100 lb. Club - My Daily Commitments week of 12-18

12-17-2006, 11:33 PM
Hope you don't mind that I'm starting this, but I wanted to make commitments as early as possible, which for me is 7:30 pm on Sunday. :D It's been a rough weekend.

My commitments for 12/18 are:

Eat on plan, which means no fudge!
Journal on Fitday.
One hour cardio and 35 min. weightlifting plus stretching.
Eight glasses of water.
Wrap some presents.

12-18-2006, 03:42 AM
Thanks for starting us out, Sheila! Your goals look like good ones! Fudge is a rough one at this time of year...

12-18-2006, 08:12 AM
Good morning lovely ladies. I hope everybody had a fantastic weekend as we approach a real tough week and weekend ahead. On one hand I am excited for the upcoming events that I have, so many people who I am anxious to see, but on the other hand - so much tempting food. Day after day. "Gotta be strong, gotta be strong. I want to be thin, more then I want the food, I want to be thin more then I want the food. Anything in MODERATION. Anything in MODERATION." she says as she tries to hypnotize herself.

I had a pretty good weekend. Stuck to all my commitments, could have nibbled a bit less. Although when I think about it my nibbling really is minimal and I stay within in calorie range. I was someone who was/is/was an all day grazer and I guess this is my way of getting around it. We shall see, for now it's staying as part of my daily commitments. Had my daughter home from college so of course shopping was a priority for her. She needed new glasses so we went to 5, count em 5 different places, but we found the most stunning glasses. And she needed boots, snow, she's up in Boston and she wanted a pair of black suede knee high boots. (just the kind I'd like for myself eventually - oh to dream, and oh yeah it's official, my calves are now wider then my thighs, I kid you not). Anyway we were successful but we walked for hours, so yes that was a great amount of exercising but today my knees are in AGONY. Gosh I hope one day this is not the case. I literally don't think I could have made it another step. OF course my daughter could have gone on for hours more. Oh to be 19, oh and yeah to be not so darn overweight.This is NOT, I repeat NOT how a 43 year old woman should feel after a day of shopping. One day, one day.

And on that note I was rewarded with a 4 pound weight loss for the week!!! I'm down to 218. Onderland is getting closer and I for one can't wait to get there!!

My commitments-

-Drink lots of water
-Stay under 1300 calories
-No nibbling
-Headed to the mall, I am determined to find something nice to wear for these holiday parties. Oh and daughter needs stuff too. I hope I can walk, right now it's not looking too good.
-Remember that I want to be thin more then I want the food.

Have a great and successful day everyone!

12-18-2006, 12:08 PM
Good Morning Everyone!! Sheila53 - thanks for starting us off, it was a rough weekend for me as well! Actually, I did pretty good on Saturday.... but Sunday was a whole different story. We had some friends over for dinner, so I spent the day cleaning and preparing a nice dinner. It was actually a pretty healthy dinner. I did make a dessert though, but I made sure it was small so I wouldn't have a ton of leftovers. The downfall... wine. I decided I would let myself have two glasses of wine. So I had my first glass at 3:00pm when I started preparing the dinner, and the second followed shortly there after. By the time we had dinner I was on to my third glass.... and let's just say that somewhere between 3:00pm with my first glass and 9:00pm, I had finished a bottle almost entirely by myself. Uuugghhhhhh. As long as I'm coming clean, I also had seconds on dessert :(

Okay, so today is a new day..... so let's start with some commitments :carrot:

:) Lots of water!!!!
:) Fruits & Veggies for snacks
:) Get my house clean from the party!!!
:) Make a healthy dinner
:) Take Vitamins

Okay ladies.... good luck to all. Let's start the week off right!!!:D

12-18-2006, 12:15 PM
Happy morning to you all...well its almost afternoon at this point...I'm running a bit late today cause I had a meeting this morning. Well the weekend went well...yesterday was a success. Holiday cards and shopping is done, hit the gym and upped the intensity of my cardio....I hit 5 miles on the elliptical in 1hr 10 min...which puts me at a 12 minute mile average...which is actually average....when I went back to the gym in early November I was averaging a 17 minute mile so its a huge improvement. I also treated myself to a birthday manicure and some new gym clothes...and they may be stretchy pants but I bought them from the normal section in the store and they were only larges...not extra large and the jacket was an XL...not beyond that so its making me feel like I'm finally having some visible changes which is so cool. Most place I'm noticing it is my vanishing lower belly...if it wasn't for my oversized breasts I think I might be able to see my feet! Ha Ha.

Well anyway rock on for starting us out for this week Sheila. The week of truth is upon us...the holidays are here! I came into my office today and not only is the table in the kitchen loaded with goodies...they spread to my desk! A bag of cookies and a card from a girl in our marketing department. I said thank you and I'm not even going to open them...just throw them away when no one is looking...after all its the thought that counts not me eating them! I'm going to see the Boston Gay Men's Chorus Holiday Spectacular tonight which should be a hoot....but also includes dinner before...hopefully we can figure out where we are going early so I can see if they have a website with a menu so I can do some advanced planning!

1. Survive dinner, pick what I will have early in the day if there is an online menu
2. Possibly a glass of birthday wine...but I'm gonna try to stick with diet coke.
3. get home and be in bed as early as possible...Just cause I can't get to the gym today doesn't mean I'm not going tomorrow.
4. um....renew my license...it totally expires today...bummer.
5. step away from the office treats and hit the carrots
6. water water water!

12-18-2006, 01:10 PM
Thanks for starting us out Sheila!
Rockin Robin-I like how you tried to hypnotize yourself haha... I'll have to keep that in mind when next Sunday rolls around :halfempty ... My mom is making my favorite meal: enchiladas. She told me she was going to try to make a few changes to it to make it a little bit healthier. And like you said, "anything in moderation" right? :)
Nalynn- You are absolutely right- Today is a new day. We all have those weekends, especially around this time of year. What is important is that you get right back on track the next day.
Sunshine-Great Job on that 12 minute mile average. That is amazing!! Have fun tonight, that is a really good idea to find a menu on the web before you go. Way to plan ahead. :)

Well today was my weigh in day and I'm sooo happy!! I lost 2 pounds which means I have surpassed my 10 point mark and I made it into the 160's!!!!:carrot: :carrot: :carrot:
I am sooo happy about this :D I had a great weekend, I am really proving to myself that I can do this.
My commitments
:) Drink Lots of Water
:) Go to the grocery store and get a lot of healthy foods for me to eat this week

12-18-2006, 01:31 PM
Hello everyone!

I do not usually post in the weekly committments but I think it is a good idea. Hopefully it will make me feel like my week is more organized!

My committments:
-Go to the gym at least 4 times with hubby
-Drink at least one nalgene bottle of water every day
-Eat on track for all meals except those that are special (just 2 this week)
-Get the house clean & finish getting ready for Christmas

Good luck everybody!

12-18-2006, 01:46 PM
Welcome Lifeguard!
I have the Nalgene rule too! I keep one in my car, one in my office, one in my bag and one in my house...too funny
so alright girls its been decided....we are eating at the cheesecake factory tonight...if I haven't mentioned before how much I love the cheesecake factory ....well you can imagine. I'm thinking the best choice I can find on the menu is on the sandwich menu...Renee's Special...half a turkey sandwich (and I'll hold the mayo) and if the people I'm with get an appetizer I'll ask for my soup first so I won't nibble on anything else. What do we think? Any other suggestions?


I'm going to try to avoid the cheesecake itself...because let it be known that I'm pretty sure I could live on nothing but a combination of the white chocolate caramel latte and the peanut butter cup chocolate ripple cheesecakes....It is my birthday today so if I decide to go for the indulge in a slice I'll share it with folks at my table and stick to a slice that isn't absolutely ridiculous..!

12-18-2006, 03:37 PM
Good morning!

Well I had so much fun last night at the party, and while I could have done better, it could have been worse. They were serving gin and tonics when we got there (Argh! I love those!), but I kept my portions small at dinner. I did have a little ice cream and a cookie though. :( Oh well. Today's a new day! Oh yeah, and I did 21 minutes on the ellipse yesterday before I went to the party!

Sunshine, I searched for "healthy Cheesecake Factory" on the web and found one recommendation: the herb crusted filet of salmon. Ask that it be served without the sauce, and with double veggies instead of veggies and a starch. Fantastic job on the exercise!

CaseyGail, congrats on the 160's girl!! That's awesome!

Nalynn, does your head hurt? :hat: :faint: :D Just think, though, it would have been worse if the dinner you cooked wasn't healthy. That part goes in the small victories column!

Robin, nice job on all the walking! Hope it doesn't hurt today!

Lifeguard, great commitments!

Busy day today so here goes:
:) Bounce back from dinner last night. It's a new day.
:) Get some exercise
:) Drink water
:) Wrap some presents!
:) Take vitamins

12-18-2006, 06:43 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies :)

Not much to report for me... I'm kinda hanging in lol, best as I can. Guh, was talking about my super athletic 6 year old... was poking her in the belly today, and she flexed... she has a very defined 6 pack... sick and wrong, I tell you, sick and wrong LOL!

Robin... Hubby and I both had serious back issues after our last shopping trip... he said that's motivation enough to start losing weight... we were hobbling like we were 90 for a while :| wtg on the 4 lb!

Nalynn... I have a weakness for wine too... Merlot, stopped keeping it around lol, it'll get me everytime.

Sunshine... Happy Birthday :) Have fun, sounds like a blast, I'm sure you'll find a suitable dinner :) Oh, and a large, I can only dream right now lol.

caseygail... wtg on the 160's w00t :)

Lifeguard... hi! *waves*

C.C.... still tacking on those minutes! :cp: :cp: :cp: gogogo!

My Do's for the day... hmm, I never really think ahead on these, even though I always say I will LOL

Take All vitamins & supplements, been slacking on some of my extras lately

Drink at least 2 big mugs of water
Exercise... in front of hubby if need be :rofl:

Try not to obsess over my calorie count :stress:

Finish my year-end clean sweep early! (OK, this one will have to be for the whole week...ha)

12-19-2006, 10:04 AM
Good morning everyone!!! Hope you all had a fantastic and commited day. This is a thread about commital afterall. Just a quick check in for now.

Great going on the 2 pounds Caseygail!!! Sounds like you had a great weekend, what a great feeling it is to make it out of the weekend feeling that way. Weekends are SO, SO tough.

CC, glad you had fun at the party, that's what they're all about.

PNg, yeah one day it would be nice to shop all day long without feeling like I've just completed a triathalon.

Glad to see you on board Lifeguard, I hope you find posting here as useful as I do.

Sunshine, I've never been to The cheesecake factory. But the cakes you described, WHOA. I would absolutely have to have a sliver. And I hope you had a very, very happy birthday!!!

Nalynn, I find having guests over very, very difficult. I like to put out a nice spread and serve wine as well. And then eat from that nice spread and drink the wine as well. Sounds like you enjoyed yourself. Good, that's what you should do.

Not much to tell you today, you all must be breathing a sigh of relief on that one. Yesterday was another decent day, although since I was so busy I did slack off on the water.

Today's commitments:

-Stay on course with the eating
-Exercise, exercise, and more exercise, I already got a bunch in today :smug:
-Don't forget to drink lots of water
-Keep nibbling to a minimum
-Remember that I want to be thin, more then I want the food.

Have a great day folks, I'll check in later. :smug:

12-19-2006, 11:07 AM
Mornin Ladies...Alright so dinner last night was an absolute catastrophe. We got to the restaurant at 6pm and our show was at 8:00pm so we didn't have tons of time...The place was packed but they told us it was a 15 minute wait. Needless to say it was nearly 7:00PM when we sat down. I said to the waitress right off the bat that we were going to be in a hurry and would need to order right away and all of that....she was a sweet girl but obviously didn't get that we were in a hurry at that point. I have a lot of patients for the food service industry cause I spent YEARS waiting tables (I would like to thank my degree in theatre for that one) but she was just no good at recognizing the customers needs...like really sweetie we've been standing in the lobby for an hour, we know whats on the menu, lets not take time with the specials, our leisurely dinner was squashed by your hosts who don't know how to quote a wait time....sorry for the rant but my threshold for clueless people is rather low in those situations. Anyway at that point all thoughts of healthy ordering were out the window in hopes for whatever was quick so pizza it was. They were small slices so I probably had the equivalent of 2 regular slices of pizza....but it was real heavy on the cheese...I tried to take some of it off but that was a bust too. We got a bottle of wine and I nursed 1 glass and a big mug of water so that was ok.

I suppose it could have been worse....I put everything into fit day and it wasn't so bad, still within my goal range. I also got on the scale this morning and have suffered no set backs so I feel a bit better now. In the end we didn't have time for cheesecake which was sort of a relief (though the not so brilliant waitress still didn't get that we were in a hurry and actually tried to negotiate with us about it to upsell her check average....) We then had to run (in heels) down Huntington Ave to the conservatory to make the show so I hopefully burned a few calories. I didn't have anything else for the rest of the night and even though it was late when I got home I stayed up and steamed some broccoli and grilled some chicken for lunch today so I wouldn't stay off base.

When I look back on what other people ate yesterday... mainly my boss....I don't feel so bad. Girl plowed through like 12 cookies and 4 rum balls by noon...she had a salad for lunch....covered in this bbq dressing that smelled like a bag of Doritos....and dinner for her last night was....wait for it...fried mac n cheese.....that by itself makes me, and my arteries for that matter, feel much better about an overall healthy day and a bit of a splurge on some pizza!

Anyway I'd go through everyone one by one but I've already done enough blabbing for one post I think so for today...

1. Continue the bored at work crusade against the holiday cookies (it is seriously so dead in my office my boss and I are considering catching a movie)
2. Don't get down on pizza...I mean really...if I think I'm gonna go the rest of my life without eating pizza I'm crazy, just as long as its not an every day thing
3. Gym tonight :) I had no gains this week but I also had no losses...time to up the exercise!
4. Along with upping the exercise I think its time to try to cut the calorie intake too...I've been between 1700 & 1800 since I started almost 2 months ago so I'm going to make my first reduction to 1600
5. water water water!


12-19-2006, 02:03 PM
CC-Good Job on your party! And 21 minutes? work it girl!! ;)
PNG-That story about your 6 year old was cracking me up :)
Rockin Robin- Thank You :)
Sunshine- I think you did an amazing job on your night out. You stayed within your goal range so great job!

Well I had a good day yesterday. Except I ate popcorn after 8 last night. I know that isn't that bad of a snack and it didn't send me over my calories but, my stomach felt terrible when I woke up this morning. I don't know if it was the popcorn or the fact that I ate it after 8. Either way no more eating after 8!! lol. Other than that I had a good day :)
my commitments-
-Eat more fruits and veggies
-Lots of water
-It's a beautiful day-take a run outside :)

12-19-2006, 03:02 PM
Good morning!

Brrrr! It's cold here in CA. Well, cold for us. I'm housebound for the next few days with a plantation shutter installer who talks to himself. A lot. Loudly. :blah:

Anywho, I kept all but the exercise commitment from yesterday. Man, that's the hardest thing for me. It isn't that I don't have time, it's pure laziness. Those physicists know what they're talking about: a body in motion tends to stay in motion, a body at rest tends to stay at rest. My body wants to stay at rest and pass on the motion... Bad C.C.!

So for today since I have the food thing down right now, I have one commitment:


Oh yeah, and don't scream at the installer to "shut up". :rollpin:

Have a good day everybody!

12-19-2006, 04:44 PM
Welp, I'm here... ha, I've had the window open for a while, but I'm rebuilding after having to reformat my computer last night...guh so I keep getting distracted, trying to hunt down all my great knitting links that I lost... oivey.

I covered most of my bases yesterday, didn't get as much exercise in as I wanted, ended up cramming in 20 minutes doing upper body with dumbbells, was trying to fix my stupistupidstupid POC computer.

Today, I need cardio... w00t... sweaty out of breath day lol... so my exercise commitment today is to break out the goddess workout disk one, and give it my all... once again, in front of hubby if need be *eek*

OK, so for today:

Exercise, Goddess Workout:belly: or, if all else fails, as long as I can manage on the bike. (forgot I have an extra kid tonight)

Water, 2 more big mugs o' water

Food... urg, I'm not even like remotely interested in food today so far... some people might find that a good thing, but it scares the crap out of me lol but I guess my goal is to stick with my planned menu for the day, and only have ONE snack, no matter what my calorie count says.

and still trying to get that clean sweep done... yick, cleaning every corner, nook and cranny.

Now, need to find everything all over again... man, what a pain... I'll try to catch up with everyone later lol, I'm so scattered right now :|

12-19-2006, 10:46 PM
I'm baking cookies with my sister and stepdaughter tomorrow. My commitment is to only eat one cookie.

12-20-2006, 01:03 AM
Well I haven't done terrific on the exercise so far. But today I went & did my Christmas shopping & parked downtown & walked everywhere - so I guess I got a little in. But I think I am pretty much done the shopping - not that I had a lot to do!

I did do groceries tonight though & with the electrical working that means we can eat healthier, easier!

I also got the tree decorated tonight - I love how cozy it makes the house feel!

Tomorrow - get the house clean for my girlfriends coming over on Thursday, eat on plan and take the dog for a nice long walk to hand deliver some cards & gifts.

12-20-2006, 06:38 AM
Sheila I'm sending you an extra big dose of :dust: . I was simply not able to make cookies this year, I just didn't trust myself and now I'm feeling guilty about it. My kids were very understandable about it. But now I'm thinking I was wrong, plain and simple. I guess there's still time to rectify that. But honestly don't think that's going to happen. We shall see. Anyway, good luck Sheila.

Okay this is gonna be a quicker post then I first thought, cause there's a big discolored toe nail to the right of me telling me that I may have an infection and it's making me a little queasy first thing in the morning. For the record, I have no infection. I simply hate, hate that ad. Uch.

Well I have been this neurotic lunatic with shopping the last couple of days. I have 3 party/holiday functions coming up. I keep buying and returning, buying and returning. I was at the same mall twice yesterday. And I'm thinking of going back again, absolutely can not neglect work again, so maybe on Friday. I am just not satisfied with what I bought. I have been neglecting my work, big time. I have business taxes due today and I haven't even begun to get it ready. I have been neglecting my housework even more. I have laundry piled up high and my house in general is a wreck. Very unlike me. The only good thing is I've been running around like crazy and walking like crazy and barely got in 1000 calories yesterday, same for Monday. But I also haven't gotten in my water. And this morning my scale tells me I GAINED A POUND. Which is absolutely impossible. So, I just ordered the scale I've been wanting for a long time. I just hadn't wanted to spend the money. But I don't care anymore, I want it and that's that. Gosh I sound like a 2 year old. Anyway, I'm real excited for it and hopefully it will be here by Friday.

Today's commitments:

-No matter what, drink at least 8 glasses of water
-Stay under 1300 calories
-Get taxes done
-Get other some other work done as well
-Try not to dwell about the stupid scale, man it gets me so mad
-Remember that I want to be thin, more then I wamt the food.

Have a great day everyone.

12-20-2006, 11:17 AM
Mornin everyone! You all sound so stressed! I'm sending you all my de-stressing mojo!:genie:
Yesterday went very well for me, I stayed at my new calorie intake...just about 1550 for the day. No snacking, all healthy etc. I even got to the gym...though i spent HOURS in a personal battle with myself trying to rationalize it. It started when I left the office...I don't really need to go today, I'm hungry I can't go before dinner I'll fall off the elliptical, The gym will be there tomorrow, I'm going on Thursday and Friday so who cares, its cold I don't want to go outside.....Then around 8:00PM, after I'd had dinner, made lunch for today, gotten breakfast together and cleaned up around the house I said to myself...Jesus Linsey you are gonna be awake until at least 10pm and you are just gonna sit on your fat butt on the couch and watch reruns of House....so put your damn shoes on and go watch reruns from the elliptical at the gym and I did.... got about an hour in!

I thought that I was done with my holiday shin digs and that I had survived but I just can't seem to get away. I now have one last lunch to go to .... and I can't get out of it cause its with my boss and the folks over at Blue Man Group...poo... I was hoping to take off and leave the city right at 1pm when we close tomorrow and get ready to take off for Maine where there is lots of outdoors to be active, no phones, and no bad food....but alas...lunch it is
so anyway here is where we are going...I haven't checked out the menu yet but since I know there will be no rush like the other night I'm gonna try to plan for it again.
So anyway Rockin... don't sweat the cookies, remember the holidays are about family not food. No regrets. Try not to stress too much...the work will get done, the house will get clean....take a deep breath, it will all come together.
Lifeguard... cheers on walking to all your shopping locations...it can be tough! I have a notorious history of driving from store to store...I'm sure you burned some calories there !
Sheila... good luck with the cookies...just think of how much better that one will taste when all is said and done...enjoy it.
PNG... 20 minutes of dumbbells is great! Good luck with your cardio today!
CC...getting going is the hardest part...but you'll feel so great and accomplished in the end, you can do it!
Casey... sorry to hear the popcorn caused you pain! Cograds on staying in your calorie range!

Alright for today...
1. stay with in the new calorie range
2. water water water
3. pick lunch for tomorrow
4. get my license renewed...it totally expired monday


12-20-2006, 11:42 AM
Good Morning Everyone! Sorry for being MIA yesterday.... it was a crazy day! In fact I'm going to post commitments through Christmas incase I don't make it back again before then.

So here goes....

:) I will drink all of my water
:) I will take my vitamins
:) I will eat veggies for snacks
:) I will be more active in anyway I can (taking the parking spot furthest from entrance, etc.)
:) I will allow myself goodies, but not overdo
:) No alcohol for me

I know my commitments are kind of relaxed.... but I think at this point all I can do is try to do better than usual around the holidays. I'm really trying to keep from gaining weight right now. The last couple of days the feeling of the holidays have really gotten to me.... which means I've been enjoying the holidays with food (my favorite way... uugghhh).

Well, I will try to check back.... but just incase I can't....
http://10.UploadMirror.com/uploaded/7/708/glitter_maker_12_20_2006_09_39_48_91455.gif (http://www.GlitterMaker.com/)
I wish you all a very happy & healthy holiday!!! This group will be one of the things I'm thankful for this holiday!! Merry Christmas. God Bless.

12-20-2006, 12:02 PM
Good morning! Just a quick post....My jabbering shutter installer is coming back today, so I've got to run soon. but yesterday was a good day! I got on the elliptical and didn't make it as far as before, but I got on it nevertheless. And the scale moved again to reward me!

Today, again: Exercise...

Take care everyone!

12-20-2006, 06:01 PM
Well, the exercise fell through yesterday... in my 2 weeks without her, I forgot what a handful a 19 month old can be :dizzy: but, today, I got started early, did 40 minutes of belly dancing before hubby got up... once again, my little fitness fiend found me out though, 20 minutes in, she woke up, and came out to sit on the couch and cheer me on... hubby did bring me goodies today, but, he's making progress... it was a ONE serving bag of Reese's pieces, and a cappuccino, and my favorite red wine sausage... maybe I'll do some time on the bike later for that lol. I've noticed that the calorie counts on fitday are a little skewed on some things, and the activity logger doesn't give nearly the calorie count that crosstrainer did... bleargh... don't want to go through installing crosstrainer again, so I'll just deal with it... I know what I did, I don't need to know every last little calorie that I killed LOL.

Sheila: Good luck with the cookies... I've surrendered baking this year, I have a good excuse though...for all the anti-diet "It's the holidays, you have to!" people... my oven is completely unpredictable...lol

Lifeguard, good job walking to shop... we live in a small town, so you pretty much have to drive to the stores... usually, we have to park our huge van way in the back 40 though, and I'm an infamous stroller while shopping, can take me hours for 2 things...lol, so I make up for not legging the whole way :D

Robin, I just got new scales, WW ones, my old scales weren't...erm well, equipped to handle me, lol, so it was pretty much guesswork once I got to a certain point, unless I went to the Kmart, and used the quarter scales there... PITA, lol, so I chucked out the cash for the new ones :|

Sunshine, *drool* House reruns...lol! I try to get on the recumbent when there's something on that will hold my attention... when we had satellite, hubby would laugh at me, because I'd pedal away to food network... usually Iron Chef, I'm such a foodie, ha, but, it kept me going, and oddly enough, I didn't have the snacking problems I do now LOL.

Nalynn, Good luck with those commitments, if you don't make it back before Christmas... well, I think we all understand...lol, my Christmas is melleow this year... not the quiet cozy mellow that I crave, but... hubby working 12 hour shifts Christmas Eve and Christmas Night (and New Years too... stupid casinos...), and I may or may not have the extra kid... so on...

C.C.: you need a gag for your installer? ;)

Ok... I've hit most of what I was gonna post for commitments... so, I'll just go with slooooow on the snacking, lol, and erm, get in a couple more mugs of water, if I can, lol, I've already hit 2 of them... got started REAL early.

12-20-2006, 10:35 PM
Ok so today I got the wrapping done. Can't figure out how with the few gifts I had to wrap it took me almost 3 hours! Oh well. Didn't accomplish much else - I've been kind of sulky all day since I stepped on the scale and found I gained 2lbs. I know it is stupid to let the scale determine my mood, especially when 2lbs at this weight is just a good bm (sorry to be rude!). I think it is probably just because I am getting sick that I'm feeling so discouraged - sometimes it all just feels so futile. When I think of all the changes I have made and how little weight I have lost (in relation to how much I need to lose in total) it just seems like maybe I would be better off to except my fatness and eat what I want and stop having this constant stress over me. UGH! Sorry to be a downer - I'm sure I'll feel better about things in the next couple of days.

So tomorrow:
- visit a friend in the a.m. to do a gingerbread house with her son (my christmas gift to the kids in my life)
- see the allergist - somehow I'm thinking this is not going to help my mood: last year he told me to move somewhere warm (I'm allergic to the cold - haha!), quit lifeguarding, quit swimming, and get rid of my animals. At least it is only once a year!
- drink as much water as I can stomach to flush this sickness out of me.
- clean up the house
- have my girlfriends over in the evening for Winter Solstice - the days will just get longer from here - WOOHOO!

Sounds like everyone is in the thick of the season - so remember to take some time to actually enjoy it!

12-21-2006, 08:30 AM
Just a quick check in as we head down the home stretch towards the upcoming food fest, ummm I mean holiday.

I had an unplanned run in with a pan of baked ziti yesterdy, made it for my daughter, I never bought the fish for me that I was supposed to. I first just picked at the pan, then gave in and took a small plateful and then picked some more. I don't think I ate more then 1 1/2 small portions, but nevertheless I felt out of control again. And I did not like it. And I still can't trust myself to have "regular" foods in the house. :( The rest of the day was very good though, so I probably still salvaged it, although I ate more then I would have liked to probably about 1500-1600 calories :devil: . Not terrible, not great especially since I know I will overeat this coming weekend. Drank a ton of water, peed all day long. Did the taxes, some laundry, some other house stuff, not enough work stuff. Did exercise a bit.

LIFEGUARD: I'm sorry you had a not so great day. We all have them from time to time. You have been doing amazingly well. Stopping where you are now and accepting your "fatness" will give you more stress then trying to get rid of it. I know that sounds harsh, but I don't care. Think of all the reasons you started this in the first place. Ummm, I don't know maybe YOUR HEALTH. Go reread some of your NSV's and everyone else's for that matter, or the I wanna stay fat thread if you need a reason to go on. This is a VERY stressful time of year and it will get better. Hang in there. You know you want this. You're a young woman with your whole life ahead of you and you deserve to be the best YOU that you can be. Don't settle for second best. :hug:

Today's commitments:
-Plan dinner better then yesterday
-Drink a sea's worth, all right maybe a small pond's worth of water
-Stay under 1300 calories
-Exercise, be Nike - JUST DO IT
-Housework, work-work.

Have a great day everyone!!!!!

12-21-2006, 11:55 AM
Mornin everyone... I can see the stresses are running high for everyone! I suppose its not fair that I'm not sweatin the holidays....I've taken over control of the cooking and we have no big events happening so it shouldn't be hard for me to avoid junk since there won't be much around... I'm fairly mellow so I'm sending all of you more de-stressing mojo today!

Well there is no nice way to put it....my job is so dead and so boring! I left the office yesterday at 4:30! And we are closing today at 1:00pm and not re-opening until January 2nd....so I will be left to my own devices without the structure of work (which really helps me keep my meals on a nice schedule) I had hoped that leaving work early yesterday would make it possible for me to hit up Target for the last minute stuff and hit the gym but I ran into an old friend in the store and as the old story goes we stood in the aisle talking for over an hour so there was just no time left.

Due to a severe lack of cash this year I've limited my gifts to just my parents (I'm an only child and extremely single) and our cats! We will be spending the holidays at our place in Maine...and its fairly cold there, often snows alot and there is no phone, no tv etc. so I thought it would be nice to start a board game collection for up there so I got 'the house' a fresh monopoly, scrabble, trival pursuit and a couple others. I bought AWFUL wrapping paper, that I didn't realize had glitter all over it so now my whole apartment is COVERED in gold glitter which will mean twice the cleaning today before we leave! As if the dishes and laundry wasn't enough :)
My eating was ok yesterday....but not at the new set rate of 1600...I was at about 1750 yesterday. I got lots of fruits and veggies in and was down a half a pound this morning so I'm not gonna sweat it (I'm also not gonna log it...half a pound just doesn't seem worth logging yet... i feel like it might be bad luck)

Nalynn... if we don't hear from you through the holidays best of luck with your commitiments!
CC... I hear duct tape works too for chattery workers
PNG...Ha Ha.... I'm a food network junkie too.... I'm that fat girl at the gym watching Rachel Rae on the elliptical ha ha ha! It is surprising though that it keeps me going, I get some cooking tips, and I'm never really hungry by the time i get home.
LIFEGUARD... Take a deep breath. You are amazing! Along this long hard road we are all bound to hit some frustration and obstacles. This is for you, and your health and you deserve it! Listen to Robin...she's brilliant and wise.
Robin.. ya you heard me...brilliant and wise! I'm glad you got some of that work done! Sounds like you made a pretty good dent!

Alright me for today
1. Survive my lunch with the industry folks
2. no alcohol with lunch...I'm going to the gym today
3. go to the gym
4. drink some water with my bottomless cup of coffee...i'm real tired today for some reason
5. renew my license...today....before I get a massive ticket as is always my luck
6. clean, pack, hold on and get ready for the holidays

Best wishes everyone...and if anyone is stuck out west in that horrible blizzard stay warm and safe .... I have a friend who has been stuck at JFK airport for almost 16 hours with her 15 year old pug trying to get to Denver for the Holidays! poor girl!

12-21-2006, 01:00 PM
Grrr! I lost my whole long cheery post!

I'll just sum up... Good day yesterday: ate well and 22 minutes on the elliptical.

Today: Eat well, exercise, wrap presents

Personals: Hang in there Lifeguard! You are doing so well, don't let the scale bring you down. Robin, when are we able to trust ourselves around food? I'm not sure it's ever. :(. PNG, stay strong and tell your hubby to bring carrots next time! :carrot:. Sunshine, glad you're having a stress-free Christmas! And great job with the gym!

Have a good day everyone!

12-21-2006, 03:14 PM
Hello everyone! Just thought I would drop in real quick. I've been busy busy busy! I have a christmas party tonight! And that means tons of yummy food. I'm going to bring a fruit and veggies tray so I will have somthing to munch on and maybe I wont pig out on all the other stuff lol. I have two commitments for the rest of the day:
-squeeze in a workout
-don't overdo it at the party!
Hope you guys have a great day!

12-21-2006, 11:59 PM
Everyone thank you for your support and encouragement. Today was MUCH better! I went to visit my friend & helped her son with the gingerbread house & then went to the allergist & all is good there. This aft I did some cleaning around the house & dh made up some nice healthy treats for me & my girlfriends who came over to celebrate winter solstice - the days just get longer from here!!!!

I'm at a cross-roads as my energy level has improved (yeah) so I can no longer lie in bed for hours (a real problem for me with my type of depression) & food no longer seems to have the appeal or ability to soothe. So the 2 ways (yes, both not so positive) I had to soothe myself when upset are gone. Need to find some healthy replacements. A bath still won't work with the tub still out of commission. Hmmm - any ideas?

For tomorrow:
- clean up the kitchen & catch up on some laundry
- walk across town to herbal magic (unfortunately our budget dictates that this will be the last visit until I get a job as we can not afford it right now).
- drink lots of water
- pull nails out of salvaged boards & stack neatly in garage (as long as weather holds)

Have a good one everyone!!!

12-22-2006, 09:06 AM
Mornin everyone
This is going to be quick today. Well yesterday was a bust! I went to my lunch and thought it would be a safe choice to have the grilled turkey paninni...so what was I thinking! It came with bacon, cheese, a garlic sauce/dressing, and tomoates on a rosemary fococcia....and french fries...which had i realized they even served frenchfries there I would have asked to replace it with a side salad. The sandwich was delicious...I'm not gonna lie, it may have been the best sandwich I've had all year. I ate half at the restaurant and brought the other half home, I nibbled on the fries but didn't even come close to polishing them off which old me would have done. I maybe had 10 or so fries and they weren't real greasy and salty at all. We got appetizers too...good thing about gourmet food...small portions. I had one piece from one of the 2 dishes of appetizers (though it was some sort of chesesteak pastry concoction...good thing it was really only about 2 bites) We also had wine, I had a 1.5 glasses. I suppose the good thing was that I had the other half of that sandwich for dinner and didn't eat anything else last night.
The food was good...but the havoc it cause on my stomach made it seem not worth it in the end. When I was eating really crappy food I had...well lets just say...some stomach issues that had become so common to me that it was just a way of life. Since I've cut out a lot of crap and take out and restaurant food I've had almost not 'problems' what so ever. I'm sure that my stomach problems were caused by the food.
I also never got my license renewed (I'm off to do that now) and didn't go to the gym (I'm going there second) I did get the apartment cleaned and 5 loads of laundry done and I'm packed and ready to head to Maine this afternoon.
1.don't let yesterday mean today is off track
2.everything I didn't do yesterday needs to get done today

12-22-2006, 12:31 PM
Good morning!

First the confession, no exercise. :( Everything else went well.

For today, I'm going to find time to get some exercise and start thinking about how I'm going to hold it together eating-wise at my parent's house. I've got Christmas, of course, followed two days later by my birthday followed a few days later by New Years. Tough time of year! But we can all be strong, right???

Lifeguard, when I'm feeling blue I like to snuggle up on the couch with a comforter and watch my favorite movies, or I'll drag myself out to the movies to see a comedy, but to be honest when I'm really depressed I do what you used to do. Sleep and eat. That and watch tv in bed. Funny how sedentary my coping mechanisms are! I've always poo-pooed the idea of taking a walk, but much to my sedentary chagrin, it kind of helps. Hope you feel better!

Sunshine, your outing could have been worse, right? That was smart of you to split the sandwich. I might have just said, oh well it's here and eaten the whole thing right there. So good for you!

Hope everyone else is having a great day! It's so quiet arond here this week it makes me kind of bummed, but that hopefully means you are all having a fantastic time!

12-22-2006, 12:57 PM
The food was good...but the havoc it cause on my stomach made it seem not worth it in the end. When I was eating really crappy food I had...well lets just say...some stomach issues that had become so common to me that it was just a way of life. Since I've cut out a lot of crap and take out and restaurant food I've had almost not 'problems' what so ever. I'm sure that my stomach problems were caused by the food.

I can understand what you mean here - I have found exactly the same thing - just another incentive to eat properly!!!

Sunshine - thanks for the support. I know I should try to make exercise or going for a walk my feel good thing - it's just not the first thing I feel like doing - lol!

12-23-2006, 07:34 AM
Good morning everybody.

Just a quick check in. I missed posting yesterday but nevertheless stuck to my mental commitments.

Sunshine, that sandwich sounds yummy. And you could have done A LOT worse. Just think you're making progres. And you and Lifeguard were talking about food wreaking havoc on your stomachs, well EVERY day of my life, each and EVERY day I had heartburn before I started this new way of life. And from Day #1, September 4th, till now, I have never, ever had it. Not even once. Have a great time in Maine. It sounds sooo lovely. I love when we all play games together, we do it so rarely these days. I love Scabble and all those board games, or "bored" games as my family calls them. Oh well I for one miss it terribly. But I'm gonna give it a try, see if I can get everyone to play a game, you've definitely given me the desire.

CC, don't fret about the exercise. EVERYBODY skips a day from time to time. Except for me of course, I exercise everyday, many, many times during the day. For a real long time.I would never even think of missing a day. I even get up in the middle of the night to exercise. I'm even exercising right now. All right I'll confess - that was a BIG FAT LIE. But you guys knew that already.

Caseygail, that's what I always do - search for the veggie tray.

For all these upcoming holiday meals and get togethers, I plan on asking myself before each and every bite if the food is worth it? And that really helps me to slow down and to make better choices and to keep the high calorie foods to a minimum. For the first time in my life, I actually THINK before I take a bite. And this is progress for me, big time. But I will be very, very glad when JAnuary 2nd rolls around. This is just too hard. Too much stress and too many parties and tempting foods.

Today's commitments

-Drink lots of water
-Choose food wisely, I have 2 parties, it's going to be hard, very hard.
-Some kind of exercise, for some decent amount of time.
-Remeber that I want to be thin more then I want the food.

Have a great day everyone. Good luck with sticking to your commitments.

12-23-2006, 03:26 PM
Hi everybody!

I ate well yesterday and skipped the exercise. It's so stupid that I do that. So what I want to do is not commit to doing it so I don't fail, but that's totally not the point, right? What I want to do is walk, and it's the one thing I can't do (foot). The elliptical just feels daunting sometimes. At least with a walk, I just have to walk out far enough that I'm forced to walk the same distance home - voila 30+ minutes. With the elliptical, I can always step off the machine and the time is just ticking away right in from of my face. Second by painful second. Maybe next time I'll try throwing a towel over the timer so I can't watch it. I'll commit to that!

I am going to eat sensibly up to Christmas dinner and after, but I'm giving myself permission to enjoy the dinner. One meal doesn't hurt you, a month of overdoing it does. Anyway, I'm off to my parent's today, so I won't be posting for a few days.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!!! :gift2: :xcheer: :wreath: :rudolph: :candy: :clause: :shocksn: :ginger: :tree:

12-24-2006, 12:25 AM
Man, I will be ready for the next few days to be over with!! Tonight was the christmas party at my parents house. My mom made my favorite enchilada's and they were delicious! Once I plugged everything into my fitday I was way over on my calories. But, I have made progress because, once I got done eating I wasn't completely stuffed. Before, I would've went crazy and ate and ate and ate until I couldn't eat anymore. So while I didn't eat the healthiest food in the world at least I'm learning when to stop!
My boyfriend got me "You on a Diet" for christmas!! I've been flipping through it, I can't wait to read it. He also got me a beautiful diamond ring :) I hate to brag but I'm really proud of it hehe.
Anyway, I hope everyone has a merry christmas and I wish you all luck through the next couple of days- I know I will need it!
My commitments for tomorrow:
-Get in a run (I should have plenty of time)
-Don't over-do it at christsmas eve dinner!!
-Eat fruit for snacks!

12-24-2006, 12:43 AM
Today was not too bad. I ate moderately and even got in my water. Our godson came to visit for a bit this aft and I played soccer with him outside for half an hour - lol - we looked ridiculous because he insisted we wear santa hats and we had to dodge all the dog poop (there's supposed to be snow to cover that up by now!!). But fun none the less.

- Raise some more money for girl guides by wrapping a whole lot of gifts (I hope!)
- Drink lots of water
- Relax and not allow my in-laws to drive me nutty!

12-24-2006, 07:55 AM
Wow, it is eerily quiet around here and I don't like it not even a little bit. I miss everyone. I am really looking forward for things to get back to normal. I just hope everyone is enjoying themselves. That's all.

Caseygail, your ring sounds lovely, do enjoy it!!! And let us know how you like the book, I'm thinking of getting it.

Lifeguard I think it's GREAT that you played soccer in Santa hats, too precious.

I had a really good day commitment wise in spite of my 2 parties, or maybe because of it. I notice I really am not comfortable eating in front of others. I ate very, very little, passed up on some scrumptious looking food. Although I did have 2 bites of a marzipan covered vanilla cream cake. It was so sweet, it gave me an instant headache.

Today's commitment:
-Eat and drink well
-Remeber that I want to be thin more then I want the food

I wish you all the very merriest of Christmas'.

12-26-2006, 03:23 PM
Hi girls,
Sorry I've been MIA... though we have a wireless card for my dad's computer up in maine the connection is weak and I couldn't get onto the boards. I suppose that the holiday could have been worse. I snacked more than I have in months and consumed more calories but half of it was being around the stuff. Granted it was just me and my parents but still I was out of my strict enviornment that I have when I am at home alone. No day was over 2000 calories... even with the christmas dinner....went average on the turkey and heavy on the plain veggies and tried to stay low on the stuffing, potatoes and gravy but in the end it still all adds up...not to mention I like to have some hard cider when we are in maine...and before this weekend i never bothered to notice that its 200 calories a bottle! Phew, I'm thankful I don't buy that at home since I know my extra calories were from them! I also kept my desserts in line, and limited it to 2 hersey's kisses and the christmas morning coffee cake.

My parents were as supportative as they could be which is good. The weather was rainy 2 of the 4 days I was there which made our road to be at least 10 inches-1 foot deep with mud in most sections so walking or running it was impossible. We did go on sunday to a little town called hallowell and did a 4 mile stint to augusta and back on the 'rail trail'... which is really pretty along the tracks and the kennebeck river and is actually 25 miles long. I'm thrilled that now I know where it is so I can do more of it as the weather gets nice again. We did 4 miles on Sunday, and though that was my only exercise for the past few days I kept it at a good clip and even ran about 1/2 mile...which is a first for me!

I actually came home a day early so that I can get back on track...so today I'm getting the apartment cleaned and all my new toys put away (horray for new rugs and a new rice cooker and smoothie maker!) My friend Amanda called, and she is home from London for the next week (she lives there in sin with her beautiful british boyfriend and is going to grad school) and she will be comming over tonight. We are going to make dinner in and catch up. Its great because she is such a healthy eater and a good influence without even knowing it so I feel no pressure...grilled chicken and brown rice for us! Anyway I didn't see a new thread for this week yet and didn't have time to get one started so I'll keep an eye out, as well as hopefully getting through everyones posts from the past few days!
My goals for today
Get this apartment in order and prepare to get back to my normal schedule
for tomorrow
healthy eating
water...I've been wayyyyy lacking the past few days.