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12-19-2006, 12:40 AM
New week, new attitude ... let's get this party started!! :carrot:

Like the saying goes ... If "ifs and buts" were candy and nuts, we'd all have a merry Christmas!

So how was last week? How about the weekend? What can you do differently this week than you did last week? And what's the plan to deal with Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?

Our celebrations can be, and should be, separate from our meals. We should celebrate all the wonderful things in our lives and all the blessings we've had in the past year.

12-19-2006, 12:52 AM
:lol: kathy. i'm not going to change anything. i already changed from flex to core but that wasn't really for the holidays. it was so i'd keep my strength up while training and competing. right now i'm working the plan and letting it work for me.

i don't mean to sound smug. we have two holiday events coming up in the next few days, and i think i'm ready. one thing i did several days ago was to buy a cute christmas outfit. also, i'm taking core foods to both. i plan to spend most of my time visiting with friends at the first and family at the second.

what about you? what are your plans?

12-19-2006, 01:04 AM
Good question, Kath. I wish I could say that I have a plan but I don't. I'm thankful that I have time to make one though.

I'm weighing, measuring, and journalling.

And...I'm oh so tired.

12-19-2006, 09:36 AM
Good Morning Chicks! My spirit feels a bit renewed this morning. One meal at a time.

I'll be baking Scottish Shortbread today (3-4 batches) and fudge (plain and nuts). In between I'll be cleaning. The shortbread has to be made in small batches one pan in the oven at a time. It's a bit of a pain but everyone seems to think it's worth it. I'm making a gift assortment tin for Cassie's Vet and for our favorite waitress at our favorite Core restaturant. We ask for her every week and she takes great care of me including always giving me extra veggies! Of course, she'll get an extra nice cash gift too! :D

I really got a couple of AP's yesterday. I worked solid for 4 hours. I always underestimate the intensity when it's not traditional exercise and I don't eat them. I just like to know I got them and I hope it makes up for any BLT's along the way. I'm guessing I won't have too much trouble resisting my baked goods. My experience has been that desserts are far too sweet for me now. My poison is real in particular.

I wish I had a nice new outfit. I don't feel that I deserve it. I'll wait until I get back where I was. In the meantime, it's business time!

Have a great day chicks. I'll try to check in on all of you during my breaks.

12-19-2006, 09:57 AM
Good morning ladies. Vickie, :hug: to you. You can do this, I know it. Weighing and measuring is a good step. Good luck with the baking. I don't do holiday baking, because I'd end up eating it all. :)

Sandra, congrats on getting back to "hard-Core." I'm sure you'll end up with more energy.

I'm not really too worried about Christmas festivities this year, since my mom and sister are also in WW, we should have many healthy alternatives. I'm just having a bit of a hard time since I've been sick. I eat for comfort, and I feel cruddy. But I have been decently good, and can continue being good. I'm looking forward to my meeting tomorrow...they always re-energize me.

I'm debating whether or not to keep the girls home from school another day. I think dd #2 I will for sure, since she had a bit of a fever yesterday evening. But dd#1 just has a cold. However, I know how miserable this cold makes you feel. She's just lying on the heat vent on the floor now, and her face is pale and blank. Poor little girl! But yesterday, all day, they were running around and playing just fine. Decisions, decisions!


12-19-2006, 11:25 AM
Good morning!

Sandra, I didn't think you sounded smug at all! Your plan sounds like a very good one to me, and I'm sure it'll go well for you.

Vickie, just hang in there, girlie! It's all any of us can do. I told my boss this morning that I feel like I've gained five pounds since I've been working on this cookbook. I see recipes all day long and am thinking about food in my sleep. I've never been hungrier in my life. Your shortbread sounds like a perfect gift and I'm sure they'll enjoy and appreciate it so much. That reminds me that I need to get cracking on my neighbor gifts, and the tray to take to our vet. I usually take tins of chex mix, almond bark covered popcorn, and fudge to them. The neighbors will get cookies this year because another neighbor gives everyone the popcorn and I don't want to steal her idea.

Oh dang. They're messing with me. Gotta go...

12-19-2006, 12:49 PM
good morning. we're up and at'm earlier than normal. yesterday's w a helped me in a way i didn't expect. last night was my first night in about 2 months that i was able to sleep comfortably without neck/shoulder pain. i'm thinking now that the pain wasn't cuz of archery but was stress-related. w a is a destressor for sure.

kathy, i have to confess that after i posted last night i got a bit worried. i was afraid i was setting myself up by being to "sure of myself." however, posting online is making me be accountable. i'd hate to goof up now that you all know i'm feeling confident.

vickie, don't tell anyone:censored: but i bought my outfit at walmart. i think it's cute, though. i am impressed with all your baking. i'm not doing much baking. we've never established any traditions for me to bake. i am going to make some of those dream pies. i think i'll do white chocolate/peppermint. i'm going to make one of those cakes using no-sugar added pie filling. maybe spice cake/apple pie filling. i'm not sure.

angela, did you keep dd home today? i know the girls want to be at school this week what with all the holiday activities but it's best to keep them home for their sake as well as so they won't spread anything to others. i want to tell you again how happy i am that you're back coreing. i have missed your support. i need you.

we're about to leave to go train. i hope all of you are having a terrific tuesday. see ya later.

12-19-2006, 01:16 PM
Angela, I hope your DD is much better. Bless her little heart, how miserable would it be to feel rotten over Christmas? :hug: I also hope it doesn't spread to the others.

Sandra, you aren't setting yourself up for a failure, you're setting yourself up for success! I believe that with dedication, portion control, and resisting the sweets that we can all do it. Other people are saying this is a bad time to try and stick to a diet ... we say it's the BEST time! We don't need a lot of extra food to have fun!

I'm having the worst day here, with people wanting hurried changes. They're all trying to get their fixes done so they can test them and be off over Christmas. The simulators are occupied every hour of the day.

Back to it ... I'll check in a little later.

12-19-2006, 03:31 PM
kathy, i hope your day lightens up. how long will you be off for christmas?

12-19-2006, 03:37 PM
Ooohhhh...this baking is hard! I'm not doing it next year for sure. You cannot imagine how my house smells. I'm done with two batches of shortbread and a batch of fudge. I'm going to eat lunch now since I'm feeling weak physically and emotionally and Jim isn't here. He went to get me more supplies and stuff I need for dinner.

12-19-2006, 04:19 PM
The crisis has passed for the moment. I ate lunch and feel a bit better. I had a can of split pea and ham soup which I thought would stick to my ribs better. I'm also guzzling water.

Bake to the baking!

12-19-2006, 04:21 PM
Frouf, where are you again? I hope you're not crazy at work like poor Kathy!

12-19-2006, 05:46 PM
Hi All:

I took most of today off and took my ex's niece shopping for herself and her two children (5 and 6 months).

I've done OK with food today and the challenge comes in a few hours when we go to our friend's tree trimming party. I'm going to have to really, really control myself. I'll try to think that the best present I can give myself this year is to NOT gain any weight and to eat consciously. I can do it.

Vickie, that baking is very hard to do when trying not to eat any of it. I KNOW that challenge.

Kathy, hope it calmed down for you at work; and Sandra have you looked to see how much energy it takes to do archery. I "googled" it and was amazed at the calorie expenditure. Angela, hope the babies feel better soon. I hate colds myself...they make me feel miserable.

Wish me luck tonight. I'll report in.


12-19-2006, 07:31 PM
Good Luck, Rhonda!

Kath, how did your day go?

Sandra, I don't think you're smug. I think we need confidence and ALOT of it to survive the holidays without a gain.

Angela, I hope the girls are feeling better.

I don't know why I agreed to bake this stuff. It's almost like I intended to sabotage myself. I'm going to try real hard not to do that. I got everything done that I needed to get done today, including finishing the cleaning of the last room upstairs. Now I'm cooking dinner and trying to figure out what to make tomorrow night that will be easy and still Core. Tomorrow is another big cooking, cleaning day for me. Yeah....more AP's! I ate two tiny pieces of shortbread and I've counted the points. I sure am glad that my new WW week begins on Monday. That means that I get a new 35 points beginning on Christmas day. That should help. I'm trying not to eat anything non-Core because I know I'll have a cookie or two. As long as I stop.....

12-19-2006, 09:53 PM
It has been a heck of a day. I wouldn't even know where to start, so I won't.

Let's see ... tonight I made tater tot casserole for Judd because I WAS going to make Mexican cornbread for the potluck tomorrow, and the ground beef was thawed out. I decided to just take double the amount of meatballs instead, so needed to cook the ground beef. The casserole was the easiest thing I could think of.

We're about to frame a barn picture and I'll take a picture of the picture and post it later or tomorrow night. Then I'm just cleaning up the kitchen, figuring out my work clothes for tomorrow, and stopping. Tomorrow night I'm making something called Baked French Toast for a breakfast (not the whole program, only five of us) Thursday morning. We do that instead of exchanging gifts.

Vickie, it sounds like you did very well with staying out of the goodies! You go, girl!

I'll be back tomorrow morning. I hope everyone has a good night! Frouf, where are you??

12-19-2006, 10:27 PM
i'm home from w a. what a workout! i'm pooped. we just finished dinner. that gave me a little more energy.

vickie, i know what you mean about the smells being hypnotic. i'm still trying not to bake much. so far so good. it's hard, though. i'm still op. we go to a party fri night. i have ww wi and start my new week fri am. that should help.

rhonda, how many pts did it say? i've never looked for pts spent on archery. i'll go see if i can find out. (just in case, though, what did you find out?)
i know you're having a good time at the tree trimming party. makes me smile.

kathy, i don't blame you for doubling the meatballs. i think the easy road is the best.

got to go. i need to spend time with curtis.

12-19-2006, 11:28 PM
Yeah, Frouf, where are you. I bet she's got her head in a bunch of cruise brochures!

Well, I didn't do as badly as I feared I might but not as well as I wish I had....know that feeling?! I did stay away from the alcohol except for one glass of white wine. I tasted many of the treats but did not overindulge. It was a struggle. I had to make myself stay in a chair because everywhere I looked or strolled by there was some NON- Core food or another.

Tomorrow, I'm going to stay Core all day long. I might have to make it one minute at a time. I have to get back to writing it all down...this month away from a routine has taken a toll on my thoughtfulness. But, I'll get back, I have NO doubt.

Nite all,

12-20-2006, 12:07 AM
We are doing great Chicks! A few tiny slips won't kill us as long as we don't let loose all together.

Thanks for the morale support! I didn't have anything to eat after dinner. I wasn't hungry but I wanted to eat anyway. I watched a Christmas movie that Jim DVR'd for me and then I went and had a bubble bath. Now I'm here having a hot vanilla. It helps me get in my second milk serving. I especially like it before bed because it's basically just hot milk. Tonight I put 1 oz of Torani caramel SF syrup in it. It tastes really decadent with a bit of cinnamon sprinkled on top.

We'll be turning in soon. Big day ahead of me.

12-20-2006, 12:22 AM
rhonda and vickie, we get to mark one day down. i'm taking this one day at a time, too. well, probably one minute at a time. we're doing all right. sounds like you both had excellent days. and didn't you have fun, too? i'll bet you're both smiling right now.

vickie, i like what you said, "We are doing great Chicks! A few tiny slips won't kill us as long as we don't let lose all together." i agree 100%

"slips" are just a part of life. we all know we have to keep living while on this wonderful journey to healthier bodies.

i'm off my soapbox now. night night.

12-20-2006, 12:28 AM
Sandra, I found a calculator that says a person who weighs 168 pounds and shoots at a stationery (sp?) target for one hour burns 267 calories.

12-20-2006, 12:37 AM
thank you, vickie. i bookmarked this. 267 calories per hour doesn't sound like a lot, does it? i know i get dehydrated when i'm pulling the bow back a lot, especially the longbow. that takes something out of me for sure.

does that mean 5 pts?

12-20-2006, 09:11 AM
Good morning! I have to get to work but wanted to stop in and say hey.

Hey! :wave:

12-20-2006, 09:18 AM
Hey yourself(ves)!

I have a very busy day fighting the good fight against University administrators, having lunch with good women friends and an early supper with another friend. I'll have to really be careful, again!

But, I'll do it today and let tomorrow worry about itself.

I'll check in tonight. Have a great OP, Core or Flore day everyone. We can do this. :cheer2: lurking out there??


12-20-2006, 10:07 AM
Morning ladies! I had a good night's sleep, after imbibing in some delicious hot Thera-Flu for Severe Colds. :lol: I'm sending the kids back to school today, and am going to try to get on with my day.

I had a big NSV yesterday. A friend of mine brought over a huge plate of holiday cookies...the kinds I love, but the kinds my kids and husband don't. You chocolate, dried cranberries w/vanilla chips, coconut? Anyway, I knew my weakness for cookies, and with my mom's moral support :) , I put them down the garbage disposal. I appreciate my friend's thoughtfulness, but I don't need 10 cookies for myself! I did keep one miniature dark chocolate bar with peanuts and ate that. Not too shabby!

I have weigh-in tonight..we'll see how I'm doing then.


12-20-2006, 10:59 AM
Good Morning Chicks! I feel a bit stronger with the morning light. And....I'm very, VERY proud of myself for not eating anything after dinner last night....not even Core food.

But I am no where near as proud of myself as I am of Angela! OMG, I am bursting at the seams with happiness for you for dumping those cookies! I completely understand how hard that was for you. I don't eat junk cookies. You could put a package of oreos in front of me and I won't touch one. However, homemade pastries are quite a different story. Great going, GF! I'm sure you'll be rewarded on the scale tonight. I can't wait to hear.

Sandra, that's a great question. I don't know how to convert from that calculator to a WW point. I know how you got to 5 though using the 50 calories per point theory. What does the slide rule calculate for you doing 1 hour of moderate exercise? How many for extensive? I'd be curious to know. I love that calculator. I think Kathy might have posted it a LONG time ago. It was definitely someone on this list that gave it to me. I love that it takes your weight into account in the calculation.

Rhonda, you've got the right idea! One day at a meal at a time. Have a great day with your GF's. I hope you have an easier day than you thought with those Administrators.

Good Morning, Kathy! How dare they keep you so busy that you don't have time to get to your site? How was the cookbook received? I'm so tired I don't know how I ever worked and got all this done. I think I just said no to a lot of things. Jim said he feels like we are on vacation this week and not retired. I told him it's because we are doing all the things that we used to do on Christmas vacation. When do you start your vacation?

Ok...time for a menu thread. I even know what I'm cooking for dinner!

12-20-2006, 11:49 AM
:lol: I eat good cookies, junk cookies, whatever you put in front of me, even if they aren't very tasty. :cookie:


12-20-2006, 12:32 PM
Angela, you are a stronger woman than I. I put the cookies in the freezer, but did you know frozen cookies are wonderful? The rest are coming with me on Christmas to my MIL. Then we are back to a core household. I don't dare step on the scale right now - it won't be pretty. :(

It feels like such a long time since I posted. Amazingly my foot healed very quickly. I ended up ditching the crutches Saturday and by Monday I could wear a regular shoe. Now it feels fine but gets sore on spot now and again - I assume that is where the frature is.

I had a wonderful weeked - family party on Sunday. But food wise I did not do so well. Not being able to walk put me in an eating mood. Sunday I ate to the point my stomach hurt. Not good. So, Monday I was back to being on plan as best I could. I officially finished my Christmas shopping today and everything is wrapped -- even all of Santa's gifts are wrapped. It helps alot to be off from work this week.

Tomorrow I need to run to the office to drop off a gift and show off Sarah -- she has been asking for months to go to mommy's office. So I'll take her tomorrow. Then I have to grocery shop and we have neighbors coming over tomorrow night. Friday afternoon, getting together with my girlfriend and her kids, Friday night either another neighbor or my husbands cousin. Saturday night another party at a friends house, Sunday the children's services are at 10:45 am so Christmas eve we are home alone! Whew -- I'm tired already.

Its alot of fun - I love this time of year.

I dropped of Sarah at school this morning and then took an hour walk. Pretty good I think - then I went to the mall. Thank goodness I don't have to go back there.

How is everyone doing???

12-20-2006, 01:34 PM
Here I am - yes busy doing cruise research - ha ha ha....but also crazy busy at work and I am so looking forward to taking some time off over the holidays.

Vickie - you are a stronger woman than I - I could never bake and not try the results - or not snitch some 'dough' - good for you. I bet the house smelt divine!

Angela - kudos to you too for making the cookies 'disappear' - I think that was a wise decision and keeping only one seemed to work out well for you!

Kathy - your tree looks amazing - have you put the gifts underneath yet?

Paula - glad your foot is all healed - sounds like you are back to exercising again?

Rhonda - love the white meal thing - I too always look forward to the shortest day - cuz I know from then on the days get a bit longer each and every time and yes as silly as it seems it does help me psychologically get thru our long cold and dark winters.....however i can't complain cuz the past week has been abnormally warmer - all snow gone - I can see green grass everywhere - very weird - but we know it won't last - I bet we still have a white christmas!

Well I did have go to out and buy a new menorah - slim pickings - but I got something I liked for $ far the old one has not turned up! And ds is really enjoying lighting his little menorah - he even brought it into school on Monday and did a 'presentation' - all kiddies also got their own dreidel and bag of chanuka gelt (chocolate coins)! Today he is off on a field trip to see Charlotte's Web as they have been reading it in school - very excited!

Trying to finish up stuff at work and feeling a bit stressed but nothing new. My eating is not that great altho I do try to watch my portions? But I am not eating hard core. Yesterday was a lunch out (today's was cancelled thank goodness) - italian restaurant - had a veal calzone (inside out pizza) - w/side salad - but I only had HALF of it and doggie bagged the rest! Trying to snack on fruit, lf yogurt, popcorn, and eat healthier in general. My goal is NOT to gain weight over the holidays. And I do need to start exercising - esp in preparation for my upcoming cruise (73 days to go but who's counting? :D)

Going to sil's for xmas eve - dinner and present opening - have almost all gifts except a few - and need to do some major wrapping! Poor dh is down with a cold that is not getting better (up most of the night coughing) so he is not much help right now. I think I can get him to do some wrapping? And we can get out on the weekend (with the thousands of other last minute shoppers) and get our final goodies.

Kids presents are bought - dd finally got a digital camera (no photoshop yet tho) so I hope she will stop harassing me -got ds this big furry hoodie he wanted from The Gap - now little ds needs one more 'real' gift from me and I still need to get that. He still thinks Santa is coming and dh got him this great train set (more for dh I think than ds :D) so that will 'appear' on xmas morning - but I need to give him something when I give the 'other' kids their presents!

I am already dreaming of blue skies, aqua waters and seeing some exotic places! Waiting for my buddy Ray from Vegas to book the cruise (he claims he will have $$/tax rebate on jan 2nd) - he is a platinum cruiser and if we link our reservations it seems I may be able to get some of the same perks? (I'll believe it when I see it!). Also just applied for my new passport as mine expires in February. Still no good airfare deals so I am waiting to book that!

Back to work!


12-20-2006, 02:25 PM
Frouf, I LOVE to hear the stories of your life! I'm glad you checked in because we were all worrying about you....well at least wondering.

Paula, isn't it fun but crazy all at the same time? Just be as good as you can. That's all we can hope for.

For me, it's best if I just don't get started.

One batch of cookies mixed. Time to go bake them! I don't feel like eating lunch. I have to make sure I don't get too hungry lest the snitching begins!

12-20-2006, 07:18 PM
Wow....we are busy! I'm talking to myself this afternoon. I finished two batches of cookies. Jim cleaned a bunch of stuff for me and now I'm cooking dinner. Tonight is the last night I'll cook until I make something light for us on Christmas Eve. I don't have time and I don't want the house messed up. It's bad enough that I didn't get any of my cleaning done today. I'll have to be very efficient tomorrow.

I have to make a catch of cookies in the morning and then some deliveries before we go out to dinner. I'm not sure what I'm going to eat for dinner on Friday and Saturday. I'm considering Texas Roadhouse because I can be good there. I'm not sure about Saturday. I'll make the best choices that I can.

Hang in there girls! All too soon the holidays will be over and we'll just be struggling to get through the boring Winter.

12-20-2006, 08:23 PM
I have absolutely no time anymore, so I'll just say if you don't see me in the next few days, don't worry. I have to spend pretty much every waking hour at work to get it all done or I won't have a Christmas vacation. Dammit.

12-20-2006, 08:50 PM
Bye, Kathy!!!

Oh, yes, frozen cookies, junk cookies, soggy cookies, stale cookies, any cookies. I can be very bad. But, I am trying to reform.

I did not too badly today. I talked to a friend of mine who is an addict and as he talked about his cravings, I began to feel more and more empathy for people who are in those situations. We crave the food and they crave other, normally more destructive things but it is about craving...and learning the basis of that deep desire.

It just has to be replaced by an even deeper desire to be healthy. The best thing that I can do now at almost 8PM is get out of my work clothes, take a long, hot shower and rest. What a long day I had.


12-20-2006, 08:54 PM
Whatever you have to do to get a vacation, Kathy! Poor thing.

Rhonda, enjoy your evening. It sounds like you really deserve it. I'm going to go lay on the couch for a while and then go shower for bed. Tomorrow is another busy, busy day.

12-20-2006, 09:34 PM
i typed a long post earlier but lost it somewhere in cyber space. i'm baking. i didn't go to w a today. i went shopping and am doing some baking. i decided the world didn't need to do without because of me. i'm going to bake some more core fall muffins in a minute. i may also make some killer brownies.

i'm doing all right. i did taste a bit of pecan pie bar but spit it out after i got a taste of it. i remembered one time a ww leader said something about after the taste there's nothing left to do but swallow. i can do without swallows. :lol:

angela, earlier i congratulated you on chunking the cookies. that took willpower for sure.

kathy, don't work too hard.

12-20-2006, 09:40 PM
frouf, you do have a lot going on. that is so cute about little ds making his presentation. i think that's wonderful. can i have a chocolate coin? and your cruise? i hope ray can get your bookings linked. what perks will you get?

vickie, you're a busy busy baker. you inspired me to get with it. you're right. boring winter will soon be here. oh, well. spring's on its way as they say.

rhonda, sounds like you had a full day. enjoy your evening.

12-21-2006, 07:24 AM
Morning all:

I slept from 9PM to 6AM with getting up only for necessities.

OK, NEW day, NEW resolve. I'm at one bite at a time; forget the whole day. Sandra, I loved spitting out the pecan pie bar. I need to do more of that.

I think it's going to get easier because beginning at noon, I'll be home more and have more control over what is in front of me. I'm really struggling with all the temptations in the environment right now.


12-21-2006, 09:39 AM
Good Morning Chicks! I need a lot of energy for today. I hope I find it. I'll be baking and cleaning the downstairs. I'm not looking forward to it. I'd just like to relax. Guess I need to buck up!

Sandra, you are TOO cute. I need to do more spitting.

Rhonda, I'm glad being home will be easier for you. It hasn't been for me with all this homebaked pastry around.

12-21-2006, 10:52 AM
i was starting to have trouble, too, (and i may have more trouble ahead) so i made some 1 pt brownies and the core fall muffins. i made the muffins 2 ways: one with grated pears and the other with mashed ripe bananas. the one with bananas--i added a little more cream of wheat and some butter buds and baked it as a loaf. i really like it better than the pear muffins. i'm going to call in a bit to see if my doctor/nurse are in today. if they are, we're taking them a plate of brownies/banana bread.

i got up about 2 hours ago and did a bit more in the kitchen. curtis just got up. he smelled the muffins baking. i am now thinking of making mexican cornbread. that's always good to have on hand for quick meals. i ate the last of the core taco soup last night. i still have some frozen polenta cakes, so i need to make some core soup today, too. (curtis/others will get the mexican cornbread.)

rhonda, i'm glad you'll be able to be home more after noon today. i remember well how much harder it is to be iop when around a lot of festive activities. we used to have a big breakfast cooked by the men teachers/coaches when i was teaching at high school. it was a fun tradition and was full of good food.

vickie, you always amaze me with your energy. i probably won't do much housecleaning since we'll be going to get togethers and not hosting any. however, last night we were surprised by a couple who stopped by for a visit. the house was a mess. she and i stayed in the kitchen because i had foods cooking. the men were downstairs playing with bows and arrows. laundry to be folded was on my recliner down there. oh, well. i guess he'd seen underwear before. they stayed almost 3 hours. we had a good visit.

the problem with the spitting is--it can't be done at get togethers. it's an "alone" thing. :lol:

12-21-2006, 01:18 PM
WEll I am NOT doing well - on a sugar high right now! Came in to find my chair STACKED w/xmas gifts - and SOMEONE STOLE MY TRADITION!

I love giving gifts to my team mates (12 of us) but don't want anyone to feel obligated to get me a gift so for the past 3 years I go to Starbucks and get 15 gifts cards to distribute ($7 each) - and on each card I write to :X from Santa! Then I sneak them around on people's desks, chairs, keyboards and watch the fun (okay most of them come to thank me anyways...sigh).

So this morning I stop off at Starbucks on my way in (yes I know I should have done this last night - too lazy) and get the 15 cards (yes it took forever!). Come in this morning to distribute - and don't I ALREADY find a 'similar' gift card ($5 starbucks) already on my seat from SANTA! How's that for stealing my idea? So now everyone is even more confused cuz they each have 2 gift cards!

Have a pretty wrapped box (from my boss I think?) and my cruise buddy Andrea left me a tin of BAKING - so of course things were already crazy busy here this morning and I had not eaten breakfast so at 11 am I had to open the tin and partake - very delish - but fattening and bad for fat froufies!

Now it's lunchtime so I shall go reheat my salmon/veggies/couscous and forget about that tin!

Sandra - good for you for preparing some core friendly baked goodies - I'm sure that will help you stay on track!

As for the cruising perks! - if I can be linked to his platinum card - we get VIP embarkation and disembarkation (this is very vey good - out of the main line into a special faster line to get on and off the ship!), I think he will get a plate of canapes in his room one night, he gets free laundry (okay so should I throw a few things in with his? wink wink), priority reservations in the supper club (yes we are planning to go to Harry's for a fabulous 2 hour meal!), and priority tendering (altho we should be docking not tendering in all of our ports). There is also a special lineup and concierge for platinum cruisers at the purser's desk so they don't have to stand in line with us 'regular folk'.

Dh still not feeling well and very behind on the wrapping (okay he managed to wrap one 2 x 2 inch box with some earrings in it - not that helpful! :D). DD is dancing tonight for 2 hours - dare I go to the nearby mall? I know it will be super busy but maybe I can get a few more things? I would much rather go to a movie when she's dancing, relax and munch some popcorn!

Tomorrow morning we have a breakfast pot luck at work (I am bringing bagels) and then another 'party' hosted by the Director and somehow I don't think much will get done? Sometimes we are let out early but seeing at it's the 22nd and NOT xmas eve or anything it really is a full working day.

Vickie - how's the house cleaning going?

Kathy - have fun and look forward to hearing all about it later!


12-21-2006, 06:40 PM
frouf, i'd be upset, too, at somebody's stealing my tradition. but i would also take it as a compliment. good ideas get stolen. folks don't steal the bad ones--well intentionally anyway.

i'm worried now that i will eat too many pts with my ww stuff. guess i need to get over it and relax.

i hope you do get out early tomorrow. i'm guessing the higher ups would really like that, too.

12-21-2006, 08:04 PM
Hey Chicks! I just got home from wonderful Core dinner out. It made getting showered and dressed with full makeup worth it! I delivered our homemade tin of cookies/fudge to Cassie's Vet and our favorite waitress and got our banking done. Now I'm going to finish the last of the cookies. Tomorrow I make lemon squares and then I'm finished with the baking. All the cooking that will be left is on Sunday afternoon when I make my Mom's famous cream cheese jello mold and a large pan of homemade macaroni and cheese. All I'll have to do on the day after Christmas is warm the spiral ham and the other sides.

I've still got some cleaning to do but I'm making progress. After the cookies tonight I'm going to rest on the couch. I feel exhausted like I'm pusing myself too much. Poor Kathy...she must really feel exhausted.

Sandra, be as good as you can. That's all I'm doing. At least I'm being better than I ever was before. Jim and I are sharing cookies instead of each eating 5. I'm already getting bored with them which is a good thing.

Frouf, all I can say on your behalf is HARUMPF!!!!! How dare they steal your tradition. Poachers! So when will you guys do your wrapping? I'd be panic stricken if I wasn't done already. I'm looking forward to some relaxation time.

See you all tomorrow.

12-21-2006, 09:33 PM
Hi All:

Vickie: Wrapping? We have nothing to wrap! We've decided that since we had the wedding, the cruise, etc. we will be very modest this year. Saves on the cost of wrapping paper! DH wants those Bose noise-cancelling headphones but we've agreed that they are too pricey for now, especially.

I have some good news: I am a Great-Great Aunt for the second time. One of the sons of one of my nieces had a baby girl yesterday. All is well with Mommy and Baby and the others survived also!

It's exciting of course. And, so nice to have a birth in the family so quickly following my sister's death. I keep trying to send my sister an email or phone her. Boy, it's tough at times.

Frouf, I guess your co-workers have delivered a challenge to you to think of a different gift next year...but, you can't have too many gift certificates for coffee! Keep us posted about the cruise...we're all living vicariously!

It was so nice to leave work at noon today. I came home, planned a few meals, went to the grocery store and spent hours reading the WW cookbooks I have. If I can't eat more at least I can read more :book2:

Tomorrow morning is back at Pilates. I tried to go last week but was still too sick when the day actually came. I bet I'll hardly be able to move but at least I'll be there!

Night all,

12-21-2006, 10:46 PM
vickie, you and jim did a great job spreading the holiday spirit. :hohoho: and sharing cookies? fantastic! i am empowered by reading that. i'm doing all right. i have been counting pts. today's my last day of the week and i have over half my wpa's left. i'm proud of that.

:hug: rhonda, i know what you're going through. i have been thinking of my mother-in-law, too, wanting to contact her to share news with her. how wonderful that you have a new family member. what did they name her?

i am wrapping gifts now. :present: i'm not listening to christmas music. i'm watching rachel ray. i got a good idea from one of the commercials but i didn't catch it all. that's why i got on the puter now. i'm going to see if i can find it.

i go to wi in the am. :goodscale: i'm actually excited. afterwards, i'm getting my hair cut. we go to a get together tomorrow night. it's going to be a fun day.:xcheer:

12-21-2006, 11:36 PM
I'm here and have been a time or two during the day but no time to stay and post.

Now I'm ready to go to bed. It seems like you all have a handle on your lives, eating, Christmas ... way to go! We've got relatives stranded in Colorado Springs and not sure they're going to be able to get here. Others from Montana are leaving at 4 a.m. tomorrow, going to Mancos CO to visit my BIL's parents, and then will come on here.

I'll work all day tomorrow and then try to get the weekend off. BBL...

12-22-2006, 01:39 AM
kathy, i hope your relatives don't have any problems with their traveling. wyoming scares me more than any other state this time of year. those winds are horrendous.

12-22-2006, 08:49 AM
Good Morning All:

It's the first day of the longer days and shorter nights...all the way to June 21, so enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. The month of January is miserable to me here in Toronto. There is simply NOT enough sunshine. The average is about 90 hours for that entire month. It is so cloudy here north of Lake Ontario. I put two skylights in my house just because I couldn't stand the dark. They made a lot of difference to my mood.

Back to food and eating. There is too much chocolate in this house...and guess who brought it in! So, tonight I'm giving a lot of it away to my guest for the Soltisce dinner and on the weekend I'm taking the rest to some children I know.

I've decided on a simple crock pot roast beef dinner with a WW lemon pie for desert for tonight. It's not my all white dinner tradition, but my guest is British and really enjoys pot roast!

I'll going to bake a Christmas steamed pudding and some assorted squares for my ex in-laws, and a chocolate meringue pie for the Christmas dinner we are invited to. That, will be it. I cannot find FF, SF pudding mixes here in Toronto. I can find the FF. I didn't look in the diabetic section of the grocery store; I'll try that next.

The new baby's name is Keira. So, now the family has a Kaia and a Keira.

I'm off to walk the dogs and to go to Pilates. Have a good day everyone, and, Kathy, hope your relatives do all right.


12-22-2006, 11:04 AM
Good Morning Chicks! I can't stay right now but I wanted to wish you all a great day. I'll try to come back later to catch up.

12-22-2006, 11:37 AM
Morning ladies! I'm still plugging along here. I was crazy busy yesterday, but did manage to relax last night a bit and watch some TV with dh. But, as I was falling asleep last night, I realized I hadn't gotten any stocking stuffers for the kids! Whoops. :) Good thing I have one day left with them at school so I can go shopping. I'm not looking forward to the craziness out there, but oh well.

I am hanging on to my eating with the very tips of my's been hard with me being sick and so busy. Hold on, hold on!

Oh yeah, and at my weigh-in, I lost .6. Not stellar, but it was a loss. I consider it pretty good, since I have a huge head cold, and TOM came THAT day.

Time to plan my day,

12-22-2006, 02:08 PM
Any loss is a good loss, Angela. Congratulations.

I made it back to Pilates today after a month away. Oh boy, can I feel it!!


12-22-2006, 04:56 PM
hi there, chickies. i am home from wi and from getting my hair cut. kathy, i really look like a pixie now. :elf: :lol: okay, drum roll, please: :encore: i lost 3.2 lbs this week!! :woohoo: talk a bout excited! i was totally obnoxious at ww. i was wired. it was hard to sit still. it still is.

last minute gift idea for any of you who are AAA members. i heard on the radio this am (and went after haircut and bought 3) that they are selling debit gift cards that can be spent anywhere you can use VISA. i had been wanting to get the montana grands gift certificates, but this is better. they can go anywhere they want to buy what they want. life is good.

angela, congratulations. i don't count TOM weight as being accurate. with TOM visiting you, you know you lost more than .6. i went to walmart a couple of days ago and saw the stocking stuffers. :clause: they have a lot of good stuff out there.

vickie, i'm glad you had time to stop in to say, "hello." i hope you can get back later today. don't you have a party tonight? :xcheer: we do, too. i fixed 2 plates of lay sweets and one of ww sweets. i'm going to make some mexican cornbread to take, too. (i know how many pts in each piece.) if they don't have turkey, i'll eat cornbread.

rhonda, that's a good idea to give away the chocolates. :chockiss: :chockiss: :chockiss: we've been taking things to the archery guys almost daily. i'm thinking we should take them some of the mexican cornbread today. curtis might object. he's pretty stingy with it. we'll see. i don't know how much sunshine we get here in january. i do know that we get a lot of foggy days. i love it when the sun is shining. i'll be 60 on jan 9. i'm ready for that. (i'm going to have a piece of carrot cake.)

i need to go now and see what needs to be done around here. i'll be back later to see who's been here and what's going on.

12-22-2006, 05:20 PM
3.2 POUNDS!!!! Wow, double and triple wow!

Congratulations, Sandra. :bravo: :cp:

Well, that did it. I won't eat as much tonight!! :joker:


12-22-2006, 05:35 PM
thanks, rhonda. i have to confess that loss will help me stay focused tonight, too. i am on cloud 9.

12-22-2006, 07:55 PM
CONGRATULATIONS SANDRA AND ANGELA (who will surely show a greater loss next week) - what a wonderful way to start the holidays!

Angela - hope you got all those stocking stuffers for your girlies - I bet they will be super excited come xmas morning.

Vickie - have you rested yet? I am just exhausted reading about all the cleaning and baking - i am very happy that you had time to go out and enjoy a nice dinner!

Rhonda - I'm with you - days already getting longer right? I hate the dreary dark winter days too - esp driving to work in the dark and leaving in the dark - very depressing. And congrats on getting back to your Pilates - good for you! congrats on being a great aunt again!

I have eaten almost nothing but sweets today! Very bad but festive eating at the office. We started off with our 'breakfast buffet extravaganza" which consisted of: fruit salad, orange juice, yogurt, baked phyllo spinach/feta roll, bagels w/cream cheese, samosas w/sauce, danish, cookies, devilled eggs!

Then it was the Directors' xmas 'party' - we actually walked down the hall and donated all of our leftovers to her party! Later on I did snitch a chocolate cookie and some shortbread - that's all I had all day - everyone left the office by 1 pm - I stuck around til 3 pm finishing up some stuff.

Did a bit of xmas shopping on the way home (and yes had a hot dog at Ikea cuz I was starving) and finally made it home as the roads are icing up with freezing rain here! IN fact dh went out to throw some stale bread out to the birds and fell on our front step! Did a great job on his elbow - scraped thru the skin and also his back and hand hurts where he fell - he has since gone out and salted the front walk and driveway (I always have this huge fear of pulling out of the driveway and my car sliding into his on my way out- his is usually outside!).

now for the best BEST BEST NEWS - I am so excited about this! My cruise buddy Ray from vegas sends me an email the other day about WICKED playing in Florida while we're there and how would I like to take a side trip to Tampa to see it - ARE YOU KIDDING? HOW EXTREMELY UTTERLY DIVINELY COOL IS THAT??? About 4 hour drive - but in fact I think we are doing it on the return and flying home via Tampa - 1 night stopover and then home. Already found a good hotel in Tampa near the theatre. Problem is the tickets - thru the arts center we can get balcony seats ($70) - but I would much prefer to be closer and found orch level seats on stubhub for $130 us - not sure if I want to spend that much money tho (Okay Vickie - your opinion please?)

So I have priced out the flights (ottawa- fll - fll tampa, tampa ottawa) and believe it or not the 3 one way tickets ARE CHEAPER than the round trip (ottawa/fll) that I was trying to find! How insane is that? While we have not finalized the tampa part yet - I think I shall go ahead and at least book the one way to FLL as I know I am going that way (ha ha ha) and then book the return from either fll or tampa once our plans are definite.

I am so excited - esp cuz I am always so depressed when I get off the ship - I hate leaving and going back to reality - but this puts a way different spin on things I will be so excited to continue on to tampa w/Ray and have an evening at the theatre before heading home - I am going to burst!


12-22-2006, 08:32 PM
Hey Chicks! I miss you all A LOT. I'm just here on a very quick break. I'm nearly done with the cleaning. Just the bathroom downstairs tomorrow and vacuuming. After that, I'll not have much to do until Sunday afternoon. I'll be SO happy since I'm truly exhausted. It's my own fault since I let the house go a little extra long because I knew I'd have to clean for Christmas. Anywho....I just came to read.

Frouf, I didn't want to wait to tell you that I would (if it were me) spend the extra money on the better seats. You didn't say what row they were in. Try not to sit TOO close. I feel your excitement and understand it completely. I can't wait for you to see it!

Gotta go.......

12-22-2006, 11:20 PM
I'm with Vickie,'re all the way down there...spend the extra money without even batting an eye. It's probably not much more than you would spend on the daily drink for a week on the cruise...more than worth it.

My dinner was great, company was fantastic and I'm worn out already! Where did that energy go??? We were talking about foods with iron in them at Pilates today, and I think I just might need more. I'd better look it up. I know dark green leafy vegetables and red meat, but one of the women is a nutritionist and she said that it helps to have Vitamin C with any food that is high iron because it helps to metabloize the iron. So, that would mean an orange with your bran cereal, for sure. Anybody know about this? :dunno:


12-23-2006, 10:32 AM
Morning All:

I found the website :comp: which answered my iron/Vitamin C question. Yes, Vit C helps absorption of iron. And coffee and milk block it. I guess the iron really has to fight its own way in a breakfast of coffeee, bran cereal, lf milk, prunes and an orange.

I have to bake today and thank goodness I woke up resolved not to eat what I bake. I bet I make it!

I hear that it's madness out there with crabby last minute shoppers and merchants. So much for the holiday spirit. :yikes: I'm lucky that I don't have to go out there at all today.

12-23-2006, 12:56 PM
Good Morning Chicks! I slept late and now am slightly behind. It's 11:00 and I'm just now going to have breakfast.

I'll be back to catch up after I clean the bathroom, refrigerator and vacuum.

12-23-2006, 02:46 PM
Well hey...I beat everyone back! Jim is cleaning the floors so I chose to be stuck in the den. What a surprise.

I've got stuff to do but it's not as hard as the baking and cleaning. I need to get out my Christmas dishes and figure out what I'll need to pack up cookies/candy to take to my Sister's house on Monday. I also need to figure out what I'll need for the Lupper at our house on Tuesday. I love getting organized so that I don't have stress at the time of the event.

Kathy, I hope your relatives made it to Texas and that you finished your work and are now officially on vacation. Maybe you're still sleeping after all that work!

Rhonda, congratulations on the new baby! You must be SO excited. It sounds like your Solstice dinner was a huge (and delicous) success! I'm very impressed that you went back to Pilates right before the holdiays. I bet it will help to get rid of any chocolate you might have nibbled on! I never heard of Thanks for sharing. I've got it bookmarked!

Angela, I am SO very proud of you for losing .6 last week! :D :hug: That's a great success during the holiday season. Keep hanging on....even by the tips of your fingers. I hope you got some delightful stocking stuffers for the girls. I think that would great fun shopping.

Sandra, 3.2 down the week before Christmas?!!!! :D :D :D I must go look at your menus for last week. You are really focused and you are achieving results. I'm very proud of you too!

Frouf, I'm glad I'm not in an office any more after hearing your description of all the temptations. I wasn't very good at resisting that stuff when it was right in front of my face. I'm really craving a bagel and cream cheese. Maybe I'll make room in my points after Christmas to have one. Poor DH! I hope he's feeling better. My experience is that I usually feel worse the second day after a fall. I hope you have all of your holiday wrapping and shopping done by now. My goal is to have a quiet relaxing evening on the couch tonight. I'm really excited for your trip. It sounds like Ray is a great travel companion. You can pay for the Wicked tickets with what you'll save on the plane tickets! I really hope you enjoy the play as much as I did. I've seen it twice and would go again in a heartbeat.

Normally, we spend Christmas Eve night with my Niece and her kids and the NIL's family. This year we aren't going because the NIL's Mother is in town and she wants them all to herself. SO.....we are having breakfast tomorrow morning with Niece/NIL and my three Greats. Then they'll come back here until about 11:00 and then they'll go home for lunch and naps. Then Jim and I can sort of relax until we open our presents to each other in the evening. Of course, that depends how much planning I get accomplished today.

What do you all have planned starting tomorrow?

12-23-2006, 04:32 PM
I'm DONE cleaning!

Oh where oh where have my chickie friends gone.....

12-23-2006, 05:53 PM
hi there. i'm sorry i didn't get on here sooner. last night after the party, curtis and i settled in to watch a movie. we had a great time with lots of visiting, laughing, and some eating. i didn't take the mexican cornbread. curtis ate some before we left and told me he didn't want to share. (so we didn't take any to the archery guys either.) i guess the cornbread is one of curtis' presents. i had doubled the meat in it this time and he totally loved it.

i took 2 platters of decadent goodies and 1 of ww goodies. i am happy to say i did great. i didn't eat much at all. i'd had a 4 pt ff pizza before we left. we ate because we knew the meal wouldn't be till much much later when everyone got there. i had a slice of ham, a scoop of cornbread dressing, and a salad that was lettuce only along with a drizzle of ranch. i drank caffeine free diet cokes. they had wine and i had the puts for it but i honestly preferred the diet cokes. we came home with about half the decadent treats and none of the ww ones. :lol:

several friends kept asking me what i've been doing to lose weight. everyone talked about my hair and curtis was super complimentary of me and my outfit. it was a great great evening. he did take some photos before we went. none look good so i'm not posting them.

today we went to acm. i took a plate of the decadent stuff. the young guys working there were cute. they hid the plate and had eaten almost everything within 20 minutes. that plate was loaded so they are probably all on sugar highs right now. curtis and i went to cracker barrel for lunch. i ate half an order of shrimp along with corn, carrots, and green beans.

i am now a little hungry for something sweet. i haven't decided if i'm going to have a small piece of earthquake cake or have 2 killer brownies. there's probably an 8-10 pt difference in the two. i am also hungry for popcorn so that's what i'll probably eat first.

rhonda, that's interesting about orange juice and iron. i didn't know about that. i've been tired lately. maybe i need more iron, too.

vickie, it sounds like you have a big day planned. curtis and i will be home tomorrow. we may go to acm to visit the guys a bit and feed them some more sweets. we'll go to curtis' daughter's christmas day morning and be there most of the day.

frouf, i think you should get the better tickets, too. this is a trip of a lifetime.

12-23-2006, 05:57 PM
I've been in the kitchen baking. For the others I made fudge, date squares, and butter tarts. Next comes the Christmas Pudding. I've done really well in resisting the temptations. I ate 1/2 piece of fudge and 1/2 of a date square. Not exactly eating none of it, but I shudder to think what I could have done! :drool:

I kept a glass of water right with me and drank lots...everytime I wanted another nibble!

Tonight is left over roast beef and green beans.

I might start a little cleaning myself,'ve inspired me.

I stayed in the house all day, except for walking the dogs. It felt so good not to have to go anywhere for a change. Too sore from Pilates to go far that's for certain!!


12-23-2006, 07:20 PM
rhonda, sounds like you're having a good day at home. i love those days that are laid back. i ate a slice of earthquake cake. it's good. i counted 12 pts. i'm guessing that's close enough.

not much going on here. i'm cooking pinto beans. curtis is watching "married with children."

12-23-2006, 09:09 PM
I'm watching Christmas movies that Jim DVR'd me.

12-23-2006, 09:47 PM
i'm looking at coats on ebay.

12-23-2006, 10:26 PM
Hi everyone! I can't stay but I just wanted to come by and say

:tree: "Merry Christmas Friends!":xcheer:

Aaron and I have already exchanged gifts tonight. He got me a beautiful necklace and earrings!! I hope that you all have a wonderful, blessed holiday! Love you all!! :hohoho:

12-23-2006, 11:14 PM
We just watched the 1951 version of A Christmas Carol.

Sandra, there's some ad on TV for a cold medication that features a fire fighter in Missoula Montana! It give a glimpse of the mountains in the area....


12-23-2006, 11:22 PM
melissa, how sweet of aaron to give you jewelry! i can tell you're having a good time.

rhonda, i haven't seen that commercial. i'll watch for it.

12-24-2006, 01:59 AM
Hi chickies,

A long and busy day - glad to see you are all in the holiday spirit.

Melissa - what a lovely gift! Of course you will be posting a picture right? (I remember some other very beautiful jewellery Aaron got you a while ago!)

Rhonda - well done with the baking - sounds like you did great 'damage control' - I find chewing gum really helps when I'm cooking and shouldn't be nibbling - something minty or cinammon and long lasting! Now go eat some steak w/an orange for dessert!

Vickie - I love old holiday movies - I have a special fondness for "Heidi' starring Shirley Temple - remember watching this every year w/my Mom when I was little!

And I have taken all of your advice - actually Ray's too - he is so sweet - says he wants to make sure I have a good theatre experience (this is his 2nd time seeing Wicked - it is his favorite musical - and I even found a Wicked t-shirt on ebay I am sending him for his bday in January!). I was concerned that he could only spend the $70 balcony seat - but he was quite alright with the more expensive tickets - so I am awaiting my 2 orchestra row L seats which were mighty expensive but hopefully very worth it! Ray has already booked rooms in Tampa at a very good (govt) rate! at a hotel around 2 blocks from the theatre - and he has also suggested dinner before the show and has made a reservation for that as well at the restaurant in the performaing arts center! (like I'm going to need another fancy meal after being on a cruise for eight days!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Spent almost all of the afternoon wandering around Walmart/mall while dh and I had the winter tires put on our cars - took like 3 hours - 3 very long hours - got some last minute shopping done. Bought some Olay regenerist (latest consumer reports says this is THE product to fight wrinkles - even better than some of those more expensive brands). Got the day lotion, night cream and serum - but for the life of me can't figure out when to put the serum on - no real info on bottle? But there is a 1-800 # which I guess I can call? I reallly want to be a wrinkle free froufie :D.

Also got some groceries done - and tonight dh and I went out to a movie. Dh had not put the tree up yet - and kids were wanting it - so we came home to find the 'silk tree' in the corner of the family room 'decorated' w/xmas balls and blue lights all over the room. Also some 'greenery' and lights on the banister. Very pretty.

And no - no wrapping done today (okay all the laundry got done tho) so tomorrow we will be busy I guess? Going to sil's for the big gift exchange around 7 pm or so, looks like we have lots of time! Will have dinner at home (froufie roast) so hopefully won't be nibbling on anything bad - and I know sil has stocked up on diet pepsi and has a veggie/dip tray too! (I offered to bring one but was told it was done!)

I did do some bathroom cleanup - discarding some old/expired medicines, creams, etc - and was able to restock a few today. Treated myself to new makeup and mascara too. My next project is the 'receipt basket' - yes it's overflowing and needs a good cleanup - I'm sure I can now discard about half of it!

Did not sleep well last night - hope tonight is better (maybe I'll even sleep in tomorrow!)


12-24-2006, 08:33 AM
Good Morning Chicks and Merry Christmas Eve!!!! Jim has been up since 4:00 am because his shoulder hurt. He did all the floor cleaning with the machine and the vacuuming. I should have insisted that he not do all that. I got up at 6:00 and will go upstairs to get ready soon. I'm having a great cup of coffee first made especially for me by Honey Lamb!

Melissa, I SO love it when you make it here! Tell Aaron I said Merry Christmas. I can't wait to see your jewelry.

Frouf, row L will be perfect!!!! I may be more excited than you. I can't believe you haven't wrapped yet.....I would be a nervous wreck. BTW, I LOVED Heidi (the book and the movie). I haven't seen it in years.

Rhonda, I own several versions of Christmas Carol and love them all. Jim and I go to see the play when we are in the mood. We didn't go this year. Usually, I watch my Christmas movies while I'm wrapping and baking but I didn't this year. Maybe we'll watch them tonight and Tuesday.

Sandra, did you get a coat?

I'm guessing that I'll be back but not until much much later during a break from my cooking. I still have to make Mom's cream cheese jello mold and the forty pounds of homemade macaroni and cheese to go with the ham. At least the ham is spiral cut and just needs to be warmed and coated. That won't get done until Tuesday. Of course, I was lazy and didn't plan the dishes out. I'll have to do that this afternoon as well.

Jim and I will open presents probably around 9:00 tonight. I'm looking forward to that! I hope he likes what I bought him.

Have a Merry Christmas/Chanukah Everyone!

12-24-2006, 12:55 PM
Hi All:

Well, it's almost noon and I've made it all Core so far! Whew.

Boy, everyone is busy...wrapping, baking, planning, shopping, opening gifts already!!!

I've been to the friend's house with whom we will have dinner tomorrow for a visit. She's having me bake an apple/pear/cranberry pie so I went to get the fruit and the recipe and have a cup of coffee :coffee: Soon, I'm delivering the goodies to my ex-in laws. Then, tonight a neighbor is having an impromptu gathering at her house.

I think that today is going to be another challenge...better drink that water and go buy that gum Froufie recommended. Must be nice to be as young as Frouf and still fighting wrinkles! I think of them and my grey hair as my "red badge of courage" ! All those life experiences made physically manifest. I always tell my Godson (lovingly) that he is responsible for the furrow between my brows! He's pround of that! :D

Have a great day everyone. Remember that since Winter is here it means that Spring is on its way!

12-24-2006, 02:56 PM
Hey Chicks! I'm just here in between chores. I'm waiting for the jello to "semi-set" so I can stir in the very cherry fruit coctail. When the first layer is done then Jim and I will go out for a late lunch. Then I come home to more cooking and organizing.

Rhonda, I'm thinking about buying the stuff that Frouf recommended. I'm 50 on my way to 51 and would love to lose some of the "laugh lines". I have huge number 11's between my brows. I blame it on all the years that I was too vain to get glasses and was squinting to see!

I hope everyone is having a stress free day. Mine is pretty darned good so far. I had a wonderful time with my Greats!

12-24-2006, 05:30 PM
Vickie- somehow I knew you would also be a Heidi fan! Maybe I shall hunt down an original dvd copy - I bet it exists somewhere! Hope Jim's shoulder is feeling better. How is the mega macaroni and cheese coming along?

I also 'regeneristed' my face this morning - I can already feel the wrinkles retreating in fright! :D:D (also used my new pantene icy shine shampoo and conditioner!)

Went to bed super late - but had trouble sleeping in- finally hopped out showered and off to the mall for more tape and gift bags and to use up my $10 gift card from Sears which expires today! And to get dh some gifts.

He kept hinting about a cowbell thing for his drums - found one at the music store (like $50!) then onto the mall - dh is not a big reader but in today's paper they was a listing of popular books - and one seemed to be up dh's alley (I hope) - non-fiction - story of Marconi and his first radio (dh is a radio design engineer) intertwine w/some other real life murder story at the time. Sounds pretty good.

Found the gift bags, tissue paper, tape at the dollar store and yes I picked up a couple pairs of those magnifying specs as I am really finding that the print on everything has shrunk quite a bit!

Then to sears - wandering around figuring out what to buy - now I was hankering for this new fragrance by Estee Lauder 'exotic pleasures' - and there was this LOVELY gift set displayed (spray cologne, lotion, bath gel and purse size perfume) - and all fragrances 20% off today - so I called dh asking him if he might like to get me this set for xmas! tee hee - of course he replied. So with the 20% off and my $10 gift card I would say he got a pretty good deal! :D

And I just picked up a package from the front door - my xmas goodies from Ray in Vegas! So much fun - a bright red t-shirt with sparkly blue letters saying "what time is it?" (an ongoing joke from our last cruise) on the back its says tool time (and home improvement in small letters) - too funny. Also included was a small pluto stuffed animal (which dd has already adopted) two mickey mouse pins, some pralined/sugared pecans (the ONLY nut I can eat) a box of chocolate covered macadamia nuts (which I share at work), and a small molten chocolate cake (again reminiscent of the warm chocolate melting cake we ate on the cruise almost every night for dessert!). He is such a sweetie! Maybe I shall try and call him tomorrow to say thank you.

And the wrapping is almost all done -just need to do dd's camera - and I need to find something for dh's gifts (he has just slipped out to home depot for a few minutes!). My eating is a bit off track today but I shall try and limit myself (gosh darn these pecans are yummy!).

Hope everyone has a happy xmas eve and xmas day tomorow!


12-24-2006, 05:50 PM
hi, chickies. it's good to be here. i was a little down on myself yesterday because of eating the earthquake cake--not because i'd eaten it but because i ate it when i didn't really want it. am i making sense? i want to eat and enjoy things only when i really want them not just because they are there. i did have and counted the points so everything should be all right. today i'm in a good frame of mind. life is good.

frouf, i am so anxious for your cruise/theater event to take place. you're going to have a wonderful time. maybe dh will decide he wants to cruise after you come home smiling ear to ear. wouldn't that be neat?

vickie, i'm going to make a couple of pies today. i'm making a white chocolate dream pie with crushed coconut sprinkled on top. i may place some milk chocolate pieces on top also. i'm not sure yet. the 2nd pie is pumpkin. that's all i have planned to do today as far as baking. i made a big pot of pinto beans already. i told curtis' daughter i'd bring pies and a side.

i didn't buy a coat. what i want is a long wool one. i'll probably cruise the local mall after christmas to see if any are left on sale. if not, i'll head back to ebay. who am i kidding? i'll prob surf ebay today looking again. :lol:

frouf, i'm planning to have a make up makeover after the first. i get them periodically. it's time. i use clinique because curtis is allergic to fragrances and so far clinique hasn't bothered him.

rhonda, that pie sounds fabulous. chew that gum, girl. i usually keep a diet coke nearby and sip when i'm cooking. sometimes i chew bubble gum and blow bubbles. i like to act like a kid, don't i? enjoy your visit with your ex-in-laws and with your friends tonight.

i have some "cover-up" that i sometimes use around my eyes to hide dark circles. other than that i guess i just display my wrinkles with honor.

i'm going to be 60 in a couple of weeks and i'm still excited about it. folks stare at me when i say that. :lol:

Merry Christmas/Chanukah!

12-24-2006, 07:17 PM
Hey Girls! I just finished making a TON of macaroni and cheese! I've already put a note on the recipe to only make a half next time. Actually, I may rewrite it so there will be NO confusion. It made an 11 x 13 pan and 3/4 of a 9 x 13. When will you all be here on Tuesday to help eat it? I will be sending all uneaten out of this house on Tuesday. That is serious temptation for me.

I still have to make the bottom layer of the jello mold. I've been starving today since TOM is looming. All I want to do is eat the week before my TOM.....which is now! Yikes!!!! I'm trying to not eat bad stuff but it isn't easy.

Frouf, I never smelled Exotic Pleasures. I'm due for a trip around the perfume counter soon. I feel like I need a new scent. I get one and keep it for years and years. I wore Lauren forever, and now Eternity. My newest is Clean Ultimate. I switch off between Eternity and Clean Ultimate. I love soapy clean scents. I've heard that Amazing Grace and Pure Grace from Philosopy smell good. I'm going to check them out over the holidays. Jim got me Hope in a Jar last year for Christmas and I had to return it because it made my skin itch. I have to be really careful of creams and scents. I'm definitely going to try that Olay regenerist though. I use the cleansing cloths and they don't bother me. Ray seems like a terrific guy!

Sandra, I understand how you feel. I've been eating stuff I shouldn't be when I'm not even hungry. I'm just trying to stop and not beat myself up for what is already done. I hope to be better tomorrow.

Kathy, I hope you're having a good Christmas.

Well, my break is over and I'm going to go make that jello mold. It sure isn't making itself!

12-24-2006, 07:22 PM
that's a lot of mac n cheese. :lol: what time should we be there? i just got 2 dream pies into the fridge. i changed my mind and made a white chocolate/crushed peppermint on top and a chocolate fudge/milk chocolate bits folded inside. i'll bake the pumpkin pie in the am so it will be warm when we go.

vickie, i called a gf and made a date wed to go shopping and out to lunch. i'll look for a coat then. right now, i'll go surf ebay again. have a good evening.

12-24-2006, 07:44 PM
Ohhhhh...I LOVE peppermint anything! Let me know how it turns out. Did you know they have SF candy canes?

12-24-2006, 08:35 PM
Good evening ladies! I don't have too much time, but just wanted to let you all know I'm still alive, albeit with a severely tired voice. :) We caroled at a rest home yesterday, and then performed at 2 different church services today. It's all good though, how often do you get to sing Christmas songs?

We have the kids relaxing in front of the "Rudolph" movie and plan on putting them to bed early, so they can get some rest. With all the craziness and sickness here, they're getting pretty beat. Plus, I still have some more elf stuff to do ;) and I want to go to bed at a reasonable time. :D

Merry Christmas everybody, Happy Hannukah, and everything else. :grouphug:


12-24-2006, 09:07 PM
Merry Christmas to you too, Angela! I just know that Christmas day with your kids will be fabulous. It was good of you to go to the nursing homes. Folks can get real sad there. Long after my Mom lost her memory she still remembered how to sing Christmas songs. It gave her joy. I'm sure you brought much joy today.

I'm finally done with everything, including getting ready for Tuesday here. I pulled out the Christmas dishes but I'm not going to pull out the fancy silver. I'm just too pooped to pop. I came in here to get Jim's Christmas card written and couldn't resist one more peek here.

I'll try to come back in the morning. In about 2 hours, Jim and I will open our presents to each other.

12-24-2006, 10:48 PM
Santa is over Peru, headed to North America. :rudolph:
He is slightly ahead of schedule. So, go to bed; you won't get presents if you're awake! :clause:


12-25-2006, 01:27 AM
yikes!! i need to get to bed!!!!!

night night, everyone. LOOK UNDER YOUR TREES IN THE MORNING.

12-25-2006, 01:49 AM
OMG! I'm off to bed. I got spoiled rotten by my Honey Lamb.

Frouf, I got the Wicked soundtrack. I think I'll ask to listen to it on the way to my Sister's house tomorrow.