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12-18-2006, 07:07 PM
G'day all,

Nice to 'see' you Ann, how annoying about your tooth. Pleased your bronchitis is on the improve. Whenever I get a bit of a chest infection of some sort, I think back 19 years ago when I was a smoker and think how much worse it would be if I was still smoking!!!

We have had our forecast for Christmas Day and if they are right, it should be a very pleasant 26 degrees :)

DH will have to get some prawns sometime this week, a bit more salads and we are fairly well set for Christmas.

Happy Christmas preparations everyone!


12-18-2006, 08:11 PM
Hi Gals: I was out to lunch today it was great........ and this evening I am going to my grandson's band concert at his school. I started wrapping up Christmas gifts yesterday and am still at it today. I thought I would take a little break as my Son will be picking me up soon. I still have to do some baking and the time is liimited until Christmas Eve. Maria, I heard and read about the drought you all are having. That is so sad as it affects not only the people but of course the wild life. Ann, I think I have now been coughing for year. It's a dry cough. I get that little tickle in the back of my throat and then I just cough and cough. My doctor thinks maybe when I get to Maui where the weather is humid it might help me . I fell coming out of store on Thursday and banged my head against the EXIT door. It wasn't my fault. The store had linned up the shopping carts and when I left the store the automatic doors opened, I stepped through and just went flying when I tripped on the cart. I did hurt my neck and shoulders but other then that I seem to be ok. I better get going. Talk to you all later. Bye.

12-19-2006, 01:15 AM
Hi to Vivian and Bobbi.. (did I get the names right? I went onto this new thread and immediately forgot the names.) :wel3fc: I haven't been around for a while because of the Flu and a cold which has really laid me low. I did have a Flu shot, but got it anyway. My doctor said I would have had it 10 times worse and would have ended up in the emergency so I should count myself lucky.
The only challenge I can face right now is getting ready for Christmas. I lost 6 days being sick and so I have to make good use of these last remaining days. My DD hasn't finished her shopping yet, so we will probably do some baby sitting in the next few days to help her out. Besides, I am not a competitive person and a challenge doesn't work for me. I have to deal with my demons my own way. I know why I gained weight.
Teeth problems always give me the shivers, so Ann I sympathize with you. I have a couple of disasters waiting to happen in my mouth. I know when they go it will cost a lot $$$$$$$.
Slavika, how was the Band Concert? I am sure you were as proud as can be. I was supposed to go and see my little angel dance tomorrow, but I forgot that my hair appointment is at 9:00 am and she starts dancing at 10:00 am, way across the city. Well, I will see how that goes.
I had better say Goodnight and get ready for bed, I have a busy day tomorrow.

'Night all....

12-22-2006, 09:06 PM
I guess everyone is busy with Christmas preparations. Just when I thought I was as ready as I could be, I discovered that I didn't have lettuce and salad fixings so I am on my way to the supermarket. Take care everyone and have a
MERRY CHRISTMAS :hohoho: :rudolph:

Bye.. :clause:

12-23-2006, 06:14 PM
G'day everyone,

It is Christmas Eve and I am very sunburnt:mad::(
Spent the day yesterday watching our son play in a very exciting cricket match, it was a coolish day, lovely in the sun hence I didn't realise how much I was actually getting sunburnt!!

I hope everyone will have a wonderful Christmas with all that are dear to you.


12-24-2006, 04:48 PM
Merry Christmas to you all. It will be a quiet one for us, as our family are all north. but we get telephone calls, and we will be at the clubhouse for dinner, since there are a lot of folks like us not going north, and family far away. That is the only 'sort of' downside to being way from family. but weather is good and it is nice to go to church without a coat or even a sweater today.

Hope you all have great family times and a blessed Christmas. Ann

12-26-2006, 01:03 PM
Well- Christmas if over, and now the dieting must begin in earnest once again. I get a daily jigsaw puzzle and today's puzzle was a picture of a scale and feet and on the dial appeared the word 'help'. Is that us? Or have we all been good, and won't have to worry about New Years resolutions.?

Anyway, Happy New Year. Ann

12-26-2006, 10:10 PM
G'day all,

Trudy how horrible, perhaps the 'other' grandparents will take it serious now. Poor little thing when she is at such an age that she would have loved Christmas and everything that goes with it.:(

Ann I hate to disappoint you but I don't think the picture will help too much;) It reminds me of a 'diet' book I bought some 18 months ago, they now have a follow up. I said to the lady in the shop that the first book didn't work perhaps this one will:D;)
I am with you, I just HAVE to get serious. I noticed a 'Curves' centre has opened near me, perhaps I should investigate that a bit further.

My Christmas was lovely and quite, dh and I did some more bookings on-line, we have now booked our accommodation in Las Vegas and booked a tour as well.
We have also bought a NavMan F20 to get us around in America. I bought it on line and it is loaded with all the American Maps.
To buy it in Australia was considerably dearer then to buy it on-line with the American maps already loaded. We will probably get the software for the Australian maps so we can have a practice before using it on our trip.

Any of you been to Universal Studios in Los Angeles??? It is quite pricey and I wondered if I really needed to go to a theme park:(

Just been to do a bit of post christmas shopping and bought a nice little travel diary. We had Matilda last night and she was up at 4.45 this morning. I feel as though I have been hit by a bus and cannot wait to catch up on some sleep.

Hope everyone else had a lovely Christmas day....


Karen L
12-27-2006, 10:51 PM
Just stopping in to let you know I am home. We got in about 2 hours ago and I'm tired of unpacking everything so am done for the night. Will read all about what is going on tomorrow or the next day whatever that is. See you later.

Home sweet home.


12-28-2006, 11:42 AM
Karen: Welcome Home Vacation is fun, but there is nothing quite like ones own bed.

Trudy: what a disappointment for Angel and for the rest of you for Christmas. I certainly hope that the other grandparents had a some remorse at what they were responsible for starting, and now take the allergy seriouly.
It is too bad that :angel: had to suffer for their disbelief.

Maria: Sounds like you are right on top of things for your trip. I have been to Universal Studios Park here in Fl. and wasn't too impressed. But our kids loved it. So if you like movies, and are interested in how things are done, as well as rides, you might like it. If I had a choice, I would probably go for DisneyLand. And I know I would go to the San Diego Zoo. That is a place I have always wanted to go. I like Epcot and Animal Kingdom here in Fl. much better. Too bad you can't include Fl in your trip.

Yesterday was our Anniversary( 31 yrs.) not bad for the 2nd time around, and we went out with friends and had a lovely dinner, and then came home and played dominoes. Mexican train. It is a fun game. I think we are going to Cypress Gardens to see their Christmas lights tonight. We have a season pass, and don't plan to get another one, so need to go before the year is over, and that is not too far away.

We had our furniture cleaned this a.m. One chair especially was in need of cleaning. also the couch. They freshened up very well. We just have to wait for them to dry. But today is a good drying day, so it shouldn't be too long before we can sit on the chairs again.

I hope you all have a Happy New Year. We will be lucky if we get to see the Crystal ball come down. There is a party at the Clubhouse, but since Phil doesn't dance anymore,(too painful) we stay home. And will probably be in bed our usual time. That is about as exciting as it gets.


12-28-2006, 08:31 PM
Hi Everybody...sounds like most of you had a nice Christmas. It was too bad about Trudy's little :angel:
My Christmas Eve dinner went well, and my Son took over David's role of getting drinks for our guests and carrying dishes of food into the dining room for me and helping with the clean up. Boy I have good kid! My DIL offered to help, but my son said no, he would, as she was having Christmas dinner the next day. :xcheer: I received some truly original gifts this year. Last year in Maui DIL bought a lovely photo album in Maui which I assumed she was keeping for herself but it was going to be for me (and David) and she was going to give it to me last Mother's Day but with David passing away on May 8th she felt it was not the time to do that and saved it and gave it to me at Christmas. MARIA I will show it to you when you arrive here. Trudy hasn't seen it yet either. My Son put together bits and pieces of video's he had taken in 1990 and that is so nice to see. The other wonderful gift I got from them was a "iQ 8" Digital Picture Frame". Son put on about 200 photo's and every 30 seconds the picture changes. You can also play MP3 music without the use of a computer. :present: I didn't even know there was such a thing. :?:
My family insisted that I spend Christmas Eve sleeping at their place so that I would not be alone on Christmas morning. :hohoho: I'm glad I went even though I had to plough through a pile of stuffed animals to get into my little granddaughters room which is where I slept. She said she had cleaned up her room, hee hee I have to say that I didn't really notice that. I slept on her bed and she slept on a feather bed on the floor next to me, but near morning she climbed into the single bed with me. Ahh she is a sweet child. :candy:
Soon I will be getting ready for my holiday in Maui. :swim: I took my carry on out today and put a few things in it that I don't want to forget. Dear friends have invited me to go out on New Years with them, (David and I almost always spent New Years with them, but I said not this year. They are going to the place that we all went last year and I felt that would be sadder for me then staying at home. I did go to the columbarium with son/DIL on Dec. 23rd to wish my David a Merry Christmas and I took him a tiny little Christmas tree. :tree: I told him I was going to Maui again this year but I'm sure he already knew that. :val2: I pray that 2007 is kind to all of us, and that we stay healthy and that the year will bring some peace to this world of ours.
:newyear: HAPPY NEW YEAR friends. :newyear: P.S. Welcome home Karen.

12-28-2006, 10:06 PM
Trudy: the suspicious part of me wonders if the in-laws who doubted the peanut allergy, wanted to prove by giving :angel: the cookie that it was all 'bunk'. If that was the case it certainly backfired on them. You never mentioned if they felt the least bit sorry or if now they believe what they were told. And how sad that little :angel: had to suffer for their disbelief.

Slavika: We will all be jealous of your basking in the Hawaiian sun, and surf. Have a wonderful time. I can understand your deciding to stay home on New Years Eve. some things I'm sure are just 'too much' at this point.

Our most unique gift this year was a :snowglo: with our kids picture in it. really neat.

Hi everyone. Have a Happy New Year. :newyear:

12-29-2006, 01:22 AM
Slavika, I am so glad you spent the night with your family. They have started a new tradition for you. Love to see your gifts before you go away. It won't be long now. As for New Year's Eve, we will do our usual, have a nice dinner, and then watch a movie and just watch the ball drop.

Maria, we went to Universal Studios and I can't say it was worth the money. Maybe at one time it would have been entertaining when we didn't know how movies were made, but now everyone knows how the special effects are done. I have to agree with Ann and say that Disneyland, Knotsberry Farm, the San Diego Zoo or Sea World would be my choices.

Happy Anniversary Ann. 31 years for a second marriage is wonderful.

Karen, good to have you back on the board. I will add your address back on our mailing list. It is always nice to come home. How is your mother doing?

Because of my flu and cold I didn't go to the gym for 2 weeks. Well I went back yesterday, and I can't believe how stiff I am. Didn't have trouble with the aerobics or weights, but found that I can't stretch as far as I could before. Not limber anymore. I will have to work on that, it will take a while.

This year has gone by so quickly. It has been really nice corresponding with all of you, I look forward to reading the e-mails and it is nice to read what everyone is up to on the board. I wonder what 2007 will bring us. I wish Good Health and Happiness for everyone. :newyear: :hug:

12-29-2006, 04:03 PM
It is almost the end of another year and the mystery starts…what will the New Year bring!
Slavika, It was good to start a new tradition….staying over at DS’s home on Christmas Eve. I can just picture your granddaughter’s delight having you sleep in her room with her. I hope you will enjoy your nice warm stay in Maui! As the rest of us struggle with the cold and snow we will think of you.
Maria has your Poppy arrived yet? Matilda has such a surprise awaiting her in the new year. Most older children go through a period of time jealous of all the attention the new baby is getting but soon it is just natural to have someone else to love. She will enjoy being big sister. Thank goodness my grandkids are old enough to stay in bed until a reasonable hour. If you choose to see San Diego Zoo you will not be sorry. They also have jitney transportation through out the Zoo and you can get on and off where ever you want which means less walking but still seeing everything. If you get a chance visit the Hummingbird Exhibit. I had a red strap on my camera around my neck and the birds just gravitated to it! Amazing! Also Las Vegas will be a very good take in. It has many exhibits that are free and just the people watching is fantastic.

Karen Glad you are back save and sound.

Ann 31 yrs is a great record. Congratulations!!! We, too, hope to stay awake to see the Crystal Ball descend. We have a bottle of Champagne on ice but if we break it out too early we may not make the witching hour.

Trudy That was so inconsiderate and unthinking of:angel: other Grandmother to give her cookies with peanuts. Her alergies are so common now that everybody had heard of it...and that it is not something to take lightly. I am glad :angel: is doing better.

Wishing you all a very:newyear: and I would like to add also a Very Healthy New Year!


12-29-2006, 07:11 PM
G'day everyone,

How nice to read so many posts this morning:)

Trudy I hope your little :angel: is much better now and the other grandparents now know that parents don't make this sort of thing up.:dizzy:

Welcome home Karen, I agree the worst thing about going away is the unpacking bit.

Congratulations on your 31st anniversary:congrat::cheers: Ann. You must be doing something right:D;)
I am thinking of having my lounge suite in the family area cleaned. The one in the lounge is leather and is VERY easy to care for but the other is fabric and with little ones visiting, gets pretty grubby.

Slavika what a thoughtful son & d-i-l you have.:) I look forward to seeing the photo album. I have heard of the Digital Picture Frame but have not actually seen it in action. There is very little you cannot buy.:rolleyes:
DH is very keen to get a Nintendo WII, if you don't know what it is ask your grand children!!!!!! Someone brought it to our house over Christmas and dh just loved it! Our son is also very keen for us to get it so he can borrow it;)

Gloria Poppy has still not arrived much to the frustration of the parents and her 'big' sister. Matilda is a bit puzzled where my daughter Lexie and baby 'Sassi' have gone. I have printed out some photos of them which she carts around everywhere!

Thank you all for the advice on Universal Studios, we won't go. I was never that interested but dh thought it would be fun.
We are definitely going to the San Diego Zoo, we have to investigate the Knotsberry farm, neither of us have heard of it.
We are starting to realise that we have probably booked accommodation for too long in Los Angeles. I am not particularly interested in touring to see all the star's mansions, seen one you have seen them all:shrug:

DH is leaving for Kuala Lumper (Malaysia) on January 3. It is just a 3 week contract, some extra spending money for our trip:)
It does mean that I have to take over the admin duties for the cricket club. A part time job that pays us $1000 per month, a very handy little earner that will go on whilst the club receives funding from cricket Australia.

We are spending New Year's Eve with some close friends who live about 1 1/2 hours drive away, their house is literally on the beach. It has become a bit of a tradition for us all to catch up on New Year's Eve and we all stay the night.

To Peggy, Glenda and Bernice a big 'hello', hope you had a good Christmas.

For us 2007 will be quite exciting with a new grand daughter to be born and our USA/Canada trip. We are both looking forward to it.

I wish you all a very happy and healthy New Year.


12-29-2006, 08:23 PM
Hi Everyone,
Glad to hear you all had a super Christmas. As we ourselves don't celebrate this holiday it was very quiet in my neighborhood as our neighbors were visiting family in other areas.
Trudy, I can't believe the other grandparents would knowingly give the child a cookie containing peanut butter. They could have killed her. Peanut butter allergies are becoming more prevalent and there was a whole todoo about a children bringing in PB sandwiches into school where there was a child who was highly allergic. The question is do you isolate the child from the lunch room or ban PB and not allow the kids to eat it. While I realize that kids can live without PB is it fair to not allow it because of one kid? This is a discussion that has gone on in many schools and I guess if it;s your kid who is allergic and it can be fatal you want it banned but shouldn't that kid eat elsewhere when the majority can eat it. I dunno what the answer should be.
We went to the beach today and it was glorious altho the gulf was 69 degrees brrrr.
Maria, we've been to Universal in Fla and it's OK. Don't need to go again. I love Sea World and that would be my first choice. Before you know it you will be travelling the US.
Have been going to alot of theater and going out to dinner. Joined the Y and try to go everyday to walk the treadmill and do the recumbent bike. Don't love it what need to do it.
Anyone doing anything special for New Years? We have no plans but I'm sure something will turn up.
Regards to all and Happy 2007!!!!

01-01-2007, 03:37 AM
Just wanted to come in and say HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Miss you all!

01-01-2007, 06:39 PM
Happy New Year to all of you. Hope it only brings good things and good health. We were going to go to a house party but fell asleep watching a movie. Now I have a big snack I was going to take. At least it is a healthy one. I am going to lose a few lbs [drs orders last week] and get back into the exercise groove. I have been slacking too long.
Maria I have only been to Disney in Fla once and Kings Island here and I would skip the theme parks. Never have been west I would probably wander all over-there is so much to see. Congrats again on that new baby. Going from granddogs to three little beauties is wonderful.
Slavika what a great son you have but you already know that. Treasure your family-they sound wonderful. So are almost packed yet?
Trudy I hope your angel is okay now. I agree with Ann-they wanted to test the peanut thing not really believing what can happen.
Karen welcome home.
Ann-happy belated anniversary. 31 years is great.
Gloria are you having as mild a winter as we are? Sort of weird to see people in shorts now although it finally got cold today. I would have liked to see a few snow flurries on Christmas.
Lily nice to hear from you.
I finally got into the new age and got a cell phone. I used to have one a long time ago-it was a dinosauer compared to this one. Now I just have to figure it out. LOL I need Slavika's grandson to show me.
I took the decorations down today. The tree was losing needles all over the place. School starts again Weds. I hope it is nice so they can have outdoor recess to get rid of some of their energy.

01-01-2007, 07:50 PM
Hi Lily: So nice to hear from you. Happy New Year. Drop in more often. What has been going on with you over the past months?

We had a very quiet New Years Eve. Stayed home, watched garrison Keeler in Nashville, toasted each other with a glass or two of wine, and were in bed by 12:30. That is an unusual hour for us.

Today we went to see Charlottes' Web. What a delightful movie. It is nice to see something just sweet, no bad words, no sex or violence. Then it was too early to go out for dinner, so we went to Checkers ( a burger joint) brought our burgers home and just lay about. How is that for exciting!!

Peggy: My Dr. hasn't said to drop a few lbs. but I know I must as my clothes aare feeling a bit snug in places. So back to the serious and healthy eating.

Do any of you remember the candy Walnettos? I got a big box of them for Christmas. Nostolgia, and they are so good.I always did like them as a kid. I will haave to ration myself on them now, until they are gone.

'See' you all later. Ann

01-01-2007, 10:06 PM
G'day all,

Nice to 'see' you Lily and a Happy New Year to you as well.:)

It certainly is easy to fall into 'not so healthy' food choices:(
I am also trying VERY hard to be sensible!

We spoke to friends over the weekend who spend 3 months in France. They had great difficulty adjusting to driving on the right hand side of the road, friend said they were lucky to have returned home unscathed :eek:
I hope we don't find it too difficult, they also often thought of us because they knew we were getting a GPS road system thingo for our trip and wondered if that is what they should have purchased.

I am with you Peggy I don't particularly like theme parks, dh is now also thinking that we can spend our money more wisely then on a themepark entry.

As of January 1 we have VERY strict water restrictions, we are not allowed to water our gardens during the week and at the weekend the odd street numbers on Saturday only and the even numbers on Sunday only.
You are allowed to handwater with a bucket or watering can, between 8pm and 8am.
Gardens are starting to really look like they are not getting enough water:(

The car wash places are booming but the plant nurseries are having a hard time.
We continue to have very hot weather and no rain:(

Off to look after Matilda tonight while ds is spending the night with Peta and his new daughter in hospital.


Karen L
01-02-2007, 12:53 AM
We also spent a quiet New Years at home. We had gone out earlier to do a little shopping. Then today My Uncle called and invited us out to dinner this evening. My Uncle( my fathers brother) and Aunt are renting a house around the corner from us for a few week. The got down here a week after we left for Minnesota. It's been nice to have them around. They have the house until the 16th of January and then if they want to stay longer they will have to find another place in the park. I hope they stick around they are fun.

Weight???? I'm going to my WW meeting tomorrow night. It won't be pretty. The first 3 weeks I was gone I did really well. I weighed in each week and had a small gain over Thanksgiving. Took that off in 2 weeks and then i just fell off the wagon. I don't know which was worse the chocolate candy or the cookies. But I spent a lot of time with one or the other in my mouth. Shame , Shame on me! I did make it to my aerobics class on Saturday and will be going there tomorrow too. Have done some walking since I've been back but not gotten real serious. Will have to get back to it.

It sound as if every one had a wonderful Christmas and a peaceful New Years except for Maria. But then she is always having some sort of adventure. I can just hear the walls of that camper when the wind hit it. Scary!!!!!

We are all glad to be home but it sure take a long to time to get over traveling like we did. 1800 miles in 3 days. We spent some time (1-1/2 hours )stuck in traffic just out side Nashville . And then again in Atlanta . But other than that it was a uneventful trip. That is a Good thing! I hope I get caught up on my sleep soon. Right now every time I sit down I fall asleep.

I was sewing a bit today. Made another bag for my friend down the street. Just need to get something to trim it up with now. I should be able to find something at Walmart. I used denim and don't really like to use it because it ravels so bad you have to zig-zag each piece all around before you can even sew it together. But that is what she wanted. While I was away i painted a serving tray with a sampler of an Apple ,in one square Cherries in another, A maple leaf in one and a tulip in the last square. It turned out pretty go. It is a new technic for me called side loading your brush. So for a first time not bad.

Our kids gave us a digital camera for Christmas. My DIL showed me how to use it and also how to download the program into my computer so i can print out my own pictures. Once I figure out how I will take a picture of my tray so you all can see it.

Lilly it was good to see you on the board. Hope you came back again.

Well it's getting late so off to bed I need to go.

Happy New Year every one

01-02-2007, 10:16 AM
Happy New Year to you all!

Nice to see you again Lily. Hope all is well with you.

I will join the rest of the group and say we, too, had a quiet New Year's Eve!

We were given a bottle of bubbly and we opened it around 6PM and had our celebration early. I told a friend the 6PM is the new Senior's 12PM.:D

Yes Maria, you did have an eventful New Years but there is nothing like a new baby to start the year right. I think you will have a bit of anxiety about driving on the right at first but after a few hundred miles you should be getting the hang of it. We, too, get those kind of watering restrictions here in the Summer.

Karen, glad your trip north and back was uneventful except for a couple of traffic jams.

Peggy, Yes, we have had a very mild winter so far. It got cold just in time for New Years Eve and the big celebration in Boston....many ice sculptures were in peril if it had stayed warm. We didn't go into to see it, however....crowds and cold and I just don't go together.

Ann, Oh those left over goodies. They are calling my name but am not doing too badly ignoring them...hope I can hold out.

Trudy, Hope your little :angel: is getting better each day and that the other grandparents have finally learned their lesson.

Salvika, You must be well on the way to packing up for your Maui trip. Enjoy!

Need to start packing up the Christmas decorations. Ugh! Not my favorite sport.


01-02-2007, 06:10 PM
Ah yes, it is my Birthday today and I am officially a Senior Citizen awaiting my first Old Age Pension cheque. Despite the miserable cold I have, I have had a nice day so far. Saw Slavika today and are going to meet my DD & family at a restaurant near their place. We will go back to their home after and my brother & family are joining us.
My little :angel: is doing well. She has recovered from her ordeal. As far as whether the others have learned their lesson I guess time will tell. We hope they will take it seriously now and this won't happen again.
Bernice I think that the schools, grades Kindergarten to 9 should be peanut free. Hopefully the older students grade 10 to 12 would know how to give themselves an injection if needed. How can little children be that aware of the situation to keep clear of peanuts and how deadly it can be. I thought this before my little one was diagnosed. My neighbor/cousin has a son who was highly allergic. I used to give the children cookies when I baked, and my cousin had to tell me to stop doing it because of his allergies. That is how I learned, I never did it again. There was nothing in the cookies that bothered him, but she wanted to be in complete control of what he ate and I understood that.
Great news from Maria! Your granddaughter arrived safe and sound. What fun you will have every New Year's Eve. Nice time to have a party.
We had a huge snowfall on the night of the 23rd, dumped almost 2 feet of snow on us. Now it is raining outside. What unpredictable weather we are having.
Nice hearing from you Lily. Hope you have been feeling good... have a wonderful 2007.

Must go now, we are leaving early as we have to go right across the city and we will be driving in rush hour traffic.

Bye for now...:gift:

01-02-2007, 10:16 PM
Very busy day but I just wanted to wish Trudy a very happy birthday!


Karen L
01-02-2007, 11:05 PM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Trudy!:carrot: :hug: :hb: :cb: :bravo: :hat: :dance:
:grouphug: :dancer: :woo:

01-03-2007, 11:22 AM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TRUDY :cheer: :congrat: :woo: :hb: :gift: :balloons:

01-09-2007, 08:59 PM
Lets start another thread....see ya all there!