Support Groups - I'm back and looking for a buddy or two!

12-17-2006, 11:12 PM
A little about myself. I am 35, live in Michigan, married but no children, and as you can see from my ticker have quite a bit of weight to lose. I started w/ this site 11/05 and was able to successfully lose weight thru the holidays and into the new year (which was great). But I went thru a few buddies here and there and in the end everyone fizzled out. I think I quit posting in May of this year and have pretty much maintained my weight loss since then but maintaining is no longer good enough. So I am back and hope to find some buddies to chat w/ daily or a few times a week, it is great for accountability. Hope to hear from someone soon w/ some things in common...

12-18-2006, 10:21 AM
Hi. I really want a buddy, too, that is willing to e-mail every day. I have had buddies in the past, but they all fizzle out like you said. I have about 90 more pounds to go so I have a lot to lose, too. I couldn't see your ticker above so I don't know how much you have to lose.... Let me know if you want to buddy up.

I am 31, married, with a 5-year-old son. I am a Special Education teacher for grade K-3 and I live in Laurel, MS which is a small city in the south eastern part of the state. I am originally from Hattiesburg which is 30 miles south of Laurel. Hattiesburg is home to the University of Southern Mississippi Eagles.

Anyway, let me know if you still need a buddy.

12-18-2006, 08:08 PM
Hi Melody,

I am so excited about your response. I am still looking for a buddy and invite more interested parties. You have had a very impressive weight loss to date. I bet you are feeling so much better already. I have lost about 12 or 15 lbs. but I know if I don't take action now I am going to gain and this site helps me out so much. My eating has been a bit out of control lately but I did join a gym and am excercising about 2 or 3 times a week (should be more). About 9 years ago I lost 70 lbs. and looked and felt great but gradually gained almost all of it back. My goal is to get back down to 170 again. What have you been doing excercise and diet wise???


12-19-2006, 05:19 AM
Hi emjay & melody!:) Pretty new to 3FC's but just LOVE this place - haven't been this motivated in YEARS! (Took off about 60#'s quite a few years back) . . . I'm married/soon to be 46 yr old (Sat) . . . Mother of 2 girls ages 9 and 20 (yeah, I know--weird breeding cycle!:D ) and an elected union official/manufacturing. I'd love to be chat buds :carrot: - hardly email at all anymore tho' - how bout if we chat somewhere here:?: ? General section?:?: I Post at "low carb" and also "chicks up for a challenge"/New Year New You mainly.

Just let me know.:)

PS: Or here in this Thread?

12-19-2006, 08:45 AM
Hi Aud,

Glad to have you chatting w/ us. Also glad you found a ton of motivation here already. It really does the trick for me too. Let's chat here for a while and see if we can pick up a few others and then move our thread somewhere else, sound good? So are you doing any specific low carb program?

Melody and Lindy, hope to hear from you guys soon.

Well I'm off to the gym, I'll check back later.


12-19-2006, 11:14 AM
Wlelcome emjay. I have a daughter named Em and a SIL name Jay so thought of that when I saw your post. I'm 57 and just recently found intuitve eating as a different way to lose weight. I have a lot of health problems and take meds that increase the appetite. Good to have you here.

12-19-2006, 12:27 PM
Carol, my emjay is initials spelled out. I have read an intuitive eating book and found it quite interesting. Is there one in particular that you are working from? I'd be interested in reading another (or is there just one?). Too bad about the health problems that really does pose a weight loss challenge (as if it's not challenging enough w/o problems). Thanks for posting hope to hear from you again.

btw, made it to the gym this am. I did a little over 1/2 mile on the treadmill and then 1.5 miles on the elliptical when the good one opened up. Good for me.


12-19-2006, 01:47 PM
Good job on the exercise! The link to intutive eating is under my name. My favorite IE book is The Overfed Head by Rob Stevens.

12-19-2006, 03:07 PM
Good "Morning" carol and emjay . . . It's morning for me as a 2nd shifter - but that's about to change with the Holidays and also a lay-off/down time on my Horizon. I LOVE day shift hours so am looking forward to the battle of re-setting my sleep/wake clock!

HOORAY for making it to the gym em! That was one of my goals in the Chicks Up For A Challenge/New Year New You thing . . . haven't been able to make it AT ALL - even tho' the dayum thing is AT MY WORK!:o On the bright side, I've learned a LOT about the imprtance of water intake from these chicks and have upped mine significantly with GREAT results!

Not sure if I've met Lindy but hoping Melody makes it back . . . I'm cool with staying here chatting - haven't figured out how to "subscribe" to Threads yet - but remembered that this was in "Introductions." Let me know via pm if you move somewhere em.

I mainly walkwalkwalk for cardio - at least 10,000 steps per working day - in a Pedometer Club at work. I've recently discovered Pilates and so far am in LOVE with this practice.

Yes, lc is the ONLY thing that has worked for me over the years (besides dabbling with prescription speed in the late 70's and again in the late 80's----ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooomed the weight off then--LOL!:p :D ) . . . This time is different because I'm concentrating on how I FEEL - which is GREAT. I'm listening to my body more - and the cravings/binges have stopped. *Knock on Monitor* Currently, staying on Induction/less than 20 grams carbs per day - but another change this time is that I am not using pork rinds as a scoop to dip into scrambled eggs and bacon!!!:D Trying for the "clean" protein approach - but do fall back on the beef jerky etc rather than a candy bar at the gas station, you know? Have noticed that I'm becoming a beef-a-holic thru daily menu Postings - as soon as I'm laid off--making a mental note to get some chicken and fish into this household!

Haven't heard of Intuitive Eating at all carol . . . not sure I can trust this 229 lbs of Intuition at this point!!!:dizzy: Hang in there with your condition/meds - I'll click the link when I have more time.

Are you doing any kind of Plan em? Sounds like you've got the exercise part under control.

ttyal . . . gotta go in to work early tonight . . .

12-19-2006, 03:40 PM
Hello all!
I wouldn't mind having a buddy myself. I personally have no buddies off 3FC that are trying to lose weight that I can talk to about my issues. I live in Ohio, I am 22, engaged, no children, but I do have a kitty named Ashley that travels with us to Cincinnati and is getting her own water fountain/cat dish thing that cost $75 for I have been overweight most of my life. I was down to 130 when I was 16 and I kept it off till about age 19. I then gradually gained the weight back and haven't tried very hard to loose it until now, because I told myself that I was too busy with school to worry about it. I can talk through 3FC, aim, or email works too!
I'm looking forward to the holidays, how about you all?

12-19-2006, 04:49 PM
Hi everyone. I haven't been able to get on the computer much these past two days. I am a teacher and we finished up school today so I will be on more through the holidays.

I am using the Weight Watcher plan, but I am not going to meetings right now. I stopped going to save money over the Christmas break and I will start back in late January. At Christmastime we get paid early and have almost 6 weeks between Dec. and Jan. pay so money gets tight in January. Luckily, my husband gets paid twice a month, but he works on commission so the checks go up and down.

I look forward to getting to know you all.


12-19-2006, 11:42 PM
Welcome Zandria, feel free to join us whenever you want. I think once we get going in introductions they will move us to support groups or something like that, but in the meantime we'll meet her. I have a little pug dog that is as spoiled as your cat, she has a car seat and a stroller. Pretty pathetic huh?

Aud, Where do you work that you have a gym? I'm jealous. I started going on 10/31 and need to up my frequency per week. But better than the nothing I was doing before. It's great that you have some time off, to help you get into the swing of things w/ your diet. I hate the thought of low carbs (I'm a carboholic big time). I tried Atkins once and thought I would die in the first three days. When I lost my 70 lbs. I did low fat diet, actually followed Susan Powter's program, it worked great for me (shoulda made it a lifestyle).

Melody, Done the WW thing so many times I think I could teach the class. The most I ever lost on it was 20 lbs. Works great for most though. Have you done it long? I got sick of paying the money, it gets expensive. You are fortunate to have some time off too. Are you excercising, if so what are you doing?

Carol, Nope that is not the book I read. But I will definately look into that one.

Hope I did not forget anyone. Got to get to bed talk to y'all tomorrow.


12-20-2006, 02:08 PM
We should all read a book together, like "YOU on a diet", maybe you could even get it at the library. And then we could talk about it. That would be cool! What do yall think?

12-20-2006, 02:25 PM
My name is aud . . . and I AM a carbaholic!

Exhausted from Posting about my carb binge to my lc buds so will just say here . . .








4 +4




PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;) :dizzy:

Back to regularly scheduled Fat Chicks . . . cluck freakin' cluck!

Hi Zandria . . . I'm not so good with remembering names so just go with u/n - hope that's alright? Soooooo . . . Hi and welcome cb! I'd like to read a book and discuss . . . found out last night that I'm working the down time (after Christmas week) so ixnay on all that relaxation I was planning. I work in a Union Shop-Manufacturing emjay . . . God Bless Unions! We did have a contracted out Fitness Staff for years - they got the HEAVE HO from the greedy corporate basTURDS just in time for Christmas!:( But the gym will stay and to the gym I must go . . . I'm really getting into Pilates - going to read a book I checked out about it b4 I buy my own tape.

Please remember to let me know if we're moved via pm . . . I feel sorry for the folks who have no replies to their "Hello, I'm new" Posts in this Introductions Forum. Going to invite them to chat with us - hope that's ok?

Then I'm outta here to bust some 8 pieces of pie MOVES!:carrot:

12-20-2006, 07:25 PM
Sure you can call me whatever you want, as long as it sounds nice :smile:. So you ate 8 pieces of pie, eh? Well here's how I feel about that, although you did eat more than you probably should have, I am proud of you for going out and working out right away! :carrot: ME personally, in that situation, would probably have been all depressed that I did that, but I wouldn't have done anything right away...probably fallen asleep and taken a nap:( ! So what is this book that you are reading? I am definately open for suggestions!! I love reading these days. Aud, as far as working right away after the holidays..well sometimes you have to do what you have to do. If you really want to relax or have some fun, just do your best to squeeze it in around your job. I personally will be traveling to the other side of Ohio on the 29th and I know that I will not be getting much sleep the entire time. But I have so much fun when I am in Cincinnati that it doesn't bother me..especially when there isn't school or work the next day!!:dizzy:
All, feel free to keep chatting with me. I have an office job until the end of January and so I sit in front of a computer several hours a I usually check 3FC atleast once a day!!:hug:
Have a great holiday everyone!

12-20-2006, 07:39 PM
P.S. Can anyone tell me how to start a thread? I haven't figured that out yet.

12-20-2006, 09:23 PM
Hello emjay, I was wondering if I would see you on here. Out of shame I was afraid to go looking for you but glad you found me. Nice to meet everyone else and thank you for the invite. It will take me awhile to get everyone straight.
For those of you who don't know me I am Jen. I am 25, been married for 6.5 years and have 2 wonderful little girls. I am going back to school in Jan. to finish my degree. I am a little nervous as I have been out for almost 5 years but I need this and I am sure I can do it.
My plan of attack is counting calories. I have tried other ways, can't go low carb, I love my chocolates and pastas and all the forbidden food. Counting has worked for me in the past I just need to stick to it. I believe nothing should be forbidden, just eaten in moderation. As far as exersizing I have an elliptical I will start using as soon as I finish unpacking my house, which is what I should be doing but am breaking for supper. I also have workout videos I will throw in for a change up. As a student I have access to the gym and pool at school. I won't be using them right away but once I become slightly more presentable I will use the pool. I love to swim and havent gone in so long due to my weight. Well i need to get back to work on unpacking my girls room. I will check back often.
Until next time,

12-21-2006, 12:04 AM
I hope you all have room for one more.

I really need support buddies. I have failed at every diet I have tried. I want so much to lose weight and be healthy. But everyday I fail. I sat down with a nutritionist and we worked out me a 6 small meal diet plan based on the low glycemic index. Everyday is a struggle but I refused to give up this time. Look forward to getting to know everyone.

12-21-2006, 12:28 AM
Hi girls,

Well had my husbands company Christmas party tonight and had one too many rum and diet cokes (I know full of carbs and empty calories) hopefully I feel well enough to go to the gym sometime tomorrow. I'm thinking about staying up all night cleaning and baking cookies for my cookie exchange Friday night, sleep half the day tomorrow and get up and go to the gym. Did I mention I have the next two days off from work???? I am so excited about that...

Zandria, I'm up for a good read. That book sounds good, maybe I will buy it this weekend (merry Christmas to me), I'll let you know if I do.

Aud, I can relate, I ate a bag of Fritos the other day that had four servings in it, I think it was 60 grams of fat or something. I could have shot myself and had a heck of a tummy ache too. That is what this support network is for, so we don't do that kind of crazy stuff too often any more. We can do this together, I'm sure of it... Let's just stick together, there is safety in numbers. Hey, good news Jen joined us, glad you were looking out for those poor girls in "introductions", she and I used to chat here alot.

Jen, So glad you are back, you were such an inspiration to me before. Let's meet here everyday for a few minutes, we'll get thru this together. Glad to hear you are still in school. Working too, huh? You moved again? I feel for you. Talk to you soon.

LBB, Welcome! We always have room for one more. You can share a little about your new diet, we would appreciate it....


12-21-2006, 07:33 AM
Hi Ho Ho Ho New Buds! The ka-tet is now complete. (Has anyone read Stephen King's Dark Tower/Gunslinger series? Highly recommend to cbride and all if not!:)) Where was I? Oh yes, Ho Ho Ho . . . yet another Christmas Party(s) . . . I survived on a glob of meated cream cheese dip (is "meated" a word?:?: :dizzy: ) and a lc yogurt tonight. I'm operating on 5 hours of sleep the last two shifts and must crash---but just had to check out Our Thread b4 going face down!;)

To start a Thread: OK . . . Techno-Cyber Aud to the rescue: When you quit reading this babbling incoherent Post of mine . . . go to top of this Page and click "Introductions" . . . when the page opens - look to the left of your screen and down just a bit and you'll see "New Thread"---click it and Post the title and your message. VOILA!

Can't even remember who asked . . . must recap our IronClad Guaranteed Supportive & Motivational Friends For Life HEALTHY LIFE GROUP. Does anyone mind? ok good - here goes . . . brb . . . . . ok here goes for real . . . please memorize these pertinent fact. THERE WILL BE A QUIZ!!!!!:devil:

emjay71: Michigan/35/M/Pug with a carseat/Founding Thread Starter Extraordinaire!!!!

Melody: 31/special ed teacher/M/son age 5/WW's

Aud: Turning 46/M/daughters age 20 & 9/Night Shifter/Union Official

carol: 57/health problems/meds/Intuitive Eating/Fave Book: Overfed Head by Rob Stevens

college bride: 22/engaged/Ohio/Kitty Ashley/Book Interest: YOU - On A Diet

littlebumblebee: needs support/failed diets/nutritionist/6 small low glycemic program

gingerjen: 25/M/2 little girls/return to school/just moved/calorie counting

Too tired to do the quiz . . . but not too tired to talk about ME. I'm getting a total handle on my binge triggers . . . I've ate great healthy food since two days b4 Txgiving and in an exhausted stressed out state I ate 8 pieces of delicioso pie. BIG DEAL! (I tell myself) and instead of it triggering a depression/binge-a-thon-this site and now your help---I'm OVER IT already and it feels GREAT! Tx All!:hug: I did hit a sugar wall cb - had an important meeting from 2-5am AND had to give a speech . . . I was semi-coherent!

Kind of like now . . . gotta go girls - Shout Out to LilBBee: WE WILL get healthy together!

Believe it.

12-21-2006, 12:12 PM
Good morning ladies, just checking in. I have had my oatmeal and now I am ready to attack the day.

Aud-thanks for the cheatsheet, that will be wonderful.

Emjay-I'm not working right now, I was going to but I will ge going to school full time and won't be able to work enough hours to even pay for daycare for the girls. I did move again, but that was because after my father died I picked up and moved down the street from my mother to help out any way I could. Two weeks ago I moved to Wayne to finish school, no I didn't start last fall like I planned but that was because I chose to be closer to mom.

I almost had a binge last night. My youngest was such a grandpa's girl, anyway she told me she missed papa steve so I pulled out the pictures for her. I just cried, then of course I wanted something to make me feel better. I managed to stay away from the chocolate, but I felt lost for few minutes, like what do I do now, if I can't console myself that way. Well I called my husband instead. I just put myself back to work and before long the need was gone. I was so proud.

collegebride-what are you majoring in? I am going into human services counseling. I was going to go into nursing but I have been working in a nursing home for better than four years and have gotten slightly burnt out. That and I am so tired of the people I take care of dying on me. It was always my favorite residents, but then dad's death was kinda the clencher, what kind of a nurse would I make if I couldn't see that he was very sick.

Well I must warn everyone, I love to write so some of my posts may get a little long, I will try to keep them short. Well I know I will be back on later this afternoon to check in. Until then,

12-21-2006, 12:58 PM
had an important meeting from 2-5am AND had to give a speech . . . I was semi-coherent!
Who has meetings at that time of day?
Aud, That was a great summary of the posters.
Ginger, I grew up in Hebron, NE and my mom lived in NE all her life (except for a few years with my db in IA) until she moved near me. She died Aug. 18th while she was living in our home. She was 90.

12-21-2006, 01:30 PM
emjay71 I am very thankful that there was room for me. Because I really need the support. And as you stated there is safety in numbers. About my diet. Let me start with I truly have tried every diet out there. I do well, than bam! I am back to binge eating.

I feel like this diet that was set up with the help of a nutritionist is my final hope. It is a combination of the low glycemic diet and calorie counting. Because for me I can over eat even the healthiest of foods. My goal is to also eat 6 small meals a day. With eating 6 meals a day that is suppose to help me from getting overly hungry and as a result binge eat. Getting started is hard for me this time around. But I am going to continue trying until I get it right.

AUD You are hilarious! I so admire your ability to accept that your eating was not perfect and you moved on to making it a better eating day. I struggle everyday with my binge eating. I binge, call myself names, hate myself and remain miserable for the rest of the day. Wake up the next morning with high hopes and the madness repeats itself. Reading how you take control, motivates me to take charge. We will all be successful,and reach our goals.

Gingerjen That was a smart move you made by calling your husband to chat instead of relying on food. I'm sad to say I use food for every reason or excuse. Happy, sad, miserable, success, failure. I turn to my old dependable friend "food" and hurting myelf. I have so many bad food habits that I am determine to break as a gift to myself.

Carolr3639 That is pretty early for a speech. And being semi-coherent is a lot better than what I would have been at that time of morning.

This morning I started off with some exercise. I have already had 2 cups of water. But I also have eaten too much sugar. I am disappointed in myself for eating so much sugar. I feel like I already blown another diet day. I wasn't even craving the junk. I reached for it out of habit. Any suggestions to help me with the sugar habit? Thanks.

12-21-2006, 02:09 PM
Aud, I agree w/ lbb you are hilarious. I didn't realize you had been eating really good since b4 thanksgiving, in that case who cares about the pie, it's gonna happen every now and then. Thanks for the synopsis (sp?) on the posters, it was helpful for everyone I think. You sound like you have enough energy for 2 people. I'm envious.

Jen, Was your fathers death pretty sudden? It breaks my heart because I can sense your deep sadness in your post. I hope that you can feel comforted soon, it is great that you realize food isn't the answer though. How is your mom doing?

LBB, This site is so motivating and good for holding us accountable that I think you may see a change in yourself. Personally, I get very addicted to this site and sometimes am on here when I may have normally been eating. I forgot if you said before but are you excercising?

Check back later.


12-21-2006, 03:38 PM
Jen, I am majoring in Child and Family Community Services and graduating in May!!! Yay!!! So we actually have a lot in common!! I do love my major and I plan on going to grad school this summer or fall for school guidance counseling!! yay!!! Really, I am so proud of myself for doing so well in college and getting it done in 4 years! That is one thing that I can pride myself on if not my eating habits. Aud, thanks for telling me how to start a thread (YES I was the one who asked!). I don't know if I plan on starting a thread anytime soon though, you ladies, gals, girls, (whatever your pref.) are pretty entertaining, helpful, and easy to talk to.

So I will tell you all a stupid liittle story about yesterday. Well, my fiance and I are all about deals. My fiance comes from a big family, so we get everything huge or in bulk, including pb. So a few days ago he bought three boxes of cereal that are sugary and although good...not the kind of thing that I want to eat. Well yesterday, while we were at the store, I went ahead and grabbed
some special k with strawberries...yum! He was like "You're buying MORE cereal" and I said "Yes I wasn't consulted when you bought the other THREE" and he let it be and bought me the biggest box of special So I prepackaged them this morning into little bags that they are all seperated into one serving each. He tries to be helpful and all with my quest to be healthy, and his own..but he still loves his junk food I sware.:devil:

P.S. Thank you for the book suggestion. Within the next month I will head to the library and see if they have it! Stephen King is good I've been told!

12-21-2006, 04:42 PM
Yeah, I'm a riot. I'm also Smokey Robinson "The Tears of a Clown" . . . us fc's prolly ALL have some kind of coping mechanism in place . . . but Ole Auddie didn't get to my high of 247lb sprinting on a treadmill munching carrots lilbb!;) :carrot: . . . I've got the EXACT same cycle you have lbb . . . so far being here @ 3fc's has helped me nip the sh!t in the bud for the FIRST TIME IN YEARS. In YEARS. Literally YEARS.

Just got here right b4 Txgiving and this place has already made such a diff . . . I pop in to the Forums on Binge Eating and Weight Loss and Depression now and then - have you lilbb? I ended up becoming active on the LC Forum--because that's my plan. Also am competitive so ended up @ "Chicks Up For A Challenge. Saw emjay's Post late one night and the rest is Glrious History. The main promise I've made myself here is to be BRUTALLY HONEST. Nothing to lose and everything to gain . . . wait - that doesn't sound right does it? LOL!:D How 'bout EVERYTHING to lose and no more to GAIN?

WTH is my point? I don't know anymore so better get off here.

Speech: Night Shift Union Rally . . . I got cheers and a few rounds of applause . . . whatever the heck I said in my carbo-coma!:o :D

PS: My dh is a "diet" saboteur cb . . . I fondly thought of him as a "Chubby Lover" - thru reading and Posting here have come to the conclusion that what he really is: Insecure. It was suggested to heap some loving on him . . . don't know if he's any more secure from that . . . Just know I've had a WILD time with him since Txgiving! ROTF! And no more cakes/cookies/brownies everywhere in the dayum house!

PPS: emjay - are you on a plan? Even tho' I'm on lc for now . . . my goal is to end up at the Whole Food Lifestyle Forum - which is the end of the Atkins Book (that I've never got to . . . Grrrrrrr.)

PPPS: Stephen King/ka-tet: The Dark Tower Series is nothing like what people think when they hear "King." It's fantastical but sooo kewl. "ka-tet" is when the circle is completed/fate. :)

PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPSSSSSSSSS: Never made it to the gym but deliberately walked my buttockus's off---18,000 steps! w00t!

12-21-2006, 05:02 PM

12-21-2006, 05:47 PM
Hello all,
I am back again, I'm never gonna get my unpacking done if I don't stay away from here, but on the brite side my fingers are getting in shape, now if the rest of my body would follow suit.

Emjay-yes my fathers death was very sudden, her one day gone the next. Mom talked to him on the phone while he was at lunch and he sounded fine. Less than an hour later he was gone due to a massive heart attack. Mom is coping the best she can.

Carol-if you don't mind me asking where are you living now. I was born in Neb, but dad was construction so moved all over for years, but have been back since 96. Sorry to hear about your mom, I have a pretty good idea of what you are going through.

Aud-I love your posts, they are so funny.

You just have to love men, although my husband cant sabatouge me much, he is a trucker and only home on the weekends. He has agreed to buy me cds for every 15 pounds I lose. Yay I love music. He can be a stinker sometimes though. He knows I want to try to get pregnant next fallish and told me not until I give up my diet dr. pepper, I totally understand, it is so unhealthy for me and a baby but I am so addicted. So far today I have had one can, usually at least 4 by now, go me. I am replacing with tea, not as good as water but way better than the soda.

Well ladies I would love to sit and write more, but I have so much work to get done and the hubby will be home in an hour or so.

Oh before I go, my exersize for the day-the elliptical while I watch CSI-I love that show, but we have to flip back and forth and check out grey's anatomy, i would like to beat the fool that put them in the same time slots.
Okay really I am going now.

12-22-2006, 12:06 AM
emjay71 Yes I am exercising as best I can. It is hard but I push myself. I try to do at least one thing positive each day towards losing weight. Even if I don't eat right I want to know I did try. I have the "Walk Away the Pounds" workout and it is a workout for me. I agree with you this site is motivating. It helps a lot to know I am not alone on this weight loss journey.You girls are the best.

collegebride Prepackaging foods into smaller bags is a great habit to stick with long term. Before, when I was really motivated with my weight loss plan, I did that too. I hope to get back to being that motivated again.

AUD I have also posted on the "Binge Eating" board. For a while I was getting my binge eating under control and I made it to 6 days of being binge free. Than bam! I was back to the mad cycle of binge eating, depression, hating myself, starting all over, giving up, etc.
I had loss 40 pounds with weight watchers and it toke me a little over 4 months to lose that 40 pounds. But it toke me less than 3 weeks to gain it all back. To say I am angry with "me" for doing that would be an understatement. And when I tried to go back to weight watchers things didn't click for me any more. That is when I turned to the nutritionist for help. We can beat this and we will beat it!

gingerjen I think my dh is an unintentional saboteur. In the past when I would tell him I was on a diet he would bring home the most delicious looking treats. To nip that temptation in the bud I stopped telling him about my diets.

Wish me luck that tomorrow morning I wake up and stay in a positive frame of mind.

And I accomplish

1. Exercise
2. Have my protein drink for breakfast
3. Stick to my diet plan all day
4. Get in at least 8 cups of water

That will be a wonderful day for me.

12-22-2006, 12:08 AM
I would have to agree about the CSI/Grey's Anatomy sucks! But I see CSI reruns all the time, so I just catch it then

12-22-2006, 04:43 AM
[B]awww gingerjen--how awful for you & your Mom & Family!:( Had the same experience in my life ('87) and the old cliche is so true--the only thing that has helped is time. Hang in there!:hug:

Vacay-play time has finally arrived! w00t!:carrot: Gotta do all my shopping and looking forward to a birthday girls night out celebration at the casino Saturday Nite!!:carrot:

Managed to lose 2 more lbs despite Pie-Gate! Double w00t!:D That means 2 lbs to go for the New Years Challenge . . . gotta stay strong 'cause I'm not used to being home in the evenings--afraid of the snack attacks . . . gotta remember how I love this feeling . . . gottagottagotta . . . ;)

No emjay today?:?: :( Hope she's having a BLAST wherever she is in Motown!:)

Make a deal with yourself lilbb . . . something along the lines of: "If I still want this sugar after I run up and down the stairs, I will have it." Or if you wait 10 minutes you can have it. Get some kind of deal with yourself (hey, how 'bout "If I still want this treat after quickly Posting an SOS @ 3fc's??) and stick to it . . . and then if you have it . . . at least it wasn't a "rush job" of cramming in your face, you know? At least you'll have planned it and made a decision---therefore you are IN CONTROL. (hey, maybe I should check out Chicks In Control Forum?) And then if you chose to have it . . . move on . . . run up and down the stairs again or Post it here . . . we'll move on together, ok? The 8 pieces of pie I ate the other night was over a 4 hour period . . . I made myself walk a long way each time I went back to get another piece (My work is 77 acres under one roof) . . . each time I got back to the Committee Party, I'd ask myself "Do I really really want this?" - the answer was "Ummmm Yeah audster . . . that's why you just walked all the way back here!!!":D

Sooooooooo, maybe making the binge decision consciously is the key?:?:

Oooooooooooh Larry King rerun has The Biggest Loser on . . . never have seen. Then next is YOU: ON A DIET . . . I'll watch and decide if I want to read for Our Future Funtabulous Book Reading Discussion . . .


12-22-2006, 05:07 AM
Just wanted to give you a quick welcome!

Melody, it's not that small of a town. I've been there a few times myself!!

12-22-2006, 12:26 PM
Morning ladies
Well the end of my first week has brought good things. I have lost 5 pounds, yay me. Yes I know at this point it is mostly water weight, but it sure looks nice to see the change in the scale. My hubby bought me one of those fancy digital scales, one you program your height and weight into, it shows losses and gains, so far I like it. I have gotten my pop down to only 2 a day. That makes me very proud. I haven't been exersizing yet, but with everything I have going on I'm not freaking out yet, I will start because once I get into the routine I love it.

Aud-77 acres, you bet I would eat that pie when I got there!!:^:

Well ladies, the husband wants to get some work done so I will check back in later, hopefully to find more posts!! Until later,

12-22-2006, 01:58 PM
:^: ;) :D Well yesterday I was eating some really good spaghetti for dinner. And usually I finish what is on my plate, atleast lately, but I was thinking about what this lady I work with said. She said that a lot of people know when they are full, they just ignore it. So I started to feel full and I stopped eating even though there was more on my plate. Little steps, but hey its something!! And might I add, I made cookies with my mom, sister, and friend, and I think that I am the only one who still has most of them left..SELF CONTROL BABY!! Tonight I am going to my uncle's retirement party..I am hoping for a veggie tray!! lol

P.S. Jen, congrats on the 5 pounds! Yay Jen!!:carrot:

12-22-2006, 03:39 PM
Hi everyone. This thread has gotten very busy. I haven't been on lately. I have been busy with getting ready for Christmas. I hope you have all been doing O.K. I haven't really been controlling what I eat much these past few weeks, but I am not eating everything in sight either. I am just trying to eat when I am hungry and not eat out of boredom. I will get more strict with myself after the holidays.

I hope you all have a nice Christmas!

12-22-2006, 04:03 PM
JingleBellsJingleBells yada yada blah blah . . . thought I'd be up at the crack of dawn to switch my body to day shifter time . . . thought I'd be lunching somewhere by now - taking a break from all the Xmas Shopping I've done this morning . . .

Can we all say "NOT" together?????:D :D :o

I DO have my kitchen cleaned and the laundry put away tho'!:^:

My Big Sis may or may not be on her way to shop with me soooo hanging out for a bit.

Congrats on the "Pancreas Killer"--less soda gjen & the LOSS!!!w00t!!:) AND - Congrats to your Uncle on retiring - so many have left where I work on a special attrition deal. I've been SO jealous - I was too "young" to get one pkg @ 45 and not enuf years to get the other deal.

Very super duper that you recognized fullness cb! That's the type of thing I'm aiming for - awareness and consciousness. It's a sloooooooow process for me and waaaaay harder than it sounds, isn't it? Then I'll forget about it - glad you're here to remind me!

First stop is going to be the Humane Society for a puppy . . . then onto the Great Little Locally owned shops on Our Historic Main Street (you know where the owners do cartwheels when you come in the door?:D )

Send me some Shopping Vibes?:^: :dizzy: :p

12-22-2006, 04:27 PM
PS: Hi melody!!!:) Stop by when you can!:hug: Don't forget waterwaterwater!!!

PPS: YOU! On A Diet . . . Looked good on Larry King Live last night - they also had the one guy with a weird beard?:?: His paperback "Healthy Aging" looked good to me too----but then again I'm headed for AARP quicker than I thought possible!!!! ROTF!!!:D

PPPPPPPPS: From my Department to Pie Central was only 'bout a mile round trip. (Not 77 acres--LOL!!)

12-22-2006, 04:55 PM fun! I finished most of mine the day after thanksgiving though. As far as my uncle, he works in a factory, where he has worked many years, and he was one of those people that got a deal because he's been around so long. He still plans on working somewhere though, (which I find it funny when people work after they are I really do want to read that book Aud, you have inspired me to maybe go out and buy it soon. Considering that I just got a Christmas bonus today that I didn't know about..I might :)

12-22-2006, 06:30 PM
Hi all, Wow this place has become quite the hub. I'm so glad we have so many motivated people to chat w/. I have been so busy today wrapping, shopping, doing laundry, cooking, cleaning, baking and have about 10 ladies showing up in an hour and a half for a cookie exchange. Could use some of Aud's energy right now. Glad everyone is doing well and in good spirits.

lilbb, Hope you had a good day today.

Jen, Congrats on the weight loss.

Melody, So glad you made it back, you had me worried.

Aud, Who's bday? Have fun at the casino. Which one do you go to (Indian reservation)? I'm trying to figure out where you are...

Zandria, I haven't bought the book yet but I still may. Have you ever read "Stop the insanity" by Susan Powter? Probably not, it is an oldie but it is great. I lost 70 lbs. w/ it back in the day.

Looking for Hope? I'm confused, have we met you yet? I don't remember reading anything but maybe I missed it. If so I apologize.

Hope I missed noone. Back to the grind. TTYL.


12-22-2006, 08:49 PM
I survived Christmas shopping today, man alive was everything packed. Lunch was a diet killer though but I thought I made a somewhat okay decision. My kids thought they were starving so we stopped at the McD's at Walmart. I wasnt' too worried, one can always fall back on a salad. They didnt' have any, why I don't know but there was no freaking salad, so I went with chicken tenders, and no fries, they didn't have any of the grilled chicken either. It was only 635 calories so I won't go over my daily allowance but puts me up there with the fat content.

Aud-did you get your shopping finished? I'm hoping I am done with mine, but my laundry is still in stack;)

While I was at Hastings today I looked for that You book, didn't see it but there were a couple of other you books there, didn't spend much time searching though, I had other things on my mind, like not finding the cd my brother wants for Christmas.
Well I am off to wrap the rest of the presents I bought today.

12-22-2006, 09:51 PM
Hi , My Name Is Erika I Joined A Couple Of Days Ago But Still Have No Buddies.i Am 20 Yrs Old I Have Two Beautyfull Boys And Would Also Like To Chat With Someone Once In A While.

12-22-2006, 09:56 PM
AUD A big happy congratulations on the losing 2 pounds!:bravo:
You are a riot with the comedy :lol:! That is a great ideal that I intend to use. Thanks AUD. It seems when I am struggling as I am now, even the smallest of ideals escape my mind. I think I will make a deal with myself that I will walk up and down the stairs five times. If nothing else I will be too out of breath to want to eat anything.
Happy shopping vibes sent your way.

LookingForHope16 Hi to you!

gingerjen 5 lbs loss is great! Congratulations :cp: . I wouldn't care if I loss fat or water at this point. I just want to start losing and stopping gaining.

collegebride Self control is a major accomplishment.

MelodyAM75 Merry Christmas to you.

emjay71 You have had a busy day. Although it sounds like it was a lot of fun too.

I had another rotten diet day. I had every good intention but failed again. I did get in some exercise, and lots of water. But again too much sugar and way over my calorie count. Tomorrow is a new day and I am aiming for a better diet day than today.

12-23-2006, 12:58 AM
MJ, I honestly haven't read any health related books EVER except books that I had to read through school. I am a firm believer, that for myself I need will power and commitment to lose weight, so that is why I have never bothered with books. The YOU book seems interesting though because it explains why people eat the way they do and such ( I read the description on 3fc).

But anywho, I just got back from my uncle's retirement party. And it was a fun time, most of the time, but I am tired of being the youngest person in my family. I mean I talked to my aunt's most of the night. But when I am around my sister who is 5.5 years older than me and my cousins who are all between our age...I feel like an outsider. Sometimes I try so hard to be happy and positive and not a downer, but I can't help but let things bother me sometimes. My fiance tells me to not let things bother me like that, but there isn't a button that I can just turn off. I wish there was. And my mom tonight, got on my nerves so much. She tries to be so cool and different when she is around whatever guy she is currently dating. And she sat on her current bf's lap all night. She has done that with every guy that she has dated the last few years. I saw him touch her butt and it's hard to explain without being there, but my mom just does a lot of stuff to show off her current bf. She is always like that. Does anyone know where I can get that easy button from that will make me be happy all the time?

12-23-2006, 01:00 AM
Oh LBB, thanks for the comment by the way :)

12-23-2006, 12:26 PM
Collegebride, glad to see you had an okay time at your uncles party. I know what you mean about being the oddball out. My family don't get together much, well we do but not all at the same time. We go to a lot of family stuff on my husbands side and even after 7 years I still feel the odd man out at times.

A little tip on binge eating and boredom eating that works for me, brush your teeth, I also use Listerene so absolutely nothing tastes good after that. Your not going to want to eat it if it tastes aweful.

Hello Erika and welcome, how old are your boys? I have 2 little girls, 5 and 3.

Emjay-you sound super busy, hope all is well.

Well I need to get ready to go to Mom's, we are taking Christmas gifts down this afternoon. I will check in tonight when I get home,
Have a wonderful day all.

12-23-2006, 01:19 PM
2boysforme Welcome! I can tell you from experience this is a great and very supportive group.

Collegebride I wish there were lots of easy buttons for life. Because if there were I would have brought a couple of those easy life buttons a long time ago. Right now all we have is to keep trying and to do the best we can each day.

gingerjen The brush your teeth tip does work when I remember to use that one. I need to get better organize to have all the tips ready for when I feel out of control.

AUD You have got me interested in reading :book2: . I pulled out my self help book for binge eating. It is an old book "Body & Soul guide to lasting recovery from compulsive eating and bulimia". Instead of letting it gather dust I decided I am finally ready to take charge and change my bad situation into a happy situation.

I had a NSV today. I started off my morning with exercise, followed by my breakfast of weight control oatmeal, one cheese stick and one cup of water. I wanted to eat more, gaze through the cupboards as I made breakfast for the family. But I refused. I told myself no, because if I did not start today of self control I would be stuck in the same place tomorrow, next week and even next year this time. And I do not want to continue to feel like a failure. I intend to follow through on my written meal plan today. I think I finally found my "I am going to lose this weight and get healthy mojo :lucky: again". Thanks to you wonderful supportive buddies.

12-23-2006, 02:32 PM
Hey, do any of you ever eat Healthy Choice frozen meals? I always hear everyone talking about cheese sticks and oatmeal, but never about dinner food. I eat healthy choice meals, although I think some of them taste kind of gross...I never eat the dessert...yuck! What do you eat for dinner?

12-23-2006, 07:13 PM
Hi girls, Another busy day for me. I worked all day then shopped some more now more wrapping to do. And hubby is talking about going out for dinner w/ some friends. Better go get myself presentable for that. So I won't spend much time here, should be able to post more tomorrow.

Zandria, I eat lean cuisines now and then, I also like a frozen dinner made by Kashi (more fiber and less fat). Got to watch the sodium in those things though.

LBB, Glad that you were off to a good start today hope you were able to follow thru w/ your plan. Does excercise help change your frame of mind? It always does for me, course I can't remember the last time I was at the gym. Can't wait till Christmas is over.

Jen, We have a Subway in our Walmart, I prefer that so much more than McD's. And I work inside a Walmart so it makes it very handy. It is definately my fast food of choice. I do like a Big Mac once every 4 -6 months though.

Erika, Welcome to our thread. Feel free to visit daily for motivation.

Aud, Hope you are winning big...


12-24-2006, 02:47 PM
Hi Ho Cyber Buds!:hug:

Had a Casino Birthday Blast . . . commiserated with all others who had on the Blinkie Birthday Necklaces on how sucky a 12/23 B Day could be as a child but how mucho fun as an adult!:carrot: Took a total break from the Holiday Madness - got the cutest gifts and every friend remembered my traumatized childhood stories of "Pick A Present from Under The Tree" whines -- all gifts were in BIRTHDAY WRAPPING PAPER/BAGS---HURRAH!!!:D

Just told my lc buds how I took a short swim in the Chocolate Fountain--;) --totally selected my indulgences and ENJOYED the tempered gluttony! Loaded up on every savory meat known to mankind - and about 5 different salads - no guilt whatsoever this morning - Hangover a diff story!! Non-stop Mich Ultra's - one shot of tequila & lime - but managed a few coffees/one iced tea and several cups of water too.:dizzy: Big Sis hit for a total of $1500 clams . . . the closest I got was 3 trips to the SALMON on the buffet table!!:devil:

Gotta finish this Christmas Thang up today . . . bbl . . . .

12-24-2006, 06:57 PM
Collegebride No I don't eat healthy choice meals. I cook dinner daily for my family and it is always healthy. I usually cook a skinless chicken dish, with fresh salads, or cook veggies. And sometimes with a starch such as, potatoes, couscous, or rice. My biggest problem with my diet plan was overating junk food. Which was too much sugar and way too many calories. But I am working on slowly decreasing the junk food and hopefully will be able to eat one serving of a dessert per day and be happy.

emjay71 Thanks. I had a great day yesterday. I stayed on plan all day and I am doing good today too. Since I have gained back some weight I find it is again hard for me to exercise. I had made great progress with my exercise those months I was losing weight with weight watchers. With the weight gain I find exercise harder, and not as enjoyable. I will be happy when I re-lose the gain weight and feel good about exercising again.

AUD :woo: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! :hb: My sister's birthday is also a couple of days before Christmas. Poor kid always got shafted with the birthday/christmas gifts.
It sounds like you had a very happy and fun birthday and really enjoyed yourself. Good for you.

Yesterday was my first day being able to stay on my diet and stick with my meal plan. I went to bed feeling like a queen for having been successful. It motivated me to start today off good too and I did. Two days of being good to myself feels wonderful.

I finally had a talk with myself. That I needed to make allowance for some sugar instead of trying to avoid it altogether and end up binge eating. It makes more sense to have a small treat and not binge. Instead of trying to avoid and than binge eat. Going around in a vicious cycle of trying to hard to avoid only to end up binging. I feel good about my positive self-talk. And look forward to eventually stepping on that scale and having a good, healthy weight loss.

12-24-2006, 11:28 PM
LBB, thanks for the comment. I wish I was as lucky as you, I love eating home cooked meals..and to have that every day would be amazing..but my schedule won't allow it right now :)

AUD, I am glad that you had a great birthday, HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY by the way. I know what you mean about how it sucks having a birthday near Christmas, I heard many friends when I was younger complain about that..I am glad that your birthday has improved over the years. :)

So today I met two ladies of whom I am planning my sister's baby shower with, I had to drive to the city I am from, which is about 30 miles where I live to meet them. I am so glad that I did not take this shower upon myself. Not only would it had been very expensive, but time consuming!! I am so glad it worked out this way. Then I decided to help my aunt with her cooking. I am not very close with my mom, because of her own personal choices, and I have come to realize this year that I am very thankful for my aunt. I have realized that whom I am close to does not neccesarily have to be my mom and dad, but can be whoever I want. It was fun though, and I learned how to make upside down pineapple cake! Then I came home, took an hour nap, almost overslept..but THANK GOD my fiance called me from his job and I woke up. Then I went to a friend of mine's church for mass. I love going to her mass. I was raised Catholic, but I have fallen in love with this Christian church in town. I just walk in and my spirit feels uplifted. Its great.

Well I hope that you all have a very Merry Christmas!
Love Zandria:hug: :tree: :rudolph: :wreath: :xcheer: :present:

12-25-2006, 11:24 AM
Merry Christmas everyone! Another busy day for me. Gotto go to dinner at bil's at 12:30PM, back home and my family at my house at 4:30. Oh yeah had 2 parties last night. I would love simpler holidays. Maybe next year...

Happy belated birthday Aud. Sounds like you had fun.

Well I'm not gonna eat great today, but am so excited to be back at the gym tomorrow AM (come **** or high water). I hate to make excuses, but I have just been too busy this week. I also plan on weighing in tomorrow and every Monday after that. Tomorrow will be the moment of truth though since I know my weight tracker on here is off by a few lbs. since it is from the last time I was on here daily. So tomorrow is starting weight day, yikes. I let you know what I come up with.

Thank you everyone for your support, I'm gonna need it.


12-25-2006, 07:37 PM
Merry Christmas all.
The last couple of days has just been a whirlwind. I spent most all day yesterday baking. My girls had a wonderful morning, loved all their gifts. My youngest was a little overwhelmed, she wanted to play about half way through. My living room floor is covered with all their new goodies.

My eating has been terrible. I made way too many goodies. Oh well I am packing most of it up for the hubby to take to his dad's house. I pigged out on homemade bread. I am so glad Christmas only comes once a year. I am also very thankful I dont' have to weigh again until next Friday.

Aud-Happy Belated Birthday, sounds like you had a wonderful time.

Collegebride-I very rarely eat any kind of prepackaged meal. If I am in a hurry I might for lunch. I do love lean pockets but don't do much in terms of an actual meal. I love to cook so most all of my meals are homecooked which is part of my problem. I hate to brag but I am an awesome cook. Sometimes I wish that I sucked, good food has to be eaten.

LittleBumbleBee-so glad to hear that you had a good day. I could never give up my sweets completely. If I do good all day and have the calories left then at the end of the day I will have something extra, but I have to keep it under my alllowance, otherwise like you I binge.

Emjay-you sound like you have been super busy. I too will be back on track tomorrow.

Well I have a huge mess in my kitchen to attack, I'll check back in tomorrow.

12-26-2006, 12:09 AM
I would have to agree about the CSI/Grey's Anatomy sucks! But I see CSI reruns all the time, so I just catch it then

*Sigh* McDreamy......

12-26-2006, 01:38 AM
Hey Gals!:) And Hiya Yoshi!:D

Hope this finds you all nestled in after a Great Holiday!:hug: I'm logging in to report that I've stayed OP beautifully--made some lc indulgences that tided me thru the Madness! Off all week and dreading if the Boredom Munchies set in! Shooting for day shift hours with a long . . . brrrrrrrrrrrrisk walk when the cock crows in the A.M.---I'll be thinking of you emjay! Hope you get to a point that you're comfortable moving lilbbee! So glad you put together some good days - soon it won't be no thang for ya!!!:) cb you are wise to get help with the shower (not to mention loving your aunt!!!) - I made the mistake of taking one on myself---but only made that mistake ONCE!:dizzy: :o My house is STILL wrecked gingerj! Gonna make it part of the work out tomorrow!:devil:

Those are the plans anyway.;)

12-26-2006, 04:19 AM
Hey girls,
I am brand new to the program and would love to join in on the weight loss support! how does that sound???

12-26-2006, 09:09 PM
Chnaginlife Welcome! Jump right in and make yourself at home with us.

Collegebride Once I can get in the habit of having healthy meals all day I will will be on the diet road to success. Unfortunately my dinner is my only healthy meal. In between breakfast and dinner is total junk food. But I am working on changing all that for the better.
When is your wedding date? Sorry if you already shared that with us and I missed reading the date.

emjay71 I hope that you had a good weigh in. The holidays can be rough on any diet. I am not brave enough to step on the scale these days. But I hope to weigh myself within the next couple of weeks and I hope I have a big weight loss.

gingerjen I totally can relate to the last couple of days being a whirlwind. What was I thinking today when I went to Target to buy a few things. I must have been out of my mind. The "After" Christmas shopping is worst than the before Christmas shopping. The store was so crowded that I didn't even bothered buying what I went to buy which was some detergent. That means I have to fight the crowds again tomorrow because I need to do laundry. I am so burned out and we still have New Year's Day celebration in the waiting.

YoshiLove Hello.

AUD Good job staying OP today. You are doing great. Enjoy your week vacation and keep those boredom munchies far away with a good book, nice looooooong walks, and a few naps.

I am happy to report that I am kicking the binge eating monster's butt by eating often throughout the day. I am eating healthy low calorie foods throughout the day to keep me from getting into that starving mode. Where I end up binge eating. That is what happened yesterday, but I made healthy food choices (yea me!) and I drank lots of water. Next goal is to control the sugar monster that is in my life.

Tomorrow I plan on doing even better. I want at least 14 clean days of no binge eating, so that I can weigh myself. If I can survive the holidays than I know I can survive regular days when the temptation of delicious foods are not every where and calling my name.

12-26-2006, 11:36 PM
Posting to you LIVE from SickToMyStomache Central: Ate 2 platefuls of choc chip cookies dripping in icing and layers of gooey m&m's and passed out face down on my bed for almost 3 hours!:( Gosh I feel sick - least I know what triggered this binge: Lost the $50 worth of gift cards Big Sis gave me the other day. Tonight is trash night - so taking a quick posting break b4 going thru the THIRD huge Hefty Bag of disgusting trash.

Anyone have any ideas on the connection my mind made between sick of misplacing things and platefuls of cookies I didn't even WANT? ( I DID make myself CHOOSE to binge on them lilbbee - BIG help that was!:mad: Please disregard anymore of my advice?:^: ) . . .

Hi changeinlife---my u/n should have been changeOFlife---so in the throes of this menopause madness . . .

Off to search more and chug more water - - -

12-27-2006, 01:31 PM
YOSHI- Yes, I am indeed a big fan of Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, and CSI here and there...I am getting annoyed with the old episodes lately though :(

AUD - Yes I am indeed lucky with my aunt. Did I mention that she is my God Mother also (I'm Catholic)? I feel that she definately got that title for a reason. Be careful with those cookies by the way. They sound good though. You seem to make everything sound I can totally picture what you must be like in person, you are one of those people who talk frequently and fast...always a story to tell :) I am like that too sometimes ;)

LBB- We are hopefully getting married on June 21, 2008. We will be getting married then as long as it doesn't fall on Father's Day weekend..because the church we are getting married at doesn't do weddings that weekend. If it is that weekend, then we will be getting married the Saturday beforehand.

12-27-2006, 03:04 PM
Hi All!:)

Not sure about "lucky" cb - but DID mean you are very wise to recognize and love the stable person in your life - Good Ole Aunt!:) My Sis was/is a nut all thru my nieces/nephs formative years and is still making bad choices in their adulthood--youngest is 24 now--- (altho' slightly diff bad choices) to this day. 3 of her 4 kids are in denial - the 4th--my darling neph--sounds like you in recognizing this and breaking the cycle. It's very hard for him - he takes a lot of heat from her & siblings. Like he's a traitor or something.:?:

My oldest brother was 17 when I was born and is my Godfather - we were Episcopalian.

What else?

NO sign of Gift Cards - had to take a shower after sifting thru the Turkey Dripping Trash--so sick of being out of my Menopausal Mind!:mad:

Battered but trying to move on - and MOVE this sugar sickened body today - determined to drink enuf water to flush out this latest binge-scapade.

ttayl . . . Hope everyone is having a better time of it than I am!:)

12-27-2006, 03:39 PM
Hi all...My name is Stephanie and I am also new to 3FC. I have 2 children...a son-10 and a daughter-8. I go to college full-time(approx. 13-16 hours a semester), work part time and take care of a house by myself since my husband is a long haul truck driver. I started my weight loss journey in March 2006 and have lost 49 lbsand 64 inches so far. Most of it was lost through nothing but a change in diet. In August I started working out at the gym and that was going well until October when I had mid-terms. Since then I have been unable to get motivated again. I need something or someone(a chat buddy) who can inspire me or give me motivation. Currently I am between semesters and would really like to get back into the gym. If any of you have any words of encouragement it would be great. Hope to chat with you more in the future. Good luck!!!

12-27-2006, 03:46 PM
What kind of foods do you like? I like chili, taco salad(without chips) and such. What I have found is to cook them with lean ground turkey instead of red meat. And instead of using salt to season I use the Mrs. Dash seasonings. Or you could grill some chicken or fish and also get you some zucchini and slice it in half then add a light coating of extra virgin olive oil and then sprinkle with Mrs. Dash and throw it on the grill as well. I have lots of other ideas too. As for these things my kids love them too.

12-27-2006, 09:35 PM
AUD Sorry to hear about your binge. I will not disregard your advice because it is great advice. Anything can set off a binge. It sounds like you were frustrated with your self for losing the gift cards. Turning to food for us bingers is like turning to a friend. Don't beat yourself up, keep up that positive self-talk you are so good at having with yourself and keep moving forward. Keep drinking that water to rid that binge.
I have terrible binges. To the point I pass out just like alcoholics. And when I wake up, I have no ideal where I am, what time it is or what day. But I am working on getting better and controlling the binges instead of letting them control me. We can beat these binges.

Collegebride Thanks for the info about your wedding. I am a wedding-holic, I love weddings. I use to get the Bridal books just to look at the beautiful wedding dresses and decorations.

SDM2477 Congratulations on losing 49 pounds that is wonderful. You are so close to your goal. You have to push yourself to go back to the gym and get in that exercise. Thanks for the recipe it sounds delicious.

Today wasn't as good as yesterday but it was a good day. I hope to do better tomorrow. I continue to struggle to kick the sugar beast out of my life. I did mindless eating of vanilla tootsie rolls today. I did not crave them, did not want them but they were there, so I shoved them in my mouth. I have to stop mindless eating. Especially of sugar.

12-28-2006, 12:50 AM
Hello ladies,
I have finally pulled myself out of one of my many boxes. The good news is I have my Christmas stuff packed away again and am back to unpacking everything else. I finally finished my girls room. It is so cute. I am now in the process of hanging pics in my living room, and tomorrow I will pull out my precious moments.

Okay on to the whole diet thing. I have been a huge diet failure the last several days. I have been busy around the house and just munching on what ever is easy, which unfortunately is left over goodies. Well I made a concious decision to throw out the rest. I am going to the grocery store tomorrow to stock back up on the healthy foods I really need to have around the house.

Aud-sorry to hear about the gift cards, that has to be very frustrating.

Collegebride-I was a june bride. We will be celebrating our 7th ann. on the third.

Stephanie-welcome and congrats on the 49 pounds, that is great. My husband is a trucker too, he hauls cattle so I get to see him everyweekend.

littlebumblebee-I know what you mean about the mindless eating, I have been sitting at my computer and I will catch my self eating. I know I am not hungry, but I am eating anyway, almost like I don't realize I am eating. I hate that.

emjay-where are you we miss you. Hope to see you on here again soon. How was your weigh in??

Well ladies I must go, it seems as though no matter how much time I spend wiggling my nose this work just wont' do itself. Until next time,

12-28-2006, 02:53 AM
emjay, emjay . . . wherefore art thou?? I've been wondering about your w/i as well. Just read a whole article on why not to trust the scale at a gym--which is where I always w/i @ work - prolly not calibrated right. The article did say at the end to always use the same scale - so have that part down. I always w/i on Fridays & Mondays but being off work has thrown a wrench in that - going to w/i Saturday on a similar scale at the Dr.'s office - hope its not tooooo different (unless on the waaaaay lowers side, right?;) ) Hope you're just busybusybusy emjay and not in a w/i funk!:hug:

I like reading about weddings too - also love those shows on WE about "bridezillas" and the other one about the lavish weddings - can't think of the name of it.

Hiya Steph!:) Congrats on making changes that worked so great for ya!:D My youngest daughter is near your daughters age - and is a LIVE WIRE - tried to keep up with her today and am bushed! Between the new puppy ("Ginger" in honor of my new cyber-bud jen!;)) - and a Strawberry Shortcake dance mat thingie - it's easy to see why this girl has no weight problem!

Tx so much for the encouragement & wisdom lilbbee!:hug: This latest binge was different in that I was so AWARE that I was making myself literally sick. Hoping that awareness will lead to avoidance-ultimately.

Got my water in and had a super day/evening. Managed 20 minutes of Pilates and a lot of walking - stayed OP eating-wise and managed to cut waaaay back w/o feeling hungry.

12-28-2006, 11:06 AM
Hi girls, Bet you thought I fell off the face of the earth huh? Well the holidays just never quit for me, not only am I back to work all week but I still have cooking and get togethers going on. Will it ever end. Still have'nt made it to the gym, I could kick myself, my work schedule got all screwed up because of a sick employee. I weighed in officially yesterday. So this is my starting point, my day to weigh in is going to be Mondays from here on out though. I will post my progress every week, good or bad, it keeps me accountable.

Aud, I feel so bad for you. But the GC thing, totally something I would do. Hope you found them but it sounds like you didn't.

Jen, Glad the girls had a great Christmas, but thank goodness it's over, right? I'm so jealous that you have your Christmas crap (I know not very nice terminology) taken down and put away. I don't know when I will find time to do mine.

Stephanie, Wow, you are my hero, 49 lbs!! I hope you chat w/ us often we could use your wisdom. Glad you are here!

LBB, OMG, I had no idea that binge eating could be that extreme. Have you sought medical help (I'm sure you have). But w/ all they have done in the pharmaceutical world haven't they come up with something for this condition??? I'm sure therapy could be helpful as well though. Well I hope you are having a good day today.

Zandria, Still haven't picked up the book yet. I could not find it in paperback yet, and it is too expensive in hard cover. I'll keep you posted if I get it.

Yoshi and Changeinlife, Welcome!

12-28-2006, 12:27 PM
Hello everyone. I hope you don't mind if I jump in and join your group. I posted on introductions and recognize a few of your names. I need to lose about 50 pounds and haven't decided how I am going to do it. The 1st grade teacher at my school has the You on a Diet book. I am going to see if I can borrow it and see if it will work for me.

You all sound like a fun and supportive group and that is what I am looking for. Wishing you all a great day.

12-28-2006, 01:52 PM
Hi Ho Gals!:) Getting ready to take the "Pups" for a long walk - Our mini-shnauz is ancient-but the young pup has certainly livened her up! (9 week old W.H. Terrier) My 9 yr old Tess puts Young Pup in the stroller and off we go! LOL!:D

Used my Circuit City Gift card for a Pilates & Fat Burn dvd's - will report back later - can't even think of the names of them right now.

Can't remember where you thought you were at before emjay - is 219 good? So glad you made it back here - wonder when we'll be moved?

Hiya Tahoemom! Jump on in!:)

12-28-2006, 03:18 PM
Welcome Step and Tahoemom!! :) We are glad to have you here! I must admit, this thread is getting popular!!

Emjay, don't feel bad about the book. I am thinking that I will probably by it at the mid-end of Jan anyways, there are other things I want to read first that I already own!

As far as the wedding goes, I am more excited just to be married to the man I love. I mean, I am excited for the will be fun..but it will be a large headache too. See, we are both about 22, full time students, I am a part time worker and he works way over full time. His parents may throw in a few bucks here and my dad will prob. give me about $1000, but the rest of the money we have to come up with. I also am planning a wedding for a city that I do not live in (I will in a few years) and I am not familiar with everything there. That will make it a little bit more difficult. I'm sure it will be lots of fun though, you know us divorced kids love having our parents will be fun. :)

Lastly, I want to share with you all a recipe idea that my friend told me. My friend loves to substitute anything she can in brownies and cake. She has used apple sauce and other things that I can't remember. She now says that you can use diet pop as a substitute in cake. If you have a white cake use sprite. She said its some kind of ww thing. Has anyone ever done that? It seems hard to believe that you can use this substitute whether the cake calls for eggs and water or just water. Let me know if anyone has tried this! I probably will in the future! Thanks.

Well, I just finished my subway...mmmMMmm. Now its time to get back to work!


12-28-2006, 09:50 PM
gingerjen I did the same thing, I threw out the junk food that I was mindless eating. That was one of many steps for me to be successful with my diet for the new year.

AUD Congrats on staying OP. I didn't have an OP day today. I was mindless eating but didn't binge. I drank all of my water to help me feel that I was still in control. Every day is a struggle but we can use each struggle to make us more aware of our behavior and work hard to change it for the better.

emjay71 I have been in and out of therapy, on antidepressants that were supposed to help control compulsive behavior. But nada, no help for me. But I refuse to give up. The problem with being a binge eater is that we need food to live unlike alcoholics who can live without alcohol. It's a struggle but a struggle I am determine to win for the sake of my health.

Tahoemom Welcome! Join us and enjoy.

Collegebride Planning a wedding can be stressful but when you look back at the beautiful pictures you will only remember the happiness you shared with the love of your life, your husband.
I never tried using pop as a substitute but I have heard of it being a good alternative to sugar. Maybe if I would take the time to bake desserts using substitutes instead of mindless eating sale item cookies and candies I could have more control and stop binge eating sugar.

Today was not good. I used myself as a human trash can. Instead of throwing all of the junk food candy in the trash I wanted to eat as much as possible. I didn't binge eat, I simply was a stupid eater today. I really need to stay focus on my eating, and plan every meal. Preplan meals help me a lot to stay in control and not binge. If only I preplan daily instead of thinking I can wing it when I am simply too lazy to plan.

12-29-2006, 02:35 PM
Hey All!

Yesterdays walk was a riot . . . DD put Pup in her rolling backpack and Ginger loved it - just a lil head popping in and out as we walked all over downtown!:D The Pilates dvd was GREAT . . . not so with the 10 minute Fat Blaster Cardio one - waaaay too complicated (dance steps) for this ole chick. My older DD couldn't quite get them either - but wants to practice so I'll hang in there with her and just keep moving.

I'm loving the Pilates 'cause its so slow and controlled - and at the time I'm thinking "Gosh, this is easy" and then the next day I really FEEL IT! DO feel longer and leaner - can tell my posture is better already--PLUS abs exist now--even tho' I'm just "dabbling" in the practice. Highly recommend.

12-30-2006, 02:26 AM
*Tumbleweed rolls thru Thread . . . . *


Hey Gang - got the wide-awakes. Sitting here thankful that cravings aren't part of the late at night equation anymore - used to be RAVENOUS late at night on vacays/weekends.

Hope everyone is doing good - just read a whole article on binge/compulsive eating - mini meals are supposed to be the way to go lilbbee.

12-30-2006, 11:05 AM
Hi all,

Sorry I have been MIA for a few days, I was flat down on the couch w/ the flu or some version of it yesterday. Not much better today but I have to go to work so I'm popping pills to get thru. It's gonna be a long day. Tomorrow is new years eve, was supposed to have a bunch of people over, not sure if that is gonna happen. Obviously haven't been to the gym yet. I know the owner is gonna give me so much crap when I finally do show up. It is a small gym and the owner is there always (very dedicated), it's nice because he helps out almost as much as a personal trainer but he knows when you are there and when you aren't. That accountability is kind of good for me cuz I know when I do get back, probably Monday or Tuesday, I will feel guilted into going frequently.

Aud, The puppy sounds adorable. You sound like you are doing great w/ the excercise thing, good for you, keep it up. Wish I could say the same.

LBB, Glad your attitude is staying positive about conquering the food issues. I got rid of a bunch of holiday junk food too but have more hanging around that should go. My husband is a business owner so he gets alot of baskets filled w/ goodies over the holidays, yuck. There should be a law against giving food as a gift... Do you work outside of the home?

Tahoemom, Welcome. Reading your post instantly made me think of my visit to Lake Tahoe. It was so beautiful, can't imagine living there. Hope you can join us often.

Zandria, We'll get to that book eventually. If you get to the library soon look for "Stop the Insanity". It really is great. Wow sounds like you and your fiance are busy, makes it hard to diet and excercise doesn't it. p.s. never used the diet pop but I have used the applesauce many times.

Jen and Steph, Hope you are doing well.


12-30-2006, 11:10 AM
Aud, I almost forgot. When I stopped coming to this site earlier in the year I was at 216 (I was 232 when I started in 11/05 and stuck to it till about 5/06). That is what my tracker still said. So I only gained 3 lbs. not too bad I guess. My goal weight is 170 but my short term goal right now is to get under 200. I know it doesn't seem like it right now, but I really plan on getting serious next week. I'm just so thankfull to get back into this site w/ such a great bunch of supporters. Thanks.


12-30-2006, 02:42 PM
Hi all. I am just trying to get through this vacation thing. As much as I want my husband and kids to go back toschool I am not sure I am ready to head back myself. We are starting to drive each other crazy. The first week of vacation was to bad, prpping for Christmas and being able to ski. This past week our ski passes have blacked out and we are stuck at home. Went tubing yesterday. It was fun but I get nervous because I weigh more than the recommended weight for the tube. It didn't pop so I guess that said something.
I have decide to be like most of the nation and start my diet, no change of life on the 1st. It is just an excuse to stall a little bit longer I know. But I am going with it. Take care everyone.

12-30-2006, 03:30 PM
Pre-New Years Greetings All!:D

I'll be out of town the next couple of days . . . that sounds so professional doesn't it? So here's the REAL deal: I'm going down to the country to get my FOOTBALL~BEER Groove On!:carrot: My Bro has a bar in the middle of nowhere and there is a CORE group of us that are Football-A-Holics (among aother "aholic" things!!;) ) The GIANTS must sputter and DIE tonight for Our Beloved RAMS to have even a hypothetical, mathematical, mushroom-smoking CHANCE at the Play-Offs!:dizzy: :D

*gazing in crystal ball . . . *

Don't see any Football Outcomes . . . but DO see beaucoup Bud Lights in my future!!!!!!:p :D :p :D

See myself returning to 3fc's New Years Day - hungover and grumpy - DETERMINED to make 2007 the HEALTHIEST yet!

How 'bout you emjay???? Whatever preliminary changes you made must've stuck - only a 3lb gain is just PHENOMENOL!!!!! *applause* What other changes are you preparing to make?? Are you ready or are YOU READY to kick it up a notch in '07?????

And what about the rest of you?






Are you ready to commit to being THE most supportive group EVER formed @ 3fc's?????

Because I AM girlie-girls! I'm ready to log in 24/7 if that's what it takes to make some HEALTHY CHANGES. No matter how big. No matter how small.

The get-to-know each other Honeymoon is officially OVAH as of 12:00000000.1 ish AM 12/31!!!!!!!:mad: We're going to Post some GOALS and DREAMS and WISHES and then we're gonna HOLD EACH OTHER ACCOUNTABLE in '07!!!!:mad: GOT ME? AM I MAKING MYSELF CLEAR???:mad: So get your notepaper and pens handy and let's DO THIS THING!:mad:

*ahem* *deeeeeeeeeeeep calming breath*

I am going to walk 10,000 steps or more on weekdays
At least 5,000 steps on weekends
Continue Pilates at least 5 days per week
Stay on lc Plan
Be a Beacon of Freakin' Light here at 3fc's

Any one else gonna jump in here?????????????????????:mad:

*another sooooooooothing breath*

Tahoe: We got married in CO and TUBING was my absolute FAVE! Do you have the Rope Thingie that pulls you back up the hill?

lilbbee: WTH are you?:mad:


PS: Made my -20lb weight loss New Year Goal! w00t!:carrot:

12-30-2006, 09:03 PM
AUD Yes ma'am I am ready for some serious butt kicking weight loss and getting healthy for 2007!!!!!!!
I sure hope the mini meals help me. Tomorrow is going to be my first day sticking to my six mini meals a day. Over the past week I have slowly been making changes and now I am ready to jump on the new diet with both feet. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

emjay71 Bummer that you are sick. I hope that you are better soon, and won't miss out on the New Year's celebration. I agree there should be a law against giving people food as gifts. LOL. In particular giving food as a gift to someone like me.
Right now I have part time hours outside the home. But those hours will dwindle down to zero this coming year which is fine with me. Having more time for myself is what I need for a good exercise program and to take better care of myself.

Tahoemom I was going to be part of the crowd and wait to start my diet changes on the lst of the year. But I have been eating so much junk food even I am tired of eating candy.
Tomorrow, New Year's Eve will be my first official diet day. And I am so ready to get started.

I am excited and nervous to be starting yet another diet, and lifestyle change. I am going to give it my all not to binge eat and not to mindless eat. When I feel like binging I will come here and type my fingers slim. So forgive me in advance for all future rambling posts to keep me from binge eating.

Have a Happy and Safe New Years 2007 Everyone!

12-30-2006, 09:35 PM
hello to all, i am living here in eastern maine and would like a buddy also. recently joined a local gym and since i pay monthly, that is a great incentive for me. I am cheap and if i am paying for it, i will use it!! Love the idea of reading a book and then being able to discuss it. could start with a few chapters at a time, since most of us don't have a lot of time to read.

12-30-2006, 10:46 PM
Hi everyone!

I'm new here, just stumbled across the site and think it may be just the ticket for me. I'd love to chat it up/email and exchange notes with anyone looking for a buddy or two. I also think I'll create a journal to keep track of my own progress and daily exercise.

I'm T. and I'm looking forward to hearing back. Happy New Year!!

12-31-2006, 10:51 AM
Glad to see we are all getting pumped up for the big day (tomorrow)! I am ready to go to. I'm really sick of not eating well and not excercising (I know, I know then why do I do it). I feel so much better when I eat healthfully (garbage in - garbage out) but continue to eat crap. I hate emotional eating. Anyways, hubby went on a fishing trip this weekend so I am going to the groc today and stocking up on healthy foods, even going to serve them tonight to friends. So just scratch the stupid M & M's I had when I woke up this AM, I'm getting back on track.

Aud, Thanks for all the motivation, you do a wonderful job of it. When you get thin I can see you working at some fat ranch busting peoples grills when they step out of line. If not that would make a great movie premise. I'm w/ you on the 20 lbs. goal. No I did pretty good since May when I quit this site, but I definately need to kick it into gear and lose not just maintain. Thanks again.

Tahoemom, I don't have any kids but I know what you mean, I just want the parties to be done. One more tonight, and then back to a normal schedule. I bet it has been really hard for you w/ the kids home snacking all the time. Sounds like you get some great family time doing active things though. That is great.

LBB, Glad you are starting a day early and not allowing yourself to abuse your body today. Last year I started the week of Thanksgiving w/ the intention of just maintaining my weight and I actually lost. There is no magic in January 1st (if there was we would all be thin). Good luck to you and feel free to post anytime you need to. If you don't I will send Aud looking for you (I'd be scared)..

Ellen, I know what you mean about paying for the gym. I just payed for 3 months and it is killing me that I have not been there since b4 Christmas. Join us here everyday w/ your progress, I always report what I did for excercise everyday (it keeps me accountable).

T, Welcome and feel free to join us daily. It is great to have such a big supportive group and we are always looking for 1 more.

Zandria, Hope you are well!!!

Well tomorrow is weigh in for me, see you all back here. Happy New Year!


12-31-2006, 01:35 PM
Hi All,

I am getting ready for the BIG DAY tomorrow as well! Going to the store getting stuff ready...debating whether or not I should do some alcohol damage this evening. I really don't want to feel like garbage tomorrow...I am looking forward to lots of fresh starts in 2007!

I am originally from Hawai'i but live in Michigan now with my husband and two DD ages 11 & 10. I lost around 40lbs about 5 yrs ago with Weight Watchers. I have tried to go back but its just not the same for me. I am going to do the FAT SMASH diet. It seems pretty reasonable and something I can do long term.

I love to dance (hula & belly) and I think I have more exercise DVDs than any person should be allowed to own. They get used a couple of times (some not at all :() so I would like to work my way through all of them this year! That would be lots o' exercise!

Look forward to getting to know everyone here!

Cheers 2007!

12-31-2006, 03:25 PM

Glad you joined us. I am having the same internal debate "to drink or not to drink"? I'm leaning twd "NO", I want a fresh start tomorrow as well. I totally won't feel like starting anything w/ a hangover (which are inevitable at my age). Plus I'm nursing a cold that I came down w/ a few days ago, don't want to let my guard down and make it worse. I have some Champagne and diet OJ. Think I will just have a few mimosas (I don't tend to binge drink those and they don't really mess me up too bad). Well good luck w/ whatever you decide tonight and be safe. TTYS, MJ

12-31-2006, 04:16 PM
As much as we were all looking forward to the holidays, now I'm just waiting for them to be O V E R. One more night. One more party.

I was assigned DESSERTS. *sigh* Well I made my mom's amazing rum cake and I have to say it looks so professional. Of course, that means edible. (I don't cook much and certainly nothing gourmet)

One more night, through the day tomorrow and then everyone is back to work, back to school. Normal routines, normal food!

Here's to being strong, staying healthy in 2007!
Happy New Year everyone - stay safe tonight!

12-31-2006, 04:40 PM
Aud: your enthusiasm is absolutely contagious! Love it!!

Let's go for it ladies! :carrot:

One day at a time, one meal at a time. Remember: workout whether you want to or not. Whether you feel like it or not. No matter how much it sucks, just do it!

hey - does anyone else here have a total crush on Bob the trainer from the biggest loser? What I wouldn't give to have his sexy self kicking my butt all over the gym and back again. Whew!!!!

Secret confession: Sometimes, when I feel like quitting my workout early, I imagine him watching me, smiling, encouraging me.. now who could disappoint Sexy Bob??

01-01-2007, 07:45 AM

*groans*crawls back under covers*

01-01-2007, 01:14 PM

Welcome, ellencrn, hulakitty, and ladyinwhite!

emjay71 I can totally relate to knowing how bad my eating is, hating the fact that I eat bad, but continue to do it anyway. I really can't figure out my own madness sometimes. But this is a new year, and a new me and I am going to change all those crazy bad eating behaviors of mine into good ones. We just have to take it one day and one behavior at a time and we will reach all of our wonderful goals.

AUD you can crawl back under the covers today but tomorrow is the start of some serious butt kicking getting healthy, losing weight new beginning day.

I am motivated, excited and happy about the New Year. I have high hopes, and lots of goals that I intend to achieve. I have a new day planner/journal where I am keeping notes of how much water I drink each day. My goal being 8 cups per day. I am also recording my daily exercise, and most imporatantly, I am recording what I eat, and how much. I want healthy eating to be a natural part of my life. Instead of the bad habit of rewarding myself with food for having a good or bad day or moment. I plan to reward myself with nice gifts. I want to pamper myself with perfume, clothes, and things for the house. A New Year, new start, new beginning and I am ready for it all.

01-01-2007, 01:41 PM
To drink or not to drink?

Ole auddie DEFINITELY went with the "to drink" part - shewwweeeee gals . . . MONSTER Hangover prevented me from partying last night - didn't even make it to midnight--SNNNOOOORE in the blissful sleep only death and/or xanax can bring! LOL!;)

Welcome to All! I'll remember your names when the cobwebs clear!

I'm liking how Our bumblebee sounds! Let's stay high as long as we can, ok GF? And for your Resolution, I'd like to see you lose the word "fail," - can you do that one? If we hit a bump in the road - that's all it is: a bump. a blip on the radar. We'll tweak and fine tune this chit until its just a part of ourselves/way of life. Deal?

I'm in a Challenge on our LC Forum and also in Chicks Up For a Challenge/W.O.W. (Women on WEED! LOL!:D It's NOT what it sounds like-LOL!) Talk about needing motivation and accountability emjay!!! Should we formalize our goals here or what? It's up to you Thread Starting Hostess with the Mostest!!!!:hug:

Gotta run back down to the country and pick up my Lil One - she WAS able to party in the New Year with her lil cousins - I'll bbl . . . .

01-01-2007, 02:19 PM
Hello All,
Bet you thought the holidays got the best of me. Well I knew I was going out of town on Friday, but was planning on leaving in the evening, well the hubby called and got in early so I left first thing friday morning, didn't really have time to let everyone know.
My fil has no food in his house, so diet and excersize didn't happen. It has been a supper long weekend, we got snowed in, had no electricity and the flu. My youngest got sick the other day and I started puking and all today. I plan on spending the day on the couch feeling sorry for myself and watching football, then a Charmed marathon this evening. Exersize is in now way gonna happen, it killed me walking up the stairs(flu induced weekness) geeze my fingers are getting tired here and my brain hurts. Not to mention my butt, I fell on the ice twice since getting home.

I kinda browsed through posts, someone asked about substituting soda in cake, I have used diet dr. pepper in chocolate cake, it works, is nice and moist, but don't stay fresh as long, then use fat free sugar free pudding for frosting, it is good. Okay all sorry but I am going to go lay back down. I will check again when I feel better.
Until next time,

01-01-2007, 04:56 PM
I would love a buddy....

01-01-2007, 11:06 PM
awwww gjen - how sucky!:( At least you didn't CAUSE yourself to feel that way - your symptoms sound much like my HANGOVER!:o ;)

I'm starting my "for real" day tomorrow - gotta somehow switch this night shift body to getting up in the a.m. b4 dawn and going on day shift the next couple of weeks.

Send me some day shift vibes pleeeez?

Trying to relax here on ye olde PC . . . hiya weightnmore07!:) Jump on in here anytime . . . just did my measurments for another challenge - shall I share here?

But of course:

Waist: 43"

Hips: 49"

R. Thigh: 26"

R. Arm: 14"

Bust: 50"

Weight: 225lbs

No exercise today - was in the car most of - did great on staying OP until I got home and DHtheSaboteur had piping hot homemade potato bread dripping in real butter going.:mad: :( Resolved to think of him as "the enemy" for the rest of this journey . . . trying to lose 25lbs in a Challenge and ain't gonna happen with me falling for his shenanigans!!!:mad:

WTH is everybody?:?: :^:

01-02-2007, 12:17 AM
I am so ready to shed some pounds. I want to wear my smaller clothes again and have more energy.

01-02-2007, 12:37 PM
Hi girls, I weighed in today instead of yesterday (kept thinking yesterday was Sunday) anyways new years eve partying (did more eating than drinking) was not good to me (at least no hangover). I am up 2 lbs. Oh well, my fresh start is officially today, sounds like everyone else is on that wave link as well. So let's kick it into high gear TODAY! I'm off to a great start eating, only had my "Kashi Golean" cereal for breakfast, however, I was **** bent on getting to the gym this AM but was still sick when I awoke (almost feel as bad as I did the first day I came down w/ it). Argh, laid on the couch all AM watching Jerry Ford funeral (he is a hometown boy, my grandparents knew him) and sleeping, oh well at least I wasn't eating. I'm praying to feel better tomorrow, I know some people work out while ill, but I just can't I'm too achy.

Aud, ok ok, I say we set a mini (week-long) goal of getting our 8 oz. (or more) of H2O in daily. What do you say? Anyone have any other ideas?

Jen, Glad you are back, sorry you are sick. Do you have a terrible stiff neck w/ your crap? I do.

T, WNM, and Lals, Welcome, hope to see you around often...

LBB, Hope you are having a great day...

Got to go get ready for work, someone please shoot me. LOL. I'll check back in w/ my h2o success tonight. MJ

Is that really me
01-02-2007, 01:03 PM
Hi all

I keep posting around here but never seem to get replies! I would LOVE to join your daily chats and challenges. I posted the following in Hot and Healthy Challenges but meant to post it here.

Some quick info on me -- I'm 46 (how'd THAT happen??), have three kids (D-16; S-13; D-10), and work PT. Most of my life I've been pretty steady on my weight until I had kids. After my oldest was born I lost everything w/in a year of her birth. When my son was born, he was small but not a preemie but instinct said something was wrong. I gained 10 lbs. after he was born munching out of worry on sunchips! Turns out after 6 1/2 yrs. of numerous doctors he was dx'd with ASD (autistic spectrum disorder). Won't go into details but let's just say that almost unbearable stress, worry, and frustration just became a way of life. I managed to lose all but those 10 lbs. Three years later my youngest was born. I have 15lbs. on from having her plus another 15 for good measure and so here I am needing to lose 40 lbs. I did lose about 18 lbs. three years ago. I went back to school to finish my BS and was really busy but worked out a lot and really tried to watch the food. Unfortunately, I've gained it back. So I'm ready to start in again.

Just wanted to give an intro here. This site seems pretty supportive. I'd love to know what exercise routines some of you follow. My exercise usually consists of a mix of the following: treadmill (incline broke but I use it flat); we have a Total Gym which isn't broken in yet, I have a dog -- she's the BEST -- that I walk several times a week, and I have FIRM tapes and some Billy Blanks. I was really in the zone w/exercise in the fall then broke my toe (third time on this toe!!) and was out of commission for a month, then Christmas and all so I'm kind of starting over on Tuesday. Was contemplating buying Core Rhythms or maybe YogaBootyBallet. Anyone tried them? Also, how much should I be walking? I actually ran a whole mile once but that was b/4 the stupid broken toe (thanks to a husband who "forgot" to put the ladder away and kids who think cleaning their rooms means leaving everything in the middle of the floor! !) I was up to walking about 3.8-4.0 mph for 2-3 miles 3 or 4 times per week, but after reading many posts I'm thinking it's just not enough. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

My goals:

1. To exercise 5 days a week. (is this enough?)
2. To cut way back on processed foods and keep total calories at 1300-1400per day.
3. To stop eating anything after dinner unless I am really, truly hungry. (This is by far the biggest problem I have. It's pretty much the bulk of my weight gain. Anyone else have this problem?).

Today, 1/2/07, I walked 2.5 miles on the treadmill (43 minutes) and started tracking calories and exercise on Fitday.

I'd love to hear back from someone -- anyone:D :D :D

Ok, I've rambled on enough. I look forward to meeting you all and finding some true buddies, inspiration and support. Hope everyone had a good New Year's!


01-02-2007, 01:17 PM
AUD I have expelled that awful word "fail" out of my new eating plan. You are correct that there will not be any of that word, but a few stumbles along the way. When we stumble we will brush ourselves off and keep moving towards success. What shall we do with these saboteur dh's? It never fails when I start a diet that my dh will bring home the best of the best homemade goodies from well wishing friends. Sometimes my tummy wins over my logic but I keep trying.
Sending you a truckload of day time shift vibes.

gingerjen Hope that you are feeling lots better today. Try to get lots of rest.

Welcome ! WeightNoMore2007, LALS, and Is that really me.

emjay71 There will not be any shooting on this diet journey. LOL. Feel better soon. Those 2 lbs gain will be dropped off in no time. I am up for a challenge for the week of 8 cups of water a day. Maybe we can have a weekly challenge to help keep us on track. One week we could have a water challenge, than a staying OP challenge, or exercise challenge. etc.

Today is my first official diet start day too. Yesterday I wanted one more being lazy. I had a healthy low cal breakfast today. I am full and satisfied. But still I have a turkey sandwich floating around in my head. There is a huge disconnect between my stomach and brain. Even when I am full, my mind is roaming around for food. I have to positive self-talk myself through the fact I am full and do not need to eat again until I am hungry. My biggest problem with food is eating as a habit. Than ending up overeating. But I will make every effort to remind myself to eat when hungry and not out of boredom or because the food is there. That seems harder than counting calories.

Is that really me
01-02-2007, 02:21 PM

And I thought I was the only one who had a problem w/food when I'm not hungry! So glad to hear that others have to deal w/this too. This may sound stupid but sometimes when I'm hungry I find it easier to "stick to it" vs. when I'm just WANTING something. Sometimes salty, sometimes sweet, always, always, always at night when the house is quiet. Mindless eating is by far harder for me to give up than to eat right and exercise!


01-02-2007, 07:38 PM
Hi all. I love the idea of weekly challenges. The 8 glasses of water is a good one to start with. I am addicted to Diet Coke. I don't want to give it up completely, but would love to cut way back. I diet between 4 and 6 cans a day. That is just horrible I know.

I have decided that I need to buy a new scale. The one I have changes weight with each little breath/heart beat. I am a little nervous about getting a new one, because I really don't want to know the real number. It looks like I gained anywhere from 3 pounds to 5 over the holidays. It all depended on the breathing.

Hubbie and daughter I home. Son and I came home early from school he wasn't feeling well. I know he is going back tomorrow, he did a tone of playing with news toys. Can he be that cleaver already at 7 to pull the wool over everyone at school eyes?

01-02-2007, 09:56 PM
Hello ladies,
Well I am back from the dead, or at least that is the way it feels. I love the idea of mini goals. I have tried to do water, I know it sounds terrible but I can't do it, so I substitute with iced tea. I do wonderful with tea. I love tea, and actually I prefer sugar free tea so that is even better.
My goals
8 glasses of tea

30 minutes on my elliptical every day(this will go up in time)

a toning workout(gotta go through my dvds before I can choose for sure)right now I think this will be everyother day to start then as I get in better shape it will be everyday as well.

1500 cals a day

My birthday is Feb 5- I want to be down ten pounds by then. Unless we all want to chose a Valentines goal. Either way works for me.

Any input/suggestions would be great. Well I have lots of catching up to do, been lazy for two days trying to feel better. Until next time,

01-02-2007, 10:49 PM
Yo Ho Ho and No More RUM!!!:D :D

I'm so glad you didn't drink emmyj! You'd REALLY be sick. I don't believe in working out when sick . . . do any of you?

And I'm 46 too istrme! HTH that happened, indeed!:dizzy:

And hello to you my lilbbee . . . thinking of ChubbyLovin'InsecureHub as the enemy is working for me-he's got that freakin' bread machine a'whirrin' again tonight - I just drank three glasses of water with a sleeping pill and glared at his traitor a$$!!!:mad:

I'd like to invite all/some/any/none/whatever (can you tell I haven't been on day shift in 10 years and am positively GOOOOOFY???:dizzy: ) . . . Anyhoo---if anyone wants to check out the other Challenge I'm in - its loads of fun and super motivational. I like the accountability and structure of it and a kewl group of ladies - soooooo:

If you want to read our prior challenge its on the "Chicks Up For A Challenge" Forum and the Threads were the "New Year New You" Challenge/weekly chats. The new one is called "W.O.W. Get Your Groove On Challenge" - we all met accidentally sort of - and cracked each up with saying we were getting our WEED ON and Our "Groove" on. The Thread starter is rowdybliss and she explains everything in the first Post. Example WEED:

W = Water
E = Exercise
E = Eating
D = daily goal/affirmation

Your goal can be anything you want. I found Pilates thru this Group and also got my Water Groove on - super support and everyone welcome - just started today--folks are on all different plans or no plan at all--so a mix. Mainly all want to get healthy--which is cool.

Sounds like we're all off to a Great Start - love chatting here too so no biggie if you read it and it doesn't interest you.

Tx for the truckload of day shift vibes - send more pleeeeezzzzZZZZzzzzzz;)

01-03-2007, 08:49 AM
good morning! Boy am I having trouble shaking off the cobwebs this morning. And it's COLD outside! Whats with that?? I know it's january and it's supposed to be cold but I was sooooo loving the mild weather.

I saw two women walking down my street this morning and I thought "God bless you for getting out in this weather" UGH. I'm sitting here, coffee on my left, in front of the fire and thinking **** No I'm not going back outside.

I'm going to go check out the challenges Aud mentioned. Like her, I really like the accountability. Problem is, I don't own a scale so I won't be able to guage my progress... hmmm.. wait, there's a scale in the locker room at tennis - I can jump on it 1x a week. :)


01-03-2007, 04:12 PM
JEEZZ...I haven't been on for a few days and it seems like I haven't been on for a few months, I had to take notes on what you all said before I wrote this response! So a day ago I just got back from Cincinnati!! FUn Fun FUn!! Lots of family and friends, no down time whatsoever..but it was worth it because we got to see pretty much all of my fiance's family! Yay!! There was a few different times we went out to eat, but I actually made really good choices..ate a lot of salad...and only ate kind of bad the night that we went to Lone Star. I could have done a lot worse!!!

Aud, I got a g.c. from my fiance's aunt to, so I bought the "you" book last night online, along with a book that my fiance's uncle wrote! Yay for books!!

Welcome to any of our recent joiners!! Just as a recap, I go by Zandria, I am 22, a full time college student, I will be graduating in May, I live with and will be getting married to my wonderful fiance, and I gained all my weight back when I came to college.

I think it was Aud that said my fiance and I seem busy...yes we are very busy. I have a lot more time on my hands because I was only working 30 hrs a week + 15 hrs of school, and my fiance has been working about 15 more hours a week then a 1/2 hr drive each way...but it will be over shortly. He will be graduating in 2008 and we know that all the craziness is temporary. Yes, taking care of work, grades, and our cute little apt. does make it hard for me to take care of myself. He always tells me that I need to stop making excuses and just do it..which he's right. He knows I am a procrastinator at heart..:o But I think that a few things have happened to me lately that will really help me to lose the weight. First of all, I have been looking at myself in the mirror lately and it gets me really sad when I am looking at myself. I was looking at my thighs and thinking about how proud I was of myself when I lost weight in high school and how I was able to wear a bathing suit and not be ashamed, how I could wear skirts and not be disgusted with myself and wonder what everyone is thinking. I want to get back there. The other thing that happened, was yesterday I went to the dr and they had to prick my fingers 3 times because my blood was too runny. The dr told me that I need to take a mulivitamin with iron. Which I was taking them about a month ago and I stopped. I just realized though, that I need to take care of myself or I am going to have a whole bunch of health problems some day if I don't stop neglecting myself. I want to live!:^:

By the way, I really do want to join WW now, I decided, but I don't have the money at the it might be in my near future!

So, I am going to get back to work, but I will make sure to get on soon again!! Hope you all had a wonderful new year's!!

01-03-2007, 10:44 PM
Hi girls, I did pretty good w/ the water yesterday and hope to get it all in today b4 bed. I had really gotten out of the habit of drinking that much. I'm lucking cuz I rarely drink pop.

Jo, Welcome. Wow I think your excercise regimen sounds great. I think you were absolutely doing enough, I wish I was doing as much. I used to do Walk away the Pounds DVD's b4 I got my gym membership and really loved them. You may want to try them. Right now at the gym I do about 2 miles on the elliptical trainer and then do a series of weight machines that takes about a half hour. Haven't been all thru the holidays and now that I want to get back on track I'm sick. Big plans to go tomorrow AM though. Glad you decided to join our thread I think you will find it motivating.

LBB, Hope you had a great eating day today. I'd like it if my DH brought baked goods home, but only once in a while. He never brings home food, I guess I should count my blessings.

Tahoemom, My friend got braces (dental that is) at age 35 because of bite issues but she also has very thin brittle teeth and her orthodontist forbid her from diet pop because he said it has more acid in it than even regular pop. Maybe if you thought of that and your teeth maybe you could cut down, or maybe not I know it is very addictive. p.s. I heard the weight watchers scale is pretty good.

Aud, I will definately check out the chicks and challenge thing. Not sure if I have the time to keep up w/ two, you know I don't have your energy. But you have definately peaked my interest. Again, I'm jealous about a hubby w/ baked goods.

T, it was 50 and sunny here today so why wasn't my big butt out walking? I joined the gym cuz I hate to walk in the cold over the winter but we have had a crazy mild winter this year, haven't seen snow in weeks.

Zandria, I've done WW numerous times and I will say it is the most productive on your first run w/ it. But it is pricey, they really have the market on weight loss and they charge hefty for it. But after you do it once you have the knowledge of the program for a lifetime. Let me know when you get the "you" book and how you like the first few chapters. I'm still backlogged on books I have at home (not reading any fitness ones though).

Jen, I almost forgot that we have the same b-day. I am up for the 10 lbs. challenge by then. We can do that we just have to get our butts moving like we used to. I know this darn illness is not helping matters any. Any interest in doing your TaeBo tapes again???

Talk at y'all tomorrow.


01-03-2007, 11:08 PM
Just popping by b4 I black out - see that we're in the "Support forum" now. Speaking of support - just think of all the $$$$ I'll save on brassieres??!!! Anyone else spending a FORTUNE on gigantic bras?

I'm OP/ON track gym-wise and water logged - Day 2-so far so good!:)

Hating day shift - this week and next - send more day shift vibes lilbbee!:dizzy:

01-03-2007, 11:31 PM
Hi ladies, Drank 9 glasses ofwater yesterday and I think I'll get it in again today.
MJ thanks for the info on DC and teeth. After years of orthodontal work as a kid I am neurotic about my teeth.
I stood on the scale at work today. 3 of us bought it last year. We planned on weighing in weekly, and did for 3 months. After the realization that all of us almost weighed the same amount, it wasn't as embarassing as we hoped to guilt us into staying on program. I talked to one of the ladies and she wants to hop back on, so we will be doing that together. I weighed 194.8!!! It was truly ugly since my scale at home was fluctuating between 183-188. This scale stayed the same no matter how I was breathing, so I guess this is my new starting point.
Aud, my bras aren't to expensive, I stick with the Champion. What I struggle with is finding Blister Shield. I use it to prevent chaffing on my thighs and under my bra band.
I have to go and help get everyone settled into bed.

01-04-2007, 09:28 AM
Good morning good morning!!

Amazing what a couple of cups of coffee, a little breakfast and brushing one's teeth does to wake us up! I have a few minutes before I have to head to day one of PT. I'm a little nervous that it's going to hurt like ****! Yikes!

Tahoemom: I've never tried the champion bras but I LOVE their panties. I get mine at Target. Next time I'll have to go looking for their bras too!

Aud: I don't think it matters what size bra you wear, they ALL cost a fortune. I used to buy mine at Macy's but now I buy bras at Target too and they are STILL expensive. Unless you are a tiny little A size and you can pick them up off the clearance rack! Believe me Sistah - I ain't now and ain't never gonna be no A size LOL! Thing is, even when I lost 40 lbs, my bra size never changed. Not one millimeter!! :|

em: Stayed cold here all day. Now TODAY, the day dawns mild and lovely and of COURSE I have plans for most of the day that are going to keep me from being able to devote any serious amount of time outside. Isn't that always the way???

collegebride: I was a college bride myself way back when! Got hitched at the end of my sophmore year. I totally understand how crazy it is when everyone else is just focusing on classes and having fun and you have to also handle running a household and Yes, a marriage. Marriages take work and major effort and time to stand any sort of a chance of succeeding. Kudos to you! You can do it! It can be done! 22 years later, the hubby and I both having Masters Degrees and now 2 awesome kids (15 and 12) we are still going strong! Good luck to you both!!

Well folks, that's about it for me for now I think. I'll pop back in later to see how everyone's day went!

Remember - before you put it in your mouth ask yourself "How important is this to me right now?? More important than my 3fc goals?" Good luck!


01-04-2007, 09:43 AM
Morning everyone,
Aud-I really wish I could help you out with the dayshift vibes, but I am just not a morinng person. Yeah I have always worked the day shift, well with a couple of evenings thrown in but getting up has always been murder for me, I even go to bed early. I am the kind I can stay up all night just let me sleep till nine, although those days are over.

Congrats on all the water ladies. I have my tea made and ready to go. Maybe if I give up my soda that will help with the heartburn.

Emjay-its official, ten pounds by our birthday-anyone else want to join in?
I would love to get my taebo tapes out and dusted off but am a little afraid of using them. I live in an upstairs apt. I can't hear the people around me talking but I can here them walking around and stuff, that is why I plan on using the elliptical for sure, my hubby also bought me the turbo jam dvds and I want to try them out, I just need to see how much noise they make first. I know poor excuse, I just need to go at it.

I am interested in buying the book, but it is kinda at the bottom of a long list of must haves, the hubby's car broke down last weekend, at least it was after the ice storm. So now we have to have a new timing belt/chain/thingy in it. And my dryer is going to pot, and I have my books to buy for class next week. Ouch, so splurging won't be happening here for a couple of weeks. But that is okay.

Aud-you are right, it is great to be in a support group-we are official now!

I hear you on the bras, I usually just wear a sports bra, but then I always have even back when I was skinny, except when going out and stuff, you know when the girls need to look perky. When this is all said and done I plan on going to Victorias secret and be fitted for a proper bra. Maybe buy some of the other fun kinky stuff, you know the stuff we know men love but the thought of actually crawling into something like that mortifies me.

Well ladies time to get my daughter off to school, sorry I kinda rambled. I will check in later.

01-04-2007, 11:45 AM
News Flash! Size "A" bras are expensive, mine usually cost $30 to $40. Fat or thin I am always flat chested. If I was going to get plastic surgery it would be implants but I know w/ my luck something would go wrong w/ them and I would be deathly ill or something. But if they were safe they would be my reward to getting down to goal weight. And bras are pretty much not needed w/ implants. It's a nice dream...

Hope everyone finds us ok in our new "support group" forum. I think it is a very fitting place for us. But I think I may put a new thread on introductions to make sure everyone does find us.

Oh yeah, the good news! I actually drug my butt to the gym this am and feel much better because of it. I took it a little easy on myself though because of the chest cold/pneumonia thing I got going on. 30 minutes of cardio and about 15 - 20 of weight machines. My dog is having surgery tomorrow and needs to be dropped off at the vet by 8AM so right after that I'm off to the gym again. Got to make it a habit.

T, Hope PT went well.


01-04-2007, 03:03 PM
Emjay-glad to see that you made it back to the gym.

I finally got my head out of my but and decided to work out, even though I have other work to get done, and man did I forget how good it feels to excersize. I used to love to do it, but I may be sore tomorrow, but I'm looking forward to it, not to mention the natural high afterwards, why oh why did I stop?

Zandria-I have thought about joining ww but because I quit a good paying job to go back to school we are living on a very tight budget. So from here on out only the essentials. Except for a few splurges for losing weight, I already have tattoo ideas-sorry I am an addict, right now I only have one but more to come.

lady-hope pt goes well.

Well must get away from the puter-gotta fix lunch for me and my daughter. Check back in later.


01-04-2007, 03:45 PM
Wowee em.. that IS expensive! Dang girl! Shut my mouth! :o BTW, I didn't know implants don't need bras! Though, I never thought of it and now that I AM thinking of it.. it makes some sense. Geeze.

Thanks for the well wishes re: PT everyone. My therapist is super nice and basically said it was my own dern fault I was in this mess. 1) because I suffered an injury and didn't let it heal properly and 2) because I don't stretch properly after working out.

We negotiated a solution. She wanted me to stop working the knee for several days. I was all :yikes: then I was a little :censored: so she was all :goodvibes and we worked out a deal. Cut back the cardio (bike or eliptical)from 6 days a week to 4 days a week and no more than 45min at a pop on very easy resistance. She said to spend the other two days doing upper body lifting. No lower body lifting at all. All in all, not a bad plan.

Kudos to you ladies for getting the work outs in! Who Hoo! - Say it with me: move more, eat less :carrot: move more, eat less :carrot:


01-05-2007, 12:51 AM
Wow, it is awefully quiet in here today ladies.

Today was a good day, stayed on plan, didn't go over my calories and got my workout in. I am afraid I am going to be a little sore in the am but anything worth having is worth working for. I also drank tons of tea, but the thing I am most proud of-I didn't have any pop today. Go me!! That is huge for me, little miss gotta have a six pack everyday.

Heres to hoping that tomorrow is a good day for all as well.

Hope more of you find your way in to update tomorrow.

01-05-2007, 12:07 PM
Hey girls, Day two at the gym, woohoo. I did 30 minutes of cardio which translated into 2.5 miles on an elliptical, and I did a "fat burn" program as apposed to the "manual" I normally do. It was way more challenging. Even "Miss Fit" on the elliptical next to me commented that I did a good job. Which I didn't quite know how to take. She was probably thinking, " good, the big girl made it thru I was afraid she may drop half way and I may have to pause and screw up my routine". No not really, it was probably just good hearted encouragement but you never know.

T, Glad PT went better than expected. What is your frequency (how many visits per week, how many weeks)? Did they give you much work to do at home? Well look on the bright side about the upper body work, this may be a great opportunity to tone your back and arms. Don't you think as women we always neglect that portion a little cuz we are always worried about our legs and butts (thanks to our male dominated society)? Sorry, I will stay off my soapbox.

Jen, Good for you getting back in the saddle again. I know, I know, I am also one who loves to excercise, then why the he%& do I stop doing it! I know the answer to that one, "always doing everything for everyone else". Sound familiar? Wow, my mental image of you did not include tattoos. That is cool though. What do you have and where? Well hope you got you w/o in today.

Gotta go, one day off and a whole lotta house to clean.


01-05-2007, 12:59 PM
Feel the burn baby, feel the burn. I love my elliptical, it kicks my butt big time. It has preset programs that are wonderful. Right now I do the 30 minute program, it starts out at a resistance of 2 then works itself up to 7 then varies between 5,6, and 7 for about 20 minutes. My thighs were on fire, but the last 3 or 4 minutes are really easy doing a resistance of 3 then two. Yesterday after I did the elliptical I did some light weights. Well I thought I would do some pilates today cause I will do the weights everyother day. I felt so fat and uncordinated laying on my mat. The good news is I still have a lot of strength in my abs, I can still do a lot of the ab work, but not in as long of intervals as before.

I had my oatmeal for breakfast, not sure what lunch will be yet, I want to make a salad with chicken but my chicken is still frozen hard. I have fish in the freezer I could bake and eat with my leftover green beans from supper last night. Hmm, both sound good.

A little off topic but this evening after the hubby gets home I get to go by my books, well if he comes home today, when I talked to him this am he didn't know if he had a load for today, but really doubted it. I am so excited, I also need to buy a parking sticker for my car. I am on cloud 9. To think I was considering meds for my depression and all I really needed was just a little motivation and forward action of my own.

Where is everyone else? I know we are all busy with school starting and all but I really miss you ladies, not to mention I get tired of listening to myself ramble on;)

Emjay-right now I have one tattoo, I have a cross with roses that I have had for about 6.5 years. When we get our taxes back I will be getting a shamrock and a s on my right hand right above my thumb. That one will be very special. It is for my dad. He had a s in the same spot and I what the shamrock cause his birthday was st. pats day. I love butterflies so after I lose weight I will be getting one on the small of my back. I want an angel on my probably left shoulder. I also want my husbands name somewhere, I know mushy. There is a pic of my face in my profile, my face is a little fuller than that cause that was taken last summer when i was at 189. There is also a link to my myspace that has pics of my whole family. Feel free to take a look. I love bragging on my girls.

Well I need to go decorate my bedroom then I will be officially completely moved in. Yay:carrot: My appt may be small but it is supper cute and I love it.
Well this got supper long, sorry all, I will check back in later.

01-05-2007, 01:17 PM
Jen, I am on a budget at the moment too, that is the only thing that has stopped me from going to ww. I am going to just try to start this journey without ww. I already know what is and is not good for me to eat, I just have to estabish all the self control and motivation over again. It would be nice to have another support group in which I could meet with people in person, but I am just glad that I accidentally found this website. Also, I have thought about getting a tat before, but I wanted it in a discrete area where it could be hidden and I was alwayd worried that it would get streched after pregnancy or something.

Lady in white, I am not sure if I am misunderstanding you...but I am still currently engaged...pretty much married though...minus the name change and the shared insurance. I am very excited to be married though. A few months ago, I kind of wished that I was going to get married sooner (we've planned on 2008 since the beginning)..but I realized that I would be very stressed out with everything else that I am doing right now...and I hope to go back to 130 or close to. But If I don't get there when the wedding comes, I guess I will have to deal with it.
**Congrats on all your successes by the way. I look up to people like you. :hug:

So it is funny that you are all talking about bras today. I buy all my Bras at VS, but I never pay full price. I get coupons in the mail that take $10 or so off of them and I wait till they go on sale...or if I have a gift card. Yesterday, one of the bras I have had from there since prob. 3-4 years ago was hurting me so bad. I was wearing it all day and I realized that it had curled up...I think its time to pitch that one.

Well today I worked out again before work. I have been working on pretty consistently for the last few weeks. Yay me!!

Well not much else to say, it is hard keeping up with all of u sometimes when I don't check everyday. If anyone ever wants to talk my sn is zanyzandria on aim or feel free to pm me :)

01-05-2007, 01:31 PM
Is That Really Me I have some serious food issues. I am the same way when I am hungry, if I remind myself that I am on a diet and stick with my diet, than I am so much better off than when I give in and eat the wrong foods. Because when I give in to just eating, than I feel like I am back at the starting diet gate again. Starting over everyday is getting so old.

Tahoemom I am in need of a new scale too. I keep telling myself that when I start losing weight again I will reward myself with a new scale.

gingerjen I do fine with my water except when I binge eat. Maybe if I force myself to drink all my water even when I binge maybe I will stop overeating sooner rather than later.

AUD Those bread machines are very dangerous to any diet. I love hot bread so I have to try my best to avoid at all cost.
Sending you another truck load of day shift vibes!

ladyinwhite There is a woman who I see walking when I drive my son to school. Whether it is cold or even raining that dedicated woman is out there walking. She puts me to shame.

Collegebride I could have written what you wrote. I was so proud of myself when I had loss weight. I was so organized using weight watchers point system. I found it to be so easy and I felt at the time I could stay on that plan a life time. I never binged, I was in control. Than I got off program was not eating right, ended up binge eating. And went down from there. I am angry with myself. I am slowly getting my diet mojo back. I will be so happy when I relose the pounds I gained.

emjay71 I have taebo and I am gong to challenge myself to using it once a week. I can't do it all, but I am going to give it a try once a week.
How did your dog's sugergy go? Hope all is well.

Work has been super busy. I have been binge eating again. Sometimes I really want to give up. But I know I need to take care of myself. So once again today is a new diet day for me. I started off right with exercise. Followed by a nice breakfast. I brought some carnation instant breakfast so that I will not have any excuse for missing breakfast or eating the wrong foods for breakfast. If I start off with a good breakfast I am OP all day. Haven't stepped on the scale. Because I can look in the mirror and see I have not loss on ounce. But I am determined to stay OP all week and weigh at the end of the week.

01-05-2007, 04:07 PM
Quick hello to everyone! Taking the princess to see Dreamgirls tonight! Eating ok today but stepped on the scales and it looks like I may have put on a lb. during the holidays.:(

Going to try to be extra diligent during the next week so to get rid of this weight!!

Good news is that I did the exercises the PT gave me after I worked out today and WHO HOO! My leg/knee feels awesome!!! No pain today. Can you believe it? Who knew? Those dern PT chicks know what they are doing!

Have a great Friday night!

Move more! Eat LESSSSSSS! :carrot:

01-05-2007, 05:09 PM
You know what the funny thing is? My fiance knows that I want to lose weight, and he is always trying to help me and motivate me. Yet, he still bought a large bag of christmas m & m's that were on sale and stuffed jalepenos last night. I don't understand why he acts so supportive yet doesn't think when he buys food. I have told him before that it is hard for me to have self control once its in the apartment, but if its not I won't buy it. Well luckily, I controled myself enough to only eat 2-3 jalepeno poppers. Yum!! Darn guys and late night snacking!:o :devil:

01-05-2007, 11:42 PM
FINALLY found us again - gotta figger out that bookmark thang.

I am so beat tonight - just wanna say how great it was catching up with everyone and send you all the best!:hug:

Talk more when not zapped . . . 'night.:)

01-06-2007, 11:28 AM
You guys are all so inspiring! Was soooo beat last night but really relaxed and absorbed the motivation late last night reading away in this Thread!:hug:

Was so glad to see you at the end of the Thread Lilbbee . . . always think to myself that if you are hanging in there - I can too!:hug: Here's something I've done a couple of times this week:

Determined that I'm not really hungry for breakfast and on two occasions--lunch so just had a couple of bites of each at close intervals in the day for fuel purposes etc.

THEN in the evening had my planned supper - later when I felt like snacking/overeating/mindless/unconscious etc - I ate all of my breakfast AND lunch leftovers and went to bed.

I'm still losing and this satisfied my psychotic need to eateateat a lot at bedtime.

Whattyall think?

PS: I want a boob job too---my years of yo-yo'ing/breast feeding that had never really affected my large bust have caught up with me this time - ie - the droops/less full. Anyone know if there is a way to hike these puppies up w/o implants - wishing they could just sew 'em to my chin and I'll take it from there!:?:

01-06-2007, 01:36 PM
Helllo all,
gonna make this short, I will be running out the door here in a few minutes to go see my mother. I won't have time to workout today, but that wasn't the initial plan. She called this morning with my sisters address and she sounded kinda gloomy and wanted to know when I would be bringing the girls down again, well there isn't much I won't do for her so we are gonna go see her. It is a good excuse not to work out, I will just make up for it tomorrow, I have never worked out on Sundays so we will just sneak on in.

The caffine headaches are gone, yay, this is day three with no pop. But it will be a test, being in the car for long periods of time always gets me into trouble on the diet front, I get bored and munch, but I am going to buy some beef jerky, I love beef jerky and it makes a wonderful snack, I also bought some of those 100 calorie snack packs, I am gonna get my peanut butter fix without the peanut butter.

Aud-glad you found something that works for evening snacking. I don't necessarily save the leftovers-I save calories that way I can have popcorn or something and stay in my daily limit. Actually last night I had 260 left over, was gonna go to popcorn but got busy and it got too late to eat anything-I don't like eating late, don't know why.

Collegebride-my hubby tried doing that last night, he wanted a big bag of jumbo m&ms. I put my foot down and said absolutely not. If he wants to eat that crap do it during the week when I don't have to watch. He did get to bring his pepsi home so I wasn't totally cruel-and I had a small glass of chocolate milk with supper so I got my chocolate fix in for the day.

My quick post turned into another novel, will check back in tonight or in the morning.

01-06-2007, 03:07 PM
Aud, boobs sewn to your chest...Idk, sounds kind of painful :p

Jen, have fun hanging out with your mom and sisters. I know what you mean about the munchies while on car trips. You could always have dried fruit with you for next time though?! I never get bored on our monthlyesque car trips w/ my fiance, only when I drive by myself. We talk about a lot of stuff, because we don't always have loads of time to talk. And then we make a good music list on our ipods usually! Anyway, hope you had fun!! Maybe you'll go shopping today...good way to burn calories right?!?

01-06-2007, 11:15 PM
Hi chicklets - I've been so busy lately I've only had time for my journaling. Quick update: The knee feels soooo good. I'm shocked, I am genuinely stunned that the PT is working. I'm a believer now let me tell you! I'm doing my exercises like a good girl!!

M: PT is set for 2x a week for the next three weeks culminating in strength training after being so lazy for the rehab period. The home exercises are pretty easy, mostly just really specific stretches to do every day, especially after working out.

collegebride: My bad: I read your nick college BRIDE and assumed you were married. You know what they say about people who assume :o

aud: I'm right there with you re: wishing my breasts were where they used to be. I'm always asking DH to shorten up the straps on the bra I'm wearing to try to give the girls a lift! I'm such a baby though, no way I could go for actual surgery. Besides, If I were to ever get any sort of "work" done, I'd liposuction these thighs up one side and down the other!! :D

Jen: Good for you telling the DH to keep his candy off the premises! Nicely done!

Well, I'm headed to bed early tonight, spending tomorrow in NYC. Hubby and I are taking the princess to the Met to see an art exhibit then tickets to Spamalot at 7. Going to be a long day and a late night home.

Play nice!

01-06-2007, 11:16 PM
PS: I broke down and bought the cycleops 2 fluid trainer! Wish me luck as I mount my bike up there and try to focus on getting in shape!! First official "ride" is probably going to be April 29th!! Just the motivation I need to stay on track during Feb and March.

01-07-2007, 07:33 PM
Hello all,
I haven't worked out yet this evening but I have been busy with other stuff, laundry, cleaning the kitchen, all the lovely stuff that goes with being a grown up. I have done wonderful on my calories. I even sneak a few goodies.

I am so exicited, I start class tomorrow!! I am also very very nervous. It seems like a million years since I was there last.

My workout this evening will be 30 minutes on the elliptical. Then I will do a toning workout. I think the dvd is about 20 minutes or so. By the time I am finished with all that and my shower I should be ready to watch reruns of grey's anatomy on lifetime.

Well ladies I am off to work on my bedroom. I will check back in tomorrow afternoon.

01-08-2007, 08:30 AM
Good morning everyone - nothing worse than a dark, rainy monday morning to kick off the week. My butt is dragging this morning. Spent all day in the city yesterday and although we had a great time, we all woke up this morning with a collective groan. Hubby and princess off already and Iím alone here with my coffee resisting the urge to just crawl back under the covers for another couple of hours.

I ate a bit more than usual yesterday because I didnít want to be walking around starving and looking for the first junk snack being sold on the street. Still maintaining my 1 week on the wagon while my workouts are limited. Iím trying not to beat myself up too much about taking a few weeks off from the killer athlete routine I had all spring/summer/fall last year. Iíll be even Lance takes a day off now and then (maybe).

In other news, I just received my first assignment for my course.

Background about me: I am a p/t Instructor at a local University. I have been for years. I also develop and teach custom professional development courses to elem & HS teachers. Iím on winter break just now. I have recently, for the first time in ages, registered for a course. So now I am a student also.

Jen: Wish I was even half as excited as you are about starting a class! ;)

Iíve received my reading material for the first week of the course and will need to spend some time on that soon.

Thatís my Monday - hope yours is more fun! :)


01-08-2007, 02:06 PM
I survived my first day back in school!! I hadn't intended to use the rec center right away but come to find out one of my classes is in the rec center. The class is a required one and at first I totally freaked cause big ole fat me working out amongst cute college boys--yikes but hey I can do it, not to mention I get to use the weights, I love to lift weights and the instructor can help us choose our workouts if we want, so now I have so many choices, I actually wish it was 3 days a week but I guess I can use it on Fridays. I will be in swimsuit this summer, maybe not 2 piece shape but a nice once piece would be great at this point.

I got up at six thinking I was going to workout, but trying to get that in, get two kids dressed, fed, and whatnot, oh and then theres my shower and makeup all, just isn't enough time so I think I will start doing my workouts in the evening. I may even dust off one of my old taebo dvds.

I wish I could share some of my good mood and optimism. I am buzzing here and it is an all natural high, been so long since I have felt like this. I've got the whole bouncing off the walls thing going here. :dancer:

ladyinwhite-so glad your pt is going well, I have seen pt work miracles on people, it is amazing what can be done. Sounds like you had fun in the city. I hope someday to go, the closest I have ever been was DC, and that was wonderful, I plan to take my children, although I will wait until they are a little older and can really enjoy it.

ohh-on the boobs subject, I have this fantasy of having them lifted and made a little more perky, weight gain and breastfeeding does horrible things to a woman's image.

Well ladies I am going to go put this energy to good use.

01-09-2007, 12:04 PM
OMG, I haven't been here in so long. It took me forever to get thru the posts. I had to work all weekend, including a 12 hour day yesterday. And I am still sick, I did go to the urgent care center last night, nothing warranted an antibiotic, although I wished that it had, but he gave me a cough syrup w/ a narcotic in it so I don't have to stay up till 3 coughing anymore. I'm putting the gym off until I feel better, I have to take it real easy or I fear I will never get weel. There is a girl at work that has the same thing as me (big surprise) and her doc instantly gave her 3 days off to get better. But I'm the salon manager so I pick up all slack and have been working even more w/ her off. I have 3 days off at the end of the week though and hopefully can make a full recovery and be back in the gym by Monday. I weighed in today and there was no change I maintained. I wasn't surprised cuz I haven't been hitting the gym like normal.. Well got to go, got a million things to do before work at 1. Promise I'll check back more frequently this week. Have a good one guys.


01-09-2007, 01:10 PM
Today I did a spinning class for the first time, man did that kick my butt! BUt I signed up for it again on Thursday. Did I mention that I have been working out consistently for the last month? Yay!! My friend is going to work out with me from now on three days a week! Makes things much easier!:hug:

01-09-2007, 04:33 PM
Just a quick note before I jump into the shower.
-emjay, sorry you are still sick, I know how horrible that makes you feel. Just try to get some rest, I know easier said than done. You can pick back up at the gym once you feel better.

collegebride-its great that you have a friend to work out with you! Makes it harder to skip a day. Congrats on working out for a month. I am still less than a week into getting my butt back into excersizing. I started out with my elliptical. Yesterday I brought out my taebo dvds. I was sore all over again, but I know which muscles don't get used when I use the elliptical. Taebo is a lot of fun and it is a wonderful workout. After only 30 mins I am totally worn out.

It seems like we have lost a few people, where has everyone gone? I hope everyone finds their way back.

I am still trying to decide what is going to be the best way to organize my day. I would like to work out first thing in the morning but I just don't know if I will have enough time to get everything done. The last two days I have worked out at about one thirtyish, that gives me time to have a small lunch and have it settle before I work out, but by the time I shower and pick up my daughter at school I feel like I have lost the whole afternoon. Maybe I will try to get to bed a little earlier tonight and get up at 5:30 tomorrow. I will let you know how it goes.
Hope to see more posts soon.

01-09-2007, 06:58 PM
:hug: Jennnnnnnn... :hug:
Yes it is awesome:cool: that I have been working out the last month! I am very proud of myself because it was REALLY hard for me to motivate myself to EVER go the last year. I would always think I was too busy..but turns out I can do it!:carrot:

My suggestion is, work out in the morning! I have been working out in the morning lately, but I was working out in the evening before and I have found that when I work out in the morning it seems to wake me up and give me energy for the day. After I work out at night, I just want to put on my pjs and be lazy. Let me know what works!:p

PS...I think LBB is the only one I haven't heard from in awhile. Besides that..we've added "one or two"! :)

01-09-2007, 07:03 PM
Hi everyone.

My trainer is here. YEA! Hoping hubby will get everything set up before he leaves tomorrow on business for a few days or else I'll be trying to figure it out on my own. :?:

emjay: Sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well. I agree with you, you definately need to take it easy to let yourself get better. Nothing wrong with maintaining when you aren't feeling great. At least you aren't drowning your cold in hersey kisses.

collegebride: I took a spinning class once and was so proud of myself for just finishing!! Holy Cow! Probably one of the most intense workouts I've had. I can't find a place around me that allows for just taking the spinning w/out being a full blown member of the gym. I only go to the gym in my town that allows for a month to month membership. I won't do gym contracts ever again. (long story)

jen: I'm a morning workout person myself. If I am all dressed and into my day, I can't bring myself to stop, work out, shower, and get all dressed and into my day again. I work out in the morning or not at all (generally) except when I'm riding. I can usually get myself out on the bike no matter what time of day it is. Even still, in the summer it's SO hot that I actually drag myself out of bed by 6 to get a ride in before the heat kicks up in full force. I've never done taibo, but I have seen the commercials for it and it does look intense.

Today I watched a bit of the training video that came with my trainer and I think it's going to be very similar to a spinning workout right in my own basement. I'm pretty excited. Mostly I'm just psyched that I can begin working out w/out stressing the knee and actually start preparing for the tours I've committed to riding in the spring.

In other news, I just found out that the course I'm teaching monday is to the entire faculty at the high school. I teach a prof. dev. courses all the time but not to the whole faculty at once! I'm a little intimidated. They are coming in for a full day inservice (which isn't unusual) but I'm the entire show. Just me! The whole day! :yikes:

It is going to either be great and I'll end up getting a lot more work from them or I'll bomb in front of everyone and never get asked back~!!

01-09-2007, 10:35 PM
Hi all,
I am so sorry I've not checked in lately. Work and home crazy, I know not a good excuse. I've just spent the last 28 minutes reading everything I've missed. it sounds like all of you are exercising and that is fantastic. I haven't really done much. With all of you moving I will haveto join in too.

I weighed in again yesterday. I have lost 1.2 pounds. I am quite pleased with myself. I am really pushing for 5 pounds a month. I have placed my scale right behind my school desk, that way everytime I go to get a book for the next subject I see it. I really need that visual reminder that I am trying to watch what goes in my mouth.

There is a group of at school that are trying to lose weight. We have decided that each week we are going to put $5 in our own pot and then weigh in. The idea is that this way we are each creating a savings account for all of the new clothes we are goiing to need as the pounds melt off. It also will hopefully make us more accountable similar to WW.

I can hear homework is not getting done. Don't forget about me and I will try to post more frequently.

01-10-2007, 02:14 PM
Good afternoon everyone,
Its only noon and I am ready for a nap.

-collegebride-I set my alarm for 5:30 with every good intention of getting up and working out. Well anyway I hit snooze for an hour. I was tired, I stayed up last night dragging myself through a very boring article for my social problems class. I layed there knowing I have all day to do the workout, and I will do it. That I'm not worried about, I like to exersize its just getting in the habit of making time. It is so easy to find an excuse not to do it.

Tahoemom-congrats on the weight loss:hug: I love that feeling when I step on the scale and see the numbers go down. The money idea is a very good idea. My motivation is hanging on my closet door. When I was in high school I had a pair of pants I loved, I litterally wore them out and it devestated me. Well not too long ago I found a similar pair of pants at a thrift shop for a buck. Of course I bought them. So now I have to get into them by next fall. I am sure I can do it, I even have the cutest purple tank top to go with them.

lady-good luck monday, sounds like you will have your hands full. I would love to have the center of attention for that long. I love to get up in front of people and talk. It's kinda a high for me, they have to listen to what I say, or at least pretend they are listening.

Well I will check back later ladies, have a good day.

01-10-2007, 11:29 PM
Hi Everybody . . . no time to catch up - just want to let you know I'm back online and been doing good - will catch up with you all as quick as I can. ttyal!:)

01-11-2007, 01:44 PM
Oh ladies, I'm trying not to have one of those days. This morning when I got out of the shower I really looked at myself (don't worry I was half dressed-just missing my shirt). I can't help but think how gross all that fat looks. I mean yeah I can see a small difference in my belly since I started. I know some is actually fat loss and toning my abs has helped pull the fat in so it don't stick out so far. I know it takes a long time to get it off but I can't help but wish there was a magic pill that I took at bed time then woke up looking like Angelina Jolie.
I have been working out, still can't force myself out of bed first thing in the morning and believe me I try. I think I will change it up a bit though, rather then doing my workout in the afternoon I will do it in the evening. I would like to do taebo again but I know I need to use my elliptical. I am kinda torn about it. I feel like I get a better workout with taebo and enjoy it more, but we spent way too much money on it to just let it sit. We will see.

Aud-great to see you made it back, everything is kinda hectic right now.

emjay-I really hope you are starting to feel better.

Well I spose I am going to go keep myself occupied while I wait to here from the preschool I am trying to get my 3 year old in.
Until later,

01-11-2007, 09:53 PM
I know what you mean Jen. Yesterday, I was at a store with my fiance and he wanted to buy me some clothes because he knows that I am broke right now and they were on sale. Well I just wish that I would not have felt so akward. I tried to talk him out of it, then I said that I could come back on my own...but he was set on me trying on clothes there. Well I did find a pair of pants that fit me and that I like...but I felt the same way you are speaking of. The thing that disgusts me is my legs. I think I have what you call cellulite. I often wonder what he thinks when he looks at my legs. I know that he loves me and he has always treated me like a gentlemen would...but I am tired of being fat too!!! I don't want to weigh the same as him!! I want to wear tight shirts and not worry about rolls showing!!! I want to be able to share clothes with my friends!! I want to wear a bathing suit and not be mortified to wear it without clothes on top.:hug:

01-11-2007, 11:04 PM
Well I'm back again. I'm starting to feel a lot better. Considering going to the gym tomorrow AM but not sure if it is the best idea. I think I will probably go and just do a half hour of cardio. It is so hard to get back into the swing of things. Hopefully next week at work isn't as hectic as this one was. I would love to fall into a schedule and be able to keep it...

Jen, I could never get up that early and work out I don't think. And you not being a morning person must really be hard. Hopefully you get into a groove that works for you. I would alternate taebo and elliptical every other time, you will probably like the results you get. That is why I don't buy my own elliptical, as much as I love them, if I let it sit my husband would have a fit. I'll just pay at the gym and use theirs.

Zandria, I'm like you, I hate to buy new clothes when I'm heavy. I will buy a few things I feel comfy in and wear the heck out of them. But remember there is plenty of time before summer to get lookin better. Keep up your gym routine and you will be there in no time. By the way, did you get the "you" book yet? I just finished a book and am looking for another read. p.s. I love spin class, wish my current gym had one.

T, How did you get into cycling? Sounds like you are quite a die hard. I always invest in nice bikes but never use them like I should. Is your trainer one of those things that you put your road bike on and use it stationary??? Well hope you love it.

Tahoe mom, You are a teacher too? That is a great idea w/ the money. Nothing will be better than spending that money on smaller clothes. Congrats on the weight loss, keep up the good work.

Aud, Hope all is well and you have time to post soon.


01-11-2007, 11:16 PM
Just wanted to check back in to let everyone know that it was late but I did get my workout in. Did the elliptical while watching Grey's Anatomy. It was a great one tonight, but then arn't they always. Okay back to reallity.
-emjay-love the suggestion of alternating them. I think that I am going to do Taebo one day, then the elliptical and light weights the next day. Sunday is my day of rest. The thought of working out seven days a week seems more cruel then effective. Right now the Taebo is only a 30 minute workout but I would really like to work up to 60 minutes.

Well need to call the hubby to see if he is working tomorrow. Check back tomorrow.

01-12-2007, 07:05 AM
Emjay, no :( I ordered it through amazon and that said that it would arrive between feb-march. I have no idea why.

01-12-2007, 08:41 AM
Good morning everyone! Happy Friday!! Who Hoo! Hubby is out of town still so a couple of g/f are coming by tonight for ... who knows! LOL.

I'm with you guys re: sometimes just -hating- the way I look, the way the skin seems so mushy. A cute guy told me recently that he thought I had a nice ***. (He didn't realize I was married at the time). I was stunned. I came home and stripped and kept turning in front of the mirror. ME??? It took a long time for me to realize (and accept) that I don't look now the way I used to look and that even though my thighs remain disproportionately large, it is my mind's eye, not reality, that makes me see them as huge and hideous. I don't know if its something I'll ever get over. It's called body dysmorphic disorder. (Sounds scarier than it is).

em: I have had a mountain bike for years. I rarely used it. I'd been working out on the eliptical for about a year and when the weather warmed up last spring and I wanted to do something outside to keep with my new active lifestyle. I pulled out the old bike and started riding. I came to the conclusion that it really isn't designed for riding on the roads. I live in suburbia. I did a LOT of research, screwed up my courage, whipped out the credit card and bought a road bike (skinny tires, curved bars, ala lance armstrong). I fell in love with it. AND I wore the heart monitor one day to see what sort of calorie burn I got and WOW, over 800 calories! I began riding regularly!! I didn't care what I looked like in the spandex shorts (I actually wear cute little biking skorts), I got out there! I ate and ate and ate all day (always making decent eating chioces) and the weight still came off. I'm not skinny, my goal remains 150, but I'm fit, strong, and I know I'll hit 150 eventually LOL. Yes - the trainer takes my bike mounted on it but holds it stationary while I ride. It's very stable, I was nervous the first time I climbed up there but it only took a few minutes and I felt like I was right out there on the road, before long the sweat was pouring off me. I'll stop here b/c I could easily bore you for hours with bike talk!

Well folks - I have tennis now so I have to run. Have a great day!!

01-12-2007, 11:17 AM
Finally have caught up with you Chatting Chickies . . . YAAAAY! *Cue Dancing Carrot: :carrot:

1st: PLEEEEEZ help me find us?!!! Currently, I am going to "Introductions" pg 7 and finding an emjay Post and then clicking on "Find more posts by emjay"

There's GOT to be an easier way!!!!! Grrrrrrrrr . . . HATE being Techno-Challenged!!!!:mad:

Sooooooooo much to say - but in a nutshell: It's just GREAT catching up with all of you!:hug:

I am sorry to see that LITTLE BUMBLE BEE has vanished!??:?: :( :( Where ya at GF? I know we'd love to hear from you regardless of if you're OP or not, you know? NONE of us got to the weights/fitness levels we're in by being perfect! Excuse me for PRESUMING that's why you're out of sight - just have that feeling. Then again, it could be that you moved your PC to another room and couldn't hook it up again for a few days???? That's why I was offline for several days!!:o :dizzy:

Reallyreally hope you return BeeBaby . . . identified with you totally!:hug:

And I was just asking WTH ladyinwhite was in the WEED Challenge I caught up on . . . HERE you are GF!:hug:

And mooooore :hug: :hug: to gingiejen & CB & Tahoe and WTH did IsThatReallyMe go?????:?: :mad: Just when I found somebody my age durnit!

Soooo many things I wanted to comment on so just gonna Marathon Post in no particlar order, kay?:?: :^:


Was gonna ask WTH The Cyclops is but got my answer at the end of my reading---sounds Super Easy on the joints! Something to keep in mind at my aforementioned advancing age!

My DH was the foreman of a Cattle Ranch for years and years - (disabled by a kick to the head/wild horse/eventually brain tumor and still an aneurysm at the spot.:( ) . . . On a happier note - he is totally EXPERT when "cinching up" my freakin' bras like he did the work horses bridles/reins/saddles for years!!!:D

Continued Fantasy: Somehow/Someway - hiked up Boobage when I get to a normal weight.

The ability to RUN again.

dreamingdreamingdreamingdreamingdreamingdreaming - jogjogjog - sprintsprintsprint . . . . . . . . . wind blowing thru hair - radiant smile plastered on face . . . pert cute Boobage barely moving as I fly down the trails in my darling jogging outfit . . . . . . . ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . . . :)

*Back to Reality:* - Saw YOU: On A Diet for $14.95 - isn't that waaaay cheaper than we first talked about?

How is LIWhite PT knee?????? How was Dreamgirls? How was Spamelot? How was NY????????? How was the day long in service? Or has it happened yet? I'm in Thread Catch Up Time Warp!!! You either WILL ROCK or already DID ROCK - sure of that fact!:hug:

HURRAH for alternating tae bo and elliptical - no guilt - JUST MOVEMENT, right gingiejen?

I want a tattoo . . . want it to be meaningful and small and beautiful . . . shoulder blade. Still planning . . . almost got one at Thanksgiving by lifelong childhood friend's niece (Yes, extended extended extended Family - LOL! Deb's Parents had her latelate in life too like me - so we spend a lot of Holidays together with both Core Families already passed on.) Anyhoo didn't really care for hers so passed this year.

Knowing I'll look *****IN' by next Txgiving - and perhaps Tattoo Niece's skills will have improved by then?:D :p (Couldn't argue with the price tho';) )

Love the $5 a week Tahoe . . . I'm getting ready to dig thru **** Storage--basement/garage for my next size down!!!!:carrot: Current crop of Tent Lady clothes are going STRAIGHT to Goodwill . . . and every size after that until goal. Just not keeping these varying sizes anymore!:mad: As I reduce - OUT they will go!

WTH is "spinning?"

Out of time for Beloved emjay dangit!:( Quickly: Glad you're better GF!:hug: Will just advise you to always CELEBRATE narcotics, kay?:dizzy: :carrot: :carrot: :carrot: BRING ON the cough syrup . . . gosh, anymore doctors treat EVERYONE like they suspect you of being a secret drug addict, I think. It's like PULLING TEETH to get anything "good" - when suffering sick around here.:mad:

Or perhaps Dr. MO can see that Ole Auddie likes those narc just a weeeeeeeee bit tooooooooooo much??????????????;)

Have a Great and Healthy Day All!!!!:hug:

ttyal . . . .

01-12-2007, 11:31 AM
PS EDIT: Just saw that me thinking I'll look totally "*****in' by next Txgiving" was edited.

Sorry if I offended anyone with this grand statement/slang.

To amend, let me just say that I will definitely be struttin' the freakin' catwalk of feast laden banquet tables by next November, kay?;)

*hushed comments by Txgiving diners:*

"Aud is looking quite BeWitching and totally BeFemaleDogging this year - LOVE the her perky boobage and darling, meaningful tattoo."


01-12-2007, 12:52 PM
aud! I am cracking up!! LOL - what a great post! I'll answer whatever questions I can -

First, I left the WEED thread. I totally freaked under the pressure. I was totally getting myself down with my self imposed daily goals etc etc. I know I know, I need to relax, but for me, my life is so full right now that for some reason the WEED goals turned into just one more thing I needed to worry about.

PT knee: Is improving like crazy, am loving the strengthening exercises. I'm going to try to keep them up at the local gym when PT ends.

How was Dreamgirls: Dreamgirls was amazing if you love the musical type movie/show. We genuinely enjoyed it.

How was Spamelot: Spamalot was very funny. Not exactly like the movie but I'm ok with that. The way the movie spoofs the film industry, this musical spoofs broadway. All the best parts of the movie were included though so everyone went home happy.

How was NY: NY Is always awesome. Absolutely LOVED the Cezanne to Picasso exhibit at the Met and we had an upclose and personal encounter with Tony Danza which was VERY funny since the princess had no idea who he was.

How was the day long in service? Or has it happened yet? : Nope, not yet, coming up this monday (Martin Luther King day) and thanks for the well wishes!

Love the running fantasy - glad it's not just ME who indulges in them. Also gonna say that I think it's smart that you choose very carefully re: who does your tattoo!!! It's worth the extra $$$ to know it's going to be done right.

Do you ever watch Miami Ink on Discovery??

01-12-2007, 01:29 PM
Good morning ladies, well what is left of it.
Aud-so wonderful to see you have posted again. I always look forward to them. Always good for a laugh.

It is very sad about bumblebee, hopefully she will find her way back to us.

lady-I must admit, I am jealous of your excursion to the city. I feel so don't know what words I am looking for. The closest I have been to a Picasso was a knock of at a garage sale and it was tacky. We don't have those great things out here in the middle of good ole Nebraska, all we have is cows, corn and football and that tends to be lacking these days. So much for my belove'ed Huskers.:( Ahh well someday.

On the topic of running-I so understand the fantasy, I used to run 2 miles a day, not much I know but I stil loved doing it and i want to do it again.

Collegebride-got my work out this morning but had to cut it short, was running a little behind, as I had to pry myself out of my warm kingsized pillowtop bed. Oh every morning is torture, the bed industry should be punished for making something so wonderful.
I am glad I did because now I feel like I have the rest of the day open. I must admit I also liked doing last evening as well. After my body had time to cool down I took a long relaxing hot shower and was ready for bed. I am going to try to keep up with the am workouts though if for no reason other than the metabolizing benefits of workouts.

This morning I was kicking myself for refusing to buy a parking permit to park on campus. My whole theory-force myself to walk, help lose weight. Well it was one degree out this morning. That two block walk to campus was a horrific experience. I really thought I was going to freeze to death. Oh and I don't use the elevator, which there really isn't that many stairs, its not a huge campus but there are stairs all the same.

Okay ladies I am off to do something, not sure what yet but I'll figure something out. Maybe do some baking for the hubby, who should be home this evening, if not tomorrow.
Until later,

01-12-2007, 09:43 PM
Hello all,
Jen we were at 10 this morning, with a lovely brisk breeze. I heard the wind chill was -50 at the top of the mountain. When I told my husband he said he wanted to go up tomorrow just so he vould see what it felt like to be that cold. I will be staying home by the fire and waitting until Sunday to ski when it warms up to 30. I also feel for you because we don't have a lot of shopping in the Tahoe basin. There are some redicously priced stores for the tourist and a Kmart for us locals. I usually drive down to Carson City or Reno to do any shopping. It was quite a shock to me when we first moved here from Los Angeles.

Lady I had a great laugh at the image of you in front of the mirror trying to see your fanny. My husband couldn't see the humor in it.

I seem to have the same problem as a lot of you. The picture I have of myself in my head is me around 16-18, weighing in a 100-105. Most days when I look at myself in the mirror I still see that girl, so I want to cry when I see photos that show I really have changed (and not just my hair color). I can't wait until I am not afraid of looking at photos.

I need to go do dinner, but I just wanted to toot my horn and say that I am down another 2 pounds, for a total of 3.5 pounds. I hope I continue to do well this weekend.

Enjoy the evening everyone.

Is that really me
01-12-2007, 10:41 PM
Yo Aud! Thank you SO MUCH for shouting out to find me!!!! I somehow lost this thread and couldn't find it. I had to do a search. I had also just joined 3FC and did a Marcia Brady -- couldn't decide what to join so joined a bunch of threads! How duh!:dizzy: Then kept getting confused as to where I was and what I'd posted. Anyway, this is just a quickie to say I'm back. Have to run out right now but will post updates soon. Kids are off Monday - cripes they were just off for two weeks for Christmas!!!- so it may not be till early next week. Kids just hog the computer all weekend. Besides, this is MY site; they are too nosey! Thanks again for finding me. Talk to ya later!


01-13-2007, 12:13 PM
Hey girls,

Does anyone find that if they get onto this site and log in immediately and then read thru all the posts, by the time you get ready to post you have been kicked off and have to log in again? I'm just really curious if that only happens to me...


Aud, Funny post again. I still have the visual of your hubby bridleing you up no matter how fiesty you get. LOL. Also, for the life of me could not figure out what the word was that got edited. I tried all kinds of words but none fit in that many blanks. It was drivin me nuts. Good for you unloading all the fat clothes, I did that once and to tell you the truth wished I would have kept a choice few. I know, I know that is the wrong attitude. Oh yeah the easy way to get here is to click on support groups not introductions, and then scroll down past the listed groups to the regular threads and there we are. Hope that is easier.

Jen, Good for you for getting down to business w/ your excercising again. I hate to say it but I live in MI where it should be cold and it was 45 - 50 degrees here yesterday, downright balmy. Supposedly we are supposed to get the cold you all are experiencing tomorrow w/ snow all next week. Woo hoo. You will appreciate the walk at college when it warms up a little.

Zandria, the "you" book was on 60 minutes last night. I found it intrigueing I may buy it while I'm at work today. Too bad about yours not arriving forever. I'll let you know if I start it.

T, I have the mountain bike because we live on rural gravel roads. Maybe you will inspire me to get it out this spring and hop on. It will need some major tuning up probably (new tires for sure). My big fear is always dogs though. Do you get chased much? So does Tony Danza look good up close and in person?

Tahoemom, Does your family ski alot? I can't imagine skiing in the mountains. My hubby does when he goes out west though. I'm just not a good skier, never get off the bunny hills here in MI. Can you see Lake Tahoe from your home or are you not that close? Just trying to get a visual.

Jo, Glad you could stop in, hope to hear from you again soon...



01-13-2007, 12:46 PM
Walk me thru this emjay/gals: Click on "Support Groups" and then what?

I've clicked on Support Groups a million times and all I see is McSkinny or Floosies etc.


I found us today by clicking "New Posts" and fortunately emjay had Posted recently so it was a breeze.

4got to tell you that I Shouted Out to lilbbee and isthatrm in Introductions in case they were having the same prob finding us . . . gonna go bump it up.

Just got a bit o'time time to celebrate your return -are you "jo" isthatreallyme? - 46 yr old cyber-twin - with a dancing carrot: :carrot: Wooooooo HOOOOOO!:carrot:

Hope to be back later on - if the predicted ice storm doesn't knock out the power . . . .

ttyal - *fingers crossed emoticon*;)

01-13-2007, 02:57 PM

After you have clicked on support groups, scroll down past Mcskinny and Floosies and we are down on the second half of the page w/ the regular threads. Try it again you are just not going down far enough...


01-13-2007, 06:07 PM
))))))))DOH!(((((((((( *smacking forehead*

(Which is about as much exercise I've gotten today.:o )

Am sipping ice water as I watch the ice storm tho'!:)

01-13-2007, 10:24 PM
Hi Ladies - coming to you tired but still live from the NJ shore. Already curled up in bed (9pm) and winding down. Missing hubby and looking forward to his safe return. He's taking the red eye home tonight so he'll be back by around 7am. Always fret a little til he's safe in the house again.

Spent today recovering from a girls' night out last night. Headed to a restaurant on the beach. I thought it would be packed but it was VERY quiet. I usually only see the place in the summer and usually just when I'm whizzing by on the bike, I guess it doesn't do much of a winter business b/c it's right on the beach. We loved it though. It's a seafood place and the food, as always, was perfect. It was so nice that it was quiet so my g/f's and I could just sit and laugh and relax and there was no rush to give up the table. We sat by the windows and I couldn't get over how many folks were out jogging along the boardwalk between 8 and 10pm.

I ate ok - I ate bread and butter which I never do but was trying to give myself a fighting chance against the vodka martinis that were going down way too easily. For my meal I had a cup of lobster bisque followed by a tossed salad of mixed veggies with huge hunks of cold crab. (No dressing)

A very fun night but didn't sleep much and been nursing a martini hangover all day today :(. This of course made today's eating just out of control, anything and everything to keep the stomach happy today

emjay: Yes, I time out as well and have to re log in after reading the posts or even if it just takes me too long to write my own post. Re the dogs - nope, I've never been chased. Probably because I'm going so darn fast they don't even see me ;) :lol: NOT! Tony Danza looked really tired :tired: . He'd just come from a stage door where he is currently starring in the producers. We were just passing by (on our way to spamalot 3 doors down) At first I thought Tony was going to just cruise on by to his car but he spotted a very young girl with Downs Syn. waiting to see him and he immediately stopped, went over, signed her stuff and posed for pictures with her. He then slowed down and chatted it up a bit with everyone else standing there. (There weren't that many people) before he got in his car.

jen: NYC is one of the few perks of living in NJ. We try to get in pretty often. The princess absolutely LOVES broadway so it's kind of my mother/daughter thing with her. Hubby happened to be with us last week because he's also a huge Monty Python fan. The princess is also an artist and I can't even express to you what it felt like when she was standing in front of Van Gogh's "Starry Nights" last weekend; I walked up to her and whispered "So what do you think?" and she said "It's so.. it's so.. " and couldn't find the words. This moment made my day. Living in NJ sucks in so many ways (born and raised in small town Vermont myself) so I try really hard to take advantage of the good stuff. Like going to Yankees games or NYC/Broadway, Museums, shopping, or going out w/ my g/f's to restaurants on the beach.

This reminds me. Speaking of perks of living in NJ. emjay, if you are looking for motivation to ride a bike - let me tell you my best (and true) biking story in which I was riding through Colts Neck NJ up a small hill, trying to get my groove on when I saw a man crossing the road in front of me at the crest - I made sure not to hit him when I passed.. I waved.. said Hi.. he waved.. said hi.. I continued on my way as I realized.. recognized.. OMG.. Bruce Springsteen.

:D So now my mom tells everyone "She almost ran over BS on a bike" LMAO!! just a SLIGHT exaggeration ;)

On that note.. battery on the laptop dying so I'm off.. goodnight!!

You guys have me curious about the You book now. Going to give it a look.


01-14-2007, 05:35 AM
My poor body just has no idea what to do - sleepwakesleepwake - should be fun next week back on nights.

Really enjoyed reading your Post here in the Wee Hours ladyinw . . . awesome story about your daughter/art . . . AND New Jersey/New York . . . AND The Boss . . . AND Tony Danza posing/Downs Syndrome girl.:) My niece - who is a total homebody who lives in the middle of completely rural NOWHERE - her Midwest family vacationed in New York last summer and had the best time of her life. I mentioned her "ruralness" 'cause she's totally anal about seclusion and "hating groups of people" etc etc . . . she just RAVES and wants to eventually retire and LIVE THERE in NYC now. Freaked the whole family out! They go somewhere different every year or twice a year (All over US - mainly Grand Canyon - Nat'l Park - Disneyland type vacay's) - but she's already got the next two trips planned - ALL to NYC. They stayed in Connecticut I think - and rode a train in every day?

Can't wait to travel more *sigh*

Forgot to mention earlier that I time out constantly - very irritating. I'm sure I'll have to log in yet again after typing this.:mad:

01-14-2007, 06:51 PM
Hey everybody look at me, I went to the gym today. I was quite proud of myself for doing so on a Sunday. I'm not completely well yet but I'm pretty sure I never am going to be either so I might as well just suck it up and get on w/ life. Could not fall to sleep last night because of a coughing fit so I had to succomb to the narcotic laced cough syrup. Hopefully I'm over this b4 that stuff is gone. Did I mention it was $30 for a very small bottle??? Evidently it was not on my prescription formulary (big surprise). I don't know for sure but I probably could have gotten narcs cheaper on the street. Don't get me going about the pharmaceuticals (hope nobody works for one)..

Aud, glad you are finding us w/ ease now. I told you it was easy. Too bad for you w/ your sleeping dillema, I know I could never do 3rd shift. It would kill me. Well hope you can get on a shift and stay there.

T, nice story about Tony Danza. It's nice to know that most celebrities are willing to "give back". And very infuriating about the ones that don't. I went to Jersey and all I saw was a Trump helicopter... Glad you had a great time in NYC. I've only recently had a desire to go. Maybe some day.

OK I think I am defiantely going to buy the "you" book tomorrow...


Is that really me
01-14-2007, 10:04 PM
Hey LIW, you and I are neighbors. I live in PA! How was Spamalot? My daughter is going to see it w/the school in March. They were also just there for a taping of the Rachel Ray show. And I chaperoned the 8th grade field trip there a few years back. Really like that town!

MJ -- do you work for a pharama. company? I audit pharma sales reps. and close them out when they get laid off. The pharma industry is not my favorite. The money they pay for me just to audit them is ridiculous (of course, I'm laughing all the way to the bank)!

I've been having a good week. Lost 3 lbs since starting on 1/2/07. Got two new pair of sneakers today. One running shoe and one walking shoe.

Gotta run to get my daughter from work. I will be posting more next week. HI AUD!!


01-15-2007, 09:01 AM
Hi girls,
I've finally reverted back to Monday for weigh in day and am happy to report I am down 4 lbs. That is so motivating for me.

Is that really me, Good job on your weightloss. I always get excited about new sneakers. Do you have a brand that you prefer? No I don't work for a pharm but I used to work in Drs. offices so I saw their waste first hand. I will say they have cleaned up their act a little bit. But I still think it is criminal that most seniors in this country cannot afford their meds...

Hope to TTES.


01-15-2007, 10:17 AM
HURRAH for making it to the gym emmiej!:carrot:

HURRAH for weight loss jo!:carrot:

This is my w/i day too . . . but don't return to work til tomorrow night (gym scale) so off a day. When I took a sneak peak last day worked-Thrs-I was down a few- but haven't been exactly active/OP this looong weekend sooo who knows?:dizzy:

Play Off games were fun - overdid it on the brewskies but not too bad.

Confession: I'm still packing away Christmas - gotta get 'er done today!:o

Is that really me
01-15-2007, 11:11 AM
Emjay -- Congrats! Wow, 4 lbs. Way to go!!! :cp: I love it when the hard work actually pays off in something you can measure. Sneakers -- for some reason I always seem to find myself buying Nike Air. I've never owned running shoes before. I must have tried on like 25 pair; no joke! All the running shoes kept hitting the tops of my toes funny. But I saw these Nikes - they're purple! - and as soon as I put them on and walked around I just knew they were going to be fine. Same w/the walking shoes. I generally don't like walking shoes if they are lower in the back for that heel toe action. But again, as soon as I put them on I could just tell they were right. I also prefer all leather vs. leather/mesh mix (like most running shoes are). I think my right toes swell during the day (I broke my toe last fall -- third time on this particular toe! :?: ) and it gets a little achy so I figured new shoes might help. Leather also gives and I think might last longer.

Aud, I hope the scale stays down for you. Christmas stuff, ugh! For a few years there I was taking stuff down the day after Christmas. Now I wait a bit but have to have it down and packed away b/4 New Years. Too much dust on everything and dusting Christmas balls --:yikes:! I was ready to kill my kids cause not a one of them offered to help AT ALL in taking anything down. Bums!

Well, they're off today and the weather is icky so I think we'll just stay in. My son wants me to bake so I'll get him involved in that. Hopefully I can stay away from it! :dust:

Talk to ya soon girls!


01-15-2007, 02:01 PM
Oh what a weekend.
Really off plan, I had some of that dreaded Hershey's chocolate. I also did some baking, lemon poppy seed bread with lemon drizzle is just too hard to pass up. Did some shopping this weekend, got a new pair of shoes as well, so hard to just pick one, I love shoes.

I really hope the whole working out thing is doing its job, I havent lost this last week but my clothes are fitting better. That is nice but seeing those numbers go down is nice too. I have a pair of pants you can really see a difference in.

We got a bunch of snow yesterday that I would love to take the girls out to play in but at noon it is still one below. But that is better than the eight below when I got up this morning.

Well I must be off gotta get some house work finished and get my workout in. Talk to everyone later.

01-15-2007, 07:06 PM
PHEW!!! I need atleast 10 minutes to read all the posts every time I look at this forum! ;)

Emjay, yes, I am sad that I will not be getting my book yet. But to be honest, if I got it right now I would not be starting it anyway...between my jobs, my internship,working out, hanging out with friends, and filling out my last college application essays..I do not have time for pleasurable reading right now :?: Boo!!! But that time will come sooner if I continue to use my extra time wisely.

Jen, yes I know EXACTLY how you feel! I definately have a hard time getting out of bed..although mine is nothing compared to your pillowtop I'm sure. However, my fiance knows my workout schedule on those days when I am a bit hesitant to get out of bed he starts yelling at me till I do :) I'm glad he does. He knows how much getting in shape means to me. The other thing that has really kept me going ALSo is that I am starting to get into the swing of things. A month ago, I still was dreading working out. Now, it is part of my routine...this makes me happy that I am making progress...progress means that I will lose the weight eventually:carrot: . I am already having an easier time on the eliptical than I used to. I used to breath a little heavy and I can already tell that I am changing. I have lost my weight before without a dietician or any extensive help! I can do it again! That is why I get out of bed in the morning!! I don't want my weight to keep me from enjoying things in life and I don't want to be a fat bride!:o

01-16-2007, 09:26 AM
Good morning chicklets!

Well I survived the full day workshop. It's amazing how hostile teachers can be, as if it's my fault their administrator scheduled the prof. dev. and required their attendance. The Vice Princepal sat in the entire day and seemed to be pleased with what he saw so that's all that matters to me.

Hi there PA neighbor :) Spamalot was pretty dern funny!! Going to see Les Miserables this weekend. Then nothing for a while. I didn't know Rachel Ray taped in NY? I wish ELLEN did, my daughter and I would love to go to one of Ellen's shows.

Aud: Surprised to hear about your niece's love of NYC. I don't mind going in and visiting but I am always SO glad when I'm home. As often as I go in, once I'm home, sitting in my house I always think WHEW, survived another trip. LOL The princess LOVES NYC though and is hoping to attend NYU so I guess it's one of those things that either bites you or not. A lot of folks take the train in from NJ, CT and N. NY. The train from my house is about 90 min door to door by the time you get to the train station, park the car, catch the train and actually come out of PENN Station in the city. I prefer driving, especially if it's a Sunday because the streets of the city are deserted on Sunday mornings plus there's no back up at the tunnels so you can just zip right in.

The bum leg is aching this morning so I'm sitting here weighing my options. Stepped on a scale at PT last night and there's been no change. I'm glad to be at least maintaining while I'm rehabing. Trying to decide whether a work out is a good idea today or not. As much as I want to get on my bike, pain in my leg is telling me "Don't do it!"

Hope everyone's week is getting off to a whiz bang start!

01-16-2007, 10:32 AM
OMG-it is so cold here, the news this am said -20. Yes that really is negative 20. I swear as I went out to start my truck it shrank away from me. The poor thing didn't want to start. I can see a new battery in my future. It kinda groaned before finally turning over.

Ladyinwhite-I wish I was the same as last week, I am up a pound and really don't know where it is from. I am still eating right, keeping my calories between 1200 and 1500, This weekend was a little off but not an extra 3500, I was more relaxed but not that relaxed. I just keep hoping it is muscle. Maybe I am disallusioning myself. Needless to say it is very hard not to be frustrated right now. If your leg is bothering you I wouldn't work out, I would rather miss one day then hurt myself worse and miss several. Sorry to hear that it is bothering you. That has to suck. Good to see that you survived the workshop. I don't know if you have said or not but how old is your princess?? Speaking of trains, I have this fantasy about riding a train through the mountains, I think that would be so beautiful.

I definately didn't do my workout this morning, I really didn't want to go outside with wet hair so I will do it tonight after I pick my daughter up from school. Speaking of working out, yesterday my new shoes killed me on the elliptical. I had to quit after 12 minutes, my feet hurt so bad. I went and did some taebo, felt horrible about quitting on the elliptical, so I went back and did another 10 or so minutes. Tonight I need to get some ab workout in. Maybe this week I will see a drop, man I hope so.

Well I need to go get dolled up before I go to class, can't go anywhere without makeup.
Talk to you all later,

01-16-2007, 12:01 PM
Hey Gals!:)

Headed back to work TONIGHT and am determined not to let the STRESS awaiting me - get to me! (*fingers crossed*If I type it - it must come true* LOL!:dizzy: )

It's cold here too and I've been waaaaaaay relaxed with OP AND exercise. All that will change tonight - turning to WATER/green tea and ))))horrors(((( EXERCISE instead of Mindless Eating for a change. (*if I type it - it MUST HAPPEN!;) )

Next couple of weeks will be **** @ work - gonna keep logging in here for support regardless--- send some Work Stress Positive vibes my way?:^:

Congrats on the workshop success LIW . . . do some crunches every time you think about it - won't bother your leg and will be a confidence booster. (It is for me - no matter how lame I do them! LOL!) Just like getting the tree out helped my self esteem yesterday--LOL!:o :D We always left our stuff up til the 6th - soooo just a lil past that, eh?:o

ttyal . . . :hug:

Is that really me
01-17-2007, 10:52 AM
Just got done a really good 3 miles on the TM. When my shins are feeling fine I usually have a really good, effective workout. Anyone ever notice that if they do any type of strength training (weight machine, free weights, resistance bands, etc.) that the scale seems to go up a lb. or two the next day? What's that all about? Water retention or something?

Ok, here's my gripe. Didja ever notice just how many :censored: food commercials are on tv, especially at night? I was watching "What About Brian" the other night and I counted no less than 7 food commercials; and I didn't even start counting until 15 minutes into the show. Pizza and donuts and cookies and milk. Oh, then the Lays potato chip commerical came on. I wasn't even thinking about potato chips -- heck, I don't even LIKE potato chips -- when after that commercial all I kept thinking was "yummm, how good would they taste right now?" I didn't have any but cripes, can't they not show this stuff so much at night? Drives me crazy!! :dizzy:

Hope everyone is having a good day. Friday is my weigh in day. Oh please, please, please let it show a loss!!!! :crossed:


01-17-2007, 06:29 PM
Hi everyone!

What a day! I had the BEST session in PT this morning. I felt great all day. Strong, pain free, healthy! What a great feeling :) Then I met DH for lunch and I ordered this flat bread pizza. It sounded both tasty AND healthy. When it arrived I just started laughing. DH says What? It looks fabulous. I said.. Yea.. TOO fabulous. I can't eat this, it's COVERED in cheese, it's covered in crispy proscuitto. One bite, OMG, heaven. I ate two slices (about the size of one slice of regular pizza), DH ate a piece and I said, please wrap this up!! (translation: get this out of my sight asap!) I could have easily devoured the entire thing!! Brought it home and the princess ate 2 slices for her after school snack. She couldn't get over how tasty it was! I eventually ate ANOTHER slice and have since tried to put the leftovers out of my mind - HELP- LOL!!

Not sure what dinner will be. Had big plans to cook a nice family dinner but have been sitting on my butt for the last two hours. Just not into the cooking thang. Chances are.. I'll be eating the REST of that pizza before the night is through. LOL! :devil:

Great job on the treadmill ITRM. Keep at it!! I've never noticed the food commercials before, I'll keep an eye out now and see what I notice.

Tomorrow is the first day of classes for me this semester. I'm hoping to do an easy cycle workout in the morning before heading in to a 10am class.

Have a great evening!!

01-17-2007, 06:29 PM
Hi everyone!

What a day! I had the BEST session in PT this morning. I felt great all day. Strong, pain free, healthy! What a great feeling :) Then I met DH for lunch and I ordered this flat bread pizza. It sounded both tasty AND healthy. When it arrived I just started laughing. DH says What? It looks fabulous. I said.. Yea.. TOO fabulous. I can't eat this, it's COVERED in cheese, it's covered in crispy proscuitto. One bite, OMG, heaven. I ate two slices (about the size of one slice of regular pizza), DH ate a piece and I said, please wrap this up!! (translation: get this out of my sight asap!) I could have easily devoured the entire thing!! Brought it home and the princess ate 2 slices for her after school snack. She couldn't get over how tasty it was! I eventually ate ANOTHER slice and have since tried to put the leftovers out of my mind - HELP- LOL!!

Not sure what dinner will be. Had big plans to cook a nice family dinner but have been sitting on my butt for the last two hours. Just not into the cooking thang. Chances are.. I'll be eating the REST of that pizza before the night is through. LOL! :devil:

Great job on the treadmill ITRM. Keep at it!! I've never noticed the food commercials before, I'll keep an eye out now and see what I notice.

Tomorrow is the first day of classes for me this semester. I'm hoping to do an easy cycle workout in the morning before heading in to a 10am class.

Have a great evening!!

01-17-2007, 08:06 PM
Good evening ladies,
I am in a much more optimistic mood today, I realized my weight gain really was muscle cause I have lost that pound plus a little more, but I won't be counting that yet cause monday is my official weigh in day.

I am giving props to all the bikers out there. Today in my p.e. class, yes I said p.e.(its a gen ed, can't get out of it) I tried a stationary bike. My butt hurts from sitting on that seat. The workout was good, I was sweating pretty good after 15 minutes but my poor bum, it still hurts, is this something I have to get used too, I mean looking back to my childhood I don't remember anykind of pain, I just remember loving my bike.

Anyway after doing 30 minutes of workout-also walked around the track for about 15 minutes. I came home and did 35 minutes of taebo. I was so pooped when I was done. I think that working out after I get out of class is going to work best for me. I am too tired in the morning to get up and it just works for me.

lady-the pizza does sound wonderful I love cheesy pizza. I am glad the pt is working so well for you.

-isthatreallyme-I agree with the food comercials, lots of pizza hut on right now and pizza just happens to be one of my favorite foods.

aud-sorry that work is causing so much stress, hope it gets better for you.

emjay-must be keeping pretty busy, hope all is well.

Well I am gonna go eat my chicken, talk to everyone later.

01-17-2007, 09:36 PM
Hi all, I'm back, sattelite dish was frozen yesterday from an ice storm. I had a horrible food day today (ate way too much). I was doing good too. I haven't been to the gym since Sunday but I did do 1 mile watp yesterday. Glad everyone else is hanging in there.

T, Jen reminded me that I wanted to ask what you do do for a sore butt/crotch while cycling??? I used to have padded crotch shorts years ago but I think I threw them away. Is there a secret? Glad your PT is going well.

Jen, Brr that is cold. Is this unusual for Nebraska? We are down in the 20's and teens finally. We have been unseasonably warm all winter. How far are you from your school?

Aud, Sorry work sucks. Hopefully it gets better. My work has finally gotten a little better probably won't last long.

Z, I got the book. It's huge. I started reading a little of it, I don't know, it seems a little too reminicsent (sp?) of all the other diet books I have half read. I don't know that I will be able to get thru it. It may have to wait till I am bored and really have nothing better to read. One interesting tidbit is that instead of weighing on the scale you are supposed to measure your waist and monitor you gains that way. I may try that along w/ weighing in. The goal is a 32" waist or smaller. I'm a long way from that.

ITRM, yes I notice the food ads. I think we would all be a lot slimmer/healthier if we hadn't been programed by them. I think the only other industry that keeps up w/ the food ads is the weight loss ads. Makes a lot of sense, huh? How did you get the picture in your avatar, just a quick explanation if you will? I was trying the other day and had no success.

Well got to go, got some TV to watch. And I am not going to put another thing (besides H2O) in my mouth till tomorrow AM.


01-17-2007, 11:04 PM
Just a quick post re: discomfort on a bike seat. MOST important is the saddle itself. (bike seat). The style, quality and position of the saddle will make or break you. I have a woman specific design saddle. These are fairly new, the whole WSD bike/saddle so I don't think having a WSD is critical but quality and positioning are.

Other tips found also work for me:

1) shave. Yep, you heard it right. There is so much pressure, movement, moisture going on that I find the entire area to be more comfortable if I keep myself completely smooth.

2) wear actual cycling shorts. the padding isn't there to cushion you but to absorb moisture. Without the moisture there is less chafing. I never thought I'd be caught dead in cycle shorts but anything more than 30 min on a bike and I'm wearing them.

3) do NOT wear anything under your bike shorts. Trust me on this one. After one long ride I had visible SORES for days. I did some research and found out bike shorts are meant to be the only thing between you and your saddle. All the wet cotton bunching up and chafing - YIKES - Let me tell you, I'm a believer.

If you aren't comfy with the idea of being seen in spandex, layer a plain pair of bike shorts under regular shorts. They also make cycle briefs which are exactly what they sound like.

And finally, you aren't gonna like this, but the only way to get those butt muscles (and.. ahh.. more sensitive areas) used to being on a bike is to ride your bike. As ya'll know I'd not been on my bike for about 6 weeks due to the hamstring injury. I started back this week. It wasn't until my 3rd ride that I could sit down on the bike w/out cringing a little - I took the hour w/ no discomfort at all and could have continued. But ride #1 and #2 had me wincing all day b/c of irritation in .. umm.. my most delicate place. :o

and.. on that note.. Goodnight!!

Is that really me
01-17-2007, 11:35 PM
Emjay, after you sign in to 3FC click on User CP; Edit Avatar; undo any avatar you currently have; scroll down to where it says "custom avatar" - click (if needed) to put a green dot in "use custom avatar" circle; 2nd option is "Upload image from your computer". I clicked on browse and found the picture I wanted to use; click (maybe double click on the pic name) and it will be in the 2nd field, then hit "save changes" at the bottom. A screen came up I think after this saying that the "file upload was unsuccessful" but it worked. Isn't my dog cute? Her name is Penny; we got her from the SPCA when she was just 10 months old. We've had her almost 3 years. I've been waiting for a dog since I was five -- Lassie was my first, true love! Hope the info. helps.


P.S. Don'tcha just get perplexed when the magazine covers scream "Lose Gobs of Weight with NEW, Super Easy Plan", then have a picture of the most mouthwatering dessert on the cover? Who ARE these people??

01-18-2007, 11:05 AM
Hi Ho Gals!:)

Neat pic of you LIW! If I ever get my DD to sit here with me - would love to Post a pic as my avatar . . . not sure where pics are in the PC to browse from. My hair looks a lot like yours.

I've succuumbed to all the Bad Habits I was determined to overcome - ate myself into a sugared coma at bedtime last night.:(

Really stressful workplace - need to make the connection that hurting myself isn't logical or helping anything. Seems simple.

Penny is adorable jo! Our new Pup Ginger is a feisty ball o' fun . . . I love the way one minute she is tearing around and the next - falls over into instant sleep! We've taken lots of pics - hope to Post someday too.

STILL waking up too early - gonna try to lay back down . . . Have a GREAT day gals!:hug:

Is that really me
01-18-2007, 03:23 PM
Well, I just got back from walking the dog and did 2.75 miles on the TM this a.m. (ran out of time :( ). Foodwise I've been doing pretty well. I did have one 2,000 calorie day on Wed but other than that I'm pretty much hitting the 1,500 calories a day mark. I have no energy this week. I have a cold; nothing bad but I guess it's just zapping my energy. Tomorrow is weigh-in day and I am hoping the scale is down. I don't feel like it is, but that could just be my sluggish, spud-like attitude this week. I woke up at 1a.m. last night cold and my stomach was growling loudly! :eek: My feet were freezing cold even though I had on socks and sleep under a mountain of blankets. I actually had to get up and ate 4 pretzels to shut my stomach up. Cripes, I can't even get away from it all even when I sleep! ;)

Hope everyone is doing well!


01-18-2007, 08:35 PM
A little about myself. I am 35, live in Michigan, married but no children, and as you can see from my ticker have quite a bit of weight to lose. I started w/ this site 11/05 and was able to successfully lose weight thru the holidays and into the new year (which was great). But I went thru a few buddies here and there and in the end everyone fizzled out. I think I quit posting in May of this year and have pretty much maintained my weight loss since then but maintaining is no longer good enough. So I am back and hope to find some buddies to chat w/ daily or a few times a week, it is great for accountability. Hope to hear from someone soon w/ some things in common...

Hey emjay,
I'm in Central lower Michigan (Lansing area). Where are you?

01-18-2007, 09:32 PM
Oh how I wish the calorie counters on those machines where acurate. My elliptical said I burnt 600 calories in 35 minutes, I mean yeah I was putting my all into it but I highly doubt I burned that much, but that would be great, especially since I haven't eaten that much yet. Don't worry this isn't a typical day, I have been super busy and simply didn't have time, or really even didn't feel that hungry.

I had to run some errands after class today, order checks, get groceries that kind of thing. It was 2:30ish by the time I got back, well then my little one, who has had a cold for a couple of days now, come crying to me to say her ear hurts. Well I had to see if her doc was in today so as soon as I picked my oldest up we went to the doc. Unfortunately I was right and she has an ear infection. Any way been awefully busy, and I still need to shower, fix supper and study. Sounds crazy, but what's even crazier I love it, I love keeping busy. My hardest struggle with school is actually sitting still.

Well my workout was 20 minutes on the elliptical, then 20 minute Denise Austin vid (love to hate her) or maybe its the other way around, then back on the elliptical for another 15 minutes. I could have gone longer but the bottom of my feet where killing me, that and it is getting late and CSI is on at 8. Don't worry collegebride, I will watch Grey's Anatomy tomorow when the air it again. Gotta love McDreamy:val1:

Isthatreallyme-I am so glad I don't wake up in the middle of the night hungry! But then I can't hardly get up in the am much less in the middle of the night.

Aud-so sorry to hear about your workplace, I know what it is like, I left a job I couldn't tolerate, but I know we can't all do that.

lady-my butt still hurts a little when I sit on it. I really didn't notice chaffing between my legs until later in the afternoon and honestly didn't know what caused it until I read your post. Thanks for the tips. I don't know how often I will use the bike, I only have the class on Mon and Wed and I really really want to be able to run on the track. I used to run and I miss it, I feel so free like nothing else can get to me. Ahh the days of innocence.

emjay-yeah it is a little colder than normal but we have had such a mild warm winter it felt worse than it was. 20s is about right for this time of year, and the last two days have been just that and it felt great after 20 below.

Well I should be off, I have half an hour to shower and get supper ready before my show comes on.

01-19-2007, 09:41 AM
i have been doing well at my gym. kind of change it up on the treadmill. i have to do at least 30 minutes and whatever program. love the abd bender and do some of the weight machines. the people are great and love to chat about what is going on. so i have that and have been trying to keep my eating in check. not sure why i only lost 1/2 pound. but it should all balance out.

Is that really me
01-19-2007, 10:12 AM
I'm so happy that the scale is down 1 lb. from last week. Must be doing something right! Just did 25 minutes on the total gym and am off to walk the dog shortly. Suppose to be very, very windy later today and tomorrow so I'd best get her out NOW! :D Glad to see that everyone his hanging in there.

Jen, I know what you mean about the calorie counts on the machines. The treadmill always says I've burned like 500 calories; I just cut the number in half and figure thats probably closer to what I really burned.


01-19-2007, 10:24 AM
Hi Emjay. I am brand new to the site - are you still looking for a buddies or a group? I am mid forties, 4 kids, stop and started diets all the time because - the truth is what no one tells you - 1 lb a week, slow and steady, two year plan! So, I am trying again with a bodybugg and I just ordered the You book everyone is talking about. Let me know if you want me to stay in your group and how this all works.
Thanks - I guess this is the first step.

01-19-2007, 01:55 PM
Brag time-I am down a total of 10 pounds!!:cheer: Now on to the next ten pounds. Kinda makes the frustration worth it.
Today will be another busy day. I have volunteer work to do this afternoon for one of my classes. So I won't have time to work out until after I pick my daughter up from school, but that seems to work too.
A little off topic, Classes are going great, I am really enjoying most of them. I have a personal growth class, that one really has me thinking, which is the whole point. Great classes and I am so glad to be back.

Alwayslistening-welcome, you sure can stay and join us, we would love to have you here.

Isthatreallyme-how do you like your total gym? I tried it once, pinched my leg between the seat and the runner, that was terrible.

Everyone keeps talking about their dogs, makes me jealous, we can't have dogs in our apt, but the hubby has promised me one when we get our own place.

Well I must get ready to go, don't want to be late. Check back in later on, let everyone know how my workout went this evening.

01-19-2007, 03:12 PM
hello chicklets!!

Happy Friday - who hoo! FINALLY :carrot: It's friday! It's friday!

Hi there AlwaysListening :welcome2: Of course we want you in our little "group" Stay, visit, get to know us and you'll just love us to death! ;) LOL!

Hooray!! :congrat: Jen - 10lbs is a LOT. Nice work!!! :hug:

Isthatme! Down is ALWAYS better than UP. KUDOS to you too gorgeous!

Tip: a 25 dollar heart monitor from Target or Walmart will give you an accurate calorie burn number! :D

Lazy Friday today - leg is bothering me (bet ya'll are getting SO tired of hearing about the damn ham string issues, trust me, I'm even MORE tired of living it!! :( ) Spent most of today prepping for class but thought I'd pop in and say HEY HI!

01-19-2007, 03:25 PM
Hi all, I'm back, I guess about every other day posting is where I'm at. My dad had cataract surgery yesterday and f/u appt. today, that has kept me way busy. I must admit I ate for crap again yesterday but seem to be doing much better today. Haven't been to the gym all week though, argh.

Jen, Have you lost 10 lbs. since we set a goal to lose 10 b4 our b-days? If so, wow and good for you. Glad school is going great. I should go back but can't stand the thought of it.

T, thanks for the biker advice. Where do you buy the biker breifs, sporting good store?

Jo, Thanks for telling me about the avatar. Congrats on the pound gone...

Alwayslistening and SNM, Welcom to you both. We all meet here usually daily to give the low down on our day or our progress feel free to jump right in. SNM, I'm near Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo.

Ellen, 1/2 pound is better than gaining. Don't get down. At least you are going to the gym, you can be my roll model.

last but not least Aud, Sorry work still sucks. I know what you mean about the food. I spent the last two days eating like I was ignorant and have no clue how to lose weight. Which I do, I've done it enough times. I didn't think I was that big of an emotional eater but I guess I am. Duh.

later all, MJ

01-19-2007, 10:23 PM
cycle briefs :

scroll down for womens :)

01-20-2007, 02:12 PM
Am hanging in the quiet reading room at the local library with the princess for a couple of hours. I have so much prep work to get done for Monday's class.

Today has been a good day thus far. I hooked up my new bike computer to the bike and it's perfect. It measures everything! Speed, average speed, distance, total distance, time of ride, and.. what I really wanted.. cadence. After it was up and running I made attempt 1 at a spinning dvd that I have. It kicked my :censored: !! I completed about 40 min of it, cycled a total of 10.6 miles. I'm so PSYCHED to have my set up finally complete: trainer, dvd, computer. I feel so charged up about getting my pre-spring training really underway.

Btw: my g/f asked me recently what my motivation was during the low low moments when I just wanted to quit working out. (Before I got into cycling.) It's been on my mind this morning so I thought I'd share it here:

I read "Younger Next Year for Women" and I can honestly say it changed my life. Maybe I was just in the right frame of mind at the time to receive the information, I don't know. It boils down to this:

1. Exercise six days a week, for the rest of your life. Whether you want to or not, whether you feel like it or not.
2. Do serious aerobic exercise four days a week (45 min), for the rest of your life.
3. Do serious strength training, with weights, two days a week for the rest of your life.
4. Spend less than you make.
5. Quit eating crap.
6. Care.
7. Connect and commit.

Food for thought.

jen: you can have our dog, he's old, whiny and annoying. I'm about ready to ding him over the head with a shovel. He's learned that if he wants to be pet on the head, just cry. So he comes over and pokes you with is nose, whining, til you pet him.. and you can't stop. As soon as you try to stop, he cries. Drives me nuts.

Wondering what a total gym is...


Is that really me
01-21-2007, 12:11 AM
Alwayslistening and SNM -- :welcome2: to the show. :D Glad to have you aboard!

Jen -- :bravo: on the 10 lb. lost! Bet you feel just great about it. Good job!!

LIW -- the total gym is the one that Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkely sell. You've seen the infomercial I'm sure. My husband bought it over the summer but hasn't really been using it lately. I was off and on in using it but never really set up a regular program. Now I'm using it 2-3 times a week. Works lots of muscles at once so you can get a lot done in a relatively short time. I'm only on the beginning stuff; I'm sure there's lots more you can do w/it once you built up a little muscle. There are many versions of it though; the Chuck and Christie one is, of course, like $2,000 or something. We got the total gym club 1700 for $350 at Dick's Sporting Goods. Hope this helps.

Just a quickie to post that I had a great treadmill workout this a.m. 3 miles w/plenty of running. I did the 3 miles in 46 minutes -- that's 2 minutes off my normal time!! Very pleased with this little NSV. I think the cold I had that was dragging me down all week is finally on its way out. Now my husband has it. Hope everyone has a great weekend.


01-21-2007, 11:08 AM
Jo, Wow, very impressive work on the TM yesterday. Good for you, keep it up.

T, Thanks for all the info. Glad you have your bike up and running. I wish I had your dedication.

Well I am contemplating going to the gym so I will check back w/ everyone later.


01-21-2007, 01:31 PM
YOWZA gingergen!:carrot: And you too IsthatreallyJO!:carrot: Weight loss is weight LOSS - no matter the #!:D

Hiya alwayslistening!:hug: Isthatreallyme(Jo) and I are both 46 - get in here and tell us about yourself, kay?

We are snow covered this morning and off to play in it - also beer soaked Football and Jalapeno's this afternoon - so just doing a "drive-by" here!:dizzy:

All this exercise talk is making me want to dust the laundry and cobwebs off my Bowflex!!! Very inspiring~Tx All!:hug:

I've been totally stressed at work and working looooooong 2nd shift hours. Slid on down the slippery slope of medicating myself with tons of junk food. LOVE this:

1. Exercise six days a week, for the rest of your life. Whether you want to or not, whether you feel like it or not.
2. Do serious aerobic exercise four days a week (45 min), for the rest of your life.
3. Do serious strength training, with weights, two days a week for the rest of your life.
4. Spend less than you make.
5. Quit eating crap.
6. Care.
7. Connect and commit.

Adding to my siggy LIW--Tx!:hug:

HAVE stayed true to my Pilates Plan thru this latest binge - this system is PERFECT for me and my Fitness Level. Have a 30 minute dvd that is broken into three 10 minute segments.

bbl if not too inebriated!:dizzy: Rooting for Da Colts & Da Bears!!!:p

01-22-2007, 08:20 AM
Happy Monday People!

A dusting of snow here this morning but the weather is mild. Today is a class day so the plan is to squeeze in a quick spin this morning before heading to campus.

Took the princess into the city yesterday. We entered via the Holland tunnel which drops you in near the Village. Sunday ams are usually quiet so we didn't have any trouble finding free parking on the street. We had brunch in a great little hole in the wall cafe and browsed some very chi chi upscale designer boutiques before collecting the car and heading up town. It was uncomfortably cold and windy so we didn't feel much like walking around. Parked in a garage on W. 44th just 2 doors down from the theater before we did a little time killing browsing in Times Square.

3pm show of Les Miserables was wonderful. The music is so great, the staging was very well done and the sets were impressive. We had a great time and with the exception of a little congestion heading out of the Lincoln Tunnel we had no traffic on the way home. Got home by 7:30pm - time to curl on the couch with DH and watch the Colts squeek out a win.

All in all a nice weekend.

Here's to a productive and healthy week! Good decisions one day at a time.


01-22-2007, 03:14 PM
Hi all, I usually work on Mondays but had today off due to our salon being remodeled slightly. Have to report back tomorrow (Tuesday) in the late afternoon to restock the retail shelves for our re-opening Wed. AM. So I get a little bit of a breather. Went to the gym this AM, stayed for over an hour, and feel pretty great as a result of it. Decided I needed a project today so I am now in the process of cleaning out my pantry. Partially so I can get rid of some junk I don't need and partially because it has not been done once in the three years I have lived here (I don't think). I did step on the scale this AM for weigh-in and was lucky enough to maintain my loss from last week. I was shocked, I thought for sure I would be up at least a pound or two. I was not very well behaved last week. But I have made a conscious decision to relinquish the permission I have given myself to eat crap that makes me fat and makes me feel horrible. I felt so much better eating healthfully. I'm going to do it again. Garbage in/garbage out is my new motto. The pantry won't know what hit it...

T, It is so fun to live vicariously thru your stories about going into the city. You are going to convince me to go for a visit eventually.

Aud, I was totally affected by LIW's 7 rules too. If it is that easy than why aren't we doing it? It is do-able. I'm proud of you for sticking w/ the pilates, good for you.

Hope everyone else is back soon!!!


Is that really me
01-22-2007, 03:22 PM
Hey all! LIW, your adventure and show sound wonderful. I took my oldest daughter to see Phantom at the Forrest Theatre in Philly for Christmas. It was absolutely wonderul. I saw the movie and thought it was ok but the play was great. The sets and costumes -- simply amazing!!

I took yesterday off from exercise. I hate exercising on Sundays; I just need to know that one day is just down time. I did ok eating over the weekend; nothing really off program but probably a little more calories than during the week. I can't seem to find the time or remember to track my food on fitday on the weekends. I keep track of it in my head but it's nice to actually see the numbers.

I did 25 minutes on the totaly gym and 3.25 miles on the treadmill. Not quite as quick as this past Saturday's workout but that was cause I was playing with my new (well, ok refurbished) ipod!! I LOVE THIS THING! I'm going to have to take a day and actually figure out which songs work best with which speed so I can create warmup, cooldown and cardio playlists. But it's sooooo much better than the cd player that we have or even a portable cd player. I've already got about 45 songs on it and that's just from some of our cds. I highly recomend mp3 players! I just hope technology doesn't make this completely obsolete in 5 years! :D

Didn't get the dog out today. We are both disappointed about that. Too much time w/the music and prepping for work tomorrow. I did reach my January walking goal of 50 miles today so I revised it for another 20 by the end of the month. Hope you all are having a great day!!


01-23-2007, 10:39 AM
Hello ladies, wasn't sure I would get through all those posts. Glad to see everyone is doing well. Hubby had a long weekend so I wasn't around much, My eating wasn't too bad, not the greatest, I'm sure I went over calorie wise cause I made seasoned potatoe wedges and they were awesome. Sometimes I really hate being an awesome cook cause well its all good and I want to eat it all. Well I was brave and crawled on the scale this am to assess the damage well I went from 217.2 to 217 so wasn't bad at all. I don't know if I will weigh in on Friday, depends on how brave I am, TOM is coming and I always gain 3-5 pounds, and I know what it is from but seeing it is still a downer. Although I say that now I am sure I will check cause I am getting kinda obsessed with seeing the numbers go down.

Emjay-that is 10 pounds since I started, I have to get to 214 by my birthday.

Isthatreallyme-don't feel bad for taking sundays off, I never workout on sundays, unless for some reason I miss a day and feel like I have to make it up, and I am still losing. Glad you like your ipod-I am thinking about getting one, well I am getting a mp3 player this weekend but not sure what to get. I have a ton of cds and want to transfer them to the ipod-can you do that or can you only use the music you buy from itunes? If that makes any sense the way I worded it.

ladyinwhite-did the bike in class again yesterday, my butt did still hurt while riding but was fine after I was done. Kinda had fun, although I need music!! But we are getting that taken care of this weekend.

Well I must get ready for class. I am running late again. School is so much different with two kids. Its like I hardly have time for anything, It don't help I am going at the by myself with the hubby on the road and all. Oh well, I will be done a year from May. I'll be around later.

01-23-2007, 01:34 PM
Hiya Gals!:)

WTG gingerj - a loss isalossisaloss, I always say . . . you're doing GREAT - and so are you jo . . . this is an exercising bunch!

My slipperysugarslope I slid down added up to a 1 pound gain for me - I think Pilatteing my way thru the mindless eating must have helped - 'cause I've sure gained waaaay more than One measly pound before with that kind of yucky eating! Makes me wonder how much I would have LOST had I not "gone there" - :?:

I'm loving the travelogue too LIW - sitting @ the PC dreaming . . . . :D

I've taken the Work Stress by the horns and rodeo'd it . . . the "F" word is now my friend - feeling much better about it all - on a new slippery slope: The fine line between assertive and aggressive!!!:D :dizzy: I've decided to err on the side of aggression, ya know? No more wimpy carb loading alone time for aud! Had an awesome work out in the gym yesterday and am totally recommitting to ME and MY well being. Flock 'em all!:dizzy:

I love your pic emjay - are your eyes as green as they look? I wanna a pic avatar when I grow up!!!:D

What is "Spin??":?:

Is that really me
01-23-2007, 02:17 PM
:D Jen, you can get a refurbished ipod from apple's website. We got a 2GB (holds 500 songs) for $99. It was previously purchased and returned; not necessarily "used", could have been returned for any number of reasons. Apple completely goes over the thing, inside and out, and resells it for cheap. We purchased our computer the same way and never had a problem. Nice product for a good price. You can upload your current cd's into the itunes library then download them onto your ipod and/or purchase tunes from the ipod store. We were also looking for some kind of system to play this on but didn't want a lot of bells and whistles or anything very big. We found an iSymphony at Radio Shack. It's made for ipods and mp3 players. It's small but w/a big sound, detachable speakers, preset EQs; am/fm tuner; cdplayer; 50 watts; wonderful sound. It charges your ipod/mp3 player too. Great price; great product. I've already got about 65 songs or so on the pod. Will be getting more from the store I'm sure (hey, that all rhymes!!).

Oh, and I don't feel at all guilty for not exercising on Sunday. Actually, I'm trying to keep Sundays free. I only exercise 5 days/week but had gotten busy and had to use Sunday. I like knowing I have off that day!! :D

Aud, good job keeping up w/the Pilates. Even if your eating is off you're still countering it w/the exercise -- and that's always a good thing!

Anyway, gonna take the doggie out for a little walk. Have a good one all!


01-24-2007, 04:59 AM
Has anyone else kept track of their measurements? Mine are in this Thread somewhere - LOL! Thinking about taking them again each month 'cause my clothes sure are fitting differently - and its not from Mr. Scale.

01-24-2007, 08:44 AM
I dreamed last night that I stepped on a scale and it read 158 and I was so excited to be below 160. In my dream I couldn't wait to come here and share it with you guys.

Alas... it was just a dream - as far as I know I'm still in the 170 range.

01-24-2007, 09:29 PM
OMG, I love my MP3 player. I can't work out w/o it. The gym I go to has XM radio but only plays music from the 60's and 70's (yuck), it's just not good workout music. I've downloaded my music from Limewire, not sure if it is legal or not (anybody know?). I've got everything from Chris LeDoux to Eminem on mine. I've been tossing around the idea of an ipod, now I may check out the website for the refurbished one (Thanks Jo).

Aud, I have not taken my measurements but I really should. Have you been monitoring your inches pretty closely? Does it give the same satisfaction the scale does (when we are being good that is)? Yup, my eyes are that green. You should get your pic avatar up soon, it's fun to see what everyone looks like.

Jen, I have 6 lbs. to lose b4 our bday. I hope I can do it or come darn close. I'm headed to the gym tomorrow for a power workout. Tomorrow is my hubby's bday and we are going out to dinner and my mil ordered a cake. I love cake.

T, How tall are you? Cuz I think you look pretty good at 170. I think I look pretty good at 170 too, can't wait to get there again. I know when I'm there I will want to lose more too though.


Later all, MJ

01-25-2007, 12:45 PM
Hi guys - just a quick post today. My puppy (not really a puppy) was rushed to the vet this morning. Looks like he's not long for this world. Came up fast but whatever it is is hitting him hard. It's so sad. DH is on his way to the vet to collect him. He's going to stay home with him today. Tonight we have to tell the kids and it looks like tomorrow I'll be taking him into the vet for the last time.

So sad.

I hope everyone else is having a better day.

Em - I'm 5'5, weighing about 170 right now +- a lb or two. I'm a pretty straight forward size 10 but definately a pear shape.

01-25-2007, 05:08 PM
So sad to let you know that our Maxie didn't even make it home. He took a critical turn for the worse while the Dr. was going over our options. :(

Everyone feeling blue today.

01-25-2007, 07:59 PM
I'm back. I've been to busy to log on lately. I have an internship, two jobs, and I do other stuff like workout in the morning. One of my jobs will be ending after January is over, so I should have more time to do things..

So I have been working out normally for two months now. I had another Dr. appt yesterday, and it does not look like I have lost any weight! Actually, the scale says that I weigh 203. A week or two ago, I weighed 197 on a different scale. Even if they are different scales, it still doesn't seem like I have lost any weight! It seems crazy with all the working out that I've been doing! I thought that I would especially lose weight quickly because the more weight one has to lose the quicker it comes off (because some of it is water weight)??!! After I got on the scale yesterday, I decided that I am absolutely cutting out all junk food and any late night dining..unless I am just eating fruit or vegetables.

By the way, I just got my "YOU on a Diet" yesterday. The book does reaffirme a lot of things I believe, like fad diets are a waste of time and don't work. I have only read the first chapter, but my only complaint about the book so far is that the author uses too many similies in the book...about every few of my favorite was ...about something "advancing like a 17 year old boy in a movie theater". Although I suppose the authors wrote stupid stuff like that because they wanted to keep their audiences attention...not sure.

Well I am working right now. After I get home, I have to clean, still work on a college essay, and pack for Cincy..I am leaving tommorrow night! Hope you all have a great weekend!:D

Is that really me
01-26-2007, 10:49 AM
LIW - I am so, so very sorry about your Maxie. I know how hard it is to lose a pet. What kind of dog was she and how old? I know there's nothing anyone can really say to make it better but just know that I'm thinking about you and your family! :hug: :hug: :hug:

Aud -- I haven't taken my measurements in quite a while but I think they might be: too big, too wide, no good. :lol: :lol: Are you still on the slipperysugarslope? I have found over the past few weeks that the more I stay away from it the less I want it. I've also been doing well not eating at night. The beginning was tough but now I don't really think much about it. If I'm actually hungry, I'll eat something but keep it in control. Just trying not to eat the whole damn thing anymore!! :tape:

Well the scale didn't move this week but I've no doubt it's due to TOM. What a pain in the butt!! Four days straight of cramps is just about enough if you ask me!!! I'm still the same weight which is amazing to me cause I always go up a few lbs. due to TOM so I'm anticipating that it will go down over the next few days. Still running my tush off on the TM. Tunes definitely help keep me motivated and on beat. I set up playlists for warmups, walking, running, and cooldowns. It's great when I'm running and the songs change but are all keeping basically the same beat. Anynone know if there is a site to find out the beats per minute (BPM) of songs?

The temp here has turned arctic! :fr: It's about 2 w/a wind chill below zero. But tomorrow they say it's going to be in the 40's. How ridiculous is that?
Hope everyone has a good weekend. Talk to ya later.


01-26-2007, 01:31 PM
Hi everyone - Well today dawns a bit brighter. Last night was rough. The princess had trouble digesting the shock of Maxie's passing. We had some therapeutic crying, poured over photos and shared "remember when" stories. Everyone seemed a bit subdued but better today. Maxie was a sheltie (think miniature lassie). He was our second sheltie. We had him for 11 years, the first few of them overlapping with our first sheltie MacDuff. Duff was showdog quality, Maxie was the runt of the litter. Duff was beautifully trained and obedient (I didn't have kids then), Max was Duff's evil twin! LOL

It sure is quiet in the house w/out Maxie hanging around keeping me company.

Some good news though: I stepped on the scale today and Hooray! I'm maintaining! LOL. I know that sounds pretty lame but that is my winter goal, to just maintain til the weather warms up and I'm out for 2 hours a day again. The scale read about 168 this morning which is exactly where I was pre Holiday food fest so no complaints here.

Thank you so much for the kind thoughts ITRM :) I am genuinely appreciative. I am the exact same way re: Beats Per Min. I need that when I'm on the eliptical. I visited the Turbo Jam website and I think jumped from there to other sites that had music where I was able to get 1 or 2. Mostly I just listen to the popular dance music when I'm on there. If you want, I can send you a copy of my playlist and you can see if there's anything there that works for you.

Welcome back college bride. Good luck with the new goal of No Junk Food. You can do it. After a while you will wonder how you ever ate that stuff at all!

Well the princess just got home so I'm going to sign off. Have a great day!

01-27-2007, 03:57 PM
*Doing a "Drive-By*

Adding my Maxie condolences-:( - had to smile about Evil-Twinness - our new lil Westie is just a joy AND A TERROR - has brought new life to our 12 yr old mini-schnauz - who I don't think is long for this world--hope it is as quick as your Maxie.

I've only taken my measurements ONCE - gotta find them in this Thread when I have time. Think I'll take them again Feb 1st and do it each month thereafter - have no idea what they'll be - just curious.

01-28-2007, 10:15 AM
thanks so much to everyone for the kind thoughts and support. We are all getting on with the business of living.

Last night Dh and I went out dancing! yep. There is a local fitness club that is unbelievably beautiful. The lockers are all gorgeous wood, there are indoor and outdoor pools, tennis courts, racketball courts, steam rooms, saunas, hot tubs both coed and unisex, classes in everything you can imagine including spinning, basketball courts and a HUGE fitness room w/ machines. Each machine has its own flat screen tv. It is amazing. A g/f of mine is a member (it's 100bucks a month and that includes EVERYTHING, every class, towels, toiletries, everything but the food and drink). Apparently this club hosts cocktail hour every friday and last night was their annual winterfest. For 15bucks we had dinner and dancing and a cash bar. It was very fun. The club is just stunning.

We ate so much crap. There were chef stations all over and they were making fresh stirfry, fresh lobster ravioli, fresh bananas foster, fresh caesar salad.

My g/f wants me to join the club but it really isn't convenient for me to be a member there. Besides, like I keep telling her, All I'm really interested in is the spinning and a few machines. With the set up of my new trainer, I do spinning at home. I have an eliptical machine that I use at home and in the summer time, I don't set foot inside a gym. I'm out on the bike for 2 to 3 hours a day. I realize that it's a great club, but I don't need it.

I'm going to look into what the guest rate is so maybe I can pay for a day and go with her now and then for kicks but that's it. Meanwhile, I'm going to go ride the trainer just now to try to burn off some of the calories from last night. I just feel soooo tired.


01-28-2007, 10:33 PM
Hi all, I'm back. Just couldn't find time to get here for whatever reason. Happy to report I made it to the gym 4 times this week. I would be content to do that every week. I'm going to try to fit it in this week too.

T, So sorry to hear about the furry friend:( My pug is battleing cancer right now and I don't know what we will do if she doesn't make it. She is about 7 y/o but we have only had her for 4 years and it hasn't been nearly enough time w/ her. Wow that gym sounds phenomenal, I love a nice gym/spa. I was a member at a nice one when I worked in the big city and I miss it so much. That is a steal for $100 per month but I understand that if it is not convenient or needed it is no bargain at all.

Aud, Can't wait untill the 1st to see what your progress has been in inches. I haven't been able to dig up a measuring thingy (I don't sew) and keep forgetting to pick one up. But I really need to measure my waist, that is what the "you" book says anyways.

Jo, TOM really screws me up too. And it is about a week away. I'm going to try to combat it this time by watching my salt intake. Maybe it will help maybe not.

Z, Glad you are back. Sorry about the scale dillema. I think it is unbelievable too since you have been working out so much. Maybe it was just a difference in scales. Oh well, maybe you need to start going by a measuring tape too.

Well I must sign off, be back tomorrow w/ weigh in results...


01-28-2007, 11:13 PM
Hello Emjay! I was just surfing through the site and came across this thread. I was so excited to see a familiar name!! Sounds like you're doing well. I'm still trudging along. Just still struggling with losing, regaining then relosing the same stubborn lbs. Anyway, I just had to say hello!

Hi everyone else :) I've been a member of 3fc for quite some time but I havent been in here in almost a yr I think. First my computer crashed, then I got a new position at work. Ended up just overwhelmed with the new workload and other things and havent been able to find time to get back in here. When I posted regularly, Emjay and I were in the same thread.

Maybe someday soon I will be able to get back to coming here more often. Nice meeting all of you!


01-29-2007, 05:55 AM
I keep missing what "spinning" is . . . something to do with the bike?

Hiya miki!:) Jump on in here.:hug:

Have been a total vegetable all weekend - but didn't eat hardly any!:dizzy: Work stress is taking its toll - resolved - like I do every Monday - to combat it in a healthy - positive way.

Is that really me
01-29-2007, 12:04 PM
TOM is finally gone; that darn fluid retention gets me every month. BUT, I did get another lb. off AND that means I've met my January goal of being down 5 lbs. by 2/1/07. :yes: :woohoo: I also just had a fantastic treadmill run. I ran 3 miles in 44:50 minutes!! That's a first ever for me. I know, "real" runners would think that was wimpy but a 15 minute mile was always just out of reach. Since I got the 3 miles done in less time, I stayed on an extra 1/2 mile for a total of 3.5 miles today. What a great NSV this is!!! Very happy about it (can you tell???) :crazy:

The kids had a 2 hr. delay due to icy roads so they'll be home in just a few hours. No dog walks today. But since it's so cold, the ground is frozen and she can run all around the yard chasing the little bunnies, squirrels and kitty cats that come visiting. It's great fun to watch her try and catch them. She treed a cat a few weeks back (several strays around and people keep feeding them so they are well and keep reproducing! :eek: We will be over run w/them some day I fear!). Don't worry, little kitty cat got down and ran away just fine. For some reason the animals like our yard cause it's fenced in. Go figure!

Jen, I'd love it if you'd PM me your playlist and I'll do the same. Ok, so just remember that I'm 46 and just give some of the tunes a chance! ;)

Hope everyone had a good weekend and is doing their best to stay the course. TTFN!!!!


01-30-2007, 10:57 AM
YESSSS! :carrot: I did it! The first couple of times I attempted the spinervals dvd it kicked my tang. I finished it today!

aud: Spinning is working out on a stationary bike. It is doing sprint intervals at different levels of resistance. Standing and sitting. It can be done on a regular bike that's attached to a trainer (like mine) or in a class at a gym on special stationary bikes. Usually these classes play music really loud and they are led by an instructor who is also riding. It burns calories like crazy.

Today I completed the 45 min video and burned about 500 calories. I feel great! I'm really psyched that I completed the workout. It's only 10am and my stomach is growling now though. Will grab an apple while I start my chores.

Enjoy the day everyone!!!

PS: HI Miki!! Welcome!!

01-30-2007, 11:32 AM
Hello everyone, been awhile but I am back. As you recall I mentioned TOM was due on Friday, well she never showed, needless to say I was panicked and stressed, so of course I fell off track. Now is now time for a baby. I would be due at such a bad time, part way through the semester. I am a little more than a year away from graduation, we dont' want another baby for some time. Any way she finally showed this morning and I cried-tears of joy. So I am so back and so ready to kick some butt and you can bet me and the hubby are gonna be a little more careful in the future;)
Well I only gained a little over a pound with her this month so that should be easy to lose.

isthatreallyme-the hubby bought me an ipod for my early bday this last weekend. I haven't actually put any songs on it yet, i have over 400 cds that I am currently importing my favorite songs to the computer but once I start setting up playlists I will be sure to share them. I am so excited about getting it up and running.

Well I hate to run like this but Open Season come out today and I promised my girls we would get it and I have lots of house work to get caught up-depression is horrible but I am out of that now. Talk to you ladies later on.

Is that really me
01-30-2007, 02:21 PM
LIW - congrats on your NSV!! :ebike: Doesn't it feel just fantastic when you accomplish something that was just eluding you? That's how I feel about running on the TM. I did another 3 miles in 45:10 minutes today. And I had to force myself to just keep going cause I just wanted to sit down the whole time! But once done, boy does it feel great. I also did 25 min. of total gym and just got back from a 1.5 mile dogwalk -- boy, was she happy to get out!!

Jen - if you figure out how to copy your playlists (the names and artists) into a word doc or something, let me know. I keep trying but I'm not having any luck. Cutting and pasting only copied part of the lists and put it in some text box. I'll keep trying. And congrats on no congrats!! Possible baby at the wrong time can really bend your mind. I've never had a baby scare -- oh wait, yes I have -- I have three kids!! :lol: :lol: :lol:


01-30-2007, 02:47 PM
Miki, OMG, I have been thinking about you lately...So glad to see you here again. Hopefully you can check in once in a while, even if it is just once a week. I came back to the site Nov 06 I think and have been trudging along, or maybe it was December. Hope everything is going good for you. Is your rotator cuff fully healed, no surgery I hope??? Well anyways we have a really great group here and hope you can join us now and then. Thanks for looking me up.

Jo, Great job w/ the 15 minute miles. I can't usually do that on a treadmill, but on the elliptical I can do about 3.2 - 3.4 miles in 30 minutes. That includes a warm up and cool down. Since I don't have either machine at home I have my choice at the gym and always perform better on the elliptical. Have you ever tried one? Also, I have been watching your miles add up on your ticker, you are doing awesome. I'm definately going to do that in February. Was that ticker from this site or did you import it?

T, Good job on the spinervals. Sounds like everything is coming together as planned w/ the cyclops (sp?). Not many people have a spinning class right in their own home. Does the dvd have good music on it?

Jen, Don't feel bad I was up 2 lbs. this week and I think it was cuz of pre TOM. Lucky me, I'll have it on our b-day, yuck. That is cool about the ipod, wish I had one.

Aud, Hang in there and keep doing those pilates. I bet you have big plans for Super Bowl. Well do ya?

Yup that is right up 2 lbs. this week and for once I really don't know how. Usually I know exactly how but I'm not going to question and just try to stay on track w/ my excercising. I'm in the middle of a blizzard right now and have been waiting all day for the h20 softener repair guy that still hasn't showed so I didn't go to the gym this AM. The dude that is supposed to plow the drive hasn't showed up yet either. I guess the 14 inches of snow we got overnight really threw a wrench in things. But I did manage a 2-mile WATP before noon so that is good. We have snow for the rest of the week so it may be me and Leslie Sandsone all week instead of the gym. Oh well better than nothing.


01-30-2007, 02:54 PM
Correction I lost one pound not two. I don't know what I was thinking. Oh well, that makes me feel better. Carry on.

01-30-2007, 02:55 PM
Okay correction #2, that is gained not lost. I'm having a blond day...

Is that really me
01-31-2007, 12:05 PM
Well I just finished a measley 2 miles on the tm. I had a HUGE fight w/my 10 yr. old this a.m. I am so unbelievably pissed at her. All over the stupid computer. She wanted to play her new game (mall tycoon); her time was limited. I told her she only had 1/2 hr.; I told her if she gave me hard time when it was time to get off that she'd get in trouble; I gave her a solid 5 minute heads-up when I went upstairs to get changed. But as soon as I said ok, you have to eat and get going she just started in the whinning, tantruming, telling me to shut up, back talk, you name it. She does this often -- learned, no doubt, from her brother. I gave her numerous warnings that if she didn't knock it off she'd lose the computer for the remainder of the day, then the next day, etc. Well she kept it up, is grounded off the computer till Saturday and she is no longer allowed on it in the mornings. Which sucks because sometimes she's up at 6am and doesn't need to leave till 8:30am. I tried to not get mad but she just pushed every single button and I just exploded. My mental state was so not into exercising. All I wanted was to get her over to school and be back by 8:30 or so; that way I could get the tm done and get a shower and get dressed by 10am. Sorry to rant here but she just makes me so bloody :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :bomb: :bomb: :bomb: :rollpin: :rollpin: :mad: :mad: :mad:

MJ, no I've never tried an elliptical machine. Is that the one where you move your arms and legs simultaneously sort of in an arc-like motion? Hope I described that right. I got the fitness ticker from the ticker factory. I did a search on "tickory factor" and clicked on the link that said "weight loss - diet ticker". Oh, and everytime I would update my miles I would delete the one in my signature then cut and paste the new info. You just have to update your ticker and when you logon to here, it automatically is updated. Took me a few weeks to figure THAT one out! And I don't know why, but my ticker still says I have .5 miles to go. I monkeyed around w/the mileage numbers to see if I could get that to change but anything over my goal just kept saying I had xx more miles to go. Dunno what's up w/that.

At least I reached my 70 mile goal; starting a new one tomorrow. I was/am so mad at her behavior that I ripped the ipod off my head after 1/2 mile and just fumed the entire time. Not much fun. :mad:


02-01-2007, 05:37 AM
WOWzers - you all are AWESOME!:carrot: Very inspiring work outs and achievements!!!:hug: I've been walking like crazy but not making the time for anything else - therefore - up two pounds. Not freaking and gonna continue to strive for balance.

My 9 yr old is related to your 10 yr old - I swear Jo!:mad: Just plain ornery at times and a definite button pusher - even tho' she KNOWS I will follow thru with the punishment. Grrrrrrrrr! It's definitely an adventure - soooo glad gingerj's baby scare turned out well!!!;) :D

Just drove some county roads that were another adventure altogether - 2" of packed snowy ice - found my "slot" and made it home - but nerve wracking and lonely at this time of the Wee Hours - doubled my drive home time but am celebrating LIFE with a big glass of water and a sleeping pill!!!

Finishing up Super Bowl plan and recipes tomorrow emmieJ . . . ttya then!:)

02-01-2007, 08:49 AM
good morning ladies -

Well here it is.. I'm officially 42. We went out for my bday dinner last night instead of tonight. We had the absolute best time. I'm so fortunate. My family is awesome.

A long, quiet dinner with DH, the princess and DS filled with laughs. I actually started to cry when the waitress brought out dessert w/ a candle in it and my family sang for me.

I didn't even think about food or exercising all day yesterday. It's funny, before I brought my bike into the shop, I was happy to use the eliptical. Now, I feel like I'm just waiting to get my bike back tomorrow. As I write this I can hear DH on the eliptical watching tv. He's a good role model LOL.

Enjoy the day! Stay safe out there aud. That driving sounds terrible.

Glad everything worked out the way you needed it to Jen.

quick waves to everyone else and I'm off to work!

02-01-2007, 02:53 PM
:gift: :woo: & a Happy Birthday to Our LIW!:hb:

Is that really me
02-01-2007, 02:54 PM
Hey LIW, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! :hb: :woo: Glad you had a good celebration w/your family. How was that cake? Yummy I bet! My youngest's b-day is tomrrow (yes, I said she was 10 earlier but her b-day is actually tomorrow). All is well w/her now. Hugs, apologies and kisses were given and everything is smoothed over -- till next time!:dizzy:

Aud - don't know if it's the age or the kid (I'm seriously thinking it's the kid) cause my oldest was and is never, ever like my youngest. My youngest -- oh the mouthy backtalk, OY!! She has waaaaayyyyy too much confidence for a 10 yr. old! I keep telling myself that it will serve her well as an adult- that is, if I don't clobber her first!! ;) Sorry to hear about your gain but just keep plugging away; some weeks are just better than others. You'll find your groove again!!

Today's workout was much, much better than yesterday's. I now have the confidence of knowing that I can do 3 miles in 45 minutes. Next goal is to whittle that down to 3 miles in 40 minutes. Weighing in tomorrow; hoping more is gone.

Hope everyone is having a good day. G.A. and E.R. are both on tonight and both are new. Still haven't watched House that I taped on Tuesday. Maybe tomorrow!


Is that really me
02-02-2007, 12:41 PM
{bump, bump, bump} Another one bites the dust;
{ba da bump, bump, bump} Another one bites the dust;
And another one's gone, and another one's gone, another one bites the dust;
Hey, you're gonna lose one too, another one bites the dust -- YEAH!!!! :cb:


02-02-2007, 02:58 PM
{bump, bump, bump} Another one bites the dust;
{ba da bump, bump, bump} Another one bites the dust;
And another one's gone, and another one's gone, another one bites the dust;
Hey, you're gonna lose one too, another one bites the dust -- YEAH!!!! :cb:


Too Funny!!!

congrats - :D keep up the good work :hug:

02-04-2007, 08:35 PM
I am starting to get really discouraged, I don't feel like I am ever going to lose this weight. I have stuck to my working out schedule and I feel like I am eating well. I am destined to be a fat bride :(

02-04-2007, 10:04 PM
. I have stuck to my working out schedule and I feel like I am eating well. I am destined to be a fat bride :(

Calories in, calories out. Don't get discouraged. Try focusing more closely on the calories in, see if you can find that weakness that might be slowing your progress down.

I can't promise that will be the quick fix you want but I can say this for sure - if you give up, if you throw in the towel, you absolutely positively won't lose a lb.

Hang tough.

Is that really me
02-05-2007, 11:24 AM
CB, have you tried tracking your calories on Fitday? Sometimes actually seeing the number of calories will not only help keep you on track but will let you see where you might be off some. Also, maybe you should adjust your goal. 43 lbs. in 3 months is quite a bit in a relatively short time; don't really think it's realistic. 20 lbs. is though. I know, it's not what you wanted but like LIW said, throwing in the towel will mean you won't lose anything. 20 lbs. may not be 40 lbs., but it's 20 less than where you are now! :) Try tweaking your calories and maybe doing an extra day or an extra 15 mins/per day of exercise. You might just need that little bump to get things going. I know how you feel though; I threw in the towel 3 yrs ago after losing 20 lbs. over the course of 5 months. You know why I threw in the towel? Cause I didn't reach my goal by Christmas. I missed it by like 3 lbs.; got really, really annoyed cause I worked really hard and thought I should have reached my goal. Starting eating more and exercising less and b/4 I knew it, I'd gained back everything I'd lost! I had to start all over again. Don't give up!! We're all in the same boat and can help each other through the squalls!!! :hug:


02-05-2007, 02:05 PM
Thanks T. & Jo!
No, I am not giving up, I will never give up! I am just annoyed!! That is true though, about Fitday, I have stayed away from it because I don't honestly have time to do it every day...but it wouldn't hurt to use it a few days just to see how many calories that I am really taking in. I did set my goal pretty high, that is ideal, but TRUST me I would not be upset if I only lost 20 by then and not 40. I know that I will be proud of myself for any amount of weight I lose...I just want to see some results PRONTO! I could work out more often, I have been working out atleast three days per week for the last two months, but I could do more I suppose. I am just finding it so hard to lose weight when I keep thinking...only three years ago I was 130...if only I had.....

...I am driving myself nuts!

Thanks for the support!! I have already stopped eating late at night. That was one of my downfalls. See, I usually stay up till 2am-3 sometimes..and my fiance/room mate doesn't get home from work till about I would often eat with him. But a few weeks ago, I thought long and hard and I told myself that him and I DO NOT have the same metabolism. And he does not sit in an office all day like I do.. So I am making improvements in the food department, I suppose I could do more though..

Is that really me
02-06-2007, 09:09 AM
It's 8am, I've been up for nearly three hours, am still in my pj's and am most unmotivated to get changed and workout. Still have to get the youngest out the door but really, really want to crawl back under the covers and go back to sleep! I need to get changed and get on the treadmill -- aacckkk, where to find the motivation? It's zero and windy here; every shade is closed in the house trying to keep warm. Must get changed and go work out; must get changed and go work out. How do you guys get your butts in gear when you are having these kinds of days? :dunno:


Is that really me
02-06-2007, 11:11 AM
Ok, ok so I just got changed and told myself that I'd only do 2 miles. After a 5 minute warmup I got those two miles done in 30 minutes but of course, being warmed up and all, did another mile. Just walked the last mile though. Too tired today. At least I'm done -- for today ;)

Hope everyone else is hanging in there. Man if this arctic blast doesn't leave soon -- I just hate this time of year!


02-06-2007, 12:46 PM
Is that really me,
Three days out of the week I work out with my friend, always at the same time. Maybe you could find a workout buddy? Do you have dogs? What about them?

Is that really me
02-06-2007, 01:24 PM
CB, na I prefer to workout alone on my own schedule. Just a bit of a loner is all. :D My dog is my avatar picture -- isn't she just too cute? But alas, I refuse to walk her (or even go outside) when the weather is 7 degrees w/a wind chill below zero. Just not gonna happen. I was walking her in addition to the treadmill stuff earlier but now that the weather is just nasty I'll just have to wait. No, it's just a mattter of getting off my BOB (big 'ol butt) and just doing it. Once I start I usually finish; sometimes just changing into workout clothes is all I need to do. Thanks though!! :D


02-06-2007, 09:46 PM
No, it's just a mattter of getting off my BOB (big 'ol butt) and just doing it. Once I start I usually finish; sometimes just changing into workout clothes is all I need to do. Thanks though!! :D


I'm with you. I psych myself all out because the -thought- of working out just makes me tired! I hem and haw and finally just force myself to get started to get it over with. In the end, I always end up doing way more than I planned once I actually get going. It helps when I'm actually outside on the bike because I'm away from home so there's no point in quitting because the only way to quit is to ride back home and since I need to ride to get home, I may as well keep going. (does this make sense to anyone else? LOL)

The bottom line is you are right. All ya gotta do is just get up and do it.

Is that really me
02-07-2007, 11:05 AM
Just got done another 3.5 miles. I did 3 miles in 43:50 minutes. A first for me; that's down 1 full minute from my last increase. Now if I could only be more consistent w/these times and reach them more than once every week and a half :D I think I know why I was so tired yesterday. I ate breakfast b/4 I worked out. I usually wait or maybe have a small snack but I ate b-fast at like 7:30am yesterday. Woke up completely starving. Same today but I ate 3 triscuts and about 1/4 cup of protein shake. My stomach was growling 1/2 through my workout though! I think that's because I'm not eating at night. Ate dinner at 5:30pm and then two hard candies around 10pm. Hope everyone is doing well.


02-08-2007, 04:54 PM
Yes your dog is adorable! I absolutely love dogs! I can't wait to have one myself!

So everyone, I am going to put myself on a limb and tell you what's on my mind. Tommorrow I am having a colonoscopy..I'm nervous! I was really nercous just because of the procedure, but now I am nervous to find out what is wrong with me. I can't wait till tommorrow is over!:genie: I am 22 by the way. I know that when you get to a certain age you have to do those every year...yikes!! Has anyone else ever had one done? Were you scared??:fr: :stress:

02-08-2007, 07:53 PM
Collegebride-I hope it goes well for you tomorrow. I have never had one done but I have known people who have.

Okay ladies, not sure where to start. I have been terrible the last two weeks. I am trying to pull myself out of this hole I have fallen headfirst into. I have all but given up again. I have lost all my motivation. I went to my doc last week for my heartburn, well far worse than heartburn, he diagnosed me with GERD, wich I basicly knew but hadn't actually done anything about. He prescribed me some awesome pills, I haven't had heartburn in over a week when I usually get it every day. I was even able to eat chili at mom's last weekend. I ate lots of chili, I hadn't been able to enjoy chili in a very very long time. Well I may not have heartburn but one of the side effects is increased appitite. How am I supposed to win with that.

Okay I don't mean to ramble on here, so how bout we just kick me and yell at me and tell me to get my butt back on track. I am capable of doing this, and I shouldn't let anything stop me. Hmm, that might work. C'mon ladies remind me that I don't want to be a fat lazy cow the rest of my life. I am doing this to save my life. I don't want to die of an early heart attack. There is lots of heart disease and diabetes in my family and if I dont' take charge now I will end up with all kinds of health complications.

Well even if you don't kick my butt into gear I may have just done it. Well I feel better. I am gonna go find some pictures of skinny ladies to hang on my fridge. See if that keeps me out. Well I must start supper for the girls. Talk to you later.

Is that really me
02-09-2007, 09:48 AM
CB, good luck w/the test. I've never had one done but from my understanding they knock you out completely and you don't even remember anything. Yeah for drugs!!! Hope everything turns out well. Even though you have to go through the test, that's one test where being the patient is probably better than being the one doing the test. :mag: :D

Jen, I just want to give you a hug :hug: :hug: I've said this on many posts (it'll probably be my last words!) but this whole diet/exercise/losing weight thing is 90% mental. I've gone in and out of the right mindset so many times. When I'm in that zone, I can handle set backs and scales that won't budge but when I'm not in that frame of mind, I just want to give up and quit. Yes, even though I know that by not trying I'll just remain where I am. I don't know what to say to get you back into the right mindset other than to just do it. Just for today. Don't worry about the last few weeks and don't worry about tomorrow. Just for today, one day, stick to xx calories and do 30 minutes of any type of exercise. Just start and start again, as many times as it takes. Good luck!

Well, the scale didn't move for me this past week. Anything is better than gaining I suppose. I'm wondering if maybe my body has made an "adjustment" to all the running/walking and if maybe I shouldn't forgo 1 day of treadmill work for something else. I'm going to do an old Gilad Step and Tone tape today instead. Already did the total gym.

Just dropped my youngest off at school. I reminded her b/4 she left to pack her homework. Of course she forgot. A better mother would probably run it over to school; I prefer to teach lessons and will not do that. Maybe next time she'll stop yapping at me when I remind her of things and just do them instead! Kids!! :dizzy: Hope you all have a good day.


02-09-2007, 05:15 PM
Wow, bet you guys thought I fell off the face of the earth. We had a blizzard here last weekend and the early part of this week and it was nearly impossible to keep the sattelite cleared off long enough to get online and do anything productive. And then when it did clear up mid week I found out that my husband of 5 yrs. (been together 10) has been cheating on me w/ one of our friends (I use that word loosely). The lovely affair has been going on since at least 12/05, that is as far back as I can track on the cell phone logs. I will have to pay $15/per month to get any previous record, I'm probably going to do it to. Needless to say I have an appt. w/ a lawyer Monday and will be filing for divorce. Regardless of how bad this is I will admit there are a few bright lights at the end of the tunnel and one is weight loss. I have actually gone thru all of this before and lost 70 lbs. last time. Weight loss is inevitable for me right now. Well not sure how often I will be able to check-in in the next few weeks but I will be back.

I know, I know, nice topic for a Friday afternoon. Hope everyone has a good weekend.


02-10-2007, 06:33 PM
First of all, to answer any concerns...the test went well...not as bad as I thought it would be! The problem turned out to be something minor that can be treated with some more fiber and preperation I am relieved though, atleast its nothing like colon cancer!! Yo hoo!!

MJ, I am really sorry to hear what happened to you. Wow, your husband must be a good liar to have kept this going atleast since 2005. However, I am sure that the cell phone records will do nothing but help you in court. And your friend, wow. The things some women will do huh? It will be rough for you I'm sure, but you're better off!! Stay strong & remember not to make food your new best friend...because I know that's what I would do!!:^:

Is that really me
02-12-2007, 12:11 PM
Hello chickies -- my, my this thread has been awfully quiet lately!

MJ, so very sorry to hear about your assinine husband. Please do me a favor and go egg his car. You'll feel better! Hope you can work you way through this; good luck :hug:

CB, glad to hear your colonoscopy wasn't too terrible. My brother was scheduled to have one the other week and got himself so worked up over it that his anxiety level went through the roof, didn't sleep (literally) for four days and cancelled the test. :eek:

Well, I'm reassessing my exercise routine after a no weight loss week last week and eating too much food Fri and Sat. I posted a thread on the exercise form (How Often) but only got one response. It was helpful but didn't answer my specific questions. So I just posted a thread on the Weight Lifting forum (Is This a Good Workout Plan?). Maybe I'll get some more information.

I did the TM yesterday, but only for 40 min walking. Started lifting some weights this a.m. and just did an old Gilad Fat Burning tape. You'd think after 6 weeks of treadmilling I'd be able to breeze through the tape, but different muscles get worked and it took me off guard. Hmmm, maybe I'm answering my own questions through trial and error.

Hope everyone is doing well. Please post folks; I need the sounding boards! Aud, how ya doing? Jen, any luck w/refocusing? LIW, how's it going?


02-14-2007, 12:00 AM
Geesh, hope I haven't scared everyone off. Working on a marriage reconciliation, but don't know if it is possible. Good news, I'm down 5 lbs. Will do an official weigh in on Monday. Hope everyone is well. More from me later.


p.s. Z, Glad the C-oscopy went well. That kind of thing cannot be fun.

Jo, Wow, Gilad that is a blast from the past. But I do remember it. Good luck w/ it.


02-15-2007, 01:16 PM
Hi everyone - I'm ok, all is well. I've just been so very very busy this week. Had something pressing, a deadline that needed to be met and now that it has, life should return to normal.

The ice storm thrown into the mix yesterday didn't help. It is beautiful today though, everything is glistening in a layer of ice.

Course I still wish I was on a beach in belize but .. oh well :)

02-15-2007, 01:37 PM
No you didn't scare me off! Its been really crazy in Ohio. The city I live in has been on a level 2-level 3 snow warning the last few days. And I am also crazy busy. My sister is being induced this weekend, so I have been working on a project for the new baby. I also don't get to check this as much as I would like to anymore :0(

Is that really me
02-19-2007, 11:01 AM
Aaaaccccckkkkk!!!! Darn leftover Valentines Day candy that is on sale really cheap!!! Darn, darn, darn :mad: And darn kids having snow days, 1/2 days and four day weekends!!! No time for exercise and my eating has backslide considerably the past week. Must re-group NOW! Am also feeling like a gerbil on the treadmill and need to change things up. Anyone do anything w/weights? I HATE winter and windchills!


02-19-2007, 09:56 PM
Hi everyone - I seem to be suffering from the winter blues as well. I wish I could chase up some of the enthusiasm I need to get myself motivated again. I'm with you ITRM, my eating, my exercise, all of it has just backslided. ****, today I intentionally bought and ate a giant milky way bar. And I do mean giant. For reasons that I cannot fathom I was sitting there eating my usual salad and I just got up and tossed the salad container in the garbage, walked into the store and bought it.

The thing is - why should I feel guilty? Why punish myself? It's not against the law. It's not something I do all the time. Why do we make ourselves nuts over this stuff?

02-20-2007, 11:30 AM
Today is a better day, feeling more myself. Switched up the training dvds, completed the Train Right dvd that is done by the same guy who coaches Lance. I have to admit the clips of Lance riding are motivational to me.

500 calories burned, healthy breakfast and snack done and presto, I feel so much more like ME.

The ride this morning reaffirmed for me that once the weather warms and I'm out on the bike, I'll be back in my normal groove and should drop these remaining 20 lbs.

Happy Tuesday!

Is that really me
02-21-2007, 11:05 AM
Ok, so I've been doing a LOT of research the past week or so, asking lots of questions on these forums too. I'm going to incorporate 2 days a week of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) on the TM. Anyone else ever tried this? I've found several routines to start with. You basically warm up, do 30 seconds of a jog, followed by 30 seconds of a sprint, etc. until you complete either xx rounds or xx minutes. (There are many variations but that's the basic gist of it.) The longest I've seen any particular routine is 20-30 minutes. HIIT keeps your body from settling into that "steady-state" mode, where you're at your target heartrate but your body has become more efficient so your just not burning the calories that much. HIIT keeps your body out of steady-state and keeps it guessing and burning much more calories both during and especially after you exercise. At least, that's my understanding of it. :)

The whole gerbil-on-the-treadmill routine is just getting to be a bit much and a bit boring. Mentally I am having trouble being on the thing for 45-50 minutes at a stretch. So I'm also going to limit my regular workouts to a solid 30 minutes of heart rate working out, at a higher intensity that what I had been doing. I think I wasn't pushing myself enough and was too concerned w/how many miles I was doing. I also started working out w/weights. The total gym just wasn't doing it for me. Maybe I was doing something wrong or just not doing enough but since I have dumbells I'm starting a 2 days/wk upper body and 2 days/wk lower body workout. Nothing fancy; just basic stuff. I did a full blown UB workout last Monday (b/4 Valentines Day). 3 exercises of 3 sets each for biceps, triceps, chest, back and shoulders. AAccckkk, how stupid was I???? :yikes: EXCRUICIATING bicep pain for three days. Couldn't extend my arms at all. The only good thing was that I absolutely couldn't shovel the snow that we got on Valentines Day; hubby and oldest daughter had to do it. :D Learned my lesson the hard way and restarted yesterday. I can feel the muscles I worked (except the biceps; I went really light cause I was afraid! :fr:) but am not in pain. Going to do LB stuff and a 30 TM workout now. Don't feel like it but will do it anyway. Haven't stepped on the scale in over 2 weeks cause I just know it went up from over eating and I don't want to see it.

Hope everyone is hanging in there.


02-22-2007, 07:42 PM
We punish ourselves for eating unhealthy things because that is how most American women are brought up anymore. We are brought up by society that as women we have to be beautiful and tiny in order to be successful. Eating things like a candy bar puch you away from that goal so you feel guilty. I noticed that when I was listening to a commercial a few days ago, they always cater the wrinkle cream commercials to women. Why? Men get wrinkles too? Its because we have to be perfect, alas.

Also, I have decided to give up certain foods for Lent this year. I did this when I was 16 and this was what started me off losing 70 lbs. (which I have all but gained back now). I am giving up beef, pork, cream cheese, pop (yikes!), chocolate (I'll miss it), and ice cream (how sad :( ). So far I am doing pretty good, although it hasn't been two full days yet.

02-23-2007, 03:03 PM
Hi Everyone. I also have a lot of weight to lose. I'm a stay at home mom to a 13 month old little girl named Destinee Marie. I live in Anchorage, Alaska and am also a full time college student (taking classes online). Just wanted to say hi!

Is that really me
02-24-2007, 02:46 PM
Hey guys, just a quickie to post that I got on the scale today (after avoiding it like the plague for the past few weeks) and was totally surprised to see that I had actually lost a lb. Believe me, I've been trying w/the food but have been eating way more (read that as reese's p.b. cups!) than I should. Maybe the new exercise routine is working.

Hi and :welcome3: Mama Angel!!! This thread is usually more active but I think that everyone is really busy right now. At least I hope they come back!! I usually post more during the week. I'll talk to ya all soon!!


02-28-2007, 03:19 PM
Yeah, I've been busy enough that I keep forgetting to come to this website when I have extra time. I bought some clothes yesterday, boy was it discouraging. I don't feel like I have lost any weight after three months of constant working out. I am eating healthier too. Well maybe I need to work out more than three times a week. And I guess that I will start eating yogurt mixed with fruit and a little special K for lunch instead of a sandwish and whatnot. Jeeez, I don't want to be like this forever!

03-01-2007, 06:51 PM
Well ladies, I haven't completely disappeared.

Emjay-I am so sorry to hear about your husband. I wish you the best of luck in whatever you decide to do. I am sure you will come out on top.

Things have been kinda crazy here. I am doing very well in school. I am tired a lot but then I have a lot to do. Taking care of everything by myself is hard.

Well obviously I have fallen of the wagon and landed flat on my butt, good thing it is so padded. I eat way more than I should and haven't exercised in so long. I don't know what my problem is, I want to lose the weight but I have no motivation and I like to eat. I try to give up the foods I love so much but then I always go back to eating them. It doesn't help that my apartment is so tiny, I really don't have room to workout, not my videos anyway I have tried, I have to literally move most of the furniture out of the way, then you still don't have room and I kick the stuff anyway. I have to move stuff around to pull my elliptical out that most of the time it is just more work than I want to deal with. Okay I will stop rambling. I just wanted to let everyone know I am back, and as soon as I figure out a way to kick my butt into gear I will be one hot mamma again.

Well I have laundry waiting to be finished and dishes to be done, it is a really good thing I don't have any work to do for my classes tomorrow, well class, the other was cancelled since we have spring break next weekend. I will check back in later.

Is that really me
03-06-2007, 10:26 AM
Hi Ladies! I hope you guys all come back soon. I keep checking in here but there's no one to chat with! :(

I lost another lb. and am down a total of 8. Two more and I get to post another dancing carrot! I've been doing a complete UB/LB workout three days a week w/HIIT three days a week. As soon as the weather gets nice I can get in dog walks which I'm hoping will give me that little extra push to start dropping a little more quickly. Fell off the food wagon and TOM was here, which explains the slow loss, but am back OP again -- at least so far! :)

It is so freakin' cold and windy here that I think the roof is going to blow off the house! Cripes I can't wait till spring!

Hope to hear from you guys soon.


03-06-2007, 02:46 PM
Uggg.....I need some serious motivation today. I didn't work out yesterday so I worked out for 30 minutes this morning and will be doing another work out later today as well to make up for yesterday. I'm having a hard time adapting my body to the new eating schedule. I'm so used to not eating breakfast and only eating 2 meals a day and this is making it rough on me. Any tips or suggestions? I'm open for all!

Is that really me
03-06-2007, 03:16 PM
Hi Mama A :wave: Glad to see ya! :D

I usually have a cup of coffee first thing in the am. (around 5:30). I normally don't even get hungry till around 8:00am or so. Try eating a small b-fast when you're getting hungry but not starving. Sometimes I have a snack; other days nothing till lunch. Today I ate oatmeal w/some protein powder for b-fast but had to run out around 10:30am-11:00am, so I ate a cheese stick to hold me over till I got home and ate lunch around 12:30. Wasn't starving (thanks to the cheese stick) but wanted my lunch. I'll probably get hungry again around 3:30pm and have a yogurt w/some kashi go lean crunch mixed in. That will get me to dinner (don't know what that is yet!). I've found that if I eat small amounts of protein and carbs every 2-3 hrs., I don't get into that whole pass-out-hungry-eat-everything-in-sight mode. Try small b-fasts or split your b-fast into two meals -- one in the a.m. and one for a snack. Same amount of calories just broken up into different times. Helps keep the motor running and spikes your metabolism to burn more.


03-06-2007, 07:13 PM
Thanks, Jo. I'll try that tomorrow!

03-21-2007, 12:00 AM
Sorry yeah..I keep forgetting to log on here. I have an internship and two jobs..not as much time in front of the computer as I used to have. <--That is a good thing though. Congrats on losing the weight!! By the way, if you ever want to talk, you can always send me a pm..because I get an email sent to me when I get those...and I always check my email.

Stop making excuses for not working out!! Maybe you need to move furniture or switch it or whatever..but get it done somehow! If your apartment is just so small that you can barely move your arms my suggestions are: walk/bike/rollerblade around your neighborhood, a park, a mall, anyplace really or if you can afford it..join a gym...those are not really expensive..atleast around here we have Lifestyles. Lifestyles also opens early and closes at 8 pm, so I can usually always fit it into my schedule.

Me personally, I am still working out atleast 3 times every week. I also have been eating very well ..part of that due to the things that I have given up for Lent. My arms and back are really sore today. I worked out and worked at one of my jobs yesterday (I am a server at a pizza place). The sad thing is that I never hurt this bad from working I need to challenge myself more while working out. I think I got more of a workout at work yesterday...carrying buckets of ice and serving the dining room alone. That's good though...I am glad to have a job that requires physical activity..I am less likely to get secretary butt!! Lol.

Well hope all is well with everyone.

p.s. I just bought a really good cd, HelloGoodbye. I am listening to it right now..its awesome!:carrot: