unit. I'm paying $75 a month to store his old furniture which he'll never use again, so someone else might as well benefit from it. Plus, if I can save that $75, I'll just put it towards one of his bills.

While cleaning off the bookshelf, I found a bag that I didn't know was there, and when I looked inside I found a stash of baby boy clothes and a baby picture frame. The clothes are 0-3 months, which will be perfect for my brother's little Baby Eli. He's four months old now, but is not quite 11 pounds. Since he was 10 weeks early, he's a bit behind. Fortunately, all of the cocaine is out of his system and he's such a cute baby. I'm hoping that they will be able to adopt him. Mom, if they ever found her, would be in so much trouble for abandoning him, having crack in her system AND giving a false name at the hospital. Dad signed away his parental rights at the hospital but after the termination papers were filed, one of his family members contacted the courts saying they wanted the baby. Too bad, so sad. They now have to stand in line like everyone else, but since Kevin already has Baby Eli as a foster baby, he and Vanessa are first in line. I hope it works out for them all. They are the perfect parents and are so loving toward him. It breaks my heart to think "what if?"

Tomorrow is a great day -- a new start to a new year and we all get a "do over"!! It's like a clean slate!!

01-01-2007, 01:14 AM



01-01-2007, 01:55 AM

i love a clean slate. now i can "go out and do the right thing" as dr. laura says. curtis' bro called tonight. the 2 guys talked and talked about weightloss. by the end of the conversation they'd decided to do a contest. they weigh about the same now. they are aiming to lose at least 20 lbs by july 4. they're both thinking of a prize that will be unique. it's to be something that the loser will not want to have to do. i'm curious to see what they come up with.

his bro/wife are doing weight watchers. this is going to be interesting. curtis is going to have to "get with it." he's planning to eat "sort of" weight watchers and add more exercise. ii'm excited about their challenge and am wishing both guys the best.

i'm going to do my best to get curtis to go to ww meetings. right now his only plan about meetings is to go as a guest so he can weigh on their scales at the end of their challenge.

my sil is at or below goal. we're both lifetime members. i will be happy when she can say that i'm at or below goal, too.

i hear curtis moving around. i think it's time to hot tub.
:dust: 2007 is going to be a great year!!!!!

01-01-2007, 07:37 AM
i just started a new thread for jan. 1-7.