Carb Counters - Holiday & Puppy Watch Weekly Chat: Dec 18~24/06

12-18-2006, 02:07 AM
Hope it's ok if I start the Weekly Chat? It's almost after midnite here and my household is snoozing peacefully so thought I'd get my Chat Groove going!:carrot: (Gotta love the dancing carrot!;) Had about 3 slices of that critter in the remains of the lc beef stew tonight. Had the greatest OP day - I think its the first time in YEARS . . . . LITERALLY Y-E-A-R-S that I didn't eat unless I was hungry.:o Isn't that pathetic?:( Praying to have many more such days.)

Getting excited about Christmas--finally. I'm taking off work at lunch time (8:30pm) Thrs and moving on to POWER SHOPPING Friday - I hit a few antique/this'nthat shops in our quaint and darling Main Street last night - bought the cutest little jewelry box for our 9 yr old (Tess)---the lid is covered with tons of beautiful seashells. Someone's treasure from yesteryear--for only $5. See, I made a resolution last year not to buybuybuy tons of imported "junk" just to have a zillion things under the tree from the corporate superstores. Going for the unusual this year and spending my $$$ for these shopkeepers that are so appreciative. The kids will prolly HATE all of it - LOL!:D These shops are SO FUN to shop in . . . most have trays and trays of beautiful Christmas Cookies and Hot Cocoa . . . the place I bought the j. box used real china - silver service and SERVED ME some kind of delicious tea 'cause they thought I was diabetic when I told them I was avoiding sugar! It was some kind of cinnamon blend--real lemon/cream on the tea cart!:) Felt special and also felt great to pass up the treats! I'm going back (of course!) to check out this ladies hat collection from the 30's/40's - DD will LOVE! $6 per hat and $8-$10 per hatbox.

Been thinking of your Molly, lilyb . . . we've been shopping for a puppy all weekend - our mini-schnauzer (Oldest DD's) is getting ancient and want Tess to experience having a pup along with a playmate/companion for "Gretel" the schnauz. We really liked the Bichon-Shi Tzu cross/mix but aren't for sure yet. These two are advertised as "hyp-allergenic" - which DH must have.

Hope you're hanging in there sherry and also brendanerb!:hug: I saw brenda's name in the Recipe Section here, but can't remember where now. I think robin's too?:?: Anyone got a fave recipe for the Holiday Season?

12-18-2006, 10:18 AM
Morning :wave: I'll check back in a bit.

12-18-2006, 10:44 AM
Aud: Your birthday presents sound AWESOME!!! I never thought to look at the thrift/antique stores! Thanks for next years present ideas!!

Robin: :wave: :hug: How was your weekend?

Sherry: Sorry to hear about the loss! Hope your DD (and you all) is doing better?

Well, as I expected, the weekend was a bust. The WHOLE weekend. That I wasn't expecting. Well, it's back to it today. I also was drinking soda this weekend so I'm going to end up with the headaches from that as well! UGH! But back OP until this next weekend!!!

12-18-2006, 01:44 PM
Robin: :wave: :hug: How was your weekend?

:no: dont ask (we need a hanging head in shame smiley) :lol:

Aud~ you have no idea how much the little shop keepers appreciate it. We used to have a little gift shop/sign shop and we did very well during the holdiays. Usually December paid for Jan/Feb/Mar 's rent. Because business was really lean those months. I try to help out the little shops as best I can too. I remember what it was like :(

Yup, you would have seen my name in the recipe section...I have lots of favs. Nothing specific for the holidays tho....just fav recipes that I make alot.

Well, I just finished a chocolate chip cookie :o time to smarten up again!

12-18-2006, 02:16 PM
What was your shop's specialty Robin? The shop that served me tea has the cutest stuff - high end antiques (and even a 40's style soda fountain) . . . but also just tons of "stuff" for $20 or less. My Sis has a New Years Eve Party for all her Grandkids (and her niece Tess LOL!) - Sis turns her dining room into the height of elegance with all the Family China/Silver Setting/Elegant Tablecloths and Candles . . . it's such a riot to see the kids correcting each other on which is the salad fork/soup spoon etc. Anyway, I saw a beautiful "antique" two tiered "mint dish" thingie for $8 for Tess to take with mints this year. Very Hoi-Polloi!:D The little old man and lady who run the shop must be in their 80's--ALWAYS there with their two cats. (I wouldn't know an antique if it punched me in the face) - I DO know that most of the things in those shops we have either given away OR thrown out.:( :o Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!:mad:

OOOOOOooops, forgot to get my Holiday Watch Red Grooove On! Hoping lilyb is busy delivering those 14 Puppy Watch darlings today!

Sherry & Laurie: Saw your Post in last weeks chat and just wanna give you a Shout Out and to hang in there . . . the Holidays are just the worst in some ways aren't they? Monday is my favorite tackle the world and get on with it day! Drinking a lot of water helps me feel better and "flushed out."

Let's make some treats "together" brendanerb . . . I think I'm making the pb/choco cookies Thrs just to have in the house FOR ME ME ME!!!!!!:dizzy:

12-18-2006, 03:11 PM
we were in what is called restaurant row....tons and tons of restaurants, a smattering of antique shops, with a couple dress shops, 2 jewellery shops, and a few flower shops. We had assorted gifts ranging from twig furniture to candles to gourmet treats. With the sign shop in back. Now we just work the sign shop from home, but with imprintable apparel as an add on we started just this past summer. Its been a great "filler" for us. When the signs are slow, the clothing seems to pick up the slack for us.

Lily, I hope Molly and the puppies are all doing well.

12-18-2006, 03:18 PM
Woohoo, we have puppies. 12 of them, all chocolate. I sure hope she is done anyway. She had the first one at 11PM last night. I was up all night. Of course she started having them inside and there was no way to get her outside. So, used old blankets and towels and plastic underneath and just let her get after it. LOL, what a riot. My DD saw the first one born, came running down the hall and promptly threw up. LOL. At 8:45 this morning, Molly went outside to the bathroom and then came back in. We had 11 puppies at the time. I thought she was done. I finally fell asleep in the chair. When we again counted pups there was 12. So, she had one more after I went to sleep. They are so adorable. I think the vet must have been off on his ultrasound count.

Needless to say, my eating wasn't great yesterday. Had 36 carbs. No exercise either as I was getting on treadmill when puppies started arriving. I am back on program today and NEED to stay there. My 14 yr. old stepdaughter cooked us breakfast as I'm too tired to cook right now.

aud, I love antique shops, but like you said most of stuff I see is stuff I threw away a long time ago. I wouldn't know if anything is of value or not.

Sounds kind of like we need to make a group effort here to get us all back on program. I am bad to eat more and cook more when youngest step-daughter is here. It's baked chicken , salad and green beans for the whole household tonite. I made LC enchiladas last night, but not too LC when I ate 3 of them. I did pass on the beans and rice, that much was good.

beach bum
12-18-2006, 05:04 PM
Hi Ladies:)

Sorry:sorry:I haven't been around lately,just don't have the time to post,I still getting up late in the morning,and DH doesn't think it should be jet lag anymore.Just got back from having a tire changed in our car so it will be safe to drive down to NY for the Christmas:tree: Holidays.

I also bought some candy decoration so I can attempt baking some cookie for the g-kids and adults. Going to make drop cookies:cookie: with candy:chockiss: kisses on top. Wish me :lucky:luck,that they come out OK.

Have lots to do,starting with house cleaning upstairs,than I have to get ready to start dinner. Leaving for my DD's house on Thursday and won't return until next week. So I don't have to much time to get everything straight around here.Don't want to :stress:stress out.So far, I'm doing fine.

Lily-Congrats:congrats: on your new puppies,just in time for the holidays.You'll get back to lowing the carb intake again. You had a exciting time,on that your back OP you'll do fine again.I'm on a protein/veggie thyme for my meal. Had much to much carbs when I was on the cruise,so I'm cutting all.

Robin-Hope you we're stress :stress: out on restaurant row.

Aud-Thanks for starting us up today.

Hugs :) BB

12-18-2006, 07:19 PM
Wow, 12 puppies Lily!!! :eek: Congratulations!! Pictures, I want to see pictures :lol:

12-18-2006, 07:57 PM -This is one of the puppies. -These are the puppies bundled up sleeping together.

Sorry, these pic's aren't great. They are web cam shots and puppies wouldn't be still. Molly was getting anxious, so had to hurry.

12-18-2006, 09:37 PM
aww thanks Lily! They are adorable!! Just adorable!!

12-18-2006, 10:29 PM
The puppies are cute. I'm so glad they finally came, your description of your mother dog's distress was worrying me. I'm sure she feels much better now.

Brenda, and all, thanks for the condolences. She wasn't a very close friend, but she was someone I cared about and her husband is a very kind man who always has a friendly word for me, so I feel bad for him.

My daughter and I were comforted by reading what Jesus had to say to the mourners of the 12 year old daughter of Jael in the Bible. He told them that the girl wasn't dead, she was just sleeping. Then he proceded to wake her up. For him death is no more difficult to end than sleep is for us. So that thought helped both my daughter and me.

Anyway I've decided that with only two weeks left of this year I'm going to put on a little steam. Started this morning with 15 minutes of aerobics (wanted to do 30, but needed to get to work). I'm going to do the rest this evening. Also have been on strict induction today. Had an egg for breakfast and steak and brocolli for lunch. It was good. Now I'm facing what to make for dinner. This won't be easy.

A guy at work is losing weight by not eating after 5 PM. He goes to bed without dinner. Says he's lost about a pound a day doing it that way. I'm thinking I may try combining his way with Atkins just to see if it helps. I've noticed in the past when I don't eat dinner I usually lose the next morning.

I want to hit the 240s again before the year is out, so that I can start next year in a better spot to aim for the 190s. That was my goal for this year and I blew it by giving up about mid April. This year I want to really try a little harder.

beach bum
12-19-2006, 10:59 AM
Lily- the puppies are so adorable and cute thanks for sharing

Nothing new at my end going to bake 50 Christmas Cookies [not all for me] 12 for g-kids-12 for adults 12 S/F for my diabetic son and 12 for my dh & me.I hate going empty handed when visiting.

I have to go but I will be back later to read all your posts

Hugs :) BB

12-19-2006, 11:04 AM
I fell asleep exhausted about 7PM last night and slept til 8AM. I feel great now after getting rested.

Molly is doing great now. She looks a lot healthier than she did when she had the previous litter. She's being great with the pups. I was worried that I couldn't get her to eat yesterday. But, this morning. She had drank all her water and ate all her food. I'm using the Science Diet food for nursing moms' right now and giving her the calcium tabs that I got from the vet. She wants to be in the Child's pool with all the pups , constantly. She has improved at being a mommy. Last time we had to make her lay down and feed the pups. Anyway, all 12 pups are healthy and doing great. I was very worried about Molly when I took her to vet clinic on Sunday, DH laughed at me for taking her and didn't think it was necessary. Oh well, She's my baby and I didn't want anything to happen to her. What do men know anyway. LOL

Sherry, I'm doing induction level food too. I am now officially with the program and trying to be strict again. As for not eating after 5PM, I couldn't do it without being asleep by 5:01. I am most hungry of the evenings. DH cooked my LC dinner last night and it was very good. I just love it when someone else cooks for a change. And, OMG, my 14 yr. old DD did the dishes after dinner. It was like an early Christmas for me. LOL. I was so exhausted that if dinner had been up to me, they would have gotten cold sandwiches.

I bought my DD a new digital camera for Christmas. After she opens it, we'll get some good puppy pic's and I'll post them. Maybe some will have their eyes open by then.

12-19-2006, 11:21 AM
Lily, Congratulations on the pups. We are expecting goldens in a couple weeks. Just now selling the last 2 from the previous litter (we have 3 moms) as there has been a flood of ads for goldens in the Madison paper. Since my dh is a vet we don't have to worry about that end of it.

12-19-2006, 11:48 AM
Hi Carol, glad to see you posting again. I have had a golden retriever before and loved it very much. Molly's other litter, she was bred with a yellow labrador. All the puppies were black. This time she was bred with another chocolate and all the puppies are chocolate. My BIL that is a vet had said that pups could be chocolate, yellow or black again , but nope all chocolate. I did have orders for 2 yellow's, but they want the chocolate now anyway. Molly is a beautiful dog and my most loyal companion in the world. I am having Molly "fixed" as soon as she quits nursing the pups. I don't want her to have to ever go through this again.

12-19-2006, 12:07 PM
I have a golden retriever who keeps getting tumors. I think she has another one and this time I will have to have her put to sleep I think. If it is cancer (which is what I'm becoming convinced of since they keep happening) it can't be a kindness to her or to my pocketbook to keep her alive. Frustrating, and I'm hoping this latest thing she's doing isn't another tumor, but I suspect it is.

Anyway I did great yesterday. Scale down 4 pounds this morning. Aerobics in the morning for 15 minutes and in the evening for a half hour. No dinner, and low carb in the day.

12-19-2006, 12:26 PM
Sherry, WTG on the 4 lb. loss. I haven't seen that kind of loss since I first started. Sorry about your retriever, that is sad. Also, great job with exercising. My intention is to up my exercise.

12-19-2006, 02:30 PM
:hug: Hi Everyone

12-19-2006, 07:18 PM
Hi everyone. I'm still so sore I can barely move. I'm definitely walking funny. My butt and legs hurt so much. No treadmill for me tonite, again. But, I am eating on program and enjoying the proper food.

12-20-2006, 10:21 AM
Tuesday went well. I stayed at induction level carbs, had steak for lunch, and steak and salad for dinner and an egg for breakfast. I did have two slivers of apple, not sure how many carbs in that, but since I didn't have much else in the carb category I figured it didn't hurt.

I didn't have time to exercise yesterday though. Too busy of a day. Tuesdays always are for me so that was expected. Wednesdays too are pretty busy but I think I can squeeze a half hour in here today somehow.

beach bum
12-20-2006, 10:53 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

Won't be able to go to the board today,as I have lots to do.

I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas & Happy Holiday as I be gone from this board starting early tomorrow morning and won't be back until Next Wednesday.

Just want to let you know,While Leo is going for his Flu Shot I going to head to the stove and make my last back of Christmas Cookies.

W-I this morning,& I lost a total of 8.5 lbs. since I came home from our trip. Now to maintain while down at my DD's. My plan is to low carb for the several days before Christmas and than low carb after. More or less sandwich the holiday. Hope it works.Don't want my ticker to climb back up again.

Hugs :)BB

12-20-2006, 11:09 AM
Hi everyone,

My soreness is starting to go away a little. I have had to take some ibuprofen. My eating is on program and I plan to walk tonite on the treadmill.

It's been raining constantly. I have caught up on sleep now.

Molly and all pups are doing fantastic. I had DH to manage to get her calcium tablets down her. Man, she doesn't like medicine. LOL.

Our local grocery store was closed yesterday. The marquee was taken down and there was black plastic over all the windows. I hate this. I'm assuming they went out of business. This means I have a long drive just to get any groceries. This is where I always bought all my meat. So, I have to go get some more today. I'm running low. I told DH that as soon as Christmas is over, I'll order us a 1/2 of a beef. Then, we won't run out for a while. In the 8 yrs. since we have lived here, there has been about 4 grocery stores to go out of business. Most local people drive the 20 min's to Ft. Smith , AR. to get everything at Walmart. Walmart is cheaper, but I hate the quality of their meat.

BB, great job on getting that 8.5 lbs. back off. That's fantastic. Have a Merry Christmas. Hope you enjoy the time with family.

Arkansas Kel
12-20-2006, 12:19 PM
Aud: Congrats on your best OP day. Hang in there and play it again Sam.

Sherry: Very sorry for the loss of your friend. Not to mention tumors in your dear canine companion. Donít forget to take care of yourself. Donít give up in April this next year. This IS the year for you. Come to us first, we can do it together. WE can do this. We must do this. Way to go getting back on track so soon. I was worried we were losing you. :no:

Beach Bum: I like your Christmas Sandwich idea. Congrats on your wt loss, keep up the good ideas and the good work! :encore:

Lilly: What could be better, a dozen little chocolate fur balls for Christmas! Iím jealous. And theyíre the best kind of chocolate Ė calorie free kisses kind. :chockiss: Glad youíre back on the treadmill and back OP. If you couldnít do it, thereíd be no hope for the rest of us! You have a good diversion from food right now. Hold a puppy instead of a cookie! On a side note: I hate walmart meat too! My uncle is a cattle farmer, so I hope to start soon (since finally landing a freezer) buying a side from him. With just the two of us here, it should last forever! He raises them for his own eating as well, so they are hormone free, free range, healthy, not overmedicated. :moo:

Carol: Golden puppies! Will be eagerly waiting for your pics too!

I agree Lilly Ė all right now, everyone all together, BACK ON PROGRAM!!! Crap, I didnít make it either. Iíve fell short and gotten back OP over and over lately. A lady brought the most beautiful assortment of homemade Christmas cookies to work. Looked prettier than a magazine picture. I broke. I ate one tiny round pecan something or other that was as delicious as it was pretty. Then she said, oh, youíve gotta try a sugar cookie, theyíre a new recipe with cream cheese, they donít get hard. Well, they were soft and yummy, and decorated like an expert! I adore this lady, sheís great to work with, but @#$%$ her! Then I left work, sugared up more than Iíve been used to and heard the siren call of Sonic. Blew my OP hopes away. Tried to get back OP. Came home and ate my own danged Christmas cookies I made to GIVE AWAY Ė dipped them in whipped cream. OK, the whipped cream was low carb. Haha. Help help help. Iím losing my willpower. I had dropped another pound and now Iím losing my control!!! Lillyís right Ė back OP. Tonight Iím cooking for my family Ė the whole family Ė an anti holiday meal. Spaghetti. Crap. Iím doomed.

I guess Iíll do my best to be OP, and forgive my faults for awhile. I pledge to only eat that which I love most and eat very LC otherwise until Christmas is over. Otherwise, Iíll just be seeing myself as a failure and throw in the towel. I canít afford to do that. A little holiday indulgence and then BACK OP. Must keep looking at my new improved pic in my ďskinnyĒ pants. I think Iíll post one on my fridge. Getting into those pants was one of my biggest incentives. Maybe I need to pick up another sale clothing item to lust over. Also, wore scrubs to work just the other night that were too little when I bought them. The smaller scrubs caused everyone to start noticing my shrinking figure. YEEEHAAA. Must stay inspired. I was afraid that when I smelled those wonderful Christmas cookies I would instantly bust the seams out of my new scrub pants. Sniff, POP. Oops.

I did buy a pair of size 6 dress pants for my cousin (per her Christmas list requests). Itís crazy how small a size 6 looks! I know sheís slim, but dang. Not fair. :snowball1

12-20-2006, 02:01 PM
*dusting carb ridden body off and standing up straight*

Carb hangover this morning gals . . . arghghgarghhhhh! Made it thru Christmas Party that had alcohol last Friday OP. . . Christmas Party 2 featuring Holiday Meal last night: Not so good. Ok - a bit beyond not so good - like not so good in HORRIFIC. Yes, I grazed low carb at the buffet from about 4-7pm . . . 7-2am was The Aud Pie-A-Thon! Apparently ArkieKel's co-worker has a twin here in MO . . . she whipped out every HOMEMADE PIE known to mankind and I ended up eating . . . get this: 8 PIECES!!!!!!!!!! Alternating Pumpkin with tiny wedges of her Pecan Pie . . . so good - I almost didn't feel guilty.


Had an important meeting from 2am-5am . . . sugar high left abruptly and even tho' I had to give a speech . . . (which usually makes me nervous) I was bottomed sugared out to comatose levels--ZZZZzzz--think I slept thru my own speech!;) :o Gosh, I feel like crud today . . .

Note to self: When stressed completely OUT - binge eating carbs makes you feel WORSE auddie, me girl!

Can ya give me an Amen or a Hallellujah?:dizzy:

Soooo . . . gonna liquid protein this day/night away . . . do my new found love: Pilates . . . gotta vid from the library and hit the gym tonight. In the past - this Pie Adventure would have triggered a weeks/months/years long pattern of unconcious eating and I'm determined not to let that happen.

Tx to all of you!:hug:

Merry Christmas and All The Best to you beachieb! Hoping that 2007 will be the best year for all of us here at 3fc/lc!!!:)

The pups are a GREAT start lilyb---mmmmm yummy chocolate! *slaps self in face*

The Pups ARE adorable lilyb . . . and AKel is right . . . it is just so great that you are here! Wal Mart is destroying small town America/local owned businesses everywhere---- and I'm tired of it - sending prayers to the grocer who couldn't even make it thru the Christmas Season.:mad: :( :(

Kel--finally got your pics to load and you DO look Faboo! Keep it up! (For my sake - if not your own!) Christmas sandwiches? Must have missed that - is it faux bread or what?:?:

Hi Sherry! Sounds like you're doing good - glad you're here too!

Gotta go get sore like lilyb . . .

Arkansas Kel
12-20-2006, 02:19 PM

aud: Pie, OMG, I haven't even really faced much pie yet. aaaaaah (sucking up tum, sticking out chest), I CAN DO IT.

Christmas sandwich - OP (or really low carb) day before and day after Christmas - so Christmas is "sandwiched"

12-20-2006, 02:19 PM
kel and aud, it is so hard to pass up home-made treats. My problem is I can't have just a little of anything like that. The last time I tried when I made DH a chocolate cake in Nov. for his B-day. I ate 4 huge pieces, licked all 42 candles free of icing and licked the knife. Oh my, what a pig I was. I sent the rest to work with him, or I'd have eaten it all.

Don't laugh at me, but I'm holding a pup while I type on the computer. Can't seem to keep my hands off them. But, it is better than holding a cookie. Very comforting too.

I know now why I hurt so bad. It was helping Molly have the pups. Since she did it inside, I had to keep lifting her 120 lb. butt to keep it on the blankets that had plastic beneath. I got up and down from floor with each pup and warmed it under a little heater to dry it.(No one else around here would help because they were too grossed out by it all). LOL. Yep, I helped dry, stimulate and warm each pup. Just like in my old OB/Newborn nursery days. Same concept. Even had to cut the cord and use a bulb syringe to suction mouth and nose on first one as she seemed sorta shocked and wasnt' doing it. But, she did great with all the others. I have the boniest butt in Oklahoma now, so no wonder it hurt after 12 hrs. in the floor. LOL. I used to have a nice round butt, but I guess it got flat after so many yrs. of sitting on it. LOL.

aud, I absolutely hate that we can't keep a local grocery store open because of Walmart. His meat was so much better quality and a little more expensive but worth it. He was such a nice man with a great family and went to our church. He employed many of the local teens that needed jobs. It is just sad. Any time that I asked him if he could order any of my Low Carb foods, he did his very best to get them.

12-20-2006, 05:04 PM
Still on plan. lost 4 pounds from Monday to Tuesday, and 2.5 more pounds today. Love (and hate) Atkins. It works like a charm when you work it. At least at the beginning it does. You sure can gain it back quickly if you go off though.

12-20-2006, 07:56 PM
OK, someone give me a kick in the butt. I ate off program tonite. Had done well the rest of the day. I didn't have my salad fixins and made rice and beans with the LC enchiladas. I ate some of them. I know not to do this. Now, I'm wanting to make cookies, but I'm not going to do it. I even drank the darn water today for a change. I'm gonna get my bloated self on the treadmill and try to redeem what's left of my day. Tomorrow I'm off to get some groceries and have my healthy food available. I tend to really screw up when I'm out of my usual things. It has been pouring rain all day and I didn't want to get out. But, No excuse.

WTG, sherry, looks like the weight is coming off of you fantastically.

12-21-2006, 01:02 AM
Hi Lilybelle, it is the regained weight that is coming off. I'm still above what my ticker says (249.5). My scale was at 252 this morning and at 258.5 on Monday morning. I really retain a LOT of water quickly when I eat carbs. I'm really focused right now because I really want to end this month at least as low as I started it. Preferably lower. I'd like to be at 245 or lower, but I'll put up with 249.5 if I can reach it.

I've been eating mostly steak, some green veggys. Salads. When I do Atkins this way and don't allow in the artificial sweeteners I tend to eat less and to lose more. Problem is I start craving chocolate, and then I get messed up. I can resist just about anything that isn't chocolate.

If I could just treat chocolate as an addiction that I'm just not allowed to have at all, I would probably reach goal with little or no difficulty. But chocolate is my weakness and my downfall. I'll eat it low carb, but it just doesn't taste as good, and it seems that I don't lose weight while eating low carb chocolate anyway so after awhile I start asking myself "why bother with the low carb stuff? It is screwing up the diet anyway so why not eat the real thing?"

So for now I'm avoiding even the LC version. We'll see how long I can stand it. Eating steak a lot is helping though, maybe because it has a high fat content.

Did my exercise bike tonight for 30 minutes. I'd like to try it in the morning tomorrow. I think morning is better for burning fat.

12-21-2006, 11:28 AM
Good morning everyone. Sorry to be a post hog. Where is everyone? I'm pleased to report that I'm back to what my ticker says. 249.5 today! This down from Monday's weight of 258.5. That's 9 pounds in 3 days. Wow!

How? Egg for breakfast (except yesterday). Steak for lunch with salad or green veggys (or without). Dinner was none Monday, Steak Tuesday, Chicken and salad Wednesday. The only other things I ate were a bit of apple, and a spoonful of my daughter's smoothy last night that she wanted me to taste, and a small glass of wine my husband wanted me to taste Monday evening.

Plus aerobics for 30 minutes last night, 15 and 30 minutes on Monday and none on Tuesday (just going all day long).

Now I want to see if by continuing this method if I can reach some new LOWS before the month is out. I'm on a ROLL!

12-21-2006, 12:35 PM
Sherry , you did fantastic at taking that weight right back off. WTG. I have noticed that when I regain a couple lbs., If I get strict, it comes right back off. I've had to do this a few times.

I know what you mean about Chocolate. I have a real weakness for it too. I do eat LC (sugarfree ) type and I like it. I don't keep it in the house. If I'm out, I will buy it occasionally. My biggest problem is cake, I love Cake. I love the spongy texture. When I eat a piece, I can't get enough. I'll easily eat at least a 1/4 of a cake without thinking about it. Hence, my family gets a cake on birthdays only. I bite the bullet, pig out, gain and then work to get it off.

Last night, I did walk on treadmill. Couldn't believe how sore my butt and legs still are. I sure couldn't go my usual speed, but figured even walking a mile slower was better than no exercise.

I eat a lot of eggs and steak too. I have eggs almost everyday. As for steak, at least twice a week. Before starting Atkins, I ate bread with every meal. Now I have maybe 2 slices LC wheat bread per week. This was really hard for me in the beginning, but I'm used to it now and it doesn't bother me anymore.

My son is off work on Christmas Eve but not on Christmas night. So he won't be able to go to MIL's for Christmas Dinner. We're opening presents here on Christmas Eve. Now, I'm going to bake a ham and make him a Christmas Dinner on Christmas Eve. This means, I'll be having 2 Christmas dinners. I'm gonna ask him what type of dessert he wants and only fix 1 dessert at home. Probably pumpkin pie. He absolutely loves brocolli casserole, so I'll fix this for him. I'll actually be glad to get all this holiday eating done and be back to just my regular eating.

Arkansas Kel
12-21-2006, 12:46 PM
Congrats SherryA! :D Hog the post all you want! We all need braggin rights once in awhile!

Now, for me, no braggin rights. I'm slipping away. I mean it. I ate a big salad last night, yes, yes, good. Then a very small amount of spaghetti with meat balls and sauce, heavy on the meat balls. Well, not too bad. It was a very small amount of pasta. Then a whole piece of garlic bread :^: Ok, loosing ground.... Then a chunk of one of those chocolate carmel gourmet dipped apples things - OMG. Those are sinful. Then a half piece of pumpkin roll. Was really a sliver. I exercised decent control. I wanted a whole plate of spaghetti like everyone else and forget the salad, but instead I tried to be moderate. I did it. OK, this am - very sleepy, :o carb hangover? So, I drag sleepy butt to couch and ate a whole bag of croutons! HEY, I took those for everyone, I didn't mean to bring them back home. I went to sleep on the couch. I supposed to be out Christmas shopping, nope, lazy girl is asleep on her couch. Bad bad bad. I'm up 1 lb - not too bad, I can lose that again, if I can just get control again... :?:

Ya'll hang tough. Don't do what I did.

12-21-2006, 01:49 PM
Kel, you've lost 14 lbs. and you can do this. My eating hasn't been great the last few days either. But, I refuse to give up. One way or another we'll all make it through the next week and be back on program and taking these extra lbs. off. Hang tough. You're only up a lb. Drink lots of water and it will come right off.

Much as I hate to, I'm heading shopping. So, see you all later.

12-22-2006, 02:09 AM
You know someday I might be at a point/weight where I can think about having things in moderation - ONE piece of pie:mad: . . . or a small plate of spaghetti etc. I just keep telling myself that for now - avoiding altogether is the best thing for me because I honest to goodness cannot stop. Period.

Managed to lose two more lbs despite my 8 piece of pie adventure . . . I upped my walking considerably - ditto water and started Pilates (very slowly) and am in love with this exercise!!!! The main thing is I STOPPED myself - yeah, 8 pieces later but unlike in the past--I did STOP. Hoping that for the forseeable future I won't START the craziness. Just not worth it.:dizzy:

Slices of apple . . . lc chocolates . . . bites of pasta etc ALL lead me to either binge or crave or BOTH. Then the guilt.

You all have helped me soooo much stopping the cycle more quickly.:) :hug:

Had an early out tonight and am offically on vacay til the 2nd . . . haven't bought one gift so will be fa la la la laaaaa'ing all over the next two days - Girls Night Out for my Bday Sat Nite---Casino:carrot: --- and stocking up the ingredients for the LC Dishes/Treats I picked out of the Recipe Section.

12-22-2006, 07:05 AM
Good Morning :coffee:'re just starting your shopping??? :dizzy: I just cant imagine :lol: See....Im a canadian living here in the states, and in canada we dont have black friday.......I LOVE black friday!!! I had gotten 85% of my shopping done that day! Next year my mom is going to come with me. Well girl, you have fun shopping and out on your girls night out!

My eating is terrible! terrible! terrible! I made 3 loaves of finnish coffee bread yesterday. 3/4 of one is gone already....its good stuff ya know! :o I was going to make butter tarts last night too, but lucky for me we were out of brown sugar :rolleyes: They have been specifically asked for by my husband and my daughter....they dont want any other cookies or christmas goodies....just butter tarts. So tell me how the **** am I suppose to make those things and not eat them???????? *insert a great big sigh here* maybe I'll just make 12...and only 12?

Alright, well Ive been busy with t-shirt making and some interesting jobs are coming our way. Its going to be fun if it all goes thru...and its looking like we've got the jobs.

Dd and I will finish decorating the tree tonight, should be fun :)

Have a great day ladies.

12-22-2006, 11:49 AM
Hi ladies,

My eating hasn't been great. Scale is up from 140-144. Hmmm, maybe it was the beans and rice the night before last. Or the cheesecake I ate last night. We had dinner out and I ate steamed veggies, salad and chicken baked with cheese. So, I was doing great til my DH ordered cheesecake and set there saying "yum, you should try this". It was a huge slice and I'm sure I polished off more of it than he did. Anytime I gain weight it goes straight to my tummy. So, I look like a buddha today.

I finished my last min. shopping. I only had some CD's and Movies yet to pick up. I plan to wrap the last 10 items today. I got totally restocked with all my LC foods. I'm gonna hit the water hard and walk extra and see if it helps any. I have a Dr. appt. next Friday with my specialist. I can't bare the thought that I might weigh more than last time he saw me. I was 147 at the time. Gotta try to stay on program. This will be super hard with having a Christmas dinner here on Sunday and one at my MIL's on Monday. This holiday season is kicking my butt. I'm ready for the food fest to be over. I am wondering if I should make my LC peanut butter cookies with splenda and stick to only those for my sweets for the next several days and try to avoid all the sugary pies that will be around. It might could help, or worst case scenario is I could wind up eating both. Yuck.

Molly and all the puppies are doing great. They are so cute. I love to hold them. They are a lot of work though. I've been changing out their blankets everyday that are in the baby pool. I have them in the room in our house that has a vent to the outside. So, they aren't smelling up the house. (When we bought this house, the previous owners, the wife smoked and her DH had had a previous heart attack. So, they made one room vented to outside so that she could smoke in there and it not get smoke through the house).

12-22-2006, 12:08 PM
Scale was at 248.5 this morning (same as yesterday at noon, but sooner in the day!) I love it. I'm sticking to plan and doing quite well. I hope to make at least 245 before the end of the year.

12-22-2006, 01:35 PM
WTG Sherry, you are doing great. Well, gotta get my butt off this chair and go wrap presents.

12-22-2006, 02:07 PM
WTG Sherry!!!!:carrot:

Ho Ho Ho robin & lily!!!!

Off to shop!!!!:dizzy:

Have a OP Day ALL!:)

12-23-2006, 12:07 AM
I have so far Aud, but I went grocery shopping tonight and certain foods are in there calling my name! It isn't going to be easy to resist.

12-23-2006, 12:58 AM
I'm finished wrapping presents now. Walked 1 1/2 miles on treadmill. Eating was on program today, which seems to be rare the last few days. I have pumpkin pie calling my name, but I'm resisting it.

12-23-2006, 10:58 AM
I've got to search my Posts for the lc treats I planned on making . . . I know there was a "pumpkin something" in there somewhere lilyb . . . I wrote down all the ingredients and got them in, but can't for the life of me remember WTH I picked out. PB choco-cookies . . . funeral faux-tatoes and something else with pumpkin - I think a pumpking mousse?:?:

I'll look it up later - gonna lay back down now - got up waaaay too early to drive DD to work and get my night shift body on DAYS! Also today is my birthDAY!:carrot: So I deserve a nap! My Big Sis that just retired (her plant closed here in MO--had to move to CA for 3 yrs to get her retirement in:( ) has moved back home and we enjoyed Christmas Shopping and went out to eat last nite. She's 14 yrs older than me and more like a Mom - especially since Our Mom has been gone 10 years this year - I'm loving how she fusses over me - bought me a whole new outfit (I'm down a size! w00t!:D :D ) to wear to Girls Night Out @ the Casino tonight . . . I'll have DD take a pic on her digital but don't know how to post it yet.

What else?

Did you answer when the carbs called you at the grocery store Sherry? Or just leave 'em on the dang shelf?;) :D

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm . . . Finnish Bread & Butter Tarts, robin? Sounds waaaay yummy! Not sure I could resist - I'd prolly BUTTER my Butter Tarts LOL!:D I used to love Black Friday when I had Day Shift Hours . . . no way can I get up early enuf anymore to do any good at the sales.:(

lilyb you are really treadmilling it lately! I haven't wrapped any of the haul I made last night so will be up late Christmas Eve (as always) . . . Right On for fitting in walking during this crazy Holiday Season! (You'll be in better shape to keep up with those Pups!):dizzy:

12-23-2006, 11:12 AM
Didn't find what I was looking for - but this sounded good & pumkin-ey lily? I guess its 60 grams for the whole shle-bang?:?:

Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecake


(stone from the Atkins' Friends website) BTW, there are lots more cheesecake recipes at that die for!!

Nutty crust
1/2 cup finely ground nuts (pecans, almonds, mixed)
1 stick butter

Mix together and pat into a pie pan or springform pan. Bake at 400 for about 15-20 min. Let cool and then add your filling.

Pumpkin Swirl filling
1 lb cream cheese - softened
3/4 cup Splenda - divided
3 eggs
1/2 cup sour cream
1 tsp vanilla
1 cup pumpkin puree (Libby's canned recommended)
3/4 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp ginger
1/4 tsp nutmeg

Prepare crust and then lower oven to 350.
In large bowl beat cream cheese with 1/2 cup Splenda until fluffy. Beat in eggs one at a time. Beat in sour cream and vanilla. Remove 1-1/2 cup of this mixture and set aside.

To remaining batter, blend pumpkin, 1/4 cup Splenda, and spices. Pour into the crust. Using large spoon add reserved batter and swirl the two batters together with a knife.

Place large pan with 1" of boiling water on lower rack of oven. Place cheesecake on rack in middle of oven (above pan of water) and bake for about 50 minutes or until puffed and no longer shiny in the center.
Turn oven off. Quickly run a knife around the edge of the cheesecake if baking in a pie dish. Not necessary for non-stick pans. Let cool in oven 1 hour. Remove from oven and cool completely on a rack. Refrigerate for at least 8 hours before removing from the pan.

Total carb grams for filling 60 gr. not including crust.

12-23-2006, 11:22 AM
aud, Happy Birthday. You do deserve a nap. Thanks for the recipe. I may try it. I weighed this morning and am back down 2 of the 4 lbs. I had regained. So this is good. I'll stick 100% to program for today and Walk, walk, walk. I'm so ready to have this holiday eating done. I'm telling myself absolutely no sweets, but not sure if I'll be able to do this or not.

12-23-2006, 01:15 PM
uhhh, Well Aud I buy for the whole family, so no I didn't exactly resist completely, I bought some. They were calling my name in the kitchen.... not the store. I did buy low carb treats for me, so I have substitutes for what I bought for the rest of the family. And I did buy mostly low carb for the family too. (My husband hates that, he says he always loses 5 pounds when I go on Atkins!)

I did give in just a bit to some trail mix I made. It was mostly nuts so the damage to me was minimal, but I did eat a little of the other stuff.... (I need a hanging head in shame smiley here)

I didn't eat much total yesterday, it was mostly low carb and it should also have been low calorie. I drank a lot more water than usual so my scale is up today and my ketosis is down to trace from almost large. But I'm not giving up and I'm not feeling all that guilty. I did use a lot of control and limit what I allowed to pass my lips.

12-23-2006, 11:53 PM
I have managed to stay very low on carbs today. A total of 5. I walked 1 1/2 miles on the treadmill. For some reason, I simply didn't feel hungry today. That pretty much never happens to me. Food fest starts tomorrow. With Christmas dinner at my house Christmas Eve, Lunch at my sister's house Christmas day and dinner at MIL's Christmas night. I am nervous about all this holiday eating. I'm going to try to do my best to avoid the sweets. I can easily resist the bread,& candied yams. No stuffing for me. I'll try to stick to the meat, deviled eggs, salad and greeen veggies.

I have been a real airhead lately. I screwed up both my checking accounts. One has my name only and I use it to pay all household expenses. The other has my name and DD's name only. I accidentally wrote my DH's car payment out of my DD's account but subtracted it from my acct. So, I had a big surplus in my acct. and overdrew her acct. by $25.00. This is the first time I've ever done something like that. I went to the bank , just certain that someone had stolen a blank check and written it on my acct. Imagine how foolish I felt when they showed me the check and I saw what I had done. LOL, it's funny now that I have it all fixed, but I was in a panic earlier today. A $400.00 discrepancy can really screw a person up when they've spent all their money on Christmas. So, I transferred the money from my account and got it all straightened out. I can't believe I did something so stupid.

12-24-2006, 11:22 AM
Merry Christmas everyone. Hope everyone has a great, safe Christmas holiday.

12-24-2006, 11:26 AM
Hi all!
I know I haven't been around much lately! I have just finished reading over bunches and bunches of posts trying to catch up on everyone!
since I have started a new job (first one since I had my kids!) I have been having trouble getting into a new routine. Plus, my Mom was her visiting for a few weeks. (bittersweet!) Everytime I got on the treadmill she would tell me I'm going to have a heart attack and just stand there glaring at me. Everytime I passed up food she told me I was anorexic! Gotta love that one. Trust me being 155 lbs and a size 14 top 10 bottom I'm hardly anorexic I tolod her! AHHH Mothers.
ANyway, she is gone now and I am closing in on my New years Challenge. back on induction for me this week for one last ditch effort to finally meet a goal!

Just wanted to tell everyone to have a great Holiday!
Merry Christmas, Happy Hannaka, Happy Kwanza, Happy Eid and Happy new year to all!

Think I should have covered everybody with that one!! lol

12-24-2006, 01:54 PM
Now back to your regularly scheduled Fat Chicks:

Ho Ho Ho Everybody!;) :D :dizzy: Had the bestest time with Big Sis and my Factory Buds . . . did indeed indulge in all the faboo desserts etc of the buffet (fountain chocolate and creme brulee in a cup to die for.) But really CHOSE my treats and really WANTED what I had and enjoyed. So far this morning--no carb-over or guilt. HANG-over is another story!!!:o Made sure I drank Mich Ultra's---PLUS one shot of tequila and lime - the Blues Band was amazing - My Big Sis hit for a total of $1500 smackaroos - the rest of us "broke even" or lost. Didn't get hurt too bad on the penny slots.:cool: The rest of the buffet: Salmon melted in my mouth! All kinds of salads that I think were basically OP - prime rib - filet mignon - braised pork - I had it ALL and went back for MORE salmon! Whodathunkit?:^: :?:

Welcome to my screwed up world lilyb!:o Since starting the menopause journey I've had sooo many foul-ups like you described! (Last night's disaster was averted when a Good Samaritan chased our car thru the parking lot of the gas station 'cause I had left my drivers license on the counter!!!!:o ) Yes, screwed up checking - savings - disconnect notices from forgotten bills - with lost keys/sunglasses/keys/keys & id's thrown into the mix daily. One thing I don't mind sharing with ya tho' is that I TOO had a day w/o hunger for some unknown reason . . . and was AMAZED. Starting to listen to my bod more and find that I'm really verythirsty a lot of the time- vs veryhungry. Was 2 lbs away from my -20lb New Year Goal - gonna get in gear and weigh in at the Doc's Office (no scale at home and not driving to work to weigh!!!) Hope I still make it!:)

Great to see ya needs2lose! Merry Christmas.:)

Keep on keeping on Sherry! We'll get thru this Holiday Food Fest together!:)

Off to bake cookies for goodness sake!!!:dizzy:

Ms Spotdog
12-24-2006, 02:45 PM
Aud - I would say you did mighty fine last evening considering what it could have turned into! I also have the pre-meno/meno brain farts. And I have the responsiblity of my household, 2 client's books, assisting with daughter's college finances & feeding/clothing/keeping out of trouble 2 teenage boys! It gets real scary sometimes and like attempting to juggle jello.

Well, I just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! It is the beginning of 'crazy time' since the next couple days are wildly busy and it is humanly impossible for moms to get everything done that needs to be done (you know it is ALWAYS the moms' job) but somehow we seem to manage to bend time or some magic and pull it all off! Have fun, smile and ENJOY, everyone!

Love ya all!


12-24-2006, 04:00 PM
Glad to know that I'm not the only one that loses my mind sometimes. I know what happened. While I was paying bills, my DD came to me and told me she needed money for a sweatshirt she ordered at school. I wrote it out of her acct. like I always do. Then, unknowingly wrote DH's jeep payment out of that acct. too. It is scary to be so forgetful. I already had in mind who I thought had "stolen" a check from me. I am glad that I didn't accuse anyone.

We have problems here today. The shower won't turn off in the main bathroom. So, DH went and bought stuff to fix it. He fixed it and it still isn't working. So, water is shut off. I had planned on mopping floors. Now, I'm waiting on him to fix this and turn on water so I can cook Christmas Eve dinner for my son. Did I mention, a plumber he is not.

12-24-2006, 05:29 PM
Scale at 247.5 today! New recent LOW! I'm delighted.

12-24-2006, 09:01 PM
Sherry, WTG that is great news.

My shower is now fixed. Yeah!

We just opened presents. I got an elliptical from DH. He is putting it together now and then I'm going to give it a try. I need to after the Christmas dinner that I just ate.

12-25-2006, 01:06 PM
Good morning all. I hope you all have a lovely day. I'm taking myself to the movies (don't celebrate Christmas). Maybe my two kids will go too. Not sure about hubby. He does Celebrate so he may be going to his mom's house.

Scale was down today to 247. I'm delighted. I started this month at 249.5 which was the lowest I have been able to get to recently, but last Monday I was up from that number by 10 pounds (which I just didn't want to confess to anyone). But today I've taken back off all that regained weight and I'm back down to 247. I told myself I want to end this year in the low 240s if possible. My goal is 245 for the end of the year. But I'd be happy with it lower if that will work.

My goal for next year is to be in the 190s or lower. The lower I get that number before January 1st the less I need to take off next year, or maybe instead of looking at it that way I can tell myself to go ALL the way to goal next year.

I would SO love to have back the body I had as a teenager. I know it may never happen, but seeing Lilybelle's progress and some others, I really think I CAN do it if I'm determined enough. What IS goal? I have posted 160 as goal, but that is a really high goal unless when I get there I'm very muscular. I once determined that based on my muscle mass at that time that 160 would be good, but I'm not sure I have that much muscle now. So 160, 145 or 130 somewhere in there might be a good final goal for me depending on how fit I am at that time.

Right now I'm focusing on the small immediate goals. 2 more pounds. Then maybe 2 more after that. Then maybe 3 or 4 after that. Then I would be back in the 230s. Then aim to get back to my lowest low since I got really fat, 220. After 220 it will be new territory. I won't even know where I'm capable of going after that because since I started this journey in 2000 I haven't been lower than that number.

It is funny how things seem "possible" based on what you've done in the past, and things seem "impossible" if you haven't done them. 219 seems almost "impossible". Whereas 220 seems possible. How weird is that? One pound should make the difference? I want to see 219 before June. Maybe before April. If I can do that the rest I know I can do.

12-25-2006, 01:25 PM
Hey sherry! I think you can do it!! I'm trying real hard to make it to 149 by new years but as of this morning i was 156 so I don't know. I was just going to get on the treadmill, trying to do everyday this week but I am so sore I can hardly walk.
Have fun at the movies, I was thinking about doing the same thing(don't celebrate Christmas either) but or only movie theatre is in the mall so i doubt they will be open. maybe I'll give them a call just in case!
have a good day!

12-25-2006, 02:00 PM
Hi Maggie, I've found that there are a LOT of people (even some who celebrate) who go to movies on Christmas day. So they may very well be open. I don't know if the weight you are at is recently gained weight or not, and you weigh a lot less than I do, so you may not retain nearly as much water, but I dropped 12.5 pounds in the last week (based on part of that weight being regained water weight), so it IS possible. You MIGHT be able to get to your goal if you work at it really hard.

I think it is harder as you get to a lower weight, though, to drop huge amounts at once, so I don't know. But you can get close.

When you are "so sore you can hardly walk" from exercise, take some glutamine. It is amazing how much that stuff helps. It is an amino acid and it helps reduce the lactic acid (the stuff that causes the "burn" when you exercise) and you will feel less achy. Amino acids are the "building blocks of protien" whatever that means. So they are natural and won't hurt you. Not like a chemical or a drug.

I want to ride my exercise bike for a half hour this morning. It helps me drop weight faster I think.

12-26-2006, 01:20 AM
Hi Sherry/needsto lose and All!:)

Stayed OP for Christmas! w00t!:carrot: DID overeat a tad - but had made a deal with self to only overeat on lc foods . . . the lc pie I made was Great! Loved the "fauxtatoes" too . . . MAY make "Orgasm In A Bowl" in a few days - mainly 'cause I'll be off work and have all the ingredients in for it . . . there's just something about THAT name! LOL!;) :D

Sherry & ntlose, you both have me psyched up for some exercise tomorrow - TX!:hug: DD got dancedancerevolution . :carrot: . . but thinking of a good brisk walk-day shift hours style . . . think my bod is craving some sunshine! Very overcast & cold here - think I'll strap my book on tape and head out the door - hope I need the gutamine tip sherry!!!:dizzy: Just have been Football Vegetating.

Sherry you are doing SO GOOD - nothing can stop you this time but you! Hope we do this thing together!:hug:

Hope everyone had a Great Holiday - ours was the best in years!


12-26-2006, 10:47 PM
Hi all,
sherry - thanks for the info I think i will pickupsome glutamine!
I have always been on the heavy side but of course after 3 kids, quitting smoking and marrying a great cook, things only got worse. I had no problem losing in the beginning of atkins, in fact I lost most of my 40 pounds in the first 3 months. I have been struggling since September. The last 15 just doesn't want to budge.
I wokeup with a toothache today, so I haven't gotten on the treadmill, it pounds in my brain just from walking! going to the dentist on Thurs. that might slow me down a bit.
Hope everyone had a good holiday!