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12-24-2006, 02:53 PM
I have a question about the photobucket site. I recently joined so I could post pictures of my dog. I can only post pictures that are on my Kodak Pictures. Now my question:
How do you post on these threads other pictures that are not in my pictures. For instance, I love the "Maxine" cartoons that I receive in my e-mail and would love to post them here once in awhile. I'm a computer idiot, so take that into consideration when answering me. I tried sending the cartoons to "my pictures", but that doesn't work. The photobucket has a program called "Flock". I know nothing about it, anybody use that and what's it all about? Is that something I need to download and will it help me with my cartoons?:?: :?: :?:
Merry Christmas...Bobbi