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  1. The Best 3 Crossfit Myths ( own experience at GYM )
  2. keto and BB
  3. New Fitness App Seeks Testers!
  4. Weightloss slowed after starting weight train?
  5. Weights out of whack- because of extra body weight?
  6. 2017 Lifting
  7. What did you do today?
  8. Beginner - build muscle or tone?
  9. Your favorite WL blogs, websites
  10. dumbbell advice needed
  11. Strength Training Chat
  12. lifting with Sciatica? can anyone help?
  13. Body By You
  14. Gaining muscle weight? When will scale go down?
  15. How Much Time Lifting Weights
  16. Kettlebell Swings
  17. Weight lifting during IP Phase 1?
  18. can I leave bench and dumbells outdoors?
  19. Sleeping less with weight training?
  20. Weight Lifting.
  21. Weights for loose skin?
  22. Strength AND Cardio = Optimal Fat Loss
  23. Well I thought I was doing good
  24. Need advice
  25. Should I cut or bulk?
  26. How To Lose More Weight By Squatting Deeper
  27. Help with powerlifting and weight loss
  28. Bodylastics: Resistance Band Training
  29. Too weak for free weights... do machines count?
  30. Wrist bruising on step-ups
  31. Building a program
  32. BodyPump!
  33. Pushups and Breasts
  34. Personal Training Sessions - how long/often
  35. Does body fat weight count as weight lifted?
  36. Weight Training with a hamstring tear
  37. How to tone flabby upper arms
  38. Getting started w/o embarassment
  39. Lifting Alone?
  40. All of my weight loss came from muscle
  41. Are you into lifting? Want to share? :)
  42. The Ultimate Female Training Guide
  43. Weird tricep muscle bulging
  44. 3 day/week Lifting Routine suggestions
  45. Did I waste my time using machines?
  46. Progressive weight lifting program to increase strength
  47. Cardio vs Strength Training
  48. Muscle Questions
  49. Ugh.
  50. Strength training in the early stages of weightloss?
  51. New Rules of Weight Lifting! (2014)
  52. anyone have experience w using wrist weights while walking?
  53. where is my waist?
  54. Bodybuilders are the zen masters of fat-loss
  55. Lifting advice needed!
  56. broad shoulders...light lifting?
  57. Question about weight training
  58. New to weight machines, Need Ideas Etc
  59. Bodypump
  60. How to prepare for a really intense fitness program?
  61. Strength Training and Fat Loss
  62. My "Shoot For The Moon" Goal
  63. New to the weight machines
  64. Can females build serious muscle?
  65. Chin-ups at home
  66. Crossfit thread?
  67. Newbie to Strength/Weight Training. Advice please.
  68. JohnP? Weight training questions
  69. Overweight Trainer
  70. A "weighty" question
  71. How to get started with deadlifting to transform my body
  72. Amy Bento: Slo-Mo Strength Challenge
  73. Can you build muscle on a caloric deficit?
  74. My arms look worse after weight training!
  75. What are your favorite At-Home exercises?
  76. Hrm and lifting!
  77. Creatine?
  78. How are you balancing your weight training and cardio? (Esp. runners)
  79. How do I tone without looking muscular?
  80. Strong Lifts 5x5
  81. Help from you more experienced lifting ladies (or gentlemen)
  82. Protein Shake??
  83. Working the back
  84. Body By You/You Are Your Own Gym
  85. Check my routine, please!
  86. Crossfit Support Thread
  87. When did you start weight training??
  88. HOW am I supposed to consume that much protein?
  89. How to begin?
  90. Is this enough?
  91. A question just popped into my head just now..
  92. any apps that can be used to program NRFLW?
  93. New Rules of Lifting..
  94. Strength training for someone with no access to gym
  95. How Fast Does The Body Put On Muscle
  96. Anyone Crossfitting?
  97. Mom is afraid weights will make my ladyparts fall out
  98. Those that do push ups...
  99. How long is typical to hold on to water weight cause by lifting?
  100. Kettlebell question...
  101. beginner help!
  102. Fitness class anxiety!
  103. January WRL chat - come on in!
  104. Starting NROL4W--Anyone else?
  105. Lifting and weightloss, help or hinder?
  106. My new Mini goal- Stay on plan for one week.
  107. Muscles NOT sore
  108. New rules of lifting "supercharged"
  109. December is almost over - Chat thread
  110. A Former Scale Addict Speaks
  111. I promise I'm not stupid. Can someone help me put together gym stuff..?
  112. So very confused, but want to be focused on new strength training routine
  113. LiveFit/Simply shredded - 12 week program
  114. I was interviewed for a blog about my fitness journey!
  115. Starting Weight Lifting without a Personal Trainer
  116. ChaLean Extreme
  117. Running advice
  118. Anybody use TRX suspension?
  119. Jillian Michaels "Ultimate BodyShop"
  120. Best moves for upper body?
  121. *PIC* This made me think of you laides!!!
  122. How much am I really lifting?
  123. Bulky muscles after circuit training
  124. Pilates. Resistance training??
  125. I have on my lap in front of me 3 New Rules of Lifting books
  126. Soo Hungry after Strength Training
  127. 1200 Calorie with weight training?
  128. Help ! Need some advice
  129. muscles shaking/twitching while lifting.
  130. One year of being a [email protected]$$: A review
  131. Personal training and self training
  132. Looking for DVD recommendations
  133. I'm ditching the scale!!
  134. Uses for 10lb kettlebell (at home)
  135. BCAAs and lunges
  136. I am depressed! Will someone please help me?
  137. I am stupid about lifting.
  138. What balance of cardio and weight lifting do I need?
  139. Protein Shot
  140. The Cardio-Free Diet by Jim Karas (Weight Lifting)
  141. Back to kettlebells...
  142. Bat Wings
  143. Protien question
  144. Calories & macros when lifting
  145. How scared should I be of catabolism?
  146. Weighted vests
  147. Feedback on exercise routine?
  148. Weight Lifting with Tennis Elbow
  149. So I joined a gym
  150. Problem with lunges
  151. Adjustable Weights
  152. Bought new dumbells today
  153. Getting... Weaker? :(
  154. Okay, okay. I'm convinced. But now I need some serious guidance.
  155. Please help me understand my stats...
  156. Intro, and a question about grip, wrists, and forearms
  157. Weird Bruise Patterns
  158. Hamstring soreness
  159. When is it time to change the exercise you're doing?
  160. A cardio related question for you awesome weightlifting women out there!
  161. Weight gain after lifting
  162. Rest time
  163. How long should lifting take?
  164. Training and Fat Loss
  165. Exercises for upper chest development
  166. Would I be over working my muscles if I did this?
  167. Women that lift Thread!!!
  168. how much do you lift?
  169. I'm probably gonna get some "dislikes" for this, lol...
  170. Weights and high blood pressure
  171. muscle fatigue and prevention
  172. Dieting and strength gains
  173. Honest opinion about my weight training routine please!!
  174. Increasing push ups?
  175. Need advice!!
  176. Working out help
  177. Gained weight while weight training
  178. Weight training and calorie deficits Question
  179. Newbie needs some guidance: Where to start?
  180. How to train when "cutting"
  181. Shin muscle? Tibialis Anterior? Too well developed?
  182. Is this a good set of weights?
  183. Resistance Bands vs Dumbbells
  184. Pull-up Bars
  185. Newbie in the gym...help!
  186. Is there a good technique for dropping the dumbbells
  187. Reps vs weight
  188. New Here!
  189. April Chat
  190. Weight training with high blood pressure!!
  191. How has lifting changed your life?
  192. strength training for dummies
  193. Gaining inches, getting frustrated
  194. 100 Pounds ~ I'm going to do it!
  195. Too little calories for lifting?
  196. Thoughts on what I could be doing wrong
  197. Just got that New Rules of Lifting For Women book..
  198. Started 3 weeks ago..
  199. new here!
  200. Newbie
  201. Callouses - who has them?
  202. March Madness Chat
  203. **march Chat**
  204. Pencil test: pass or fail?
  205. Newbie with dumbbells: how often/how many reps?
  206. Gravity Straps
  207. my weightlifting
  208. bruises on my hands?
  209. When did you begin weight training?
  210. Does it matter WHEN I get my protein?
  211. February Chat
  212. In need of a new routine.
  213. Starting Weights
  214. Less reps more weight or more reps less weight?
  215. Question Weight Lifting for Women
  216. is this good for weight traning days?
  217. A beginner reporting back from the other side!
  218. January Resolvers' Chat
  219. Is my heart rate dangerous??
  220. Shrink and tone those biceps and triceps
  221. Short on Guts: Barbell Club
  222. Eating a Maintenance and Weight Training
  223. December Lights' Chat
  224. Workout Buddies - do you have one, how did you find her?
  225. A Program/Routine for Weights Similar to C25k?
  226. Scoliosis, Tennis Elbow, Knee Pain, and a Stupid doctor
  227. What can I expect, starting out?
  228. Resistance Work on Consecutive Days?
  229. Do I need to join a gym?
  230. Whoa!
  231. New to kettlebell - some Q's
  232. November Turkeys
  233. Anyone else's weight loss come to a screatching hault when resistance training?
  234. Leg Exercises for Weak Knees?
  235. When will it pay off on the scale?
  236. Do leg machines (nautilus) make your legs/thighs/butt bigger?
  237. Please help me! I've never worked with weights before.
  238. I think I got heat stroke or heat exhaustion!!!!!!!!
  239. Was told to do this
  240. October Goblin Chat
  241. Muscle Soreness
  242. Newbie Question on Arm Weight Lifting
  243. Weight On The Scale And Lifting Weights?
  244. Help needed for a confused lifter.
  245. Question about lifting weights?
  246. I think I do too much weights! Please let me know.
  247. What kind of resistance equiment should
  248. Lifting Weights
  249. How long to gain muscle?
  250. cardio workout/strength training at home..Anyone

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