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  1. How quickly do you lose muscle?
  2. How long of each.
  3. Lifting weights when really fat.
  4. Protein Powder
  5. Strength Training and Diet only?
  6. AUGUST Chat
  7. Need a Recommendation - Barbell Weights
  8. I don't know where to start...
  9. new to the gym
  10. Elbow lock during tricep extension
  11. Leg Routines - what do you all do??
  12. How long do you rest between sets?
  13. Good Luck at the Crossfit Games Mel!
  14. Cardio or strength training first?
  15. Let's talk about CROSSFIT
  16. Body Pump Alternatives
  17. Weighted core work vs. non-weighted
  18. hey, new here
  19. Do I need to skip days in between strength training?
  20. I need advice on how to start...
  21. Lifting Routine Advice
  22. Build muscle to combat neck/back ache
  23. Geez it's July!
  24. Pyramid Training?
  25. Fear of bulk!
  26. Knees popping during squats/lunges
  27. Protein and Lifting
  28. Women's Health Big Book of Exercises
  29. Do you eat more on lifting days?
  30. Do you ever lift what you've lost?
  31. What do you want from your gym and their staff?
  32. luckydvl's personal training adventure
  33. Body For Life
  34. Thoughts on a this trainer?
  35. Starting today.. with ~sigh~ machines
  36. Seeking advice on my ST routine
  37. June Bugs
  38. Motivation: Who needs it?
  39. Weights make people short?!
  40. Lifting again after a short break
  41. What do you really think of your fitness trainer?
  42. Am I being a wimp?
  43. Fighting the OW!
  44. What was your biggest weight lifting Ooops!?
  45. The Total Gym?
  46. No backrack, grrrr
  47. Need a new ST program - I'm bored!
  48. More weights, less reps or more reps, lower weights?
  49. The Darling Buds of MAY
  50. Chalene Extreme - Weight fluctuating a lot, WHY???
  51. Ankle Strengthening Exercises (recovering from sprain)
  52. Weightloss, Weightlifting and Diet
  53. I Bench Pressed 65lbs!
  54. Hydrostatic body-fat testing
  55. New Rules of Weight Lifting - Anyone doing it now?
  56. Joints popping when lifting
  57. Too Fat to Jump Rope????
  58. Did you change careers as you changed shape?
  59. The age old "gaining muscle" question
  60. Fat and visible muscle tone
  61. Body composition changing? Or wrong exercises?
  62. Don't be an April Fool!
  63. How much cardio with strength training?
  64. Confused by the whole you can't build muscle and lose fat thing?
  65. When does the water retention go?
  66. Just started Ideal Protein & want a workout plan
  67. The Prowler!
  68. Weight lifting/cardio distribution
  69. A brag: 38 pushups in 1:00 plus 1 pullup
  70. thinking about kettlebells
  71. Maxed out on weight
  72. OK OK.. I feel like Ive asked this question so many times but here I go again..
  73. My hands hurt after lifting
  74. Body fat and loose skin
  75. Jump Rope Suggestions
  76. M-M-M-M-March! Spring is almost here.
  77. I am clueless
  78. Is this sample workout routine ok for a n00b?
  79. Would love a critique of my gym work out
  80. Recovery from first weight training session?
  81. I Love The Bar Method
  82. Goblet squats
  83. Left (only) shoulder and wrist pain; keep lifting?
  84. Training Program question
  85. Metabolic Resistance Training
  86. Pain in arm
  87. How long did it take before you could finally do a pull-up?
  88. deadlift form question
  89. February - MORE Snow????
  90. Waaaayy Beginner wiht strength training
  91. Routine guidance please, advanced
  92. Need advice on my workouts.
  93. How often should I do strength/weight training?
  94. Suggestions on Medicine Ball
  95. Finally met my postpartum goal thanks to weight training (before & after pics)
  96. Recipe help!
  97. on kickbacks
  98. an open letter to new lifters
  99. January 2011 - The Next Decade!
  100. Can anyone do a pull-up?
  101. WT for runners
  102. Question On Form
  103. Beginner looking for guidance with starting weight training at home
  104. Hand weight exercises
  105. YIKES! It's Decembrrrrrrrrr!
  106. How much weight can you do? Need advice on upper body moves
  107. Household items for weight training?
  108. Weight lifting books for men
  109. Torso tilted, fat uneven? AUGH
  110. My arms are too big
  111. Exercises to lose back fat?
  112. New to Crossfit
  113. Calling All Apple Body Shapes
  114. Words of encouragement for the exercise phobic
  115. What were your results with cardio AND strength training for weight loss?
  116. Four Day Win by Martha Beck
  117. November - Wind up to Winter
  118. Gonna be taking a class that involves weights
  119. Bulking up vs. getting lean
  120. Big achievement: I squatted my own bodyweight
  121. Anyone take Group Power??
  122. How to get over nervousness?
  123. Do I start now, or closer to goal weight?
  124. Advice for stretching with iliotibial band syndrome
  125. back fat
  126. Lopsided Toning...
  127. AFAA Personal Trainer Textbook
  128. Anybody up for P90X?
  129. Happy October! - The BOOOOO Month
  130. leg weight training problems
  131. Joint pain!!
  132. 8 Types of Awkward Workouts
  133. need advive on how to start at gym
  134. New to weights...help???
  135. Back Issues
  136. Belly Fat
  137. Hello Motivation...
  138. Intimidated
  139. At home weight training
  140. Would you use/purchase one of these?
  141. September
  142. Anyone Use A Total Gym for Weight/Resistance Training?
  143. Question about reps
  144. Brand New...Guidance Please!
  145. Small hands and trouble with free weights
  146. Weight fluctuations?!
  147. Before and Afters?
  148. Weird hand rash
  149. Nervous about setting up weight rack
  150. Long-time lifters, question please
  151. Amazing August
  152. Just did my first weight training routine!
  153. Stonger on One Side?
  154. Are Classes With Bars And Plates Good/Ok?
  155. New to weightlifting
  156. Help with Grip
  157. Not feeling sore.. Wondering if I did something wrong this time..
  158. New Rules Weight Lifting Experiment
  159. Weight training and protein ?
  160. Strength training for older adults
  161. Results due to st or something else?
  162. how to tone the flabbiness
  163. Advice Please- BF% question.
  164. Rotator cuff inflammation
  165. How realistic is it to make weight training a long-term exercise?
  166. July Gym Junkies chat
  167. If I'm running, should I also be weight training my legs?
  168. I need some advice on equipment please
  169. BFL Questions
  170. New Rules for women question
  171. Beginner pull-ups/chin-ups
  172. Decided I need to start weight training - some questions!
  173. How to lose fat w/out losing weight?
  174. Anyone want to be my trainer?
  175. Have Taken The Advice Given Re: Legs ...Now TUMMY
  176. So, In Theory...
  177. Questions: Lower Back exercises and protecting knees
  178. Elliptical.. Or biking?
  179. Shaking while lifting
  180. Need To That Gut and Legs/But!
  181. Time to correct significant leg imbalance?
  182. Assisted pull-up machine question
  183. Resistence training program - thoughts?
  184. 100 Pushups
  185. Happy Birthday, Lydia!
  186. Nutrition?
  187. June Chat
  188. Freakishly strong days?
  189. Clip on weights?
  190. Newbie which bands to get?
  191. Muscle Cant Cause Weight Gain...Can It???
  192. "Sucking in" your stomach
  193. Beginner, is this enough?
  194. New lifter and I have some questions
  195. Scared of building muscle!
  196. Quick Question about New Rules of Lifting for Women
  197. What can you REALLY eat?
  198. reps and sets???
  199. When can I expect results?
  200. Time off in NROL4W (between stages)
  201. Cla
  202. Weights > Cardio??
  203. Need help with my Weight training program
  204. Protein powder
  205. Info on becoming a Personal Trainer?? (also posted in exercise)
  206. May!
  207. Was lurking...couldn't find answers to questions, so came out of lurkdom
  208. The elusive push-up.
  209. Am I doing this right?
  210. when to expect results?
  211. April Is The Cruellest Month
  212. Slim in Six
  213. Help with resistance workouts
  214. Ripple Effect
  215. best estimate of body fat percentage?
  216. Anyone Using Chalean Extreme??
  217. Why don't I feel sore?
  218. No idea what I am doing
  219. Question re: types of cardio for HIIT on BFL and similar programs
  220. Get a Jump on March!
  221. Weight & resistance training at desk/cubicle
  222. Help, effective?
  223. bench press question
  224. Please critique my routine!
  225. Can you improve your posture by strengthening your upper back?
  226. Yes, I'm Eating Again
  227. Exercise for inner thighs?
  228. Anyone doing Body For Life (BFL) in 2010?
  229. Fat Burning Furnace
  230. Getting started again...
  231. February - The longest shortest month!
  232. Really sore muscles... what's normal?
  233. Purpose of gloves while lifting?
  234. Gaining inches with weight training?
  235. Daily Plate and weight training calories
  236. Anyone have experience with rotator cuff injury?
  237. Yet another reason...
  238. Need help putting together a routine...
  239. New to weight training/Kettle bell and I have questions...
  240. 6 minute shake weight?
  241. Sort of new to Strength training...help with a routine?
  242. Considering getting a weight bench...suggestions?
  243. Rant about power cleans and deadlifts
  244. Functional Training for Arms?
  245. Barely working my arms and still sore
  246. Hindu squat
  247. No gym...
  248. Strength training starves me to death!
  249. Confused about weight training...Please help.
  250. January 2010- The Second Half

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